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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CET

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with young son's passing the music world has lost a great conductor. you're watching news from berlin the coming up it's the bundesliga show with all of the action from sunday's matches you can follow us on twitter at t w news or go to our web site t w dot com i'm jarred rainbow by. the literature invites us to see people in particular. to see how soon as the kids find strength grown up. might. work. together you go on youtube.
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earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. googling t.o.c. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and on line. coaches strike in teams oh my coaches coping with defeat strikers blazing the pitch in teams fighting for the number one spot here's today's menu. giving up time for the balls of blood but could they reclaim the table leave at home with the fish eager to see them succeed against freiburg a side hot on their tails and will put
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a kid coach's under the microscope like it does if you're a good claims much who took defeat well against after his debut and dortmund solution offer a does he deserve the credit for last night's win. we are the bullet is legal and this is d w i'm chris harrington joining me for sunday's shindig our ed mccambridge welcome back and how are you very good chris good to be his have ok glad to hear it we have our very own john fit crame welcome back j.c. raring to go crass as always i know these 2 in-house football experts are going to deconstruct the action from the match day but 1st let's head to gladbach the foals have let this stand in since matt stay 7 however after suffering to feed to you know in berlin last week glad boss pole position was in jeopardy ahead of their match against freiburg the black forest club only trail by 3 points ahead of kick
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off. clash between 2 of the put in this league is biggest overachievers to ring through the festive season hold on c.s. the home fans were even treated to an early present just 3 minutes in by marcus chown ram the gift that keeps on getting. hot freiburg would hitched right back. jonah time shimmied with a peach of a free kick off to just 6 minutes. flat back 3 took the lead in the 2nd period prelim bodo sending patrick hammond on his way before getting on the end of the red sun pos she won off the 46 minutes the switch struck his 5th goal of the campaign. this slide will pause from dennis to carry a sense periods even high as 5 can not applying the finishing touch zakariya and
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him actual service. but freiburg on flying high for no reason an inch perfect free kick from christie and lucas who made it 32 plant back one about to let things slip in bono picks running cox pocket and dick tome the frugal from florian not house sit. and. marco rose's team back on top of the been his league i. got back flying high. i had to give the up and they did score 3 goals after the break to defeat freiburg 42 but more importantly the foals hold onto the number one spot in the standings and let's start with you now marco rose and join the club in the summer is it down to him or his players well i think off the 13 match days new top of the league is going to be a combination of the 2 and i say joined in the summer brill impose a sort of marcus to run to have to stand out the fullness of this league leading
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campaign that got back are enjoying at the moment and i think the decision maker is back to real credit for their recruitment over the summer bringing in such a great coach and to fans has that player is now scored the 2nd most goals of foods one of the best teams the late and the best offense so far joint with it and this is a classic case i think of players and coaches seeing off the same hymn sheet and they've been absolutely wonderful up until point until this point in the season and the long may it continue yeah well 3 players have 5 goals and plus but john foles have one but as they did since you know their heyday in the seventy's should they be taken seriously 100 percent it should be taken seriously they clearly know flash in the pan is that says we're kind of more than a 3rd of the way through the season the top of the pile is very close to the top one thing i think that does work in their favor is they've got such strength in depth to brilliant signings as ed mentions the rest of the team largely the same as last season ok they were strong and i was out but they've managed to replace him very well and you look at someone like light sig remembered by him getting all the
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goals of those teams if those players are injured they're going to struggle whereas glad back you've got player on the bench today standing on the bench so they have backup to for backup to fall back on and the other thing i want to say is a real fan here comes complaining about or when you. retired how we're going to keep that going they have managed to win all of their league games off to each of the 5 europa league matches so no sign of time the fact yeah definitely they are getting it done yes it's a weak tight we have more action to get through vander braman head gone 8 games without a win their worst run in a couple of years looking to change that the green white's headed to the wolves did in a wolfsburg. with the game it was all leonardo been caught put braman in the lead. diving header minutes before half time but the wolves had some bite left they drew level midway through the 2nd hand william struck a fine shot from the edge of the box but there was still game left said vane
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minutes from the end braving brett the winner maximillian egleston set me lot rasheed such as for his seconds of the match bray me with a game 32 snapping their winless run in the process. ok let's take a look at the table after the sunday matches as you can see gladbach take over the top of the table by munich slipped down to 4th dortmund now just a point behind the defending champions down at the bottom. let's focus on where here to berlin stand your ground claims man has a tough task in his new job ahead they slipped down into the relegation zone so let's continue the conversation and focus on the coaches you were at his unveiling what was your impression well if you go real rock stars welcome he is one of the biggest names in jumbled football history so it's a bit of
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a coup in terms of the states is all of the new coach but i actually managed to ask him a question at the press conference to try to sort of flustered a little bit also you know you really the right man to come in and save half the season he's not had much success at club level before he's traditionally been more of an international coach so i also you know you do right magic fans because you know you're in your spot bubba all you demand to turn around and he remained on flustered of course and he said he's not interested in what the fans think now he's the results speak for themselves hopefully and prove to them that after all he is the right man for the job but it was fantastic to see him bring in you know such a big name and such a huge character in germany what will return to the bundesliga now is now in terms of this placement we know he joined the board reports say he's only going to be on the field with the club until the end of the season there are a lot of names being thrown out who could become the permanent replacement how do you see klinsmann well i think it was somewhat of a 3rd appointment when you had been appointed to the supervisory board weren't
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necessarily expecting him to be named as coach it probably is just a placeholder i think they would like mr kovacs to speak to fans fans for the game is having the double yesterday that they were lightning to be appointed overseas does he have a history but i think the thing with cummings and this is a bit of stardust is a big name ok tactically might be lacking a little bit but he has got a track record of developing a youth system so that could be a benefit to hatcher and you know we know the and has lots of money that want to spend that presumably in january and i think when you've got someone like klinsmann as the figurehead then that will help attract some of the beginning players might not get otherwise now the result was only 21. dortmund did the damage early in the match do you think you know klinsmann after the match he seemed content with their performance even in defeat you know do you think that you saw some improvement you know from the players on the pitch well i think it's very hard to judge a gets a team like received a woman i don't think there would be any expectation going into that match even with this new manager bounce to actually get anything against goldman even though
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they're struggling as i see a lot of pressure on dortmund normally with the with the run of results the having at the moment and i think it will probably help them to have the limelight shown on the new head the ball so they got the job done and a big 3 points for losing fathers want to like us i don't think he'll be too disappointed but that's that stop now speaking of. he was in the conversation possibly his job was on the line he did have some comments that were quite aggressive when questioned about his job security let's take a listen guns i don't care about all of that not one bit it's totally ridiculous i'm not going to comment i'm carrying on the event the world has gone a bit crazy woman so the world's got a big crazy you know are you by. what he's selling the issues behind them you know or whatever you gather from those comments well of course the issue is never behind a coach big club like procedural to know at least the club don't like you know
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would like to be they they want to be successful and they haven't had the success in terms of results so far this season so he can you know talk a good game and say well everyone's about this being in the past but he's always you know any coach of big club is only a few bad results away from the end of the line and as i say things haven't been going well for him already this season and i think he's you know you can see that he was a little bit rattled he wasn't very happy with the question and i think he's under a lot of stress at the moment and i wouldn't be surprised if they parted ways the club involved at some point soon now it's very important for coaches obviously to jail with their players is very public they have he's delf jane says show versus new nick they seem to have a turbulent relationship you think it's all behind them in this personal sense i'm not sure after just one day i mean i think that's one thing that father has been accused of lacking in that relationship with the players the kind of ability to motivate we didn't see him. at the game hocking the players on the pitch off the final with so i think you can probably thank them for keeping him in the job but i
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probably should thank hats and more because really i don't mean down to 10 men i think they should have killed the game off they did have some chances as well and i don't mean the same old mistakes creeping in but you know i think he's bought himself some time i thought it was weird that they said ok and has for the games because the chances of n.b.c. both with them but then has you look at that and think ok they should be able to win which they did so where they go from here i don't really know. and we don't know you know what'll happen in terms of his job security but speaking about other coaches a big clubs what are your thoughts on the flick. well i mean how does he feel a case is so hard to tell how well he's done at the moment it's for that new manager bounce a bit the poll results of course against. this match today but you know he's most likely a man for the short term if results go particularly well who knows maybe i'll get the job. but i don't think he's the right guy for i think they really do need you know a big coach one with a good track record of success they have the sort of drool and appeal to get
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a coach like that and you know you could look at a club like manchester united you appointed only going to so she in the premier league offer a few good results so that's not going well so i think they're probably going to be hoping to get a big name and that's i mean obviously before it was you know i was on the market i think dortmund would be interested in him i think by rules they'd be interested in him possibly at the end of the season this year with his compensation as well dortmund would be great i think if they could get 14 i think he's the kind of manager they're missing but i said. on the choice between have dortmund you're going to go to brian program. done well so far but i don't see them keeping him in for the long sound full time will tell him that full time for us i like to thank my guests jonathan crane along with ed mccambridge for joining sunday show be sure to tune in next week for me and the rest of the team here in berlin don't go. i was for.
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