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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2019 1:00am-1:03am CET

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there will be invisible to. you if you have noticed. when you don't there's no rule just. every 10. 10000000 people in the world this think they have no nationality and they don't belong. but everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to say. this is do w. news and these are our top stories malta's prime minister joseph muscat has announced he'll resign in january calls for him to step down of growing ofter a prominent businessman with alleged ties to government ministers was charged as an accomplice in the murder of journalist daphne gotta run again. u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorist says global efforts to stop climate change have been quote actually in adequate he was speaking ahead of an international climate summit imagery. in germany the election of 2 left leaning social democrat leaders has cast doubt over the future of chancellor angela merkel's government the latest one changes to the pot his coalition agreement raising the prospect of an early election or a minority government. and at least 19 people have been killed after a boss plunged off a bridge in eastern siberia the vehicle landed upside down on a frozen river the driver had lost control after one of the buses thai is have. this is d w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news all visit our website to g.w. dot com.
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coaches strikers in teams oh my coaches coping with defeat strikers blazing the pitch in teams fighting for the number one spot here's today's menu give you time for the balls of blood could be reclaimed it's a believed home with the fig eager to see them succeed against freiburg a side hot on their tails and real quick can't coaches under the microscope like he had is it your game claims much who took defeat well against after his debut and do it means losing 5 or does he deserve the credit for last night's win. we are the bundesliga and this is d w i'm chris harrington joining me for sunday's shindig our ed mccambridge welcome back and how are you very good chris good to be here as have ok glad to hear there
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we have our very own john fit crame welcome back j.c. raring to go dress as a way.


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