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this is news live from. there in london. but previous criticism of the organization. from president trump the world leaders of the shadow something we'll take you live to. the program where the
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experts tell the u.n. climate summit in madrid that the last decade has been the hottest. what this means for a long fall in south africa. takes the trophy for a time to take a closer look at the. welcome to the program at today's nato meeting in london marking the alliance the 70th anniversary has opened with national leaders seeking to paper over the cracks amid obvious division in the past they met for talks in downing street and u.s. president donald trump took french president emanuel but describing the military alliance as brain dead as a result of diminished u.s. leadership mr trump sounds. more conciliatory as he sat down after talks with
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president macro saying that nato had to evolve in order to confront today's challenges. i think. it was better to look at originally. rather. for his part president that nato as financial cost should not be the primary consideration and that the alliance had to be clear about what it was for the full blue shield the full story he is also listening. and i do believe
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that in such simple terms we to be. left behind probably disagree with you could reach an e.c.u. . this is lisa. france didn't need to present its. defense we have. to be dumb it's impossible to see getting money to solve we don't want to be on the front of my mate. straight to london then where we joined. and welcome back so have president trump and out their differences. it was an astonishing reversal of roles and a sword still because in the past my craw it was underlined the importance of the alliance and now it seems to be donald trump who says it's an important it's the oldest alliance that it actually works so you really have to get used to that picture that michael was the one. putting the whole alliance into question but you
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also have to remember why the leaders are here in london this time it's called the leaders meeting and they're here to commemorate the 70th anniversary of nato so nobody really wants to spill any beings here this time they don't want to break anything they want to make sure that the celebration is more or less harmonious in spite of all the things that happened beforehand and that's why we saw that picture between michael and trump that was rather conciliatory but make no mistake underneath of course they still have the same problems my call still thinks that nato has a strategic and political problem but he called brain dead more drastic terms and trump still thinks that his european allies are not spending enough on nato now we had the president saying that to people on that commitment he has claimed a lot of credit for. right.
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well if you look at the numbers when trying to go office of i'm making no mistake here than only 3 countries met the spending goal the official spending goal of nato which is 2 percent of each country's g.d.p. on defense now they are depending on how you calculate it 9 countries so that is a difference and most people at nato behind closed doors will admit that his rhetoric worked that the pressure he put on the other member alliance members work that the fact that he put nato itself into question worked but of course the other alliance members weren't happy about the tone he struck weren't happy the way he did it but if you just look at the facts it seems that it did have some effect. no attack his president has met the same thing with the latest britain germany and france for us about his military intervention in northern syria what are you hearing from them us. there was an important meeting regarding that on syria
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between boris johnson the prime minister of the u.k. in my remarks on the french president. who won so the president of turkey and german chancellor macklin who came out of that meeting we were hoping that she would give us a little information she did say something but she was very tight lipped saying that of course they needed to continue to fight the so-called islamic state that it was important to cooperate with united nations also saying that was that it was a good meeting but the facts on the ground remain the same turkey went into northern syria without consulting the other alliance members and they were upset about that so that has not changed on cell phone in london thank you. those are some of the other stories making news around the world in the sudanese capital khartoum an explosion inside a tile factory has killed at least $23.00 people and police say movement $130.00 are being treated for injuries officials say the blaze erupted when
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a gas tank exploded while unloading cargo a sedan has suffered a number of industrial accidents over recent months. germany's defense minister has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan where her country has a 1000 troops stationed and a great club kadam boss says the nato mission to support afghan peace and stability should be extended beyond its current end date of march next year. typhoon camorra has hit the philippines leaving at least 2 people dead to wrench the rain and winds of more than 150 kilometers an hour brought down trees and the electrical posts and forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate manila's international airport was shut down with hundreds of flights cancelled. teenage climate activists gratitude because arrived in the portuguese capital lisbon on route to the u.n. climate summit in madrid and she'd been attending climate protests in the united states and made the entire transatlantic crossing by boat and she'd been reissued
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refused to fly back to europe because of the carbon emissions involved. the final moments of a nearly 3 week journey across the atlantic ocean from the united states to lisbon portugal grettir turn bugg look tired and happy to be back on dry land the 16 year old swede said she took the transatlantic voyage by boat to prove a point. i'm not travelling like this because i want everyone to do so i'm doing this to sort of sum the message that it is. even possible. thanks that it is impossible to live sustainable today and that seems these become much easier to arise in europe as the un's cup 25 climate summit is in full swing representatives and delegates from some 200
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countries have gathered in madrid spain to try and find a way to reduce the world's emissions of greenhouse gases her rival also coincided with the release of a bleak report from the world meteorological organization predicting that the past decade will most likely be the hottest in recorded history. current drug says many don't realize the power of the popular movement this may be unleashed. i think people on just making a fuss of angry kids. should be meeting with activists in lisbon before making her way to the climate summit on friday. and. some of the other stories making news around the world finland's prime minister has resigned over his government's handling of a 2 week postal strike the social democrat created after one of the partners in his governing coalition said it had lost confidence in him the current administration
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will continue until a new government is formed. the. north korean leader kim jong un has a the flagship construction project near the mountain where his family claims its roots state media hailed the revamped city sam jion as the epitome of modern civilization so-called socialist utopia includes housing commercial facilities and the ski result. dozens of students in chile have staged protests at metro stations around the capital santiago jumping on to turnstiles and to helping commuters avoid paying for tickets ongoing demonstrations in the country were triggered by the fare increases of protesters highlighting widespread inequality. a mega repeat you know only in the amassing of one football's prestigious balam dall awards after being recognized as the best female and male players of the year you know triumphed after leading the united states to world cup glory argentina's messi won
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a record 6 time after god after guiding us alone to another spanish league title putting him want to head of rival christiane of the not. at mccambridge from data to sport cannot fill in the details for us welcome mat adds that starts with meghan rypien she always seemed like the clear. i have wrote but why for she was always a clear choice like you say this was a women's world cup year and we often tend to see when these international tournaments happen the star performers from most tournaments tend to fare well in the individual awards towards the end of the year and nobody perform better at that world cup then megan rapinoe she led the u.s. to victory in france was awarded the golden bowl for the tournament star player and also finished top scorer so she couldn't really have done more in football in terms of win the award in terms of that woke up this also probably for hot off the field exploits this year as well she's use that platform after winning that world cup to become a political activist we're seeing her make some of her speeches now she campaigned
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from everything from gay rights to equal pay for women and she really consistently criticized the trump administration in the u.s. as well so she was a she was a star both on the field and off the field and i think this award recognizes that ok so as you say she as you see is something of a communicator so one presumes that she's reactive on social media of course she wasn't actually in attendance at the sermon is she oh she appeared via video link and thanks. everybody for the award but of course she posted to instagram as we're going to see a post from her now where she said that the award was really for everybody for all the women out there were saying that now and that really falls in line with her belief that you know the power of sport can change the world she keeps saying that when she's campaigning you know it doesn't matter what your sexual preferences what your color is where you're from what your religion is people should come together to help change the world and a much closer vote on the men's side live in a messy wedding for a record 6th time didn't deserve it or had anybody else have the season that messy
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it had you say well of course they deserved it but such of the colossal standards that messy said of the last 10 years there are actually question marks around it this is a man who scored 51 goals in all competitions in 50 appearances for barcelona this year for the club to a league and cup domestic double people still saying perhaps he didn't deserve it but this was his 6th award we're going to hear from him now that his reaction after winning his 6th bout of door. you know what i mean it was only imagine a bull for me to think i could win one by one door never mind 6 but it's a pleasure to have so many and be the only one with 61 and it's great to have this recognition and that makes me very proud to live. so despite winning the award this year lots of football fans were back in liverpool's virgil van dyke square club in the champions league as national team did well so what counted against him while he was a bit of a hipster choice verge of a dark a lot of people wanted to see him win the award because defenders very rarely do
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just 4 have ever won this individual award. but i think the problem is for defenders is they do a lot the dirty work they very rarely get bored it's themselves you know but nobody did the dirty work better than virgil van dyke she as you say he was the driving force behind liverpool winning the champions league and also finished runner up in the united nations and it's a fantastic year for him right at macquarie bridge from the deed to give it all shout out to the hipsters. i was reminded of our top stories french president emmanuel mock cross says he is standing by his remarks regarding the health of many times previously described the military alliance as brain dead i mean i have a few today from the vice president i have gone from nato leaders out and london to mark 17 yes and still can i say she was found. out it looks like the world is students parents even more dried up reservoirs and arid lands feature although just up the u.n.
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climate summit in traits this past decade is on track to be the hottest on record. this is being dumped into the deficit as africa was the evening to be as late as up next to move the world in terms of its top off and then sit in the meantime of course there's always the website of the w dot com a good thing. and now completely affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be true to him in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film.


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