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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2019 8:30am-9:00am CET

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[000:00:00;00] live . live. live. we know there are some fans out there who have only known one gem and champion lions unyielding supremacy is still. only facing the dawn of
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a new era. which cubs will rule the future of german football got out of being getting used to tell it all they just a flash in the past always a return to that glory days kongs the roses song ready to brush up. on the red bulls from like sage with breathing down bloodbaths necks just one point behind with all the means they need to succeed a missing young coach a sponsor made of money and talent a little sad. story straight ahead but then there's lucy in 5 or is parisians don't meant by ends biggest rivals in the last decade marcelo. comes to the top and back on track which clubs will be the wave of the future is the changing of the dawn of the way he might takeover let's see what happened on
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the match day 50. after pushing bonds of the wild last season to goldman really fancy their chances this time around the fans have the faith after getting off to a bumpy start the team now seem to believe 2. i'm. 5 it's still disputed figure despite his side sitting in 3rd and qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions league losing in mice was not allowed to happen. the shame that key player axel visit was missing after falling down the stairs at home meanwhile minds coach came by a lot said didn't want any mishaps. that season we have a clear objective to stay up and get as many points as possible in the future something so a self declared title challenger away a team intent on avoiding the draw. dorman have enjoyed
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a turnaround in form lately thanks also to switching to a back 3 with mats hummels tossed with initiating moves from the back. and 5 as new tactics seem to pay off in mind as well. marco voice was on fire again the captain has always been the kind of play it's make that crucial difference in the title challenge. who also had a sound game he picking up toys for the peach of a pass. this delicious chip bypassing the mice defense was typical for another stellar performer your young punt. the 23 year old was an irresistible force and also reflected excellent pos completion rates and often besieging the months go for half an hour they finally got their breakthrough muffled voice pushing the visitors ahead with
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a blistering shot the left of in center no chance that's gone number 9 this season for the dortmund skipper of. relief a father even if he tends to keep his emotions on the inside. as well it was good we need to keep the ball more when necessary. but overall it was ok. ok dan axles i could use one from defense in the 2nd half was more than ok after carrying the ball of a 70 meters up the pitch the mines box the center back laid off for jaden sanchez a double diamond lead. with vindication for his change of system it seems like a do play more often and better. than censure seems to constantly outdo him self the only problem is the growing number of clubs queuing up to sign him not least in his native england although he does seem to feel at home
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instalment. the form freo me going on marco we've got a good connection we work on this in the training food and you know we come here like today and we show our skills and now we help each of them score together so it's good. to have the genetic trio had now scored and in the 69th minute it was time for voice to set up talking as not to make it 3 nil. of the building is another key man who can help the club reach new heights. by the final phase minds have run out of steam leaving dormant to run riot with 5 minutes left such a selflessly relayed the ball to nico short. and left back sunday in their 4th convincing just play from dortmund the big question is can they be a big player against the big teams. everyone knows dortmund have
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a glut of young talent in their ranks. and they're not exactly short of cash should they feel the need to bring in established stars. unlike his players the father himself has his critics both inside and outside the best fun study. and of course they're not the only ones looking to unseat defending champs but. good night city and 2nd could potentially go top indecl golf champions of the not so distant future perhaps they boast the most gold schooled and least conceded class the youngest coach in the league the future looks bright indeed for light's age as their opponents were also aware. he would have to move and is in the kind of form right now where it's just a joy to watch him play or especially if praise indeed from free 10 phone co the
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oldest coach in the league i think at lima but is trained at their sister to take rego salts that like to time such a brutal attack corporate back to light up against unfancied fortunato sold off. and that brutal offensive got their teeth sunk in straight away a brutal counterattack in just the 2nd minute and patrick schick gave light sage the lead the czech international is on loan from roma and may not be as silent as the red bull empire but it 23 years young he fits right into the lights a setup. i had the 1st time so i think the process go less work so i think just last month was certainly not unlike 6 scientists like him in the 1st half. cano another youngster who arrived via salzburg.
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almost punished for that prophecy on the stroke of half time when it comes not skis shot feet. but not the post and i prizes for guessing which austrian club hung gary in keeper came from. 10 minutes into the 2nd half they all intervene with a hand bold decision for light switch steps their penalty take up. to now and then the 16th goal in 15 league outings my like 6 ferocious attack one hungry for more the 3rd came from a defender norty mckee another young gun aged 22. was no emotional game i know what. i think but at the end we have 3 points so we got to leave and that's ok now goes man surprisingly unemotional considering it was
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the 1st time he'd ever seen 6 straight victories the sold off however remain down in the drop zone. to put this game behind us and focus on the last 2 matches of the year constantly so you do not see half the stuff of champions their coach at least has been getting rave reviews for turning them into genuine title contenders and let's have a thumbs up for the team themselves likewise the youngest in the league. and finally that massive financial backing comes in handy to like stability and a solid concept of will say ok if it comes with that next step the compact. compact section doesn't really include top competitors for the title even to shock us where they are one right david wagner. his team emerges victors over
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a warner. frank thanks to i mean how did 2nd hard javelin ground work. months finish. the win will keep the roll blues high on the table for now or will most people remember from the match is keep alex on the new kung fu movie get you know which. must have been painful for the but also for shaka who will have to do without their number one keeper for weeks to come. off in line verses book was floria need elevation is. the outspoken striker didn't school himself but he 1st teed up at max. found in the hoffenheim box off to the break and his side a penalty thanks to charge of spot kick bagging a brace with needle and in himself another assist. next up need to lessen
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a sense of preemptive through goal to frederick. court hoffenheim off guard with a counterattack in the final minutes setting up left back to alcs books false. hope and time did manage to school twice courtesy of robot school and later idea.
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