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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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mckenna klein i'm told me a lot of both thanks for watching. i'm going to. take the crew to today's news. 1979. historical turning point in politics business religion clock wrong the people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation with those strengths and states of emergency that sinks into chaos coach john thomas against business and chance the people the
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friends the older model cars and. the start of an era that defines our modest. 1970 to be committed to a small dose december 23rd. make or break in the bundesliga clubs fighting it out at the top in the middle and the bottom with just 2 games left before the meet season break match day 16 as everything a football fan could possibly want. league leaders like they got just days away from being top of the table at christmas for the very 1st time in their 4 year top flight history if it's a do it's just the small matter of any cost. and the excitement continued into
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these 3 other matches one of those braman take on might 2 sides who are trying to stick clear from any relegation trouble. welcome to this very special midweek edition of the bundesliga here on the w m the mechanic line leipzig off the bundesliga throne on match day 15 and now the bulls have a very good chance of finishing the year at the top of the table in his 1st season at the club union dogman has turned the red bulls into the raging bulls if they had to stay at the top they need to win their 1st ever title they need to beat the best 1st challenge taking down a dog inside a yet to lose at home this season. yuki inaugurals men call this a title 6 pointer the problem he'd never won in dortmund as a coach true to form the host dominated the early running and they made him sound show sharp was blocks reprise was only temporary uni inveigled is right foot sort
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of that i go back in dorman's midfield feeling much more. dormant were in control and turning on the style sonship again at the heart of things unity and brands with the fancy footwork making geometry look cool to nail 34 minutes go on. like 6 best chance of the half came just before the break tipped over by rome on turkey but he soon went from hero to villain 2 minutes into the 2nd half spider-man misjudged his leap with catastrophic consequences. t.-mo vanno was the grateful recipient he'd never scored against dormant until today. good things come in pairs the saying goes it was certainly true for vanna 4 minutes later he kept his composure to equalize after the geometry man branch got his angles all wrong. the pendulum instantly swung
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back into opens favor marco royce cross for some show the englishman smashing in his goal in 7 games. but even dortmund actual super hero isn't invincible he limped off and leipsic grabbed their chance again with a little help from burkey patrick she fired in his 3rd of the season. breathless encounter had reached its end 3 sri the final score of men still hasn't won in dortmund but this will feel like a success. further down the table there was a rich real mid table battle very few would have expected this is the beginning of the season but with 2 games to go before the break 9th place hoffenheim face 10th place on your own beilin it remains scoreless until the 56 minute fight in from
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outside the box his shot was deflected by christopher lentz sailed into the back of the net in injury time because of a baumgartner made it sunil and sealed the away win for often. and makes that now a clash between suits 2 sides that can be living more different lives in germany's top flight after a poor start the season might sacked their coach and brought in him by a lot since then they've won 2 of their 4 games and could be forgiven for dropping points to dortmund at a brain on the other hand would dream of a run like that the green and whites have won just one of the last 11 games and they seem to even forgotten the definition of defending and find themselves deaf dangerously close to the drop zone. don't be fooled by the look of pure exhilaration on these faces these teams have been shocking to watch all season driven fans welcome minds to the visa study on for a game which promised little in the way of goals or excitement but how long that
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full cost would prove to be the goals began raining down just 10 minutes in. brought enquiries on handing minds to leave with this post finish. before the type of only goal we can all get behind brakeman's neil still commits volleying beyond his own keeper the post and yuri have linkers back finishing the job hang those heads in shame gentleman. the 3rd arrived just before the 20 minute mark twains on slotting home again to make it 3 nil. off cycles rightly waved away as they get stormed further into the lead. and the swede completed a 1st half hat trick in the 38th minute quite on 7th strike of the it's been his league campaign arriving at the back post to old silver free points for the
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visitors. asia on fairly matanzas strike late in the 2nd half wrapped up proceedings the french went off the mark in only his 2nd appearance this one is league season. a cool finish from the big man adding to the home side she may be a should. braman fans had seen enough off to make an early start on a christmas wrapping someone will be asking center for a new stuff this year 5 nil the final score braman schooled in their own backyard 5 star might get the points. which brings us to our last match of the day between alex and doesn't go in previous tough fights clash has always been a winner and it's always been the away side. philip march got the party started
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with a half hour gone so he. and max fehring in the rebound. also rounded out the 3. when stephan couldn't hold his long range effort in the 72nd minute and whites it was because. now as fate would have it there been 16 goals so far 16 let's have a look at results so far it was all square in dortmund or known for that home all it's mind over 5 by name of 5 by school line and house but keep all 3 points there are 5 games that for 2 on wednesday in freiburg and frankfurt let's have a look at the table leipsic hold on to top spots can catch up with them on wednesday due to the inferior goal difference domon could still drop to 5th in the bottom half hours but they might leave the relegation battle behind them for the time being while braman and this will go off are in deep deep trouble.
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let's dive into the depths of today's mansions to help me on the way i have the bonus thing is very ad mccambridge welcome back to the show it thank you very much now let's start by rewinding a bit this time last month it was going to be asked by job jaden sanjay was going to leave during the next transfer window of the summer signings that dortmund were a flop and. despite giving away a 2 goal lead against lives today the picture something pretty damn bright is not what we are think hat's off to bruce's dalton's decision makers for sticking by lucy and father because as you say especially after that drubbing away by now on the 9th of november he looked like a dead man walking and you know i don't like to admit that i'm wrong nick but i was absolutely in the far out camp around that time i thought he was way out of his depth and things weren't going right since then they've been in a 5 game unbeaten streak in the bundesliga jane sun show has scored 6 during that period he looks committed he looks fit and some of those signings which as you say
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hadn't really looked as if they are also looking committed and fit and firing you liam branson one he scored an absolute spectacular goal against leipsic today he's been moved more into the middle and it does appear as if things are clicking a little bit more now now i don't think they're going to go and win the bundesliga probably but like to say things are looking better and you know how it's all to dortmund and father of the turning things around you heard it here 1st one mccambridge admitting to being wrong leipzig my title favorites they have been for a couple weeks now they've been steamrolling ties away and home but today they showed a different side of themselves me coming back from 2 down in the rain at dortmund that's quite some do it takes quite some doing for the votes of the big question can they do it on a wet and windy night in dortmund the odds are of course is yes they might not have one but i think credit must go to you leonardo's man you know the side to nail down half time you made a change of creator in chief m.l. forsberg brought on christopher and they were actually fantastic to go straight away after half time patrick shit another person who was brought on from the bench
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ended up score an equaliser and i think that gives the team real confidence when they can look to. sidelines and see a coach making the right decisions and if you're already top of the league and playing really well and your coach starts doing things like that and suddenly the belief comes and you might start thinking there's no deficit too great we can come back from anything and i think they are more than dog courses in the bone as they do i think that a hot favorites now they're looking very good to finish top the day before before the christmas break when they play better born on the story in the next in the next game team event is the one i want to go next he's only $23.00 his release closer somewhere between 30 and 60000000 euros but he's pretty cheap for scoring so many goals of the moment for you i actually read a cool stat today he is the 1st german since good moola to score 18 blunders league goals in his 1st 16 match days of the season which is an incredible record he's in obviously very good company. with something like that but you know there was talk of this very low you know buyout clause in his contract what i would say is no matter what that is they need to keep him in january i need to find
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a way to persuade him to stay because there's no way in my opinion they're going to win the bronze they get this year if he leaves i think it's very very they were going to keep him to the end of the season there was bigger clubs who might want to come in the next transfer window after this winter transfer window but that will you know time will tell you how long is around for let's go down the table let's have a look at braman going to the season there was a solid made table side but the reason why they're not in the top bottom 3 is because there's a weaker size below them otherwise usually they would be in the bottom 3 does there need to be a change at this club for you to be a brain and sympathizer when you know you'd hate it hate so like braman it be a real shame the way yes the way they're playing at the moment but you know something does have to change but they've conceded the most goals in the bundesliga so far this season 40 goals and that won't do obviously in the big decision makers at braman i've got a choice to make you can either change the coach and work with the defenders you've got or you can have to bring in some new defenders because if they keep conceding you know this many goals they will find themselves in the bottom 3 they're not too good to go down no club is and that is really worrying so i would say absolutely in
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january something has to change. coach or players but yes something does one last question for you there are 5 games on wednesday what's your pick of the bunch well the throw my hands the ring that's quite a big shot here freiburg against new nick now i would say if don't win that game and glad to born then the it's all right he's gone down to 2 teams on the site bloodbath and leipsic going to be fought now and if those things happen you heard it here 1st everyone that see how those games go on wednesday thanks for joining us 2 of the midweek matches on wednesday and back for everyone with all those matches for all of us here in berlin thanks for watching and see that.
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you know what time. the 77 percent people. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on g.w. . argentina's new government wants to refill state coffers are recession weary argentinians ready for higher taxes on farm exports and currency exchanges take a look. also coming up boeing's decision to hold production of at $737.00 max is likely to ripple across the u.s. economy. and.


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