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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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something a plan next year coming up after the break it's the bonus league with nick mckenna kline closing out the last match day before the winter break. second to last dusseldorf took on your own berlin on sunday while last place had it on face frankfurt find out how they fared next on the bundesliga. and don't forget you can get more on dot com at twitter at t w news i will include. the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate. 250. 4 years of discovery. expedition.
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christmas time. most of the boom is these players and stop making their way home for a well mid-season break before still fighting it out for the final 6 points on match day 17 and bring the 1st off the season to a close. face spending the break in the boston 2 if they fail to win against. you. and worse off they will finish be in the relegation zone regardless of the
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results. and will be wrapping up a crazy campaign so far leipsic left it late as they stormed to the bundesliga summit and what's been the tightest title race in a decade. welcome to the bonus they get here on the debut i'm nick mechanic line and joining me in the studio for the breakdown of all things the german football are 2 seasoned members of auburn this nigga team welcome to the finals of the place to be an answer to my left at mccambridge thank you dixon very festive christmas it's good to have you both here let's kick off and there's a lot of who welcomed a team who have taken to the bundesliga like a duck to water after a rough start their maiden top flight campaign they buckle down and find them some found themselves close at the european places in the relegation zone heading into the final match day. last season just pulled off was the over achieving new boys in the division this time around that has been the story of the new campaign still it
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was the home side who drew 1st blood in the 38th minute difference goal kicker was helped along by oliver fink and ruben henning's how much he's 11th of the season i want to move from the very top drawer just to go 1st go. get. or you'll came out on the front foot after the break though just 3 minutes after the restart the guests were level when parkinson reacted quickest to punish a smoky clearance for much of your sim and give the travelling supporters something to cheer about. just past the hour but under this was denied by stephan who stop this rebound before just to go finally managed to clear their minds when you were knocking on the door over a 2nd away when he sees. those hopes were dashed by eric told me in the. 90th
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minute when he stole all 3 points for 14. substitute tell me with a speculative effort who would you would stop progress kev each offguard. off the perch. i got to and to the 1st half of the season for the visitors crucial relegation battle points for the hundreds. to warm the school as just the door finally put an end to their 6 k. run in the city. despite the defeats 20 points in 17 games is a good haul and what a season has been let's start with you tom that was your report tell us what you think. you said historic season anyway for when you were in the bundesliga their 1st ever season in the top flight and there have been some fantastic highlights so far you know they're flying higher than they expected to be at this stage in the season. home victory of course a very historic moment against bruce your dorm and then of course they'd be had to berlin in the 1st leg of the darby this season they then of course be then table
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leaders glad back home so you know doubtless plenty of fun has been had its 1st ride this season. a lot of us have a soft spot for your new team the business league what's been your own moment so far well tom touched on a few of them there but i think if you asked any and what the best moment was it would have to be the one nil victory of a head to berlin on the 2nd of november absolute scenes of incredible atmosphere the out of 1st 3 that they can actually see their f.l. . each of each actually almost scrapping with his own ultras behind the ground trying to get them off the pitch to get the game finished and just an absolutely fantastic victory one. can see from sebastopol to a living legend. and of course it is the 1st east meets west berlin blunders league darby in just an incredible occasion for german football and i think actually no matter what happens to anyone in the 2nd half of the season that all lives long in the memory of all of their fans it's i mean they've made memories enough so far and you know we've seen stickers start being spread around calling on you on the capital city champion. so you know they're going to be perfectly happy with that
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whatever happened in the rest of the season but i don't want to dampen the mood there's only 5 points between them and the team they lost against today doesn't offer in the relegation playoff spots the cubs on the 5 survival right yeah of course definitely and look like i mentioned all of those highlights that they've had so far in the season they've been at home so really one thing that they do need to work on the 2nd half of the season is their away form but if they can stay as strong as they have been at home and pick up a few extra points on the road then i think they're going to be living in the table at the moment let's say 5 points above the relegation zone crucially one point above had to have to balance or their fans are very happy taking once a christmas to begin to move on now sunday's 2nd match so frankfurt's in action the eagles have claimed just one point in the been asleep. at the beginning of november bottom of the table part of them seem just right but just the right remedy for their plight for. the last one just league a match of 2019. coach gowdy hooter's frankfurt have been banged up by a heavy schedule meanwhile stephan baumgartner padder born want to keep the hope of
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leaving the drop zone and they got off to a strong start. trying his luck from distance in the 9th minute and he hit the target frankfurt keeper felix speed volved could only watch it go in the last place were having a better game and they made it to neil shortly before the break defender sebastian heading home a free kick patter aborning command out. that he heard his men try to erase the deficit after the restart but the most they could manage was a consolation goal from pass just 21 the final score patter born with their 3rd win of the season and the newly promoted team haven't thrown in the towel just yet. with all the games the 2019 done and dusted let's have a look at the table. lives the top for the next 4 weeks followed by one of the sub prize packages of the season and as you can see it's incredibly tight just 14 point
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separate leipzig and outs bergin 10th but none of these teams will be fooled there's plenty of work still to be done with a relegation battle for all the sides in the bottom half now for the 1st time since 2009 we have a team other than buying a dormant the top of the table at mid season the club and the company behind it have not shied away from the fact they want a title sooner rather than later in life see is this their season and possibly their best chance as well i think absolutely 2 points clear at the top and crucially i think full put points clear or buy in which is sort of the odds that any buddying potential champion is actually measuring themselves against the aspirant 3rd but they are the team that everybody needs to know you know that they need to finish ahead of if they want to win that the bundesliga more goals than anybody 2nd best offense in the league and in my opinion if the best coach somebody can change a game from apps you know where we saw that last week he gets proceed dortmund and also of course scored 18 goals in 17 games and i think they can and may win the
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league if he stays fit you mentioned the coach that's who i want to hear from now this is what i have to say after saturday's game. you know it's good for self-confidence is always good to start the 2nd half of the season or having to lead position in the league we have a lot of situations where it can improve i'm looking forward to improve my team and get better and played nearly also a good 2nd half a season like we did in the 1st set of. hurdle was successful his 1st seasons at the club but you know argument seems to be a different caliber was he the missing link all along you know what i mean was he brought quite a bit of fresh energy into lots of he has of course bill on the house and who does work but i think a couple of things that are really important to lots you so far this season ed touched on one is tactical versatility he's able to you know change the system within a game to react to different conditions as we saw against dortmund and he also of course has been getting the best out of his players so anybody who saw how sage cannot be developed under him often haim you know understands why team is doing so
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well this season and those 2 things are going to be crucial for want to go forward they are very successful but will that be the the will they be the victim of their own success is possible i mean i think it's very likely that models now will move on some point if he does win when the plan is they would like to see a lot talk of him maybe going to bind someday but i actually think he'd leave the league you know if you've already won the bundesliga with one of the underdogs it's almost a bit of a you know the lead balloon if you can just take over the team expected to win every season but i think you know possibly the loser but i think they take that if they won the league this year that be willing to lose the coach i think i would have to south and think there's too much reason for not was meant to go because you know lots of is one of the most exciting places to be in sporting terms if you will a young manager who's developing something new in german and in european football at the moment and now his mind is very young he's got a long career ahead of him so i think you know they obviously love him in light city. for him i see no reason to hurry out of their coaches are in high demand
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we've seen flop and some other democrats in the u.k. but quite possibly want to have government as a future. but that is the future let's talk about the present credit where it is dubai and of had a horrible 1st half of the season by their standards but he's turned things around . he'll be in charge until the end of the season with a cup of have announced it on sunday after being down and out they back in the running. back in the now that you can rule out the team that's what the last 7 bonus league titles in a row they're only 4 points off the top they're in 3rd place it's been a disastrous season by blind standards but not by most club standards and we've seen the top of the league changed so much that it a slow bicycle race they'll be a lot of twists and turns still to go and i think one of the very good chance of winning this but this league reckon if this happens quite often the coach is brought in he has a good run he's told he's allowed to stay for longer and there's a dip in form and he's gone what is hans you felix was going to i mean he said he they're going to be going to be down to the end of the season now and collins from
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a good came out and said that the club have been moved unsatisfied with his work so far so if it continues to you know produce the results that barring munich astroid strive to achieve then i see no reason why it shouldn't stay a little bit longer he does lack a little bit of experience and obviously lets you know make no bones about it he's in the most high stakes job in german football he's going to get fired. there are no lights a. club to say they want to summon the lives of pep guardiola or some along those lines but i don't see them getting anyone like that but there are 17 days to go we'll see how does it buy munich that's almost all from us here on the bonus league but before we go we have an announcement to make after 4 years of be the highlights and talking points from germany's top flight this will be the last ever the bundesliga show in generally january you'll find a program in this timeslot called sports life and a revamped version of kick off life will be bringing sports and football stories from around the globe. you will see it again though and news and other formats and
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of course you can catch up on what is legal news on our website and social media channels you can see at the bottom of your screen i want to thank you all here and those who worked for us for the last 4 years and of course you who watched us for the last time on the been this leader from all of us here in berlin thank you and goodbye thats it. we did it. was another.
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