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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2020 8:15am-8:31am CET

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game for the club after he scored a hat trick and is a view of last week the 19 year old norwegian proving once again that he has what it takes to be a major new force in the game for a long time to come. coming up next it's d.w. arts and culture with a look at the latest series latest season of babylon village don't forget all the latest news information available around the clock on our website that's the w. dot com i'm called aspen a brilliant i'll be back at the top of the hour. my 1st boss a moses sewing machine. icon for all women are bound by this notion for women something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was a little girl i want to buy cycle of my home and it took me years to been there.
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finally they gave up on mental buying young but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now i was a. woman back home full of bones and social norms and inform them about the basic rights my name is the amount of people home and i work at the gym. welcome to news from the world of culture is what's coming up on today's edition. germany's most expensive and most successful t.v. series of all time is back to series 3 of babylon berlin starts this week.
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and untouched nature but this is digital and these worlds do not exist a new exhibition examines are yearning for perfect. we begin though with the ends funds music prize one of the most prestigious in the classical music world it all as a performer a composer or musicologist the winner receives a whopping 250000 euros in prize money this year it goes to the viola player to be of similar has been dubbed the queen of the viola she is also a professor of music and the award is for her commitment to helping young musicians to she spoke to d.w. after hearing the news and about the great love of her life music. and how would it be if it faded like a piano call it turns out that over the 2 pots circle.
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she's a stickler for detail and she's long been considered one of the best viola players in the world now the all too much accolade the. music prize this year's rehearsing at schloss elmo in bavaria. started playing the viola at age 3 and i'm usually a choice spot phiona and can know we're already taken by other members of her large family who meant to develop our own unique musical language and search for the essence of music with her viola. it's versa time but it's also tricky so this balance. is a challenge and it's been a challenge for 30 years and it's so many possibilities that i can be both a soloist and the chamber musician in very very different repertoire zimmerman is
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keen to pass on her knowledge she became a professor at the age of just 21 and supports talented young musicians in various projects she says she teaches was strict ears but always with a deep understanding of her students. what i want to do to share my enthusiasm for music to also to give warm supporting atmosphere to developing everybody. strong and then send them out into the world. so that they can be happy musicians for god. to be as a moment at home in her apartment today she's meeting the composer george lentz from luxembourg to scrutinize every note and to. find the precise sound required to get that sound very fast. enough yes i know i'm not sure if that's the best
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solution for this part of the noise i'm not sure if we get back to the normal sound quick enough. norm on sansa look. 2 2 he wants to create a foundation using the prize money 2. i want to support. us to be financially independent for said time. not many but some who have a good mix of the talent discipline and good concepts. prize also represents a new freedom. so far for other. reacted to ideas that came from outside and i think with this kind of award i would be able to also come up with my own ideas will be read to my own commission. the. music prize will help her fulfill her credo to continually try out new things to
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always go forward and never to stand still. the 920 s. was an extraordinary time here in berlin and the reality of what was happening artistically and politically in this city was great material for what has become the most expensive german t.v. series ever made the aptly named babylon lent the 1st 16 episodes had a budget of 40000000 euros courtesy of sky and germany's main public broadcaster a r d it's been such a success internationally series 3 is said to have
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a similar budget it begins on sky germany this weekend. and old hollywood maxim says a film should start with an earthquake and work up to a climax the earthquake in babylon berlin is the stock market crash of 929 and many see only one way out. hollywood could have hardly staged it better or doc. our hero is caught up in the maelstrom of the world economic crisis commission again. traumatized by well for one he's now a mental wreck addicted to drugs but still a great investigator. the new season is again based on a novel by far. in the silent deaths silent movies of being edged out by talkies.
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the new season of babylon berlin is set in the glamorous world of the film industry at a time of rapid change being in the spotlight is not always easy but shouldn't be facing . us can also see it. on berlin the pinnacle of german t.v. series production with great attention to detail the makers have captured the spirit of the times and recreated the berlin of the 100 years ago plenty of historical facts mixed with a sprinkling of dramatic fiction is the formula much more captivating than a simple retelling of history. my money comes from the. image hookups has to heart of the new book looking also back on the case
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emancipated criminologists is definitely ahead of her time. babylon berlin returns with 12 new episodes a dance on the volcano as berlin enjoys the potty train the aware of the catastrophe waiting around the corner when the nazis seize power. back in the 1960s the 1st graphic images were generated by a computer and those computer based drawings were the foundation of what has become a new art form digital art today we're surrounded by digital media of all kinds those virtual reality 3 d. printers seem to be able to reproduce anything and you can create things digitally
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that just do not exist in nature that's the subject of an exhibition here in germany called illusionary nature. back tonight. far from the stress of everyday life. a daily places radiates income but places that don't exist one show in an exhibition at the sinclair house museum barred home. this is a digital our virtual worlds created on the computer. worlds created by algorithms and advanced software it's the art form of the 21st century and of the digital revolution technology is a game changer. not only in arts the real world we live in has also been radically affected nature is no longer we are mercilessly exploiting its resources
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by products of our unbridled consumerism often land in the sea martin corals are made of plastic waste not only in this reality artwork a striking number of virtual worlds depict one thing intact nature untouched by human activity in everyday life 2 pictures of the real world have human traces a raised by photoshop. here at least when mankind touches nature as in this installation it doesn't destroy it actually makes it grow. of course digital and now recreate nature it can show the kind of nature we yearn for as we would like it to be again deserted an idyllic.
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british. this longing for nature is nothing new 200 years ago caspar david friedrich also ideal. nature and it's no coincidence that this longing grew up in an age of industrialization a longing to escape dirty factories and the constructs of urban life that i think this is because industrialization and now digitalisation to of course removes you from nature you actually enter another world it's not called the digital world for nothing and this distance from nature perhaps leads to a greater longing to return to it. look so clear. back to nature back to an inter perfect world in which we feel safe because the age of progress is also the age of fear where is the technological world taking us what will mankind's place be in an uncertain future machines have already replaced
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people in many areas of work they are faster and more efficient. as an illustration of this in the exhibition this grueling arm. for 8 hours at a time it draws lines and rectangles the arms movements are determined by an algorithm programmed by the artist. little by little a landscape takes shape mountains see or june's. course this is a very exciting tool for the artist the machine the computer a machine that can execute something that the artist can't or maybe just doesn't want to. an arm that never tires digital arts makes use of the latest technology and brings together seemingly incompatible worlds that shows us nature
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as we would like kids have be it's a feast. for the eyes but don't forget. page just an illusion. all stories from the world of awesome culture on our website at v.w. don't call. and if you want to see any part of this program again it's a bankable web site. thanks for watching. check in takes this special trip. to d.c. show is not just the city trip but also the journey for jewish history speier warms the minds are considered to create european judaism. jewish life has shaped these 3 cities for more than 100 years and i want to know what remains of it.
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next on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with you but i think deep into the german culture of. nudism we take this drama day i'll kill you because it's all that they know i'm rachel join me to meet the geminids on the gulf coast. i am in the southwest of germany in spite of.


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