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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2020 2:00am-2:03am CEST

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people around the world are documenting these dramatic times. they're keeping the corona diary. and welcoming us into. their lives get as up close and personal as the pandemic will allow. diaries starts many on g.w. . this is the news and these are our top stories. the u.s. government's top adviser on infectious diseases dr anthony fauci has a warned that reopening the economy too soon could cause of voidable suffering and death he made the comments via video link during a senate hearing on the risk of a fresh outbreak. lation after coming into contact with a white house aide who tested positive for the virus.
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russia has the world's 2nd highest number of confirmed corona virus infections after reporting almost 11000 new cases on tuesday only the u.s. has more registered cases russian officials say the high number is down to widespread testing the country is starting to ease lockdown restrictions though the measures will now be decided on a regional level. a suicide bomber has killed at least 2 dozen people at a funeral in afghanistan's eastern province the attack occurred during the burial of a local police commander thousands of people had gathered for the ceremony the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. this is news from berlin you can follow us on twitter at all visit our website w dot com. i'll
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lead a county california has a coronavirus lockdown it also has a test factory and a factory owner who has reopened the plant in defiance of stay at home orders and what. must because stratton to take his factory elsewhere if he doesn't get his way and the president has tweeted his support of the fact is reopening i'm filled in berlin and this is the day. i'm going to come back towards being there for you heard the president. speaking for a little distance in the place where interview that it appears that they're going forward with. calling on the c.d.c. . to be the best we can at least get to a solution and it would seem to me and you know let's not have. you know what's not
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