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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2020 3:15am-3:31am CEST

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an end. well this is deja vu news remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our website that's d w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram as well news i'm probably fairly s. in berlin for me and the rest of the team thanks for watching c s in. morrow a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim and the christian population
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last play as fighters occupied the city center in 2017 president kuchma his response was. this is not the kind of freedom that we. coded moroni become a gateway to islamize terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed sitting. in the sights of fire starts may 20th on t w. e u.
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it's good if you want to tell me and i think. he can you know that if it. this is needed. to keep busy. right now that love is being tested to the limits coronavirus is threatening the heart of german football the rule of valid. conclusion because we believe you will lose if you do. you want. to spend all. your friend us which by the way to get a copy of i just believe if you file a suit i just i thought that what i thought would be that suit. has had a muslim defeated one time on the money and. i lined young boys done by someone
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just mind it that's my high 98 finish making it into an event to see and. the pandemic is forcing football to take drastic measures ghost games matches without fans or passion something that was once unimaginable is now a bitter reality. but do not. use its influence. i'm not sure who shouldn't be. looking to doesn't also. come on all this and don't come forward. forget this moment of one of the number one movies didn't cook my mom had snowball . take me home and. if i let him all that week. they call this the yellow wall the biggest standing terrorists in europe the zoot as it's known locally as the heart of football in
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dortmund and will remain empty for now for norbert stickle who has been the stadium announcer at dortmund for 28 years football is living through a nightmare. if you don't want you can in eternity often if you believe. it's foreseeable this fellow is good stay here. and help me when it comes to this is nicole enough to force them. to show up i don't suppose well that's more to cancel out. that mobile numbers of. about $25000.00 fans normally stand here commiserating all celebrating with their club the yellow wall is a social melting pot that shares a common language football. the year in jordan. feel intense heat on us a stormy year. and. it's time for so much
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picked up of our month domon month gifts that you and i that's. finished up with this is. your. valley is the center of german football with 5000000 inhabitants 9 clubs in the top 4 divisions it lives football about the current crisis is especially tough on amateur clubs like woods by soba hausen football here is part of the city's identity and culture these are tough times for fans and the club's president how you will some of us who has led the 4th division side for 13 years. this was my life was meant. as a woman think. it's actually real.
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it's all gone quiet stadium without any ticket sales clubs like vice could face bankruptcy games may save bundesliga clubs but they make little sense in the lower leagues. as. he pleases. and. i was going to. in order to survive the club is selling ghost beers and ghost tickets their donations from the fans and so far they have brought in about $10000.00 euros a lot of money for a small club the amateur game has learned it has to be creative to survive the crisis it's a far cry from the bundesliga where t.v. income from ghost games will pour millions into a club. that is. well
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suited to one. mention there's a limit. that is until it it. is. let's take a look back to a time when mining was the major industry in the rule of valley about half a 1000000 people works on the ground and in their time off everything revolved around football whether they were playing it or watching it it was a welcome change to hard physical labor. football became an integrity part of life was full of. the dimension amato are what can go down to 0 because baseball. is just one are also business fights which bottom up.
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sports again as it was published then up to the old days alluded to the manhunt to find the. fossils of the legend of workers football was born with the mining stronghold of gessen tuition at its center. who was also a miner led the club to their 1st titles in the 1930 s. as follows it is a list of the unique. who's just done to me it was a time c'mon in a model. years and. there was plenty of solidarity underground for my next novel is still has mementos of shot his glory days in his small coal mine museum nowadays they're relics from a long gone era just like everywhere else football has changed in the rule of valley. training when the.
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finishing of a still english was spoken. in defense on to the final legal. defense it will have your own defined. today and shelter faces the prospect of being crushed by millions of euros of debt only t.v. money from ghost games can save the club from bankruptcy that's vital to the whole region because if the club dies so do its surroundings the pandemic could have drastic consequences for the poorest regions in germany. where thousands of fans singing and celebrate on match days has become a symbol of the standstill in the blue and white football heartland.
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should ease. it's all gotten a little for careful inventing one oil game and let's call it that if get out boarding gate. leaking on top of it will try to get on. football in the wrong valley is about tradition and emotion and it's not just for man. quite the opposite in fact in 1956 germany's 1st women's international match took place in. valley became a bastion of women's football and remains an integra part of football history to this day when you're familiar veitch and find the answers interesting studies i
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mean would have shown. as if you did you know it's most 13 in a month that it's a hobby so i must say i mean let's be lagging you don't. know. how many cup i think my guess. would be as our own. since 2014 antonino has played for do sports football is part of our life as it is for many people and the rule valley. to mention rule beats the list of all that it is not plenty of living in food but also in the un flanders and by huge beat up by. tom india will. once i finish cooking come one vince i'm going to fade in the face i'm nice a man had seen it will be it. for 10 it doesn't it's not about men. the 19 year
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old cannot make a living from football alone like most of her teammates fair pay for women who play under professional conditions is still all too rare as is shown best warden or. yeah minus absences defunct was but a talk t.v. . and. i. along with the 9 men's teams the rule valley has 7 women's teams in the top 3 divisions all fighting for points and recognition but not struggling for the last. trophy collector i'm found magnet for mission. is well. above all don't mind is
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a bounce in motion trophy wins provoke massive street policies another title this season isn't out of the question but would that be more a cuss than a gift. and he also will be. a live demonstration. of it. and if i am. a spice of the crisis and financial hardship gemini's football in the rule valley will keep beating especially in the amateur leaks where football remains what it once was the glue that keeps the region together rather than a game dominated by money.
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it's been closed for a year but we can take you inside again. a digital stroll around the notre dame cathedral in paris. using v. r. goggles you can take a tour through the now reconstructed house of god the virtual to neutral dom as you've never seen it before your rolodex. next on d w. robots are still in the development phase. but what's going to happen when they grow. artificial intelligence is now spreading throughout our society and will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly totemist with systems. paradise.
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35 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but nice and loving with the time and even think deep into the german culture of the new to repeat this drama eat it all out who has no time rachel join me i meet again on the gulf coast. hello and a warm welcome to the new app is the word of your remarks today i'm not in the studio but in the middle of berlin at the planets behind me you can see the famous
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you're a neo world's clock in germany it's very site well but reading the markets you can determine the time of major cities.


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