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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CEST

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well so sign together in a combined. of this is d w news remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our website that's d w dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram as well as on their website at the interview that you see on publish what it means for me and the team here in berlin thanks for watching take care. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped no. i'm doing great big thing in all the time. to handle the new lives in times of the
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koran a pandemic d.w. reporter. just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of naming a few other well. thank you is not life as we know it. in this together our new web series. i. think when you. lose what is a. good if you're not telling the end of the. day you can you know that if you need help. this
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is even if it's going to go too busy to. right now that love is being tested to the limit coronavirus is threatening the heart of german football the rule of valid. conclusion because we believe you won't lose if you do you still find as you just need 100 and just muscle to stand all. bigotry and us will follow a little young for you i just need to file a suit of this is i got that good uncle you will be touching. his head in my eyes and the fear funtime i bet my millions just don't get it on the line yet i live a long life the investment that's mine it that's mine to highwinds he finished making it into it into the sea and. the pandemic is forcing football to take drastic measures ghost games matches without fans or passion something that was
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once unimaginable is now a bitter reality. because most of whose body. was not if you don't know if it's influenced by drugs either i'm not sure if the shootings if. he doesn't also bottle fed is that i missed the cup when i was absent don't count. nothing to. forgive. me for these problems including the maps in the mall. take me home. jeffy to find me if i will be beat. they call this the yellow wall the biggest standing terrorists in europe the zoot as it's known locally is the heart of football in dortmund and will remain empty for now for norbert stickle who has been the stadium announcer at dortmund for 28 years football is living
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through a nightmare. if he goes on to kenny an attorney he often if you believe. this fellow's good day here for. the occasion he can tell you this is nicole enough to force them. to show up i don't suppose whether to. cancel out. that mobile numbers of. about $25000.00 fans normally stand here commiserating all celebrating with their club the yellow wall is a social melting pot that shares a common language football. the year in jordan. feel intense heat on us a stormy year for. i know. it's time for so much based out of our month domon month if you're on. finished up because
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it's important for plenty here and it's all that your. valley is the center of german football with 5000000 inhabitants and 9 clubs in the top 4 divisions it lives football but the current crisis is especially tough on amateur clubs like would fight over hausen football here is part of the city's identity and culture these are tough times for fans and the club's president how you some of us who has led the 4th division side for 13 years. this was my beloved was my heart as a woman think. it's an e-mail. it's all gone quiet stadium without any ticket sales clubs like vice could face bankruptcy games may save bundesliga clubs but they make little sense in the lower
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leagues as. he pleases. and i know. that he's going to. in order to survive the club is selling ghost beers and ghost tickets they're donations from the fans and so far they have brought in about $10000.00 euros a lot of money for a small club the amateur game has learned it has to be creative to survive the crisis it's a far cry from the bundesliga where t.v. income from ghost games will pull millions into a club. that. is. mentioned under. 'd mentioned.
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'd is that it. is. let's take a look back to a time when mining was the major industry in the rule a valley about half a 1000000 people worked underground and in their time off everything revolved around football whether they were playing it or watching it it was a welcome change to hard physical labor. football became an integrity part of life . dimension. because baseball. is just one it also be seen as fights much for the. sports again as it was published yet they're not really to do on how to find your. daughter. yeah it is out of the legend of war
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because football was born with the mining stronghold of gessen curation at its center. who was also a miner led the club to their 1st titles in the 1930 s. solved it is a list of the unique. who's just on the quitting is the time c'mon i'm a little. young isn't decided. there was plenty of solidarity underground for my mind. still has momentos of shockers glory days in his small coal mine museum nowadays there relics from a long gone era just like everywhere else football has changed in the rule of valley. training even the.
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finnish english the english was spoken. in defense. of your defense. today and shelter faces the prospect of being crushed by millions of euros of debt only t.v. money from games can save the club from bankruptcy that's vital to the whole region because if the club dies so do its surroundings the pandemic could have drastic consequences for the poorest regions in germany. where thousands of fans singing and celebrate on match days has become a symbol of the standstill in the blue and white football heartland.
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50. and it's all gotten a little for careful inventing one or game of let's call it that if that's what i'm out boarding gate i. can munch out of it will tell you know. football in the wrong value is about tradition and emotion and it's not just for men. quite the opposite in fact in 1956 germany's 1st women's international match took place in. the broad valley became a bastion of women's football and remains an integra part of football history to this day when you're familiar veitch and find the answers or dissing studies. as if you did you know it's most got you in the money that it's a hobby. and i mean let's get laggard and.
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make up life my guess. who's who is out on to so i did binge. since 2014 i'm tony has played for do sports football is part of our life as it is for many people and the rule valley. you mention who reads your list of all. that is spirit not plenty of living foods but also in the un flanders and by even speed up by. tom india will. once i finish cooking come on vince i'm going to fade in the face i'm nice a man had seen it will be it when he testified tell it doesn't it's not about van. the 19 year old cannot make a living from football alone like most of her teammates fair pay for women who play under professional conditions it's still all too rare this is. warden.
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yeah minus absences to functions but i took tivo and. for any reason i define. along with the 9 men's teams the rule valley has 7 women's teams in the top 3 divisions all fighting for points and recognition. not struggling for the last. trophy collection and found magnet for mission. is well. 'd above all don't mind is a bounce in motion trophy wins provoke massive street parties another title this season isn't out of the question but would that be more a cuss than a gift he was. a live
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demonstration. for the. spice of the crisis and financial hardship gemini's football hearts in the rule valley we keep beating especially in the amateur leaks where football remains what it once was the glue that keeps the region together rather than a game dominated by money.
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i cringe at the world as you walk around in the barracks and then see where. whether your ideas are big or small and you do it all making them real is not for. fast small talk and sustainable to. our lives right here. on d w. it's been closed for a year. but we can take you inside again. a digital stroll around the notre dame cathedral in paris. using v. our goggles you can take a tour through the now reconstructed house of god the virtual to notre dom never seen it before your world. in 60 minutes on t w. the global corona
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crisis you can find more information online fed d w dot com and on t.w. social media channels. objects take shape as if by magic created one layer to time by a machine they can be made of plastics or even metal digital construction plans. tonight. and we're in a whole new world in a world where merging software mature side. of the project can move from the drawing board to the finished products with remarkable.


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