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nature that's what i want today. and i'm in the right place. it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in bavaria. the to its island region begins about 30 kilometers south of munich and extends all the way to the austrian border. just an hour and a half from munich by car or train and you're in the mountains perfect for a day trip. visitors who come here want to get out
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into nature a classic among the day tourist starts here at the lake up that mountain called hat so start right now it's a bit cloudy over there but let's see if that changes later today. we also introduce you to the biggest fan of this mountain the bavarian fairy tale king of the 2nd. we take you up to dizzying heights for a real thrill. and in our view male we bring you travel greetings from a viewer this time from tanzania. here we go up they have. one of the most popular destinations in the region. it's about 1700 meters high. the way up is easy the cable car takes only 4 minutes
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. every 15 minutes a fresh load of tourists. and then it's a hike up the winding path to the summit. our reward a spectacular view on the left lake. and on the right. the mountain was a favorite of can you beat the 2nd he came up here off to enjoy the view and the peace and quiet that wouldn't be so easy anymore to date this mountain is everyone's favorite. from god why here after all it's pretty crowded i think. my wife says we're going somewhere i go. i wanted to get away from the city for at least one day during my travels here and i asked my friends the best place to go and they suggested here and so far
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it's been more than worth it i think it makes him a magical they are actually up in the mountains and in the in the clouds yeah that's really pretty. well and now i want to go over there. because behind those clouds there's a look out of billions. it was built by luke the the 2nd and because he enjoyed his creature comforts he also had a royal lodge build up here and a few alpine knots the buildings that king luther the 2nd the very a build up here no longer exists today but not too far from here about one to 2 hours by car you'll find his castle well let's go there. during his lifetime the bavarian king was criticized for his expensive councils and palaces today they attract millions of tourists from around the world. on heaven
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insole the largest island in lake kim say the reclusive monitor found the solitude he was seeking. catherine palace was based on the palace of louis the 14th of france a very inverse i like all of fakes castles and palaces it had no official function it was for the king alone. which spent a total of 10 days here in the palace in late september $885.00. after sunset on 35 servants had to light the candles in the palace and after that they all had to vanish and the king was all alone here. in the. interests. of aix most famous castle is in the region near to some noise french time it attracts one and a half 1000000 visitors a year. for its architecture drew inspiration from medieval castle.
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not far away is the only palace look fix all completed and it's the only one he lived in for any length of time. you can only reach the king's house in shock and on fort it's not an elevation of 900 metres. cashen. from outside it looks like a royal hunting launch inside its outrageously flamboyant especially the lavishly decorated turkish. his life king last week preferred his mountain retreat to his royal residence in munich. that one's mine cable cars are a wonderful invention. all
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in all there are about 2 dozen mountains in the bavarian alps where getting up and down is a snap ass will see on this edition's travel tip. it's a cable car near garmisch patton kitchen takes vacationers to the region's 2nd highest peak. rises. more than 2600 meters above sea level. there are thrills and chills here on the sky walk. to steal walkways with a 1000 meter drop. if you want you can hike up the mountain there's a well maintained system of trails around the bits but with every step the air gets thinner hikers need to be sure footed and have plenty of stamina.
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hikers need proper climbing gear to get all the way to the summit it's only reachable over what's called the via ferrata a protected climbing route with fixed ladders and cables. every summer tourists who don't have the proper gear or who have misjudged their limits have accidents here. 1300 metres above the town of is a structure shaped like a gigantic telescope it's an information center and vantage point even more impressive is the panorama from the best. bits of nearly 2400 meters high. you can already see the way up mazing. only experienced hikers should be appear.
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at nearly 3000 meters. is germany's highest peak. another way to scale the alpine countryside is on the railway it takes half a 1000000 tourists up the mountain every year. it terminates at a viewing deck at the summit with a spectacular view over more than $400.00 peaks. make a violation it's no surprise that it's often called the bavarian caribbean the color of its water is an intense turquoise lake it's one of the various most popular water sport distant nations. but as the saying
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goes tourists destroy the places they love that's true here in the toad's along region 2 or in nature is suffering under the throngs of visitors on weekends it's bumper to bumper traffic in the village of functions easy. i'll always green but it's here when visitors to the lake details he's been a volunteer for the local water rescue service for 30 years. and like. joel lake you know getting married is. it was the water temperature momentarily about 17 degrees celsius you have to endure the beautiful lake here and well developed network of hiking trails that attracts tourists more and more of them when is it too much of a good thing as of emma's making just come to lake fashion at the weekend when the weather's good and you'll see right away there's too much going on to feel there
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are enough parking spaces that think you know. people park everywhere and from 3 in the past 5 or 6 years it's skyrocketed if i think people also come on weekdays. in the summer it doesn't matter if it's sunday or monday on we locals sometimes find the masses of tourists unbearable. coming one minute you're is doing to keep it relaxed and as beautiful as it is right now. what kind of a lift mark what kind of tourist do observe the same rules you'll observe in daily life. whether a parking places don't like an open fire here especially by the light. and. you don't find a parking space or even term impact on the road you can pack with me if you need us to leave the fish to drive somewhere else. where you might have better luck and probably thought me a good bit what damage are the tourists doing wonderfully guessing that hiking trails are under strain people don't know when the sign posted trails but march
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across the country sign up to trying for a shortcut is not doesn't help either not be better you think is that the only side of it the tourists also spend money here. this is not because that's the other side of the coin we're a tourist region if you many people and their livelihoods from tourism and almost everyone. so we have to find a compromise everyone has to sit down together with but it's hard to we're not the only region desperately seeking a solution. what would you like to see happen. you heard a man from whom i'd like everyone involved the community the landlords the state of bavaria and the bavarian state forest to which all these belong to sit down at a table and say we need to plan for the future of our concept of the thoughts. that you cannot take a look. show but this top of your head. you
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know i can't see anything else i just did. it. tradition is a source of community when there is a celebration in the village of everyone takes part. it's a catholic holiday the feast of corpus christi. across the various developed catholics had out in festive procession through their villages and towns. if you want to experience something like this you have to plan it there are several catholic holidays on the calendar or you'll get a chance to see people in traditional attire.
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when it's summer in europe it's winter in argentina and that's where our bureau battle to live he shows us his wintry hometown in a new episode of our meet the local. i'm roberto from mendoza a city of sun and good wine as we mendocino is call it i'll show you are. allowed to go. in the mentos that is the capital of the province of the same name we have just under 115000 residents now we're in the city center on independence plaza.
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i look at them and if you like nature you'll love mendoza. and is at our doorstep and since $896.00 on the west side of town a huge part. of my. friends and families meet here and the park is great if you want to get some exercise and the book. needed some fruit plantations as far as the eye can see. when our programs are planted here where mendoza is one of the world's most important plum exporters.
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and you are one of the or also global players when it comes to wine. to mendoza is complete without a visit to one of the many wine or is about 70 percent of the wine produced in argentina comes from mendoza province. and not just red and white wine we also make sparkling wine we know. what i know now that i'm at a winery of course i'll have some. of the best part of the tour. so goodbye from mendoza i hope to see you sir or not coming. back to the region like elsewhere in bavaria you'll find many farms in the valleys
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and up in the mountains much of the bavarian way of life has its roots in peasant tradition. until the 19th century more than half the population lived on farms big and small ones. in open air museum is a great way to learn about that history it's best to take part in a guided tour like i do. high above lake you'll find more than 60 historic farms from. they were all removed from their original locations and rebuilt here and so were the pine huts for centuries farmers brought their herds up here in the summer for grazing. from 57 the dairy maid lived there she took care of the animals.
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and because the animals were valuable assets of the farm it was important to get them through the summer safe and sound. you'll still find about $700.00 alpine pastures and up of the various herds grades in the summer and many of the alpine hots will come overnight guests. maybe i can join the picture. well i'm going to explore here a bit longer in the meantime we have our e-mail for you our viewer from hong kong sent us this video from times thank you victor and from the area.
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now i'm at lake office my 2nd lake of the day. there's probably no other bavarian landscape that's been painted as often as the area around the color and light even lent this landscape its name the blue land. at the beginning of the 20th century. was a trendy meeting point for young artists to pay. interest would rise to fame as the expressionists and with them both.
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the young artists who were attracted to les carlo painted very differently from the way people were used to. provide live brightly colored landscapes. they called their group double our right of the blue rider. their most important representatives were 2 friends vasily condensed. and funds marc. carlos you can see not only the subjects these young expressionists painted but also the results here in the funds mark museum. most of the works exhibited here are by fans mark and his contemporaries.
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here's a tip try looking for their subjects yourself follow the sign posted our trail through the village of cockle. to learn about the history of the blue rider. and plan a side trip to the neighboring town of moore in our. plants mark and his fellow painters often spent the summer months in this house where vassili kundan ski and his partner gabriella minter lived it was the meeting place of the avant garde of the time. wasn't just the heart and soul of the house it's thanks to her that many works by can and the group survived the nazi dictatorship. she hid the works in her basement. her house was
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a place where visitors were always welcome. now it's a museum and a memorial site just as the elemental would have wanted. the day is coming to an end but i still have an appointment with norbert he teaches julie a lot of the variance know how to your daughter but i don't so i want to give it a try. no but all but what is your link anyhow your doing this i mean yodeling is a way of communicating out a long distances in the open air like in the hours message from above to down below or from below to the top. one goal might mean the livestock is now in the bank the
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theaters a form of long distance communication a communicate through one form or so can everyone do it could i you wouldn't. yes if you could talk in a single you can yodel thing even if you don't realize it devise other means of. we used 2 different registers. one is quite easy and normal register like when you speak but if. you can train it for instance when you do this. do you know it is that exactly that's your normal chest voice when you order it's rather basic yodel sound the 2nd register can be harder for a man it's time to. imagine you could fly and you're heading towards a cliff then you take off. where you want just that i was. you know it's really it's a pretty funny. thought it should be
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a funny thought within it happens in your head that is what you imagine flying off a cliff want to get that high register without thinking about it maybe without expecting it but i hear you. thought if you were really ok ok he goes. if you had a consonant with him as a. right it's scratchy. it has to scratch a little i can see you already have 2 pages i didn't want to get this. i think it. affects perfect your 1st
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yet now it's down to practice i'll keep practicing with norbert you next time bye bye.
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move. out of the comfort zone. into the crisis zone feodor director milorad doesn't shy away from human suffering he demands an incredible amount from both his actors audiences artists activists prices for your milorad on meet the artists march 21. next on d w. i'm
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a popular sport who came to the laughingstock of an entire nation the local monster . almost no other classic car was such a battered image in germany this is just a. move some true fans and find out most of the month old sons expect to. read. in 60 minutes. when the risers cities will sink into the city block in time stretches of land will be abandoned. when the water struggles. it can be stopped it's happening faster than anticipated. massive sprinklers are supposed to
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prevent flooding but they only delay the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 mean rising sea levels starts to fit on g.w. . the list goes we'll see what makes people panic when they work with me is that i might say to an active.


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