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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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seasonal founder sally. bianco could tell us its modern day heroes in. inspirational for people who take all the challenges of the world with their unique idea. of the person with a face off from their aerial mind you look at those 2 problems and make them one solution to the new season of sounders bentley. starts june 13th on g.w. .
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welcome to matchday therapy the race to the finish is in full swing with only 5 matches to go the time is now whenever. the goal is clear points make prizes and there was still a glimmer of hope that the big prize might remain up for grabs. by and wanted to take another big leap would the title and leverkusen but leave it doesn't have what it takes to upset the record champs on the march to charlotte's not quite in the bag yes. i don't mean to keep pace with i am they have to make every chance count but they had a tough task getting vibrator levity is on fire but then. as any club a good team spirit is indispensable. maintaining hope is keep. still hanging on for dear life in the relegation battle both still believe they can climb out of the danger zone. who will stay out.
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who will win the title. who make it to europe next season. and who will still have hope after a match they 1st find out now on kick off 1st up over to dortmund. before kick off dortmund and how to were united in showing their solidarity with the anti racism protesters in the us what they also share is being among the best performers since the corona restart dortmund with 3 wins out of 4 in the west berliners going one better with 10 points. were determined to keep on playing decent football but it depends on your opponents. would more decent football on hatteras park dash any lasting dortmund hopes of challenging for the title they showed they weren't going to do the visitors any favors both sides determined but
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disciplined early on with precious few chances. it wasn't until after the break the goals looked like clear. and then jayden sancia given a golden opportunity. fail to capitalize. the other end substitute alexander s. fine showed had were no pushovers. competitive. and their previous 5 away games had to had scored at least twice 2 teams clearly eager to extend their respective records and it was the hosts who would break the deadlock if. you're going to. chip from some show an arc from you really understand generation with his 2nd goal to come in a move that the lives of their coach see on fox i try
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to tell you i liked all 3 elements very much it was risky but john showed it with some sort of body had a good feeling passion in the movement from you he was very good and it was a great leap placed pass to in denial. dortmund's 20 of goal coming in the early stages of the 2nd half and that for under police their league leaders every tree was half time team told so be more effective than some might think. his counterpart responded by replacing the defensive minded pair showbread. with kristoff can't tackle. both teams counseled each other out and then came another element. of. stormy weather instead of stormy support instead of 80000 fans the noise came from
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above a different kind of atmosphere than this majestic stadium is used to. right before the end more tempestuous stuff from sunshine. but he was unable to repeat the much heat from a weaker. when you put a half trick past part of on. one militant it results grind it out by dortmund not their usual style. new residential development i would have preferred to have one playing nice football with lots of chances but we did when it's a big step towards qualifying for the champions league as early as possible if outside of the militia. stuff does seem guaranteed but is there still an inkling of a chance of overtaking byron. until a for cures and to find out. later
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his moustache and every sinew in their bid to take the chance and the rail leaders by and the chasing pack still had hope that by him would suffer a late collapse. play on bailey's double game play the kings in victory at byron back in november and the defending champions were well aware of the threat. they were meant since the moment they're very efficient and we have to make sure we give away as few chances as possible. but where we're leverkusen chances going to come from a shot before kick off with inform stuck a half at being ruled out with a muscle pull. lucas a lot you know took his place on the pitch and the out in time soon boosted hopes and dortmund and i think that a title twist could be on the cuts. off side to the assistant
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but video review showed the goal should stand suddenly the bundesliga wondered if this would be a huge turning point in the season. the heavens was smiling on me victims and. even their fans were there in spirit hope. springs eternal but against by an even that is not enough. step forward kingsley c'mon proudly displaying a black lives matter that. he also let his football do the talking midway through the 1st half but then left. the record champions are a machine. the 2nd goal is footballing perfection and unstoppable force from one end of the pitch to the other by uncrushed anyway that is an optimism with ruthless brilliance finished off by leon progress cup.
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team to its he. was actually finds in the stadium communication on the pitch is now keen we have a lot of players taking our responsibility and i'm one of them. now watch this a perfect example of teams not learning from their mistakes all over the top from by on and says can i bring in the clear tonight this time. but moments later the same situation and later kids make the same mistake now pray for 3 months. sometimes it's the hope that kills you. play the game isn't true until edge of folly and that at half time. but it was a seasoned campaigner who ended any belief left in later cars and. who else but robert lewandowski that was his 44th goal in all competitions the stamp now his
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best campaign yet. that stands at his own record becoming the youngest been his latest score ever at 17 years and 34 days. a great achievement but for now just a footnote in bryant's relentless pursuit of an 8th straight. it was a nightly win in a row the real stuff after. any hope other teams had of denying them is surely gone . on. to the bookings both live and off he and thomas milner will miss pines next match but it's already more or less clear. the title is the loose. live. rock bottom part are born away at like 6 surely
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a foregone conclusion. that no hopers versus balsam attacking power. with less than half an hour gone as slick moves from christopher in cuckoo to team of was rendered off by patrick she. will no. game override me again that you can all reacted to the whistle for a file by kicking the ball away. and getting a 2nd. after the double yellow card get a bit complicated. along our journey with numbers down and the fact that he. lied 6 seem to take the disadvantage in their stride although even vanna couldn't take advantage of an open goal. and that's to seconds ticked away
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a final corner for part of one life 6 failed to clear the ball feltham a long hitter turned christiane 40 pounds for his 1st goal in the bundesliga. 10 a result both teams wanted more from. private have been praying for a new hope since the restart but just 2 points from 4 games to stanch try she wasn't happy. but they had reason to be optimistic ahead of their match against gladbach falls last wyndham south listening 2002 the visitors got off to a dominant stockpot without any immediate dividends. and one who product increasingly have has missed a super cell meals pietersen. rolls on in the 2nd half and many one minute on the pitch and his 1st touch of the ball turned the game on its head with a head on his 24th goal as a sub a new bond is like
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a wreck old. and subtle proceedings themselves are some play out got himself sent off for 2nd booking. private mel mathematically assured of staying up prompting less than cautious corona era celebrations yes look at it with all of us and with no funds or it's more intense as a coach i mean it's 3 all nighters can hear you and so i couldn't help myself. sorry it was dumb on the class shouldn't have done it socialise it doesn't you know . even the referees got ready to take a knee before the match and on your own brilliant. causing many other blunders new stadiums everyone wanted to show their respect to george story too. when young took the game to shelter 11 minutes in to really true robert i don't
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think. the celebrations were particularly light for the 25 year old midfielder's 1st goal in the top flight. shoka looking like a shadow of their former selves. neither team had managed to win since the restart and they took a number of a goal from jonjo kenny in 28 minutes to ensure it stayed that way when all they did she. spoke welcome to cologne but to no one was anything but hospitable in return denying chile i need a lesson from the sponsors and yes tom. and little else happened until i'm 20 modeste came on shortly before the end. and just 4 minutes later. a.
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frenchman put cologne in front and then added and little protest of his own about being left on the bench. but out spoke one finished either with 2 minutes to go philip not secured them a most appreciative point. it was darby time in frankfurt as nearby mine came to town. but it took half an hour for the 1st major chance to materialize a solo effort from cuts for the cost of it was looking like a board draw in the 1st half until months defender moves on you have got to power headed the visitors in from. frankfurt looked tired perhaps from playing midweek in a postponement fixture. can't explain it. but later on they went from tire to terminator to substitute pair of condom along swept past the frankfurt defense to
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make it to mail 3 huge points for relegation threatened minds. we are in a very dangerous zone and a terrible so i think it is because it was very much opposed to it to keep our heads up on our keep moving forward to like us being able to speak and experience a great result for mines but one that puts pressure on their rivals down at the bottom. doesn't go find themselves on the perhaps unnecessary pressure time and again have played well and taken the lead but then often fail to put games to bad 9 seemingly assured victories turned into 9 false losing vital points in the relegation battle . but still there is hope not least in the shape of
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ruben hemmings. distilled off main source of goals in the 1st half of the season the last time game finally saw him get on the school sheet for the 1st time in 2020 and against hoffenheim that big hope was looking good early on in this attack the visitors may have been following social distancing guidelines attempt to excessively. kevin stagger on challenge on the ground and hangs in the air. so far so good for the hosts that's the 8th time this season that the striker has opened the scoring a 2nd bested by brian's right at 11. and things got even better for distilled off a tussle and a half in one box so can i am hit the ground. and albert earning benyamin hypno his marching. as. you governor some in your water got to i couldn't believe it on my hands on him. and pushes my arm into his face and goes
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down theatrically it's mine i might be known for being a bit robust but i've never hit any part in arch because we're going to try going in that it's better option of a good time so one no and one man up with 80 minutes left surely this time to sort of had 3 points on the back but just 5 minutes later a robot scarf free kicks sauntered into the dissolute off box. and knew mr moore was 1st to react to the rebound and celebrate his 1st goal in the league. yet again fate did not appear to be on descent of summer's. donaldson i wish set pieces are essential for teams in the bottom 3rd of the table basics and in the last 2 or 3 games we've been vulnerable and it's not as we were again today for his career isn't one so if you don't but doesn't often let that setback get to them shortly afterwards across from marcus a. little and another header from hemmings. i.
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surely now just hold off a safe sure that fate was finally on my side this time. sadly not. at all it came out it was a perfectly normal challenge from ken on and his movement is natural you raise your arm when you're going to head the ball. but that arm was deemed excessive cold and now played scarf down the wing picked out stevenson. and fate returned to full just yet again that's for nowhere. but they are the kind of side who do not take their fate lying down with a quarter of an hour left half. north side eric tommy handed them a penalty. a big moment for headings looking for his
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2nd equaliser and at least a point. and the point was as well as jennings 14th of the season. so. if you look at the chances we had and the amount of time we were a man up we really should have come away with more probably hundreds of anything i'm prepared to name for that's the 10th time in a season that disallows off have failed to convert a lead into 3 points and they won't get many chances as good as this work fate did them a favor and at least deny relegation rivals any points. i
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7 points from 3 games for bremen was followed by a morale chopping 3 nil loss to frankford course as man start of the clash with faltered still in the automatic drop zone they stuck by their coach when most of their clubs would have long moved on. struggling braman knew they had to tighten up at the back i. felt spurs are chasing a europa league spot and always carry a threat i think because feldstein have generally seen an improvement since the coronavirus break fine margins have been the difference i think we have to take more risk or so we have to go full to the situation the last bass has to be better be we get to the last 3rd but then the last pass is not always good here finally a good last pass but still not enough. i. fell's constant enthusiasm coupled with the times brutal honesty have won him big friends in the bremen boardroom loyalty is
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a rare commodity these days but if the 2004 bonus league champions get relegated will be seen as folly instead. middle of the break. hence the term wrench will downpour fell in the 2nd tough was it a chance for the goal to zip off the surface for just a battlement to sum up raymond's miserable season. the storm clouds have already been gathering over bremen for a while now and look has all but deserted them. but there is still hope for instance when the woodwork is on your side. or when your recent savior they are not all bitten court is brought on. that is unless he gives the ball away with 8 minutes to go. from attack to defense from hope to despair it can all happen so fast.
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that. the deadlock was broken by thoughts that cost. on the one side. but deflation on the other. but sometimes it can be so simple you cross the ball when you headed in. your. last chance a last hope but a miss pulls into the box of being a full mark of toothless braman for much of this frustrating and sometimes happiness comes. another defeat for brian and meaning their hopes of salvation my old so soon be over. that's me doesn't own and for me the game should have ended a drill the difference came down to one moment where the gold revolves where he
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lost the ball when we weren't pressing and didn't win it back like we did a lot of other times it's a. wry smile but an 11th home defeat of the season tells its own story better braman are on the brink. most for it on the other hand are well set for europe a target braman had at the start of the campaign instead they face 4 of the most important games they'll ever play as maybe to escape the drop hole felt still has hope but it's fading fast results please. a much safer city they were again $12.00 wins for the one teams in the $45.00 games that have taken place since the restart only 10 teams have managed to win at home it seems as though there's no harm advantage to speak up without the fans but there was something special about this match day. it was a match day of superdelegates
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a much dave super heroes you could say fire and robert leventhal ski recorded a new personal best with his 44th goal this season a fools all competitions. at age 17 and 34 days later cruises for only on vieques became the youngest scorer in bundesliga history. not a mere dot made history for a 2nd week in a row covering 14.65 kilometers in a single march. freiburg supercell of neil's pettersen the league's all time best scoring substitute scored his 24th coming off the bench. and there were villains to potter bones close so his 16th yellow card this season matching the longstanding record only 4 more games to break it spartacus now for the title. i mean it may have some super hero cars themselves they any need to more wins to celebrate their 8th straight championship. 7 points ahead of the
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rest of the suspense in the title race is pretty much out the window. but there's still plenty of hope and the bottom half of the table out for when you're on to survive off and minds are all battling to avoid relegation but the standings aside the bundesliga is doing its part to create a better future. buff thousands worldwide took to the streets over the weekend multiple clubs took in the setting a clear statement against racism and police brutality. political if you like to feel a feeling mentioned some would call it as a seed to be built on the theory but also not muzzled sighted so that's not so much searched out a staircase although for the day was avoided outside the city the soft closure
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could a psycho suppose but i might hope it was. my own squads both at home upset stating read contra racism and during the match with the slogan black lives matter. others also displayed gestures of solidarity with the movement reinforcing the signal that racism has no place in this world. thanks for watching and be good to one another.
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oh. boy ringback
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ringback. india. how can a country's economy grow and harmony with its people and the environment when there are doers look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and those people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india to. cut d.w. . like. oh. my gorgeous love. for the russians so.
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many different suppliers. some are. probably trying to come straight from part of. the russian internet attorney to death stars to maintain g.w. . you know that 77 percent. are younger but think. that's me and me and you. think you know what time it all voices. the 77 percent talk about the. front part of the flash from housing to top this is what.
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welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend g.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin a final farewell the funeral of george florida is taking place in his hometown of houston texas and these are live pictures of the ceremony being held in front of. 500 invited mourners thousands filed past his coffin on monday to pay their final respects. in police custody in minneapolis 2 weeks ago has sparked
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a global test against racism also coming up tonight the oscar winning director spike lee gives.


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