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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2021 2:15am-2:31am CET

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2 thirds majority to convicts try. watching the news from berlin sports life is up next read the history all the shock and derby stick around for that is more on our website. also on twitter and instagram. thanks for watching. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. for some such and some great cultural memorials to boot. double trouble we go. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing.
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measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus and the code of special monday to friday on g.w. . cut. good or good. shaka has some and dortmund united in deep friendship but divided by their colors.
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because their growth is good as long as for me not for this just driving the truck for the stomach because honestly look. i thought it was a. donation from the clinton voted on i'm sure people seek treatment. of the market before the distinction of the current if you've. got a. lot of them to look them up is the reason they only need to figure out. if you believe. that for you yes you do you. it's the biggest game of the season for bursty a dog. that's written. tripped up by the trolls. it's the same fish. off the pitch their friends on the pitch their rivals. when it's all credit cards on its own from the source which given i was only joking
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you like what i think this may be about as well as we train the dog in the blind football league wants us not to know what on there comes on the group so. often plot has to be school sort of logical ready to feed for those of us intel kind of for now and. that's not about to start. a lot is different compared to sighted football like the rattling bull for the job he is a dummy for the 2 hats sounds much better with this really. only fair enough and you don't want to you know i don't often which. maybe for me still to. come like the. dolphins hansen is celebrating his 30th but he only has this much on his mind. blind football is here that which they cannot see they need excellent spatial awareness and tight ball control.
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things get pretty physical so players wear protective headgear. so-called guides 8 players in front of the opposition goal giving them clear directions to help them get off shots. or. whoever gets close to the player in position must go is spanish for i go. by. 6 clubs play in the blind football bundesliga founded in 2008 in contrast to the cited league dortmund
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and neck and neck only in the last few years have dormant gained an advantage. in this much they also go ahead despite shelter and putting up a fight. of them who. have been so. good it's won the cup close i think of often does this i don't mind once and i would appreciate mr. questions and if you're. the kind of misfired i think you can by just crossing my words and this is a sort of. blind football is an integral part of her son's life and has made a lasting impact. of 3 fourths of. the school i'm not mentioning before coffee and so forth or was. this you know things are not good.
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it's me the clothes were not what to. do with humans on a quest for one or 2 for the 1st time i started on from this form of some truth in the. fight because i know we're kind of the i thought my stepsister cuts mr bush enormous for. the bundesliga dobby is about to kick off son has been a shelter supports of ages but this year has been particularly difficult. the hardest as you know the horrors of the people whose job i'm used to very strange knocks are allowed to go through the newly married invited me on. the goodies who traditionally thought he would be very tough among us in the middle might also do that but it. doesn't mean you didn't make a move like that with the whole combination good sense and usual that i was sure the culture of the book of the story really made who feel you know the but i don't
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suppose those of us a few simple who come to the end of the earth come before the truth all right and so far from the contents of the box for those of you to question. you put it in the dock and help me solve the problem it is not enough usually from this he got his moving trucks given him the advice of some 40 people. i shouldn't. have too much money in the heart to prop him up his walk to me to see the president and told him i was kind of kid you might even. believe who spotted nuclear media
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who spoke to speed in my previous not even with. 4 months supply thing didn't get under bush mit i know what's on the websites. including the 6 nations of course those who score for big. fish and seen themselves on more than this forgiveness was you know there was even paul lockyer my guide. my feet on i was i on the stuff just going to see it for mr stewart can see in the eye for a good lesson for the types and somebody to hold them to just. you know.
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i think that's true not enough for the soft i don't think that's out on. the fed. i think i'm just talking it's misc about what. but i'm not sure i'm going even getting up. doesn't mean you can track all or. if you got i mean might start on. about. just just got told. us ryan says don't be tight. probably just as you're going to go i'm going to fight you know the price of a difference i can block it if my best buddy movie musical we said i don't want to see on you've got no money but i think i'm if you. buy the longer i'll let you go nobody and i was like mr thoughtful give it up for the 1st. sunday sunday but i can assure you that you don't give them a problem. you know what. little till.
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you can. be sure it was really exciting it will be. good people as i'm sure of it. now because the lodestar can study the subtlest to cut. it off because it's all done this is how to cut off the boston globe to come off the books to me because it certainly helps but people still have to develop. from a topical. thank you and therefore. it's not just a cup of coffee with me. because. we're pretty busy with all the. guns but also. washing off me so well so the gardening lets me i mean so i got a lot less free if you actually need to live if money does the 5 the i guess my
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view. i sort of u.s. money off before and that was the last answer but stephen i was called on you know like a compass the dogs were going to see this job starting on the steering wheel in a very frequent to be. on the street actually make them see people coming up. in the head to head match up things are still open. in the 2nd half. it is a heads. up that rivals want to avoid jobby defeat scene one year at all costs . me the team gives the other a chance. to keep their opponent in. shock
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it puts up a fight but hasson and his team are running out of time. but . it looks. ok but dortmund puts up heavy resistance and keep creating chances. to. get the win. you know. this is not fun today oh wait somebody's got to was full of the other guy but also people except for when i get off the stool to go before. the tour it's so you know . very much. everything i write write.
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write write. write write. of any of the largest mets who is not written this may look at. just as he chong. off. going to move through these things you can also intend for didn't have as much of a drug as it would on the. whether it's almost a lot easier. but like obvious that all swans are headed to the bathroom. and at the baths they are an f. bad bad. but if you go.
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what's the secret to a perfectly fried getting out you would give some notion of dishes their distinctive character. but they all know. europe's favorite dishes with their small and big secrets you know series of feet secrets the. next w. . life on earth one of a kind and. let's try to coincidence. or the improbable happen. to soothe the awfulness of letting up the creation of our solar system with a planet is a bit like winning the lottery of. life 1st we're unique. in 45 minutes on t w. e there i'm david and
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this is climate change exhibit sex. happiness increase books. for you. to get smarter for free do you know who you books are you turn. this man eats a whole box of chocolates every day good just for professional reasons that is because. it's one. more on that topic let's a good 1st of mary well welcome to the new edition of your let's see what else we have lined up.


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