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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2021 3:30am-3:45am CET

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and frankly the other one of the body moving into my head is serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but i'm going to. want to know their story in following bridge verified and reliable information from our grants. pass. from one. match day 24 had plenty of do or die encounters because the relegation battle the european spots and of course the title race is still wide open. by and this is
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dortmund the biggest game that win this league has to offer even if by and were the only ones playing for the title this time around half a job and it was more about saving face. still the world wide spectacle had fans across the globe watching from the edge of their seats in sports bars even if not in germany self as the country's pubs are still shut down to the pandemic. and sadly it's now been an entire year without fans in germany stadiums to go. with only must wins ahead be the fed were hoping a new coach could save them from the drop saying goes for shall come with their 5th coach of the season finally be the charm gap that still have their coach but marco who is a could really use a win against direct rivals leave the queues and after a painful winless runs both teams were determined to get back in the run figure out . but let's begin with the title race not with him but with the sky lights
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a chap a chance to go top in freiburg. lights for their maiden title they're the only team in the lake who is still challenging for the crown prize. man's man knew they could conquer the summit with a win and once again proved they do have the stuff of champions so how did they go about it. as per usual they applied the pressure kevin campbell songs about a year into a costly mistake the gifted light signal league just before the break christopher and taking the honors with his 6 goal of the season the frenchman knows plenty about winning titles himself and playing 10 with p.s.g. by the age of 21 having players like and among their ranks is
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a luxury small teams like fry those simply can't afford. to. put one goal was not enough to satisfy not cost money and when things got sluggish in the 2nd half like $6.00 tactician of the right idea he made a double change around the one hour mark to add more offensive power a demonstration of their depth and just a minute later at leipzig double. this timing provided as he sets up alexander salem's. but again it was campbell who got the ball rolling allowing you to sneak past 2 defenders before serving up. the norwegian on target with his 3rd goal season. in the 72nd minute substitute when he challenged have the chance to make it 3 nil but after him toying around friedberg defense it was keep a flaw. he finally out. but
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it didn't take long before catalyst was at it again he found himself back to emil forsberg and the school didn't miss a goal number 5 for one of many attacking options that are keeping leipzig in the title race. but also their self-esteem work speaks volumes to light 6 quality. not to mention met team spirit. the team did great from the start then to turn it up a notch again in the 2nd half that's an impressive showing that's the past few weeks so that this team plays with a lot of hearts and passion i wish you had some lunch often there's a mantra and uncharacteristic like giveaway gave freiburg a rare scoring opportunity just before the whistle but it's no easy task to
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penetrate like 6 gone with the best defense in the league they've conceded only 20 times this season in comparison to violence 34. fighting until the 93rd minute and that's why we keep on winning because. we don't. we don't we we don't want to give one millimeter to the other team no millimeters were given in freiburg. their 3rd straight 3 no win on the road in a particularly sweet way as they boarded their bus at least. to the top of the table. like 6 bull magnets christopher unconquerable had more than one slick move into the weekend after allison had the waiting composure to selflessly swear him out the frenchman struck him like 6 passed its power.
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and he clearly learned from palaces example when he skipped the chance to set up like 6 seconds. to flee way to pass for. once again it's a selfish flight justice for the 1st goal. but perhaps inconclusive best move the bull was helping his red bulls go top. that surely added pressure on the title competitors but before the weekend since help match. with no further ado . inside the byron universe declassify is always a game of utmost importance saturday night's edition would once again be about the title except this time it wasn't dortmund vying with buy in for the championship but light sick taken top spot earlier in the day the biggest hurdle to the home
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side's hopes was no doubt ending hala one of the world's hottest striking talents would be measuring up against well player of the year robert level. and was also up against the world's best keep up. the young norwegian got off to a hot start with ryan dithering at the back the ball fell for holland who has ever sees the chunks unleash his 1st speculative shot at manuel neuer. yet. kind of one nil dortmund in the 2nd minutes of play and in case you didn't hear or see it holland's perfect start was assisted by jerome boyd say with the same boot it would later spell the end of alan's day. advantage dortmund who were more than up for the fight in the early exchanges as 11 dusty found out the hard way. next nico schultz and talking azhar teamed up to tee up. hunt. delight for
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dortmund and lights expanses harlan's finishing was proving a danger to biden's hopes every gaining the title leads justices' celebrating was proving a danger to teammates by and were under pressure and looking for a hero of their own to start the fight back. 26 minutes in years to a kimmage found in a bit of space which he made the most up to find guess who live and dusky. and could have no complaints form a by unmanned mats hummels was left ball watching as a former dortmund man did what he does best. to get for an equaliser 11 dubs he certainly got stuck in the. past in the dortmund defense in their efforts to stop kingsley come on yet. but we're not moved to who also left the frenchman grounded the referee was prompted by v.a.r. to take another look at a possible penalty decision. after an in or spacious start
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things were heading in the right direction once robert levon dusky said mabyn hits in the wrong direction so going into halftime it was all square. we know that the maybe the 1st 1520 minutes we didn't play but after a 2nd all that have you can see that you're not ok now we have to push forward to have to try to score the 1st goal and the 2nd half we had this game under control and we know it ok come on boys we have to try to score the other god because we want to get 3 points it looked for the briefest of moments as if hits would lend a shaky hand to their hopes of winning by spilling a shot from the boots of the 00 kimmie. but that big turning point from a dormant perspective came with the return of jerome boa tang's boots causing holland to be taken off and forcing him to watch from the sidelines while nursing a bloody ankle. poets and would sue. cursing karma as he likewise made
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a premature exit this time doing the damage to himself. but there was to be further agony for his opponents when dormant failed to clear in the 88th minute gorecki fired home. with the visitors still pondering that twist of fate who else would show up to twist the knife. but robert leventhal ski. another hat trick for the striker to bring his tally to $31.00 and another 3 points for bias after spending just a few hours in 2nd place they made a happy return to the top of the table reclaiming top spot from like say once again they reminded dortmund that by the under speech of kings of their classic out. seeing as the fans are being kept a long way from the action we decided to go
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a really long way from the action to see how don't win fans in mexico city who are enjoying the classic. me to something which still try to shift. and then to new york city where the mood improved among buy in fans and the beers tasted sweeter once lay on the ritz put them in front of you start. i. the pandemic has changed many things but not the fans faces off to the final whistle of jackasses. will be left to wonder. and when the disappointing defeat in munich by the champions. thank. you.
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before travelling to help in time 3rd place votes but with the league's best side since the season resells and hadn't conceded any goals in their last 7 matches. but the run was to become a thing of the past just 8 minutes into the game to stop baumgartner rattling in the air. but soon enough 1st world's top striker was on his way to restoring parity about the coast with his 15th of the season in the 21st minutes cool bounce back from votes for. just before the break though hoffenheim restored and late courtesy of that number one hit man andrei cram rich tucked away his photo in the campaign and this time there will be no comeback for the wolves. continued our defeats never feel good but nobody believed we were going to remain unbeaten until the end of the season look i mean it can happen because we don't form our what should not be happening in this outrageous foul by paolo ottavio on moon asked
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the boy in injury time a 2 legged lunch that was the most red card worthy assault in a long time. the eagles flying high in 4th and undefeated at home and played host to one of the league's top white sides stuttgart. the visitors had a man in their ranks looking to extend his own series and midway through the 2nd half sasha collided made it 7 goals in 6 outings you do. less than 2 minutes later frankfurt one level below cottage given too much space to fire it. and the finally taken strike would be the last goal of the keenly for contest with no winner. of 9 games without a win left tatto berlin in serious relegation trouble and they slumped further into the mire right up to the starting whistle without spokes allows low banished. then
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. it was a shock have to struggle to recover from but eventually just pass the alimony krzysztof young tech plays to the occasion to get his side back into the game. and with the clock ticking down 14 smiled on howto has new catch osama was tricked in the out spokes. dirty looking back and focused on the job at hand to combat the spot kick and claim illustrate really. big relief in berlin as had to show they can win again. and we're also looking to get some breathing space down to the bottom and desperately needed a win against brain. but it proved to be a nerve racking game to the how much. better went ahead in the 66 minute just sergeant left on mark to head in his 4th of the campaign. the young american is becoming an increasingly pivotal figure for his team i don't
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want to put you higher exploration on them but they're in there in the future is for me for 15 gold strike of. cologne stole what your house had told refused to accept the looming defeat and it was he who pounced on how loved by usually power lanka to grab the fortunate thing from oslo. 11 it ended flanker frustrated but at the end of the dice his team could at least live with the one point better than the polish. welcome frank previously red bull goods using cademy direct he's been brought in by a deal if it is to keep them in the bundesliga.


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