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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2022 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. change at the top down under the labor party wins office in australian elections in coming prime minister anthony albanese promises to unite the nation after ousting the longstanding conservative government and
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ukraine's president says, his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces. despite the fall of the city of mariel, paul, and it's getting hotter and hotter temperatures hit record highs. as a heat wave gripped spain and france forecasters say it will be several days before it cools down. ah, i'm mixed by sir. welcome to the program. australia's labor party is celebrating victory and national elections. the vote brings to an end almost a decade of conservative government labor leader anthony albany. he will be the new prime minister, climate change and the pandemic where the big campaign issues and so was inflation now at its highest level in nearly 20 years. with nearly 2 3rd,
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the votes counted albany, he is said to lead the biggest party in parliament. but has not yet secured the 76 seats needed for an outright majority. the labor chief says he still wants to unite australia. tonight, the astrology and paypal had vouchered for change. ah, i am humbled by this victory. i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of australia's conservatives were in power for almost a decade. here's the outgoing prime minister, scott morrison conceding defeat. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts. and tonight i have to live in their verdict. and i congratulate anthony avenue in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best. now there are many boats due to camp that is true and there are many pre paul's and post tools that will still come in. but i
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believe it's very important that this country has it. and we'll get more on this from a reporter, jerry reed, who happens to hell from australia. of course, one hard it look, every voter has the reason going into the, you know, put the ballot in the ballot box, but big picture wise. what were the trends that caused the subset look, there were a lot of different trends and we can see them playing out into the results. what is clear is that voters have really upset this dominant 2 party system in australia. of the conservatives and the labor party in favor of minor parties like the greens who have done particularly well. and these climate focused anti corruption, independents who have been taking more traditionally conservative seats of the conservatives. and as a result, they've had a pretty shocking result. this time around, we have that, but we also have a big factor of trust and i think what was on the minds of voters was things like climate change with a staunch supporter of australia's fossil fuel industry was the right person to
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lead australia during a time when experts say more extreme weather events taking place and they going to keep happening like the floods and the bush fires. also, he's handling of the pandemic. the sluggish vaccine rollout has played a part, but there are many challenges facing australia. aside from that, you mentioned some of them are in cost of leaving high inflation. no child care aged care, the rising prices, rising housing, rental shortages, all of these factors have come together to lead australians to as we can see in these results all for change. all right, so new prime minister, his name is anthony albany. who is anthony of an easy is, has been the labor lead us in the parties to face at the last election in 2019. he is somebody that has focused quite a lot on his likability and his background. he came,
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he grew up in public housing was raised by a single mother in this kind of humble beginnings. humble roots is something that he's used to connect with voices. he is pushing for more ambitious short term goals in climate change, reducing emissions. he wants to tackle inflation. he wants to his promising a more robust social safety net. and he wants to give a referendum on giving indigenous people an institutional voice in national policy making in terms of climate to he's also saying he wants to make his trailer australia a renewable energy super power. so that's who he is. and that's what we can expect domestically from a government led by him and internationally. what does this change for australia's, you know, partners and even rivals anthony albany. this is the cornerstone of australian foreign policy, is its relationship with the united states. he is a supporter of this august pact between australia,
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britain and australia to provide a strategy or with these nuclear powered submarines that something he supports. he wants to build better relations with indonesia, these very large, important neighbor on australia doorstep. but the number one foreign policy item facing the incoming government is dealing with the aggression of china in the region and albany. he says that he wants to, to deal with that in a more assertive way. ok to reach, thanks so much for insight into the australian collection of ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces. even though the city of mariel paul has fallen. the last remaining fighters there have surrendered after a siege. lasting nearly 3 months, soleski also says only a diplomatic breakthrough can end the war, brushing tv broadcast images of what they say, or the last soldiers leaving the as of style steel plant. these fighters have
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become a symbol of ukraine's resistance against russia's invasion. their fate now is unclear . russia has branded them nazis and threatened to put them on trial for war crimes . ukraine is called for the capture soldiers, to be swap for russian prisoners of war. ukraine's president has not address russia's claim to have taken the as of style planet in them. but he says victory will not come on the battlefield. his only through diplomacy r e, but a more hobbled dog. victory will be difficult. the good alarm will be bloody land in battle alike, but its end will be in diplomacy. yes. even if i am very convinced of this e g e r h nikki, there are things that we can bring to an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he was always portugal. that's how it is, because we would like to get back everything for cisco and russia doesn't want to give without anything needed that inches long. mitchell, no good. russian shows no sign of wanting to end the war through diplomacy. moscow
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sees the battle of marsupial as a strategic victory. defense experts say that russia could now relocate its forces to intensify it's offensive in other parts of eastern ukraine. a heat wave is gripping parts of france and spain. temperatures have hit new record highs for may heat. warnings are in force for 10 spanish regions. and forecasters say cooler weather is not expected until next week. there's a lot of fanning melting and all around sweltering under the and lucy in sun may isn't feeling like may at all with temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees celsius or 106 degrees fahrenheit. oh, i was expecting a little bit cooler for sure. whether it's easier to walk it in that weather. so for taurus it's really not too convenient. it's
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a scorcher. some parts of the iberian peninsula are 16 degrees hotter than usual. we'll portfolio. we could say that this month will probably be the warmest may of the last 7 years. and 2015 we had a particularly warm one and it broke all kinds of records the or i go to the board, the book and okay. oh got you. oh, okay. you're on the location is key with shade being the best real estate. oh no. been sell them oki of us. we didn't think he was going to be so high. the movie the on that as you have to go out at night, take a natalie and go out at 7 in the evening. though me less ether. but for those who can't dodge the sun for long, it's all about strategy. boy, i set out water and water. sometimes i go into the air conditioning, then i come back, i like it and that's how i keep going with there's no
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other option we live in cynthia, so we have to get used to it from now until september them. otherwise, we can work over the spanish meteorology agency says it's too early to call this a heat wave. we'll have to wait and see what else may brings every turn to sports and football now and leo have upset favorites barcelona in the women's champions league final. in a thrilling encounter, a juventus stadium in turn, the french shod came away with a 31 victory, a stunning outcome against a varsity team that won every single one of their games in the spanish league. this season. and with me now, was the lydia diary from the w sports. you saw the game. how did leo beat the, you know, powerful and allegedly unbeatable barcelona sun? was fair to say that the queen's a bach leon. ah, though,
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they've been the best team in europe for the last decade and her 2 years of layoff and their back to win the championship this year in the announced found in the way you know, and i feel that it was just, you know, it was just a victory for them because they would have been better team tonight. i guess. well, this is, the score certainly shows up, but you know, going back a ways, leo, i believe in correctly how wrong was considered kind of an under dog. and how did they stop being under and become the you know, the top dog guess i guess it, is there some kind of system in place or that is there training or what was it? but there were only on those 2 nights they ah, they would to night to wonder if title in 12 years. ok. yes. so they're not really on the dog in times over unknown, been known. yeah. they were just 2 years ago, i lost a title book and then boss, when i took it off and put tonight, leona back,
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what about a, you know, what i mean, they opened a really good goal for my mom, the hoary which you know, just left everybody astounded in the 60 minutes, you know, so it said a tone for the evening and they never let off it when, when alex ts will ask about a long go, you know, but you don't really perform to put pressure on barcelona defense on the back of the attack and, and, and show from the beginning to the end, the way there, they then showed that they didn't get back up ladia passing game, you know, so it left them, you know, maybe you just give them that they deserved it tonight. just one last question for me. first of all, i did have a really good season. all right, to tell you about that? well, bus one, all the games in the spanish league, the one to super call that next next week, just to play in the cooper. but to night the, the,
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the had an opening that's much better than them in 21000 to play the on in the final lost for one. you see, so i, head of during the week i spoke with as is that a show and i went to strike as a bustle owner. and she told me that the so the, the that the find out that the defeat in 2019 was like, was good, you know, because it had them to grow, you know, and the one that has the glasses in. but that they needed to win tonight to show that the really dominant side and to sign post the i v t throughout the season. but tonight's loss showed that they still have a lot to do again, the team likely on with all the asked that. so the 2 philosophies class tonight. unfortunately, buffalo, where 2nd best leon are back on the phone. ok. yeah. well thank you so much for that. really. i don't have the sports on the, the on victory, 31 over barcelona and with the final return a for me,
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the one now and in qualifying for the spanish grand prix. shallow clara has locked up pull position even though he lost control of his car. the coal of the class ferrari rather went into a spin on his opening run. look at that in the 3rd stage qualifying, but he managed to regain the top spot. the seasons early leader beat out his main rival reigning champion max 1st step and whose red bull car suffered a mechanical problem. and before we leave you, here are some other stories making news around the world. u. s. president joe biden and south korea's uni suck. you'll say they might expand joint military exercises in response to north korea, and miss i launches biden also says he's willing to meet north korea's leader to ivan is visiting the region to strengthen the u. s. allies. denmark's queen margarita has visited a copenhagen amusement park as part of celebrations to mark 50 years on the throne
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. to find her age, the 80 to 2 year old even took a ride on a roller coaster main celebrations have been postponed to later in the year. due to the pen, spain is sweltering under very high temperatures for the time of for this time of year, parts of out of the caea have reached 40 degrees a record for may. heat. warnings are enforced for 10 regions, and forecasters say it will be next week before relief comes. that's it for now. um next, spicer with in a south a matter is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for mercury, berkeley. i believe i.


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