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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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kcci 8 news at noon is next. >> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon. interstate 35 has been reopened in both directions between ames and clear lake, a stretch of more than 80 miles that had been closed due to high winds and white out conditions. good afternoon. the howling winter storm led to several crashes on roads and highways north of ames. here's the latest check of, and you can see that
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yesterday. but high winds are still around, making for another very frigid day. let's check in now with frank for more on that. frank: now that the snow is out of here, the coldest is staying around. 13 degrees, what a blast of cold air with wind out of the northwest at 20. the wind is not helping. fort dodge at 15, 23 for mason city. low 20's around lamoni. through the rest of the day the cold will be big concern. 4:00 wind chills at times, zero to five low if you look at it right now. they are cold, feels like five below in des moines and nine below in ames. definitely one of those days for you have to layer up. 6:00 temperature of 13. we are going to finally warm-up in the forecast.
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learning more about the death of a des moines man following a report of a disturbance. des moines police department patrol officers were called to 2500 59th street to investigate a report of a person yelling outside their home. officers found no disturbance upon their arrival. a short time later, officers were called back to the same area regarding a similar issue. this time, officers reported seeing activity within the home and attempted to make contact with the male occupant of the home. they say man refused to come to the door and was threatening the officers, saying that he had a gun. while officers attempted to speak with him through the door, they saw a fire erupt within the home. firefighters were called immediately while officers forced entry into the home, making several attempts to rescue the man. police say he resisted, and officers were ultimately forced out of the home by the fire and smoke. des moines fire department firefighters were successful in putting the fire out quickly, but found the man dead inside the home. released and the man's identity
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family is notified. turning to news from the statehouse. we expect to hear more today about a new plan to legalize medical marijuana in iowa. all the details have not been released, but it appears there is new republican support in the iowa legislature to pass the controversial legislation after it failed last year. the new bill would allow the growth of medical marijuana in iowa to make cannabis oil as well as legalize dispensaries. it would also make it legal to carry the drug across state lines. a news conference is scheduled to begin in just about an hour. look for much more on this story today on the news at 5:00 and 6:00 and at our website, it's decision day in new hampshire. voters are at the polls today to choose their party's presidential nominee. donald trump and bernie sanders are leading in the polls, but there are a slew of candidates hoping to shock the world with a surprising victory, or even a
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finish. weijia jiang is in manchester with more details. weijia: voters are already lining up to cast their ballots in the first in the nation primary. bob schieffer: new hampshire never lets you down. weijia: the candidates are out early shaking hands as voters head into their precincts. >> going in to vote for you right now. >> thank you. appreciate it. weijia: jeb bush is hoping time spent in the granite state will pay off, but says he'll head to south carolina anyway. so you're going there no matter what? jeb bush: yep, and we've got a great organization in nevada as well. this is a long, long process and a lot of things can happen in a very volatile year. weijia: fellow floridian marco rubio is also hoping to have a good finish. sen. rubio: i feel great. lot of energy, lot of great support. so we're looking forward to the results tonight and moving on to south carolina. weijia: donald trump is the clear front runner in the polls, but he also lead the polls in iowa, only to finish behind ted cruz once the votes were tallied. for the democrats, it would take
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sanders to lose, which means todays votes are all about expectations moving forward. hillary clinton is pushing for every last vote. if she can close the gap on sanders, she can claim momentum just like bill clinton did when his second place finish in 1992 earned him the title the "comeback kid. sanders himself will likely say the win is proof that voters want a political revolution. and part of the uniqueness of the new hampshire primary is the early returns from three small hamlets, where polls have already closed. so far, those returns show bernie sanders with the early lead. on the republican side, ted cruz, john kasich, and donald trump are all tied up. and a reminder that we'll have full coverage of the new hampshire primary as polls close. our own chief political reporter cynthia fodor is on the ground there, following the very latest developments. look for her live reports today at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. you can also follow cynthia on
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behind the scenes look at all the action. today is fat tuesday. people across new orleans are marking the culmination of the mardi gras season today with elaborate floats, eccentric costumes, and marching bands. the day kicked off with several parades, including one by the krewe of zulu. that parade dates back to 1910. of course tomorrow marks the beginning of lent, a period of spiritual renewal for christians. today, president barack obama will ask congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. -- $.8 billion in emergency funding. the sickness is suspected of causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the virus has spread quickly through latin america. some of the money will go toward lab testing and rapid response teams. liberal policy initiatives and new tax hikes dot president obama's eighth and final budget. one of the president proposals would create a new, high-level official to coordinate cybersecurity across civilian,
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agencies, increasing cybersecurity spending by $19 billion. the $4 trillion plan also includes $7.5 billion to escalate the fight against isis. turning to world headlines. at least 8 people are dead after two trains collided in germany. the trains crashed head-on just as the morning rush was getting underway. don champion has the very latest. don: hundreds of emergency responders carefully sifted through the mangled scene where two trains collided in southern germany. here, one of the train cars is barely recognizable. investigators say the trains crashed head-on just as the morning rush was getting underway. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. a steady stream of ambulances were seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals.
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rail line is used by commuters who work in munich. the accident happened on a single line that runs along a river, which officials said complicated the rescue effort. no word yet what led to the collision. don champion, cbs news. mollie: german news agencies report the rail line is also popular with school children in the area, but they're currently on winter vacation. the u.s. is closely watching the situation on the korean peninsula. concerns are growing that north korea is getting closer to being able to launch a long-range missile to the mainland u.s. with a nuclear warhead. officials say additional sanctions and possible military responses are on the table, and they will begin considering setting up so-called 'thaad' defense batteries capable of shooting down high-altitude missiles. coming on the heels of what north korea claimed was a hydrogen-bomb test, the threat level from kim jong un's regime has rarely been higher.
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north korea has mastered a very complex technology, which are 3-stage launchers. so at this point, i think north korea has made a qualitative leap, and soon they're going to make a quantitative leap because they can actually start to put these things in production. mollie: the high-stakes standoff has military units jittery on both sides of the korean border. the south korean military fired warning shots after a north korean patrol boat crossed their maritime border. next, a cruise ship with more than 4,500 passengers is making its way back to new jersey after sailing onto a raging storm. now officials are questioning why it left in the first place. and we'll show you how a local
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start on reading. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. with mollie cooney. mollie: a cruise ship with more than 4,500 passengers is making its way back to port today after getting damaged at sea. royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" was caught in a dangerous
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it faced massive waves and winds topping 100 miles an hour and caused major damage within the vessel. the cruise left new jersey saturday, bound for florida. jericka duncan is at the cape liberty cruise port in bayonne, where the ship will soon return. jericka: 30-foot waves battered royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, and whipped chairs off its deck. pictures taken aboard the massive ship reveal ceiling damage, overturned furniture, and a destroyed kitchen. >> the deck that i was on which is deck five was taking in water from the rain. jericka: passenger george sycip says the more than 4,500 passengers on board were ordered to ride out the storm in their staterooms sunday. >> you could hear the waves crashing against the hull, metal twisting and banging all night long. it was scary. jericka: the nearly 200,000 ton
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it's kind. in a statement, royal caribbean said the wind speeds the ship endured were "higher than what was forecasted." sen. bill nelson: when the storm is brewing you don't go out of port. jericka: on monday florida senator bill nelson criticized royal caribbean's decision to go forward with the trip despite the weather conditions and called on the ntsb to investigate the incident. sen. bill nelson: it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right in to it? mollie: that was jerika duncan reporting. back here at home, a local library has a new challenge for toddlers. the goal, to read 1,000 books by kindergarten. >> twinkle twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are. mollie: pleasant hill public library invites children up to 5 years old to join. each child receives a reading
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read and a free bag to collect their books in. the goal of this challenge is to help kids enter school ready to learn and read. jessie keasling: she loves the interaction, she loves the activities, she is just so thrilled. at first it was, "oh she might not like it, but oh we'll just give it a try." we've been coming ever since. mollie: clive public library is also participating in the challenge. since 2013, more than 450 kids have participated and have read almost 120,000 books. to iowa city now, where they got their goat. william the research goat has been on the lam for more than a week, escaping while he was being transferred from a portable carrier to a vehicle. since then, there had been multiple sightings. but, university of iowa police confirm william was captured
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we're just going to know it will be cold. frank: i think that guilt had to be freezing -- gooat had to be freezing. this picture was sent to my facebook page and its of north of fort dodge of the sun dogs. look at this one. bark bark, look at those sun dogs. it's just a were fraction of the sun through ice crystals in the sky and that's why you get those little sons on the side of the sun. this is our downtown skycam or, we are seeing sunshine and the temperature at team. the wind -- at 14. look at the wind from this morning. to the west at 42. tama in the mid 30's.
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not helping the windchill factors at all. the temperatures that are cold enough. denver webster city, 14 and the metro. you factor in the wind, today is the day you have to bundle up. three below in des moines. throughout the rest the day, temperatures will be slow to line. -- to climb. we will see the sun work in a few more pounds but the temperatures are chilly. single digits with wind chills well below zero. satellite radar perspective has clearing clouds for much of the morning. another system to the west. you can see clouds and precipitation. now well to the east, look at all of that snow from the great lakes down into portions of kentucky. even stretching into the
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snow everywhere but thankfully not here but we will have to keep an eye out to the west at the stationary boundary lifting to the state throughout wednesday bringing us a little shot of snow. here's the futurecast, we zoom in statewide perceptive -- perspective. i think we build in a few more clouds for wednesday morning so not as much sunshine to start the day tomorrow. notice by the latter portion of the morning with snow to the west, it pulls into the metro in the afternoon and will be very light. it will not add up to much but it will cruise through the state and it could be tricky for tomorrow evenings commute. then we clear at out by the latter portion of the day. generally expecting less than an inch. kind of like what we got the other day. not much but just enough that it could create travel difficulties. windchill at zero the 10.
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the wind is finally starting to dial down. wednesday is another cold day at 15. struggling to make it to 20 on thursday. the weekend is a mixed bag and it will end with snow may be on sunday. temperatures come back to the 30's and 40 never looked so good. mollie: stock up on the firewood between them. it's a timeless tale of families, love, and secrets, and it opens this friday in des moines. more on stagewest's latest production next on iowa's news
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mollie: this coming friday as the opening of the drama by stagewest theater. a tale of loneliness and love. nominated for a tony in 2014. welcome back. todd is the director and carrie plays rosemary. we will hear more about her in just a bit. tell us about this play. todd: it is a pretty new play that was on broadway a few years ago written by john patrick shanley, an award-winning playwright.
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-- doubt which many have probably seen. many don't know he wrote the screenplay for one struck -- four moonstruck. it is a really interesting romance. mollie: with humor and a message. what is this message? todd: it is a quirky irish love story so we have to families that have lived across the road from one another. pretty much on the same property for all their lives and have never really gotten to know each other or spoke much because of a family feud that is happening about land being sold. it is a little complicated but suffice to say they don't really know each other that well. they have sort of observed.
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they are starting to die and not giving anything away, we start with the funeral and their is a couple on the way. which leaves the son and daughter of the children to fend for themselves. they don't know each other all that well. they have some secrets of their own. we get to find out what those are and watch them navigate that road of romance. mollie: and that brings you in. tell us about rosemary. >> the thing i think is so lovely about this is your dealing with two people that are middle-aged so they are dealing with all of those things that come of middle age. they are taking care of their home and property and dealing with death. on top of all this you are watching these people navigate love for the first time and what does that look like? they do.
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they have brought with them as we all do from childhood. things they are dealing with and learning how to deal with themselves but then deciding whether or not to be vulnerable enough to share that with each other. it is a lovely story to see happen at midlife as opposed to 20. i guess mollie: people have to just go and see what happens. tell us where and when the tickets are. todd: it opens this friday the 12th and ticket prices range anywhere from 15 to $30. students are half-price and seniors are 22. it plays friday, saturday, sunday. sunday is a 2:00. the other performances are at 7:30 and next week wednesday through sunday, this sunday, which is valentine's day, so it's a great way to start your valentine's day.
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mollie: frank: a cold week with temperatures in the teens
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the tail end of tomorrow with 20's on thursday.
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