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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 14, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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broadcast things get heated up the national assembly during thursday's parliamentary audit session the presidential office gets grilled on why so many recent appointments had ethical lapses. territorial and historical disputes continuing to plague the regional relations president talked watched north east asian nations to collaborate on writing a new textbook to result tensions a dapper to the type and weight philippines begins to flow but risks of civil disobedience continue to rise with the scorching
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temperatures prime time news begins now. to primetime years it's thursday in november fourteen here in korea flight from seoul and you can hang them from him thanks so much for joining us we begin with the nation's top office on the hot seat the president back in as chief of staff showed up for a column entry on it to answer questions about presidential appointments to fallen apart in recent months and allegations of ethical lapses or political correspondent in nz has our top story. yes on eight of the possession off this thursday. the house steering committee raised a host of concerns. among them have had the administration's issues
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with personnel appointments accusations of ethical lapse as an apostate number of minister and vice minister level nominee to drop their dates. dealing major blow to the pot administration in its early stages of governance the issue up here. even this week in confirmation hearings the president talks nominee to head the passengers off this is a light board and the welfare ministry but their confirmations remain up in the air. operation lawmakers argued that the jury he failed to allay concerns over at the collapse this may prove their competence for the posts grandstand operation moniker said. welfare minister nominee money on fuel use is a company credit card for personal use while working for the korea development institute. the lawmaker said sasha chief of staff to teach and who is heading the president's personnel committee is to blame for failing to detect the shortcomings of the nominees. however the presence of chief of staff said he and
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the personnel committee did their best. considering the short period of time the head. he also denied that a concentration of key government figures from the police line causing them to regent was intentional it's not because it implied and i are making efforts to fulfill the pledge of achieving a national unity by me in a balanced personnel payments to lenders or newbies and seven nominees are from the townhomes on numbed the area. we did not consider their legitimacy determining factor in the week is that we hear all the law makers in and a possession chief of staff can cement document that showed the makeup of the presidential offices personnel committee and the frequency and content of the meetings the committee held under kim supervision however the presence of a three piece saying they should remain confidential tvnz. i miss. this intense is among north east asian nations to ongoing
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territorial and historical spence president aka mimi the special proposal thursday she suggested that the member countries published a joint history textbooks for the region and uncles as well among the many things and president of the means to do list is bringing northeast asian nations closer together in a range of diverse sectors to further promote peace and prosperity in the region. as part of those efforts the president has made a very special proposal. to get the pants. to hear that put under the title. tuneful that will be a yolk sac unless noted that the shop. to install you don't need to get them to come. coming up last july in an e mail sites until she pushed me back the last machine eight to nineteen seventy to win. only that he would be with you that the mark scheme during the opening ceremony of an international academic conference held thursday at a
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korean national diplomatic academy marking the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment president park also stated that result territorial an historical dispute in northeast asia during regional integration despite the blocks immense potential to become a single market similar to the european union. in order to overcome the so called asian paradox. the president once again suggested for northeast asia peace initiative which is based on the logic that northeast asian nations can further boost cooperation and political and security sectors. i started with softer issues such as climate change disaster relief and nuclear safety. he added that if stronger security cooperation was built in the region. he could also help resolve the north koreans new pier is you thursday's visit marked the first time a south korean president has visited the korean national diplomatic in canada. and
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then the day after the korea russia summit which produced a number of deals including agreements on rail and port projects involving north korea. expectations are high for a brighter new era for inter korean economic relations the presidential office correspondence was into tells us to the sea is putting its ties with north korea may have been planted a south korean consortium comprising have ralph possibility hand in marriage or read a sneaky brand latitude ninety six billion dollars of their project costs at a railway project for roughly half a fresh seven percent share in the project. the decision is yet to be made on whether the south korean entities will actually enjoy the project. but if the two government officials and experts say the project cut for percent away al for stalled inter korean economic cooperation. economic coopeperation between the two koreas has had to stand still
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with the exception of banter korean presidential complex after the south korean care for men and those sanctions on north in two thousand ten the so called mi twenty four sanctions the end the trade in the spat with the north all i can get his attack on a south korean warship analysts say the company's participation in the railway project. this represents an opportunity for south korea to initiate route laptop project that north korea through a direct entry and still be within the bay and resented the twenty fourth seed ships. south korea would not directly invest in north korea over participate in projects that the common estate is carrying out what the dirt and trees such as fresh and try again to use infrastructure development that means against your friend business partner would be the purest can't read not south korea. reducing the risks and losses. hall has yet to be here in its joint business projects but ignore it because of its
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expected the heat here in the pianist. but experts have also expressed some skepticism that doubt is the area such as tents. if north korea were to stick to its nuclear program without demonstrating any changing a habit you. neighboring countries could be reluctant to join south korea in providing economic support to the cat tree a nanny for went into action the us china's state council or yen did fail will visit seoul this weekend for high level strategic concept korea's foreign ministry says it down will riot on sunday for a three day visit during which you will meet with president aka nate and hold strategic talks with chief presidential national security advisor teams from su. the two are expected to discuss a wide range of regional issues including the north korean nuclear threat. the foreign ministry said the visit is a follow up to a bilateral summit agreement reached in june on the establishment of a channel for dialogue on security issues. on our knees
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in death. tonight we get a glimpse of one of the most isolated nations in the world cleared by raising the app associated press and two s the first american journalists to open a news bureau and north korea and up until a few months ago she spent the last three years and counting and covering becoming a state from within the team thank you very much for joining us thinking for having me what she did you have any big expectations going into kung and when you first got there. like any outsider who gets most of their new information about north korea from state media of the rare reports that we get the country. i had this vision and four screens is being very robotic. i thought i wouldn't be able to eat any fruit i brought up a whole bundle of food was good but actually they can be surprised to find a clear bid to compare it to him where is that if you are on and that very soon for those who have the money but also as a very limited view of life in north
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korea. what a surprise outsider the most about the common mistake for me especially as the asana creamy mac and now i find that i'm able to get very affectionate and a very incredible sense of humor that the first time i ate way too much too spicy and that i think it surprises people when they see my pictures see pictures of people kids just goofing around and people smiling and laughing and pursue this and that really surprises cute because he had this idea that being a very green place and it is extremely difficult place but people around the world they have their own hopes and dreams in the one in the contested the difficult situation so did you feel like your guests that could always take it down if you wrote the wrong story or did you have more freedom than other people word likely expect the agreements between bp and the north koreans to open bureau was certainly a landmark agreement and we take us a lot of expectation on both sites to what i think
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that both sides. we do our best to try to make it work up by. the i think that i do not take that. that concern into consideration so much what we do try to do is make it clear to the north koreans that we have it certainly is reporting its very different from their four month reporting which is propaganda i'm still super cool half way in they can understand that they may not like what we do but they've got to leave us alone a menace to read it and i think we did accomplish something. mm all the christians so coulter is booming and i hear that there's an increase of the mobile phone users as well do you see this as a positive sign that north korea under kingdom and the jane is somehow opening up and taking more for reform measures. he duly in the use of cellphones has certainly been one of the most striking things i'd seen it more than two million people using cell phones in north korea sale gone are the days when you can see six or moveon not hear a phone call up at but i think this is it's incredibly
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interesting because even though the north koreans i can only its calender north koreans they cannot call outside the country of course i can call outside the country in color the foreigners when i'm in caring and what it does is it just gives people the thirst or hunger for information. as your chief you split your time between seoul and caring and so you had the up to the minute experience in both places. do you think the two koreas accurately report on each other. i think it's extremely challenging for any reporter who's covering north korea to to cover copy that provides little to no access of course that includes us in the recruits reporters in south korea to have a huge audience looking for information about the very few sources i do. he did that at the toll still place for you sometimes have to protect her source is still one cup we need to have somebody who's willing to speak up in the west be off the record to be dangerous i hate to use anonymous sources and we
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are very strict policy of the ep. we try to make it very clear where readers why somebody is speaking off the rack and we make sure to verify that. with a second source. i would certainly challenge all journalists to cover north korea to try to raise the standards and try not to be me seemed to be really diligent about kind of verifying their information hmm think that's the blessing you very much for joining us today. thank you. for your dns and another begins. get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only caught with its global network and why on arrival
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that has seventeen always on standby. south. korea's finance minister says the party's over for loosely run state companies. he's down to tiny and monitoring in response to criticism that the state run corporations are poorly managed and financially irresponsible action and gill reports the good old days for state run firms may be over as the korean government plans to carry out some sweet pure forms in the face of growing discontent over the way they are mine finance minister hundreds of said thursday that the couple will throw the management systems of old state owned corporations by toying with the books and management structures as well as internal corruption case its state owned companies have been criticized for their reckless financial practices with the total combined dead bored by them doubling since two thousand and eight to more than three hundred cent to five billion us dollars in the second part of this year the chief culprits have been
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identified as korea land and housing corporation korea electric co corporation korea water resources corporation and nine the statement foreigners. the wage structure of these forms is also coming under scrutiny as the average salary of officials are high here and oh was i the country's largest moments on top the financial supervisory service says the average salary of employees at nine statement companies to that know the eighty thousand us dollars as of the end of last year. around twenty five percent more even this comes on average. the finance minister has pledged to publicly reveal that debt levels of the state run enterprise its restructure we systems and benefits and strength the measurements evaluations. don't get. add onions another re phrase korea's central bank kept its key interest rate unchanged for the six consecutive month in november setting lingering
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external uncertainties the bank of korea announced on thursday that it decided to freeze the overnight interbank lending rate at two a half percent in line with market expectations the central bank said that while the global economy is showing signs of gradual recovery. there are still lingering concerns over the planned tapering of u s stimulus programs and the bipartisan clash in washington over the country's budget and government debt ceiling. the bank of korea officials also noted that the korea remains on a path to recovery with monthly exports reaching an all time high in october. the churning out the latest on the aftermath of super typhoon hide and relief supplies are reaching the hardest hit areas of the philippines but there are increasing reports of an absence of law and order. i can get has more of the country reeling from deadly disaster the philippine government has put the official death toll from typhoon honey and
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i'm more than twenty three hundred but officials admit that the year is likely to buy the philippines is facing its basic ever logistical a chair range as hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and millions more affected by the storm. it's really difficult because our source of water is from an underground pipes that we have smashed. we don't know if that scene because there have been a lot of people who have died here. yes not reprint of a bride in the country and are delivering supplies to devastated areas of the years are rising to the desperation of people left with nothing one tip into violence amid reports of a firefight between security forces and on men. earlier this week several people died when the wall collapse as survivors try to mild in the warehouse area google is
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going on. don't know don't let this. he won in an interview with cnn philippine president bang you actually know said the store said his country were getting worse and more frequent due to climate change. well mia luckily can see she says this year is the seventh warmest since records began in eighteen fifty which is of extreme weather coupled with rising sea levels which in turn are increasing the occurrence of storms such as typhoons ninety eight climate change effects ocean surface temperatures the storms of fuel up by a warm oceans over which they form an oval which they pass as an mp has said the international community must commit to actction on climate change or there will be many more natural disasters like playing in the future. his young team and units. and say with a hyphen aftermath among the fifty five koreans that were thought to be in the worst affected areas and the philippines when heidi and struck korea's foreign
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ministry has confirmed that seventeen koreans remain unaccounted for. the honorary consul of republic of korea as anything but an honor a position to better understand the roles and the dynamics of korean culture into boosting its members from seventeen countries her here in seoul for special workshop hosted by ministry of foreign affairs acting and it was there fourteen million. that is how many koreans traveled abroad in twenty eleven. what happens in the event of an unexpected emergency in a foreign land where no call slits for embassies around and on the recall soul to come to the rescue. so for day and what do they do the only cause those are appointed by our home and as representing the republic korea. in a country or region where we don't have. and this is for conflicts what is necessary we know we can name them even if we have we don't
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have and this is more confidence. di jodi provide basic office and desist from all of our country through various events and activities they are usually highly respected in the country to better train and educate on the recall souls. but many were sub is currently being held in seoul. posted by korea's ministry of foreign affairs eighteen on the recalls from seventeen countries were invited to take part in the six day program which ends on saturday and i'm personally honored to represent the republic of korea. it means alot to me. having visited the country as a member of the us air force at the end of the korean war i am done. locally high i get the opportunity to him to react when the korean population. i get to assist them on occasion. what goals for the program is to give all the recalls the chance to discover that dynamic aspects of korea. and take them back
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to their home country. during their stays in korea a busy schedule is at hand. that includes visits to key court ruled in historical sites also border area separating south and north korea around the globe. there are a hundred a d on the recalls all served in korea been under seventy countries are also own as serve as a vital link is on the brink of his emergency. they also provide assistance to korean nationals living or traveling abroad. tuned in. aiden is the south korean baseball player making waves overseas is power hitter in the table and it looks like he's joined the list of players looking for a major league baseball contract stephen kaye joins us for the latest lover. hey guys the first baseman and the orange buffaloes are
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parting ways after two years as he looks for a job elsewhere possibly in america according to a japanese sports daily the thirty one year old told the team that he wanted to pursue a chance at playing in the majors however many speculate that he was simply just looking for more than the two year eight hundred million yen or about eight million us dollar deal they offered him meanwhile another reported daily said that some someone's closer or someone would be a good fit for the japanese leagues clemson tigers. if you can reach an agreement with eight major league team. now let's get to the evening's top match ups starting with the unique action to tackle fixed or posted these towns on the quad at both ends in salon. it's the blue say the creed is too early on in the first set which they say with relative ease. now the second set smelled different from something real martinez earned himself a twenty seven points from the attack and its blind to
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the report of the offense has to be the big storm in straight sets for the w and three points. now we finished off with their spacecraft epl match of the sk nights and tcc he just went head on in smaller they speak out of the gate but he has levelled out in the second quarter to tie the knot had thirty five to thirty five as he gets a break in the third as both courtney sims and teens and young he'd scored seven in the quarter. and now the four thirty seconds left and i took like three young people and gets the big thing says free throws put the last points of the game he finishes with seventeen points for the st school for thirteen and wealth that has paid the ccc said the seven to seventy two. and looking at the other day in the kali on what he owns took down the tt sonic boom seventy two fifty four. now that does for me near the sports center this has been stevens said check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. mum. that book. i
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loved it. he did. dpi. what are today showers i hear that tomorrow will most likely be our last day of moderate autumn temperatures it sells let's go over try to look down at the weather center of down. pretty nice out and see hair we have another round of showers forecast over the weekend which will be to the drop in temperatures moving on to our satellite
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map of the nation is under the influence of the low pressure catholics is mine received an e class chalet is in some regions. now currently it's drizzling and as brother and i have a central regions. we should wait to walk on the morning here in korea tomorrow before getting some sunshine and the act to do another round of showers is on its way from saturday to sunday afternoon which may lead few of our personnel to keep it in the central region on sunday morning. after the shower to find what you love books and below zero degrees. looking ahead at tomorrow's numbers celebrates it's fourteen degrees with it i'll find degrees higher than today me luck k when i'm due at sixteen. a lot that other needs it. top the day at three degrees before jumping to fourteen in the active during the lot edgier and not from that top out at sixteen and five degrees respectively on the topic or react and how the back with one face to
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be exact. the answer broadcasts on this thursday nights and nancy came so central in thanks for watching the season. the do it is. the tubes. the post he did. the reception too. in fact alone should he get this festival abortion. conditions
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here. why don't you do well because in fact you feel you have the stupid thing just seems weird that the member states on the side semester so now i work to be able to specify was effective reach out to chill. very important also to invest in young generation to get to it. some access to the coast as it is what we can to organize this washington which would be a beach house seats. children need these people to get it it allows you to keep you thinking the key to the beach . to this. this is in suits your opinion. the sons of apes. we like to find a very good idea to begin with. to
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develop critiques from the seeds from your opinions in the states. we say maybe we can do with this infection with this. as for the film festival because it leaves the indices. we are fallen to their emails with will. that is the official move from the business. the steel. it's just that one cor. and we have always good to see pretty grouchy too soon to release this is organizing a trip to prague. what great things about working with dc library as we have twenty four libraries plus an ok throughout the district. so in every ward. there's a library in most cases mounted them. and so what that means is that kids who may not
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choose to come down to the mall or may not get to see an embassy get to see the kinds of programming that we be helpful for the kids here the festival. we have children's either as an adult staff were so excited about to reach out in some way to make it personal and specific they're doing a story time focusing on a particular country or think that art exhibit or there is a book club going on as well as many wonderful performances so we got on friday night the extent of leon. many people go to the library to go someplace else to find out about another life possibility to visit another place through books and the arts festival the kids tear up the store told us that too. the ambassador said its visiting europe without a passport but with a library card you can visit everywhere thanks to the kids to the festival. children and
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adults the deal was about eighteen countries. i think we are. planting will go for help or support relationship that an understanding that it's the song. you knew who will. the rewards and once on him. the police. you're not cost you. but when tom was still notched up twelve years as a terror jail with a white house still failing to get a close once and for all i see reports from inside one of the world's most maligned presence on the future and may face. on the tate britain sends millions of pounds to prop up the rocky outcrop while taxpayers at home


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