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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 21, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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ordeal, help is on the way, baby formula shortage continues, a critical delivery next.? you could tell right away she was a very special person. >> at 11:00, bay area cyclist killed in texas, a manhunt for killer, why could be the result of a love triangle. the first shipments of baby formula headed to the u.s. from overseas but bay area moms are
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not waiting, how they help each other what they need. fire forcing evacuations in the north bay, deputies make an arrest and we are tracking it all. going to get to the stories in a moment, breaking news out of the south bay, parts of 280 and 17 are shut down after deadly crash, a backup, chp says just before 10:00 they got a call about a car that flipped off of highway 17, landing on 280, while they have not confirmed that yet we know at least one person has died in the crash, southbound 280 is completely shut down, and the ramp from 17 to 280, and connecting to 82 880. and we will bring you updates as we get them. a glimpse of what's to come, this fire season, fast- moving flames burning more than
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100 acres in the north bay, a time-lapse of the fire, this afternoon, near vacaville, a look to the infrared camera, the hotspots, crews were starting to get the upper hand, 45% contained, we have team coverage for you, keeping an eye on the winds but we begin with stephanie with how investigators in solano county think it started.>> reporter: it starts now but some of the hotspots here in the hill behind me, one of the men i spoke with, said they were putting up defense when the fire broke out, the dry conditions in the wind made it impossible. california's dry hills are already burning as we enter one of the most dangerous fire seasons yet. >> the fire moves pretty quickly over very close to our property line. >> reporter: one of dozens forced to leave home as the wind and dry grass fuel flames that quickly grew to more than
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100 acres yards away from his property. i left my gates open in case the fire people needed to come.>> reporter: it started about 3:00 saturday afternoon. he says he saw the fire grow from a patch to dozens of acres, and believes someone was trimming weeds when it sparked. and roberto said he felt helpless and afraid because he couldn't do anything to stop the fire, he and 10 others tried to put out with shovels and water but the wind got ahead of them. air support had to be called and but forward progress has been stopped. deputies say they cited them for potentially starting the fire and deputies arrested him over outstanding warrants. cal fire is preparing for a long season ahead. >> a red flag warning, a little early for this time of year in past years, and bringing on firefighters early this year, about a month earlier in this
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unit, we rehired and started rehiring a month early, because of the drier conditions that we are dealing with.>> reporter: in vacaville, nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in rob, and i on the wind. >> it's a good thing they want stronger like earlier in the week, but temperatures typical of the inland hilltop fire locations at 11:00, temperatures in the mid-70s, committed he is pretty dry, 22%, windspeed about 10-15 miles per hour, similar conditions tomorrow, temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 80s, but moving forward we will see more northwind picking up, towards solano county, not a lot of wind but that will likely change as strong high pressure builds in early next week, big heat come your way unlike the neck the last wind event, temperatures in the valley in the mid to upper 90s, by tuesday and wednesday watching that closely, increased fire
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danger due to the dry and dusty winds, a closer look at how lonely he will stick around and the forecast.>> wildfire season. june 6. and help the neighbors get ready. when it comes to this sort of thing. emergency bag. >> a list of things. evacuating. and had to nbc, vacaville brushfire. and year-round, breaking news weather alert straight to your phone, make sure to downloaded. developing story. searching for a woman in texas accused of shooting in up-and- coming cyclist from the bay area.
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the love triangle, mariah wilson, in san francisco. onto the competitive cycling scene. found dead. were she was. this woman jaylen armstrong. >> in the scholarship fund is in the works as well. tonight, there's new hope for a family desperately trying to feed their babies.
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as marion reports, a network of moms helping other moms and a new supply from overseas are expected to make a difference. >> the first shipment of nestli baby formula, 132 pallets leaving airbase in germany today headed to indiana. in total about 1.5 million eight ounce bottles of formula scheduled to arrive in the u.s. next week. president biden also signed a bill to expand baby formula access for low income families, as abbott ceo robert ford apologizes in a washington post op-ed for his company's role in the nationwide shortage of baby formula. the apology comes as bay area families is searching for formula are faced with empty shelves. at this cvs in fremont, there out of similac formula. to help moms of their request, she posted this photo on next door offering three free cans of formula. she received 20 responses in
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one day. >> i kind of screen in a little bit and ask which come you know, specific formula their child is on. and i was able to, shortly after that, finds two families that were in need of the type that i had. >> reporter: now she is time to track down the specific type of formula her friends needs but so far, she's had no luck. >> she is also come you know, struggling and really stressed out about trying to feed her daughter. >> this pope photo posted a photo. an impromptu network born out of the need to feed new points. in san jose, nbc bay area news. president biden is wrapping up his first day in south korea in spite of his first trip to asia since taking office. he discussed a variety of issues in the global supply chain to north korea. they have agreed to expand joint military exercise is on
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the korean peninsula. while in south korea, he signed legislation that gives ukraine another $40 billion in aid. that was passed by congress with bipartisan support. it is intended to support ukraine through september. activists declare today anti-chevron day. several groups were part of today's demonstration, many brought banners and signs. >> we are standing in solidarity with those affected by toxic dumping, fumes, flaring, human rights and environmental violations, calling for a kind ability from chevron. >> they read in part "well we grow our lower carbon businesses, we are focused on safe, reliable and ever cleaner production of 60% of the bay areas jet fuel and 20% of its
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gasoline to keep the bay area moving and progressing". also, a fire at an outbuilding. thick black smoke is in the air and raising concerns of the location. they put that fire out, which started at an empty warehouse used for storing landscaping equipment. no one was hurt. a car struck and killed a horse in the east bay overnight, seriously injuring the writer. it happened late last night near discovery bay on a pitch black country road near byron highway. the driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. >> we have had several incidences with horses and vehicles out here. this is a country road. they are narrow, it is dark here at night. >> about three years ago a car struck and killed another horse in that exact same location. police and the east bay need your help tracking down this woman. she's a person of interest in a sexual assault investigation. it happened thursday at
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piedmont high school gym. the victim is a 17-year-old boy. anyone who has any tips on who she might be is asked to call police. police and the east bay are also asking for surveillance video to help them track down the people who robbed a woman at gunpoint. just before 11:00 last night, three men forced the woman into a green four-door sedan. they pistol whipped her, they robbed her and forced her out of the car a few blocks away. she was taken to the hospital. police are asking neighbors to check their security cameras and look for the car around the time of the robbery. that was about 11:00 last night. we are back and 50 seconds. another side effect of covid. how much of a dent the pandemic may have put in your savings account. tonight's episode of saturday night live will be a bittersweet last.
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comfortable temperatures around the bay area this weekend but find out where places like san jose could see temperatures climbing into the 90s. in your seven-day forecast as we come back in 60 seconds. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held.
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yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. 60% of adults blame the pandemic for being highly disruptive to their finances. inflation could be playing a role in the trend as well as increased spending as people resumed typical habits. it is a phrase more and more people are embracing,
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turning down alcohol for wellness. one decision would give up drinking, and up turning into a really good business decision. they found a -- back in los angeles in 2020. she was looking to create a mock tail, something you could drink that stands on its own and gets other people more options to avoid alcohol that took off even in the middle of a pandemic. >> they sell drinks to restaurants in 2020, so it was ups and downs for sure. it has been a lot of hurdles, especially with the pandemic, the hospitality industry. and also reluctance. >> see what inspired the state behind this. just head to if you can look at this, who was hanging out at oracle park today? olympic gold medalist and native, christie yamaguchi. that is good company.
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she throughout today's first pitch in honor of japanese heritage day. the ballpark -- wait a minute. talk about good company. our own jenelle wang was there as well. she shared this photo on instagram. the city of richmond celebrated a newly restored park by naming after the say hey kid. they partnered with the giants to restore the baseball diamond at nickel park, renamed it willie mays junior giants field. there was a parade, ceremony this morning, big band, big crowd but is it going precaution the 91-year-old legend stayed home. special guests were there to represent including the giants ceo right there and richland mayors. >> it is fantastic and we are honored that to you, not one but two, baseball fields are being named in his honor. a great achievement and a great pride for the city of richmond. >> wow. about 300 children plane the parks baseball league every
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year and it is free of charge. i'm so glad to say i got a chance to see willie mays play. that was as good as it gets. >> the weather is good for baseball. that is what i can provide. this weekend, nice weather. we'll have that giants forecast coming up in about a minute. right now, 50 degrees, comfortable for you this evening. that is another location, tri- valley starting tuesday, you could see those numbers in the mid to upper 90s and the east bay valleys. 53 in san francisco, we might see some patchy, low clouds and went for the morning but notice the windspeed relatively calm right now. we have to watch the return, may be of some north went on monday before the temperatures really start to climb around the bay area. temperatures in the 50s out wide, patchy, low clouds
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probably along the coast and by lunchtime tomorrow, still pretty nice, mid-60s, low 70s into oakland and san jose, for now, pretty comfortable, highs close to 80 degrees around downtown san jose. low to mid 80s, and comfortably into the mid 80s around the north bay but things will begin to change by tuesday and wednesday. now there is your giants forecast, first pitch tomorrow, temperatures that the game staying in the mid-upper 60s, mostly sunny, late a sea breeze picking up toward the end of the ballgame but things will be trending warmer. even san francisco could see highs in the upper 70s by tuesday and wednesday. that will bring the heat back to the bay area. tuesday and wednesday, the warmest days for next week, so we will begin to see some upper 80s to your 90 in concord.
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watch what happens tuesday. we hit the fast-forward button into august. mostly 90s for all areas around the bay. for the valleys, north bay, east bay and south bay, bayside 70s and 80s. wednesday another day we could see hot temperatures of mid-90s and reach and went. second half of the week brings some cooling and perhaps some interesting changes right there on friday. may be a slight chance we can see a few showers as far south as mendocino county but with that will provide if it doesn't bring this rain will be some cooler temperatures as we head towards next weekend. we will have to watch this closely tuesday and wednesday, the wind picks up in the hills, san francisco climbed into the 70s, trending cooler as we head toward thursday and friday and for the valleys, a pretty big jump in temperatures. we have to watch that for some fire danger concerns and what could be the hottest day of the year so far most of the bay area, tuesday and wednesday, before the they arrive for next weekend. we are getting closer to june, the seven-day forecast is starting to lean that way. anthony's joining us now with sports. let's talk about them warriors.
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>> andrew wiggins has been the primary defender. why he is listed as questionable for game three. we will find out, next.
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welcome back. the western conference finals now ship from the bay area to the lone star state for games three and four. the warriors left for dallas this morning all smiles. andrew wiggins has a sore left ankle and he is officially listed as questionable but the head coach says he expects them to play in tomorrow's game. they lead the series 2 games to none, after rallying from 19 down to beat dallas on friday night. they say winning on the road now will be even tougher. >> generally you win a road game, to win a series that is usually how it works, not always but for us it has been a good warm. you have had road games at 25
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straight series over the years, so we are very confident in our ability to win on the road but we know it is going to be a big challenge here. >> should be entertaining. game three, sunday night. tipoff is set for six p.m. baseball, the former a's manager and oracle park to take on the giants down to-zero at the eighth. they watch as a souvenir to lab come his fourth one of the season, a solo shot but it was the only one that giants would score in the game. the padres beat san francisco 2- 1. >> a wild pitch at the five, three ballgame. >> taking advantage of the wild pitch by the angels, oakland scores three times in the eighth but the leave runners on second and third, and the angels hang on to win and. your final, 5-3. >> there often the races. >> second leg of horseracing triple crown, early voting held
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sml wraps up its 47 season tonight. pete davidson said this episode it is last. he has not use social media himself, he was posted by his friend and fellow comedian. it has been a crazy journey. he joined eight years ago when he was 20. yesterday, veteran cast members also announced they are leaving the show. the season finale is coming up at just a few moments. that is the last time you'll see these folks, so check it out. saturday night live.
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