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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 22, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i did not expect his life to be at risk. >> we went from a healthy bear market. >> he had hatred in his heart. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on may 22nd. i'm willie geist. good morning and welcome to sunday today on may 22nd. this morning, families desperately looking for baby formula on the empty shelves of
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stores across the country. they are closer to getting some relief. a massive shipment of infant formula now on its way to the united states. -- operation fly formula. this is the ceo as one of one formula maker now apologizing for his company's role in the crisis. we'll have the latest in the live report just ahead. then our sunday focus on the long-delayed return to work as many companies push to get employees back into the office. they are meeting resistance, the pandemic leading to a reassessment of how and where we work. plus, in a week of high profile elections with many more to come this midterm season, our sunday spotlight is but a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a modern political ad in our combustible new era of politics. and later, a new sunday sitdown with john hamm who stars
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alongside tom cruise in one of the most anticipated movies in a long time. top gun maverick. a pinch me moment for doctor who loves the 1986 original as a teenager. >> it was a no-brainer for me. i would just like him are you kidding me? i don't care what the part is, i would be on craft service with this if i could. then i got a cool call sign and they put me in the wardrobe. i was like, you kidding me? this is amazing. >> sunday sitdown with jon hamm. plus, another life well lived. all behind the show. let's begin with the massive shipment of infant formula now headed to the united states. excited to be on the ground in a matter of hours for families desperately in need of it. we are in indianapolis where the military cargo plane is scheduled to land later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two c-17 is carrying 78,000 pounds of formula scheduled to land here in just a few hours. the white house is saying is fda approved formula produced
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in europe and they were able to cut down the transport time from two weeks down to three days. this morning, families across the country are anxiously awaiting precious cargo. and a little relief. the first formula shipment from operation fly formula were loaded up in germany overnight bound for indianapolis. >> we made a lot of vaccines for operation was become a baby formula is a new one for us, but we are here to help. >> aboard two c-17's, 100 32 pallets of formula that will be primarily available through hospitals for babies with cows milk allergies. the usda says the formulas were prioritized because they serve a critical medical purpose and are in short supply in the united states because of the plant closure. the plant in michigan shut down in february. the company issuing a voluntary recall after reports of serious
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bacterial infections for infants, including a two test. abbott has said there is no evidence linking its products to the illnesses. on saturday, abbott ceo apologized in a washington post op-ed for the company's role in the crisis, vowing to supply more formula to americans than before the recall. for first time father brian, the formula flights can't come soon enough. >> trying to find formula has been pretty crazy and scary, to be honest. >> reporter: he and his partner appearance to twins which means their san diego household goes to formula particularly fast. >> they are two months old, so we have several months in the future that we have to be able to --. >> reporter: it's really hard to predict when this will and for the children who are struggling, it could take some weeks to months to catch back up to where they were.
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>> reporter: once a formula land here, it will be inspected like all food imports from overseas and the department of health and human services will distribute to families mostly through hospitals and healthcare providers since this is a hypoallergenic formula. the gerber formula that is scheduled to arrive here is expected tomorrow. this is the abbott ceo promising that it will come out of the factory within 6 to 8 weeks. >> that's good news. it cannot arrive soon enough for so many families across this country. starting is often indianapolis is money, thanks so much. president biden has just arrived in japan for the second stop on his asian tour. he wraps up his visit to south korea today by visiting the airbase for american service members. the chief white house correspondent and saturday today anchor is traveling with the president in tokyo. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. president biden is kicking off the second half of the first asia swing with concerns about resolving supply-chain shortages and inflation back at home. economic issue so far really have been among the primary topics discussed as well as security with renewed fears that china may view russia's aggression in ukraine as a green light to expand its reach in the region. president biden this morning touching down in tokyo after three days of diplomacy and south korea before taking off, grabbing ice cream and greeting u.s. troops who are helping secure the korean peninsula. >> the fact is, deterring threats and underwriting stability is as important today, not on chile not only -- but in the world. >> reporter: they warranted north korea. possibly -- saying the u.s. would be ready.
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>> we are prepared for anything north korea does. we have had to cut through what we respond to, so i'm not concerned. >> reporter: after cracking the door open to a future meeting if he were sincere and serious, the president asked today about his message to the north korean dictator was short and direct. hello, period. he said. recently, the last two weeks, the u.s. offered covid relief through vaccine to partners of north korea. experiencing a massive surge of cases. the reclusive nation did not respond. face-to-face visits with the leaders of japan, india and australia, sending its newly elected prime minister just two days after he defeated the
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conservative in,. central to the talks, countering china with discussions of a new economic partnership and commitments to shared security in the region. the president also host to convince the world's biggest democracy to take a diverse dance against russia's war in ukraine. and earlier today in seoul, president biden touted the korean automaker hon days announcement that it will be building a new factory in georgia, investing $5 billion there, factory that will build electric vehicles and batteries and it will create about 8000 new jobs. tomorrow here in tokyo, the president is also going to be with japan's emperor at the imperial palace. >> traveling with the president in tokyo. thanks so much. the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy and his wife sat down for a rare interview overnight with an update on the war and life inside the country that has been under russian attack for the last three months. we have more from car keef, ukraine. >> reporter: and money. with the war raging in the ears,
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president volodymyr zelenskyy one is reunited with his wife and their sharing this story. as the war nears its fourth month, sitting down for a joint interview with his wife, elena, offering a rare glimpse into what life has been like since the war began. our family was torn apart, as every other ukrainian family, she says. describing the moment she realized the country was at war, how she was woken in the middle of the night by the sounds of explosions. i asked him what was going on, and he said, it has started, she says. i can't describe the emotions i felt, anxiety, stupor. he told me this and left. after that we didn't see each other for a long time. the war is now focused on the east. late saturday, calling the situation in extremely difficult. a city among many now in and ruins. ukrainian soldiers seen here
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picking through what is left of a failed russian assault. the soldier saying it appears russian forces were sent on a suicide mission. they just sent them to die, he says, and they followed stupid, stupid orders from their commander. in the embattled northeastern city, the relentless russian assault has caused at least 10 fires in the last 48 hours. the firefighters said at the station say they have saved countless lives, even rescuing this puppy they've now adopted. >> what is it like being a firefighter during the war? we are fighting fires under constant shelling, but once we are on the scene, we know it's our job and only we can save the people. their own fire station has been scarred by shelling. are you optimistic for the future of the city? yes, he says. we are doing our best to win. this morning, president volodymyr zelenskyy one's office making it clear that this war must end with a
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complete restoration of ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. the head of his office calling for more heavy weapons from the west. >> we saw the ukrainian people remaining optimistic through it all. thanks so much. on saturday, the second victim of the racist mass shooting in a buffalo supermarket was laid to rest. 32-year-old roberta drury was the youngest of the 10 people killed. she was a member for her smile that could light up a room. during her move to buffalo a decade ago to help her brother in his fight against leukemia, several more funerals will be held there this week. we learned overnight, tiger woods will not play in today's final round of the pga championship. woods withdrew from the tournament on saturday after shooting a 79 in the third round
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at the southern hills country club in tulsa. that is the worst score of his career at that event. of the 46-year-old icon was seen limping on the course, likely the lingering effect of the leg injury he suffered in that car crash in early 2021. this is the first time woods has withdrawn from a major tournament as a professional. two is expecting to be another hot one with temperatures in the 90s for millions of you in the northeast. let's get a quick check of your local sunday weather. >> for the bay area, is just the beginning of a warming trend to come across the region. we are starting in the 50s in san francisco, by 9:00, 10:00, still in the 50s and we are going to mix of sun and clouds into the afternoon. mid 60s for the forecast into the evening, meanwhile down to the south, it will be 54 degrees. now in the upper 70s and take a closer look at your headlines this week. warming with air-quality issues. the highs and lows of the week including the incredible story of the college student whose graduation day took a detour through the delivery
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room. and the rock 'n roll dream come true for a teenager who volunteered to hop behind the drums when pearl jam's drummer got sick and was stunned when -- took him up on the offer. but at next, our sunday focus on the return to work that may never be. as some companies offer employees permanent hybrid schedules and others declare an end to the office as we have known it for generations. >> the longer we spend waiting to come back to the office, the harder it's going to be. >> it's all coming up on sunday today. th tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®. ask your doctor about tremfya® today.
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in an interview this month with "time magazine", airbnb co-founder and ceo brian chesky declared the office as we know it is over. chesky in an interview this month d with time magazine, air b&b cofounder and ceo, brian, declares the office as we know it, is over. he announced late last month his employees can live and work anywhere they are most productive. most companies have not gone that far but there is no doubt two years of a pandemic have change the way employees look at how and where they work. especially as covid numbers spike again in some parts of the country. so what will a return to the office look like? or will there ever really be one at all? >> reporter: after more than two years in a covid fog, some
6:19 am
of the biggest employers have made it clear, they want their employees back in office. problem is, the feeling isn't exactly mutual, despite the post from some employers for in person connection. >> there's nothing that replaces that face-to-face. >> reporter: in the chicago area, roughly 200 employees back in the office full-time. >> we are in an office. isn't that annoying? bee not at all. i love it here. >> reporter: there some flexibility anything sistine was ready. either way, for this firm, working in person was irreplaceable. >> did you consider letting people work remote forever? bee actually, no. we really didn't. it just doesn't fit with what we do. a vacant and empty, desolate city of chicago doesn't help what we do for a living. >> so far, there appears to be an anomaly. a survey found only about 9% of the company's expected employees in the office five days a week. a similar scene in the big apple, just 8% of manhattan office workers are fully back in office according to a recent
6:20 am
survey from the partnership for new york city. >> the longer we have been waiting to come back to the office, the harder it's going to be. >> reporter: the partnerships ceos as many employers want more workers in the office, but she says now those employees have the power, apparently not driven by covid concerns, instead focusing on remote work flexibility and street safety in the big city. >> a ceo employs thousands of people in new york said to me, if i tell my workers they have to be back in the office five days a week, they will all quit. >> embracing the latest recruiting arms race, air b&b says most of its employees can work wherever they want in the country. no pay cuts for cost of living. >> they want access to the best talent. and by allowing employees to work remotely, we can really hire from anywhere across the united states and also have access to more diversity in doing so. >> reporter: do you feel like they were more productive than they were before covid quick
6:21 am
>> i think were performed better during this period. i think internally, we have managed to provide, run the company more smoothly. >> it's an experiment that may not work for every company. and even some in-person loyalists want more ways to stand out. there already lips and welcomes dogs, but now they are adding a rooftop patio in downtown chicago. you are still working on the deck and you are already tried to figure out whatever the next thing is. >> you have to. you can't be stagnant. you have to try to find the next new edge that we can to attract new employees to our country. >> good morning, it's great to see you. so what really began more than two years ago is something temporary is starting to look awfully permanent for many employees. the question is, is remote work here to stay? >> reporter: good morning. i think that is the question of the hour. and frankly, it's too soon, i think, to know the full scope. but clearly, plenty of people are already questioning what an office should be.
6:22 am
however, even airbnb is making time for in-person interaction and that company's cofounders tells me that was some people wanting to move away from the open floor plan to a quite space, it's kind of like the pendulum is swinging back toward something you might remember as the cubicle. and now covid is complicating things again. bloomberg citing a memo that is has reviewed saying that apple is not yet moving forward with its latest phase of returning to the office citing concerns over rising covid cases. and there's another concern from one of our experts, she worries that some women may be more likely than men to not return to the office to continue working from home which could mean less face time with the boss, less opportunity for investment, potentially setting back women in the workplace which is of course already been a years long struggle. >> 70 crosscurrents here as you say. many of these employees may never to come back to the office. thanks so much. great piece. coming up next, a new sunday sit down with jon hamm on starting with tom cruise in the
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highly anticipated "top gun" sequel 32 years in the making, and the legacy of don draper. and then a life well lived. the auto mechanic turned pioneering winemaker who helped to put napa valley on the world map. and as we had to break, our photo that we come from comes from saturday's second leg of horse racing's triple crown race in baltimore. the longshot kentucky derby winner notably not in the running, early voting grabbed the lead down the stretch. remarkably, it was only the fourth race the winning horse has ever run. afterwards, josi ortiz, who rode early voting to victory said this is a dream come true for any jockey. lpingu find yours. now at macy's, get an extra 25% off top designers... plus, star rewards members can earn on their purchases. own your style at macy's. ♪♪
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday, may 22nd. i'm kira klapper. families are now returning to their homes after a fire burning near vacaville force them to evacuate. it's the largest buyer this region has seen so far this season. the quail fire sparked yesterday afternoon quickly grew in size. so far, the fire has burned more than 130 acres. it was close to 50% contained with foreword progress stopped. the cause is still under investigation but a man we spoke with said he was out
6:27 am
working with one of his coworkers alerted him about the flames. >> i drove off, but i left my gates open in case the fire people needed to come. >> so far no damage nor injuries have been reported. they cited the man for potentially starting the fire and deputies arrested him over outstanding warrants. in santa rosa, the date is set for june 6, when city leaders will mark the beginning of wildfire season there. the city held a wildfire preparedness event yesterday to help people who live there. >> we just want to make sure we are sharp when it comes to this sort of thing. so we do have emergency bags. >> we have put together a list of things you should have ready in case you need to evacuate from a wildfire. we posted the link on our website. just had to and click on vacaville brushfire in our trending bar. perfect timing out to check in
6:28 am
with meteorologist vianey arana . >> good morning. expect to see another great day, but the temperatures once again warm. a live look in san francisco, we've got a little bit of that haze, a little bit of mix of sun and clouds. temperatures out the door this morning in the 40s and 50s in san jose, 54 degrees, hayward 51. now this is setting us up for a warming trend ahead. notice by 12:00, temperatures will be in the mid and upper 60s for san francisco with winds from the northwest about nine miles per hour. meanwhile, san jose ellipsoidal, but by 11:00 a.m., bumping up into the 70s, upper 70s, probably even some low 80s into the interior. here's a closer look at the headlines that we are going to be looking after heading into the forecast at 7:00 a.m. there's a good possibility we will see 90s on the mat. anytime we see warmer temperatures and building high-
6:29 am
pressure, this also could bring some air quality concerns. that means increased fire danger as we see dry conditions, warmer weather, and increasing wind from the north. these are all things that we are going to review in the extended outlook. that way we can plan out our work week ahead, heading into monday, expect to see the temperatures bump up by as much as 10 degrees in some areas compared to what we saw last week and dry weather. >> we will see you for the rest of your forecast at 7:00. also coming up at 7:00, the first shipment of baby formula headed to the u.s. from overseas. the bay area mom's are not waiting. we will tell you how they're helping each other find what they need. we will have that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then. right now we will send you back to sunday today. their
6:30 am
well, i'm going to miss you, pete. >> thanks, colin, even though i >> even though i know says that on your cue card. >> you have been like an older brother to me in the way that my mom openly loves you more than she does me. >> that is pete davidson on last night's season 47 finale of saturday night live. announcing his departure from the show. snl legend trenton also saying goodbye. closing out the opening sketch with an emotional farewell. they both will be missed. the finale of the hit series "madman" aired seven years ago
6:31 am
this week. for seven seasons, jon hamm played the hard- working, womanizing, 1960s era advertising executive, don draper. in a starring role that earned him two golden globe awards and an emmy. after a steady mix of drama and comedy since then, the st. louis native is stepping into a childhood fantasy, the commanding officer to tom cruises maverick in the anticipated sequel to "top gun". we got together on a rooftop above time square for a sunday sit down. >> reporter: 51-year-old jon hamm has quite a story to tell 15-year-old jon hamm. >> if my eighth grade self could talk to my now self, both of us would not be computing that this is happening.
6:32 am
the hardtack is 5000 feet above ground level. it's not just a rule, it is a law. as immutable as gravity. >> reporter: 36 years after the original "top gun", he plays the vice admiral in the highly anticipated sequel where he butts heads with the older, only slightly wiser, maverick. >> nothing will change without my express approval, especially the hard deck, captain. >> sir. >> what is this? >> at the request to go on the hard deck, sure sir. >> reporter: a thrilling ride inside the cockpit. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> reporter: and gave us lines that endured all of these years later. >> son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. >> reporter: with tom cruise back at the control, the new
6:33 am
"top gun: maverick" tapped into that well flying into a new era. >> the continuation of the story and all the people that we have known, and this throwback, again, to making you feel like you were when you were in sixth grade or eighth grade. >> it drops you right back into it. it's incredible. >> when they call you about >> reporter: when they call you about this, does it your might even consider the possibility? >> it was a no-brainer for me. are you kidding me? i don't care what the part is, i would be in craft service if i could. but then i got a cool call sign. i was like, you kidding me? this is amazing. >> you do have something in common. >> actually, sir, i finished second.
6:34 am
just want to manage expectations. >> i will never forget my first day on the set. there is tom cruise and he just looks at me, comes up, guess be a big hug, it's okay to have you here. like this has to be an out of body experience for you. you were in the storm same wardrobe, on the same set, edits 30 years later. he goes, i feel like i'm at home. i was like, of course you do. >> this is your captain speaking. >> is a rare thing to be like, in the presence of a guy like that. that movie star energy. and it's infectious and it's fun. >> and the wild thing to be standing in a scene with somebody who is on the posters on the wall of your childhood. >> exactly. you pinch yourself. >> solid ground for your role, but my god, some of these fighter plane scenes, and tom says, we have to test all these actors to make so that they can pull this.
6:35 am
>> no joke. that's no cgi. that's real. and those guys and girls all had to go through pretty much fighter pilot training. they are in g suit, they are experiencing g velocity. it immediately starts ramping up. >> great camera position. >> a little bit of a waiting game, building up to the anticipation. >> obviously, the idea was, this needs to be big and loud and on a big screen. >> hamm has more news for his middle school itself as he next takes up the iconic role of fletch. >> names lenny. >> his hilarious, quotable character first played by chevy chase in the 1985 movie.
6:36 am
he plays a new version of the investigative reporter in the upcoming film, "confess fletch" . >> you're going to imitate chevy? >> that person will always be his. we had a really kind of, we approached it like a cover song. >> hamm is reunited in the movie with his madman costar. >> you wanted to see me? >> about three weeks ago. >> 15 years ago this summer, the acclaimed series and that brooding character made hamm a household name. >> ready for another or have you topped off your tank? you're leading with stance. >> you got some distance from it. have you been able to process what a whirlwind that was and the impact it had in your life? >> for sure. it's fun to look back on that show and be reminded what a great thing we made.
6:37 am
>> the world will know we've arrived. >> that was 2007 when it started. the show was great, but there was no guarantee it was going to take off and people weren't sure, we didn't know if it was going to make a second episode. then it debuted and it was a hit and all of a sudden went for seven seasons. that's a success the very few people get to experience. i'm eternally grateful for it. >> obviously change your career, but it changed your life. >> it was a change. in the old days, you shake hands, move on. and now it's a picture, it's this, and of course you don't want to be, you know, rude, but there's also, there's only so many minutes in the day. >> every as you look at the future of the horizon of your career, what's what you want to do? >> i have been so lucky. i just want to keep my head on a swivel in my eyes open and be
6:38 am
aware when those opportunities come my way. >> "top gun: maverick" is only in theaters beginning this friday, may 27th . i have to tell you, it is awesome. thanks to the st. cloud rooftop at the knickerbocker hotel in times square for hosting our conversation. don't forget to subscribe to this sunday's sitdown podcast to hear the full length interview with jon hamm. you can find it on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. and next week we revisit a favorite sunday sitdown with one of the brightest young stars in hollywood. she has cleaned up the awards this year including an oscar for her performance in "west side story closely. next week on sunday today. let's turn now and get a quick check of your local sunny weather. >> good morning. we are waking up to 52 degrees in san francisco. sun and clouds by 11:00, 12:00, another warm day for the interior, san jose 54 degrees right now.
6:39 am
going up into the 70s by 12:00, 1:00, and then we are going to get some 80s to the interior valleys as well. here's a look at your forecast headlines. 90s likely with air qualities issues into the interior valley. ahead on sunday today, the highs and lows of the week including the leak at a water tower in arkansas. unfortunate both for its impact on the towns water supply and towards location on the silhouette of johnny cash. but up next, our sunday spotlight takes you inside the room where a new generation of well-funded political ads are being made. it focuses less on policies and more on the culture wars. we are back in just 30 seconds. wayfair has everything i need to make my home totally me. sometimes, i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows! sometimes, i'm all business. a serious chair for a serious business woman! i'm always a mom- that is why you are smart and chose the durable fabric.
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perfect. i'm not a chef- and, don't mind if i do. but thanks to wayfair, i do love my kitchen. yes! ♪ wayfair you got just what i need. ♪ a pivotal election year a pivotal election year has swung into gear with closely watched races in pennsylvania this week and political eyes turning to georgia this tuesday. midterm season means voters again can expect to have their screens flooded with billions of dollars worth of political advertisements. but those ads may be different than the ones you seen in the past. much more on the cultural divisions of the country. hallie jackson has our sunday spotlight as part of our mbc new series. >> reporter: behind-the-scenes, a camera and a candidate. the reality is that so many of us who are waiting looks. the anatomy of a political ad,
6:41 am
campaign stable, even as the ad landscape is changing. had you think about your own ads? >> and never saw anybody who looks like me. i never saw anybody who shared a story that was relatable to me. it felt so distance. >> reporter: that is victoria, democrat running for congress in northern virginia and that is john mccoy, ad maker. >> people want change. >> reporter: political ads have long been part of a candidate push. nearly $9 billion. >> it's morning again in america. >> reporter: these days, we are a long way from the optimism of this ronald reagan classic. nbc news has been tracking political messaging for months and some of it is provocative from a shoot out showdown to cannabis and a lit joint. even cannibalism.
6:42 am
>> anderson brutally murdered his neighbor and then tried to feed her organs to her family. >> reporter: one scene has emerged. the top bogeyman, president biden. >> that should be no surprise given that republicans want to turn this midterm elections into a referendum on the president. >> reporter: a shift over the last decade from a focus on fiscal policy to now so-called culture war issues. like guns and the border, hot button education topics. and for some, a focus on lies about the legitimacy of the last election. >> the biggest story other, the rigged election of 2020. >> number one. >> reporter: for others, it is about getting your attention test before you flip or scroll to something else. he has seen a lot working with
6:43 am
republicans including in the white house, over five decades. in your view, how is the pit of political landscape changed since 10 years ago? >> it is faster and it is more diverse, and the ability to communicate a 32nd commercial is really hard. >> reporter: uses the economy as among the most important issues this year and sure enough, nbc news said inflation was mentioned more than any other topics. intent% of all ads we tracked in april on both sides of the aisle. but for democrats, a review shows and is the past, and increasing focus on something else, too. abortion rights. the supreme court just weeks away from potentially overturning the landmark roe versus wade ruling protecting abortion access. >> waiting for the protection of reproductive rights. >> she is highlighting reproductive rights, but she holds being real and authentic makes the biggest difference. >> we need to rewrite the
6:44 am
democratic messaging playbook and i hope the people are listening and watching. hing. >> reporter: for "sunday >> thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. northern california's napa valley was a collection of small farms and a handful of vineyards when an auto mechanic named jack visited 50 years ago. his vision would help to make napa a booming region synonymous with wine around the world. after serving as a jet engine mechanic in the korean war, he returned home to work in his family's car repair shop in oakland, california. in his free time, he began to take classes in photography, studying under the iconic ansell adams and earning an assignment in 1972, taking photographs for a book about napa valley. reminded on that trip of the family almond and walnut farm where he worked growing up, he offered a friend $2500 for his
6:45 am
22 acre cattle ranch in rutherford. two his shot, the honor excepted. jack, and his high school sweetheart dolores who were married for 70 years, ran the garage in oakland all week, and spent their weekends planting grapes and learning to make wine with some help from their neighbor. the legendary robert. in 1974, they released their first one, a chardonnay. a student of agriculture and a true farmer who walked the land every morning, he also perfected and popularized sauvignon blanc which was rare in america at the time. by 1989, he was doing so well, the couple sold the repair shop back in oakland and move full time to napa to run the wine business with their three sons. today, the family-owned company is one of the most popular of napa's 400 plus wineries
6:46 am
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it is time for the it is time for ndthe highs and lows of the week. with graduation season here, our first tie goes to a new college grad who had a very good reason for missing her commencement ceremony at dillard university in new orleans. in the early morning hours on the day of her graduation, jayda went into labor and rushed to the hospital where she delivered a beautiful son named easton. the outgoing president, dr. walter -- knew how hard she worked, so he brought the commencement to her. >> congratulations, you may now approach and receive your degree. >> she got to walk in everything. receiving her degree in criminal justice right there in the hospital room just hours
6:50 am
after giving birth to easton. as she became a national star this week, jayda said she hopes her story inspires other students to work toward the their diplomas no matter what life brings their way. congratulations jayda and welcome to the world, easton. our first logos to the latest shocking case in their continuing coverage. over the years it has brought us no pleasure to have to show you it was before a mets game to anyone who has ever played our national pastime, or dr. anthony fauci leaving a blight on his legacy, or connor mcgregor just sailing one high- end right. then there was a guest pitcher who found the photographers often very painfully. a medic, a superstar dj scratched his name onto the list of infamy as he throughout the first pitch before red sox
6:51 am
game. with some advice beforehand from the sox pitcher, matt barnes. >> what should i do? >> aim higher. >> aim higher. got it. armed with that tip, he walked to the mound and he definitely aimed high. all the way up in fact, into the netting would save the lives of an untold number of red sox fans that day. making a big statement there at fenway. the next tie goes to an 18-year- old drummer who saved the day when pearl jam's drummer was sidelined with covid-19 before a sold-out concert in oakland. leading the band, brother. >> you're leading the ba >> you are leading the band. the daughter olivia, a few years ago. when he heard pearl jam's
6:52 am
drummer was out with covid, he sent olivia a video of himself. well, the next day, the manager for pearl jam asked him to show up for her so. just hours later, kai was on stage performing for 20,000 fans and absolutely crushing it. he still in high school. truly a rock 'n roll dream come true. our final logos to an unfortunately placed leak in the water tower over in kingston, arkansas. the birthplace of johnny cash. as you can see, the 50,000 gallon water tower features a silhouette of the icon with his guitar but some smart alec but it would be funny to shoot a bullet hole in a very sensitive area, creating the impression the man in black was relieving himself onto the town below. the image quickly went viral with people driving in from all over and news crews rushing onto the scene as water flowed for nearly 6 days.
6:53 am
>> the situation may seem humorous, but it's actually no laughing matter. this water tower is losing close to 30,000 gallons every single day. >> it does seem humorous. the umbrella is a nice touch to. the police have now arrested the culprits and repairs to johnny's are underway. we will be right back with your sunday mug shot. ent table aisl? and a sofa aisle even a throw pillow aisle? that's right, though it's not in our stores we have endless aisles of furniture and decor on ready to make any space feel like home. get your home, made with furniture, decor and free delivery from she's feeling the power of listerine. he's feeling it. yep, them too. it's an invigorating rush... ...zapping millions of germs in seconds. for that one-of-a-kind whoa... ...which leaves you feeling... ahhhhhhh
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we have pea got more of your sunday today mug shots this week starting straight across the top. we've got nancy and we have more of your carlsu today mug shots. starting across the top, we have nancy and carla from founders plaza nursing and rehab in wylie, texas. thank you for what you do, ladies. don and alisa in aiken, carolina. carol and chuck celebrating
6:57 am
their 50th anniversary with their family. shana, eric and their beautiful newborn baby, cora. doubt along the bottom, there are deborah and her grandchildren in union city, tennessee. george and nancy and their honeymoon in scrub island. the british virgin islands. that is beautiful. ashley and raleigh, happy birthday. merrimack, new hampshire, celebrating the 19th anniversary this coming tuesday. i see your sign. my wife christina and i were married on the exact same day. happy anniversary. a programming note today by the way, major-league baseball is now streaming on peacock and it gets going early again this morning. our mlb sunday we just coverage of the st. louis cardinals and pittsburgh pirates begins today at 11:00 a.m. eastern on peacock. they keep her spending part of your morning with us. we will see right back here next week on sunday today.
6:58 am
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sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday thank you so much for starting your sunday morning with us. we are going to start with our quick check of our forecast. >> good morning. it was such a nice saturday. the temperatures were comfortable in san francisco, a little bit warmer inland. the sunshine is out and about.
7:00 am
we will see round two of that today and it will remain dry. there is actually a warming trend head into the work week. let's get your temperatures out the door. we are starting in the 40s and 50s right now in san jose. fremont 52, apollo 251 and here is a closer look at the full forecast. the hottest days are now are either tuesday or wednesday. temperatures in the 90s. that will bring air-quality concerns into the picture. also increased fire danger. and increasing wind from the north will also be a cause of concern and i will go to that as well in the full forecast. >> speaking of the increased fire danger, fast-moving planes flames


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