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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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damage left behind in henderson. but this is just one instance. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live near the 215 and valle verde with a look at even more damage. bryan. the homeowner here says she heard some rain and came and looked out his window. that's when she noticed how windy it was and jumped back as and fell on her house. take sot mary gilmore tree fell on house :07 "it sounded like a freight train. just this horrible roaring. then a snap and a boom, pretty roof tiles. a crew is coming out tomorrow to clear the mess. but crews had already cleared afternoon was the strongest she check out this image.... from one of our viewers.
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even in this picture... you can definitely see.... heavy rain falling on that street. this video shows... the rain drops..... hitting.... near russell and eastern. any time there's weather pull out your phone..... snap pictures and video.... and.... send it our way. you can post them... to our facebook page... with that same.... i-c 13 hashtag. breaking now - florida.... georgia.... and south carolina are bracing for her-mean. it's now strengthened to a hurricane... and... will deliver heavy rain... winds... and flooding. in advance of the storm... florida governor rick scott declared.... a state of emergency to
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we're tracking this storm... and will have more coming up.... in this newscast. a clark county school district police officer was caught on camera... pepper spraying a mom... as she was trying to pick her kids.... up from school. tonight.. we're hearing from some other parents who say this was all the mother's fault. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston explains what happened at tarkanian middle school.
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first. take a look at this video-- its showing the same encounter-- but here-- you can see the woman swing at the officer-- seconds before she was pepper sprayed. nat he need to fing taser her in a statement-- ken young with ccsd police department-- says the officer was trying to conduct a traffic stop-- when the woman came after him-- he then said-- the officer used the proper amount of force to bring the woman into custody. parents here at tarkanian middle school-- had mixed feelings. take sot chuck rush, parent it's a little excessive, i mean your kid...that's insane take sot linda stevens, parent i do know that he tries very hard and diligently to keep this area safe marissa tag when i talked with those parents before school was let out-- they tell me they see traffic violations out here all the time-- and some of them-- put the students in danger. i'll have more on that tonight at six. dashcam video showing the intense seconds leading up to a
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the gunman was killed.. but not before one of his bullets hit a state trooper's badge. 13 action news reporter parker collins walks us through the newly released video. nhpvideopowerpoint cut 00:01:38 first gunshots but it started as a traffic stop... problems started when matthew gibbon tried to run. 00:01:30 gets out of car nhp says he had good reason to run... they say he had several felony convictions... he was only in the car because he gave the other guy inside drugs... it was the passenger's mom behind the wheel who decided to despite gibbon in the back seat... begging her to keep going. 10:33:37-10:33:39 "a pretty good hit a direct hit in my opinion." investigators say gibbon pulled the trigger first... firing two rounds... one bullet shattering the troopers badge! you can see a piece of it flying onto boulder highway. that's almost unheard of. colonel dennis osborn chief nhp 10:40:51-10:40:58 "until that point i had not and i feel very fortunate that it hit the badge in this case." once gibbon is down... the people left in the car ask
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00:02:10-00:02:14 "yes i am thank you hands up just keep your hands up!" one of the last things in the video might be the most shocking. 00:02:27 "i have been shot" not until it's all over... does the trooper realize what's happened. standup tag 11:24:53-11:25:06 the trooper who was shot right in the badge is fine... but he's on paid administrative leave. the two other people who were in the car have not been charged. near sunset and decatur parker collins 13 action news. metro is on the scene of a bad crash valley. it happened just before 3:00 at the intersection of boulder highway and east russell road. we're told at least one person was taken to sunrise trauma center. you're being advised to avoid that area because the intersection is shut down in white house.. and republican donald trump slammed hillary clinton today over a deal between the u-s and russia. while campaigning in ohio..
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clinton signed a deal giving russia control of about 20-percent of america's uranium supply. trump: in exchange for signing off the deal, some of the former owners of uranium one gave the clinton foundation many millions of dollars in donations. trump said if he becomes president.. the u.s. will have an honest government and state department.. that won't be involved in anything like clinton's "pay for play" controversy. vice president joe bid for clinton. biden talked about the importance of unions and the struggles of the middle class.. and said clinton understands.. and trump doesn't. biden: give me a break, this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that now he's choking on because his foot is in his mouth along with the spoon. a new cnn average of the 5 most recent nationwide polls shows trump has narrowed clinton's lead to only 5 percentage points. of course.. we're still getting a lot of
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yesterday to mexico city.. where he met with president enrique pena-nieto.. followed by the unrolling of his immigration policy. he vowed "no amnesty" for undocumented immigrants.. and warned again that some are dangerous to this country. he also repeated his pledge to build a wall along the southern border. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston joins us with more. artie blanco heads up a nevada chapter of a democratic superpac trying to help hillary she was only too eager to criticize trump's performance in mexico and arizona and how divisive she said it was. but why then, i asked her, is he so close here? here's what she said "well, first we have to think about...." : "...still a tight race here." blanco said she believes trump will not be able to win back
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we've followed some horrific animal cases.. and the latest has a lot of gruesome pictures popping up on social media. we're digging deeper into a disturbing case of illegal dumping that could be animal cruelty. plus... we're following breaking news. parts of the gulf coast are already feeling the wrath..... from what could be.... a deadly storm. we have a crew..... right in the middle of it. and.. a powerful explosion on a cape canaveral launch pad.
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this rocket.
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u-n-l-v right now. here's a live look at tonight's rebel block party at sam boyd stadium. there's live entertainment, food, and activities for kids all to celebrate the new football season. it's all happening until 7 o'clock tonight... and is open to all rebel fans. station casinos paid a visit..... to whitney elementary school today.... with a donation of school supplies. most of the students there... all the donations come... from station employees. whitney... is just one of -10- different elementary schools..... to receive school supplies from different station casino properties.... today. we're following a gruesome discovery tonight involving a dead animal. at face value.. it's a case of illegal dumping.. but it could be something a lot more disturbing. contact 13 investigates. and... some local students are now armed with the tools.... they need.... to learn... after a major donation.....
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pad.... today. it was all captured on video. take a look at this. it happened.... during testing. the pad is used..... to send satellites and rockets with supplies.... to "the international space station". there were no injuries.... in the explosion. but.... the blast destroyed.... the falcon-9 rocket... falcon-9 rocket... and... the amos -6- satellite.... commissioned by "facebook".... which was due to launch.... on saturday. photos of a gruesome discovery posted on social media are questions about animal cruelty. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears takes a closer look at a case that's sparking outrage. < darcy 10 pack dumping anything in the desert is illegal, but it's far worse when what's dumped was once a living creature--and probably a family pet. diann dunn-friedman -- horse lover 4:42 to find a domesticated animal as large as that laying in the desert. 4:46 how do you explain to your children? 'mean people did this.' diann dunn-friedman has
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diann 3:52 it's not a wild horse because it has shoes on. when photos of this decaying horse dumped near highway 93 surfaced on social media last week, folks from the horse community were shocked. diann 1:09 absolutely appalling. because that's not how you leave an animal. when a horse falls ill and cant' be helped, it should be humanely euthanized by a trained vet, and disposed of safely. diann 1:45 you don't just bring a horse out into the middle of the desert and leave it there and think that nobody is going to find it or come across it. it's horrible. file video feb 2015 (nats) this isn't the first time contact 13 investigated dead horses dumped in this area. (nats) in february of last year, we called animal control about this gruesome scene. (nats) two dead horses. one apparently dismembered in a case that to this day remains open and unsolved. (nats) animal control is also now investigating the recent discovery from earlier this month. jason allswang/ccac
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somebody did try to abuse the animal and then drop the animal somewhere where they hoped it wouldn't be found? county code enforcment administrator jason allswang says while animal control didn't see specific signs of abuse on this horse, dumping dead animals is a serious problem. jason 5:03 when an animal is decomposing and other animals feed on that, if there is any disease in that animal we don't want it to spread throughout other animals and cause a on top of that, taxpayers foot the bill to remove the horse. jason 8:08 it's generally anywhere between $400 to $600. animal control says we also pay another price in the form of resources. jason 8:52 when somebody does do something like this and they dump an animal illegally out in the desert, it's taking away services from other people. that's why diann has a message from the horse community. diann 2:52 they will never bring their horse for whatever
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and just discard as a piece of trash. darcy tag at 10 pack . animal control says if your small pet passes away, you can bring it to an animal shelter for proper disposal. we have a link to more information on our website - ktnv dot com. darcy spears, 13 action news. > adlib let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist dan bronis with the latest on our chance for any more rain. dan. drier air will push the monsoon moisture out of nevada overnight tonight. this will allow mostly clear skies over the las vegas valley to take hold and allow the temperatures to drop back to the lower 80s/upper 70s. still a little above the normal. friday afternoon we will keep a slight chance of monsoon storms to fire up over the mountains but the valley should remain dry friday. winds will pick up again in the afternoon with gusts up to 25 mph. the weekend will be dry and
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we will see highs drop to 95 by sunday and see plenty of sunshine. winds will pick up to around 20 mph both saturday and sunday with gusts up to 25 mph possibly 30 mph. labor day itself is looking like the coolest days of the week with highs below 95 degrees! take hold and allow the temperatures to drop back to the lower 80s/upper 70s. still a little above the normal. friday afternoon we will keep a slight chance of monsoon storms to fire up over the mountains but the valley should remain dry friday. winds will pick up again in the afternoon with gusts up to 25 mph. the weekend will be dry and
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sunday and see plenty of sunshine. winds will pick up to around 20 like the coolest days of the week with highs below 95 degrees! coolest days of the week with highs below 95 degrees! an amazing new exhibit is making its debut in las vegas. find out... what's new at the titanic exhibit.... at the luxor. breaking news - one of the
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been sentenced. a jury just delivered a verdict of life with parole after 20 years for michael solid. solid was found guilty of first degree murder and robbery charges. he a old.... marco arenas'...i-pad back in 20-13 but solid was the one who ran his car over arenas when the boy tried to get the tablet back--so he faces the more serious charges. that's the latest from the breaking news center. and... here's a last look... station casinos making a major donation.... of school supplies. this was the scene today.... at whitney elementary school.. whitney... is just one of -10- different elementary schools..... to receive school supplies...
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there's something new to see at titanic: the artifact exhibition. for a limited-time.. the personal belongings of the ship's first officer are on display at the luxor. william murdoch was on the bridge when the titanic struck a massive iceberg in 1912. he tried to save the ship before helping passengers into lifeboats. his belongings on display include his white star line officer's button.. a pair of long-johns and a tobacco pipe. and.... here's a look at what's coming in tonight's primetime line- up.... right here.... over the las vegas valley to but the valley should remain
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up.... right here.... on abc... at 6:30.... we have pre-season denver broncos football. at 9:30.... we have an action news..... special edition... followed by.... "match game"... at - 10-... and then we will see you... for action news.... live at 11. that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight.... up next. remember.. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app. we'll see you back here in
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. solving problems.
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tonight, breaking news. hurricane hermine ready to strike. widespread flooding. damaging winds up to 75 miles per hour. and now, parts of florida under a tornado watch. plus, millions in the northeast could see a labor day washout. our team in the storm zone. disaster on the launch pad. the spex huge ball of fire, destroying a $200 million satellite to be used by facebook. mixed message. donald trump's hardline stand on undocumented immigrants. so today, why is he saying he's, quote, "softening his position"? the abc news exclusive. basketball star dwyane wade speaking out about the death of his cousin in chicago, and how trump responded to the tragedy. and, lost and found.


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