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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching this edition of symone i.m. symone sanders union catch me here on msnbc every saturday and sunday 4 pm eastern. tomorrow i will be joined by comedian latte love, and grammy award winning musician, and multi media business woman candy burris. but right now, i am happy to turn things over to my friend wraparound al sharpton. hey rev. >> hey thank you symone, and good evening and welcome to politics. nation tonight's lead, lessons from buffalo.
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right now i am refusing to move on from last week's racial terror in buffalo. and that is because, i still have tears drowning on my suit. the day after i visited the city as head of national action network, in solidarity with those in mourning, after a white supremacist shot and killed ten of their friends and loved ones. one week ago today. and while yes, much of america's response has been of condolence and condemnation, the president and his visit to buffalo, denouncing the growing threat of white supremacist terror, while his justice department primes new initiatives to combat hate nationally. and starkest contrast, many right-wing politicians and entertainers have stubbornly
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dug in, either doubling down on the conspiracy theories of parent lee embraced by the alleged buffalo shooter, or refusing to acknowledge the danger polls but this rhetoric, even after the death of nearly a dozen innocent people. thoughts, and prayers, aside i heard from so many families in buffalo that action is what they want from our lawmakers snow. but then, all but one republican rejected legislation to curb domestic terrorism this week. the senate gop colleagues, expected to do the same. and as far as i'm concerned, they are sending a clear signal, that protecting black and brown and yellow, and jewish lives, doesn't matter. even in this record hate crimes, at least not as much as scorching far-right supported
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in the election year. joining me now, is congressman anthony brown, democrat and only me veteran and now member of the house armed services. committee. congressman, first of all thank you for joining us tonight. as i mentioned. >> it is great to be on with the. rough >> as i mentioned at the top there, attorney general merrick garland announced their initiatives from the justice department combat hate crimes, yesterday. the general message being that more resources would be made available for individuals to report hate crimes, with more money for states to confront those crimes and collaboration with the fbi on the other hand, all but a single house republican voted against a bill, against a bill to bolster our domestic terror response this week. senate republicans are expected to do the same. how do you explain the difference in reaction to this moment we are in, congressman.
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>> no average sharp, the what is really baffling is the bill that you mentioned, the domestic violence prevention act, which passed this week in the house. last congress, that bill passed on a poised vote in the house, which means at least two thirds of the house, many large number of republicans supported it. and here we are 18 months later, and we can after a massacre in buffalo and we can get i think that one republican design on. i think in large part it is trump's rhetoric, it is the trump enabler's rhetoric, and it is that continue to uphold that the nra house on too many republicans in congress. and i mean, it baffles me how we can get bipartisan support and justifiably so, to deal with here in the ukraine, but can't deal with that in buffalo and pittsburgh, or atlanta, and
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that brings us to the other part of this conversation. guns. the 18-year-old suspect in buffalo, in the buffalo shooting, used it purchased a cell rifle. and last year, you introduce legislation to raise the age to purchase and missile salt rifle from 18 to 21. a change you feel could have prevented last week's tragedy in baltimore. i mean in buffalo. as well as other mass shootings. i imagine the logic is based in part on your 30 year career in the u.s. army. but can you tell us the difference those three years in age would have made in your view? >> look, absolutely. as you mentioned, if you want to buy a handgun from the federal register dealer, yet to be 21 years of age. we have seen so many young people in high school who are going out, and today lawfully purchasing a semi automatic
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rifle at the age of 18, 19, and 20 years old. we know from studies that the brain isn't philly developed, there still a mature, that is not to say that if you purchased it at 22 you can't do the same damage. but i want to be clear, i want to be analysts whole weapons from the streets of america. but if we can't do that, we're able to do it in maryland. if we can't do that on capitol hill, at least let's raise the age to bring it on par with that required to buy to purchase a handgun. it certainly would have been an obstacle in buffalo to that murder, who would not have been able to commit the murders of the crimes that he did, last weekend. >> congressman, i would like to get your reaction to a brand-new poll from the washington post. coming to us even after the events and buffalo. which found that nearly eight and ten black americans think that their treatment by police has improved since george
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floyd's funeral. and now after buffalo, only one in ten believe that race relations will improve in their lifetimes, based on that poll. as a black elected official, a democrat, how do you respond to that, generally but also thinking about the midterm elections? look, reverent, i travel, whether it's baltimore or my home county or anywhere else in maryland, public safety, the rising crime, is a huge issue. coupled with that, is continue to be the question, am i going to receive fair treatment when detained or in the custody of law enforcement? i think if we are going to create safer neighborhoods, the public has to have more confidence in law enforcement. and we do that by making sure we are holding police officers accountable. we've done a lot in maryland. george floyd justice and policing act gave us some tools, although we couldn't get that out of the senate.
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we have to increase public trust in law enforcement if we are really gonna go after and reduce crime. we have to have a partnership between the police and the public if we are gonna create safe neighborhoods. >> let's switch to student debt. after the president met this week with the senate democrats to discuss some yet undisclosed form of student loan debt cancellation, i don't have to tell you that black borrowers carry a disproportionate share of that debt. in a statement yesterday, your career regression ill black caucus chair said -- quote, canceling student loan depth is one of the most impactful ways to address ongoing economic and racial inequities plaguing our nation and quote. do you agree with that assessment? one with cancellation or forgiveness mean for your district congressman? >> i completely agree with chairwoman joyce -- chair of the congressional black caucus. we know that african americans
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take about 85% more educational debt than white americans. it postpones for those families the ability to save for retirement, the ability to persevered a home, the ability to provide opportunities for your families. that's a large part because african americans attending college are gonna be first-time college goers. they're gonna come from colleges with lower wealth and household income. i believe firmly the canceling student debt is going to be an important step forward if we are going to address the racial wealth gap in this nation. i encourage. that i hope president biden uses the authority he is given. in the absence of, that democrats have to come together in congress to provide relief to student borrowers in this country. >> before you, go president biden is in the midst of his first trip to asia as president, meeting today with the
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president of south korea, to discuss among other things military cooperation, and reducing the nuclear threat posed by north korea, which u.s. officials have suggested make up some -- weapons tests, be it a ballistic missile or even a nuclear device, while the president is in the reason. given your military experience, your vantage point from house armed services, how would the u.s. response to that kind of demonstration from north korea? >> i think with the united states has to do, under president biden's leadership, he has been very effective, we are seeing it in europe, and ukraine with a response to russia, and with his first trip to indo-pacific, visiting south korea, when he is demonstrating, the message he's sending is we will work together, allies and partners, to collectively
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confront threats and challenges, not only to the united states between our partners around the world. donald trump undermine that collective effort, that u.s. led global leadership in our partnerships, president biden is restoring it. that is gonna sense signals to north korea, even china, and we are seeing that with russia as well. a unified set of democracies is much more powerful globally than what we saw under the previous administration, who coddled a third authoritarian governments. >> all right thank you congressman anthony brown of maryland. major major developments today in ukraine as russia has reportedly claimed victory over the city of mariupol. let's go to nbc's cal perry who is joining us live from kyiv. for the latest. cal, some would have you've been hearing where you are?
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>> so reverend, we are really following two storylines out of ukraine. two different fronts if you'd. like first to the south, the city of mariupol, as you said, now it seems this is virtually in russian hands. russia live fischel sets that they have secured that last outpost, that steel plant -- ukrainians are not confirming that. they're still saying i'm there still some fighters inside. but they've basically been instructed to surrender. -- it has been a scene of months-long bloody fighting in that city. the russian government is trying now to present to the people of russia and to people around the world, that it can get that port open. that's something that russia was talking about today. we'll see if that's true. again, this is part of propaganda effort on perhaps the on behalf of russia to take control of these black sea port cities. to the eastern part of the country reverend, we see continued fighting, continued shelling by russian forces on
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ukrainian lines, at least eight people killed, another 21 people wounded in attacks up and down those lines today. that is where we have seen some of the fiercest fighting. that is where we are seeing the long-range artillery pieces that the americans are provided. -- tomorrow, when president zelenskyy speaks to 40, nations he is looking for more of those long range rockets to try to keep the russians back on that front. reverent. >> cal, the u.s. president joe biden signed a 40 billion dollar aid package for ukraine today. during his visit to south korea. what is the significance of this new aid making its way to ukraine? >> well, for ukrainian officials, this is vital. they talk about the need for renewed army ammunition, renewed weaponry, on the eastern front of the country. we are now talking about more than 53 billion dollars of aid to ukraine since the war began. if you remove usa funding,
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that's more than the state department gets every year. it gives you the idea of the commitment zelenskyy, as you see on your screen, this is what he's been asking for, more long-range artillery weapons, more anti air surfaced air missile weapons, a lot of the stuff is starting to move in theater. so much of this package as well as about financial a, it's about keeping the financial situation here in ukraine at least functioning, getting some of these infrastructure projects underway as well. >> cal perry in ukraine. thank you for giving us that report. coming up in this week's gotcha, so-called replacement theory is fueling acts of deadly violence. i'm calling out republicans who refused to reject and denounced this hateful conspiracy theory. later, highly contested primary races in georgia and
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pennsylvania may give us some hints about how things might play out in the midterms. first my colleague cory coffin with today's top news stories. cory. >> thanks. rev here's the stories we are watching at this. our a tornado in the northern lower peninsula of michigan has devastated the city of gaylord with one person dead and 40 injured. the michigan port department of national resources describes the scene is catastrophic, as a tornado strength, flipped over cars and destroyed buildings in the area. the first case of monkeypox has been identified in new york city. according to state health, officials until recently, the flu-like virus was really seen outside of africa. the world health organization has identified about 80 confirmed cases globally, with 50 more suspected cases. health officials in massachusetts confirmed its first case of monkeypox on may 18. voters in australia have elected a new government. prime minister scott morrison has conceded defeated's
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shooting in buffalo, i want to talk about the language used by right wing republicans, commentators, and the like. because words matter, and in this case they may have contributed to the tragedy. the white teenager accused in the second is crime apparently wrote, long screens online, embracing so-called replacement theory. a decades old conspiracy theory suggesting white people are being displaced by people of color. this idea has influenced many mass shooters, including a man who killed 23 in el paso texas,
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and said his attack was in response to what he called a hispanic invasion of texas. in 2018, a gunman accused of killing 11 people at a pittsburgh senate fog cited replacement theory. another shooter in new zealand, in 2019 who killed 51 people into mosques, also used the same justification. unfortunately, this racist lie is also being embraced by some politicians, including new york congresswoman and number three republican in the house elise stefanik. the congresswoman ran face book adds cleaning president biden and democrats are seeking a permanent election insurrection, by expanding past players to citizenship for undocumented
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immigrants to quote, overthrow our current electorate. another gop representative, scott perry of pennsylvania, sudden a committee hearing last april, many americans feel like quote, we are replacing national born american native warned americans, to permanently transform the landscape of this very nation, and quote. if they do feel that way, and maybe because they watch facts news host tucker carlson, who said last year that the democratic party is replacing the current electorate with quote, more obedient voters from the third world. in fact the, the new york times reports that carlson has brought a replacement theory in more than 400 episodes of the show, since 2016. now spokesman for congresswoman stefanik in carlson have denied any link between the commentary
2:23 pm
on immigration actual violence, but i'm leaning expert on white supremacy put it this way, it is impossible to separate replacement theory from its violent implications, and of quote. as long as the right continues to tree black and brown americans as an invasion airy force, rather than full citizens with the same rights as white americans, our communities looking to new to live under threat from individuals who decide to act on these divisive ideas. it is past time for these republican politicians, and pundits, to choose their words far more carefully. i got you. i was thinking like... oh hi, caesar. we were just talking about you. ha ha ha.
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divisions you've been at home, and critically important midterm elections looming. my panel joins me now to talk about it. republican strategist susan del press ceo, and democratic strategist when eta taller. both are and miss nbc political panelists. susan, let me go to you first. let's start with president biden's first trip to asia as president. the president signed 40 billion dollar aid package for ukraine today that was floated for his signature. the bill got strong bipartisan support, in in the senate even though it was held up for a few days by kentucky senator rand paul. now you republicans and advocates brothers report the president's ukraine policy, and efforts to rebuild relationships with allies that were afraid during the trump years. should the white house be using this politically as an example
2:29 pm
of biden being able to be a uniter which is something he promised to be? >> it is something he's promised to be in it is something that he has tried to do since day one. but you can't govern with the opposing party if the opposing party chooses not to want to govern. and that is what we have seen with the republican party. and yes, there was bipartisanship on the funding to ukraine. but make no mistake about that, that's because much mcconnell and other republicans want to see kind of a return to normalcy, when it comes to america's foreign policy. and this administration has done frankly, a fantastic job on foreign policy with ukraine, with finland and sweden on board to join nato. these are big accomplishments that will go down in the history books. but i do not think it will serve, it won't matter to him politically at home. >> juanita, we had late
2:30 pm
breaking news friday evening that a trump appointed judge has blocked the lifting of covid related restrictions at the border, which were set to end monday. the justice department plans to appeal, but democrats have been split over the rules known as title 42. progressives are outraged over the inhumane treatment of migrants, but some lawmakers and conservatives districts are concerned about the political impact of a loser border policy. anti immigration republicans have been threatening to hold up badly needed covid relief, over the issue. where do you see this debate have next? >> looking like this debate is going to re-center itself on the fact that, anyone, children, families, people running for their lives, deserve to be treated in a humane way. they deserve to be have their basic rights and seek asylum respected. and that is the opinion of most
2:31 pm
of america. so i believe that is something the democrats should be leaning on. internally and externally. but, i think the judges ruling also emphasizes that this policy was not about asylum seekers, it was about racist xenophobic, harmful moves that trump could make an his trump appointed judges could uphold. that is what we are seeing here. but i think also is telling us the fact that the republicans you found this suit, are the same republicans who essentially said they've been downplaying covid this entire pandemic. they have been rejecting precautions's entire pandemic, but now now in the cdc says that the data doesn't back it up, they are saying that covid is the reason why they should stay in place. but rev, i hope democrats continue to call this out for what it is, called the fact that it most times black and brown migrants who are seeking asylum, and that it needs to end now. >> susan, it appears the republican senate primary in pennsylvania is headed for a recount. unless former hedge funds ceo
2:32 pm
david mccormack concedes to tv doctor limit oz, doctor oz before wednesday, an automatic recount is likely to be triggered. now earlier in the week, former president trump called on his candidate, doctor oz, to prematurely declare victory. in what could be a preview of chaos to come in the midterms, and beyond. what are your thoughts on the pennsylvania -- ? >> you know and i was a kid my mom would say, if your friend of the brooklyn bridge? would you and you know it is the same kind of scenario. >> smart. mom >> if doctor oz wants to follow donald trump's lead, it will lead him to losing in november, much is it cause donald trump to lose in 2020. so it's only donald trump wanting to rally up his people,
2:33 pm
and so problems into the process and saying that it is not fair. we have the elections were one, pennsylvania was won by joe biden. it was fair, they did a recount, the numbers and change. and that is usually what happens in recounts. i think you know, mccormack saying he is hopeful that that is what candidates are supposed to do. >> when eta, the next hot primaries to watch our tuesday in georgia, and today we got some positive news out of the peach state. according to the washington polls, voter turnout is surging despite the states controversial voter restriction law passed by republicans. voting rights groups and democrats say they have changed their strategies to mobilize voters under the new rules. one example is moving souls to the polls events, to saturday. 's how encouraging are these developments? >> very. i think it shows that advocacy
2:34 pm
groups are working overtime to educate voters about their limited early voting opportunities, as well as the changing rules for voting on election day. and it is paying dividends. i think the atlanta journal-constitution reported that more than 854,000 people have voted early. that is worth 2020, that is more than 2018, as well. and so it shows that is paying dividends. but it rev, i think are two things we should also keep in mind, especially democrats. the verses that republicans are all piecing democrats in that early vote, and i think that is because they all have a whole lot more candidates to consider their primary. but also, the democrats are having to still likely on tuesday see some of those long lines. and i feel like georgia is being set up as the first test sewn of, if these modified organizing tactics are going to be able to overcome the voter suppression laws that were passed by kemp and republicans in the state legislature. and certainly gonna be something to watch, because republicans had worked overtime
2:35 pm
to write the setup, to limit voters. but we will see how it turns out on tuesday. >> susan, the key race in georgia right now is the republican primary for governor, where the fallout from the 2020 election looms large. former president trump and stones deport behind former senator david perdue, hoping to take revenge against incumbent governor brian can't, who refused to help trump overturn the results of the presidential vote. the latest polls show purdue trailing by a significant margin. what are your thoughts on the race, and how do either of these republicans match up against a likely democratic nominee, stacey abrams? >> well it looks like governor kemp is going to walk away with this, mostly because like you said, it wasn't an endorsement by donald trump for purdue, but rather against camp. and the other thing that we are seeing in some of these races,
2:36 pm
raf, is that donald trump's endorsement only matters in an open seat. not when you have someone there with a record. and we saw that in idaho, we're gonna see it in alabama. it is his ability to change peoples minds, really isn't there even though he put somebody behind it. as far as when it comes to stacey abrams in the fall, i think it comes down to what we needed was talking about, turn out. being able to go to the polls early, boating early, getting people to turn out. again, the operation is there, that was there in 2020 it looks very good for stacey abrams and donald trump keeps opening his mouth at the same exact thing is going to happen in 2020 or actually 2021 in the special election, people, republicans will stay home. and that would ensure as well acc randoms. >> when eta, last question. a u.s. military aircraft flying
2:37 pm
132 pallets of baby formula from germany to indianapolis this weekend, as part of the biden administration's operation fly formula, aimed at easing a nationwide shortage. the white house also invoked the defense production act on wednesday. the scarcity of formula is a real problem for black mothers, since according to the cdc, they breastfeed at a significantly lower rate than white, asian, and hispanic mothers. it is president biden doing enough to address this crisis that is a growing crisis for many american families? >> well let's just say president biden and democrats are doing a whole lot more than republicans, who all voted no to getting formula to babies and families, rev. they said no to getting food to babies. all in the name of getting a political ploy. and the fact that the first palettes are arriving this weekend, while we're speaking
2:38 pm
rough. shows that the biden administration is delivering for americans in need. i want that delivery to also be equitable, as you pointed out. get to these black and hispanic communities that need the resource critically, and that have been without it probably longer than any others. and so i think that should be a magic major priority of the biden administration on top of the fact reminding the american public the democrats and the president did this alone, no republicans voted for this. and very few voted for additional funding for the fda. and so getting that message is going to be critical because what's clear is that after the republicans russia cameras to cry inaction from democrats last week, they voted no to getting babies food, that was critical to their growth and well-being this week. >> susan del presto, and one eta tall viewer, thank you both for being with us. up next, the explosion of accident debt is leaving many black students in the red. you are watching politics nations, they tuned.
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nation. and you're approaches the growing problem of college debt is hitting black students the hardest. according to the pearl institute, low income black students and up borrowing an average of $27,000 more than their white years. and with around 44 million americans owing a combined 1.7 trillion dollars for their education, pressure is growing on the biden administration to cancel some or all student debt. joining me now is braxton bruin ting, press secretary for debt collective. thank you for joining me this evening, braxton. let's go deeper into that study i mentioned. the pearl institute found that 40% black students graduate underwater. owing more into loans than they originally borrowed, that
2:44 pm
number was only 17% for white students. how do you explain these ratio disparities in student? >> like students have been stripped of generational wealth and so that is why 90% of black students have to borrow federal dollars in order to attend college. disproportionately, hbcus, and also we are disproportionately targeted to go to for profit colleges, which take advantage of, us which fraud us, and particularly attack targets single black mothers which makes us way more likely to come out with thousands of dollars worth of debt. we are more likely to default 12 years after graduating college, the average black more aware owns one hunted percent more in student debt than white borrowers. so this really comes down to a black gap in generational wealth. now >> you organization the debt collective recently collaborated with historically
2:45 pm
black colleges, to pay off student debt for nearly 500 black women totaling a whopping one point $7 million. tell me a little about how this initiative came together. >> yeah so, bennett colleges want just to hbcus in the entire nation for women. it had about 1.7 $6 million worth of college debt in collections. so this was debt that was not necessarily their federal student loans but is maybe a parking fee, a library fee, unpaid tuition that these women were able to afford at the time and maybe had to drop out. it's a rather than bennett college taking that debt and continuing to collect on it and put it in a predatory nature, they sold it to the debt collective for opinions on the dollar, this had a secondary debt market works. and we raced it right so we believe that student debt is unjust, and it's disproportionately harming black women, black or weighs in
2:46 pm
particular. and so we raced to. sent out letters this week and a lot of folks are getting mail right now and are tweeting that collective has erased their college debt that they owed to bennett college. so i think this does is it really politicizes how quickly that can be erased and really is an indictment on the biden administration. what is the debt collective, wider group of activists have to take on what really is the rule of the federal government. >> not a congressional black hawk guess is putting pressure on the biden administration to cancel student debt, requesting a meeting with president biden to press the case that counseling student loan debt is a racial equality issue. . in your perspective what's impact could canceling student debt have on the black community? >> well, i think we have to be specific. counseling all student debt is actually where we start to see a huge narrowing of the racial
2:47 pm
wealth gap. that is where we see a huge boost to the economy so the black folks in all borrowers can start to put money in their accounts to savor retirement. when we start talking about these piecemeal numbers, like $10, 000, right. if biden were to council just a simple $10, 000, well over half of black but were wears would not only still have student loan debt, but they would have more than their original principle. so $10,000 which would be a great number and is currently floating around by the biden administration, i think folks think that is a great number, but in actuality that is nowhere close to the scale of the this crisis. >> no one justification for forgiving student debt is a political one with many democrats arguing that the issue could mobilize younger voters in the midterms. are you out there advocating on this issue? are you seeing a groundswell of support? >> absolutely, and young voters
2:48 pm
in particular, their approval or i should say disapprove of president biden is getting worse and worse since his term started. young voters increasingly, and this is not just democrats and independents. a majority of republicans say that they actually favor student debt cancellation. not only to young voters say favor cancellation, they are increasing their support their support increasingly rises at the amount of cancellation increases. when we start getting close to that 50 k number, 75, or full student debt council asian. so this is a huge political victory that the biden administration could mean if they were to cancel all student debt. and perhaps brag about it. this is something that is popular among the base, among all races, among all voters, among all age of. and the biden administration should absolutely pull this lever just a few months before they get to november. >> braxton brewing ton, thank you for being with us tonight. as loved ones of those children
2:49 pm
killed in buffalo prepared to say their final farewells, the rest of us have a duty to make sure it doesn't happen again. our final thoughts after the break. l thoughts after the break.
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my trip to buffalo new york as the head of national action network reminded me again what's tragedies like this mass shooting that killed ten people
2:54 pm
are more than just grim statistics. they also leave behind a legacy of deep sadness among friends and families of those victims whose lives will never be the same. in this photo, you can see the 12-year-old son of hayward patterson, who was killed at the attack. he was weeping in the arms at our press conference last thursday. just now, he was beginning to realize with the rest of his life would be like without his father. as we go on with more funerals of victims in the days to come, we must do everything we can to make sure that the victims did not die in vain. when i went and visited the workers at the supermarket, one lady fell in my arms crying, telling me how she is traumatized, how she was working at top supermarket, when all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang. she heard shooting and blood
2:55 pm
everywhere. those workers will never be the same. these are human beings that are suffering because people are putting one real and provocative and insightful ways to pray on week moderate people that think they can go forward in a violent matter. the irony of the placement theory -- i was on morning joe this morning, he was right, many americans talk about replacement theories, forget native americans and black americans, we were here when many of their ancestors -- and we were here against our will. the whole notion is why we need real action on hate crimes. i asked president biden to have
2:56 pm
a summit on how we deal with all hate crime, whether it is blacks, latinos, jews, native americans, lgbtq -- i have been talking to officials at the white house. we cannot fight hate against our particular asylum, with the fight against halo everywhere, so that 12-year-old boys and workers at a supermarket are not traumatize because we were too busy to do what was right in this country before it got to our doorstep. we will be right back. will be right back. ♪ emotion ♪ ♪ sweet... ♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. my mental health was much better. my mind was in a good place. but my body was telling a different story. i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause
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for watching, i will see you back here tomorrow at 5 pm eastern for another live hour of politicsnation. american voices starts right now. >> however everyone, i am alicia menendez. we begin this hour with the insurrection investigation. with big names behind trump's big lies finally speaking to the general six committee. rudy giuliani testified to the committee yesterday. a source told nbc interview that it lasted overnight hours. new details emerging of ginni thomas's efforts to overturn the election. the washington post reports that the wife of the supreme court justice, clarence thomas, urged arizona lawmakers to overturn the election.


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