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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 3:30am-4:00am EST

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minutes time here in our next though max kaiser and stacy herbert give their unique take on the latest financial news making headlines around the world kaiser report is next on r.t. . because of the report if you'd like a copy of storm still blowing is now available at max keiser dot com records and tapes for ninety nine for a christmas special hopefully bleeped out all the offensive bits hey let's get to the news stacy herbert you're looking fetching tell me something good or bad exists only bad news these days you know that i'm going to start with this headline hind capitals ben davies global day has peaked and there is no exit so the title of his report ben hind and of course you can see in this photo here
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that it's a still from which show our show we make the news and then we report the news that we know. but here is the title of his report debt there is no jubilee and of course he's talking about the fact that like in biblical times when debt became too big. there used to be a debt to billy l. debts would be written off so now we're not allowed the debt to billy's no no no where in forced into slavery so he's saying how do you get rid of debt without jubilee you can only do it for through for things grow your way out belt tightening currency devaluation or for explicit default however if you look at the headlines that you and i have been talking about max there is no exit obviously for the ninety nine point nine nine percent of the world's population that are peasants however if you recall our last headline in our last episode warren buffett has an exit he's got uncle sam no net jets warren buffett's company i need an exit i need
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a vector i need a vector now help me well look at this exit plan for the corrupt global money printers the debt pushers here's a tweet from james g. records as we predicted i.m.f. has devalued the dollar inside the s.d.r. basket so doull are now loosing to gold and s.t.r. is to of course nobody else you and i joe back to donuts pierre bag of begets has no option to get to trade in the s.t.r. you have to pay all your debts and the dollar these people get to pay and devalued dollars via the s.t.r. and rickards is really a guy you've got to watch he's got he's an insider on all things financial and he's absolutely right the s.d.r. currency of fabricated new global currency is the shadow banking system attempting to give a lots of folks an exit strategy to swap their dollars for something else on their
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way to buying precious metals and other assets that are moving up and prized for these folks they see nothing but inflation for people trying to work for a living they ceased isolation they see prices for food and energy going up their wages are going down for economists like ben bernanke the pe deflationists all the sees is deflation which means that all he's ever. the to do is increase the money supply and the money supply only ever goes to the rich and never goes down into the real economy and this is obvious because we never see wages going up you say that's the point anybody who's watching this like frickin obama just read the newspaper so here they are the top of the pyramid this global money class now next line down you have a national politician who defraud and bankrupt their own nations for these people let's look at the exit for the politically corrupt class recession proof congress got richer during the worst downturn since the great depression two hundred sixty one members of congress are millionaires nearly one in two lawmakers pigs well
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partly the reason for this of course it is the exception to the rule for congress is insider trading they're allowed to trade on insider information and what has been going on but congress has been providing stimulus packages bailouts tarp programs so these guys have been able to front run every single bailout they're about to provide yeah let's repeat that congress by law is free to trade on inside information that's a law there they're free free to trade on inside information oh gee i wonder how they get to make so much money i guess because they're really good politicians yeah that must be it there is also an exit for the corrupt global speculator class the kind of leech on the side of this global debt printers and central bankers class and that is shorting obama exclusive george soros tells top progressive donors to give elsewhere if this president can't do what we need no shorting obama so he
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has that exit he's allowed to just exit the bet that he's made. who are stuck yeah whatever policy they didn't do is due diligence they put money into obama without really looking up under the hood to see what this guy was all about he financed campaigns get elected now you. eliza's you made a mistake and he's out the door and he's leaving the public with the smart a guy behind the lectern mimicking whatever jamie diamond dels i'm and he's not there he's a robot he's a robot of trauma he's a some kind of dictaphone he's a eugenic lee created genetically much you know with stores buying last quarter of course was monsanto talk about genetical genetically modified hell ok this guy soros is a plague on society also leads into the next headline which is the exit for global monarchs because if you look at george soros his portfolio thirty percent of it is an oil headline reads opec is set to pocket an extra one hundred seventy seven
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billion dollars by years and so opec's export earnings from crude oil are already up by one hundred sixty one billion dollars year over year according to the u.s. energy information administration then soros it is as of insider trading charges as well that he's dealing with you know and he'll buy his way into expunging his record and make it all go away as of and that was never happened even though take the bank of england he busted the bank of england for a quick billion dollars pyramid to manipulation he wrote a book called the alchemy of finance you could have retitled a book how to manipulate a market he's a master market manipulator he's a fraudulent no good nick who has no skill but he has a lot of chutzpah and that's about it but you know tying into the other stories that we're talking about here max opec is. you're watching r t and the afghan foreign minister is in moscow searching for new
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ways to engage with russia's own myra so how the meeting with his counterpart sergei lavrov where the war on drugs a military cooperation were high on the agenda why the ministers are now giving a joint press conference let's now listen in let's reduce the list will each of groups a little and this is an important process between to all countries and it reflects our mutual interests and i we saw proration on the usual and domestic affairs seriously today we have held negotiations on all aspects of russian afghan corporation. school both in terms of our efforts on the afghan settlement issue which are sure that the paid a lot of attention to the preparations towards the rights of mr hamid karzai as if i'd come and visit so there are considerations and see in the states so that you know who she is local news do we know to go into now make of that size between moscow and kabul it is you know a commitment to building those connections in the context of our strategic wilson's
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perspective that we can reach school we also discussed the trade in economics a cultural humanitarian the military that shares cooperation between our countries misprinted since that will show that there will be going to schools that would interest are currently working on an intergovernmental agreement those levels of the new on economic cooperation that it has in the works now and provides first of listening for the interest with the committee on trade and economic cooperation this is another important step which is to do with these. that stream will do me good streamlines our connections in this here is the good of going to school when you quote a lot was discussed on the matter of the afghan settlement that he's a lawyer and we can put confirmed our strong commitment to they so called coupled process which was launched last july at the afghan settlement conference room so in the capital of canister here that you see what the process is supposed to create
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all conditions to transfer all the power that they have can offer a taste with which we act alysa port this process along with other members of the international community with the gravity of this and we are going to contribute to its success will be sure will be in school we also said about the necessity for all those involved in the afghan settlement process to use i'm not opposed to this to put more of first into collective fighting of terrorism and we were doing drug related crimes in afghanistan with them but it's also said that it gives us an important role in this process should be played by in the neighboring countries and regional structures that's there such as they shine like cooperation organization i'm with to the push to the book in general the policies spoke in favor of will use them to look the of continuing and intensifying the work of the current work force yes you know and afghanistan has good liberal leaning. and i think our contribution
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to the work of this group has the mechanism of the four it is an informal mechanism that unites russia afghanistan pakistan and such it is time to fill the presidents of the four countries have held two meetings so far and the last time was it's always august in seoul she has words to the mideast who will seek that unlimitedly rift and cooperation is growing in such a droll directions on the level of foreign minister of the ministers of the four states nobody in october there was a meeting among and in the richest if you post this year brings them the parties ministers of the gonna me. we have to look at the group and. we have discussed a number of specific projects that can be initiated by the four states to increase giving you that you also involving other states full of the shanghai cooperation organization so as you can see on the foremost new model we have lots of plans many of which are already in progress list these being human have been implemented through the issue of providing but realize the need to boost those efforts and i'm
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very satisfied with today's talks and. now let's listen to my colleague mr o'mara so. thank you very much. my friend minister lover of inviting me. great pleasure to be in moscow again we had. amnesty lover mention thanks density discussion on bilateral issues that i don't want to repeat it. regional issues and also these you have security and afghanistan and political situation but also in the fight against narcotics the main issue is to strengthening and expanding dolly to very good relation between russian federation in afghanistan and also we have discussed the prepared about the outcoming. about
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the coming visit of prison because i too to moscow in january. we thank the russian federation for the support that they are giving to afghanistan and we have also discussed a future perspective of cooperation between afghanistan and the russian federation's on economy key issues around education honest change of. business or business or in investment investment in afghanistan but also discussion about the regional context and also in the international relation so thank you again for minister for inviting me and looking forward to expanding the relations between the two countries. it was in. the region so big that in the beginning has been the us will. go to push leave school to position your son with us you know the negotiations today's
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negotiations are taking place senator the nato summit and your stance against the winds that was devoted to discussing it's a concrete look at. issues of race that really is at stake did we go don't was contributing to of going to start this process is that to get out of and went about its helicopters or replies knew how many helical it was are supposed to be supplied to the us loading and how many helicopters russia has go in service of the free of charge so i would also like to ask about the personnel training this complex where other partners go in to be trained he's not going to come at them with only. a single cause but you know which of those is the no and mr russell you want to see is. which what you what do you think of russia's efforts and russia's contribution to the afghan cause. certainly to receive not the release of. at the russian later summit in lisbon the presidents of our countries approved
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solutions to further expansion of corporations we glue a new law on the afghan settlement to the good humans to close to ground then agreement was achieved that all transit that russia grants. to the nato to afghanistan was loyal to the ones you could build it was that the conditions of that afghan bounce transit will also apply to used to shoes but on the other. to reverse transit from afghanistan to whom the corresponding nato states are numerous sides the same transit procedures apply to armored personnel carriers for the wasn't the only new look at the embassy there which is new commissioner with most said to his mind protection that was an amendment that would assure the new member countries he had been requesting granted of but all of her anything less than also some progress was made on the training of law enforcement sworn officers of the
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blue grouplet first of all people that are supposed to strengthen the positions of those countries in fighting you can see again through drug threats in the blown you . and the president is largely probed you've got the so-called helicopter package cillian know that is above all aimed at training afghan pilots you know in this number in iraq. and that regular supplies are not dreaming of the real difficult with the hoops or the regime that supply an afghan worker and helicopters the bus which was parts and components in europe with human a bottle doing it because it's a book of stuff the substance of the look of good machine has for the supplies of helicopters as such we should you know and this proposition goes with you've made by phone brusqueness and you've last year literally got us then we said that russia is prepared to consider this proposition but it was really of context you will shew
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. the rest that will move forward in the context of a general can trust fund the year that would provide collective financing of such supplies. and you could the solution is to learn the most certain complications emerged under nato partition ready and at the moment various options are being considered use that are supposed to hold for beats on going school or move the to help ration agreements from supply in group and more russian helicopters so they have an army. so that a c. elicits what is being done on these for the russian nato track because of the russian part. is providing significant support to afghanistan's law enforcement structures and authorities who through greece and later russia has. with supplied the good bill you. got the firearms pollutes the and ammunition afghanistan it's the least the war could have been russia has helped in training law enforcement
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officers and civic specialists civilian specialists who are afflicted with spirits . of which union russia has granted him with two hundred twenty five quarters for afghan nationals for afghan specialists or be trained in it's very good of the educational institutions this is a small part of what we're doing for afghanistan and just missed iraq page that's where ready to do more for afghanistan especially in terms of restoring the people machine so restoring objects that had been a good go to growing new version up with your move built in afghanistan during the soviet times and that's ridiculous very important for the restoration of the afghan economy where right it's about a society in those projects if fully we agree if you don't see it on the sources of financing of these quickly we have discussed that today and we have on the move those of us who made some progress on that. we would group well i'm sure our
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cooperation is only going to expand what was sold on the un to drug front but we plan on the matter of first or enough going to stan's economy lou and those in afghanistan security in general and also on humanitarian issues as well. russian federation as you create will power. to create partners regional partners of ganesh then we will come and say help and support a fresh inflation vote afghanistan he can only clearly have for infrastructure and . who fully featured off to a prosperous peaceful and democratic afghanistan. there's plenty here to reuters agency please of this is a question to mr lover of you but are those genius of me. to pledge to continue
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joint operation the u.s. russian operation against drugs in afghanistan. yes to what is the afghan in reaction to such operations joint russian. u.s. operations against drugs in afghanistan and to further such operations. in your bill as he's going to go in all this wasn't an american russian operation that's a good group with this was an effort against spitz taken first of all by a free but not gonna stand special forces and we must be supported by u.s. troops and russia and that operations you would need to do so the figure in this was all the represented lied to employees of the federal drug control agency that were present onsite as observers from girls we only helped together information on that on the whereabouts of those five laboratories and so i would call it the three
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sided operations. you're with us because that's where the prevalence of afghanistan special forces i would also like to add that our corporations on the antidrug front will continue your program we used a little bit of buzz with them solicit is very important to create an international law framework legislative framework to lucy because of us in this dual boot and the un security council resolution that got the best of this i told him that it was very important which the group was unusual in the it regards the admissions to drug threats the threat of drugs coming from afghanistan as an international threat when you look and this is very important the problem. so should be considered when planning any steps in this direction of unity ms middleton the convenience of people with the third international conference on fighting afghanistan's drug threat to the us is scheduled for the next year at least
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a continuance ten days third conference protesters thirty conference and we would like to talk very specifically on the needs to intensify efforts through the woods along the entire chain of production. as was the and distribution of drugs for which there's a new c.e.o. for being the woman starts and was destroying. the failed. during your quit you were convinced that this is utterly important in the states that. beseech you with the work required efforts should also play concentrated on supplies of precursors that actually use to produce heroin in the us they have been raising this issue regularly small groups who have quit list and seized on market precursors that's a side effect should in europe arab partners are currently considering this this wouldn't proposition and i hope they expedite this process cigarettes. and of course there's the channel operation oppose this to you that the collective
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security treaty organization is carrying out the law on the external perimeter of the afghan border issues there's little in these cities to both mention the people you know the book and you get our nato partners have not responded yet calls to intensify cooperation and president medvedev version of again drew public attention to this suggestion our afghan friends which is that there's a bait and they a channel operation as observers and they're going to continue that as a patient would you get on the besides many of the nato states also are also involved in this operation as observers to the group you know that i think interact cooperation should be established between nato. and the collective security treaty organization would in this respect. we with them with who flew shoestring wouldn't you know has for the latest steps taken by russia this year we have significantly increased financing towards specific steps have been used on the balloon you
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probably knew what is good for your business will be business in and contribution to afghanistan's at a narcotic honest and like objects program contacts we have now special forces trained for god should be afghan led and afghan if you can get supported by our friends and as much. thought about. this let us russian of opera last i heard the information agency had two questions for the russian minister that at the do you think it. in the credits comport three if that are posted of the laser you would wish with those what you think it is necessary to go on that to call an emergency session of the security council and second to your think that's very serious this was provoked by south korea and the more by north korea. you know it has been between what so while the police can pull through
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a group you will let made an escalating situation. and the korean peninsula as they have called upon both lotteries to be discreet restrained in their actions which this was because there was you who believe this concerned this collation of military maneuvers and exercises in the area and. then to the strengthening of military blogs and this area was a big new incident as far as i know the latest incident surely surely school and or unusual similar incidents had taken place before and i do not know their work we still confined to exchange of agency of the human soldier gunshots just a little. but the latest incident of the months that there was preceded by new year's is clearly because of normal of north korea would be to address in south korea. nor was a request that were not certain refrain from holding the military exercise of the military exercise took place anyway. you have moved me in the.
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rooms to no i think because this situation we should see not only they are necessary for the best collation of a situation which version you two would. split in the other would you would call chargen protests on water is one thing them and squads another thing is so much firing artillery shells that they can preserve their structures where billy believe bullshit people have been killed after all and that the things were going to take every effort to prevent anything like that from happening again it's a test for the security council consultations on this matter are already on the way so you and i think that the next few days the security will come up specifically then the pain in the resolution which will contribute to the settlement of the situation and i think the party the parties should realize their responsibility. so. question for mr s. who several members of the election commission have recently been arrested what's
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your comment on that. the knowledge of first of and particular commission result of the election has been announced yesterday. the complaint commission is looking to do screenplay in the institution of functioning and it's up to independent addicted a commission to decide who's going to not. especially but thank you very much. well you've been just watching a news conference given by the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and his afghan counterparts as all my oversaw all the to discuss the importance of existing cooperation as well as new prospects of mutual engagement in tackling regional problems well we'll have more on this later from our correspondents to stay with us for that if you can.
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for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov met with afghan counterpart to discuss the operation which has been strong will flakes join me for some details in just a short while. the strength regimes in russia's orphanages for the mountain way disabled leave youngsters struggling to stand for themselves in the real world. and americans facing a thanksgiving pat down at airports are unhappy with many opting to go cold turkey on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. and eight billion dollars of new deal sealed at the russian summer the chinese economic forum in moscow we take a look at the deepening trade ties between the two nations and now this program. this is our take on the live from moscow i'm marina joshua.


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