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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2017 1:30am-2:01am EST

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back when you were roommates with big brother alec now we're here in venice california the very first place. that was the motivation for me to ever ride on an airplane the first time when big brother alec flew me out seventeen years old you have a place here in venice and i want to connect with you brother i got to mitch and i'm telling out with all i've done where all i have all the places i've been everything i've seen i can't figure out. what's going on in america what exactly do you think and i mean the word that came to mind for me was pilgrimage. exactly after like the craziest presidential election the country's divided but in a way that like i mean the only way for me to figure it out i think is just go out on the road mass people to sit literally embark on a pilgrimage of knowledge so to speak where we're asking every day americans from all walks of life rich poor this that coffee guy at a barista to
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a military airplane pilot where i just want to drive along. in an r.v. maybe grab my dogs or something and and basically just stop along the way and just say. what's american mean to you we're seeing now that there is a open wound and it's it's acting out a number of different ways a lot of street violence there's a lot of protest to say racism coming coming to the fore so now we're seeing it it's not coming from from a place of mystery i think i it is it's exposed the darkness is now in the light but i see that vision in that dream of america in the hope that is america i see that are rooting no question right so but somewhere out there is the seed of the next revolution of genius. and in that seed. will. be the spark. but hope. you got to be helpful. for america's all about.
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what makes america great to me. is the freedom to obtain the knowledge see once you have the knowledge. then you're free to make change i'm not interested in my opinion i'm interested in the knowledge of learning from other people's opinions so i'm excited for me it's it's that important to understand that this is not a trivial thing i mean absolutely that's texas is it exciting to me because what i've learned is we don't know some do your best to surround yourself with people that do i also understand that and this culture i'm never going to be able to to journey on this whole thing by myself i'm going to have to have some help and i'm going to probably know a whole bunch of people that are smarter than me to help me get it done so nicely we get out of the cows and we go say hi to my three dogs that i have with my
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brother do to go from here three dogs as they had on the spiritual journey here was spiritual guru of course i'm going to go where you say i go. first. hearing we bring you home safe we could be a pain sing movement and conversation this was just going to go to officially the great american pilgrimage. did it. take us all the way and the dog. was through it before the journey can truly begin stephen wants to check in with the owner of this establish known max and get his human respected on american. soil truck to. see you through. this kind of thing has been here for fifteen years the longevity is rare and to do it with such style even rare i built this from scratch i didn't have any money so i got the city to allow me to be my own car . tractor in builders you could never do it today throwing all social norms out the
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window stephen gets down to brass tacks what's america to you america to me. is. what venice is tonight is the most eclectic cell culture in the world and why so many people come from all over the world to come to america and want to come to vanish it's because this is what they really feel about america there's a collection of people white black brown just me for example. i'm a white. if you can call me away but i am i was born in panama that's true equal in the. people when i speak spanish to the spring which religiously specially when i go back home to visit my family and they only want to speak english but because but i grew up in
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a body that was the toughest body on latin america very very dangerous the official name of the street like you see washington they are a pacific it official name of the street that i grew up in is. where they translated it out if you can and it's still the name today. he says they were given a steamy drink what the hell is this what are some erica that is america you can be old. and be a latino and i came here on a visa and i was thirteen years old and you wouldn't think it but that's what we want we don't want you to be able to categorize everybody and that's what venice is for america so this is what attracts just me to venice that you can't judge the population here by the facade in the way you describe. and. even
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a little violent this finger here. is how much shorter it is right here i had an altercation with a guy on d.c.p. stephens thinking this gives a whole new definition to finger food and he during our scuffle he did i think a. bit off i didn't lose my health i don't even know when it happened i try to talk my way out of everything i feel you know a guy who i got a guy here yesterday and he was taken people will quote to me that we have this is just a little business and i'm here trying to make a living for my wife my daughter and guys that work for me all local school which might take in the town of st and fish it in some guys or said to me you know nobody ever treats are super special repression i said well i tried. to do what i get blessings my friends thank you for everything but we gotta get back on our pilgrimage you're going to get your heart you are going to question. the metals my
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german your kids are taking a look at you know the. place unless. you see it soon mr heartly take care steven to max are feeling patriotic so they decide to hit the beach and talk with some locals about the current state of the nation first of all i'm just as george washington we don't know why sure to. be i'm a born again christian. regardless of my views in that respect. would you think. the other person that could become president would be moving the country in a direction that you would prefer for you one of these people that says. i think this guy is just all wrong but maybe i should give him a chance or no way he's just all wrong and they should impeach mr his boss. i know what he wants to do but he's going about and. rethink everything is close enough
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borders people come to this country to do better to technology and a lot of things that come to this country so they know they can make it better and when you come on and off how can america become better and become great when you're cutting off all the talent coming in i have a big problem with that right there really quick just keep an eye on that to make sure he's ok i mean we should be shooting that it's adorable but. we all get together and start to talk about this show is that conversation. or you know it's up. not that i think my boy's going to solve anything this cats you know . there's a lot about that personally i agree with i don't right. what don't you bring. what don't i agree with about this guy.
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because. the first wonderful. i agree with most of what he represents. the law. well i certainly think that we have to do something to know who's coming in the country yeah i don't have a problem with the city were similar and we didn't even know if the way they did it the way the little kid let him talk when he said you know what i'm here you know mobile freedom. having a problem with it we have done a trump people saying that he should fire all the people who want to take a knee in a football stadiums in a basketball games as well as throughout america they should be far wrong why because it is their first amendment right and there's nothing in no. books yet says that you can't show that you can protest and not like it's time for us to not talk about. the problem is time for us to talk about how we need to save the problem so
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spread the word what you heard on how we need to start a jobs to get our people to rule laws that in spite of all us the past outburst of success can still be a man. you don't have to go to your computer or not you're going. to go to not too many were pretty sure they heard. it's the end of the first day and already our hero stephen impacts have seen the passion that americans have for our great country. they're hoping the great american pilgrimage will bring them in light and bridge the gaps that divide. america.
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and the culture is good out of the big picture but it's it's a career for real business which we need to maintain we need to i would but it's no the fact of the prospects that the more we go forward with the draw with the automotive g.p.s. geo tractrix of the machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get to show business just shows how the rest of the world is getting ready to lose business with it with the go to. the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some.
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unknown reason if local residents have found victim to sleep potemkin. the over it was just daniel to choose. the one you should be chance to how do you think your patient. would seem with the concern that's it but also he's showing a sort of but i'm also going on with the question are stored all peaceful superthin you've got to go with them have to put in the position motifs which. has actually grown in grass from where did you do what we have i don't want to. let go of the wall. this with all. the what interested. me most here in there did your boss tells you you're off to bed soon. and he will let you know first of all that i think.
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the whole block selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you the lobby gossip the tabloids myself a. day. off i think how you think you are not cool enough to buy. these are the hawks that we all have our own words walking. live. live live live live live
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. our heroes have started the conversation that will hopefully bring america together stephen's hopeful the rest of his time and then this will be smooth. oh ok then there were all the stuff i'd like to maybe swap this out if that's cool but. i don't know if you couldn't tell from a so cal style stephen has long held in it's been deeper skateboarding so everything in here is star brand so sweet. kind of put those wheels on the board
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easy. to get this. what board is this this is the rally rally photo serious trucks trucks repairs trucks so i'm old school so yeah they're really pretty new and they're sweet they're awesome so the reverse to consider that's going to feel like super surfie with your skin really really turning out there a lot of fun. i love it. and you know i'm a little but i'm a little glam me so i had to go with the white we'll. you know let him know you're there but what upset. you detroit is like he's going to act excuse me. back. to the salsa.
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eight sneezes broke oh thank you brought up. in michigan graduation so with all your success guys thank you brown appreciate it guys piece thanks again i'll talk to. who it is smooth brow. for the journey can truly be kids steve it must check in with these dogs. but he still perfect on camera and back to one. that read out. there a good that's very. well my brother max like should be something for over here. that. you're more than welcome to join me in continuing brother on the great
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american pilgrimage i think that this will get you there comfortably if your time and schedule took from it. i can't look. desperate. and to get the great american women just be. rooting. you know to. strike. with a bit of eagerness in a dash of excitement our heroes know there is nothing that will get in the way of the journey. first night last night.
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oh come off the fire. in the fire. this really. hurts because these fires are like a smoke. well you know california vegas i called this current american last hour aren't just oh oh they got are just i think getting costly next event causing investment like all this money. this is why we're in our country to just translate . it take a ride right there in. the next hour of california i'll tell you what. let's go for it. here's citrus for. grand central. yeah. well turn on the map to show. support. and it's. like twenty minutes
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away to. christmas such as. far. as the guys who get their first stop on the road they're hoping things go down a lot easier than a glass opposed to. their. most. showy bits. this is beautiful stephen hasn't seen this much green since his cameo in half baked so you know max. i think you'd look spectacular on that tractor. think out of
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a. car for yourself thank you. hey guys how are you. nice reaches steve involving telling bless and your name is going to last us you know max kaiser is not the best person i stayed there. so we thought it be fun to learn a little bit more about the orange business come say hi to you guys maybe you can show us some of your wonderful products and educate us on farming we learned just got some right outside and it's going to makes. carnaval he says here please don't get a let me but this is an orange today orange and right now it's green it's green gone turn on the second yeah it's right and you can not use very different areas you can see that you could actually gas and make them large but there's the there's the navel yeah that's why they call it a day which they have as if example of that we would come in through the fire as
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we've just discussed coming down here all that smoke that affected your business no no it has no not at all our biggest role was water and water availability and how long you've been doing this we've been up here since one nine hundred sixty from the sixty's till now has that water problem oweis been the case or just progressively worse progressively it gets worse just with because just a big demand for water and a diminishing supply picker so all of our well water is all depleted so now we everything we get here is imported and so it's become very expensive everything all the water for farming here in riverside here is brought from somewhere else somewhere else. so we just want to hear what's american to you that's my question i should just just say whatever you want ok it's freedom it's getting ahead it's being able to work hard and get ahead now your family started this. when. you know seven. percent first citrus grove effect and then you step foot on this farm for
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the first time practically what age to be workin hundred sixty. i guess i got to figure out how that would be but that's what it was now close enough to. miss america still have that family farming holy heartland is a still part of america i believe we do have it we try to put a group of us go they were expanding even though we know we're doomed because you know what it's all we know what it sounds like faith to me i think that sounds like the most american thing i've heard all day about how exactly now we're down but it doesn't matter much like this pilgrimage it just is going to keep going to go down fighting fantastic good at the bench of the waters being a challenge you think that's going to continue to be a challenge area while always get your bar biggest show in the water is a bit of our biggest challenge right now we have a greening disease coming from china again it's a what disease with they call it call it hong kong bang it's really. from china
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started china we call the greening and said it's a little a fish and if it takes one body orange tree a tree by six what he writes and so they focus it's assumed like a silver. like an a for something a little bitty bit of an image of the book how do you fight this this on the horizon is potential do. i my right or wrong it seems is there now here i know what to do about like i say florida probably has three times more types of creatures a couple for you know that much bigger california and they're doing university scope of the resistance but the only thing is it wasn't their fruit. so it doesn't do is that a good cook but they have it they have to give it up they're trying to come but it sure isn't your attempt to stand up comedy john no that's true ok. well if you go to trial going to russia. i think we should head back in and if i don't get a glass of orange juice soon i'm going to faint ok we've got that school here before. this is just what i think you.
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know. if. it's a pilgrimage what is the citrus it's the structures for the kids is great. there's just a while i think i've got there as a pretty good. runner i'm going to get a bus and i'm going to get a bus. ok get you a bag if you want to get but max. get yourself some fixed yeah these things look these lists like this figure the bro i mean i'm sorry. but.
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that's what i'm talking about. big to go to so you know some people who know me max like yourself good they say that i carry continue little bags of stuff going on personally i'll put my stuff in like a little beggar or in a little bag over there and them a little better richer now we have an extra new. thing if you're going to try to sell this what is it that is a fake. wow that's from the bounty of the earth that's better than the fig bar i buy off the shelf over there at the fancy supermarket this is this is the real deal. well it's good stuff. i think we're going to. prevail. yes. coma.
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but the jury might be behind the bars just to. prove the stitches are still stuck. with their sugar count back on track in enough troops to last in the winter our heroes are ready to take the next step on this epic journey history people remembered as the great american pilgrimage. next time on the great american pilgrimage three session.
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i says was it to. americans by the. i'm fortunate to be biased by none show support of something. short of contraries in there. for making unsafe you. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and some
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bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity knowing does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it bursts the plasma burn it put money on your car immediately. half of all plasma based drugs today come from a private company and are produced from paid plasma slows down from the role. and. one of the risks of a donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations. if i was lying. over two years old he was. in the money using the drug and who runs the blood business.
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and what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go right to be precise this is what will befall three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should.
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in the stories that shaped the week with now being close to wiped out in syria the country's civil war rivals move towards finding a political solution for the own long standing conflict peace talks in russia. also we visited russia's toughest prison for a red visit to see what life really like for the country's most dangerous criminals it is. some of the country worst maniac serial killers terrorists and even cannibal held. unsettling times for germany and chancellor merkel as coalition talks break down leaving question marks over a future as leader.


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