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russia celebrates big three day marking seventy three years since the end of the second world war the fireworks display ending a day of spectacular military parades. a sea of people swept through moscow taking part in the immortal regiment march remembering the relatives to die fighting in what russians called the great patriotic war plus. the cia veteran is thrown out of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick as the new agency chief amid protests over her alleged involvement in torturing prisoners. on protesters burn u.s. flags on the streets of tehran after donald trump decided to withdraw from the
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iranian nuclear deal. you can find out more about those and all the stories that are t. dot com coming up we have the choice of two financial shows on r.t. international it's the kaiser report and in the u.k. and ireland it's boom bust. guys are this is the kaiser report coming to you a way that only we can do get ready yeah. max i'm going to show you an image and please don't go preserve the hay because this guy is scary looking. exclusive charlie monger compares trading bitcoin to trading freshly harvested baby brains which is quite interesting because he to me looks like a freshly baked harvested baby brain eating freshly harvested baby brains
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a quote from charles monger does not dissuade anyone from considering him to be part of the illuminati does it apparently this is what they do. that are freshly are resting baby brains all the time while underperforming the index funds and the s. and p. for ten years straight these guys are losing people money as compared to an s. and p. index they get bailed out in two thousand and eight for their fraud they support wells fargo a terrorist organization in america that's actually performing financial terrorism with the blessings of warren buffett and charles monger and he has the temerity to criticize big coin the same way he missed apple for the first oh let's say hundreds of thousands of percentage points he missed he's out their annual meeting saying who we used to because we have a sexual relationship with a wal-mart people we couldn't possibly invested amazon because words such as little from brasco no mob nobody heard about and these are basically spewing and
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i mean the list goes on and on the guy is a menace ok well let's talk some sort of like technical logistics of why i think they're talking about this why they keep on dissing be a coin part of it is because they keep on being asked. about it ok and i think this is crucial to understanding why they keep on coming out with remember warren buffett recently in the past year called it rat poison called poison here in this interview with yahoo charlie munger calls that trading freshly harvested baby brains at their annual event this last weekend charlie monger's compares crypto currencies to turns and dimentia warren buffett does not like cryptocurrency is a position he really reiterated at the berkshire hathaway annual meeting his grievances against bitcoin and its ilk are many it's a nonproductive asset has no intrinsic value it's a breeding ground for charlatans who take opportunities to rip off people trying to get rich in something they don't really understand he said that crypto currencies
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will come to a bad ending warren buffett eighty seven in terms of charlie munger who's ninety four i like cryptocurrency is a lot less than you do he said to one buffett to me it's just dementia is like somebody else's trading turds and you decided you can't be left out i think because charlie munger is ninety four warren buffet's eighty seven they're both getting ready to you know shed their mortal coil and exit berkshire hathaway. cryptocurrency these big coin is a response to their legacy their witnessing what that what they caused this is their response to the financial system they created they had wish this had happened after they were gone and these are just old men railing against the youth who who have like basically given them the middle finger for their financial system that they left behind this new generation of doubt that the financial markets have
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been rigged horribly by the likes of the crony capitalists over their berkshire hathaway and their friends at the central banks and even the st louis central bank head recently said that this new generation is embracing crypto as a reaction to the two thousand a crisis so i think that's important to understand that these two old men they are like the dominant figures in the financial world that because one is a response to so it makes sense that they're go they've been called out brutally so without anyone in a big queen itself doesn't need to call them turds with dementia let me explain that berkshire hathaway is anti american and anti-democratic and you can look at that quite plainly by understanding the stock price of berkshire hathaway which never splits so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett to americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway your player bure a peasant to your you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as raunchy
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a coupon clippers and nickel and dime are they add nothing to the economy they have no warren buffett has not had an original idea in his entire life he simply uses insurance premiums to take huge stakes in companies and then uses political influence to manage without a return that's underperforming the s. and p. they had a one point one billion dollar right off the market that has had last year the first year. trump has been like the biggest returns ever in s. and p. five hundred history and the dow jones has three in all the market history and yet they somehow had to write down a large percentage of slackening you know this famous a porn star now crush the williamson or what's her name since the only down or made daniels to teach sunday school is getting warren buffett to talk about technology he has said for years he knows nothing about technology he knows about a rail. road system he knows about. trains and he knows about wrigley gum and
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chewing gum he's been trying to buy hershey's chocolate bars for this entire career because he likes chocolate he likes candy and he's in it that's the stuff you understand it's got to be really simple like to like him and charlie eat baby food because they're too old to eat regular food so he buys baby food that's is mentality that's the level of his understanding technology he's an idiot he's a dunce it doesn't understand it he missed all the technology stocks i mean look bill gates a world train ride for days and try to get warren to buy microsoft stock he bought one share as a novelty and missed the entire move in microsoft's stock he's a complete dunderhead when it comes to the technology sector which by the way is the main driver of the american economy not old world really way stocks and everything or above represents a guise of medicine again and he's also a huge holder of wells fargo and so that sentence from him is remarkable in
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light of what has happened with wells fargo member i'll remind you it's a breeding ground for charlatans he says of big coin who take opportunities to rip off people trying to get rich and something they don't really understand here is one of the largest players warren buffett in all his holdings in the whole c.d.o. disaster and outright scam fraud against the american people and pension holders in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight two thousand and nine wells fargo created million. of accounts for their clients their customers unbeknown to their customers they didn't know that they had these accounts they what wells fargo opened in order to basically bump their own a charlatan like act to bump their own figures so users of bring around for charlton and that should be applied to wells fargo and all the banks yes but wells fargo particular he's a big owner of the right he's their biggest shareholder that's a breeding ground for charlatans they illegally open accounts for people they stole
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money from people he never said anything about it has no comment about it and charlie munger no comment about wells fargo never they didn't have any comment about that actually the only thing they said is that regulators should go easy on them now because they've already paid enough in fines right these are proven killer with all the money they still face a whole lot of money that i think they got to steal like ten cents to keep you know ninety cents of every dollar they stole that's their business model right now as a war but it's like oh you know crypto charlatans wells fargo that's the charlatans we like those are the charlatans we approve of those people steal money for us we miss crypto because we're not as we're overrated as stock pickers well ok let's also point out that because of the financial system remember i said that because when was birth the genesis block happened in two thousand and nine the white paper was published in two thousand and eight this is that the peak of the financial crisis the disaster that the likes of warren buffett and all his buddies
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created he's friends with all those guys on wall street all the big bankers all the ones that perpetrated frauds with their c.d.o. and all their other mortgage backed securities and other you know derivatives that were all fraudulent and warren buffett and self had said you know derivatives were a weapon of mass financial destruction he turned out to be right it destroyed everything as he said he still was helping out goldman sachs loaning them five billion dollars you know he was still part of this whole system and as a response to that fraud the central banks had to. i'm in and bail them all out including warren buffett so i want to turn to another part of his charlatan like qualities of warren buffett that bitcoin has exposed remember this is why they're so angry about bitcoins have bitcoin has exposed those two as charlatans and all of their friends on wall street this is from nomi prins this is what real collusion looks like when one central bank the fed reduces q.e. another accelerates maintaining the average rate of developed countries at zero
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percent and the tide of asset purchases rising here is the chart of course the red line is the u.s. fed the blue line is the e.c.b. and the green line is the bank of japan max you had said this you suggested this long ago that whenever the fed stops or slows down with q.e. the e.c.b. picks up and vice versa and this data that nomi prins linked to suggests this is true and a lot of people to point this out peter schiff. richard jim rickards you know people that we've got on the show know me proves that the global increase in money printing as never decreased because you can't taper a ponzi scheme so people say to me oh you know the fed's raising rates i thought you said you can't taper a ponzi scheme you can't that's why globally the money is being printed most people who write those comments in the you tube section most people live in a small little local area so they can only go access their local banks they don't
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understand that you know the warren buffets of the world and their friends can access free cash anywhere in the world and they they get to game the system because they're part of the global elite like you an organ or joe bag of donuts on the street can't access zero percent rates from the e.c.b. the point you make there is a big point is a reaction to warren buffett and his crony capitalists and the bailouts of two thousand and eight so they don't want to admit that they don't want to even examine that they don't want to come down. there are pedestal of crony capitalism and free money from central banks to address that so they attack crypto as a way it's a rear guard action you know they're trying to attack crypto as much as they can to prevent the torches and the and the and the rioters and the pitchforks from going down there to omaha and taking revenge out on these guys but another thing is these two do not like competition they've existed in a world where they get to play their little banjo and pretend that they're sweet guys and they they've become multibillionaires just because well most trillionaire
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is because they're so sweet and just like sweet guys and they've competed their way to the top but the system of this collusion from the central banks and the new york fed him all these regulators that help them out and they help each other is the system is rigged it's everybody you know is on an equal playing field you've got to compete there's no there's nobody to rig the game for you and i think that's you know part of their legacy is a reaction between is a reaction to warm buffett to charlie munger well charlie munger will have the pleasure of watching big coin store pass thirty thousand dollars per coin. expires from this planet charlie i want to say by the way you know we actually had dinner once with his son and mark matthew mellon and matthew mellon. are lyle we saw. bobby short but bobby short successor really i don't know who bobby short is the he's easy horndog are ok well this is the so you got to go to the second half much
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more coming your way now bobby short the son of charlie monger so i refer to. delco what. would call existence to you something that. would put themselves on the lawn. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be brits. that's a going to be cross that's what the flag three in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters of all. costs. it's absurd to note that our many years not for your crane or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent that we're building on the success and the field years of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in
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many ways we we have a leg up on anything best been tried in the past this is not a whole or a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. going to the good. ministries police schools is in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that was my mike was hoping when the board doesn't implement the eyes of god the pentagon this is going to come to the. woods as that he that he got into the sea at the last also cliburn them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. it will. close all facilities
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listen is it still missiles will one of them will still be linked to. these two bulldogs. with. the ins this is the arsenals of the host i hadn't done this deal of patience stopping there was a sting of phone calls in from his up and his cards on the fine. welcome back to fort imax keyser time now to go to boulder colorado speak with michael craig of liberty blitzkrieg dot com michael krieger welcome back max great to be back and i look at this blitzkrieg. what's the call blitzkrieg links blitzkrieg liberty blitzkrieg dot com was there are
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a moans blitzkrieg bop i think i think there might have been yeah yeah should that be my theme song to that inspire you. know i just was looking for a somewhat clever or a play on my last name so i went with it because as i don't know if you know this but krieger actually translate to translates directly into warrior in german in german oh ok well i'm glad i asked that question i got to the bottom of that ok let's get into your series i have written a very interesting series very provocative and thought provoking is called the road to twenty twenty five and. you conclude the series by saying that a very bright future could be within our range if we demand it how so sure so when i talk about that last piece is how the united states was originally intended to be a revolutionary project in political decentralisation and you know as you know decentralization is sort of buzzword now but it's really important and just as
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a sort of quick history lesson as you know at the federal level we are supposed to have a separation of powers into three branches the executive the judiciary and the legislator and then even beyond that the founding fathers furthered centralized power by giving tremendous rights to the states themselves in the tent to men and so what i really want to get the message across to my fellow americans and people around the world is that we've strayed so far from the original intent the founding fathers were set. it was making sure power was decentralized so that nobody could get control and act imperial and you know what you know a couple of centuries later we've turned into everything that the founding fathers were trying to avoid were a global empire more focused on managing the world and stealing resources than we are making our infrastructure better taking care of our own people having a dynamic productive economy at home so my my basic point is this yes the u.s.
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empire is going to lose clout overseas over the next let's say seven years but this doesn't have to be a bad thing because we're actually we've strayed so far away from what this political decentralization model that we had to begin with we could go back to it we could we could start restoring more power at the local level and more individual sovereignty and so that's where i see this heading and i think we just need to embrace it to have a much better future and more free future right so you're positing that a decentralized version of america we can return to that and this would be restoring founders original intent across colorado it seems like there are way out of the curve you know they've got a lot of people growing their own vegetables and things and i've got a little local local isn't as big there has been all without. so is that can that be ported over to other states because some states are fiercely in that the same to be in the opposite camp on maybe like a texas or something what do you think here's the key thing yes it's true
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a lot of people still across the country seem to get their sort of satisfaction from you know attaching themselves to washington d.c. in our military might and thinking that that gives them some sort of power in their own lives but as the u.s. empire starts to lose and influence abroad and as the dollar starts have less influence as well we're going to be forced to go so i think we're going to some of us will go kicking and screaming but at the end of the day it's going to be a good thing for everybody. because it's it's it's having a more tight local community is a great thing and let me tell you i'm not a big fan of taxes but i don't mind pay taxes in boulder because you know what i walk around and i see really nice projects and it's very well taking care of place and i feel like my tax dollars are going to good things whereas on the on the flip side i hate pay any any taxes to the federal government because i know there's just going to be spent on bombs and killing people so it's a big difference right now of course the u.s. corporate media say is a multipolar world as a grave threat to the u.s.
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but is it really because you're a pan is ran empires before america did and now post empire the ordinary citizen there has a much better standard of living than the average american thought it absolutely i mean this is half of my series is talking about how the u.s. empire is not benefiting the average person anymore as you can see with the wealth inequality in this country and since this quote unquote recovery in two thousand and nine all of the all of the gains have gone to a smaller and smaller class of people and as you've also seen with data as far as wealth in the cut in the country like some of the wealthiest counties half of them are clustered around washington d.c. think about. an area of the country that basically produces nothing other than you know i think tanks that you know justify killing people so it's a very parasitic model but this is what you'd expect in an empire in the last late stages of empire you know you're funneling all the money to all these parasites in the capital and you know the region's arse are struggling so yeah i mean my view is
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that the us empire as it is today is not good for the average american and therefore we shouldn't fear it at all because it's time to focus on on on our on ourselves back home as opposed to micromanaging the entire planet right getting back to states and i should as i say one of their by states wyoming has become a very constructive. space and because of space could that be something that sweeps the nation state by state as a potential for revenues and jobs and innovation i realized if it goes over well in wyoming could you see that spreading to other states michel. yes certainly so i mean as you as you've probably discussed before like malta is making a big push to create to you know sort of encourage a lot of the talent global talent in the crypto world to come to malta and set up shop there and yes wyoming state you read on that it's interesting how it tends to be these you know states that you had since that's the it's so so she did with the cheney's but but you know interesting things can still happen at the grassroots
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level there and yes i'm i am one of the things i wrote about in the series is how i think. the interesting thing is when the u.s. dollar loses its reserve status it with dominance like say that it has today. we have free market currencies now and so it's not just nation states versus nation states in a currency wars we're also going to have nation states versus free market currents but these free market currencies are here to stay and yes i agree i think i think states regions countries that are opportunistic and jump at the opportunity will get the smartest town in the world flowing to their shores and i sell a stock political club all states and on the same u.s. dollar maybe there's a gold reserve currency u.s. umpire possibly fading you have got some really interesting things happening in north korea south korea china and russia in other words if north korea and south korea talking possibly going to make
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a move toward ending all hostilities there china is a big power broker tromps a big power broker and they might host a. peace summit between the koreas and the u.s. and russia so that does this play into your thing michel. you know so north korea look i mean that the images of the shaky hands crossing the border is was one of the most heart warming geo political images i can remember seeing so it's a great thing i hope that there is peace. i will say this though before we get all excited regarding the state of geopolitics around the world you know i haven't written a single post and i write a lot of posts on geopolitics i haven't written one single post ever about north korea and how i'm concerned about it because i just wasn't concerned about it and as you know now because you've been talking about it forever the key to the to the us imperial dominance around the world is the petro dollar ok and oil is the key to
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the petro dollar so to me the korea what korea was never you know as much as trump was belligerent is tweets about it it was never to me the crown jewel for the u.s. empire i still think that's a rant and i believe with the addition of bolton and pump aoe to high positions in u.s. diplomacy and intelligence that there is going to be some serious fireworks in the east because again that's where the key to maintaining u.s. imperial powers not in north korea there's no one who does know giant oil reserves there but it's in the middle east so while it's great what's going on the korea and i hope it continues. the middle east is where i've always been worried and continue to be worried. an animal a style. that they ran on board of michael bolton as setting the stage as far as our military posturing in that area michael yes so since trump was elected you could tell he was going to totally go against all of his campaign promises based on
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who he who he hired to be around him all these banks there's sit same with trump you have to watch it who he hires and so john bolton and mike pump a zero or two the most lunatic neo conservative types you could possibly pick and and so that's a sign that something something is definitely a foot with iran and you know mates. wealth is when trunks can make a decision on the saran deal and now netanyahu is saying that he's got evidence he's going to show tonight you know this is the guy that twenty twenty twenty two thousand and two netanyahu predicted that if we got rid of saddam hussein there would be huge positive reverberations throughout the middle east and that's the same guy we're going to listen to on a ranch so yeah it's disturbing but you know we'll see how it shakes out. just to make a correction there i want to again refer to john bolton as michael bolton of course everyone one's got a mustache and the other one's and they all come that way i got to mix them anyway there's two different guys there so. yeah i mean but this middle east pressure
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cookers been building out for decades and. you know the prognosis there is quite terrifying but live is that potentially a problem could be pulling out of u.s. military and south korea as part of a global kind of retrenchment of the pentagon and a lot of posturing going on in the middle east could also bring a prelude to a deescalation of military spending because he's not a guy who likes to waste money even though he's been back of the few times he knows why waste money i mean i think those are valid points however i think trumps inherent. antagonism towards iran is very personal and very real not just that there's jared cushier influence there is the fact that we're trying to go on his first official state visit visit saudi arabia where he might come peo just going is first visit saudi arabia so this to me this is this is
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a much bigger thing and no i think the trump legitimately and for a variety of personal reasons as well feels feels as if iran needs to be essentially taken out or neutered in the middle east because for the united states in the you know the establishment essential they realize that. if total control of the middle east isn't continued that that threatens the you know polar world which it does which you does all right we're going to leave it right there actually in point to leave on michael kroger thanks so much for being on the kaiser report sure thanks max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy i would like to thank our guest michael prager of liberty blitzkrieg dot com if you want to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report and select time by go. to.
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war in remembrance today marks the seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar that can't be said of the europeans in america we discussed how that conflict continues to view of the world to this day. welcome to worlds apart i mean yes parliament elected protest leader and he called
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pushing down as prime minister on tuesday after weeks of peaceful and usually joyce protests having downs their way to the most dramatic power transition in the country's modern history what will it take for armenia's new leadership to give its people what they're asking for well to discuss that i'm now joined by about canberra grigory an international media liaison for nicole question and transition team ken it's great to talk to you thank you very much for being here with us i understand it's been a very very long and joyce day for you so thank you again for joining us and congratulations thank you for having me and thank you now mr passion and managed to get the support of the of about half the parliament fifty nine out of one hundred five members of parliament supported him and that vote comes on the heels of another woad barely a week ago when the majority of lawmakers rejected his candidacy what has happened in those few days.


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