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relations, but in russia, if and if it is possible, what should moscow do and what should i do to achieve? when you say, did you go over this marriage and raised during the hours of a lengthy talk, so negotiations with our european counterparts. and we discussed that americans as well, you know, the number of times i don't think we talked about that publicly, but i will now obviously yours are the question is certainly does not want to present to should happen from both sides from here. so that if we consider the situation sampled when the, in a long term for bacteria, so that conflict of commiseration countdown, and we wouldn't talk about any conflicts, especially aren't conflict. so i didn't think it's a secret secret down. but that the 1st thing that must be done by everyone is to recognise the world, but all the people who live and have us talk and cry me. and i said with them,
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sure with your can. i have said with that many, many times. so how different is these him for them? these for, for him was then in cost of with this will rushing, this will be see how different the as a, from what happened cost to vote because there was a referendum here. and i would like to reiterate one more time. you knew more than that, no one deal with that. you know, you appreciate at gunpoint, no one for them to go to the voting station. so they did and voluntarily, and they made the decision to join brush and we should respect their decision just by the way. so there's those who have any doubt they think that they are democracies. they should recognize this because that the highest form of democracy referendum move, move them publish, and we have sent that publicly a lot of times and that the matters and to them that we debate a lot about with washington. and when we need to, we are categorically gave against them. but i must admit crane to nato because it
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is a threat to us. and there is an argument. and i have talked about that in this very hall. you can use a lot of times and in this regard a to me, when you go yet, we come from the sumption and a lot of people talk about this in western capital as well. that is the best solution below that. so when i say for this matter would be if i were western counterparts of good, see what you're saying is there a face show that the current here but story is testable, not a renounce from joining nato. pursuits by themselves is valuable by their own will . and the would remain neutral. that was the 2nd point. and thirdly, doyle, it, unfortunately, it's not relevant anymore. she talked about but resulting the problem of the don bass. you to go buy a peaceful talks and it is a theme is implementation of the main agreements. and finally, the most important thing. sure, sure,
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because we should most board now did things that has been said before. it could be turned around in one mom and i'll work cell cold. my smart nurse will get with the pump. who is the current keep authorities with the state of the art weapons loan so that, that's the most important thing. the military is that c c, wouldn't you know, to a certain extent that the parenting crane should be demilitarize, completely costly. that the only factor that could be controlled, that could be monitored through that could be reacted to be able to see what those were because everything else could be changed tomorrow. just to share with you, like the current had of ukraine did belushi. we're ready to go when he should do you will go oh no. but basically started criminal persecution of the former president for the legit reasons and he doesn't like them. it's criminal. they
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could also, it is about all the agreements that i have just spoken about the waiver to be adopted by the current victim, which is really he could just move to washington to harris to berlin and we would have it in lab to with it the country you pretty aren't asleep, country up to, to show you that has until russian was sentimental. but it's impossible for the current authorities are talking about the ideas exams against the place where you will exam the unit of life when you started in yesterday and your address analysed to russians. you talked about the landing statement not for the 1st time. i think close the we was on the model village according to him, given a ukraine. good. how with nuclear weapons to give them a global could join the nuclear club again. but are these just words or we face a real friend that next to our border, it's in ukraine. there will be nuclear weapon to thank you to put in. i've just
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talked about that actually appeared with your column. i believe that those words all were aimed at us primarily. and we have heard the grain, those words for you since soviet times. sure ukraine has had given me very wide nuclear competences so to speak. and they have a number of nuclear power plants and strong nuclear industry. they have of the distribute them for me, the technology and the the have the, the specialists. so it's very easy for them. it would be really easy for them to gain nuclear weapons compared to many other countries that need to start from scratch and you know that very well there's one component they lack, they cannot enrich uranium, but that's just a matter of hardware. yeah. oh great. and then at the new d shamia,
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it's not something ukraine cannot solve. this problem can be solved relatively quickly. as 4 of the systems of delivery of these potential a nuclear weapons. we stood, you said you're still there, sir. actually, old russian of soviet certainly miss isles that out that, that can reach targets a 100 kilometers away. it's very much usable before ukrainian industry to produce those lena. but the thread, so russian, even if ukraine gains, tactical, nuclear weapons, that means as strategic threat to russia, that is what we must consider now. it was because once you have 100 kilometers, then you have 300 kilometers of 500 kilometers. and then moscow would be in range of a potential adversaries, nuclear weapons, that would be a threats,
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and that is how we seats them. that is why we wouldn't have treated that so seriously. and we will continue to do so to college. think of basically so landscape the floor to class thinker and re class. think of her son daily. she answered pohden out a thing in the media in the modern world in today's world. could it be that you? yes, that. but i knew that what we could still be on the side of good, by resolving things by force. that's the 1st question. and 2nd question is more technical in your understanding how far, how far the troops can girl was held. they conduct line or in the field, the administrative border is solve dpr and l p r, maybe something else. well, 1st off, i didn't say that's from right now after this conversation with russian forces a march into the 2 republics. and secondly,
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it is impossible to predict the scenario that will unfold, that will depend on the situation on the ground level. so now it adds to whether issues can be resolved through force and whether you can use force and stay on the side of good. why would you like to say that's that's good for, says should be helpless or defenseless. good should not be defense. goods should be able to defend itself, and that is our position. thank you. well, they haven't. the russian president vladimir putin speaking, live to the press, after another meeting with a russia security council. let's take this further here on the channel. now i am joined to the studio with the iliad trego and you were listening as i was as well through to the comments from the russian president. he was running down quite a list of issues. of course, all the main focus being that of ukraine. let's. let's address one of the main
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issues here earlier, because putin was saying that will part of the, the decree that he signed last night was that of allowing the use of russian armed forces abroad. he was saying, if the need be, russia is ready to assume the military obligations of the new decrees that was signed food in clarifying that any troops, if they were being sent to these republics, would be called or known as peacekeepers. elio, what do you think? would you consider this, what futons movie, would you consider this to be an escalation or a de escalation of the crisis in ukraine war even though there? well, of course, there are 2 sides to this story, definitely by western countries. these decisions that have been made by the russian parliament and mister proven himself, will be treated as an escalation. but if you think of it from the other perspective, when there is understanding in kia, perhaps that the chances of
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a russian troops being sent to the don, it's people's republic and to the local people the public when the chances are high right now, then we'll key of be emboldened to use its forces and again, launch its missiles, all the cities and towns of the 2 republics. perhaps in this case, the answer is no. so in that sense, this is definitely a peacekeeping mission. and again, when we were seeing the joyful faces of the people of donates can lugens this morning yesterday night. at the reason why there were saw writing, one of the main reasons was because this decision, by the kremlin to pretty much recognize the independence of these 2 public means that these 2 republics. and we remember that there are almost 2000000 habits in
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there that they can finally be sure that their homes could be safe and secure, and their families kasey go back to their home. because we remember that in the past few days, those people tens of thousands, were leading to russia for safety because of what was called by russia and the government to be through public as our white aggression by the key of forces. in the let's, let's discuss some of the issues that the russian president was i was speaking about regarding the recognition of these republics. now of course it's put in recognizing these republics, it's not really anyone else at this point, but he said the recognition was generated by the fact that publicly the leadership from ukraine said it has no plans to implement the minced agreements. putin said so . so what was russia to wait for the continued genocide as he called it, of the people in that region. your thoughts? well, let me 1st of all talk about the men scored and the agreements that were signed, what was it 6 or 7 years ago?
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maybe even more than that, it was the 2014 when they were being discussed that and a 2002 thing when they were finally hammer doubt. so there are, there are steps that were listed in these agreements. and 1st of all, the most important things that have to be done by key of we're giving these 2 regions, special status, and changing the constitution in ukraine. that would give the 2 republics where the population is mostly pro russian. it's also russia speaking, more autonomy. so these were the 1st step that had to make, but the governments were changing the ukrainian capital 1st, it was present, total port shan't go. now it's borders landscape. it's nothing pretty much changed because as it's widely seen by the experts, when never any political force in ukraine makes a move that gives more autonomy to donate cor lugens. immediately they'll
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be under the attacks by the nationalist forces and they'll be worried about the electorate and western new grand in central ukraine that would really harm their political weight in the country. so perhaps that's one of the reasons why these moves were never taken by the countries besides authority by the cranium government. besides this, as mister prudent has been saying, because ukraine was also constantly being armed and encouraged by the us. first of all and some other nato countries, they weren't genuinely looking for this peaceful solution. and there you have it. this led to this decision by the russian government. and it's all being changed right now. but we're already seeing reaction in the western media and according to some western politicians, also saying that if putin does send these troops or these circle peacekeepers to
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these 2 republics, he will not stop there for the period the post and the army will just continue cruising west and we'll take all of ukraine. that's what's being said in some of the outlets right now in the, in the western press. elliot, don't go too far around with me. i will join you in just a moment. thanks very much for that. that's i learn more about this right now. we're crossing life. the geopolitical analyst, rayna ross was joining us live from germany with the roughest. thank you so much for joining us so quickly with us developing story here on off you to national and rushes parliament. as you know, was approved the use of peacekeepers, so called peacekeepers that don't. yeah, it's going to cost republics. we are we calling this like a, a stabilization move for the situation? they will, could this for the inflame tensions with ukraine and it's, and it's friends in the west while for the moment, which of her to acknowledge that it's quite yeah. critical situation because the western allies try to avoid the situation. so in the view of the west,
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it seems like a confrontation like an escalation of the situation in ukraine. we have to watch and see what will the situation be on the ground when those alleged peacekeepers, this was the decision of the upper house of the russian parliament. what will be the action? how will they evolve? their yap peacekeeping a mission in ukraine in the republics of new and internet. and then we will have to reassess the situation. mr. offers russia, recognition of the don bass republics has been widely condemned in the west as illegal. now, i'm not a constitutional lawyer. i don't even know, can putin do what he's done by announcing the, the recognition of these republics as autonomous and, and sovereign? well, this is a critical issue of course, because according to international law,
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there is a sovereignty of peoples. and if people decide to be independent and self governing, then usually it should be expected by the international community that these moves are being respected. but of course, the independence of the people's republic of the continent were in contrast with in conflict with the constitution of ukraine. and therefore, the western partners as illegal and russia as it, as in accordance with international law. and therefore, on behalf of the russian government, it was, i would say logical, this step to recognize those republics as sooner or later as a real severe humanitarian crisis was going on in these people's republics for over
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8 and 8 years now. and this of course is also a compelling argument. i mean, we cannot stand idly both the west and russia, seeing that a conflict cannot be a result. that means a court was not really a solution because it was not really taken serious. and it was not really put into practice, so some move forward or back, what's necessary mister rosters. i wanted to take this conversation over the pond, as joe biden has said that russia is the latest move quote, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the united states. do you think it does pose a threat to washington? well, i mean, to the united states, i think rather the accomplishment of not 3 in 2 was a threat. it would seem like
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a stronger and growing intensifying relationship in this, in the physical reality between russia and germany because gas apply to europe through not stream to of course meant a deepening of that partnership. and this is again, that you political interest of the united states. so i rather see here the interests of president biden threatened, and he has reached now what he was pretending to do, stopping the pipeline project, which is of greatest interest for germany as a nation, but also for all of our consumers, the citizens in our country who have paid a 100 percent more for gas at the end of 2021. then at the end of 2022. so for us, it's a traumatic situation and we hope that this will not be the end of the story because not stream to pipeline is definitely needed by a driven energy markets and by
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a german industry power supply industry that cetera. when you actually log onto auto dot com right now, there's an article right there on the front page talking about the future of gas prices. it doesn't look good at all. mister ross does not. i haven't got much time, but i've got one more question for you before i let you go. appreciate you joining us by the way. moscow of moscow is basically, as i should, i beg your pardon. we're going to say that russia's point of view with potentially sending these troops to, to these 2 republics. russia says these are peacekeepers, the u. k says they're invading forces, how people supposed to figure out really what's going on when you have these 2, i guess, parallel realities. while this is very difficult to figure out for the western public, i would say because media reporting of course is very important, very powerful in any kind of conflict. and if you see only the one side of the story, you cannot imagine also the suffering of the people living in those 2 people's
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republics. and yeah, therefore, it may be hard to understand that such peacekeeping troops can be really seen by the population itself as something really beneficial. and i would say that we need more transparency. what is going on on the ground in the people's republic . so this is something that russia definitely should provide to the international public that clearly can be seen. what are the development on the ground? what are the action? how peaceful in reality, how defensive this operation. raina rough 1st job had to go. analysts are joining us life or an opportunity national. really appreciate your time and your insight. thank you. thank you. the secretary general of nato is now giving his response to the don bass crisis. so against oldenburg is calling get the most dangerous
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security situation in a generation. let's lead more cost life straight to berlin. right now we're all he's paula slayer is signing, bipolar, the nato security general stolen both has just given a statement. what was some of the highlights if you well, as you cleckley say, started by talking after a press conference in belgium, he did say that moscow has moved from covert to overt military action, saying that the nato alliance has evidence to support that. russia is planning a military attack on ukraine, and in fact, he said, all the way back since 2014, russia has had a presence in the don bus. now he accused rushes recognition of guns and the knit as to quote, a serious escalation by russia. that is a flagrant violation of international law. it comes as nature puts more than a 100,
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a craft on high alert, and some $120.00 allied ships are underway. still to be calling on russia to skip back saying it's never too late, not to attack already now for months, nato, according to stilton berg has been warning that there is a real risk of war. he said that russia has now done exactly what may to be expected to do and feared it would do and, and nonsense would do already last autumn. he says that the ukraine is a highly valued partner who nato supports an. any attack on an ally would require a response from all. he also said that made her welcomes the sanctions and the hope of the naught stream to earlier. today we did hear from the german chancellor that they were putting on hold any kind of ratification process for this and water pipeline. that until now, the german republic has been reluctant to include the north stream to any kind of
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sanctions, but now it has. and we are hearing that nature has increased its presence in the baltic states and has plans in place to reassure and defend its allies. so that's what we're hearing at the moment out of brussels. the very latest, the artes paula slayer. thank you. well, thank you for joining us here on archie international. it's been a very fluid day of breaking used to just about every hour on the hour. thank you so much for joining us here on this channel. and it's only going to get more busy as we head into the evening hours here in our to international. the next presenter is here with the whole docket of your latest stories. thanks for joining us. ah, ah.
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well, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk ah, there is extreme nationalism which has been released to the us and they want us dominance. but surely they are sensible voices in the u. s. c. that conflict is where you are heading gauntlet. gore war is not the way there is another way where it could be would it wouldn't for all of everyone. and i certainly believe that the corporation between china and the united states, anyone for that by to russia,
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will benefit man going much more than a contract. ah with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is our know, everyone here with the coin is on its own vector, right? so that vector is going in a direction that is not obeying the classic 2 party system or the classic cartels. whether it's the 14 families and or the 12 member banks,
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the central banking system here in the u. s. or any of the other cartels and power cartels, it's on its own vector. it's going in the same direction and it exposes a lot of these cartels. and i think while we're seeing and in canada for example, as the result of these money printing, central banks have destroyed society and without big coin, they wouldn't be obvious. oh, more than 20 years apart since one of the world's deadliest terrorist attacks that took thousands of lives, people started to scream. there was a wave that came over us. that was like opening up an oven door, but not all wounds of heel. the survivors respond. does have increased rates of cancer and other health issues due to the dust and chemicals they inhaled. i come here to get my blood cleaned out. of the metals,
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a lot of blood cutting in my blood. in terms of 1st responder was that was well over a 100001st responders in like there was some estimates that 10 to 20 percent still have to yes yeah. but the chief with my wife. well it sure, sure minute i have with friends. i thought i was humbled before this really humbles you appreciate life. ah ah, is your media reflection of reality? ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh there is an extreme nationalism which has been released in the us and they want us dominance. but surely they are sensible voices and the you are saying that conflict is where you are heading gauntlet. gore war is not the way there is another way where it could be wouldn't win for all of everyone. and i certainly believe that the corporation between china and the united states and he
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would for that by to russia, would benefit mankind much more than a conflict. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time to sit down and talk match geysers financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can convert into cash quite easily. but keep in mind, no as the domain to inflation datawatch guys report
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with . and yesterday's recognition of these republics was dictated by the fact that publicly their leadership of ukraine. he started saying that they have no plans of implementing face agreements. they didn't want to. so what else was left to shade? president person says your brain has killed off the men's agreement, the saying that ending they don't biased conflict while local is welcoming promised . the rival russian peacekeepers, lot comes off the president couldn't recognize the independent so but on asking to look out for public pledging to ensure the piece in the region is to realize i'm certain we haven't been abandoned and that we have a future. we greeted the knees with tears and we are happy. at least there will now
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be order the.


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