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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> my name is catherine dominguez. thank you to the members of sfmta for the opportunity to speak before you today, native san franciscan, responsible for working with a large passenger base, on the customer service side which uses an app to manage sf rides. taxi magic is work with partners to deliver over 200,000 rides in the san francisco bay area. mobile innovations directly improve the tax experience in san francisco by being able to hail a cab through a smart phone, establish system, investing record sum of money over 200 million to improve local taxi service;
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the private market is working with great velocity. -- quite frankly we believe that city managed ehailing efforts will kill taxi innovation in san francisco. it one of the competitors rolled out a new feature would could concentrate new resources to bring that feature to market. since features are not defensible and supply would be controlled the only path to profitability for companies like taxi magic is price competition; overtimes eroded by the player who can afford to-- the sfmta can improve the taxi market by placing more caps on the street,
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working with existing technology providers. >> thank you. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> also it's not going to be relevant to the subject, i thought we would be discussing the issue of having electronic weigh bills which is finished and done with, i want to express my opposition; we don't need anybody to bake through our information; it is not fair to have our financial data access by third parties or more. and we really think that by doing that process, it's
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nothing but adding another stress to what you have already seen here, with poor men working for their families; it's going to be another burden for them. i am sorry but // thank you very much. >> mark gruber, -- >> thank you. mark gruber. united taxicab workers. we desperately need electronic taxicab access. it should be done in the form of a single app put out my contract through an rfp instead of having some multitude of apps fighting among each other. you might have gotten a glimmer from the taxi magic representative. this is something that needs to be done right.
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and the only way i can see doing it right is to have one single app that every person can access a san francisco taxi through. we need to be branded in a very clear and obvious way if we are going to meet the competition. i am also greatly concerned as director lee was expressing about the information that would be collected through this data collection system that doesn't seem to have much relevance at all to the function of putting a potential passenger in contact with the driver in their cab, done with any number of apps without all of this information being brought into one central place and the only thing i can see here is that it is being done for agency purposes and that is not right. there was an understanding,
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there was a compromise made last year when the agency, or maybe even two years ago, when the agency wanted to collect everybody's data and bring it to one central place and there was a huge objection to that it was decided that the only thing that would be collected was statistical information, now collected from drivers companies, and drivers' weigh bills. (applause) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon again. another multimillion dollar wasted project as far as i am concerned. we have already in our fleet, we have had it in our fleet for four years, we have all the information required that you need. we have the machines that can accommodate the blind and disabled, it is all there and proprietary rights under cmt which ran the
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contracting 44 cities, you are all welcome to come down and look at it instead of living money where it should not be put. you should pay attention and you are welcome to come down and talk to the vendor and see exactly what it does and performs; this is a shade over your head, not realizing what is going on. i have been in the cab business a longtime i am a native san franciscan. my company runs 82 peple a day on the average. our taxi magic app has been in business since 2008. do any of you have it? have any tried it? why do you want to waste money on that when drivers need help to stop this stuff going on. if the other companies which
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you called 31 cab companies, how many have less than five cabs? how many have less than 15? let's get down to the real number. let's not play games. yellow cab and -- cab are already there with the technology. if you other color schemes don't want to perform that tell them to get out. some are disappointed when i invested another 2 million dollars in the new dispatch service and a more sophisticated app. you decided do something else. (applause) >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon, charles-- luxor cab. luxor complied with electronic weigh bills.
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some companies ignore the requirement and were rewarded. the lesson is clear. don't be the dummy who complies with the rules. the same thing happens with uber, side bar is to ignore all rules. now we are presented with a more complicated system that has the earmarks of an expensive boondoggle. please excuse us if luxor is not the first to comply when experienced has taught is that this thing is likely to be kicked down the road indefinitely and the early adopters will again be the dummies. would suggest you take it down the road now and save as a headache of duplicating the excellent taxi magic ehail system that we already have. if you want apps in all the
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cabs why don't you just require apps? off-the-shelf technologies. if you want more reliable data the one thing you can do is to get uber out of our taxis. the whole system is opaque from start to finish and nothing in the recorded data even hints that uber has discussed the order, process the payment, added extra charges and then allow discriminatory reading system between drivers and customers. get better legal system out of san francisco taxis and you will have improved data right away. (applause) thank you. >> marcela fonseca. you'll pass. christopher // -- >> i am christopher fulkerson. i agree with director reiskin,
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we are behind the game. it is ironic. i think that it is obvious that we need it, hausman is correct, uber has decided this for us. we have been seeing what happens with too much competition, it is oddly and we are getting literally seven and eight vehicles in a row that are empty. not enough business. i sense, mr. lazaro's disappointment and i would encourage everybody who has the program to bring it forward. the problem here is the question of who will own it?
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if some sort of universal system is owned in a conspicuous place it will create favoritism problems; it will create a prioritization problems, who gets to chip in first with their constructive comments. i would favor a system in which everybody is allowed to speak but not everybody was allowed on the road at all times. yeah, i think the spirit of competition has become a problem, it is no longer a virtue. thank you. >> the next speaker please. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon.
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it's been a long afternoon and you have a lot of things. unfortunately most of the things that you have heard of the mistakes of the mta. and you are now staring at yet another mistake. one of the things that you should learn from uber and everybody else is customers want to use their credit cards in order to ensure that they get a vehicle. in the past the taxi commission and you guys as well have prohibited us taking credit cards in order to ensure that we can guarantee a cab will be there and on the other hand, that the customer will be there because is the cab is there and the customer is not as happens all the time, i was really intrigued by mr. reisking's statement
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about being on the corner of vaness and what? one of the greatest problems in the industry is which corner are you talking about and how is a taxi going to be on the southwest corner when he doesn't know which corner the passenger is on? so it's a little more complicated than you think, but the main thing is you have to allow us to take credit cards and i would suggest that mr. heinicke look into it isn't just a pilot program before you approve all the apps so that we could have a program just for advanced calls that we could accept, credit cards, and start fighting fire with
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fire because that is where the success is. thank you. (applause) >> next speaker please. >> (calling names) >> my point about the subject is that i have been calling for a central dispatch for 20 years now and finally something is happening in that regard. i am all for a citywide taxi app, the people who showed us that this works is uber cab and so on and so forth, they have been doing it for years but there is one requirement there should be a fee when they call for a taxi or a taxi or credit card number
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so that we can charge them if they are not there. -- people are never there. they call 8 cab companies. if they called more than one cab company, the first cab there would leave, and the rest will either not pick him up. not anymore. they will fight over him now. times have changed in the cab industry. half my business now is credit cards; i am paying a huge amount in fees. it is almost like another tax on top and you demand that week take credit cards and not charge extra. gas stations in charge extra for credit cards. i think that is wrong. we should be able to charge extra for the use of credit cards because i am losing money. thank you. (applause)
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(reading names) >> peter witt, yellow cab. 20 years behind the game mr. reiskin. the game is over. credit cards is an important issue. the customer waits for them. cabs go to the customers. it is a respect of money; nobody wants to lose it.
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the customer is there and uber cab shows up, a great idea. how do they get that idea? 20 years talking about it. but it happens that they are the wrong people. the people in front of me don't listen; the people 20 years before you did neither. the taxi police collected data, collected data from the companies i believe what little they have to offer. like a mandate. the companies are supposed to semiannually supposed to produce a financial report. i don't know. print terminals in the back safety issue, accidents do happen, bloody noses, broken heads. the small-cap that we are
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getting, it is hard to get into the backseat without hitting one with your knee, or head or elbow. try crossing over. i know none of you get out of the house. you went to college but common sense was not on your course. smart apps, we need that. what is the point here? providing financial data. we are delaying monitors for ramp aps. >> next speaker. (calling names) >> directors i would like to echo some of the things that john lazaro mentioned as far as developing his own app, spending money to develop his own app. we will put one out in the next
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couple of weeks which will echo a lot of features. we will expand our dispatch service, to have some of those features that will allow the drivers to connect with their passengers by phone on the way. we are spending money and time to expand. the biggest problem i have, that i want to address, with what is on the agenda today besides being against it is the way he came here before you today. when something as important as the proposed legislation is before the board of supervisors, is relegated to the committee. the supervisors looked it over, and presented back to the board. we had a lot of time to discuss this. even though there has been some talk about an app developed as far as specifics, with excerpts,
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and the actual specifics of what was all about were put up friday afternoon which most people -- a lot of stuff is threatening for our companies, very litigious. i would encourage you for more discussion rather than to look at it for a day.
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>> i am a native of the planet earth i believe. i'm here to address you on page 3, taxi companies do not have a direct financial incentive to ensure the taxicabs are efficiently utilized. this is not only a false statement, it is inflammatory. yellow cab in 1981, we initiated computer aided dispatch. in 1997 we were the first company in the united states to offer passengers the facility to process credit cards for payment of fare. we have spent over the years millions of dollars for equipment, for programming, to make a statement like this is an excuse to tell is that we need to do more, the city has to interfere with our brand name, take our business, i find is resentful because yellow cab
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was started by cabdrivers for the benefit of cabdrivers and the purpose is to make sure passengers are well served. we have spent a great deal of effort encouraging drivers to respond to the service calls. in fact we paid them at one time; we gave drivers 500 dollars apiece to take the most calls. the same driver always won the $500. they still drive even if we don't pay them. this is something that needs to be carefully considered as to how you will implement this thing and for what reason. thank you. (applause)
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