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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> roll call, please. >> miss maufas. >> here. >> miss mendoza mcdonald, dr. murase. >> present. >> miss norton? >> here. >> miss wynns >> here >> and miss fewer. >> here. >> miss wei. >> here. mr. logan? >> here. pledge of allegiance? >> we are voting on the regular board minutes of february 25,
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2014, do i have a motion. >> motion. >> second. >> any corrections? any none, roll call. >> miss wei. >> yes. >> mr. logan. >> we. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> norton. >> yes. >> and miss fewer? >> yes. >> wynns. >> yes. >> six ayes. item b presentation to the board. >> over the last few days, march 5, through 7, 207 san francisco unified school district skaouts received free eye examines and classes through the vision ban program sponsored by one sight, a foundation group and i would like to on behalf of all of the
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students, make dr. albert lee who is coordinating this for the last few years, including organizizing more than 150 volunteers from all over california to work with our students, this effort was coordinated with the school health programs and in special recognition to the school district nurse, cathy babcock and many nurses and social workers and staff who helped to insure the student participation with this worthy cause and i want to thank the associate superintendent kevin truit of the support division and kim coats of the health programs. 55 of our schools signed up and sent 223 students to the vision van for free glasses and thank you for your efforts. i would like to acknowledge that march is school social worker appreciation month and so thanks to all of the hard
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working, social workers, and all that you do to insure that students receive their free eye glasses, and for all of the hard work that you do each and every day for all of our students in our community. and i would also like to recognize that march 14th is pi day, 3.14, get it? >> pi. not the kind you eat. around the world and some schools celebrate the event with a class session dedicated to the decimal representation that never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern, at june, the jordan school for equity they will be studying pi and challenging one other for who can recite the most dig its, last year, one student recited over 60 digits. >> this friday is also a very special event for one of our long-serving staff members, at
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chavez elementary school they will be honoring teacher ester giasco. she attended there as a young girl and returned to work there and been on the staff there continuously for over 40 years. she is a very special person, and she supervises the children in the cafeteria before and after each day and the lunch shifts and before and after school and she has a kindergarten class and she frequently is in charge of groups of five students and helps them with the reading and writing and math solving skills, there is not enough time in tonight's meeting to talk about everything that she actually does, but the school is prepared a special celebration for her and will rename the cafeteria in her honor this friday at 5:00, thank you for all of your service. i would also like to recognize that tonight in honor of the school administrator week, we will announce our district winners of the association of california administrators asa,
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the administrator of the year awards and they will recognize the outstanding performance and achievement by individual administrators who are recipients and active active members who show strong support to the teams who lead in the leadership in the school programs and commitment to the professional growth and so congratulations to all of our administrators and enjoy your week and for all that you do to support us in the schools. >> we have the stomp contest, the 50th anniversary, justice, equality and opportunity, and this was held on january, 22nd, and this was an opportunity for the students to develop language skills and provided a forum for the students to demonstrate excellence in oral, language, speaking comprehension, collaboration and presentation and knowledge of ideas in their subjects student demonstrated several
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standards and focused on the standards and for speaking and listening. before i introduce the winners, i also want to thank everyone from our community that came out last saturday to the school planning summit and i want to thank all of the members of the board of education for being there as well. we had over 800 parents and administrators community members, and elac and dlac, and you name is there were there to man the use of the funds under the local control funding formula and the school budget, and thank you for coming out on a saturday and doing the hard work. there are many privileges and special events that i get to attend in our district and wonderful community and i was incredibly impressed last friday when i was invited to visit one of our middle
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schools, marina middle school and this board of education recently passed calling for the suspension for willful defiance, how do you do things that are different. at the school, the assistant principal, daws said instead of suspending students i am going to invite you to come and run with me after school and we are going to work it out and i had to see what she meant by this, what do you mean that you are going to work it out? she literally means work it out. she with a group of 15 students, left marina and one superintendent in tow left the school and we jogged down to the green and we stopped at various places, and included in this run were two young ladies who the day before this gotten into a verbal altercation that almost led to fist-a-cuffs and they were on the run and there were other adults, and by the
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time that we got done with the run we did a mile half or two miles they had worked it out. they had actually worked it out. >> so i think that is just part of the creative energy that is happening in the school sites and i want to give a special thank you to jenny for being so innovative in her approach to restorative discipline. for our students. and i also want to thanks cece for the invitation to join them and keep doing what you are doing penguins you are doing a great job. with that, i would like to introduce, two special guests that will introduce the stars of the show, our students and so i would like to ask emily wade thompson and brenda jackson and to introduce our special guest this evening who will share with us their
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speeches. >> hi, and two our elustreous superintendent and to his official staff, thank you very much. and especially to all of the parents, grand parents and audience, as you are aware, excuse me. and the principals, the two principals who are here tonight and that is miss flint moore from carver and sheritan and miss deana edwards, thank you very much for coming. as the superintendent already stated that the san francisco alliance of black school educators oftened the 34th annual musical and stomp presentation. and i am in big trouble. we are all in big trouble because as you know, all of the students are winners, and
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parents have been calling, grand parents have been calling, and about 50 other people would like or students would like to have been here tonight, to show case their talents for you. but, because we only have what, five minutes? i am going to introduce to you our first scholar, his winner and that is mr., excuse me, anthony stephanie. i keep on looking at him. and jeremiah smith. and he is a first grade winner. jeremiah, excuse me. you can go here. >> my name is jeremiah smith and i go to george washington carver. >> you know what you don't have to bend over. it is a strong mic.
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so now you can say your speech. >> for the first grade. hey, black child, why your (inaudible), hey, black child, do you know who you are? who you really are? do you know you can be what you want to be if you try to be? but you can be? hey, black child, do you know where you are going? where you really are going? do you know you can learn what you want to learn if you try to learn what you can learn. hey black child, do you know you are strong, i mean really strong? do you know you can do what you want to do if you try to do what you can do. hey, black child, be what you can learn, learn what you must learn, do what you can do. and tomorrow, your mission will
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be what you want it to be. [ applause ] >> first grader, jeremiah smith. >> we even have the kindergarten but she could not come. next, is anthony stepney. come on. [ applause ] hello, my name is anthony stepney and i am going to do a speech called holladay. >> once the year that we celebrate washington and lincoln on their birthday and the third name is added to the list. a man of peace, for justice. now every january on the third monday we pray hard for the man who paved the way for freedom
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justice, and equality, to make the world a better place for you and me. it is a holiday, it is a gathering, for reverend dr. martin luther king, dr. king tried to love somebody. did not want to love somebody for his sake, put your head away, take a day, take a da to move somebody, don't plan the holiday, work to find a better way. everybody loves somebody now, everybody has seen martin luther king and let freedom ring for martin luther king, holiday, holiday, king holiday, not a day just for some, it is a day for everyone. he had a dream now it is up to you, he had a dream now it is up to you. [ applause ]
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>> the next winner is devanee watkins. >> my name is devanee watkins and i go to carver academic elementary school, and i am in fourth grade. and the poem that i will be saying it i stand tall. >> i stand tall. i stand tall. truth, justice, righteousness, harmony, balance, propriety, and order. i am a valuable person, contributing to the group. my family, my community, my country, the world is waiting for my leadership. i am confident, competent and conscious, i will apply myself to my studies and love and
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respect my teachers. and so will students. and i will be the best that i can be. the only standard i have is excellence. i take pride in my work, pride in my school, pride in my family and pride in my community and pride in myself. i will achieve whether i am a carpenter, a teacher, a business person, a senator, a doctor, a lawyer, or the president. leadership is my destiny, i remember all of the great ones who came before me. dr. king, rosa parks, har et tubman malcom x, and dr. george washington carver, all inspiring me to go forward and take a fair legacy.
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i am strong, i stand tall. i stand tall. [ applause ] >> we want to thank you for the opportunity to show case just a few of the young people that participated in this year's oratorical contest and we look forward to all of you joining us next year on the fourth saturday in february at thurgood marshal, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, and students, you are absolutely wonderful, how about another round of applause? >> and her teachers and our parents and grand parents and principals, and teachers, so thank you so much. i want to wrap up the
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superintendent's thoughts but also thanking everyone that came out to the bay view family night last friday. and it was at the california academy of sciences. we had over 1,200 family members in attendance, enjoying science at the california academy of science, and i want to especially thank the bay view zone team led by assistant superintendent, deedee. and our incredible science administrator emanuel stewart who put it altogether. and so i would want to thank the california academy of sciences for hosting our families and so thank you very much. >> thank you, for that wonderful performance. and recognitions and resolution and commendations. superintendent? >> thank you. we have a recognition, did you want to do the... >> yeah, sure. >> president fewer? >> thank you superintendent.
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>> it gives me great honor this evening, to present a certificate of recognition to a very special young man nicholas persky. he is a senior in high school but he has been a great friend to many of our schools and i might say to our needy schools, nicholas is an extreme couponer and it might sound a little odd to us who don't understand math that well. but never under estimate the power of math and also the power of a generous heart. so nicholas happens also to be the chair person of the san francisco youth commission , rather the president of the san francisco youth commission and nicholas had asked me if i knew of a school that might need some paper. and i thought, why yeah, i think that i could mention a school or two and so it started with brett heart, where he
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donated 6 months of copying paper to that school and also befriended a 4th grader who aspires to be an extreme couponer and then we went on to the mural school where he also donated then hundreds of reams of paper and then we went on to brett heart again. and then we went to reading and then on this friday, we are planning to go to malcom x, to deliver even more paper. and so today today, nicholas persky a senior in high school has donated over one ton of copying paper to our school. [ applause ] so it gives me great pleasure tonight to recognize him in public and on behalf of the board of education and our superintendent for his generosity, and also for helping us out with a lot of paper so that we are able to
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buy more services for our students in those neediest schools. and so nicholas, would you please come to the podium? yes, a picture please? >> great, would i like to thank the board a lot for this honor and i just wanted to issue a few thank yous. first of all i wanted to thank staples. if it weren't for staples and,
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cashers, that they have in the financial district i would not be able to get any of this paper and so a big thanks to them and a lot of the paper gets delivered to my house and so i wanted to have a shout out to the ups guy. who has to carry all of the paper from the ups truck all the way to the front step of my door. and often there will be six cases of paper which is about 300 pounds. and then, so thanks to this board for you know, when i'm riding muni home and it is raining and i have a 50 pound suitcase and a 30 pound backpack and thanks to the board for making me feel like i have a purpose and last thing that i will say is that i have 200 at least, 200 reams in my room right now and this is just the beginning i hope, so even though i am a senior in high school hopefully i will be going off to continue my
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education next year, i hopefully will be able to continue donating paper, thanks so much. and now the superintendent? >> great, thank you. president fewer, and i would like to ask i would like to ask superintendent to read into the record the next guest. >> it is my pleasure to bring forth the superintendent proposal to recognize the week of the school administrator. so i will read a few from the resolution, whereas, school administrators are passionate life long learners who believe in the value of the public education and the san francisco school district has principals assistance principal and superintendents and program administrators and early education site administrators and whereas most school administrators began their careers as teachers and the average administrator has served in public ed for more than a decade and such
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experience is beneficial in their work to effectively and efficiently lead the public education and improve student achievement and whereas the school leaders depend on a network of support from the school communities and fellow administrators and teachers and students and businesses and community members, and board trustees and colleges and universities and community and faith-based organizations and elected officials and district county staff and resources to promote the ongoing student achievement and school success and there for be it resolved that the board of education recognizes the first week as school leaders week and san francisco school district and commence all school leaders of the district for the many contributions they make for successful student achievement. >> colleagues, may i have a motion and a second, please? ? >> move the recommendation.
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>> second. >> thank you very much. >> roll call vote? >> miss wei? >> yes. >> logan. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza mcdonald. >> aye. >> miss norton,. >> aye. >> wynns. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> and we also have two very important guests officers of the association of california school administrators region five and these two officers are leaders in the school district and we have here this evening, president-elect andrew isubashi who is the principal at lowell high school as well as past president, they are here this evening. >> good evening, board and superintendent. >> out of, 500 members, and we
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have representing san francisco counties, we have three awardees this evening and unfortunately they are not here in attendance, jenny horn, retired administrator of the year has served numerous years helping administrators she was a principal, outstanding educator, and students come first in her heart. another individual was susan sanders and won the core administrator of the year and this is being an assistant principal and outstanding principal at george washington high school. >> and our last award winner, administrator of the year dr. dennis shutlz. >> thank you. >> okay, thank you.
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>> so, item d, student delegates' report, >> thank you. >> the first thing that we are going to talk about today is the office of student voice expansion for the sac program, which i talked about last week and we are working again with matt haney on this and the goal is just to reorganize the sac to incorporate more time and resources in order to facilitate more project engagements for students at school sites. also i would like to remind you that the youth summit is on march 28th at fort mason. from ten a.m. to 3 p.m. and you are all encouraged to attend and you can register on-line at
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sfusd and also been continuing its effort. and there is san francisco legislation that will go to the full board, on march 28th. and but, to sac members, and also, the sac coordinaters, lopez bar, testified in front of several city supervisors about the ecigarette legislation that is san francisco is considering and also, the sac is working on an ecigarette resolution that will apply to the school district. thank you. >> so it is that time of the
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year again where we have a new batch of student leaders for the sac and, currently, sfusd, has applications for any student leader or any potential student leader who wants to be part of the sac or run for the student delegate and so that is available on-line again. and all of our meetings are open to the public if you would like an agenda, you can contact our sac coordinator salvador lopez bar and our next meeting is on monday, march 25th, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. >> and so, for the board members, would not mind, i would like to move this item, the next item r, which is the san francisco unified school district urges the san francisco municipal transportation agency to expand
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it to include 18-year-olds that has been offered up at this time and since i believe that it is mid terms and so we want them to be able to get home early and study hard for the tests, if hearing no objection i will move that item up now and hear it now, that is item r. may i have a motion and a second on the suspension of the rules to hear this resolution tonight? >> on suspension of the rules. >> miss wei. >> yes. >> mr. logan. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> mendoza mcdonald murase. >> aye. >> wins wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> may i have a formal introduction. >> move the introduction of the resolution. >> second.
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>> may i have a reading of the resolution by the student delegates wei and logan? >> thank you. >> the san francisco unified school district urges the san francisco municipal transportation agency to expand to muni discounted youth rate to include 18-year-olds. whereas the agent currently offers discounted fares for youth, 75 cents for single riders and zero to 23 dollars for unlimited use, monthly passes and whereas, the sfmta currently defined the youth as being between the ages of five and 17, despite 18-year-olds making up approximately 3,000 of 4,014 high school seniors in the sfusd and whereas there are also approximately 418-year-old high school students in sfusd county schools d


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