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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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game took a very ugly turn. 11 news is the only station in town with a camera rolling. the ball game this evening in baltimore city was between two powerhouses in city high and edmonton. in the fourth quarter, all hell literally broke loose. 11 news was the only station with the camera rolling, and caught the whole thing. kai reed has the story. >> the fight may have started because of some intermingling because of rival fans in the stands. the video of the brawl is very shocking to wash. -- shocking to watch. the taunting between city college and edmunds and fans started early on and continued throughout the game. with just under six minutes to go, city college gets three points, and chaos breaks out in the stands. punches are thrown. fans are trampling over each other and officers with pepper spray rush in to try to break it up.
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pete gilbert watched the whole thing unfold. >> it was very intense. it is a rivalry game, and that continued to build throughout. the situation could have got a really ugly. it was a little scary for a few moments, particularly when a couple of basketball players got into the stands. at that point i thought, where is this going? >> officers sprayed pepper spray to clear out the crowd. the game was called with a 14. city college lead. you can see at least one person being taken away in handcuffs, but officials are not saying if anyone has been charged. there were no reported injuries. gerry sandusky will have more on if the scoring will stand or if the game will be resumed, later on in sports. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after days of unrest and
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calls for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down, president obama is calling the violence there unacceptable and says it must end now. amid reports that a probe of the mubarak supporters are to blame for the violence, obama did not point the finger at mubarak. >> the issues at stake in egypt will not be resolved through violence or suppression. we are encouraged by the restraint that was shown today. we hope that it continues. second, the future of egypt will be determined by its people. it is also clear that there needs to be a transition process that begins now. >> the president also said discussions had begun in egypt on a change of leadership, and that cannot come soon enough for some 100,000 protesters who gathered in tahrir square again today.
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protesters called it the day of departure. >> aegis defense minister rolled his convoy regius defense minister rolled his convoy into tahrir square today. the people versus the president is a struggle where everyone is standing their ground. >> president mubarak [unintelligible] they are still here and in greater numbers than ever. >> thousands more took to the streets of egypt second city, alexandria. the demand is the same. >> we appeal to president mubarak that he should hear a clear voice coming from the people and leave in dignity. i think i can speak on behalf of pretty much all of egypt.
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nobody wants him to leave the country in any state of humiliation. >> the president's supporters were fewer in number and this time armed with nothing more than placards. the crisis is no closer to a conclusion. >> so far, egypt has been in a state of unrest for nearly 10 days with no clear sign a resolution in sight. journalist for the target of violence at times. one well-known and popular egyptian television personality decided to stand with our fellow countrymen. she even resigned from her job at the state-run tv station. >> we were not allowed to report on what was happening in tahrir square. i spent the whole day yesterday just covering the pro-mubarak rallies, which i thought was ridiculous. >> she was an anger for an english language broadcasts. throughout the world it seems the clashes in egypt are turning
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into demonstrations but far and against mubarak's leadership. many are marching to egyptian embassies and showing their support, one way or another. we invite you to head to we are following the situation 24 hours a day on line. >> maryland utility companies are in the hot seat at the statehouse. one in particular, because of its response to adages during last week's snowstorm. the governor is teaming up with lawmakers on legislation designed to hold utilities to what he calls the highest levels of service and reliability. david collins was in annapolis today with the very latest. >> last week's rally heavy snowstorm left thousands of residents without power for days. it forced businesses, including roads, to close.
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governor martin o'malley called the dismal response bikes pepco to inspire legislation to hold all of maryland's utility companies to the highest levels of service. montgomery county center democrat brian frost is the lead sponsor of the bill. >> it says to the public service commission, is set standards for reliability and of the utility bills to hit those standards, then penalize them. >> the amount of the fine has not been determined. dg has a lot better track record according to a newspaper analysis of reports filed with the utility commission. the ge and all the other maryland utility companies are being summoned to the house economic matters committee to gescuss response plans -- bf
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and other maryland utility companies. the committee will use the information to craft its own bill. the baltimore sun reports bge will seek rate increases more frequently over the next year's. -- over the next few years. the hearing schedule for tuesday. >> also in annapolis today they were talking line. there is it -- they were talking wine. sheldon is live in the studio with more. >> a top senate democrat says some version of the bill will be approved sometime this year. wine enthusiasts are thrilled, but local wine shop owners are
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split. >> if i want to buy them i have to have them shipped to new jersey or washington d.c., or new jersey, and then make arrangements to get it. extremely frustrating. >> state lawmakers are considering a bill to allow consumers to receive one by mail. an overwhelming majority have shown support for a bill to legalize direct shipping -- to by mail.winwine >> conaway says the version of the bill will be approved, but the details must be worked out first. owners of local wine shops are split over the proposal. >> we want customers to be happy, and that is what is important to me. it is the big boutique wine buyers that i have who can take their business elsewhere, and that is a concern to me. >> legislators need to make it
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happen for people who are interested in line. it is a bonus for everybody involved. -- for people who are interested in wine. >> maryland is behind the times. should have been done a long time ago. free enterprise. >> i will never give up the relationship i have with my individual might -- wine merchant. there are times i want something boutique. >> 37 states and washington d.c. ship wine in the mail. >> there is a possible nominee for the next chairman of the maryland democratic party. lieutenant governor and the browns as governor martin o'malley will nominate his brother, peter o'malley. the current share is stepping down next month and that is when a new chair will be chosen. peter o'malley has been advising the governor's campaigns for years and he was
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chief of staff to former baltimore county chief executive jim smith. to york county, pa. men are charged with a series of car fires in both that state and maryland, including this one in parkton. they are accused of setting fire to a number of cars. officials were able to connect the fires across state lines because they say the suspects left playing cards at the crime scenes. jury deliberations in the case against travers and tremayne johnson will continue on monday now, after jurors told the judge they still had not reached a verdict. they are charged in the may 2009 burning of a pit bull pup become better known as phoenix. the puppy survive the attack but later died from his injuries. the jurors sent two notes to the judge today saying they could not reach a verdict. the judge ordered them to continue deliberating. >> they know that these boys actually did not do this, are
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actually what happened. there is no evidence. nobody saw them put anything on the dog or throw a match on the dog. nobody saw them with a cigarette lighter or anything of that kind. >> jurors will reconvene at 9:00 a.m. on monday to continue deliberations. a collapsed roof -- collapsed roofs remaining issues across the country. an interesting sight, but not just days before the biggest football game of the year pre the potential problems for super bowl 45. >> legislators' raise questions park by our story showing baltimore way ahead in its ratio of cops for people. >> that start producing a wintry weather in the deep south is moving into the mid atlantic for the start of the weekend. details on that and the seven- day forecast, coming up.
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>> baltimore city mayor
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stephanie rawlings-blake was joined by the city commission agreed there were pushing for tougher penalties for gun offenders, including a bill that would create an 18-month minimum sentence for anyone arrested with them illegally loaded firearm. >> this is not against guns. we are focused on offenders. we are focusing on offenders and holding offenders accountable. >> the 2010 homicide numbers involved were down to their lowest level in 25 years. they also spoke today about a story we first reported earlier this week. the story question whether city residents were getting their money's worth from police and brought to light how many more officers baltimore has compared to other cities its size. jayne miller has more. >> legislators said they were surprised by the findings in our story. the questions went to the mayor and police commissioner.
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>> we are focused on the offenders. >> as they made their pitch for tougher gun laws, the police commissioner and mayor were questioned about efficiency, the result of our comparison of baltimore said the effort with other cities. we looked at six cities in the ratio of police to people. in boston, there are 451 police officers per hundred thousand people. 472 in philadelphia. charlotte is that the low end with 316. baltimore's number is much higher, 610 police officers per hundred thousand in population. the police commissioner acknowledged the disparity between baltimore and other cities, some with crime rate just as bad or worse, but he then complain there is not enough money to do what he really wants. >> the mayor admitted the per-
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capita comparison raises questions about efficiency. >> i was very clear that while the numbers, if you just looked at the numbers, you would say that you could have the argument that maybe we have spent too much and maybe we could do without as many officers >> but she immediately added, communities want more, not unless. >> they want more officers on the streets. they want to see more police officers in their neighborhoods. >> patrol officers are the most visible part of the police department, but they make up barely more than half the force of 3899 employees in the current budget year. 2172, or 56%, are in the patrol division. the mayor reminded legislator she is committed to maintaining the current size of the baltimore police department, noting her two-year plan to hire
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450 new cops, intended to cover attrition. >> the recent wicked whether that covered about one-third of the country is still rearing its ugly head across the nation. here is how it is doing so. from the midwest to the northeast, groups have been collapsing under the weight of heavy snow. church in minnesota is the latest victim. engineers say the snowman not be totally to blame, but it did play a role. luckily no one was in this building at the time of the collapse. the good forget this, the roof of the metrodome, home of the minnesota vikings, acadian in minnesota. the route is not expected to be fixed until sometime in the spring. -- the roof is not expected to be fixed. the dallas area " to several inches of snow this morning. plows have been out in full
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force, trying to clear all the major highways. hundreds of flights had to be canceled. things that dallas-fort worth airport appeared to be back to normal. as for cowboys stadium, take a look at this. snow and ice keeps sliding off the roof. six people were hurt today. all of the stadium's entrances and exits remain closed except for a truck tunnel brother away from the roof. gerry sandusky will have more coming up in sports in just a little bit. in the meantime, the winter storms that pounded the south and midwest and northeast brought back some memories for many of us. it was just a year ago tomorrow when we were hunkering down for what became the history making blizzards of february 2010. two powerful blizzard, back to back. an unprecedented 50 inches of snow brought all of us to a standstill and created some large chlenges. tomorrow we take a look back at
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the blizzards of february 2010, the problems we were forced to deal with, and if it could happen again. that is tomorrow on 11 news saturday night. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> you see two weather systems that are trying to become one, but are still separate. the area of low pressure down to the south producing chilly rain from the carolinas to parts of north florida. just a little bit of rain trying to move north from that. the area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere out to the west is pushing range towards national and some snow across parts of oklahoma. that is the one that has a better chance of bringing us precipitation. it is the second piece of the puzzle that were really impact us. it will take a few hours longer. it is this one out here that will actually move across our region with more significant
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weather tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours. ahead of that system, the temperatures were pretty normal today. 41 degrees at the airport and 43 at the inner harbor. low temperatures normal as well. we are little bit below freezing along the pennsylvania border, where the greatest risk for icy conditions will be tomorrow. a little milder down to the south. the southern areas will be safe from any significant icing. it would take a few more hours for the rain to spread in. probably after 2:00, heading towards dawn, we will see some light rain moving in. by dawn, some patches of freeze the rain and chilly rain down for southern maryland. that weather pattern will hold for a while, through the afternoon tomorrow. by late morning there could be some light ice accumulations north and west of baltimore. tree branches and patios, a
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freezing rain advisory. a little bit of ice conditions tomorrow morning could cause some slippery spots. a little freezing rain to the north in the colder areas, with temperatures hovering right around the freezing point, anywhere from 27 north of town to maybe 33 just out of the city. one area of low pressure, lots of rain, just barely missing us to the south. it will start as a mix of rain and freezing rain, scattered showers and afternoon. as this system is departing tomorrow evening, there may be a quick burst of snow mixed in with this rain that may turn into also for an hour or two in the early evening before the system gets out of here and the skies clear. sunday looks dry and fairly normal, and then monday, the next system is already moving in. monday evening the we may be dealing with another wintery mix again. it will change to also tomorrow
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night and the creek will get a couple of inches of accumulation. -- deep creek will get a couple of inches of accumulation. the forecast, the looks like a partly cloudy day, increasing monday. rain or snow showers monday night and another storm towards the end of the week with the key lending slowed thursday night into friday morning. >> the orioles get an answer on their offer to carrero. that is next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $12 million. you must match these five white balls plus that called megaball.
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>> camden yards suddenly looks like a fun summer pilot waiting to unfold. the orioles closed out their off-season moves by agreeing to terms with vladimir carrero. he will reportedly get an $8 million deal. he will become the orioles' everyday designated hitter. he hit 300 last season with the rangers and 29 home runs. any problems make him anon factor in the field. if all the orioles newcomers fulfill expectations, we will come close for the first time this decade of having a batting order that could stand up to the competition in the american league east. a fight followed by bedlam interrupted tonight's boys' basketball game between city and
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edmonton. there was some pretty high level play on the court. emotions in the stands almost out of hand before they even tipped off the action in this game. in the second half, kristen johnson delivers with a move off the glass. a beautiful baseline jump shot, 12-0. this time from three, perfect from that range. city was up 14 when chaos consume to the court. after police cleared the gym, school officials did not resume the game. school officials will decide on monday whether to resume the game at a later date or call it a final with city leading 48-34 in front of edmonton. tremendous turnout at the towson center. mercy in the white uniforms.
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down the right side and a sit-in for two off the glass. one of the longest jump shot you will see this year. 27 feet, and it goes down for three. 40-26, mercy takes to win in that rivalry tonight. the terrapins only find themselves looking for a new defensive coordinator. brown left maryland to accept the defense accord neighbors position at university of connecticut's. brown spent the past two years as defensive coordinator. he played a key role in keeping several recruits. it steelers pro bowl center will
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not play in sunday's game. he could not practice today with the rest of the steelers. getting set for the packers on sunday, steelers defensive player seat aaron rodgers as the x factor in the matchup. if rogers cannot handle the pressure, green bay will struggle. if he can handle the pittsburg blitz, then pittsburg has problems. it is as simple as that on sunday. >> he can throw the ball 100 yards, it looks like. it looks like a bullet. he is going to be tough. i have said all along that will be the key to the game, win or lose. >> aaron rodgers could actually disappear for an entire quarter. stick around, thomas is back with the seven-day forecast after this.
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>> a little bit of a icy step in the early morning tomorrow, with some rain in the afternoon and maybe a snow showers in the evening. a nice friday on sunday and then another so shower monday night. another storm toward the end of next week. >> that is a look at our news. thanks very much for
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