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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> everybody wants to go into a burning building. that was our mission. our mission is to say the man. >> it led them to the white house were three baltimore county officers were honored by president barack obama for risking their lives to save another. those officers met with the commander in chief today. we told you last night about them. . >> in the officers were recognized that a special ceremony at the nation's capital. >> three baltimore county police officers are among those nationwide to be honored here at the warner theater. they are being offered the top award for saving someone else. may 12 as the day that baltimore county police officers will never forget pierre >> we got to meet the president, the vice insident, janet napolitano
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the roosevelt room of the white house. >> there were honored for their heroism. a paralyzed man was trapped on the second floor. he had already severe burns. >> you could hear him say, help me, help me. at that time, there was smoke everywhere. you could not see anything. >> nobody wants to go into a burning building, but we had to. but that was our mission. we had to say that man. >> they help the elderly man out to safety. as they put their lives on the line to save someone knows, the trio was recognized at the warner theatre in washington were among 30 cops nationwide it to receive the prestigious top cops award. >> uses go to work and do your job. -- you just go to work and do your job.
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it is really nice that are sergeant put us and for this award. it is a wonderful feeling to know that you made that kind of a difference in someone's life. >> anyone of us would have did it. that is what we do on a day-to- day basis. i would do it again, a thousand times over. >> baltimore county was the only police the card to receive the top cops were this year. >> the evening commute was tied up for many who drive on the beltways. there was a four-car accident on the innerloop. you could see one car lying on its roof. it backed up traffic around 6:00 p.m. five people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >a trip to the nationals to turn into a nightmare when a bus carrying young children flipped over. the bus apparently swerved and then rolled over.
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charges are pending against the driver of the car. the accident said 70 people to the hospital. >> in all started with a big gain. -- a big bang. >> i came out and kids work all going in all over the place. >> the son was the collision between a volkswagen, and suv, and a tour bus. the tour bus was full of kindergarten students and their parents on the field trip to washington, d.c. >> the suv and the bus collided. the bus driver had swerved to avoid the collision. it appears it ran off the right shoulder of the roadway and into a ditch, striking a utility pole. the bus flipped over to its right side. >> most of the passengers were able to get out of the bus through the broken front window or hatches in the route.
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>> most of the injuries were minor. one patient did go by helicopter. normally, that is indicative of someone who was injured more severely. however, when we initially dispatched the call, and we got the telephone calls into our communications center, we did ask for a helicopter immediately in case we needed it. it was here very quickly. >> police spent the morning investigating the incident. >> a preliminary investigation in best -- indicates that a volkswagen suv pulled into the path of the southbound bus. >> the students attend kent county. >> there were only about three kids that did not have parents with them. we were able to contact those parents right away. >> a south carolina man is wanted on theft charges after he scammed several elderly people in anne arundel county.
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and now offers a starter door driveway paving, but does not give estimates. he and his crew started paving without permission and told the homeowner that using the charges. he also use the norm -- use the name clark and may be writing a shale be -- a chevy silverado truck. anyone with information should call el dorado police at 222- 1960. >> you have enough trouble trying to convince people an america that a unicorn just flew into this room. >> democrats say it is simple. the big five paid more and the debt gets small. if congress wants cheaper gas, cut gas taxes.
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prices have topped $4 per gallon. then there are talks that some maryland lawmakers are considering raising the state gas tax as well. >> breaking point -- paying more than $4 per gallon for gas is too much for most consumers. >> i cannot fill up my tank anymore. it has been increasing, increasing, increasing. it has been hard to fill up my tank. >> in a letter dated may 9 to governor martin o'malley, senate president mike minter suggest meeting as soon as possible with state leadership to consider reducing state revenues for transportation needs. senate leaders have already floated several gas tax increase options that did not gain traction. for example, a penny per gallon increase tied to inflation, capped at a penny. a three-year phase-in of 10 cents more per gallon. most crucially, applying the 6%
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sales tax to the total purchase. barcs -- >> if you raise the gasoline tax, would you force the driving lesson? you are at risk of having less revenue than more revenue. >> sticker shock at the pump seem to happen overnight. it got the attention of the state attorney general. his office is probing what really triggered the increase. in a letter dated may 11, he is asking empire patrol in to provide documentation on why his gas prices went up by 25 cents per gallon within 24 hours. the company initially blamed potential disruptions caused by flooding in the mississippi river. mike lately on jaylen skipping business. he does not -- mike lately owns a landscaping business. he does not buy it.
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>> from gas taxes to gas prices, our friends on facebook are revved up. "when is enough enough? i work to pay more taxes." "why do not we, the people, demand answers as to why the overall price rises three days a week and forget about the tax?" stepping into the mayor's office and his brother peter has been named chief of staff. >> has you know, peter o'malley served as the chief of staff and work on his brothers may oral and human a toro campaigns. he will start as the mayor's chief of staff tomorrow morning. >> i have known peter for a long time. >> i think it was important for me to find a chief of staff to help me move the city's agenda forward. >> the mayor's office made the
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announcement this afternoon. peter o'malley, the brother of gov. martin o'malley is the new chief of staff for mayor blake. >> i was pleased to get him on board. >> he was chosen as the democratic party chairman just two months ago. he is moving to the mayor's office exactly four months before the primary election. the first citywide election as mayor. >> this is about a desk and subtle endorsement of mayor rose played by the o'malley family, including pete o'malley and likely his brother governor o'malley. >> they probably decided that he could do more good from their perspective on the mayor's staff, to build her strength at a time when people think she is a vulnerable. >> one of the mayor's
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challengers called the move a sign of weakness. >> we see more of the same, recycling what has been there before. i do not think baltimore will be pleased with it. >> the mayor's previous chief of staff stepped down in march. nominatedo'malley has no mr. lewis to replace his brother. >> the photographs of been were not shown in public. >> the purpose of this photographs was to be sure that the person was osama bin laden. i went to the cia. we looked at the pictures. >> two u.s. lawmakers were among those to see the photograph say and are now calling for the photographs to be released to the public.
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an airplane flying across storm clouds is hit. >> it is almost like being shot in the heart pierre >> a man rose to his home after floodwaters in the south continued to consume millions of acres. we will have economic impact next pierre >> could preakness saturday become preakness sunday? it may not cross the finish line. >> baseball legend brooks robinson. >> showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and getting closer to the baltimore area right now -- to the b
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>> co. people were happy when they were not on this plan when the lightning struck. fortunately, the airplane managed to land safely and no
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one was injured. experts say that lightning striking claims is more common than you might believe. the body of the airplane can trigger lightning. it is good that they are built to withstand high voltage. the mississippi river continues to storm inland as it crawls south. people downstream are sandbagging. but for many farmers, the efforts are not enough. the arkansas farm bureau estimates more than 1 million acres of farmland are now under water, costing more than $500 million. over the next few days, the army corps of engineers expect to divert flood waters away from that in rouge and new orleans. such actions -- away from baton rouge and new orleans. >> tonight, there are new plants in the works to refresh the harbor and keep people coming
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back. nine proposals for new attractions are under consideration, including ferris wheels, miniature golf courses, and is a plan to name a few. >> we want to build up the number of locals that come to the harbor and create more reason for them to come down for evening activities, for weekend activities, all year round. >> visitors to harbor place will notice change already happening. and a tandem story is an opening in the light street pavilion. -- h and them -- an h & m store is opening in the pavilion. >> some more saying that moving the preakness to send it is not a good idea. >> it is not fair to us and the community. that is the day that we worship
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god. we would like to keep that sacred and keep it in perspective. >> churches would lose the profit they make by allowing people to use their parking lots during preakness. officials are saying that they will wait until after this year's race to take position. for pictures and the history of preak as, you can go to our website, from preakness to baseball -- >> brooks robinson was recently hospitalized. he learned that fans support continues long after that last game. >> he is on the men. he is also a guy who is positioned all of our attentions to realize you do not have to lose a treasure to fully appreciate one. he earned 16 gold gloves. he played in four world series teams. he learned how much he still means to this town. i sat down with him recently.
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he could not say enough about how much of the outpouring of .ffection means to him an unlike many places, baltimore has a unique relationship with its baseball players. baltimore held its collective breath when he went to the hospital with a fever of 100 degrees. he is starting to venture out again. his humility rings clear. >> i feel pretty good. i am still a little weak. i am starting to get my strength back. i get up and check a couple of things out. i have a physical therapist that comes out three times a week. but i am not walking around --
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but i am out walking around. this is the second time i have been out since i have been no. >> when asked to talk about what he preaches about surviving his health scare, he draws the attention back to the fans who had their attention on him. >> i appreciate most being a part of baltimore and seeing the outpouring of letters and e- mails and things that people have gone out of their way and taken the time to do that. that is kind of the way i feel. it was heartwarming, overwhelming. >> a baltimore favorite son became a grandfather 10 times over. he did not come out of the hospital asking more at life. he came out -- asking more out of life.
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>> i was asked if i had seen "the bucket list." i do not have a list. i am as happy as can be. i do not need a bucket list. i have done everything. but over the years, he has survived prostate cancer a. like most of us, brooks cannot quite believe that. he still thinks of himself as a recent former oriole, not a man retired 34 years ago. >> in the last couple of years, things have caught up with me in. i am redounding right back. it may feel good enough to take some ground balls pretty soon. >> would that not be wonderful? if you went out to camden yards on a day like today taking a ground ball? with weather like today, he should be taking ground balls. >> we will change the pattern a little bit.
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the slow days -- the weather will transition to the weather from the west. today, it was a picture-perfect day. the high temperature was around 73 degrees -- 79 degrees at bwi marshall. as we head toward morning, there could be a few showers slipping in year. the tree and grass pollen was over 1000 today. the scattered rain coming our way will not do a whole lot to clear the pollen. across western pennsylvania and to the south and east, some of these showers may barely clip us
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as they pass by. there is a chance for a few showers in the area on friday morning. then there will be more chances for showers in the area right on through the afternoon and evening. it will not be raining all the time, but scattered showers in the forecast. the boundary tear during these thunderstorms is nearly stationary now. -- the boundary triggering these thunderstorms is nearly stationary now. it will take several days for that storm to clear us and move out. it may be until the middle of next week that we will do with the same basic kind of forecast. scattered charge will be more likely as we get into saturday. there will be a thunderstorm on sunday and that weather will leaguer into monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. the cloud cover and the southeast breeze will not be temperatures back a little bit. the waves are right around 1
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foot. western maryland could have some thunder. that will repeat tomorrow. expect thunderstorms from hancock to deep creek lake. on the lower eastern shore, it is mostly cloudy and a little cooler. the southwest wind comes in off of that short period there is 30% of bay shower tomorrow. there may be even some thunder and scattered thunderstorms lingering into monday, tuesday, wednesday, and maybe even until the end of next week. >> the art of pitching performance to do not expect from a rookie, followed by a finnish. we are getting some respect for the bowo's.
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try one today. ♪ you know when it's real ♪ >> pretty sure is that britton will not get many nights like this one. he pitched nine innings and did not get the decision. he is a sensational. nine innings with three hits. he strikes out miguel alitolivo. vargas had nine shutout
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innings. the orioles were down 2-1 in the 12 when j.j. hardy came in big. he had a single up the middle. j. fox, the pensioner, came around third. the orioles won it. zach britton is happy with the wind. he is unfazed with the notices him. >> when will that happen again? you have to tip your hat to that guy. thankfully, jd came up there right there. >> a classic performance and a classy kids. we recruiting gary williams last recruiting class -- maryland has brunig.d martin bernank
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he wants to open his -- the chicago bulls will play the conference final for the first time since michael jordan played for the bulls. the bulls are in red taking out at land up. there is a bank of the glass. nba ndp. derrick rose. that is not the kind of guy you want to leave open on the court. chicago take down at land and 93-73. it is the bulls and the miami heat in the eastern conference finals. the n.f.l. continues to look like it will be down for litigation. the players asked u.s. district judge for more than $700 million
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in damages from the owners today. two months ago, the judge ruled that they legally secured in tv rights fees. he will rule on the case in due time. but he says that judges do not like ruling on cases like this. just like football fans don't like listening to cases like this. tiger woods has to figure out how to get healthy again. for the second year ago, he withdrew from the players championship. woods withdrew from the tournament because of an aching a keeley's and knee. he has had four surgeries on his left knee. with the u.s. open five weeks away, it now looks questionable. stick around. we have a last look at the forecast ahead.
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>> q. the rain. >> there you go. stage left. it is coming in from the mountains. scattered showers will be with us from tomorrow. it will creep -- it will increase way into sunday. there will be scattered thunderstorms in the forecast through the middle of next week. >> ok. good night. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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