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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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john collins has a check of the forecast. >> i commend and there was a couple of things on the windshield. little drops of rain. we will change the flavor of the weather. see the cold states. to the west, there is some agreement running from frederick county and howard county through montgomery county right down into the district and south. that is some light rain showers and sprinkles activity. it is going more south then east. we will see more of that developed and try to come towards the bay. our rain chances increase today, along with the clouds. we will talk more about the forecast in details. >> not looking too bad. one problem to talk about. harford county at prospect road.
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one thing to watch for. otherwise, we're looking good on the major roadways. looking good on 95. up to speed on the major roadways. 11 minutes on the outer loop topside. five minutes and 95 southbound if you are heading down towards d.c. this is the west side at liberty road. the inner and outer loops are moving just fine and without delay. this is 95 north of the beltway. southbound traffic is a heavier beer we normally see at this time of the morning but no delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. will step into city hall to become the khmer's chief of staff. >> martin o'malley's brother peter will fill the position. jennifer franciotti has more.
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>> he does have experience being chief of staff. he served as former baltimore county executive jim smith's chief of staff. o'malley was chosen as the democratic party chair just two months ago. this will be the mayor's first citywide election. johns hopkins professor matthew spoke with us about the timing of this announcement. >> i believe they decided he could do more good from their perspective on the khmer's staff than on the governor's staff. to build her strength when other people think she's vulnerable. >> the mirror's the previous chief of staff step down two months ago. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news -- the mayor's previous chief of
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staff step down two months ago. >> we're talking about locals. nine proposals are under consideration for the inner harbor. officials are hoping this move will make it feel more like a neighborhood. >> we want to build up the number of locals that come to the harbor and create more reasons for them to come down for evening activities, weekend all activities all year round. >> an h&m store is about to open in the light street pavilion. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what improvements to think will bring more tourists and locals to the inner harbor? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we now know the identity of the woman found dead at wesley.
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am not baltimore - emma baltimore was found. she is the wife of a school administrator and was reported missing last week. she spent time in a baltimore area facility. there were no obvious signs of trauma. this man is wanted on theft charges after scanning some elderly people. police say he goes door-to-door offering to provide driveway paving. anyone with information about the scam should call police. >> lawmakers are scrambling to find solutions to the debt limit. kate amara joins us with what
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may be in the works. >> the national debt is on track to hit $14.3 trillion ceiling early next week. in another round, applies president joe biden aimed for a significant down payment on the nation's debt. >> it is premature to be optimistic. but i'm clearly not pessimistic. >> the meeting came on the same day senate democrats sat down with the president. >> i can assure you we will not be raising taxes. >> mitch mcconnell called for slashing the budget as well as benefit programs like medicare and medicaid. republicans have said they would agree to raising the borrowing limit. >> we want to change the way washington spends tax dollars. >> joe biden said every approach to pay down the deficit is on
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the table. >> it is all open for discussion. >> ben bernanke said failure to raise the debt ceiling could trigger a spike in interest rates and market instability. in washington, i am kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> two explosions targeting a trading center in northwest pakistan killed at least 68 people. this was the bloodiest attack forces killed osama bin laden last week in pakistan. osama bin laden did not have internet access, he still managed to be a consistent e- mailer. a careful system was set up to allow him to leave no digital fingerprints. bin laden what type a message and put it on a flash drive that was given to a career. that person will go to a
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distant café and sends it out. 57 degrees on tv hill. a tragic ending to a family fight. an olympic skater will be on trial for for murder. >> this is a live look at trevor. this is the beltway at liberty road. we will tell you which roads to avoid.
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>> good morning. friday morning. we have some clouds. i had a few drops on the windshield coming in. 61 degrees. mild temperatures. clouds have moved in. the weather is a different flavor for this weekend. we had a great week.
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it will be different. i have circled baltimore. you can see the bay. western half of howard county, montgomery county, down towards the district, you can see a band of light showers and sprinkles. it is slipping east and moving to the south. it will skirt portions of the metropolitan area. nothing major at all. more rain later on today. i will bring you the details in just a second. >> think manslaughter trial of mark kerrigan is set to begin in massachusetts. he is the brother of nancy kerrigan. prosecutors say he killed his father and during an altercation. it is reported that nancy kerrigan will take the stand. the judge expects the trial to last about a week.
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two men have been charged under state terror laws. they allegedly plotted to disguise themselves as jewish worshipers and bomb synagogues. they are said to not be tied to al qaeda. >> the dalai lama will be a keynote speaker in newark, new jersey. there is a summit focusing on peace-making process from all around the world. the summit will explore the program to establish peace. 5:11. 57 degrees on tv hill. a new recall may have you checking your spice cabinet. >> new considerations in annapolis. this could affect how much you pay for gas. >> we're looking pretty nice on the major roadways. the major roadways.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> how is the friday commute? >> looking pretty nice. much nicer when people take friday off. wouldn't that be nice? a little three-day weekend would be great. one accident we have to talk about in harford county at prospect road. we have a crash there, watch for the upper 60 miles per hour on the jfx heading into the
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city. 60 miles apart on the topside of the beltway. we should now see any delays on the major roadways in just yet. hopefully that will hold steady. this is the beltway at liberty road on the west side. you can see volume is building just a tad. this is 95 in the white marsh area. no delays there. smooth sailing north and southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. good morning. ride're looking at a good this morning. the 14 and 51 bus lines are diverting. watch roughly 44 line. it is running with a 15-minute delay. metro is running 10 minutes late in the westbound direction. our first check on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines is showing no delays. now back to john collins. >> good morning and thank you.
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cloudy skies everywhere this morning. here is the bay the baltimore metro area. i have highlighted things. few sprinkles and light showers. also montgomery county and down to the capital beltway, the eastern side of the capital beltway getting some sprinkle activity. part of the potomac river, there are some rain showers. we will see this type of activity today. the further west you go to become the better chance you will pick up a few scattered showers. that is the basic forecast. yesterday, it was the last of the magnificent week we had. the high at the airport was 79. we did have more clouds yesterday then we have seen for awhile. the morning lows were in the low 50's to the upper 50's.
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the typical temperature is 73 degrees. morning temperatures to the west, readings are warmer than to the east. it was allowed to cool down on the eastern shore. low to middle 50's. out west, we do have some spotty rain shower activity. here is the satellite image. we have had a lot of storm activity to the west. it has been from the mountains westward. it is pushing further east. snout it is basically going to be from the bay eastward and you can see this track of rain getting closer to us. in the city come we have had a couple of sprinkles. a front is still stalled to our west. high pressure is still affecting our weather. it is beginning to be pushed out to sea. clouds and scattered showers in the forecast.
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it will not be a washout type of day. southeast wind at 5 to 10. 67 to around 71, 72 degrees for the high today. we introduced that chance of rain. things are beginning to dry out. we see the spotty nature of the rain coming through. we do have a higher rain chance once we get into the weekend. rain will run into sunday. after sunday, there is a tendency to try things out as to go into the early week forecast next week. you do see a lot thunderbolts. 73 on sunday. each of these days, we go just the opposite of what we have had. we go from beautiful, dry weather to it rain chance each day. try to stay dry.
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>> chives may be contaminated with wisteria -- listeria. there has been a recall. it affects packages with the affects0201111 dated may 6. there been no reports of any injuries. you can find the latest recalls on our web page, more security for facebookers. to block it, the site will ask users to confirm before posting a story. facebook will also offer authentication logging approval to require users to enter a code. a digital wallet.
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customers can pay with just one click. visa is working with merchants to put a new one-click button on their website. the program is expected to launch in the fall. making it easier to shop online. >> a security breach from michael's store in maryland. walt disney is agreeing to pay $3 million to settle charges it violated kids' online privacy. jane king has more. it is friday. >> it is. this has been a long week for me. i am glad to see friday. we have been talking about online privacy. eight $3 million settlement
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between walt disney and the ftc. the largest civil penalty ever. the ftc had charged that is online at virtual games illegally collected and disclosed personal information from the thousands of kids without their parents' consent. facebook has hired a firm to enlist reporters to write stories to make google look bad. facebook was put in a bad light as it faced a lawsuit of its own. facebook said no smear campaign was authorized or intended. the obama administration is set to propose legislation on cyber territory. day yesterday. the dollar fell and commodities rebounded.
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keep a close eye on your bank statements if you shopped at michaels lately. thieves have been skimming. they can use data to perused customer bank accounts. this happened in five stores in maryland. michaels says it incurred from february 8 to 36 and that tabard devices have been disabled. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> i have one child that is off to college in the fall. you have a story about i believe schools solicit more kids to apply it and then turning them down. >> -- you have a story but ivy league schools soliciting more kids to apply. >> the number of college applications is on the rise. more high schoolers are getting lots of mailings and solicitations from these big schools.
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then at the get rejected. it is all about the application fees. >> we will look forward to that. >> they can be pricey. 57 degrees on tv hill. we'll tell you how much rain is expected for the weekend. traffic and weather is straight ahead. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> a new proposal in annapolis about how much you pay for gas is not sitting well with the public. >> david collins has what city
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lawmakers are considering. >> breaking point -- paying more than $4 a gallon for gas is too much for most consumers. >> i cannot fill up my tank anymore. >> general assembly is expected to meet this fall for a special session on redistricting. in a letter, mike miller suggests meeting as soon as possible with state house leadership to consider raising revenues for transportation needs. senate leaders have already floated several gas increases that did not gain traction. a penny per gallon increase tied to inflation, capped at a penny. a three-year phase-in of 10 cents more per gallon. and applying the 6% sales tax to the total purchased. >> there is great incentive right now for people to drive
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less. if you raise the gasoline tax, are you going to force that more? probably. you're more risk for having less revenue instead of more revenue. pump cker shock at duponthe seems to love happened overnight. at least one wholesaler is on radar. he is asking empire patrolling to provide documentation on why his gas prices went up by 25 cents per gallon in a 24-hour period. mike does not buy excuses. >> any increase will kill us. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 57 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> the mayor gets a new chief of
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staff and it involves an o'malley coming back to city hall. >> that rain has been out west all week. getting a little closer. are forecast is just ahead. >> we're looking pretty nice on the major roadways. one accident in harford county.d
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. double-check weather and traffic on this friday. all good things must come to an end -- let's check weather and traffic. >> we will flip it about 180 degrees. it will not be terrible or awful. will lose the sunshine. we do have the clouds this
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morning and some sprinkles and spotty showers out to the west. the green areas west of town -- howard county and into montgomery county, the district of columbia, east of the potomac river, some shower activity slipped into the southeast. some of the showers between frederick and brunswick and hagerstown, out to the west near 70. we will talk about the increased rain chance in just a minute. what about increased traffic? >> it is pretty quiet. we have one accident in harford county at prospect road and bay road. otherwise , we're looking pretty nice around the area. those live drive times show we're up to speed on the major roadways. 11 minutes from 83 to 95. 95 to the toll plaza, eight minutes. 70 minutes 895 southbound
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between the 95's. things are looking good. no problems to report -- 17 minutes 895 southbound. moving just fine in the inner and outer loops. 95 in the white marsh area, north and southbound are moving in just well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> the brother of governor martin o'malley is named the mayor's chief of staff. >> jennifer franciotti is it city hall this morning with more on the man filling that position. peter o'malley. >> one political analyst said an o'malley in citicorp might be construed as an endorsement by the o'malley administration. one candidate views this as a sign of weakness. >> i have known peter for a long time and i have been impressed
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by his work. it was important for me to find a chief of staff moving the city's agenda forward. >> the brother of martin o'malley is now mayor stephanie rawlings-blake's new chief of staff. >> he appreciates realism. he has a strong understanding of city government. >> he was chosen just two months ago. he is moving to the mayor's office just four months before the election. >> what is this move about? it is about the subtle endorsement from the mayor by the o'malley family, including peter o'malley and likely his brother, governor o'malley. >> a professor spoke with us about the timing of the announcement. >> probably they decided he could do more good from their perspective on the khmer's step then he could on the governor's
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staff. to build her strengths at a time when other people think she is vulnerable. >> one of the challengers called the announcement a sign of weakness. >> we're seeing more of the same. recycling what has been there before. i did nothing baltimore will be pleased. >> peter a lot starts his job today. governor o'malley has nominated yvette lewis to replace his brother. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> possible preakness changes this morning as the maryland jockey club is exploring the idea of changing the race day to sunday instead of saturday. the idea is being thrown around after being proposed with mike rogers. he has had success in florida with sunday raises. some say his idea is no good. >> i don't think it is being fair to us in the committee,
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mainly in our churches. that is the day that we worship god. we would like to keep that sacred. >> churches would also lose the profits they make by allow people to park in their lots during preakness. there will be after this year's race to take a position. for the history of the preakness, log onto our website, >> several people are sent to the hospital after right four- car accident. it happened last night north of security boulevard. skyteam 11 was over the scene. one car was left lying on its roof. five people were taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash is still under in investigation. a bus full of kindergartners were on the way to the national zoo when the driver swerved to
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avoid hitting the car. this was at white marsh road in centreville. 70 people were taken to the hospital. the children are from kent county. one woman was flown to a hospital in baltimore. the others suffered minor injuries. >> louisiana faces a tough decision. floodwaters are creeping closer to major cities in louisiana. the decision could have a destructive effect on other areas of the state. >> racing to can see to hold back the water. work crews are scrambling to protect homes. >> you have to sit back and watched. >> temporary levies are being built to contain the mighty mississippi. a water-filled boom system is being installed to raise the levy and protect the capital city. our losses would be
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tremendous. >> the army corps of engineers expects to open the morganza spill like and the sway. >> there are four million people protected by this system. >> the effort will likely flood up to 3 million acres and affect thousands of structures and people at. >> this is the price of living in paradise. >> life is anything but paradise for william and jefferson. he is living out a nightmare. he keeps an eye out on its neighbors by boat. a vision that is likely weeks away. >> overwhelming. 5:37. 57 degrees on tv hill. the cost of health care is a
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national nightmare. >> one family is cutting costs. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what improvements do you think would bring more tourists and more locals to the inner harbor? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we have some reports of emergency roadworks blocking a ramp on 95 in
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>> good morning. the temperature downtown is 61 degrees. in looks kind of gray.
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we don't have the bright, sunny situation we have had for four days in a row. the weather system that has been stomach at west is getting closer. but that the radar. west of the city, we see sprinkles and mostly sprinkle activity, maybe a brief shower. howard county, montgomery county, right down towards the district and down into pg county and west of frederick. how does the bus stop forecast workout? a la the clouds, spotty showers west of us -- a lot of clouds. temperature is around 60 and we expect to be around 70 today. yesterday we were closer to 80. not as warm. >> a california couple things they have discovered this solution to the rising cost of health care. >> they started -- membership is
5:42 am
for those who've lost their jobs and have no insurance. and part-time workers that to have full benefits. the price is $49 per month, $10 per visit. >> we saved on that because we bill the patient directly. there is no insurance, there is no re-billing. >> you may be wondering what happens if you need surgery. they encourage patients to take credit high deductible insurance plans so they will be covered in case they need surgery. that is interesting. 5:42. 57 degrees on tv hill. the orioles swept the series against seattle. keith mills will have more in sports. >> it will soon be time for summer vacation. >> we will tell you what to
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expect during your morning commute and prepare you for the possibility of
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we're getting word of some emergency road work on the northbound 95 ramp south. that is closed because of that emergency road work. you need to take an alternate route this morning. in harford county, we have a crash at prospect road at bay road. the rest of the major roadways are checking out ok. 59 on the j.f.x. heading into the city. 60 miles per hour, 95 heading down in towards the city in the northeast corner. a live look outside of the west side at liberty road. the volume is building in both
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directions. it should be smooth sailing. this is 95 south in the area of that emergency construction. it looks like 95 traffic is moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now for a final check on the buses and the trains. happy friday. >> right now we show a few problems on the bus lines. there are diversions for construction. the 44 line is running with a 15-minute delay. we have bronzer train 890 taking about a 10-minute delay. light rail running problem-free from end to end. now back to john collins. >> thank you and good morning. a different flavor this point with some clouds. some of you getting some sprinkles in howard county. here is the city and here is the bay.
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howard county, parts of montgomery county, down towards the district, pg county, some showers. west of frederick and bronze work out up to hagerstown. it is spotty. it is warmer this morning in many areas then it was yesterday morning at this time because of the cloud deck. it is cooler across the bay. 50's in georgetown. west of the bay, readings are closer to 60 degrees. there was some shower activity yesterday. here's what the satellite radar combination looks like. the cloud deck over us now. generally west of the bay. some of the shower activity could cross onto the eastern shore as well.
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the front is stalled to our western high pressure still affecting air weather. everything is sliding further east. it brings the rain closer to us. the heavier rain will be well to our west. it is all of the mississippi valley. cloudy skies is the basic forecast today. scattered showers and in some cases, just sprinkles. we will stress the scattered nature of whatever falls. 67 to 71 today. a southwest wind of five to 10 miles per hour. the temperatures of the water at the bay, generally in the 60's. as far as the tides, one to two feet above normal. havre de grace is having a high tide now and having another one
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just before 7:00 p.m. as well. you can see some minor flooding there. the most significant rain will fall west of baltimore. the good ones will be out in the mountains. we don't expect a lot of rain. it will be kind of spotty and quite light. around 70 today. today, the rain chances kind of spotty and scattered. rain chances galore on saturday and sunday. los 70's on sunday. we could begin to see some thunderstorm activity get closer to us on sunday into monday. rain chances taper off next week. our highs will be in the 70's. we have several days where we will have reigned instead of sunshine. >> the traditional start of the summer vacation season is just six weeks away. >> as chris clackum explains,
5:50 am
you need to prepare as never before. >> after a couple of summers of limiting vacation travel, americans are ready to take off this year. >> 95% plan on traveling as much or more in 2011 as they did in 2010. >> 81% said they are taking their summer vacations this year. >> but guess who else knows that and is anticipating higher demand this summer? the travel industry, which helps explain why costs are heading up. airfares are expected to rise 15% on average. fuel is only partly to blame. airlines have reduced supply with fewer flights. >> the capacity cuts and coupled with an increase in demand least
5:51 am
to a perfect start for higher prices. >> hotel costs are expected to rise by 7%. travelers are revised to start planning no later than this weekend and consider a few tricks, like bundling. >> there will be look at vacation packages as a way to save. and driving instead of flying one that makes sense. >> the cheapest wheat to travel this week is the one that starts with memorial day, two weeks from now. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. -- forget it. >> so much ahead. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, everybody. every so often you shake your head and say, i have not seen that every day. last night, both pitchers pitched nine innings shutdowns. neither had a win to show for it. birds when 2-1. orioles are not in third place. how about zach britton?
5:55 am
a nine-inning shutout. of its five shot victims. strikeout his five shu victims. he was played by three double plays. he retired the last 13 batters he play. seattle takes a 1-0 lead in the 12th. vlad guerrero scores. jake fox with the game winner. here's a wild celebration. they mob j.j. hardy. buck showalter talked about the big win. >> it was tough to waste and never like we got from zach tonight. we will turn the page and get on
5:56 am
a plane and had to tampa. writride.d's magic the orioles open a three-game set with the rays tonight. the eastern finals open on sunday. mark turgeon has a new number- one priority on his list. we recruit three of gary williams' recruit -- re-recruit three of kary williams' recruits. foust says he wants to reopen his recruitment because he doesn't have the same relationship with mark turgeon that he had with the dairy williams -- with gary williams. tiger woods withdraws after nine
5:57 am
holes. what a big win for the orioles last night. >> thank you, keith. >> a shocking display that interrupted a flight. >> a box office preview. >> a disturbing scene in one brazilian town. a bull ended up in a dress shop display window. >> there are a few sprinkles and light showers to our west. there is a change in the forecast. >> we have some new information about the accident in harford county. we will have the latest on that.
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>> the mayor gets a


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