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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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áábeat downáá downáá 3 batman.. getting a beatdown on a public street. where this bizarre scene played out.. and tte innocent ------------------------------ 3 by a sinnhooe. & everything could cave in. p3 this is what it looked like lass may. the city's response.. one year later.----------------------------- ------------------------------ - say goodbyeeto the 3 while. how much we'll get this weekend.. and -3 whhn the rainy weather finally mmves out... in my skywatch ffrecast.--------------------------- &p--------------------------- a new cancer -3 drug.. promises to extend a -3 patient's life. life.chinnasami says:: "this has been like theeholyygrail. the massive cost.. that's fuellnn the pebate over price versus quallty of life. p 3&pi'm jeff barrd pbrndand karen parrs... a bbltimore county man - facessmurddr charges tonight.. accused of killiig
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hhs 18- son. sheldon brown... is locked up 3 áákeitháá daniels,,.. live at county 3 where police... believe the boy... to deett.... keith. keith.. 3 sheldon brown is 1-years- oll.. his son was almost two. 3 3 3 it's news that's -3 catching neighbors by surprise.... the ammliar, disturring eadline... a father accused of killing hhs -&pown child...(woman//eighbbr)) "it's shooking and it's sadd it's very sad and it's happening more and more......" ..............baltimore county police belive it's appened in this townhome community on branchleigh rood in randallsttwn. sheldon brown is charged with first degree murder and first the young victim of an inccdenn that happeeed months
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ago.. wiih an arrest juut thursday. 3 to thh child's bodd killed hhm. (woman/neigbor) "a baby, a toddlerrcan't figgt back... (ms. jones/neighbor) pit's horrible, it's orribbe. i have two young grandchildren here s, it's devassating to find out somethinn like that would happen in this neighboohood." ................pooice say te hospital, before being transferred to the university of maryland meddcal center & with multiple injuries. that was on january 31. (keith) "the child died four days laaer. the medical examiner conducted an autopsy. the report ruled the chhld's & death aahomicide." &pthe medical exaainer notified -3 deteccives last month..-............investigators say they determined that brown was home wwth the little boy on the ddte that the child was injured. police saa thh man was unable to xplaii how the boy as hurt.
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"something's wrrog with that, 3 you'reeaware of what you're doiig. iffyou're not aware of ssmething that you're doing when you're inflicting harm on someone, then something's going on in your mind thht's not right." -33 3 3 new tongiht...// 3 ááoneáá person... accused of killing.../ &p jjhns hopkins researcher... ssephen pitcairn../ last summmr../.áácculdáá.. &p have... murder charges... & against her.../ ádrrppedá & waa stabbed to death.../ as... he walked... home from penn station.../. áála-velvaáá merritt... pled &pguilty... to roobery charges today...///ááifáá she ttstifies... against the other person.../ -3charged... in the killing.../ áámerrittáá... will... be sentenced to 30 yeers...// ááwitháá half... of it... puupended.../.áááohnáá wagner's trial.../ egins... next month 3 a... busy night for city police officers... / áásixáá
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phan 7--hoors..// áátwoáá shootings... involved a pair of victims.../ ááalláá victtms... áápoliceáá don'tt.. have suspeccs in any of the cases. 3 a driver is charged in -3 connection to tte accident that forced a bus ffll of sccool children toooverturn. 3 yeeterday near centrevilleein keet couutyy the bus was carrying 3-dozennstudents..... paaentt and teachers on trip to he atiooal zoo in wwshington d-c. it swerred to avoid hitting a caa.. and 3 the driver of that car is now charged with reckless and -3 negligent driving.17 peoppe -33 werr taken tootte hospitaa. mottrists.../ &and politicans.../ are... ffrious... over... proposed toll hikes.../ statee-wwde.../. ááoneáá... of... the costliest hikes.../ áátheáá bay bridge....// & áájaniceáá park.../ & tells us... about.../ ptis ossible.../ 300... percent increase. increase. 3 iffyou take a look behind e this is a live look at the ay bridge...where about 25 million people drive croos it & every year.tonight the
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maryland transportation authority is explaining why thee believe it's necessary to raise the tolllfrom aboutt &p$2.50 o eventuallyy eight buckks & bucks. p3&pthe bay icon... icon..."it's one of the moot visibll roaawwys in md"and a spectacular sight...essecially on a sunny day. but it's also &paanecessaryyppthh..for & countless divers trring too - the mmssaglia sisters -3 sisters"yea i was uut going down to the eastern shore for a weekend getaway"who today getawwy. they along withh &pothees are questioninn why the maryland ttansportatiin authority is propossng to double the bay bridge ttll in octooer from 2.50 cents to five dollars.then innphase july 2011, thh toll woull be raised again... this time to 8 ucks: bucks:"they haven't given a good reason as to hy, hey neee more money for what? that's a lottof moneyyfor people to be spending everyday" state senntor ej pipkin...who pays the bay bridge toll every dayyhimself: 3 "thh department has proposed a
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& 300 percent toll iincease, &pwhich ttink is theenew what are you really paying bridge""8 dollars can be a meal, dinner for an average person"but the maryland & transportation uthority is defending it's proposed set of & pncreasesstonight...saying theebay bridgeeare ld...50 too p0 yyarss..and are simply in needdof repair.they say the bills ave to be paid, where they've alreadd spent 170 million rrdecking and paanting 3 to keep people safe.but for like jaaquelyn iiliams... nottnow, not two years from now, not three ears from now""- now""we pay more money, pay more money and nothinn -3 happens, the results re till - the same!" 3 starting in junee there will be 9 meetings held in 9 citizens can attend nd really let their views be knownnstaae
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senaaor e.j. pipkin says people demmnning change is the - will be stopped.jaaiceepprk fox 455news at ten. 3 we asked:: dooyouu 3 increase tolls and fares? 3 ááandáá you're.. passionate about this oon.../ -3 áá100--%%á offyou say no no greg wwites: "yyu really need to ass? just more bull from the once greattstate of maryyand. " " ttuua writes: "i & swear i'mmmooiig!!! maryland's about to be a vacattonnsppt!! 3 p o to... fox- paltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off thrr facebook./ áásendáá... s tweet. áátextáá...// your answer to 45-203. ááenteráá... fox45a for yes. ááffx45bááá../ 3&pthe late edition. 3 3first on fox tonighh ----a &pgrowing probllm in some - northeast baltimore baakyardd... p3 a mysterroos sinn hooe &pdeveloped last yearr. and in the past few weeks.. it's
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opened uu even more.... swaalowing veryyhing in its & path.. kathleen cairns jjins &pus ow from wilbert aveeue.. explain: just walking out phe back door and into your back yaad.. could e a potentially dangerous expprience.. look t the size of this holl... 3& p it's 10 feettdeep with ttnnels.. thht cootinue &&pundeeneath several back yards... and as the hlee -3 grows.. so does the fight ver pho is going to fix itt 3 3 this northeast eighborhood & s filled wiihhchildren on a friidy evening, so residents worry aaout whatt could happen if ooe of those kids... ends up in the backyard of some of the omes on wilbert avenne. (sot) "i gettfear every time it rains!" &pdennse cooper tells us this - sinn holl has been growing aa aa alarminggrate... and n the past few weeks- it's bben swallowiig everything ii it's paat... (sot)"half my yard furniture is down there.. and
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3& yyars ago.. aad nn onn has ps.. see hats the hole...thats my walkwwy..thht'' it"in 1965-- frank fernandez hhd hissown sinkhole... which the city fiixed. (ffrn fernandez- had a sinnhole in 1965)"wwll the city paid for ine....but ttey dont want to pay for theirs..." p the city solicitor has promised to 'revvew' the case... but thh hole... &phas been growing for more then a year... and nothing has been done. frankkblames the sinkhhles.. on the prior purpose ffr this land. ((rank)"this was a dump n here"neighbors say there are tunnels.. underneath.. which are collapsing.. ome - insurance policies wont cover the mess... andd who is not ccear. (close on her face- denise cooppr) "you caa see tunnell..concere holes.. &peveryone is passing the buck" p take a look at this hole.. ad lib something. - outcue: news at 10 3 the mother of a 12-
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3 year-old girl molested by an ooline predator hopes to -3 protect other children from becoming victims.myranda -3 steppens has more on the message she and law enforcement ooficers aaross theestate are sending too parents abouttthe danners of tte iiternet. internet. 3 p 3 29:44 i can't explain why i did ii. but i justt idd47 jennifer rice of glen burniee trusted her mottee's
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intuition....and possibly saved her daughter's liffe 35:12 she tolddme that i savedd her liff so that was sppciaa 16 toddy inside the u-s attorney's offfce in maarland... rice shhred hoo her 12-year-old daughter bbeame thh victim of a child &ppredator she met through a 3 discovered what was going &pon... aater going through her daughttr's text messaaes. rice &p12:07 opened the text and what i read was very disturbing. the messages were referring tt sexual aact that pice-verss 15 the 21-year-old man was arrested nd sentenced to five-yyarr ii federal prison. one of the many crrminals brooght to justice through "project safe childhooo in maryland." a &pjoint-initiative of local, - state and federra laww enforcementtaggncies... -& working to combbt online child exploitation and abuse. batco state attny :57 child sexxal predators do not justtcommit one oofense they commit 3 unless law enforcement ssopss them 07 other convictions
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include john nicklas and his fiancee shannon honeaaof middleeriver....who were charged with aking sexually explicittvideos oo young children... innluding an 3 cifala.... a former aann -3 arundel county pplice liiutenanttchhrged with sexting aateenagg girl. rosenstein 52:44 we''e not - here today o brag about the statistics or the number of casesswe've prosecuteddoo to highlight the result of any & one individual ccse but we're - really here to sound an alarm 566 elling parents they can help prooeet theer chillren by ptaaing on top of everything they do online. and like & rice... take quick action and & call police wheneeer they 14:36 so many of us ant forr our kids to think of us as their frrind. but first we must be theii paaentss42in downtown baltimore, myranda stephens, foo45 news at ten. - 33the department of justice also &plaunched a new webbite this childdhoo and other & liik tt our web site....just &gooto oxbaltimore-dot-com and click on newwlinks. 3
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3 while.../ law enforcement... steps up... to &pprotect our childrenn---// áástudentsáá../ themselves... against buulying. bullying.4:36:53 i got thhs text message from sooe numbbr & i didn't recognize. this text & mmssage said this, "so you think you so cutt. you think you beeter than everybody. you juut need toowaachhyour back ms. thing". -3&pthing". eleeentary and middle students... from... collington quare school... ppt on... a performance this morning... for - a class.../ at... rayner brown elementary coolington square.... wrote the skits... / 3 and... cyber bbllying. -33 p:46:51 weeas adults forget - what it's like. take he - issue of rying to fit in and peer presssre back when thhre was no technology like cell phones, no internet. it was 3 neerly a hundred times. - times. organizzrs... hope thh skits ... give &pthe ssudents... the ools... ttodeal with pressuree.. 3 a bull roast to enefit a fallen fireeighter's family.
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family.friends and family gathered at the towson center 3& phe event alsooincludee a silent auction..t was all to hell raise money foo the family of baltimore countyy fallen firefighter --- mark 3 "it's ssmebody you miss....... ....... that laugh not be smile not bb there." hillendale fire this past -3 january. he is survived by his wiff gladys and two yyung sons. 3 and the ... baltimore county police department.../ held... their annual memorial & service today. 3------bagpipe----- ------baapipe-----family - mmebers... and fellow officers... -3&pgaahered... at patriit plaza... to honor the lives.... -3 of the allee officers....// áámembersáá.../ oo... the police honor - guurd... laid a wreath... before the county pplicc memoriall./áááoliceáá chhif....jim johnson... remembered the lives.../ of... each f hese - fallen heroes.
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3 "manyyof these men wwo's names are on this memorial were known, we worked with them, 3 each fficer was ssecial and unique in their own wayy" 3&proses... were also given to the surviving families.../. ddpartment's... 137 year & istory ---/ áá88á thhii ives. -3 3 police officers gather... at - the baltimore ciiy ffo-p mmmmrial ---- for the annuall.. law enforcement -3prun../áátheyáá honor... the ffalen herres... &pof the baltimore oliie 3 mmde... their waa from philadelphia.../ ááandáá aae.... rruning to... washington d-c. 3 3&p fiiht punch crowd noiie &p3 where's obin when you need him? how batman bad guy beatdown. 33 this has been like the holy &pgrail. 3 the prootate cancerr breekthru... that will uy men 3 later ii toniiht's covve pttry---why some people sayy
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it's not worth the hefty price tag... p3 fugitivvs on the fox45 investiggtionncaughh cityyemployees whoowere dodging criminal chaages. 3& - p
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3 city emplooees.../ on... wanted y police.../ ááit'sáá a... story you saw first... onn ox...// p áámayoráá... stephanie rawlings-blaae.../ - ramps-up... effootssto track down... city -& workers... with open &pwarrants.../ for their arreet.../ áácrimeáá and justice reporter... joy lepola.. talked.. to..
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the mayor today. today. 3 ((pkg)) city workers with warrantssouttffrrthier aarest. & fox 45 found mmchealllucas.. on the payrool months ago... an assistanttsuperintendant who had a warrant ut for his arrest for almost a yearr this is what the mayor said in &papril folllwing our story on employees sell reporting any -3 arrest. old ssttmaaor: we're at the policyyand concerns reaised by tte employees. investigatton .... mayor sstphanie rawlings-blake has conducted a city wide sweep. they found even more employees. mayor) 43:45 something you discovered 3 you aboot ooethiig that i shined a lggt on :50 out of 15-ttousaad employees ... only a small number of people who are giving the rest the vastt mmjjrity of hard working ity empllyees bad nnme :05((ole)
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46:29 wereenot going to tolerate business as usual in lucas' case... hees - returned tooworr despite hii criminal past. councilman &pheerings on a the city's new policy... because it doeen't go far enough. (cole) 46:488 whaa we found is that self reporting alone is probably not enougghbecause there is not enough personell pooiiiee to determine what happens to certtin categories oo offenses 46:57 as for the 12 workers recently arrested. city hall says the offfnses are serious put they aren't isn't saying what the futurr holds for these workers.. in downtoww baltimore joy lepola fox 44 pees at ten.. p3 ááprosecutorsáá drooppd charges... agaiist... michael lucas.../ 11 days -&pago. 3 baltimore's new state's attorrey has laid off nine &peeppoyees from hissoffice. gregg bernstein let the community liasons go &ppecause oo budget concerrs. 3 department reccmmended eliminating the positions last yeaa.. but they wwre kept pntil now. 3 city students take to heestreees..
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-3 prottsting education ffnding cctts cuts.ááhooking hornsáá hornsáá thee gathered on madisonn & avenue nd cathedral streets holdinn signs. the students say somm teachers 3 arts llst tteir jobs to budgett cuts.. &p 8::5:44 to ose a eacher is liie to lose a rother or a sister. my best frienddyou know? know? the studentss say they''e nottjust fighhing for tteir eachhrs.. but educatoor across the country. & 3 mayor ... 3 has... a new... chiif of brother ...of governor - o'maaley./ áááohnáá rydell reports.../ that appointment.../ is... raising some eyebrows.. eyybrows.. & 3 hh was a key martii o'malley...when he was paltimore mayor..nd he ater baltimore county executive jim'malley returnsto city -3become cheif of staff...for mmyor stephanie rawlings-bllke. (rydelll "we wanted to talk to peter o'malley aboutthis new job at ity hall. but we were
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told he as busy meeeing with staffers. but mayorrstephanie rawllngs-blake was more than happy tootalk about her neww chief of staff."(mayor))"he's think he's tte right prson to help me move the cityys agenda forward and iim gladdhe ooe po ome onbbard."but n thii & eleetion season....thhse who -3 are challenging the mayor... are now questiooing hee appointment....of the -3 governor'' younger brotherr.. (rolley) "someone even aa - realized that the mmyor is really, this job is aaove her abilities and so heesent his -brother to kind of come in and run the shop and it's sad." -3 mayoral ccndidate and former &pcity councilmmn jody landerss..calls ettr pro...but he wrong perron for that job. (landers) "the ccty &ppeally needd and independent doer aad thinker and this justt mmyor's office is just an aappedage of the governor'' office."(mayor) "well, critiis
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will say what critics say."annd the mayor....ays peter o'mallly willl elp delivvr results...that benefit...the people of baltimore. john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. -3 3 peter o'malley.../ most recennty... served... as... chairmaa... of the state... democratic party. record yesterray. &pyesterday.these university of maryland engineering studenns suucessfully gotttheii human powered helicopter off the - pround. thh team wws abll to get their choppee off the &paircraft --- ga-mera --- is powered solely --- usiig hand and feet pedals. 3 you better have 3 invested n an umbrella 33 you're going to wwar it out by - pwek's eed...ánextá week weee here's meteorologist eemly
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skywatch ffrecast -3 forecast 3 shouting just before 3slappinn slapping batman is -3 abbut to have biiger problems
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bad for the dark knighh. 3 iltis says: ""ffyou're in the positioo offliving an extra 4 -3 putta price on life?' " "a miracle drug hat can extenddthe life of some cancer at a cootly - price -----ext in toniggt's cover story ---the price ag on liie --- and why some say 4 months isn't wooth it... hhw...
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3 p much... is your life worrh? 3spend... 1000-thousaad dollarr... to live... a few months? the governnent is willing to doo just that, or some cancerr patients. bbb bucklee asks what could make a & meeicine cost so much... & who's goiig to get it... and - who is not. not..-& p3 (nat readdng an x-ray) pbernard 3& chinnasami ii an oncolloist who has waited most of his medicine like provenge. chinnaaami says: "this hass poowe find ssmething that's so specific to you, a designnr drug, that will give you such 3 ppooenne is a new way of attacking prostate ccncer that &puses the patient's dna proffle. iltis saas: "itt' a custom-made drug. so you take -3 theepatient's own cells to mmke an immune-fightiig - an immmne response - so it's not a drug that's mass produced, it'' made for each patient."
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chinnasami sys: "from a &pscience standpoint, it's innredibly clever. from an economic one, it's disastrrus." & medicine is medical miraclessare incredibby xpensive. provenge s one of thooe ... 3 of life a miraccl. that's how lng reatment with provenge can give you ... bbt, bbo-ethicist, ana iltis poiins out:iltis says: "if you're in the position offliving an extra 4 months, yyu ay, 'how can you put a price n liie?' " provenge's creator, dendreon has ... and it's 93 thhusand dollars, for ach treatment.buuklee says: "did -3 you catch that? 93-thousann ....for a single treetment. -3 yyuumiihh think that, with ppedicare aad edicaid bllwing a whole in not juss the federrl budget, buu the udget - ggvernmenn might take a pass on that kind offprice. buu not only did medicaae apprrve its use ... thee neverreeen - looked at its prrie, because ttey're not allooed too"
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chinnassmi says: "thh goveenment has neeer considered price wwen they agreeddto tteattmnts. actually, mediccre has beee -& prroibited frrm ttlking aaout & coots for these type ff - things."iltis says: "the mandate is to look aa the drug and say, 'does it do whaa it's says it's ggiig to do forrthe medicare population? and if the annswr is yess then hey cover it."chinnasami says: state, the way the government today's day and time, that's no lonner acceptable." (nat tea party rally) at least ttat's een the message of the tea party moveeent ... thht washinggon has to end what theetea paaty sees as, 'alice in wonderland paccounting,''which givee peoppe all the healthcare they -3& want or need anddworry about "as a society, we have to look around and recogniie that nobbdy gives everything to iltis ays: "we need to be - realistic and up frrnt boot our numberss one oo the -3 biigesttdifficultiee is it's very difficult to get straight aaswers aaout what something costs." the paaientt who get the
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3 see that bill ... but the rest of us will, eventually. but dr. chinnasami believee that breakthroughs like provenge open tte door to a medical promiss thht will pay off, down thh road. 33 3& whee... drug... breekthroughs... ááádvocatesáá of... ask... medicarr or medicaid... their cancer treatment. is nottonly expenssve --- but n several reccnt cases --- drugs devellped foo one type of cancer ended p doing more - parm than good --- when sed to treat ooherrcanners. 3 3 bleepp camel munching haar- hair a virginia reporter 3 camel.the irony... of her reportt.. 3 the dark knight willlbe 3 find out how the caped crusaaer ended up losing a - sidewalk battle for jussice. 3 &
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3 [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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bombs... - exploddd tths morning, .../ áákillingáá 70 ppeple... ncluding thh suicideebombers... at... a miiitary training - pamp in northweet pakistan../ áátheáá repsonsibblity ---//// ááandáá &psayss.. they're... avenginng áátheáá group --3 says.. / pakistani....and u-s forces... should be prepared... - for more attacks.../ because... of bin laden's killiig. & 3 a... staah of pprnography... was fund in 3 osama bin llden.../ by... the navy seals../ - áádefenseáá
10:38 pm
3 consists... f modern.... &p reccrded ideo.../ -3 ááisáá fairly... extensive,./ ann graphic.../ ááosama'sáá... secret stashh.. was.../ 3 killed... the l qeada... leadee -3 p3 & 3& this.../ is... one offttoss times .../ 3 could've used... robii..../ 3 crowd cheering 3 take a look at this 3 nasty figgt along the las vegas ssrip.witnessss gathered around... toowatch one an take on sooeone n a batmmn pccsttme. ii's not lear 3 batman definntely did not win. scene. no word if thee batman eturred to his batcave &paaterwaads. 33 pleepno..get ii out!!ii you get tat? that? this reporterr.. was trying to get a soundbite... foo her story.../ wwen her story... took a ite oot
10:39 pm
of her...//.. áátaraáá morran... of ww-bt richmond..../ was doing a tory... onninjuries on farms.../. áátaraáá...//- ssould be fine... after a shower.../ ááshe'lláá need... a loufa bar...// to scrap ff... alllthaa camel &psppt. 3 fightinggchhldhooo obbsity is going hhgh tech at oneeschooll doesn't sit weel with privacy in tonight's word on the web. judy? jjuy? 3 3 3 3 lunch time in five exas &pelementary schhols now inclldes not just eating and drinking...but getting a pictureetaken...oo yyur food. pfod. 3 ssn antonio health fficials & are llunching a new program to see jjst how much food -& installed mmll camera and computer screens in the school camera is set up at the cash rrgister...annther at the - disposal window. they takk - students ile onto their trays and what they don't inish palculate how mmny callries
10:40 pm
3 pritics of thh plan ddn't like watching the lunncline. officials conteed the cameras &pwon't bb capturing images of kids. 3 &&p33 ""ince the invasioo of prrvaay is lways an issue what i've & created is -- i have a bar -3 code that i'm using to identify thee hildren .." ..." 3 parents have to give permissiin for their chhldren tt participate n the prrgram. moms and dads can ggt reports about what their ids re eating innschool. 3 -3 3 i'm judy kurtz and that's tonight's word on tteeweb. 3 3 p the government in your student's lunchroom. howwthe feds will sooo have the power toorrgulate verything... in -3 everr school cafeterii. 3 and the national idol hangover after the spotlight goes out on a fan favorite... phat james durrin is saying -3aftee his eeimination...- elimination..singing nats
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that meat you iik up at our grooery store might be contaminated with harmful - pacteria... resistant to some common antibiotics.researcherss found more than 0 peecenntof saaples gatheree in etroit common form of staph infection -3---and 6 pprcent tested pooitive for the uman strain -3of m-r-s-a. analysts believe
10:44 pm
the contamination is mostt 3 3 theeu-s department of agriculture will soon have the power to set standards for foods avvilabll to kids at school. and it extendd to what kids can buy in vending machines and school stores.the pewwlunches will reducc fat and sodium leeell --- and establish cclorre maximmms. concerned over costs -- bbt extra money to help meet these standards. 3 3many peple here in baltimore are upset after james durbin 3 pdol last night.candacc dold talkkd with the rocker on she joinssus withhhis reaction. reaction. 3 it didn't ake long for ppople to poot their opinions on our faccbook page. a lot of fanss have written that james was - peeformer and he trull rreresents the meaning of &pamerican idol.but hh just
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didn't make the's how it all went down last night. afterrthe naaionwideevvte thh person with aashot at the &pffnale is scotty 3 mcceery jaaes .. and the judgess.. looked on in disbbliif as scottyymade it through to the final three... along with lauren and haleyyi and heetold me.... he just haa a feeling it wws hhs time to go home. the uddes were 3 viiibly upset laat night. ttey are going to night.visibly - upsettlast he judges were the judgesswere visibly upset - laat nnghtt hey are going to - miss james... but they realize it is nly going to become - weekk. jennnfer saas: you're disappoinned ecause one person has to go, and i think it's gonna be llkk this until - have
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ouu mixed, kiid of bittersweettfeellngs." you can see the top three on american idol next wednesday coverrge of the american idol rrports will begin on may 22nd. candace dold fox45 news at ten. 3 3 .the orioles are coming off a sweee of thh mmriners... -3 could they keep the ood times rolling in saint petersburg????.. ffnn out next in sports unlimited... 33 3 p
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,3 tryinggto extend thher win streak tto4 games... ggaes... .morgannadsitt.. joins us now ....for... sports uunimited... morgan... morgan... & 3&coming up tonight on ports unlimitte... unllmited... .the biirs in st. pete looking for revenge on the rays after beinggswept last week... see if the o's coold make it 4 in mcdonogh in the 1st round of the m-i-a-a playoffs... find out if thh llkers oulddpull - pff the uuset at mcconngh... -3ttat's coming up....and onn of the most incredible hockey goals you'll ever see... trust us... this is worth tte hype... .sports unliited starts right -3 now..


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