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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 23, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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in texas were arrested by monorail from a dallas zoo after it stopped working. firefighters were able to get in 30 minutes. crews said the rescue would so because of the easy access to passengers. officials are not sure what caused the monorail to malfunction. >> a man has been marching across the country for two years demand equality for all. today he and his supporters house. the white here we are in front of the house.
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>> began his 6,000 mile journey 2011.ttle on may 31, he is come to d.c. for a powerful message. people, the tranche tender, bisexual, a transsexual, clear, lesbian, gay, straight, demand full equality and we now.d it a small portion will bay tender to the tranche
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>> today was a wonderful day. hope we can repeat it. this is from finland. check it out. 10 really cool pictures of the northern lights. arctic circle. is our extended outlook.
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tomorrow -- breezy, cool. of rain on tuesday.
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 -- saturday news extra. on your side. billions of dollars in fourth intonment spending cuts go week of congress and the president do not act soon. the story of the potential on tax payer funded early she is dropping her grandson headstart center in virginia. preschool program for low-income programs -- low- crucial tolies is
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his success. >> my 7 year old started off in early how start at 3. very smart honorable student. it came from headstart. >> she relies on headstart for chao care. on three-year old niece is waitlist for headstart but of one of 70,000 kids the administration says of the programt if forced spending cuts go into friday.n those cuts would come even as obama pushes for ,reschool for all kids expanding head start. you are looking for a good for your educational but, buck, educational it. is >> the findings ruled all the gone by the time were in a kindergarten.
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side says the -- she program works for her family. they're innocent little kids. anything aboutw budget cuts. the department of health and human services says if these through, some headstart have to closel early this school year and start fall.n the just jackson jr. could spent in prison.years democrat and a lot admitted abusing hundreds of thousands of the campaign funds. his siblings offered him their support. >> we love our brother very much and we support him. treatedwife also
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filing a charges of false tax return. but a long time olympics when guilty topleaded abuse.ex entered a pleahe thursday in montgomery county. fall, a former student told her fories he abused years in the 1980's and her family to stay quiet. he faces up to 15 years behind bars. >> a judge has declared a man killing his 91-year- old wife in competent to represent himself. the doctor testified that he is death risk of sudden refusing to eat while in custody. tells them the angel and to eat.told them not violaaccused of beating to death. olympic athlete oscar
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pistorius was granted bail in trial of his girlfriend. the double amputee was not a flight risk. the lead investigator has been of murderecause .llegations against him already there are concerns police did not properly handle the crime scene. inxting while driving soon cost of a more money. legislation passed the state for bobnd is headed desk.ell's it increases the fine for a offense from $20 to $250. subsequent offenses would cost five a dollars. the bill would also make texting driving a primary offense. prices continued to up words this week. is 47 cents average per gallon than a month
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ago. the drivers to live in district are driving out to to beat the high prices. it is cheaper in the district maryland. so i hopped across the key .ridge and here i am every day or every two days, have to fill up. >> some estimates show gas well intold rise april. there's a push in d.c. for protectd loss to cyclist from the cars they share the roads with. impact everyone drives in the district. an increasing number of bikers share her experience. i have gotten hit. they don't pay attention. with more than 60 miles of lanes, collisions between
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bikers and drivers are becoming more likely. under a proposed bill, the dmv would be required to testing drivers on their knowledge of sharing the roadways of bikers. driers who fails -- driver who fail to yield right away will a license points on a $250 fine. even a biker who was struck is too >> i do not think it should be that high. i drive also. >> one of the co-sponsors of the says it is necessary to protect bikers. >> if there's an accident in a me what to make sure we put everything and the safer.o make biking >> apparently it could get
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worse. i am wrong amsterdam. -- i am from amsterdam. i am used to worse than this. it is already against the law bars ando smoke in outside certain buildings. the push is on to regulate push in the city. a campus in the city will go free.tely smoke don't understand how a could of course this. they are in the middle of a city. they do not on the sidewalk or streets -- they do not won the sidewalk or the streets. -- do not own the sidewalk or the streets. are calling the new green movement a war on drivers. >> it was jury today.
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plus get $250 back with a 2 year agreement. call the verizon center living life at quantum speed, for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> mayor vincent gray is renewing his push for a sustainable d.c. it sets a goal of reducing by car to 25% in two decades.
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they recommend building business , andd transit hubsm building more bike lanes. >> i jump on my bike in go to work. healthy. if i had access to public would use that option. >> i love trouble by a share. -- i love capital bike share . >> the mayor is looking at a congested feet hoursivers during peak which many say is just another burden. need to get your pinball fixed, the national museum is closing its doors again. honors as a cannot afford to keep the museum opened at its location and because of a
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los angeles style weather? >> i would looking at the latest for next weekend. we have three huge pushes of air. cold enough that as far south as florida could be below freezing weekend. so it's nordic up here? >> not so bad after all. a little bit of fog outside. we thought this would happen. it will not become a problem if you havepecially any fights tomorrow morning. do not worry. get where you have to go. 45 degrees this hour at the airport. little colder. feels like 40. waldorf, 43. about a 10th of an inch of rain. 44 right now in alexandria. 37 in frederick.
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33 in petersburg. today in the mountains, highs in the middle 50's. they have a little more sunshine. the collector to the north and us -- the cooler air to the north and west of us. give as a few days and you will see this map changed quite a bit. is coldre thinking it what ist until you see on the way. and windures nd shields, feels like the teens in chicago. here the coastal storm moving off towards the northeast. on the panhandle of west that is where they had sunshine earlier in the day. tonight temperatures will drop than ours will in town.
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have cloud cover and a bit of patchy fog. radar, quiet and dry. nothing that will cause any tonight into the early morning hours. futurecast moving through the day tomorrow. will see breaks in the clou ds. more sunshine on monday. temperatures near average for year, around 50 sell.s or then they turn towards the not on tuesday with rain. and could see some snow mix in lookingo means are we a snowstorm anytime 7. tonight temperatures in the 30's. brighter day tomorrow. winds out of the northwest at 20. it will feel like the upper 30's lower 40's.
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unsettled day on tuesday. a little milder on wednesday. colder air will slowly filter into the area. itwill not be a huge amount, will push inar geography towards the south later this weekend. >> thank you. i was away from the 85th annual academy awards. hours away f
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the 85thow night is annual academy awards. therch campbell will be on red carpet. predictions and they are surprising. silver linings, playbook and zero dark 30. too close to call. >> how can i hold all men are equal? >> what did you think of tommy lincoln?' in he was the early favorite to win
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but hisporting actor competition -- but his competition includes robert -- robert de niro. >> i think his finale speech him best supporting actor. >> was that like? >> hot? >> how about best actress? jennifer lawrence is a shoe in for best actress. jessica chastain won raves for dark thirty. best actor -- daniel day lewis lincoln. best supporting actress, anne hathaway. as director, steven spielberg for lincoln. argo,.cture --
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. i have a feeling the silver linings playbook will win the awards. >> i think might be right. the action starts tomorrow night at 7:00 on abc 7. >>


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