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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  March 6, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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coming up next, snapped off the street, how a baltimore teen says she escaped from a frightening abduction. and. and downtown. getting folks from d.c. to appreciate how i eclectic baltimore is and to buy homes here. the story coming up next. and taking a live look outside as you can see, the heavy rains or maybe you can't see the heavy rains are coming down across the area, so when will this all let up? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning
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weather forecast. eyewitness news sunday morning is seconds away. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now in complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. good morning. welcome to eyewitness news. rain is coming down steadily. of course on this first sunday of the month, we talk about march winds. we're dealing for april showers today, and that is wilkins aver, the 695 corridor. what we have are steady rains coming down, the result of a very, very strong and very large system that stands from -- extends from canada all the way down to the gulf. what you are seeing are steady rains. those brighter colors are heavier showers across parts of
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the area toward carol county moving towards washington county. we're getting just a little bit of a break around elkin, but most of the area is going to see a steady downpour throughout the day. 60. overnight lows in the 40s and then 51 tomorrow. we'll have mostly sunny skies tomorrow and it will be breezy and things will start to clear off. but today a wash-out and we'll talk about the flooding potential in your complete updated first warning forecast. >> but first people are talking about this morning, we are following breaking news out of south baltimore where a man suffered severe burns during a house fire. flames erupted around 5:00 this morning at the home in the 3600 block of second street in brooklyn. crews found the man trapped inside the house. medics rushed him to the hospital with severe burns to more than half of his body. the blaze also injured two firefighters, one of them suffered from chest pains, but both of them are expected to be
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okay. a good samaritan is killed. two warehouse employees try to stop a man from stealing a truck. police are making strides in the investigation. >> good morning. the employee was trying to stop a possible thief when he was run over and died. now, police say that the suspect was trying to get away when this happened. at this warehouse in the 2700 block, two workers confront a possible thief. >> we're doing some workout side at the warehouse. they heard a noise, went around to the side of the building and that is where they encountered one suspect who they believe was attempting to break into one of their vehicles. >> reporter: police say the suspect came to the warehouse in his own box truck and he leapt back into it to get away, but the two workers in their 50s tried to stop him. one was run over and died a short time later. the second employee also in his 50s, he was dragged by the truck. he was taken to a local hospital, but he is expected to
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survive. later saturday night, police get a lead. >> detectives were able to locate a vehicle. we have a person of interest who is in custody at this time. >> the property is fenced and there is a gate. the gate does not appear to be locked. there is a garden supply firm and a cleaning company located at that address. new developments this morning in the capture of the east coast racist who terrorized women in maryland and several other states. it was reportedly a tossed cigarette butt that provided police with a dna link to catch the suspect. recent information was developed in this case. dna was collected. state forensic sciences lab confirming that thomas was the
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east coast rapist. >> last night, 39 year old aarron thomas tried to kill himself in his jail cell. a very serious accident shuts down parts of interstate 295. the crash happened on northbound 295 near the waterview avenue exit. one man was ejected from the vehicle but detectives aren't confirming any details. we'll bring you more of those details as they become available. hunting for a kidnapper. a teenager tells police she was abducted in east baltimore but she managed to escape. this morning detectives continue to search for the man who grabbed her off the street. >> a 19 year old claims she was abducted by a man in an suv. the suspect got out of his vehicle, grabbed the victim and forcefully put her into the vehicle with him. >> the victim says she refused
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to perform and escaped in the 200 block. there are girls who is grown- up. i don't want them to have to worry about somebody driving around. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic male, 30 to 40 years old. he is a short heavyset individual with prescription bottle glasses. >> reporter: police say a dark suv has a tan stripe. witnesses are urged to call 911. wjz eyewitness news. >> and a woman says she escaped from the vehicle about a mile from where she was snatched. in libya, clashes between government forces and rebel fighters continue to escalate. libyan warplanes launched air strikes yesterday at opposition forces and fierce battles continue on the ground. rebel fighters have been advancing towards the cap toll in the last few days. the us has moved warships into the area, but the white house has resisted calls to step up a
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no fly zone. gas prices continue to soar. now a group of maryland want to make sure those prices don't go even higher. yesterday, several people protested a possible gas tax hike in lutherville urging lawmakers to avoid adding another ten cents a gallon to the already sky high prices. >> businesses are struggling. families are struggling. they need to pay the bills and they can't afford to give anything more out and what needs to happen is to really tie in their belts. >> and right now, drivers are paying an average of $3.47 for a gallon of regular gas in baltimore. that is almost 40 cents higher than they paid last month. you can find the cheapest gas in your area on just click on the links and nones section. even with those high gas prices, people find it cheaper
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to live here in maryland. one group hopes the high cost of living in d.c. will encourage even more people to move to baltimore. getting folks from d.c. to appreciate how eclectic baltimore is and to buy homes here. the story coming up next. that group is called live baltimore and has information on more than 225 city neighborhoods. to find out more, we'll bring you more in just a few moments log on to and click on the seen on tv tab on the left side of the home page. well, we are seeing quite a bit of rain this weekend, and the same system slams states to our south and to the west. at least one tornado touched down in southern louisiana. one woman died trying to protect her daughter when a tree fell on her house. at least 100 homes are destroyed or damaged -- or received some heavy damage. that same system moved east and dump didded tons of rain on new orleans putting a bit of a damper on the carnival celebrations in the city. at one point, there was more than a foot of water on the
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street. that could cut down on your partying quite a bit. >> oh, yeah. that is a big system as we have been talking about how extensive it is from canada down to the gulf. when mardi gras looks like that. it gives a different perspective to a float. >> exactly. >> in that city, they tend to greet the polls so the light poles. people don't climb up during the festival. they don't have to do that today. the entire eastern side of the country is dealing with this system. it is very large and going to take a little while. later tonight we'll start to see some clearing. we'll give you an idea of what is moving there you and put in
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in motion. steady rain started to come together yesterday and moving in from western maryland right on across the state and for the most part, what we are dealing with now are steady showers right a roundabout way toward westminster. butler and has beenford right now. we also have some pretty steady rain. and we'll move it over here. we'll have some steady rain moving right around the southern edge of the state. that is going to be the case all through the day. two portions of a low pressure system combining. one moving through across the northern tier of the area. one moving up from the south and the southerly edge of this is bringing up some warmer air, so we're dealing with temperatures going up to 60. it will be comfortable temperature-wise. we don't expect showers to start clearing out until late this evening. right now we have flood watches in affect for the entire state. expect them to start to fill in across the area and at that is exactly what they did. there are some coastal flood
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advisories. and toward roughly the lower eastern shore down towards easton. and we're going to be dealing with this until this system gets out of here. temperatures are pretty mild. 40-degree temperatures in parts of the area. 53 at d.w.i. marshall. realty humidity at 96%. southeast wind at 10-miles per hour and 29.95 is your barometer reading. across the street we are having a range. 46 in come perland. over toward 5 36789 we do have 51 down in ocean city. around the immediate ocean area. 52 in bellair. 54 down in the nation's capitol. and 51 on kent island and 54 in rock hall. these winds are coming in from the southeast and bringing in that warmer flow of air. our average high now is about 50 degrees so with the southerly winds and the rain is kind of blocking in that moisture. of course the warm humid air feels a little more comfortable
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than cold air does. even though we have cooler air, we still have average highs. we do have snow up to michigan and over toward minnesota. and we do have a bit of an icy mix there. and we will see cooler air tomorrow. the 50-degree range stays with us through the week. this low takes a while to get here and gets hung up before it starts to move on in. you see that icy mix starting to creep in, we could see light snow showers in garrett and ahlegh ineny. flood-prone areas throughout the day could see some problems as the front moves on through. today is a small craft advisory in affect through monday afternoon. your next high tide is at 750. your south winds on the bay at 50 to 29 gusting to 35. heavy rain today. thunderstorms are not out of the question. 60 is our daytime high. early rain and clearing for tonight and tomorrow right
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around 51. mostly sunny and breezy and for the next five days. 52 on tuesday. 54 on wednesday. clouds increase on thursday. we stay right there in mid 50s. so hopefully this will never look like rain turning to snow for the rest of the season. and maybe we're done with all that kind of stuff at least for now. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> tragic loss. how a high school basketball team in michigan will honor the memory of a fallen teammate. unusual rescue. how specialized equipment saves the live of a coach. good luck. we're back in just a moment. stick around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news. taking a look at interstate 83. not a lot of traffic as you might expect. there's definitely a lot of
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rain on those roads. fortunately, this is not a work day. hopefully, tomorrow things will dry out and the commute will be a lot smoother and drier. we are looking at a lot of rain moving across the region. first warning live doppler radar has the story. we have steady showers. and parts are seeing heavy showers. this is pretty much what we call a wash-out type of the day. around the beltway around 83. and you see those brighter bands. that steadier showers and heavier rain moving across towards bell air and down towards middle river, the same story. we do have flood watches in affect through 7:00 p.m. this evening before we start to see some lightening up of the showers, and there are floods -- coastal flood warnings in affect for areas right along the eastern shore. your forecast for this day looks like this. going up to just around 60 degrees. the rain brings with them some milder temperatures. heavy rain with a potential thunderstorm and will get breezy. 35 degrees tonight. early rain clearing and breezy
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and cooler heading into tomorrow. 51 right on target et for the normal high. mostly sunny and the breeze continues and that will help to dry us up. your first warning forecast coming up in just a few moments. first back to other stories we're talking about. the mother of a florida girl who was found dead in an exterminator's drug is now charged with her daughter's mother. ten-year-old was found wrapped in plastic and doused with a toxic chemical three weeks ago. her twin brother was in the front seat with severe burns. police would not reveal exactly how she was killed or why charges were filed against their mother. and playing with heavy hearts. a high school basketball team in michigan will participate in the state tournament just days after the death of their star player. west lynn hard made the -- lynard made the winning basket to cap the season. as celebrations began, wes collapsed on the court and suddenly died. will play in the first round of the play-offs tomorrow.
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the school will collect donations for weston's family at the game. a very unusual rescue in long beach, california. take a look at this video from the fire department. crews pulled a dog from a burning building and revived him with a breathing device designed for dogs. it works. the ten-year-old boxer named elmo is alive and well. well, a lot of people who work in washington d.c. don't live here and they say it's -- or they do live here, and because it's not as expensive as washington d.c. mike shoe reports on how one group hopes the high prices will encourage more people to move to charm city. >> the average price of a home in the city is $112,000. in d.c., it's three to four times as expensive, and it has none of our eclectic, funky. and/or show says this new ad campaign targeting people in d.c. >> the big idea is to promote our kind of sarcastic way that baltimore lives and breathes
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every day. >> a perfect example is the guy who moved here from d.c. who is now helping graffiti artists here in the arts district. >> he bought a warehouse and home at prices that shocked him. >> and because the prices are really low. >> what happened next is exactly what -- the transplants are the best salespeople for the city. >> and that is what happened. a friend brought me in. a guy was buying houses like crazy and ran out of cash and money. and cash and credit. >> could they see the difference. in fact i had one say to me i didn't realize how different baltimore was until i was here. >> so being different is an asset, one worth spending over $40,000 to reach potential buyers. >> yeah, they have a certain tone to them, so we're really looking for that creative professional, that young professional who gets it. he wants to be a part of the scene. >> wjz eyewitness news. back to you. >> to find out more, log on to and click on seen on tv tab on the left side of the home page, and if you do buy
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one of those houses, you may want to head out to the maryland home and garden show today. you'll find some great products that make housework a snap. >> that's right. joining us this morning is -- he joins us with the -- from the state fairgrounds with a look at all the new toys and gadgets. good morning again to you, mike. >> good morning to do you. >> so you are saying that your kitchen that was designed and it's -- it's there to make life easy for moms and dads too. >> yes, it is. we have an induction cook top here which is -- rather than having elements heated like a regular smooth-top cooktop. this is very easy to maintain, keep clean, and it can boil water, a pot of water in about
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two minutes. >> wow. >> it really reacts and more energy-efficient than a gas range. >> and mike, you say electromagnetic. i'm looking at a note here that says it's also hallogen. >> yeah, well, basically, yes, and this is part of the monogram collection which is the line of the corporation. >> i'm sorry to cut you off. i would imagine you do a lot of entertaining with that kind of business. >> oh, you can. it's so fast, it's responsive. just a great product. something customers should consider. also i would like to talk about the technology. this is four ovens in one and ventilation built in. it can replace your regular 30- inch microwave hood combination, so basically, you have speed cook. you can bake cookies in here.
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and i would like to invite all our viewers to come over and we have a cooking demonstration today. stephanie will cook you up something. >> oh, wow. >> you have a washer and drier that washes and dries. >> yes, this one does that. it will do up to eight garments overnight and wash the clothes and dry them within the overnight hours. very energy-efficient. and energy star compliance. also you'll get a rebait from your utility company for $50 for buying this. >> wow. mike, thank you very much. we'll check back with you in about 20 minutes. i'm fascinated and tell folks the hours of the show today. >> yes, the hours will be from 10:00 to 6:00 today and you can get more information on maryland home and -- gadgets are always good for us. >> good morning to my
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granddaughter, logan. >> all right. logan. >> hi logan. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and hello logan. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning. an elderly man brought to the woods. how thermal imaging from high ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires.
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thermal imaging is used by maryland police and fire departments to catch criminals to save lives. this morning the dramatic story of high-tech rescue. with the temperature dropping, the search to find 91- year-old richard holcomb to suffer from dementia turns desperate. morris says her dad left the house at 5:00 p.m. to take a walk. their home is surrounded by thick woods. it's now 8:00 p.m >> you were getting very concerned and you were nervous for his safety and maybe even his survival. >> usually you have three hours. it's someone not well-dressed. >> reporter: lieu weiss calls police, canines and dozens of officers search the woods, but the terrain is too difficult to maneuver on foot. >> that is what -- to the right of the stress vir -- reservoir
8:28 am
on the rivine. corporal bob townsend directing a special camera mounted on their chopper, the two scanned the thick woods. 45 minutes into the flight, they get a hit. >> i saw him stand up, sit down, and stand up. thermal images detects body heat showing the glowing image of living things clearly standing out against buildings or dense trees. everything you see on the earth. developed more than 50 years ago by the military, firefighters used thermal imaging to see through smoke allowing them to find people trapped. the police department telling us it is critical for the mission to save lives. >> we can search for the camera, much wider area than they can search on foot. and we can deal it. >> reporter: baltimore city police recently used thermal imaging over lincoln park hoping to find foe lee shah
8:29 am
barnes in woods too deep to search on foot. challenging terrain like where richard was found. >> we spotted something. did you think that was your dad? >> they said we have found a heat source coming out of the marsh. it was in a very, very steeply vine, and my -- reconvene, and my dad -- rivine. louise is so thankful for the technology that makes that possible. >> and great new technology. it didn't matter if it was dark. and it didn't matter if they were under cover. they could tell. that was so reasuring because we had no idea where he was. he might have died if it hadn't been for that technology. >> wjz, eyewitness news. louise says from now on, she plans on going with her dad whenever he heads off for a walk in the woods. good to know that technology exists. >> that's right. so there is still lots more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. east coast rapist, why the man charged in the crime spree was rushed from jail to the hospital and how investigators
8:30 am
say they tracked him down. and crisis in libya. forces loyal launched new attacks. we'll have the latest on the conflict. and new opportunities are opening up as the economy slowly recovers. how one maryland congressman is trying to help local jobhunters. all that and more when we come ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news. it is about 50 degrees in central maryland. we're looking at steady rain moving across the region and it will be moving. there no rain for the rest of us, and until say, the next five minutes or so, you'll get a bit of a break, and then it all starts coming through. we could see some flooding potential through the day and do not rule out the potential for a thunderstorm or two. there are flood watches in affect through almost the entire state through 7:00 p.m. and your forecast looks like this. going up to 60. the rain does bring with it warmer air. rain will be heifer i have at times and will become breezy this evening and a thunderstorm could be around in the heat of the day. we're talking about between noon and about 5:00 or so.
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early rain then clearing. 35 degrees tonight and then it becomes breezy and sunny storm. 51 our daytime high. of your complete forecast coming up in just a moment. >> thanks. but now here is what people are talking about this morning. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of south baltimore where a house fire left a man with some serious injuries. firefighters were called to a house in the 3600 block of second street in brooklyn around 5:00 this morning. crews found the man trapped inside. medics rushed him to the hospital with severe burns for more than half of his body. two firefighters were also hurt, but they are expected to recover. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and we are continuing to follow the explosive situation in libya this morning. hours ago, libyan warplanes launched air strikes in opposition forces and fierce fighting continues on the the ground. rebel fighters have been advancing toward the capitol. in the last few days, but forces loyal to gadhafi are
8:35 am
pushing back. bloody street battles have been going on all weekend. the us has moved warships into that area but have yet to act. the surprising new developments regarding the east coast rapist. he's terrorized according to police. he's terrorized women in maryland and several other states, and last night, he tried to kill himself in his jail cell. reporting for wjz. paramedics rushed the man police believe is the east coast rapist. and the hospital saturday night after he tried to commit suicide. police say 39-year-old aarron thomas tried to hang himself the day after he was arrested in new haven. he is expected to survive and will under go a psychiatric evaluation. renee henderson is visiting family just a couple of homes away from the two-story house where thomas lived. >> it's really scary to know that i walked up and down this street many a day and i could have been a victim. >> reporter: some neighbors say thomas was a odd nuisance who exercised outdoors and
8:36 am
parked his loud tractor-trailer nearby. and now they believe locked up the man they say committed 17 rapes in other attacks in four states. the west side east coast rape -- east now reads captured. police also recently posted electronic billboards in the states where the rapes occurred and in neighbors states to draw the public's attention to the crime. officers in prince william county, virginia got an anonymous tip for the past week. >> dna was collected and subsequently matched by the connecticut state forensic sciences lab. confirming that thomas was the east coast rapist. >> the rape started in 1997 occurring in maryland, virginia, rhode island, and in this neighborhood in new haven. in that case, the suspect threatened to kill a woman's infant son before attacks her. the last rape tied to the suspect with halloween night in 2009 when a man raped two teenage trick or treaters in wood ridge, virginia. thomas faces charges of rape, abduction, and sexual assault. we'll make his -- he'll make
8:37 am
his first court appearance monday. wjz, eyewitness news. investigators reportedly collected thomas's dna from a discarded cigarette. he's being held on $1 million bond. a southwest baltimore man is shot in a possible home invasion. the victim was shot several times last night in the 200 block of north hilton street. medics rushed him to trauma in critical condition. so far, there's no word on any arrests in the case. and some scary moments at a fire station when a man brought -- he apparently found this device in his yard while he was raking leaves. firefighters knew that it was active so they called in a bomb squad. it took an hour to determine that it was harmless. the unemployment rate is falling, but are people still looking for jobs, the turn around isn't coming fast enough. now, there is some new help
8:38 am
available. >> the unemployment rate is locked at 8.9%. it's the lowest in nearly two years. economists say it shows sign of recovery, but for those who get to see a turn around, congressman elijah comings hosted this town hall meeting this weekend. the purpose? reach those who need help. but may not know where to find it. >> it would be so sad thinking that there was nothing that they could do, people losing hope, and at the same time, their program that exists to help them. >> reporter: when foreclosures still at record-breaking levels statewide, heating bills are higher this season. food is more expensive because i perts say their paychecks aren't growing. harris plans to tell friends who need help. >> there is tension cut back on maybe not going out to dinner, and staying at home and maybe making larger meals verses going out to restaurants. >> reporter: with so many
8:39 am
services available and so many people in need, comings says the next step is to streamline all of these programs and offer them in one place. and one of the things that they have done here in our county is they have been able to have a one-stop shop type computer system and absolutely bring it. that is something that we need to be doing on the federal level more. comes plans to host -- maryland's democratic party has a new leader and the name should sound a little bit familiar. state democrats elected peter o'malley to be their new chairman. the brother of governor martin o'malley. peter o'malley helped run his brother's campaign for governor. and making history taking part in the shuttle discovery's file mission. this week, alvin -- successfully completed the very last spacewalk everren onboard the discovery. his parents watched the whole thing from their home in prince
8:40 am
georgia's county. >> every parent wants to see his child achieve his dream. >> he's doing everything he wants to do and he's good at what he does. i'll just be happy when he comes back safely. >> nasa plans to return the shuttle after this mission and it will be taken to the smithsonian's air and space museum. >> i imagine he was in school probably and somebody said, some teacher, you're just a space cadet, and he said, you know what? that is what i want to be. you know. you never know what's going to inspire a young person. >> all right. >> well, all we see is rain coming down. it's just a messy day. the first warning live doppler radar showing heavier rain. some from washington county towards frederick. some of the brighter bands you see on the radar. those are steadier showers. we have steady rain everywhere, but some of those are the
8:41 am
heaviest showers coming down. we will see the potential for thunderstorms moving through as well because this rain is extending from the gulf into canada and pulling in some very warm air with it. so as we get through the day and the rain starts to heat up, expect that we will start to see some mixing in the atmosphere. warmer air mixing and it could definitely bring some thunderstorms with it. we have flood watches in affect for the entire state basically until 7:00. all the darker area right down through d.c., we do have flood watches through 7:00. then coastal flood warnings on the eastern shore of the bay until this rain moves out of here which is going to be tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll start to see some clearing tonight were. air pretty saturated.
8:42 am
29.95678951 in oceanty. everyone right around 506789 with the winds south/southeast without the sun. we are going to be well above our average highs. 5b9 50 -- account 5. oakland has temperatures in the 30s. colder air still being pulled in behind this front. the cold air is bringing this snow up toward michigan and wisconsin and back toward illinois. that mix is starting to filter in with the rain here. you are seeing this pink indicates a bit of an icy mix. what we may see are very light snow showers out in our higher elevations when this thing is starting to wrap up. but until then, we have one wave of low pressure moving to our north. the other one lifting in from the south and the southeast and that is going to hang up here just a little bit. after it does, we get breezy. the sun returns tomorrow. cooler air only needs to go
8:43 am
back to normal highs around 50. and that is a good thing. we have 50s on through the week despite the front moving through. we don't have any major fluctuation in the temperatures. our sunset is at 6:05. small craft advisory in affect through tomorrow afternoon. your next high high tide is at 7:50. going up today to about 60. rain heavy at times with thunderstorms possible. breezy this evening. clearing with early rain but breezy again. and 35 degrees tonight and tomorrow 51. mostly sunny and the breeze again will help to dry out the ground. 52 on news. 54 on wednesday. another chance of showers on thursday. and 54 on friday. it seems that we cut the corner and as we head to the last week of winter, the temperatures are starting to reflect more spring. all right. well, still ahead on eyewitness news, sunday morning. fashion. coming up, we'll show you jewelry that is designed to feed a hungry family. the details are just ahead. and with spring just around the corner, flowers will soon
8:44 am
be in bloom. we'll check back in at the maryland home and garden show with a look at this year's featured garden. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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adam: we need a good night's sleep. ,,,,,,,,,,, kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
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it's a wet morning out there. stay safe out there. at 8:46. it is 53 degrees outside and raining. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. if you are looking for some fresh ideas to spruce up your home for spring, you have the rain today but you should look no further than the fairgrounds to make those flowers bloom. >> jeff plumber with the maryland home and garden show joins us live from this year's featured garden section. good morning, jeff. good morning. let's talk about attendance. yesterday we the best crowd in five years. the gardens were filled all day long. it was a fantastic crowd. >> we expect probably you'll have a big crowd. people looking for things to do inside because of the rain outside. but just walking through some of the things you're showing them when they come out to see you. >> as always we have our feature gardens. this time of year, everyone can't wait to see flowers in bloom. they're ready to get the
8:48 am
wintertime over with people have enjoyed that. we have our craft building. we upgraded that. anything you can think of to spruce up your home is here. you don't have to run all over town. they're right here one spot. for a couple of bucks you can get all your answers to questions. >> sometimes people say it's still a little too early. you say this is the right time to make sure you get start cracking on your home improvements. why? >> well, specifically we had to show the first two weekends in march because the landscapers are going to start doing a lot of their jobs here shortly and you want to get on your list. if you don't get your job done until july, you missed half the summertime where you don't get to enjoy landscaping. you want to get on your list. >> start now. >> all right. >> that's right. >> walk us through the hours and the time of your show. >> we'll be here today from
8:49 am
10:00 to 6:00. we're also open next weekend. friday and saturday 10:00 to 9:00. next sunday 10:00 to 6:00 and we have an extra building next weekend. come out. today is a rainy day. there's not much else you do outside. >> jeff plumber with the maryland home and garden show. eyewitness news reporting live from the state fairgrounds this morning. >> they get a lot of ideas in places like that. jeff, you didn't do me any good. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> it is just about time to start your spring shopping. as jeff mentioned. and now you can help families in need at the same time. and amber royal from royal is hire to explain and show off some of the beautiful pieces you can find at her shop. it's all for a great cause. we'll tell you when we come back. ,,,,
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it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip. amber royal is here to explain how she did just that. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> royal things. taking your last name. >> what is it about? the idea is it goes to someone in need and really the idea is that we have a lot of people in baltimore and in different cities. and we thought that a way to try to meet them would be -- well, everyone is always buying and we always have different consumer needs and people are -- so we could intertwine the jewelry side with this nonprofit kind of socially conscious idea.
8:53 am
>> and you donate food? a bag of groceries to everyone after someone buys something that you sell. you donate food? >> yes. that is exactly it. >> so it is a bag of groceries for one needy family. >> the other really cool thing is you just graduated from college and you have a pop-up shop. where is it located? >> it's a temporary kind of store. and so we're located at 60/83 falls road. that was something that we were going to do in december but we decided to continue with and so they are still temporary. we will be here the month of march, but yeah, we're still a pop-up shop. >> so working. it's working and we're so excited. >> and you know lake falls. look to your left. >> primarily vintage. kinds of evening wear pieces.
8:54 am
kind of pearl necklace. these are our kind of rhinestone. >> other people design it. or you sell it? >> yes. these are vintage pieces and so they're about 25 years older and -- they are in great condition and they are really greatly made, and so they're really coming in right now. the new trend is is to have vintage pieces and kinds of looks, and so we are also targeting those who are interested in vintage. >> you design some of these here. >> and so some of these earrings i designed. and also these necklaces i designed. so this is made out of rhinestone. >> they look vintage. >> yes. >> we have that kind of vintage. this one has for kiss and coral
8:55 am
and some other components. and so, yeah. >> styling royal things. and that is what your website is. you can see a lot of amber's stuff on that website and our website. we should mention we are going to do a web extra with you which means you can go to and see an extended interview with amber. >> you've gogo,,,,,, ,,
8:56 am
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