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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 16, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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very slippery.e as soon as hit the ice, even at the slow pace was going, the car starred -- started sliding. >> this commuter experiencing the ice. this was just one of many slick areas. >> the northwest wind will help blow the pavement dry. what about the weekend? that's coming up. and the judge rules in the case of a cnn reporter versus
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the white house. good morning. lcome to "news4 midday." i'm er ha gonzalez. been an unbelievable morning on our roads. just before s 6:00 trning reports of one accident after another. northern virginia drivers among hit.hardest this is video fro chopper four over the tyson's corner area where we saw three separate accidents. first, let's check in with storm4 meteorologist chuck bell. i think just the noticeable diffence, right, i the bright sunshineiv my certainly in new york, had a six-hour commute last night for something that should have takener an hour because of what we're seeing around our area as well. >>absolutely. it snarled the morning commute ld afternoon commute here and snarled thee afternoon and evening commutes for our friends in new york city. there are tales all over the in rnet for nightmarish
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commutes sterday. the wind is blowing the clouds out. nothing left as far as rain or snow. that is the good news. and temperatures now way ave freezing. 48 here in washgton, 48 in fredericksburg, 50 now in warrenton. a nice day coming. there won't be too much more of a jump i temperatures between now and peak heating time. the northwest ,winds, thou the combination of the sunshine and the breeze will make sure the pavement is dry so there won't f aanywhere near as much black ice concern for your saturday morning. latest information can be found on our nbc washington app and on any of my social media platforms. >> thank you, chuck. so our area isng melff a bit but all of that wet slush caused a nightmare for commuters this morning. megan mcgrath is live in
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ashburn, virginia. you've been tracking trouble spots all morning long. tell me some of the stories you've been hearing. >> reporter: it was a very rough morning for a lot of people. the problemgenerally cropping up on the elevated road surfaces, the bridges, t ramps the overpasses. one of the worst inc oents happen this bridge in ashburn. it froze in the predawn hours. people were drivingth across is morning, they hit that ice and just started knocking into each other. smashed up cars littered the a clump of four here, two others with lesser damage there and just a short distance ,aw two more crunched cars. a train reaction mess, just as rush hour was getting started.>> the bridge definitely, you kn, was not -- there was no salt. >> reporter: the bridge is on the gloucester parkway in
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hburn and takes traffic across broad run. in the hipredawn hours morning, it could have doubled as a skating rink. drivers hit ice and started to slide. >> as soon as we hit the ice, even at the slow pe that i was going, the car started sliding. >> johnny duran was able to safely stop but julio was not so lucky. >> started hitting my brakes a little bit and my car srted skidding and so now i braced for impact and said let's hope for the best. >> reporter: he said he knew his now-disabled car would be hit by other approaching vehicles so he jumped over the guardrail. >> shortly after a car hit me from the side another car hit me from behind and finally one of the last vehicles hitting thd white car hitting v myicle once again. >> reporter: as you can see, everything has melted at this point, so the brie is looking good but very different
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situation this morning. there werey actua eight cars involved in that accident. amazingly nobodyas hurt back to you. >> well, there is the bright spot there in that anory. you so very much, megan. for a second day in a role, school systems second guessed their decision to say open. they a there was a lot of ctroversy yesterday when arlington county echools dided to stay open. angry parents coming planplvenee l kids were stranded waiting for the bus. the school system issued an apology saying some buses couldn't make t ir stops because the roads were so bad and other buses got stuck along their routes. and prince george's county schools also apologizing to parents for not cancelling school sterday. in astatement, ceo monica goldson said weather decisions
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are never easy about i will err on the side of caution moving forward, end quote. this was the case up and down the east co this cell phone video shows cars stuck on u.s. route 9, headed to jersey city, not far from lib are the international airport and the same system cause a mess at our airport. let's look at reagan. all flights in and out of reagan and baltimore and thurgood marshal, i, they're all good. please be sure to check flights if you're headed out today. more than 600 people are dnaccounted for as wildfires continue to sprn california. this is an eerie look at some of e damage in paradise. ontire neighborhoods have been
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turned i ash. last night fire officials said the death toll rose to 63 people in the norther c californiap fire. outside of los angeles, emergency responds are are bracing for mudslides, which could be even deadlier. >> there's a greater risk to life through these mud flows than there are actually to these wild land fires. >> more than 11,000 structures have bee destroyed. the fire is less than half c contained. we hav some breaking news. a federal judge says the trump administration must return cnn's jim acosta's white house hard ss. this is acosta and his attorney moments after this morning's decision came down. acosta is cnn's chief white house correspondent and that pass allows him access to the white house, prs briess briefind other events. his credentials were taken away
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last week after a tense exchange with president trump. >> mr. president, m if i ask one other question. >> that's enough. >> mr. president. >> pardon me, ma'am. >> wte house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders initially accused acosta witro ir contact with the intern who tried to grab the mic from him. she later back tracked and accused acosta of being unprofessional. the judge who provided over the hearing was a trump appointee. >> coming up, the u.s. preparing an indictment against
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11:11 am find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. today north korea announced it will deport an american itde ined for illegal entrance. the announcement came even as thes nort official news media, which you see here, says its leader, kim jong , has observed the successful test of an unspecified ultra modern weapon. south korean media said it was kim's first publi livly launch an icb
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wikileaksr leade julian assange has been named in a filing. his name has been found twice in an unrelated matter. the justice department said the filing was made in erro but the document include as note saying that theharges against assange would need to stay arrestedtil he is here is a look at the latest election recount going on in florida. is is the hand counting operation happening in broward county right now. it's for the u.s. senate race between former governor republican rick scott and incumbent democrat bill nelson. the results of ary machiount between the two had scott winning by less than 13,000 votes. the deadline for the results the hand count is sunday.
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meanwhile in the hotly contested race for governor, a machinery count appears to confirm republican ron desantis has defeated democrat andrew gillum. however, gillum said it's not over unt every legally cast vote is counted. at home, robert investigation may be some republican support. that investigation and the president's controversial border wall areetng up another budget battle that could shut down the government in about three weeks. tracee potts has more from capitol hill.on >> reporter:gress is considering a law to prevent president trump from firing special counsel rober nmueller. >> wd to do whatever is in our power to do to protect mueller and his investigation. >> reporter: at least one republican is on board. >> the priority here has to be tro expecspe protect the specia. >> reporter: another said he'll stand aside to allow a vote. >> i wouldn't do anything to
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stop it. >> reporter: most republicans think the law is unnecessary. >> to worry about something that might happen that hasn't sappened in 16 months. >> reporter: tha like s-- >> that's like saying we're not going to aave fire department until a fire starts. >> reporter: president trump ti saying the invtion is a total mess and his team has gone absolutely nuts. democrats want to add the protect mueller provision t the budget that must pass by december 7th to avoid a partial government shutdown. >> we don't want to shut down the government. >> why do weutven talk a shutting it down? just keep us here il24/7 u we fix it. they are still trying to get that bget done in theext few weeks. tracee potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> recipients of the presidential medal ofom freed include orrin hatch, antonin scalia, elvis presley. people are s choosing toep outside to raise ae reness for owing epidemic ofne homele. >> reporter: for too many young people, thisik or something le it is a bed, cardboard or mattress, may a sleeping bag to keep warm. >> the reality of it is they're tryi to keep warm and they're trying to keep out of the elements. and this is actually a luxury if they do have a sleeping bag. >> reporter: as ceo, it's the story that she knows far too
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well. ien you think about people having to sleep those conditions night after night, it's got to be heart breaking. >> it is heart brea so you see them creating solutions often, trying to accommodate for the weather. >> reporter: as the cold blo in, covenant houses nationwide and volteers are taking part in sleep out america, experiencing for one night what it's like to live on the street. >> repor >> these funds help to support not only their housing but their job readiness, their educations opportunitiehat we're preparing them to move forward. >> reporter: just lyre, covenant house was there forja maal speaks, whose bright future was nearly sidelined because he didn't have a home. >> we heard and it was aired 4.ut jamaal on nbc
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we stepped in to help give him some support. >> reporter: that includes a place to call home, time t focus on his senior year and follow his dream going to college with a football scholarship. and a bit of a change for this year's sleep-out d.c. the weather forced organizers but thecall it earlier, great news here is that they were able to more than surpass their $200,000 goal. that money again goes to not only house homeless youthut also give them support of services like education and career path training. you, too, can still give as well. we have that info on our washington app. justin finch, news4. >> more issues caused by yesterday's very early winter storm,lu ing stranded school students. we're talking about it
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you're not even gonna hold that cantaloupe to your face? the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on little salad bar garden salad mix. now just .79 cents aldi. shop differentli. the november nor'easternt uing to cause travel disruptions today. you can see why. this a look at rose and frederick, maryland at the height of the storm,naing traffic across much of the east coast. >> reporter: the snow is still coming down in parts of the
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northeast. re hearing horror stories about six, seven, eight hours stuck in affic. some people still haven't made it home. this morning school is starting early for some students in west orange, new jersey. ♪ ♪ep >>ter: or rather, it never ended after they were forced to shelter in place durinnothe firsttorm of the season. the school alerting parents "students are safe ins their schoith teachers and staff. they have eaten dinner ande'll possibly keep them overnight. dinner turned into breakfast. storm nobody seemed ready for. >> never would expect ts in november. >> reporter: snow and freezing rain creating slick roads and slushy conditions across a good portion of the country. some drivers even forced to
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abandon their cars, others taking hours crawling along ippery roads to get home safely in the evening rush. authorities urging commuters to take trains or ferries. near zero visibility, causing nearly 2,000 flight cancellations and over 8,000 delays for flights to and from east coast airports. new york's laguardia airport one of t hardest hit. heavy snow in new york city, a nightmare for those on the roads. this multi-vehicle accident bringing the grge washingto bridge to a standstill. >> oh, my god. are you okay? >> reporter: snow falling as far south as louisiana, arkansas and alabamand creating treacherous conditions from st. louis to deware. in arkansas, three people were killed in separate crashes. trafc on interstate 40 halted several hours for safety. the interstate now reopened but moving slowly. in montgomery county, ia
11:23 am
pennsylvan even a camel stranded by the snow. but in new york central park, a winter wonder laland for those horse-drawn carriages, as well as the mandarin ck. it's magical. i lived in the south my whole life so this is reay the mos snow i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: there are m fy call officials to try and figure out what went wrong to cause such chaos. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> your heart goes out to those people who very badly need a mental health day. >> i'm surprised. it was six, seven,nc eights of snow. you would think that places like new york would be t likely handle that. >> i guess not. >> reporter: here in our are we've got this beautiful sunshine behind us. the concern is it melts everything and the temperatures are still so cold. how long do we have to worry aboutez refg and black ice?
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>> i don't think we have to worry again. i think we're done with it for now. temperatures are nearing in on 50 degrees in much of the area now. tonight, though it will be cold, mo of the road surfaces will have beenlo literally dry by this gusty northwest wind and mbining efforts with t sunshine out there. if you see any snow left on your up tomorrow get morning, that may be your indication there could still be a little bit of slipperiness. but we will not see a repeat tomorrow morning likt we saw this morning out across parts of northern virginia. right now 48 degrees wit northwest wind blowing out there, gusting over 20 miles per ho at times. temperatures in the low 40s to our forth, 41 in leesburg and gaithersburg. snowfall amounts were far morep s here. in shen donandoah, if you have g on thess tonight, you'll
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probably have a chance for a refreeze. here's your hour-by-hourne pl we'll be above freezing all the way between now and at least midnight tonight. as zy conditions out there well. clear skies and light winds. a cold start in the morning, 20s in the suburbs to low 30s in town. there goes the big nor'easter offhe coast of cape cod. we'll be partly to mostly sunny today, a little more cloud cover up to our north. that will be a mostl sunny day coming your way for saturday. clear ski for your overnight plans tonight. a couple of great things to do over the weekend, go to the navy game tomorrow. tulsa and navy kick it off at annapolis. and if you're making the trip down to blacksburg, the hokies playing host to the hurricanes. here's your five-day forecast. no chance for rain around the d.c. metro area.
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our average high now is 58. we won't be anywhere near that any time soon. >> coming up, new restrictions aimed at combatting a growing public health problem. flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products. but does a proposal go far t enou keep teens from picking up a habit. and there may be a few nervous brides to be this morning. david's
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you're watching news4 midday. i'm melissa mollet with a look at yourtraffic. red line trainis running every 0 minutes and green line trains running regular weekend interviews, something to remember for the road. hedskins taking on texans, 1 p.m. particularoff. it's going to be w got breaking news. this is chopper 4 over a water main break in silver spring. this is new hampshire avenue. lots of water remains on the roadway. the road is closed. no word on when that is going to reopen. n's just a messy day. efforts to crack downn
11:30 am
teen smoking. the food and drug administration is looking to limit where flavored cigarettes cld be purchased. this could take years to put in place. >> reporter: the fda has taken the first steps towards banning menthol in ciga more than half of teen smokers use menthol. >> menthol is a big vehicle by which kid are becos are becomin. we're worried about that.r: >> repore-cigarettes are also under fire. studies know a 78% jump in vaping and a nearly 50% increase among middle school kids. >> these are proportions o cueu among our young people that are
11:31 am
tolerab intolerable. >> the majority of these kids are using these products frequently, 20 or more times a month. that's not experimentation, that is a road to ng-term addiction. >> reporter: an estimated half million people die of a smoking-related disease everyn year the u.s. back here at home, state legislators in annapolis held an emergency meeting aut the university of maryland. president lowe said he wrdned the but they didn't listen. >> i said if you bring him back quote, all hell will break loose.
11:32 am
>> after being overruled by the board of regents, lowe announced he would retire this year. we have new details in the shooting death of 10-year-old little girl hilled on way to the ice cream truck back a fourth person has been arrested. d.c. police charged mark price along with three other suspects, who appeared in court. they're also facing murder charges. we're told at least one more person remains at large. e fbi is offering an additional $20 tuesd,000 to the $25,000 award for conviction. in prince george's county, a school has a x-gure budget
11:33 am
deficit to overcome. >> reporte for more than 60 years this private school has been a kind ofnstution in prince george's county. now it's looking at the possibility of closing its doors. holy family catholic school is facing a $200,000 deficit.w enrollment and l tuition requirements are pary to blam while the archdiocese helps to fund it, it's not enough. >> there has been plenty of sleepless nights trying figure out what areoi we to do? if we don't have thisey mon by to start 5th, we need looking for alternative schools for ourchildren. >> reporter: holy family has until february 15 to raises the $250,000 they need.
11:34 am
go to nbcwashington to help. >> david's bridal is set to file for bankruptcy. the company says it plans to file for chapper 1 -- choapter 1 in the near eyfuture. ay orders and appointments will not be impacted. they have reached an agreeme its lenders that will reduce its debt by more than $400 million. >> selfie perfection. butould you get surgery to look like how you look in a filter? coming up on news4 at 5:00 we'll show you what people will go through to look like a waiting for a liver transplant..
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jog. extend bar arlington is showing us a cool >> reporter: we've got a full class this morning. we've been working out another option forou to fight the fat before the dholidays. an lauren is going to tell us what this is all >>about. his is awesome. four things to know about this is that, one, it's a workout for absolutely everybody. everybody can doit. we're about strong and not skinny. we've got ne different varieties of classes. the other this evening i love aboutis, molette, it's a good sense of community around here. >> reporter: what has it done for you? i noticed a change for you.>> t definitely made me a long stronger. this is one of the only classes i could find where i could see e definition in my arms, in my legs and in my abs. if i get tired of bar, i hop
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yover toa or something else. >> and look at all of the folks in this class, they are dedicated. one you lady has done 750 classes.he name is even written on the wall here. kelly wilkinson is the owner here. >> we have a really great community, really diverse group of people. we have all ages. we reay want to help you find your goal and support that. we want to help youiv l your best life. we want to help you however we can. >> reporter: we're going to wra this up. we've got jae kenny shhere. s going to be competing iss miirginia next week. she's in class working it all out. where's our 750 classes for emily over here? we are wrapping uplass here at xtend baranarlington. her option to fight the fat. >> that is no joke. i consider myself to be a pretty
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athletic person. i can hang. that class makes my legs do this. anybody who has taken a bar class knows exactly what i'm talkingsabout. it hard. >> good to know. anything we can do to keep arselves in little better shape going into the holidays. >> you know the buttons start to get a little tight. >>eo whene start putting everything you like on the table, you feel obliged. >> we have the nbc4 telemundo health and fitness expo is comingup. >> good to know. >> i'm sorry, i thought we had a sound bite there and i abruptly. paus >> this isn't coming ot ing out weather time, is it? >> no. more super chilly weather. we're in the 50s. >> people say the lastime we had snow in november, what was that winter like?
11:41 am
is snow in november a forecast for more than average amounts of snow? i looked it up because there's always an answer th is not a forecast. it's just looking back and seeing what happened last time. st time we had a big november snow, 3.5n inches the winter of 1989. the winter was front loared with cold and a decent amount of snow. december of 1989 ended u being the second coldest december on record around here. 12 deg below average, 27 of 31 days that month were than average and triple the average snowfall. but then winter was over. january '90 and february '90 both incredibly warm and almost completely snowless. so the sw in november not a guarantee to have a cold, snowy winter. e still have four cold weather
11:42 am
records from the december 1989 cold snap. today te're back sunshine. northwest winds are making it feel a little chilly. lk on the sunny side of the street for the remainder of the afte the departing storm will leave us with quiet wther for the weekend. a lot more clouds on sunday. i think both saturday and sunday will be dry. that's good news if you're headed out to the maryland-ohio state game tomorrow at noon in college park. 46 degrees for that. here's your ten-day forecast. cooler than average but very little as far as rain chances all t way through thanksgiving and the day after. >> thank you, chuck. coming up, the holidays can pet.great time to adopt a what you need to think about now to get
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the holays can be a great time to adopt a pet but only if you plan ahead. becca stearn is here towi help t that process. you've got a great looking dog available for adoption here, kenny. >> thank you for having us. >> keen hnn has sort of a big h on him. what do we think the mix is? >> we're probably calling him an american bulldog mix. >> he's very excited to be here. >> he is very excited.
11:46 am
trying to visually identify a breed can be very accurate. but if you live in a complex or your landlord requires it, it can be good to have on the paperwork. >> you said a little bit of motion issue on the way ove here. >> he got a little bit of motion sick initia sickness. id choose to climb into my lap during the ride, which was fun for him. he's a little heavy. at least he kept me warm. >> do you know how much kenny ways weighs? >> around 80 pounds. >> he's got a great disposition. he'll make a great f pet someone over the holidays. >> heill. >> our adoption process does not
11:47 am
change. on friday you can name your own adoptiones >> if you have a little extra money to spend and you feel likr making a bet donation, that will be a great cause to make a sizable purchase price for the pet. >> if you cannot make it to the promotion on black friday. bloomer buddies, if you adopt a dog over 5 years old and the adter is 50 or older, you fees are waived. >> the place in washington is quite the magerie of pets to choose from. st not ju it's not just d and cats. it's rabbits and turtles and kind of stuff. >> we have turtles and rabbits
11:48 am
and snakes and i recommend people check the web site. we do recommend whoever will be the primary caretaker is the person there during the adoption process to make it special. bring your family member in, pay the adoption fee or come on promotion and pay whatever you want but make sure there is a to onne visit with that animal. >> thank you vch for coming in today. good luck finding kenny a home. as can you tell, he's got plenty of energy. he'd make a good walking buddy and apparently he's a good snuggle buddy. does he go home with this toy?>> i will send him home with this toy. >> go to the web site
11:49 am thus begins the comedy drama "green book" inspired by a true story. the film took the 'speop choice award at the toronto film stival. jason fraley joins us. what do you think? >> reporter: s, this is, guys, it might just be my favorit movie of the year. est crowde of the gre experiences. it was the closing night. scene by scene, you could see it building in the audience. pby the end everyone gotn gave a standing ovation. it's the perfect one over the holidays with the family. it's been called a reverse drividriv "driving miss daisy." a blue collar bouncer from the bronx who becomes the chauffeur of a black classical pianist
11:50 am
through the deep south in 1962. it was called "green book" because it was safe places you could go to eat and sleep in the south. if you ever saw captain fantti y kno h fnye hean b in the right role. they have this great buddy comedy. and most surprising it directed by peter fairlie of the fairlie brothers. i'm just ove the moon about this movie. go see it. you're not going to regret it. >> "green book" is also
11:51 am
competing with the heist widows. >> this is also a great movie. the writer is jillian flynn. viola davis is always great, oscar winner. she and other women become widows when their criminal husbands are killed when something goes terribly wrong at the beginning of the movie. then the mob comes after these women to say you have two weeks to get us million dollar debt your husbands left us. steve mcqueen leaves the camera on the hood of the car so we can see theng neighborhood c and hear what the politician is saying different things in the car than when he gets out of the
11:52 am
car. it's a lot better than your typical heistllth. liam neeson is in it, too. >> viola davis and liam neeson, i'm in on that. tell us about the live shows. >> we have aziz ansari at mg we have jim james at lincoln theater and art garfunkel at wolf trap. this is probably the last friday before thanksgiving so i just want to say happy thanksgiving. >> you have a turkey leg there.h you realle a turkey leg? >> we have a whole spread. we have a whole spread. do you really? >> i love it. i love it. enjoy, my friend. are those the yams? the sweet potatoes? thank you, jason.
11:53 am
>> the math is done. coming up we're going to add up the cost of the 12 days of christmas. >> its brittany johnson. it's time to get o and hav fun in the d.c. area this starting tonight, "ice: a charlie brown christmas" it lasts all the holiday season. also tomorrow is national take a hike day. if you're looking to get one last hike in before it gets really cold outside, we've made up list of places to go hiking this weekend. and it's the perfect time to lace up those icekates and go ice skating. if you get to see formerla firs michelle obama at the capitol arena, don't for get to tag us in your pick.
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chances are you've heard the holid holiday carroll "the 12 days of christmas." all the gifts in the song will cost you 09$3 there's only seven items that the price stayed tar same this
11:57 am
the five golden rings actually went down 9% this year. so merry christmas. we'll send things back over to chuck for a final check weather. >> you can keep the birds. send me the gold rings any day. staying on the chilly side through the weekend but dry all the way throughthanksgiving. houston and washington play 1:00 on sunday at fedex field. it will be cloudy and chilly there. it will be chilly and breezy in rman tomorrow night against kansas. >> that's i for "news4 midday." you can get updates on our washington app. i'll see you here this weekend. bye now.
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♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums ♪lpfáe1 oh myfá goodness! this is what it looked like las% night. the firstt(to brutal of the r0>lp )q welcome tot( " access live."we flew in from ca knowing so much how to et there. but guessxd what, guys. the sunshine came in this morning. >> yes, it did! >> fáyes, it did! >> my favorite colellow for someñie1 sunshine. >> yes. >> the snowew broughtork city to a stand still last night. >> pe guz arehe mad. >> are mad. >> they feel that they weren'tfá informed.that they had n


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