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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues on her recovery. we're getting a new look at some photos of the congresswoman. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> it is monday, jun 13, 2011. what a beautiful and clear day today. you will enjoy it and the rest of the week too. good morning, i'm sarah simmons in for steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we get the latest on what will be a glorious forecast from tony perkins. >> it's going to be a great day. good morning to both of you and good morning, everybody. finally some relief. finally a very nice day with comfortable temperatures, breezy conditions and lower humidity. let's look at what is going on out there. i just stepped outside of the studios in northwest washington. skies are mostly clear. this shows cloud cover here and there. some thicker clouds well off to the north and well out to west, but for us we'll see a good amount of sunshine during the course of the day today. temperatures yesterday, yes, it was warm again.
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90 degrees was the high at reagan national. 90 at dulles. and our current temperatures much more comfortable. in the 70s. 65 in the district. 62 at baltimore. dulles airport is at 61. frederick, maryland, is at a cool 61. fredericksberg is at 64. forecast for today, i think you'll like it. mostly sunny skies and a cooler day. with seasonable temperatures. our high below normal. our normal high would be 84 and we're looking for a high of 82 in town. some of you will top out in the upper 70s and breezy with winds out of the north, northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. that's an update on your weather. we have more coming up in a little bit. but right now let's go to julie wright. well there's a change in the traffic pattern between the main toll plaza and the beltway. it's cob fusing -- confusing but you can access the inner loop and outer loop. the crew in sky fox is over the
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beltway near 66. their shot eastbound slowing at business 234 but we also have delays leaving fair oaks toward 123 and through vienna toward the capital beltway. a lot of sunshine delay folks eastbound toward 495. back inside, updating the ride along 270, laborers are open out of hyattstown, the pace slow toward the truck scales, slow down again at mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. two college students in virginia shot during a home invasion. >> one died. he is the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings who is vowing to find the killer. stacy cohan has been following the story from our news room. >> reporter: our victim's name is elijah cummings. the house where he lived is 50 yards after campus and recently
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the victim of an attempted break-in. james cummings believes the same intruder returned friday morning looking for revenge. christopher cummings is the youngest of five children and a criminal justice major. someone broke into his apartment on west 42nd street early friday morning. the first floor roommate named jake kerry was shot first. >> he crawled across the street to a neighbor's house, knocked on the door, she put pressure on the bleeding from the neck and called 911. at the same time christopher was inside the house, battling the intruder and he died inside the house. >> reporter: he died because the intruder shot and killed him. police and officials admit there has been a spike in crime both on and off campus.
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christopher cummings is the nephew of cummings and aspired to be a politician just like his uncle. back to you. two d.c. police officers attacked on the job. this happened around 5:00 on saturday evening near the gallery place china town metro. the washington post reports the officers were responding to a complaint about a homeless man drinking in public. when the man attacked him with a pipe, they say, unprovoked. both officers had to be taken to the hospital and at last word one is still in the hospital. the hunt is still on for the person who killed a tow truck driver. antwan ago you ugers was killed. his family can't understand why anyone would want to kill him. >> he was a god-fearing man.
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he was just a family man. he was peaceful. >> there is no reason for anyone to take someone's life. it's just not fair. >> that will hopefully be resolved. they'll find the perpetrator of this horrible deed. >> at this point police have not released a possible motive nor suspects. also in prince george's county, police are looking for a driver involved in a hit-and- run accident. investigators say an suv hit a motorcyclist early on saturday morning at riverdale road and 63rd place. the motorcyclist was killed. the suv left the scene. police are looking for a lincoln navigator with damage on the left rear side. after a search, police have found the body of a woman in the washington channel. she was a group of boaters on water street in southwest. this all happened at 10:00 on saturday night. for some reason the woman jumped into the water and did not resurface.
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police did not release the woman's name. now to virginia where signal bay water park in manassas is closed. this happened after an apparent chemical leak sickened a dozen children on saturday. investigators are investigating what went wrong and a technician will look at the water system this week. the park is set to reopen next weekend. this morning, scandal involving d.c. council members have been grabbing headlines. today a bill is being introduced to overhaul the way the council keeps tabs on itself. the legislation backed by kwame brown and mary cheh would create an office of government accountability and expand the council's power to investigate ethical issues, including football disclosures. anthony wiener is thinking about resigning. that's what one new york newspaper claims. >> so far the congressman isn't
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saying, even after more lewd photos were released over the weekend. >> reporter: the pressure on wiener to resign is growing. with some of his own constituents saying he has to go. [ chanting ] >> reporter: for anthony wiener, these must be tough images to see. protestors outside of his district office demanding his resignation. but this is a tough image for many of his constituents to see, several new self portraits that seem to be taken in the house gym and uncovered by tmz. others show him with far fewer clothes. >> let's get a full shot of the genitals of my congressman. this is disgusting. >> reporter: and wiener doesn't have many friends left in congress either. he's going to request a leave of absence to seek treatment. but he is said to giving thought to stepping down. it's no secret nancy pelosi wants him out and the head of the democratic national committee said the time has
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come. >> we have made clear that he needs to resign. >> reporter: but wiener's political mentor, chuck schumer, is still a holdout. >> i'm not going to say anything else other than this is just heartbreaking for me and the many friends of anthony. >> reporter: and while wiener does still have supporters sh the ranks are thinning. and and even the republican speaker of house couldn't stop himself. >> my name looks like boner, beaner, but thank god it's not wiener. >> reporter: and it's not clear what kind of treatment he is seeking. doug luzader, fox news. a look at this morning's other top stories. the presidential archives will release the pentagon papers, all 7,000 pages of it. today marks the 40th anniversary of the original
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publication in the new york times. the leaked classified documents shed light on the involvement in vietnam and triggered a constitutional crisis over freedom of the press. president obama is on the road today. he will travel to raleigh, north carolina, where he will talk about job creation initiatives. tonight mr. obama will be in miami attending a re-election fundraiser. he is also going to cut government waste and establish a board that will work with federal agencies today. and we are getting the first photos of gabrielle giffords since she was shot in the head. the pictures were released yesterday. one shows her relaxed and smiling, others show her sitting with her mom. they were posted on her facebook page and were makeen may 17th, the day after she attended the shuttle launch of her husband commander mark kelly. she could be out of the hospital in a few weeks and then is expected to go home but it's still unclear if she will
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come back to work. >> we don't know whether gabrielle giffords will ever be able to return to congress. but she's made remarkable progress recently in the ability to form sentences, ask questions, respond to questions in a way that we call executive function. if that continues, it raises the possibility she might be able to return to work. >> thousands visited her facebook page just hours after the pictures were posted yesterday. >> she looks good. >> remarkable. >> huge strides. it is now 7:10 on this monday. thousands of arizona residents from two towns are now returning to their homes. but the fire is still a huge threat for folk in the eastern part of the state. we'll hear from them when we return. and the clean-up in alabama continues more than a month after tornadoes and now some victims don't qualify for grants from fema. the story is straight ahead. and as we head to break, we take a live look outside.
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trying to get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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welcome back. it is 7:14. the miracle on the hudson plane is now at its new home in charlotte, north carolina. the jetliner arrived at the aviation museum on saturday where it will remain on display. the events reunited crew members and passengers and captain sully sullenberger. president obama was enjoying the weekend at camp david with the first family, fighter jets were hard at work
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in the skies overhead. two f-15s intercepted a small plane that flew too close. norad said the plane was escort add way without incident and didn't appear to pose any threat. the pilot landed in hagerstown. >> do you think you brag about that? do you think you tell your friends? >> after you change your clothes, probably. >> but it's true. >> you have fighter jets pulling up beside you. >> they come up all stealthy. >> what did i do? i'm trying to land in my backyard. all right. listen, we have fine conditions. i mentioned i stepped outside a short time ago. it's very nice. >> so we should all leave. >> just during the next commercial break, move the desk outside and do the show from there. >> that would be fun. >> i think the viewers would like it.
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we'll work on it. >> we're never going to do it, are we? >> no. we don't have enough people to move anything. 65 degrees is the current temperature here in washington. 61 at dulles, airport. baltimore is at 63. patuxent naval air station dropped off to 69 degrees. there are 50s on this map this morning. winchester 59 degrees. and 56 in hagerstown. the winds, that's part of our story today. they are blowing around at 17 miles per hour. right now coming to us out of the north, northwest, 15 mile- per-hour at dulles, 17 in baltimore. and a breezy start to the day. and gusting up to 26 miles per hour in d.c. during the last hour. so 22 mile-per-hour wind gusts down in quantico. this is one of our features today and that will add to our pleasantness. today it will be breezy. not bad at all. highs today in the low 80s. although some of you will top
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out in the upper 70s. low 80s by the middle of the afternoon today. a very pleasant day with a lot of sunshine and lower humidity than what we've been used to. get outside and enjoy it. >> kind of like, what? >> is that really happening? >> good-looking. let's check in with julie wright. what do you think about the idea of doing the newscast outside today? >> no complaints from here. none at all. you set me up next to a nutty buddy stand and i'll report traffic all day and even in the afternoon rush hour. >> a nutty buddy stand? >> management just woke up. i don't have to pay her, i just have to feed her? it's cheaper to pay me. from wolf trap to the capital beltway, there is change in the
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traffic pattern. eastbound you lose the left lane continuing inbound toward the capital beltway. it's part of the long-term construction project. you still have access to the inner loop and the outer loop but it is confusing for motorist traveling eastbound. i've had a couple of people hit me up on twitter and say it's confusing working inbound around this closure point and the change in the traffic pattern. but you still have access to the inner loop and the outer loop toward the capital beltway leaving wolf trap. so a great shot there from the crew in sky fox. back inside, and on the outer loop, still into the sunshine below speed from van dorn to telegraph road. all lanes are open here. into problems are -- no problems to report. slowing at the beltway and the 11th street bridge. 210 on the brakes from ft. washington toward palmer. outer loop below speed 95 past colesville road around georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it was a long and hot train
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ride for 450 amtrak passengers. amtrak said an engine failed on a northbound train heading to boston from richmond yesterday. passengers were stranded and without air-conditioning for about two hours in the sweltering temperatures before being transferred to another train. so far no word on what caused that engine to fail. amtrak has since moved the faulty train off the tracks. to the latest on the wildfire in arizona. firefighters say they are making headway as thousands are allowed back to their homes. >> but the fire threat is still very real in the eastern part of the state and in parts of new mexico. marianne rafferty has the story now. >> reporter: thousands of arizona residents in two towns evacuated by the wildfire threat are back home. >> well, we're home. >> reporter: dropping his boots, ted slade of eagar, arizona, wasn't sure what he would see when he got there. >> we thought it was going to burn. the fire was right there.
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we could see the flames and it was shooting up. and we figured we wasn't going to come back to this. >> reporter: people in springerville are getting the all-clear, a flashing sign read, we miss you. welcome home. airplanes are dropping fire retardant. and crews are gaining ground and confidence. >> we don't like to say this kind of stuff, but we turn a corner. >> reporter: but with that comes skepticism from residents. >> hoping they haven't jumped the gun and there is still wind and hot spots up there. the fire was so unstoppable, it's hard to believe they have it stopped in this direction. >> reporter: severe air quality issues exist. air is 20 times worse than the federal health standard. because of that a handful of homeowners are waiting it out. >> i'm going to stay one por -- one more night here and then
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see what the air is like. >> you've been cooped up for five days going stir crazy, but i'm glad to see them all come back and businesses get back together and i'm running out of copenhagen and i have to get to the score. >> reporter: two homes have burned since the fire started last month. it is burning in remote areas in eastern arizona and new mexico. marianne rafferty, fox news. recovery continues in alabama following april's devastating tornadoes. some victims' whose homes were destroyed are finding out they do not qualify from grants from fema to rebuild. the birmingham news talked to one family whose home was scattered with brick and debris and was told an inspection was told they were unsafe to live in. fema said anyone who feels their applications were unfairly rejected but they only have 60 days from the date of the letter to do that. a man in ohio is arrested
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for shooting kids in his neighborhood. 55-year-old charles deboss was angry that children were placing in his front yard. kids say he yelled at them, then opened fire when one of the kids walked across his lawn and another bumped his car. an 11-year-old girl was shot and one bell et narrowly missed her liver. she should be released from the hospital soon. a volcanic ash cloud forces hundreds of flights overseas to be canceled. an update next. and a crash in france and what the driver said saved his life, straight ahead. plus music, craft and some of maryland's most distinct folk traditions. paul raphel is in baltimore this morning with a preview of a maryland tradition folk life festival which kicks off this weekend. we like to do things in
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advance. you have to plan it out. we'll catch up with him when we come back. 7:22. 
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making headlines this morning, a series of earthquakes hit new zealand last night. it's in the same place that hit the city of christ's church back if february. last night's tremors are described as after shocks. the strongest measured 5.2 followed by a series of smaller ones. two buildings collapsed last night but police say they rescued those inside. some flights in australia have resumed after an ash cloud from a chile volcano has caused problems. thousands of passengers have been affected by this. it started erupting last week. it's hard to believe anyone could survive this, but a race car driver walked away unhurt.
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this happened at the lemans 24- hour race in france. the driver clipped a ferrari driving his audi at 120 miles per hour. the car flipped and smacked into the barriers. driver said he survived because of the protective measures built into the car's design. >> it's amazing when you see them walk away from something like that. >> but they do. they design it for that. so they are able to do it. >> and it works. hopefully it will work all of the time. 7:27 now on a monday morning. from the latest political sex scandal to how the 2012 race is shaping up, we're going to catch up with the washington examiner's congressional correspondent for political round up next. and a live look outside for you as we head to break. it does make you smile. >> it makes you feel good to get up. >> we have the latest weather, traffic from tony and julie. i promise you it will be nice. 
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welcome back. it is 7:30 on this monday. you're taking a look at washington monument and i have to tell you, it's nice because we can see it for once instead of trying to peer at it. >> no matter how wide the shot
7:31 am
gets, we can still see clear. >> how about that. >> it's great, tony. >> that's a pretty picture. >> we love to talk about the weather this week. >> no haze and you see the camera jostling around because we have a little bit of wind out there. just a pleasant start to the day. good air quality. that is nice. we could use that. and things look good for the entire week. let's start by showing you its weather headlines for today and really for much of the week. not bad. really the main thing you want to know is that cooler air has arrived into our region and those breezes out of the northwest are helping to bring more cool air in here as we speak. so the week gets off to a pleasant start. temperatures drop this week. last week we hit 102 degrees at one point, and then in the 90s. this week our highs in the 80s. not bad at all. and then some unsettled moving in for the latter part of the week and that's when we could see rain showers and storms here and there.
7:32 am
and current temperatures around the region. we are at 65 in the district. 63 in baltimore. dulles airport is at 61. in winchester, a cool and pleasant 59 degrees. patuxent naval air station is sat 69 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite, the skies are pretty clear. there are a couple of clouds here and there but for the most part you have blue skies, sunshine and that's the way it will be today. out to our west we have a lot of clear skies. some thicker clouds well up to the north and west but though won't impact us during the course of the day. here is a look at the surface map. cold front came through and did trigger storm storms but high pressure is settling in. that's going to mean, calm, quiet conditions and with the cooler air pass, comfortable temperatures around the region for much of the week. forecast then for washington for today, a lot of sunshine, much cooler, pleasant and a high of 82 degrees. believe it or not, we'll be 2 degrees below normal after being well above normal, 2 degrees below normal today and
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still breezy with winds out of the north, northwest, 10-15 miles per hour. then for tonight, 63 for the overnight low in town. cooler in the suburbs under partly cloudy skies. five-day forecast, tomorrow another great day and 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. a lot of sunshine on wednesday, 81. thursday maybe some of the humidity builds back in and we get some clouds and chances of thunderstorms late in the day and chance of thunderstorms during the day on friday. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic and for that we go back to julie wright. we're still checking out the ride on the inbound stretch of the dulles toll road. folks hitting me up on twitter saying there is a change in our traffic pattern and we don't respond well to change. live with the crew in sky fox and in bound from wolf trap and toward the capital beltway, the left lane is blocked off with barrels and cones. so inbound from route 7, the pace not so bad but there is a
7:34 am
change where the road splits toward the capital beltway. you can still gain access to the inner loop and the outer loop around the barrier but it is confusing toward the capital beltway so definitely something to make note of. pick the lane you need to be in and stick with it. elsewhere, if you are traveling the outer loop at van dorn, still heavy and slow into the sunshine. no accidents, just volume delays to accompany the trip toward telegraph road. traveling the other side of town, inbound new york avenue at north capital street. the pace is heavy and steady toward the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. republican presidential candidate newt gingrich is also heading up to the new hampshire debates. he's been trying to get his campaign going again after his entire top campaign staff quit last week, 16 of them abandoned the former speaker of the house but he relaunched his campaign with a speech in los angeles
7:35 am
last night. and he only made a quick reference to the upheaval in his campaign. >> i will endure the challenges and i'll carry the message of american renewal to every part of this great land, no matter what it takes and with the help of every american who wants to change washington, we will prevail. >> and gingrich has a new book out this month. it's his 24th book. he has been making documentaries with his wife since he quit as house speaker in 1999. well, for more now on the 2012 presidential race and the other political news, we welcome susan ferichyo, with the washington examiner. susan, let's talk about this since we were looking at candidate gingrich there. talk about the fact that obviously his top aides, his top advisors resigned last week, all 16 of them. does he still have a chance in this field? >> well, the advantage for
7:36 am
early. h right now is its so there is time for a candidate to come back from the brink, which is sort of where he is now. he lost his top people. people that mattered most, or people running his campaign. so if he wants to rebuild, he needs to find people to work for him who are qualified to run a major campaign. he those get people out in iowa and new hampshire and rebuild things and get it going again. and so it remains to be seen. no one -- knows who these people will be. and he did campaign in california yesterday and said he would carry on and people wonder if it is just a patter of time before he realizes he can't keep going and drops out. his poll numbers were never great. everybody knew who he was but they didn't really like him. so he was kind of combating that. and then he made a few major
7:37 am
gaps, one of them condemning the republican medicare plan and he lost a lot of respect when that happened. so there are a lot of things against gingrich but what he has going for him is time. >> there was talk too that came out with his spending habits, a luxurious vacation that he just came back from, does that lose support as well, especially in the current economic climate where people are worried about jobs and the economy. i have to imagine it doesn't look good for him. >> and he didn't do a good job explaining it and he just said he paid it off and perhaps if he said what he spent it on, that may have helped but he dodged that issue and tried to brush it under the carpet but it will come back and haunt him because people will bring it up. and the cruise, but he doesn't look good. but he's a great debater and a smart man and a brilliant political strategist himself so
7:38 am
if anyone can pull himself back from the brink, it's him. >> and talking about a great speaker, they are debating tonight. is this a way for him to bounce back? there is a lot of people in the field here. >> absolutely. he's an intellectual giant and he has an opportunity to show off his knowledge and his experience. he was speaker of the house, he was the architect on the contract with america. he helped the republicans take the house back after being the minority for decades. so he is well respected and smart. but he is one of many candidates on the stage and there are others trying to out- do him and others that will pay attention as well. so this is a chance for gingrich but it's also a chance for the voters to get to know the new candidates, including michelle bachman, tea party favorite, someone who could ignite the base. that's another exciting person
7:39 am
people are watching at tonight's debate. >> and let's talk about congressman anthony wiener. we're hearing over the weekend there were additional photos out there and there is the huge push from the democrats for him to resign. is it really just a matter of time before he's going to have to, but you also hear he's very stubborn. >> right. in the days when it first broke, the wisdom was if they can survive the initial onslaught of media for a few days or a couple of weeks, then maybe they can hang on to their seat. but in wiener's case, this did not get better, it got worse. more pictures and more text messages and things that made him look terrible and now he has the leadership telling him to resign, the speaker, the minority leader and the minority whip telling him to quit. rumblings that the white house wants him to get out. and so there is a lot stacked
7:40 am
against him and at this point it sounds like he's weighing whether he should just resign because nobody wants him in congress. and even if he were to stay, there would be a effort by the state legislature to carve away his district. there is redistricting going on in the state. two seats will be eliminated and there is a chance his will be one of them. >> we'll have to wait and see how that unfolds. susan, thank you for coming in today. we appreciate it. it is 7:40 now on a monday morning. and skipping college and heading straight into the military. while only a small percentage of high schoolers do it these days, their brave decision is being recognized. we'll tell you about an organization that saluted these future members of the service. stay with us. 
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in sports now, the mavericks are the nba champions. they beat the miami heat in game six last night 105-95 to claim the first nba title.
7:44 am
terry led the mavs with 27 points and nowitzki added 21 and was named mvp. lebron scored 21 for miami but was not much of a factor after the opening minute. >> can i tell you, i did not watch a minute of the playoffs. i was in -- >> i didn't either. >> i was in recital. >> recital playoffs. >> when the game started we were sitting at a congrat dinner. >> and lebron made fun of nowitzki and was called out for him. >> and lebron still waits. >> gwen is up on the sports. >> you're looking lovely today. >> thank you very much. we're having a lot of sunshine and i'm looking springy. but we have such a comfortable day out there. i hope everybody enjoys it. so as we start out. where did we hit if terms of
7:45 am
our satellite radar composite. what is going on? well we have plenty of sunshine across the area today. which is nice. yesterday was a pretty rocky day where we had storms across the area and it was very busy in the weather center. but today a whole different ballgame. a ridge of high pressure in control, bringing us plenty of sunshine. here is a look at where we hit temperature-wise yesterday. 90 at national airport. 80 at dull. 87 at baltimore. but today, much cooler. things are being ushered in by a nice northwesterly wind and so our temperatures a bit on the lower side. 61 degrees for humidity, that's a huge number to talk about because usually it's in the 80% range. so a far cry from that. neighborhood temperatures now into the 60s as well; pretty much everywhere. so we're in for a comfortable day and plenty of sunshine. so for today, here is a look at your day planner. by midday we're around 77. our high is 82 degrees. and it's been a long while since we were able to say that.
7:46 am
at 5:00 it is 79 and allison and sarah, i was saying the reverse, 9. >> that's funny. okay, thanks, gwen. let's check in with julie wright for the latest on traffic for us. hello, julie, sarah, we were talking about this in the morning with the humidity and you have to spray in the extra volume. this morning there was no humidity and now i look like a poodle. >> i was just thinking that i like it. >> it looks nice. >> it does. what are you talking about? >> i don't know. it just seems to get bigger and bigger the more i was blow drying it. on the roads, finding southbound 29, delays from stewart lane down toward the trader joe's. and then the pace improves. no incidents, just volume southbound along 29. the outer loop tied up now, from 95 around to georgia avenue. outer loop at telegraph road an accident tieing up the lane. through the construction toward the wilson bridge. from this point on, the lanes
7:47 am
are open and it looks good. but we still have the back-up leaving the springfield interchange toward telegraph road and the accident on the level side. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. only a small percentage of high school gradates make the brave decision to join the armed services instead of going to college. >> many sacrifices go unnoticed until now. julie bander as has the story. >> reporter: our community salutes a nonprofit understand and honors high school gradates not to go to college, but instead enlisting in the military to continue education there. but many times these students don't get the recognition they deserve for putting their country first. the organization hosts special events to honor grads who decide to join the armed forces. the founder said he created it after realizing no school district in the country did anything to thank these brave young people and their parents. >> not a lot of people have good things to say about our
7:48 am
decision to join. so to know that there is people out there who are rooting for us is a real good thing. >> since i was a kid i wanted to serve my country. and i just feel like i made the right decision joining the military. >> reporter: the first event to honor grads was held in 2009 and this spring there are 10 being held across the country. each paid for entirely by volunteers and other donations from veterans, educators and business leaders. the latest one this past thursday in brooklyn, new york, marks a ceremony with 500 people in attendance as a parent and army officers say they help recognize that the sacrifices are being appreciated. >> if they didn't make this sacrifice, 99% couldn't do what they are doing. and by the time their peers reach the second semester in
7:49 am
college, they are reaching the front line. and it is an important decision and we need to stand up and say thank you. >> reporter: for more go to the website julie banderas, fox news. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is kenyetta taylor. and she's watched fox 5 morning news since she can remember and catches every segment in every hour. >> i'm kind of scared now. >> watch with a forgiving eye. sometimes we make mistake takes. a festival is happening this weekend in baltimore and it is free. >> i like that. >> paul raphel hanging out there this morning learning about what activities are going on there. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning. who doesn't like free. that's everyone's favorite price and it's going on this saturday at the maryland tradition folk life festival. after the break we'll find out what is going on this saturday
7:50 am
and find out how you turn this stuff into a yarn parenting. stick with us.
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today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
7:53 am
welcome back. it is 7:53 today. the maryland tradition folk life festival is this saturday. >> paul raphel is at the creative alliance in patterson to learn more about the event. paul, good morning. >> reporter: it's going to be a great event here in downtown baltimore. 14 performances in indoor and outdoor stages. they'll have weavers, boat builders and i'll get more details from cliff murray. thank you for joining us today. so talk about the festival. >> there is going to be a lot of music and crafts and opportunities for people to get up close and personal with
7:54 am
artists to learn. there are workshops and a very family-friendly event. this is going to be fun and free. >> reporter: so talk about the maryland traditions program and >> sure. we're the council and we celebrate traditional arts and culture in maryland. >> reporter: and you said there will be demonstrations so kids can learn about the arts, not just view them. >> so you can come downtown outdoors and watch them do some boat-building. you could come inside and do a workshop with an artist, you can dance. >> reporter: well let me bring in a local artist, francisco loza. this is one of the artists that will be doing demonstrations and it's called mexican yarn painting. >> yes. >> reporter: so explain what we have here, so the viewers can understand. this is actual yarn, this is
7:55 am
made from it. >> we use a pine tree and grass and we warm it up and then put it on little by little. >> reporter: so how long would something like this take you? >> well for me, i take like six months. we're going to work on something small like this, everybody can do something and the kid, the father, everybody can enjoy. >> reporter: what are these made out of? >> these come from marguerite, from my friend the indian, he makes from beads. and also the snake is made from the same technique. >> reporter: can i touch it? >> yes, for sure. and it is made for the artisans. >> reporter: did you just start with paintings and get into different mediums or how did
7:56 am
you learn? >> no. i learned with the indians, i learned from this technique, i make my own technique. >> reporter: thanks for joining us today. we'll have details on the event on saturday at later this morning i'll meet some more participating artists and check out some cool art. >> paul, thanks. see you next hour. and usually when you graduate from high school you get some cash. but one grad got a million dollars. she earned that money in scholarships and grants. she goes to a school where most of her classmates are the first to go to college and more than 90% are from low income homes but evelyn is heading to yale. >> it is exciting. it's not every day you get into an ivy league. and at first mr. olson had to convince me to apply, but i went to visit and i loved it.
7:57 am
>> she's not the only one in her family. that's evelyns brother and he graduated as well and he also has a full scholarship to carlton college in minnesota. >> good for them. >> that's the best thing ever. >> well and both of them: that family is thankful. >> and for so many family that's cost is the prohibitive factor and they don't have to worry about that. so a bright future. >> a lot of hard work paid off for them. that is for sure. coming up, apparently if your fat, it's your fault. at least that is the tough love message one author has for america. >> coming up at 8:00, we'll talk with the author about his new book. it's called die fat or get tough, 101 differences in thinking between fat people and fit people. >> interesting. >> it's going to be a talker. stay with us. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a 20-year-old nevada --
8:01 am
nephew of a lawmaker killed. and more calls from party leaders to tell anthony wiener to go. and we'll talk to the author of a new book who said if you are over weight it's your fault. it is sparking some conversation. his purpose for writing the book coming up a little bit later. thank you for watching this morning, i'm tony perkins in for steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we are happy you are with us on what will be a pleasant, cool sort of comfortable day. not really cool, but warm. >> well cool is relatively speaking. >> we've been at 102, 95 and 97. there are people who love that hot and humid air but there are people who are welcoming this change that we have going on. let's take a look at satellite radar. yesterday was a very extremely busy day in the weather center. i can tell you that first-hand. we had lots of storms roaring through but things are calm and quiet. it is the calm behind the storm. we have just a few high-level
8:02 am
clouds but mainly we are talking a very sunny day today as a ridge of high pressure takes over and dominated our weather pattern. highs yesterday, 90 degrees at national. 90 degrees at dulles. 87 at baltimore. no 90s today at all in our forecast. right now it is actually 65 degrees at national. 61 at dulles. and 63 degrees at baltimore. and today we are talking a sunny day, a much cooler day with less humidity and very pleasant at 82 degrees. no shortage of sunshine in the forecast today. it's going to be just down right comfortable. we have a northwesterly flow moving in behind the frontal system and things will be pleasant throughout the day and so hopefully you will get a chance to enjoy it. no sweating out there today at all, just comfortable and pleasant. >> can't wait to get outside. gwen, thank you. here is julie wright with an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. julie? >> i thought you were going to
8:03 am
say here is somebody who is already outside. >> not a lot happening on the roads. a lot of delays but not a lot of accidents. we had the crash at telegraph road in the left lane but this is a typical slowdown. no incidents to report on the inner loop across the wilson bridge. southbound 29 is heavy through the traffic lights leaving randolph toward the trader joe's. outer loop is low past 95 pasts colesville around to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. we begin with the search for a killer. two college students in virginia gunned down in a home invasion. >> the young man that died is the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings. christopher cummings was a student at old dominion university. >> reporter: the family said he died trying to fend off the
8:04 am
attacker and they believe it is revenge. cummings and a roommate lived in a house 50 yards off the campus of the university. james cummings said someone broke into the home five weeks ago but his son chased that suspect away. then early friday morning another intruder broke in, shot the first floor roommate jake kerry and then christopher. kerry remains in critical condition. christopher was killed. his uncle, congressman elijah cummings, is said to be devastated. >> he's going to take action and work with the congressman in virginia and see if they can get something done to bring this case to light before it goes cold. >> he wanted to be a lawyer just like his uncle. he was following in his footsteps. and my brother elijah is a great person to emulate. i admire him myself. >> reporter: officials admit there has been a spike in crime both on and off campus.
8:05 am
cummings was majoring in criminal justice and staying in norfolk over the summer so he could work and take a class at the university. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stacy, thank you. this morning's big story, new york lawmaker antoine wiener is taking a temporary leave of absence from congress. he is seeking treatment but we don't know where or what kind of treatment that he is seeking to get. the new york daily news said that he is finally giving some thought to stepping down. in the meantime more photos of the congressman have surfaced on the website tmz. there are others where he is only wearing a towel. protestors denounced him outside of his office in new york yesterday. >> this is disgusting. and how about the fact that young kids can go on a computer and now down load the genitals of the 9th district congressman anthony wiener. what is wrong with this?
8:06 am
is it just me and everybody else here? >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi has called for wiener's resignation saying he needs to get help without the pressure of being a member of congress. and house minor whip steny hoyer and chris van hollen and the head of the democratic congressional committee are also requesting the same. new photos of congresswoman gabrielle giffords are released. they were taken may 17th just after her husband mark kelly began the mission to the international space station. she has since for gone surgery to fill a section of her skull removed to let her brain swell. she is still hospitalized but will likely be released later this month. i will endure the challenges, i will carry the message of american renewal to every part of this great land,
8:07 am
no matter what it takes, and with the help of every american who wants to change washington, we will prevail. >> that's newt gingrich, trying to kick-start his troubled presidential bid. he focused on foreign policy during a speech to the republican jewish coalition in los angeles last night. this is the first speech since the max exodus of his top staff and advisors days ago. and he's one of those participating in the debate tonight. there are 7 contenders meeting face-to-face. the pentagon papers will be released today. 40 years to the day after the new york times first began publishing the government secrets about the vietnam war. there are simultaneous releases today by the national archives and three presidential
8:08 am
libraries. lyndon johnson's at the university of texas, john kend in boston and richard nixon's in california. in 1971 the supreme court let the newspapers publish the papers. 7 minutes after 8:00 on this nice monday morning. there is a swirl of allegations of wrongdoing by public officials in our area but are local political scandals on the rise or are we just more aware of them? robert mccartney joins us next to talk about that. and superstar soul child joins us to perform and talk about his upcoming performance. you don't want to miss that. keep it right here. much more ahead this morning.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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we're on the edge of glory, people. this day is going to be a go out and get it done kind of day. >> lady gaga. [ music ] >> you know who plays on this
8:12 am
song? >> i think i do. is it bruce springsteen's somebody? >> saxophone player. clemens. >> and i called it because bruce springsteen is a pivotal force in her life. when she was a child, her father gave her sheet music to one of his classics. i apologize, i don't know which one and she started to play it on the piano and got a new found respect and it was a very she loves bruce springsteen. >> and he plays on two tracks. >> it's got that sound. >> it's kind of a throwback to the 70s and 80s rock anthem. there you go. a live look at capitol building. >> who knew i knew so much. >> that's very good. i'm very impressed. it's time to find out what is happening with the weather. and before that, gwen, you have an awesome responsibility here. >> i do. i know, i have the cute factor. before i get to that, i want to
8:13 am
talk about the saxophone player. because he's in his 60s. >> at least. >> and i've heard on the radio coming in this morning that i think he had a stroke. so we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> we should find out about that. clarence clemons, thank you very much for letting us know that. >> and a big responsibility, no, it's not tony perkins, it's 10-month-old, jasmine. look, she has her own hat going on, aka a noodle strainer. and her mom said she was entertained for over an hour. and she was adorable. look at those eyes. how cute is that. go jasmine. absolutely gorgeous. well to send us your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. we love to see your little cuteness show up on our my first 5. very cute. you have a super day. hopefully mommy will take her outside to play because the weather will cooperate. look at the temperature now, 76
8:14 am
degrees and very comfortable. humidity at 54%. now that's a far cry from where we have been because we know we have been sweating it out over the course of the last few weeks. but things are now getting a lot cooler across the region. we have a cold front move through and that's helping to drop the temperatures and get some of the humidity ushered out of here. 63 degrees at dulles this hour. 66 at frederick. we have hagerstown at 60 degrees. and harrisonburg at 64 degrees. satellite radar composite, showing you thins are pretty warm. not much going on. a far cry from yesterday where we had a cold front move through and some storms kicked up and some were slightly severe. and some of you saw that action. and some of you didn't see anything. but for today, plenty of sunshine. i'm happy to say it will be bright skies out there. as i mentioned, humidity very much on the low side. temperatures finally getting back close to seasonal to where they should be. we're expecting 82 degrees in alexandria, 79 in germantown,
8:15 am
81 at culpeper, 77 at martinsberg. and at national airport, at least 82 degrees. so comfortable out. there i don't know if it's hot enough for julie wright. i know she likes the weather to be hot and steamy, doing her tany thing. julie, will you be able to handle this? >> i think so. i might be able to do this today. >> all righty. >> i have to get my run in first. here is what we're hearing. we're getting word of the police activity at the metro rockville station and as a result they have suspended train service between shady grove and grower. but shuttle bus service will be available for you. and again this is due to a police investigation at their rockville stop. on the roads you'll find the accident activity here on the outer loop approaching telegraph road. it was in the left lane and now delays beginning back at the springfield interchange. southbound 270 out of rockville and slow at the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. sarah, back to you.
8:16 am
>> julie, thank you. in recent weeks you know there has been allegations of wrongdoing by public officials in our area so are political scandals on the upswing or are we more aware of them now. paul mccarty answers more on that question. thank you for coming in, sir. we appreciate it. >> good to see you, sarah. >> and the fuse of the day is the fact that there is the ethics reform bill that is being introduced toe at council. what are you hear being this? is this something that will solve the issue of the allegations? >> no. it will not solve the problem. it is an improvement, sponsored by kwame brown and mary cheh who over saw the committee investigation into the sulaiman brown against mayor gray. and the real problem is they have plenty of watch dogs already in the district.
8:17 am
you have the inspector general's office, you have the office of campaign finance, you have the u.s. attorney, you have the congress ultimately in the district as a watch dog. and that hasn't been enough. it's a question of having honest politicians and then making sure that whoever is technically responsible for doing this monitoring, actually carries it out. a lot of stuff that should have been enforced, rules and oversight that should have been enforced, hasn't been done. it's a question of implementation as much as having the framework. >> and that's the thing, we were kind of talking about this beforehand that the previous mayor, d.c. mayor anthony williams -- well a couple ago. >> two ago. >> yeah, two ago, there was no political scandal that came out of that. >> there were some small ones but nothing -- it was no -- in eight years, the number of scandals was pretty low. especially compared to what we've had blowing up in just the last few months this year.
8:18 am
>> do you think it's a difference in leadership, in how they run their -- their administration, just making sure that this is what we're going to follow? >> well i think there are two things. i think that to some except we're finding out right now about some allegations of wrongdoing, of corruption, that actually took place in the past and we just happen to be finding out about them now. this is certainly the case with the allegations that council member harry thomas, jr., diverted public money to his personal interest. that happened several years ago. that wasn't under the mayor gray administration. and also the main allegations about campaign finance irregularities from kwame brown. but the allegations against mayor gray go back to his campaign last year and the
8:19 am
hiring controversies involving gray took place this year. and the suv scandal with kwame brown also this year. so there is a mix of some stuff that is old but only coming to light now and some stuff that has happened just recently. >> do you think it's a conflict of interest that you have counsel man brown who is under investigation co-authoring this bill with councilwoman mary cheh. you kind of beg to question because it doesn't seem right. >> it's like the fox guarding the hen house. the obviously -- that is unfortunate that the council is responsible for passing laws to improve on ethics when it's a good chunk of the council under investigation for ethic problems. but the legislative body has to pass the bills. nobody else is doing it except for hopefully the u.s. attorney's office. so there is no getting around that. >> you kind of mentioneds in
8:20 am
your column over the weekend talking about some of the honest political bosses from the past. you mentioned peter o'malley. do we think that's kind of a bygone era. it is a different time now. >> i wrote that peter o'malley who was the long time political boss in prince george's county and he got criticized for having too much influence and running a machine but there were almost no scandals and nobody went to jail. it was a fairly honest and benign political machine in my view. but that's sort of broken down. you don't have ongoing machines that survive from term to term, politician to politician. and those machines, although they may have had too much influence and there were questions of conflict of interest, in some cases they kept the corruption in line. if only to protect the interests of the machine and
8:21 am
make sure that it survived and continued. and we don't have that now. you have sort of individual politicians who sort of build up their own operations, sort of have a cult of personality, and then when they leave office it's gone and then another one comes along and there doesn't seem to be as much as internal discipline in the political operation to keep some lid on corruption, sort of keep people from getting too greedy. >> well we'll have to see what happens out of this ethics reform bill and what comes of that and the investigations do continue. >> keeps us busy. >> it sure does. paul mccarty, thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> back to you, tony and allison. >> sarah, thank you very much. we're following breaking news out of jordan. a security official said that king abdullah's motorcade has been attacked. >> we are told that he has not been harmed. we'll bring you more on this story as it develops throughout the morning. it's 21 minutes after 8:00
8:22 am
now on this monday morning. thousands of evacuees from the arizona wilds head back to their homes. we have a look at what they are returning to coming up next. plus, paul is already looking forward to the weekend. he is getting ready for the maryland tradition folk life festival a little later this morning. don't go anywhere. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
today president barack obama travels to raleigh, north carolina where he will talk about job creation initiatives. tonight he'll be in miami to attend a fundraiser. the president is said to sign an executive order creating the campaign to cut government waste. it will establish a board that will work with federal agencies. and speaking of jobs, here is our job of the day. marryot international is looking for a senior accountant in bethesda. it is a full time position open immediately. for more information head to and click on the job shop tab. about 7,000 evacuees from the arizona wildfires are back home this morning but officials are warning residents about poor air quality. experts say breathing in the tiny particles in the smoke clouds could cause both short
8:26 am
and long-term health problems. despite the warnings, people are happy to go home. >> very tired, and very excited and happy. but very lonely because there is not too many people here yet. >> i thank god that we had to leave because it was bad but i'm glad that we're back and i thank god for that. >> now the wildfire just keeps growing. it's now burned about 450,000 acres. it is getting closer to becoming the state's largest fire on record. it's been fueled by strong winds over the weekend. thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to try and contain this massive blaze. it is 8:26 on this monday morning. tough love from the author of a new book called die fat or get tough. 101 differences in thinking between fat people and fit people. we're going to talk to him about this theory, that if you are fat, it's your fault. keep it right here. we are back after the break. am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we have a follow-up to a story that gwen mentioned a little earlier. it turns out the saxophonist for bruce springsteen's e. street band clarence clemons has suffered a stroke. he is reported to be seriously ill and in florida, he has a home in florida. he is 69 years old. apparently he suffered a stroke over the weekend. >> bad news. >> very distressing news. he is the heart and soul of the e street band. he has been in ill health for the last several years, kind of off and on. sometimes not quite been able to perform, was performing on a stool or if a wheelchair some gigs but was said to be doing better health wise lately. but now word of that. >> a setback. >> so we wish him and his family well and we'll keep you posted on that. >> switching gears a bit, looking at the weather, which is just fine today. >> it will be beautiful today.
8:31 am
if you have anything planned outside today, good decision. let's take a look at radar, because part of the reason we have this great weather is this frontal system that you can see right now where it's located. it pushed its way through across the area. and it ended up ushering in some nice cool air behind it, which was absolutely great. so that's what we're talking about. that frontal system right there. as we go to our weather maps and look at satellite radar composite, you can see where we have a few high clouds kicking in. yesterday we had some really active weather. we had a lot of storms that pushed through ahead of the frontal system. so we saw some severe weather in some of our areas. but now it's the calm after the stormment and high pressure in control will hold us stead into the next few days. temperature wise 67 degrees at national, 61 at gaithersburg. 66 at culpeper. 61 degrees at winchester. the same at martinsberg. and up the mid-atlantic, only 56 degrees in boston.
8:32 am
51 in new york. and 58 to the south in richmond. and moving into the afternoon hours, we'll see mild conditions, very pleasant. the frontal system moves out and cooler and drier air settles in, a hung of high pressure in control. as into tonight, things pleasant as well. sunny day and 82 degrees. we're getting where we should be temperature wise in terms of seasonal average. a north westerly wind blow at 10-15 miles per hour, getting that humidity right out of the picture. partly cloudy for tonight and comfortable. it's cooler in the suburbs but a light northwesterly flow from 5-10. into the rest of the week, sunshine on tuesday. a question mark if we could see showers or so, it's possible a light shower will be on wednesday and a chance for a thunderstorm on thursday and friday. and now we'll check in with allison. >> gwen, thank you. we want to get in some breaks news out of rockville this morning.
8:33 am
a bomb threat that shut down the rockville metro station. metro reports a disruption between rockville and shady grove in both directions. shuttle bus service has been requested. we'll bring you more on that in just a little bit. right now we do want to get an update on traffic and for that we go to julie wright. >> tony and allison, i'm receiving word that the shuttle bus will extend between shady grown and twin brook. so the metro red line service has been suspended until the investigation is wrapped up on metro's red line between shady grove and twin brook. do we know which metro stop is this? is it shady grove? this is the rockville station and this is where the suspicious package is reported. this is where the on going investigation is taking place at this time. so unfortunately there are thousands of people displaced at this moment trying to figure out what to do and waiting for the shuttle buses to arrive. but what we know is that there is an on going investigation of a suspicious package closing this rockville station and
8:34 am
suspending service between rockville and twin brook on metro red line. and they're awaiting for more shuttle buses to transport you to where you need to be but you can expect the red line between shady grove and twin brook, no service available at this trial. back out to the roads, the accident on the outer loop after van dorn but before telegraph, big delay from springfield. outer loop congested from college park toward georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. back to you. well if you are fat, it's your fault. that is the bold statement coming out of a new book called die fat or get tough. 101 differences in thinking between fat people and fit people. author steve sea bold joins us with more of his tough love approach and message for an overweight america. good morning. >> good morning. >> so when you see this book, it's -- the back has a scene of a graveyard in it. >> a creepy graveyard. >> you're saying if we do not
8:35 am
get fit, we will end up prematurely in a graveyard. >> absolutely. >> talk about this book. because it is very different from what we normally see. >> well all of this political correctness is getting us nowhere. we have an obesity epidemic on our hands. the world has never seen this before and it's getting worse. it's not getting better, it's getting worse. that's what the book is about. >> and you pull no punches in the book when you look at it. it is very jarring and my first response was how dare he. he is a jerk and there are people really trying to lose weight and having a tough time. but you say, you go through and you give the differences in the thinking aspects. and i will say to your credit, then you give a point to think about that day and a way to approach it. why this approach and why such a tough message here? >> because nothing else is working. all of this political correctness and hand holding that physicians is doing with patients and media is doing, but we lead as americans, we
8:36 am
are the worst offenders of this. we're dying from this. someone had to come out and be called the jerk, which i have been all over the world, which is all or the world, because if that helps people get fit, i'm fine with that. >> and this is a personal story because you sit here today lean and mean but it wasn't always that way. >> for a couple of years i was 40 pounds over weight and i created a plan called fat and it's a mental toughness for dieters and i took it and it took me 12 weeks and i lost the weight and never felt better. >> people are saying, 40 pounds, what about 100 pounds or 150 pounds? is the approach the same? >> it's a way of thinking. it's a making a decision and having its -- and having the mental toughness to stick with us. we are responsible for our own health. who is going to help us? the government? >> what do you think about the
8:37 am
fat gene? >> there is some validity to medical conditions which less than 1% of the people have. but physicians are using these things to coddle patients because they are afraid of losing them because they told me this off camera all over the world and it's time to grow up emotionally and get tough and get fit or you're going to die. >> you say unless you have a psychological disorder, getting fat is your fault. has harsh. >> well who put the donuts in your mouth. i did the same thing. i put the donuts and the pizza and all of the terrible stuff that tastes good and is not good for you. we're doing that to ourselves and it's time to take responsibility for our own action. >> you say talk to your physician and get on a diet, and get mentally tough and get mentally fit. >> go to your physician and make sure you are healthy enough to go on a diet. to make sure you are physically
8:38 am
safe and then get mentally tough. you can do the fat website, go to weight loss centers, whatever it takes, but solve this problem or it will eventually kill you. >> what i was saying before, when you pick up the book, because it is an intriguing read and that three-prong approach, i do like it. the fat loser quote, tell us what that is when you read it. >> it's a quote about someone being -- usually from a fit person, talking about weight. >> and how to get that to that, the critical thinking question. >> right, the mental toughness and critical thinking are to get people to remove emotion from thinking and think through logic and reason. >> and then the action step. that's positivity. >> how to make it happen. >> and we're out of time. but some of the things, the 101 differences in thinking, you call it the world class approach of thinking versus the middle class thinking. >> right. >> and fat people rating to be
8:39 am
rescued from obesity and fit people know no one is coming. and hopefully this will help somebody. >> i hope so. >> and i don't think you're a jerk. >> thank you, allison. >> and this is steve seabold, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. temperatures in the 60s this morning. 8:38. it was a big night for broadway last night and a controversial hit took the top prize at the tony awards. the night's big winners coming up next. and music soul child. there he is, with us live in the studio this morning. he will perform for us and we'll tell you where you can see him live in concert. don't go anywhere. we'll be back in a minute. 
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the 65th annual tony awards held in new york last night. the book of mormon was topped winning 9 tonies, including the big prize of best musical.
8:43 am
war horse won five awards including best play. mike ryland won for best actor in a play. nor bit leo butts for best actor in a musical. francis mcdorman got best actress in a play and sutton foster for best actress and musical. i love that name, sutton foster. i tried to do it again. sutton foster. >> that is a good name. well big d still celebrating this morning. >> how about this, the dallas mavericks won their first ever nba championship. the mavs beat the heat in miami last night, 105-95, taking the series four games to two. jason terry led the way in game six with 27 points but it was dirk nowitzki who put the team on his shoulders. he was named mvp of the finals and miami has toy take a long
8:44 am
look at what happens. it is now 8:43. monday may have many of you thinking about the upcoming weekend. >> the weekend we just -- last week. >> well you're not alone. so paul raphel is going to talk to us. >> reporter: we're getting ready for saturday already. they are preparing for the folk life festival going on in saturday all day. it will have hands on demonstrations and great fans like this one. after the break we'll give you more details. allison. >> paul, thanks. and coming up at 9:00, retired senator bob graham joins us to talk about his new spy thriller called keys to the kingdom and talk about the current political headlines. keep it right here. we are back in just a few minutes. it's 8:44 now. 
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
maryland traditions folk life festival 2011 is taking place this saturday. >> paul raphel is in baltimore, maryland, with more details. >> reporter: we're at the creative alliance in baltimore
8:48 am
which is the location of the folk life fest going on this saturday. it's the 10th anniversary of the maryland traditions program which is is a statewide program that supports communities to discover and sustain traditional art. they'll have arts, demos and music which we'll get to in a minute. i'll bring in dominique murray to talk about the music. >> there will be a lot of traditional music. you'll see an irish brand. there is music from the greek islands, from west africa, from the middle east, from baltimore, the orioles, the legendary orioles was a doo-wop and they were here before the orioles and they came to prominence in the early 50s. so the orioles, legendary orioles now, were here before the baseball team in baltimore. so besides that we have jazz
8:49 am
bands, african-american gospel music, north indian music, native american music, african- american soul bands, mountain and banjo music. everything is about the family traditions and keeping them alive. >> reporter: 14 different performances and indoor and outdoor stage. you said there is a unique dynamic with the group. >> just here in the players here, we have billy mccon, and his two sons, and been smith is here playing its banjo and his son austin is wearing a great johnny unitas jersey. >> reporter: what type of music would you say this is? >> this is called traditional irish music. and some of the tunes would have been written by current people like billy mcconiski who was from the united states, born in brooklyn but cultivated here in baltimore and has raised his family here in baltimore. so he's written a lot of tunes, as have many other people who
8:50 am
play traditional music. some are hundreds of years, some only decades. >> reporter: why do you think it's important to preserve traditional music? >> i i think the diversity -- i think the diversity of our country depends on it. we have bands coming from north africa and this is a nation of diversity and when we are able to celebrate our traditions and culture and propagate that through their children like these gentlemen are doing with their sons, that keeps our diversity alive. this is the greatest nation in the world for that. >> let me have you take it away. i've spoke enough. let's get to the music. >> this is a bit of irish traditional music. [ music ]
8:51 am
>> reporter: for more information, go to our website, allison, i might do a little jig at the end. [ music ] >> i wish we had talked about that before you started that little dance, paul. but thank you very much. music soul child has a show at ramp head life in baltimore tomorrow night. this morning he has stopped by to talk about the music and the magic album and the tour that he is on. music soul child, good morning. >> good morning. >> it's so nice to meet you. >> what are you laughing for? >> i am happy. >> before this he was
8:52 am
stretching. >> i was stretching and getting ready. >> and i know it's early for an entertainer. and we love it from you. and now this latest cd, tell us about it. >> it's our next album, i'm happy to be in the game. >> very much in the game. >> and i'm excited about being on the road and connecting with my fans and letting them know how much i appreciate their love and support and having a good time. i'm on the road, have the show coming up. and yeah, i'm happy that i'm still here making music, bridging the gap between where it comes from and what people tell me, i'm a good representation of a good place of where it is today and hopefully i can inspire the young folks and the young generation coming up behind me to take it even further. >> to make good music. >> i want to rename you musical
8:53 am
gumbo, because you have jazz, funk, hip-hop, r&b, where is that coming from? >> when people refer to me as certain things and ask me, i let them know i would much rather be referred to as a soul singer, because you can be soulful with anything. and soul music, the basic concept of soul music, not the traditional culture of the standard of the music itself, but i mean just the whole essence of soul music, i think that it encompasses everything because it's that main ingredient, that main element that sparks it all. >> what are you going to do for us this morning? >> i'm going to do my second single called "yet." >> so happy you're here. this is the music from soul child. [ music ] ♪ let me get this
8:54 am
out the way. ♪ so there ain't no complication. ♪ look, i know things don't stay the same. ♪ people grow and seasons change. ♪ but when it comes to love, don't you feel like you haven't got to worry about my feel for you all of the time. ♪ because when i say i'm here, girl, i mean it. ♪ showing the world you won't have to question. ♪ [ music ] if this love will last. ♪ the answer is. ♪ i still think you're beautiful. ♪ because i'm more attracted
8:55 am
to what is inside of you. ♪ you don't have to guess. ♪ the answer is because i love you. ♪ all i care about is your happiness. ♪ so the answer is people don't just stick around. ♪ build you up and break you down. ♪ but i'm not one of those. ♪ i understand that honesty is what you deserve. ♪ and so that's what i'm giving you, girl. ♪ so in the world, heavy odds are against us. ♪ you won't have to question. ♪ the answer is yes. ♪ that if this love will last.
8:56 am
♪ the answer is yes. ♪ i still think you're beautiful. ♪ because i'm more attracted to ... 
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