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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> president trump promised his administration will didstran everything it can to protectpr religious liberty. >> what are you talking ablioutu tweet us tell us use #5at 6:30. let's get it started righttarteg now. no the president made remarksidenta today at the denational prayeror breakfast and highlighted theige need in his words fors words americans to feel safe and secure.. >> well, i want to expressto clearly today to the americanmen people that my administrationinn will do everything in its power to defend and protectproct religious liberty in our land.l america must forever remain
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tolerant society where allerel faiths are respected and wheree all of our citizens can feel fel safe and secure. >> he continued to say his is administration has made steps to assure safety by signing executive orders that includeses that temporary ban on tempory b imation.ion. tonight we're doing factng fac checking on president trump's executive orders.executiv >> in his first 10 days inin office mr. trump issued 20 executive answers.ive answe he's not that far off fromf f president >> according to u.s.a. today ronald reagan signed six executive orders during the dure first 10 and a half days in office, george h.w. bush barack obama 18.18. so while donald trump has donedo two more than what barackn whatk obama did i think it's all of is the things that have happenedavp so quickly and all the protests. >> there's a bit of a more --it- a bigger magnitude to some ofof the ordeders. >> sure.>> sure. >> that's not and common because presidents come in, this is how they want toat's n d
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they're basically laying the ground rules for the next foural years. ears >> right. >> the white house issued assued cryptic warning to iran. ir senior officials say iran willil be held to account for thisr tis weekend's ballistic missileist tests. the white house is currentlyho c looking for what they say willys be the best way to and respond n to those tests.ts. financial and economic measures as well as providing pg support for opponents of iranf r are all options that are being considered. >> meanwhile president trumpile slammed aprustralian primen prie minister malcolm turnbull over r a refugee deal that was worked out during the obama obama administration. he adu.s. tos. to accept more than 1,000000 refugees from during a phone call with theallh prime minister over thester ovee weekend president trumppresidenp accused him of trying to "ship p the next boston bombers to the u.s." u.s. senior and officials told thelde washington post on the post on e president abruptly got off thehe phone call with turnbull after just 25 minutes.minues. senator john mccain was nothn m happy towa hear that >> they fought alongside of us s in wars including losing over ov 500 brave australians in
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vietnam war which some of usofus remember. >> i got to tell you when youyou see politics makes strange bed fellows buzz feed which webu know president trump not azz fn of buzz feed called it a pilep of garbage did say today theyt analyzed the deal of that t agreement and said it reallyally wasn't a great deal in thein the 'tis interests and there mayesty be international laws that arehe being compromised as well.d as . >> so, let me guess he likes li buzz feed now or at least thatwr report? all right. a r >> all right. ri this is something if you re sleeping last night you missed this but you woke up t youni you certainly saw the pictures ofurf those violent demonstrationsonss in protest of president trumpesr and some of his policies.ol >> that's right.>> that's the question is has that poeting gone too far in thee right for free speech? tom to fitzgerald joins us live fromlif the white house with the very latest. latest fitz what's going >> reporter: yeah, the whaepor question herteer: yeah, is whate speech and what is not. nt. this all launched out of thehe president's post this morningthg at uc berkeley after thoseer the protests and the irony here, folks, is that this whitet
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faced a lot of criticism over ci on the pastti couple of weeks ie regards to its own dealings onwe free speech calling news organizations fake news,fake ne, calling the media in generalneal the opposition party.rty. but look at this. ths look at what happened in thatp i california last night.ght. now, the heart of all of this ts was that the breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos was going togo speak at the university manyhe a people who don't likedon' breitbart don't like the conservative bent that that web site takes, theye didn'tdid just protest, they set fires,fi, they broke windows.indows. in some cases, there werewere people that went down there toeo hear this editor speak and those people were pepperpe sprayed in the face.yed in tace. now, the question here is,is, when does free speech become criminal acts? the whitects? e house and pushed back veryy hard on this today saying that, in fact, the presidentresn was serious that he w
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these campuses to startcampusest enforcing the law and protectct people's free speech rights. but the organizers of this this protest, listen to how she how e described how in her view, v they were right last night tohto take any action that they deem necessary to fight what theyt te did not want to hear. >> we have the right to defendnd ourselves. and so this shutting down milo o yiannopoulos and doingdoing whatever's necessary to do's n that is our right to stop thisps event. >> life doesn't work that wayes folks. you're going to work withn't people who disagree with yo u, to yo you're going to encounterncountr folks who don't -- aren't justnt codling you in this protectedro environment. look, the president has a a point. they don't welcome free speecheh they're not protecting the t first amendment.nd >> reporter: and you know,ter: u we kno wanted to flashback here. what you're looking at rightrigt now is a protest that tookoo place in this city in i september of 2009.20. these were conserva
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these were tea partyers whortye did not like what eventuallyt e became obamacare. were there arguments that day? yes, there were. we was there controversy? yes, yes there was.there was. but there were no fist there was no fires being set. you know, protests in thisn tis country and in this city isity certainly nothing new.w. but the concern here, shawn shan and jim, is that we have kindave of dipped back into this kindnd of like 1968 mentality here8 mei that it's not enoutygh hto just raise your voice, that there are people out there on both boh sides who are starting tota raise their fists and that is ft an increasing concern in this country as these politicalpoliti debates we're involved in now ow in some cases and we saw in itst california last night, aregh a devolving into violence andolend it's not just free speeche speeh anymore and it's a threat tohreo the first >> all right, fitz thank youfitz very much. we appreciate it. i president trump says hehe will urge senate majoritye ma leader mitch mcconnell tonell t "go nuclea
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up his supreme court judge neil gorsuch is a gorsucha conservative he served on the he tenth circuit court of appeals s in colorado for the last decade. decade. >> how good judge gorsuch impact -- could judge gorsuch impact? what kind of guy isgu i neil gorsuch? what did you y observe when you served under se him. >> el were, i'll go first ist i guess. we clerked for judge gorsuch asa long time ago a-it was 2008 to t 2009 and we're so proud of himof for being the the n. we got to know him pretty well l when we were his law clerks.wcle he's very close to his clerkshi that help with his cases.a he's a really nice guy, auy, a humb guy.y. he's a real evangelist forfor colorado. i think we can promise you ifou he's confirmed he'll be the he best skier on the supremekier court. ourt. he's an o outdoorsy person
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likes to hang outside.s to hang. >> interesting to hear aboutti the personal side. let's talk about the otherngthe side, thethe ot professional si. democrats have said they will th that oppose this, they andose th want to get to that -- theyat -y want to get to the 60 votes to60 be able to approve him andve h they say they're not going to no go forin that. why should democrats approve him. >> look, this is judge gorsuch h is a mainstream conservativetr whoea has a stellar trackella tk record, an intellectual giant. a he has bipartisan appeal onparts the tenth circuit.i all judges really love him andvd he's someone who really, you know, believes in theow, believ constitution, believers in the law and believers in getting int to the right outcome. out >> there was a quote he used he during the announcement andent shawn has it and i'm going toing read it. a judge who likes everyes very outcome he reaches is veryhe likely a bad judge and he was rs talking about the whole ideaa of legislating for the bench, bc something that obviouslybviously conservatives have said they th don't want to see a justice doio moving forw we keep hearing he interprets ip the law as written.itt. so, what does that mean fordot n people who are
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judge gorsuch.or >> i think it means that ank ite judge like him, he believesbel that a judge when he whene approaches the case shouldes te look and see what the law says. whatever congress passed,er conr whatever they wrotees down -- >> not one who thinks itn evolves over time.evolves over t >> he doesn't think that aimn'ta judge shop decide which party py he likes best or whether heheth likes the law or likes theor he result that the legislatureegis passed and people voted on, heoe should just do whatever ther te legislature decided even if hef thinks it's wrong or bad poolo z-his job is just to say this is what the legislatureture decided and that's what we're we going to do. do. >> so what should people who o are the pro life avenue cakes the lgbt community, whatwht should they take from thishey tf then? should they be concerned. >> i don't think they should be concerned at thi again, the judiciary is not as a place for politics.ltics. politics has a place fore fo congress in the executivee exec branch and so i think theyhin should support a judge thatuppot will follow theha law. lw. >> before we go, were you, concerned at all watching thislh unfold over the last when whn justice scalia
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fact that we did have merrickm garland nominated and he dide dd reach out to merrick garlandgard as well throughout this whole process. when you mention not politics, you're keeping politics offticso the supreme court but thereurt t are a lot of politics being beng played which we see beinging played by the democrats in the runup to neil gorsuch'ssuch's nomination. >> i clerked with justice scalia. with this his death all of us took it hard.his deok it now we know that hahis seat sat cannot remain open forever.o sometime the country needsoury s another justice on the court. we're really pleased that they t nominee is a person so muchson h like him in his fidelity to the law.e la >> thanks for coming in.for i appreciate you.appreciate it was fun to yget a little bib of the personal side and getde g some insight into people whooplo actually know him and worked wo with him. im thanks for coming in guys. gu >> thank you. >> come summer president trumpep will no longer be living aloneal in the white house.te house first lady melania and firstndft son barron are reportedlypotedly
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school year andhi ends in newinn york. white house says lindseyhouse ys reynolds will be joiningey the h first lady's team as her chief of staff.ff. >> elena andrews dyer for ther h washington post is here witht r the scoop.scoo tell under the circumstancesr th what you've heard. when is she supposed to get here?e whatsh >> well, she's supposed to getet here this s .'sd sum. she made that clear. clea they made -- the white house made that cwlear before inauguration. there were some tabloid rumorrar around wednesday that shet e might not come, that she was, tt going to stay in new york with h the trump's 10-year-old son barron but stephanie winstonn wallkoff made it clear in ar ina statement yesterday,atement yes, wednesday, that she wasesday, t absolutely moving toha d.c., she was coming when the schoolschool year was over, her and barronba will be at 1600 pennsylvania.. >> yeah, 'cause it was a lot wat of talk and, you know, you, hear all the speculation,ation, okay, will ivanka fill thefl void as first lady.lady. but as we move forward here i i guess this sort of completescoes the
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puzzle on the personal sidersond moving ahead.ving ahead >> yeah, absolutely.lute i think that people really re want to know what's going on with the first lady, right. rig there's a ton of interestterest there. and we haven't really heard from her since inaugurationaug except for yesterday when thet first lady did announce that she had hired her chief ofief o staff lindsey reynolds who iswho a veteran of the george w.e geow bush white house.bu but before that wesh hadn'te had really heard and that's the only staff hire that the firstti lady has officially announceanne fundamental. we've heard a lot of otherard ar names and we talked to a loto at of sources who are really re confident that the next whitetht house social secretary will t be natalie jones who was actuallyau an obama appointee.appee. >> oh. >> and a dnc fundraiser sodrairo that's a really interestingtereg chce as well as jessicajessica bullinger working on an volunteer basis as the firsthert lady's sort of press secretaryc and fielding those calls but clu she, again, also hasn't beenasnn officially announced so --so - >> -- i'm sorry go ahead.hed. >>
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clear in a statement sheent she released late last night thatt she was taking her time to assemble her team and then ten lindsey reynolds sort of repeated that same sentiment.nt she said, you know, she isw, shs taking her time, she's being thoughtful, she's thoughtfullyuy assembling her team so i thinkt that was a little in responseese to some of the questions people have had, like what'ske been going on, where is she. s >> this is ah monumental thing.. you're moving your whole lifeou from a city you've lbeen in foro years, you're taking your yur 10-year-old son out, so we can n certainly understand.der >> michelle obama when she wasos coming to the white house sheth had those same reservations.ser. it's very thought maybe sheoughm would finish out the year with her two daughters in chicago.chi she decided to move with her wir husband and she had her team pretty much in place before inauguration. this first lady is differentdif but every first lady is different. di e
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different. >> yeah. >> this is all different. >> yes, that iss is avery true. >> alaina andrews dyer reliable source columnist fore s the washington post thanks for cong in.n.on p always the pleasure to get theeh scoop from you.romyou. >> thank you. >> let's move on and we go to the first lady of weatherove onr around these parts. pa sue standing by.e stand we're not going to talk about a the rodent today, we're not not going to talk about that.alk ab. >> well, i'm always happy to talk about the rodent. rodent. i love all animals including punxsutawney phil. ph. today getting up to 50 but 50 bt tomorrow could be anould be n exception. let's talk about friday andut f the weekend because it isbecaus going to be getting a littlea le bit colder and your headlineeade for tomorrow not only will itilt be a chilly day but we'll have v a lot of clouds today.ody more clouds than you notice the breeze tonight.o. that breeze will be backeze wilb tomorrow. a cold start at 8:00 in the in th morning 31 by noon only 38 degrees and by y the time we get to 4 o'clock ock tomorrow, only aboutout 40 degrees, so feeling a lot a chillier than most of the rest t
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of this week and the weekend, only 41 on saturday.ry. so, definitely chilly.hilly. 30's for suburbs.burb we're taking any precip out oft sunday. we think it's just going to bege clouds, maybe a sprinkle.spri if there's any moisture at yousa willt it likely sales in they se mountains. that system and cold front hasoa been trending to the north andnd west. monday it's mild at 54. rain in the forecast next weekek as well but look at the e temperature tuesday, 60 degrees.60 degrees. wednesday leftover rainleftorain showers, 63 and then colder c again on thursday at 46. 6. already feels like a hint ofi spring in the air.spri that is for sure with there exception of three cold daysee s in our immediate future.u. shawn and jim, that's your y seven day.ven >> thank you very much, sue. v you heard about this, reright.i. >> didid. >> you guys hear about this? h donald trump versus the th terminator. old warld wars a big of words that escalated todayedd all over "the apprentice."re 5 at 6:30 is coming back withac the details.tails >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> bad blood indeed. in gosh. >> it was more like one ofke o of the -- all right --rig -- >> donald versus the t terminator. the two wentt head to hedda.he >> president trump took ok another dig at arnolddig at aold schwarzenegger, the new hostgger of the reality show "theow he apprentice" and donald --nald -- donald t-, and arnold wasold ws quick to fire back. b >> and they hired a big, big movie star arnoldrno schwarzenegger to take my place. and we know how that turnedrned out. ou the ratings went right down do the tubes. it's been a total disaster.isat. and mark will never, ever betet against trump again. and i want to just pray fort p arnold if we can for thosese ratings, okay. [lauter]r] >> donald, i have a greate a idea. why don't we switch jobs. j. you take over tv because you're such an expert ratingspe and i take over rtyour job.job. and then people can finallynay ee
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>> i think a lot of folks w aere actually surprised to see that reaction at the prayerhe r breakfast. ronica cleary is out right now getting the pulse of the people on this one.his one. ron today, you know, what are kh folks saying about this one.s >> reporter: well, jim and shawn, the pulse of the peoplefh is that no one wants to touchtsh this. you would think this was theis e hottest most controversialnro topic in all of america rightigh but i did find a few bravee souls who are willing to weight in on the trump-schwarzeneggercr controversy. okay, so let's come over here.r. these two guys here verye ver brave. you're willing to help me let's get someo he names and soo nachos. chos. >> davis. >> reporter: okay davis.okay da. >> justice. >> reporter: you had a few j minutes to think about it. who is going to win thister:to t battle? ttle? >> well, i'm glad to know that some of our w korld lenaders are spending their day fightingfigh over twitter. it makes me erfeel .a lot bettet about how i spend my workdaywory and how productive i am but i don't know, i'm leadingle towards schwarzenegger righthwar now. >> reporter: a lot of people said that who didn't want tohtra go on cawhmo era.didn't wanera. they said it's
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how about you. ou >> he wins the terminator soermn he's going to win. g >> reporter: it would beoi hard tongorte take on the termi but more seriously, there's soeo many celebrities -- these guysss are celebrities in politicsolits and then there's lots of talkta about that for 2020, more re celebrities throwing their hat r in the ring. r is that a good step for a f celebrity to take or do youy tok think that they need to se tayo out of it.. >> well, i know it worked foror ronald reagan but i don't think it's going to work for donald as much. much. but if it was taylor swift iswii would vote for her. vote for >> reporter: a vote for taylor swift 2020. 2 >> name for taylor.>> n >> reporter: we have twoamr: weo people for taylor and i have h one more brave soul over here.v i come out all the time, i'm i'm always talking to people and a usually people want to weighwani in but since we have thesein three people whoce are willingre we're definitely getting tofi all ofnite them. thm. >> where are you >> reporter: i'm are at texas jack's barbecue in along torchlo evngerythi
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battle. >> i think the battleba should h start at the wwe ring. rig. they should just fight each ighe other out and see what we do w from there. >> reporter: that would get some ratings. tter: t ratgs. >> yeah, i think so. yeah, that's all we're asking forll wn here, right. >> reporter: what do you think quickly oraboteut about celebrities in politics? tool much or can it be a good ood place. >> i think it can be in a go oda good place but i think at the samek e time it doesn't start -- youtaru can't just start right weigh. wh with anything -- we live in a micro generation.ation. we got to take time in this.t i don't think we should put shou them right at president per sedp but we can start with anybodyh n being in any type of politics,o, yeah. >> reporter: that's true.s tr >> celebrities do that, do it, , yes. >> reporter: there you go.go. the pulse of the people, the, he few people at texas jack's.jacs. >> they're brave.h we appreciate that. >> reporter: back to you. >> there are celebrities inwe an politics, remember jessie ventura used to be wwe, al fran.en. >> gopher from the love boat, fr ganandhi.
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we have the youngest lawmakersas in loudoun county in studiostud with us tonight.ton 5 at 6:30 coming right back. ba. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back to 5 at 6:30. this guy overme bac here -- kidi mean, he's 18, his name is anthony fazio.azi executive director of thef t loudoun county republicanepublia ittee.tee. >> congratulations to >> living the dream, living the dream.ating th >> how does it feel? you'rethoo the youngest person to be in ben this role. this r i mean, you're 18.ure >> you know, it's been pretty py surreal. i did not expect it to take k off like it has but, hey, iy, i love politics.otics. i've loved it since i was ace ia young guy and it's a lot of fun. >> how did it start.>> h >> i'm actually a home school sl graduate myself and i've -- civic and a passion forsion fo politics has always been anb integral part of who i.ho i. and h
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it's kind of second nature tonat be involved. involved. >> it doesn't matter whatr w sifted party you fall on what wt side of the spectrum but what b was the reaction when an an 18-year-old says hey i want to get involved with the party. wit did they welcome you with openin arms? was eight fight? what t happened. ered the posered the position and actually iit turned it downd three times. you need to find somebodyind s better. i'm not the right guy for the job. i said you can find somebodysomy that has a lot more experience x and they're like no, we wantant you. they finally wore me down.wore e >> that's a good thing fort'go how do you manage this withage h college, you know, life and a your responsibilities here. >> so, sleep is anespons increasingly valuablealule commodity.commodity. >> yes. >> but i make it work. a lot of cold brew. [laughter] >> what do you do in youro in yr capacity by the way.a >> right basically my rolesicall will be toy implement --plemen- oversee and implement our 2017u7 election operations plan. plan. short answer is all of thell oft above p the longer answerger anw you're
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vote efforts, but again aga anything that i can do ton do to assist our chairman and ourand r executive committee withe commih improving the operation of theof party i intend to van hand in.hd >> all right. thank you so much.u so muc want to be president one day.. >> uh, i-, 2016 taught me one thing. never say never. >> there you go. >> you >> anthony defazio thanks so much. >> back after this. >> ♪♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump may be in washington but his heart is still in hollywood. he trashed arnold schwarzenegger for the ratings of "the apprentice." >> i want to just pray for arnold if we can. >> arnold schwarzenegger immediately responded. he said, why don't we switch jobs? >> you take over tv and i take over your job and people can finally sleep comfortably again. [laughter] >> everyone's wondering if beyonce's going to be at coachella this year, and that includes the organizers of coachella, who have no idea if she's going to perform or not. harvey: they were blind-sided by this. >> even if she wants to perform, is it too much of a risk? harvey: they were talking about bringing that dave grohl chair in. >> and the stirrups as well? [laughter]


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