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Sessions is a grassroots bootleg-netlabel established in Seattle to promote local musicians.

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by amelia's only daughters

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From their website: When Amelia Earhart disappeared from the world on July 2nd, 1937 with her vanished many secrets. Unbeknownst to the world, Amelia left four daughters on an enchanted island in the vast waters of Puget Sound. Motherless and very much alone, the four girls made ramshackle instruments out of various beach rubble. For many years they lived off the land, and when they were not spearing fish or trapping rabbits, they played music... the most beautiful music the world had ever...
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Topics: Folk, indie-folk, Folk/Rock
Source: iRiver iHP-140 --> WAV --> Adobe Audition --> FLAC
by Luxxe

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Sessions : Seattle presents... Luxxe Starring Zackery StarHeartMoon on guitar, Opal Stone on bass, and Nate Moore on drums, Luxxe, a Seattle-based band, challenges the conventional with the release of their chaotic melange in tune with bands like the Blood Brothers and Mars Volta. The resulting music blends the heavy, the psychedelic, and the glam with some unusual song structures.
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Topics: Indie Garage Rock, Glam Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Source: sessions: seattle
by Malerba

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Malerba is the name of this "original neapolitan rock" group,definition that they created to identify their style. Founded in the springtime 2004, Malerba is Dario Sansone -voice and guitar- Ugo Canitano -bass- Ezio Ponari -solo guitar- Andrea Brancaccio -drums- Their music is strictly tied to the roots of the Led Zeppelin experience, and achieves influences both from the Seattle Grunge music of bands such as Foo Fighters and Nirvana, and from the mediterranean tradition of genres...
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Topic: Alt. Rock
by Browne's Edition

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Sessions : Seattle presents... Browne's Edition. This Everett-based band, consisting of Ted Bennish (drums) and Chris Mack (guitar), performed these two songs at their house party in the Summer of 2004. Although the band is currently on a long-term hiatus, both members are starting anew in their own musical directions. Check out these two songs to hear beautiful instrumentalizm of what was Browne's Edition
Source: sessions: seattle