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Sub Turri: The Yearbook of Boston College

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Foreword to the Inaugural Sub Turri:

The Sub Turri Staff herewith present to the Class of 1913, the Alumni, students, and friends of Boston College, the first Year Book ever published by any class here.

The occasion which prompted us to inaugurate this new activity, was the Golden Anniversary of the founding of Boston College, and the dawn of the newer and brighter life, in its worthier home. Another more personal motive was that we ourselves might have, as it were, a treasury of the happenings "Under the Tower" during the four brightest years in our lives, and possess a lasting record of our classmates, their achievements great and small, during our close companionship.

The expectations of our fellows, and the greatness of the occasion, make us feel the more the imperfection of our work. However, we frankly state that its greatest claim to praise lies, not in its own merit, for we realize only too well how deficient it is in that respect, but in its being the first of its kind here; in its showing to later classes possibilities of development without which aid they might hesitate long before venturing upon such unknown waters. As we, its editors, find in its youth its greatest merit, on the other hand we beg you, its readers, to ascribe to its youth, and to its youth alone, its many faults.

And you, our classmates, if in years to come you should take this volume from its dusty resting-place, and by perusing its contents live over again some of the scenes of these happy days, and enjoy the pleasures of reminiscence, we will feel that it has accomplished its purpose.


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July 30
Jeff Kaplan

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