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we are all ghosts

Thomas Mathie

Founded by music fan Thomas Mathie aka headphonaught as a means of giving back to the independent music community... weareallghosts is a small netlabel & private press based in Motherwell, Scotland; that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes but is open to other styles of music.

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we are all ghosts
by asleepinggiant

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Sometimes music evokes feelings and feelings in turn evoke music. I have always tried to put as much of my feelings as possible into my music. I want to tell stories or rather make untold stories heard.  This whole album is based around death, loss, grief and despair. While most of the tracks were made a few months ago, after the untimely passing of my mother I felt I needed to make some more music just to try and cope with the situation. This how the title track and "We are all...
Topics: ambient, abstract
we are all ghosts
by Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani

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Ho Katechon (waag_rel132) by Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani is an album that I have been very eager to share with you...  Ever since I heard Mariani's self-released "Secret Place", an album I absolutely adore, and then heard that Cousin Silas intended on recording a collaboration with him, I've been rather excited to hear it ... and once I heard it, I couldn't wait to share it with you. Ho Katechon (waag_rel132) is a truly exceptional album, filled with the kind of drifting, air,...
Topics: ambient, atmospheric