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Files for b3at13sUnsurpMastVol1of7-YUP

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00 Back Cover.jpg 02-Dec-2020 04:03 48.6K
00 Disc Label.jpg 02-Dec-2020 04:03 109.8K
00 Front Cover.jpg 02-Dec-2020 04:03 557.7K
00 Track List & NFO.txt 02-Dec-2020 04:03 727.0B
01-Besame Mucho.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 22.5K
01-Besame Mucho.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:04 6.4M
01-Besame Mucho.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 37.0K
01-Besame Mucho_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 285.5K
02-How Do You Do It.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:16 20.0K
02-How Do You Do It.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:04 5.0M
02-How Do You Do It.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 37.2K
02-How Do You Do It_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 271.2K
03-There's A Place.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:19 25.9K
03-There's A Place.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:04 5.8M
03-There's A Place.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 32.5K
03-There's A Place_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 294.1K
04-I Saw Her Standing There.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 56.4K
04-I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:04 11.7M
04-I Saw Her Standing There.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 35.1K
04-I Saw Her Standing There_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 270.2K
05-Do You Want To Know A Secret.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 21.2K
05-Do You Want To Know A Secret.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:05 5.2M
05-Do You Want To Know A Secret.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 34.1K
05-Do You Want To Know A Secret_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 296.4K
06-A Taste Of Honey.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:17 22.2K
06-A Taste Of Honey.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:05 5.5M
06-A Taste Of Honey.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 33.5K
06-A Taste Of Honey_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 295.7K
07-There's A Place.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 26.5K
07-There's A Place.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:05 5.7M
07-There's A Place.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 31.9K
07-There's A Place_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 280.8K
08-I Saw Her Standing There.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 42.8K
08-I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:05 8.8M
08-I Saw Her Standing There.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 35.9K
08-I Saw Her Standing There_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 263.8K
09-Misery.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:17 53.3K
09-Misery.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:06 11.6M
09-Misery.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 36.2K
09-Misery_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 288.9K
10-From Me To You.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:19 35.3K
10-From Me To You.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:06 8.4M
10-From Me To You.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 36.6K
10-From Me To You_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 277.6K
11-From Me To You.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:18 41.7K
11-From Me To You.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:06 9.7M
11-From Me To You.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 32.9K
11-From Me To You_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 287.0K
12-Thank You Girl.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:17 24.3K
12-Thank You Girl.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:06 5.7M
12-Thank You Girl.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 35.6K
12-Thank You Girl_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 276.1K
13-Thank You Girl.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:17 35.1K
13-Thank You Girl.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:07 9.4M
13-Thank You Girl.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 28.7K
13-Thank You Girl_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 280.7K
14-One After 909.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:19 44.8K
14-One After 909.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:07 10.3M
14-One After 909.png 02-Dec-2020 04:12 36.1K
14-One After 909_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:16 275.4K
15-Hold Me Tight.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:17 37.9K
15-Hold Me Tight.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:07 9.7M
15-Hold Me Tight.png 02-Dec-2020 04:13 32.2K
15-Hold Me Tight_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 271.9K
16-Don't Bother Me.afpk 02-Dec-2020 04:19 41.3K
16-Don't Bother Me.mp3 02-Dec-2020 04:08 9.3M
16-Don't Bother Me.png 02-Dec-2020 04:14 35.7K
16-Don't Bother Me_spectrogram.png 02-Dec-2020 04:15 275.9K
AlbumArtSmall.jpg 02-Dec-2020 04:08 9.0K
Folder.jpg 02-Dec-2020 04:08 46.6K