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Poster: Ed End Date: Mar 14, 2015 12:16am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Ubuntu Sound Antisystem first release [Pier Paolo Pasolini / Jack kerouac / Kathy Acker / Serguei Eisenstein inside ] full free album in mp3 / lossless flac / ogg vorbis

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Bloody Stars Flag is a collection of the early tracks of Ubuntu Sound Antisystem.
- First part : "Que Viva Mexitli"
A kind of Riphop manifest based on Sergueï Eisenstein selftitle film.
Video clips
- Second part : "Metal Music Key"
I mean Mutant Music Key ^^
Video clips (Kerouac) (Pasolini) (Acker)
- Third part : "USA EKIA"
A tribute to Geronimo and anyone who try to survive to the moloch empire invaders.
- Last part : "Various tracks"
The first ever done track "Utopia Hymn based on the Utopia Serie.
Video clip
The Crystal Cradle tribute to Nico and Philippe Garrel done for the free metacompilation Necktar 2017.
Video clip

Whole video clip playlist "USA Video Junk Box"

What is U.S.A :

The ghost of Gestalt OrchestrA ?
A clone of Symbol Of Subversion ?
A reboot of Parrhesia Sound System ?
A twin project of Chromatic ?
The next mutation of Vivid Tribe Of Psychics ?

And last bloody cryptic shitty thing, if we were five for one anonymous DJ : I would not be Mickael Jackson reincarnation ! But it would be ok to be Jimi Hendrix one in my next life ^^

Thanks to Serguei Einsenstein, Jack Kerouac, Pier Paolo Pasolini , Kathy Acker, Bela Bartok, Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin, the anonymous artists sampled and of course the first nations...
...and to the listeners who share and sometime review the albums §:)

Because we listen to unusual music,
we create unusual music :

Marginal music for marginal people.

We do not have white skin, we are skinned alive.
We have no country, we are of the earth.
We are not gendered, we are androgynous.
We are not heterosexual, we are pansexual.
We are not believers, we believe in the humanity.
We are not ordinary, we are people with dissabilities.
We are not carnivores, we are vegetarians.
We are not dogmatic, we are flexible

It vaguely sounds like music,
but this is not a consumer product of the spectacle society.

A simple attempt to understand that for every pain that affects us,
competition, oppression, exclusion...
It has the same origin : those who work for companies, vote for politicians, believe in gods, worship money, immitate idols and would be ready to do anything to maintain their comfort, safety and power ...

Whose for these illusions are ready to commit eternally the deviance genocide.

Want to help us?

This could be:

- By questioning all your certainties.

- Learning by yourself.

- By refusing any system propaganda.

but we prefer that you find yourself how to do.

With the hope that one day all our diversity will be reunited in the fight for a free world.