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Poster: Ed End Date: Dec 5, 2017 9:17am
Forum: netlabels Subject: New Freewave Releases on the Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel

Despite most of the music on the netlabel is unclassable below each album there is line of keywords to help you find your way...

So here is a little selection of the last releases :

Griffures de Parasitaires by BERTHELOT
[ElectroAcoustic / Experimental / Concrete / Improvisated]
Video Art Clip

Hummer of Love by Multiple Personality 3
[No Wave / Electro / KrautRock / Industrial / French Poetry]
Video Art Clip

No Escape Game by Yoshiwaku
[Industrial / Electronics / Experimental / Soundscapes]
Video Art Clip

Homo Sensorium by TKno BeurK
[Hardtek / Industrial / Electro]
Video Art Clip

The Krokodil Giant Tears by Twin Realities Dreamers
[Electro / Kaossilator / Improvisation]
Video Art Clip

Size to Seizure by Vivid Tribe Of Psychics
Video Art Clip

Few new album may come before the fall of the year...

Last but not least if you want to digg deeper the better tracks are all turn in video art clip (more than 36 hours)