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Poster: Ed End Date: Apr 8, 2020 8:53am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Open call to 'The Worlds is Over !' an appropriate audio compilation ?

It's a proposition, up to you to participate or not, but everybody is able to make is own choice, more than ever it's important that noone say to anyone what he should do. Because there is allready a lot of pressure to forbide you to do and decide by yourself how to face the situation. People are not dumb, and... nothing personal, but it's foolish to think than try to understand why we are now here, and how to avoid to let the world deeper into the nightmare economic system built. Subculture especially when it try to help open the mind, can be as important to survive than food and water. I'll prefer die than to live in a world with food and water but no creation. So be nice mate, don't tell me to die, I do things my way to help, it can be relevant or not, I can be wrong, perhaps it's often too much provocative. But I try my best for the other to be fair.

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Poster: A Separate World Date: Apr 8, 2020 1:31pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Open call.....

I do not see any suggestion that you do anything unpleasent. Where did you see that in my posting?
If you are using Google translate it sometimes causes trouble. That may have caused your misunderstanding.
The Archive has users from all over the world. It is OK to post using your native language.

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Poster: Ed End Date: Apr 9, 2020 1:27am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Open call.....

This is an odious answer ;)
Ok but sorry I'm native earth, so I talk earth langage,
that means I mostly use my aproximative non native english...
Anyway no need to debate about this. Do me a favor save your energy for better interest than me.
Sorry/happy if anything touches you, we changes that way.
And thanks for the laugh.