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Poster: Ed End Date: Mar 19, 2021 1:52am
Forum: netlabels Subject: K7 Split Petit Bourdon X PYR X Willy Marleen / Wild Music...

Full album in free download here
"Wild music for non-domesticated animals".
The necrophile hummingbird netlabel presents a Split between Petit Bourdon X PYR X Willy Marleen.
Outside the ordinary circuits, hand to hand, underground music cassettes
are exchanged, and testifies to the resilience of Do-It-Yourself in the digital age.
"Nothing should be sacred, no one should be scared" is as much the anthem of plunderphonic music than of punk, when it waltzes the crowns of queens and kings of this world, in what brings them closest to a certain idea of ​​the anarchy. Even nature laughs softly at the posture of some of its worshipers, who without knowing it would like to perpetuate what assassinates it. Because nature is overflowing, subversion and wild joy, uncontrollable, the balance is unstable, always upset by extreme experiences, accidents. It is an invitation to release the mad torrent because without it there is no clear source, just an arid desert as far as the eye can see.
At a time when robots are traveling on Mars, it is a great joy to find the intact energy that animated this netlabel at its origin, to be able to offer one more testimony to the existence of horsnorme (non-standard) currents.

Find back Willy Marleen in virtual and on cassettes in his duo Zinzinuler

May the celebration of the Commune not be a sad tribute, but an endless celebration in the present, that of the ongoing humanity liberation.