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Poster: Ed End Date: Apr 28, 2021 1:50am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Christmas on Titan by Studio 112 Movie Scores Serie

Full album in free download here

The title track is include in "AntiSun" the pilot episode of the webserialbum tranSFixion
or watchable here or here (don't forget to activate the eng sub)
What is tranSFixion ?
well it's the first webserialbum ever done on earth.

Actually only the first episode is done, call it a pilot. But 30 more are written. The style seems a strange mix between William S. Burroughs novels and Alain Rennais Film or early Alain Robbe-Grillet. And of course if you seek something similar you will think to "The Jetty" by Chris Marker or "The adventures of Eddie Turley" by Gérard Courant...
Despite some can unvolontary influence us, it's our own style.

Story by studio 112 & Film by ed end.
Special thanks to Cyrille M. & Stéphane P. & Ben P. for help us.
Filmed mostly at La Réunion isle.

No budget at its Best ?
These days most of the films are extremely demonstrative, showing everything, perhaps producers think the audience is brainless, we think the audience is the best part of the film, able to use its imagination to upgrade it. Like in "Venom & Eternity" by Isidore Isou or Bertolt Brecht's theatrical convention.

Also we've begin work on it at the same time than we launch PIRATE Tapes project. The soundtrack is made with music available in free download