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Full text of "1992 JFK Middle School Yearbook Enfield, CT"

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A1\dcl)e School 



jen ga mole/ tin oiear/ 


C. Brownell, Home Economics 

R. Bell, English 

J. Bojarski, Industrial Arts 

Mr. James B. Mahoney, JFK's retiring Principal 

D. Andrychowski, Reading 


G. Bourassa, Math 


Miss Gademan and Mr. Abe Simcovitz 

G. Cove, Math 

H. Cowles, Social Studies 

M de Haan, English 


E. Drumm, Industrial Arts 

N. Dyer, Home Economics 

D. Emery, Special Education 

K. Ferrante, Special Education 

Mr. Hoza and Mrs. Clarkin 



The Masked Marvels (Mrs. Michaels & Miss Nealon) 

B. Hargraves, English 

M Harnois, Guidance 

E. Hayes, Art 

W. Higgins, Custodian 


F. Krautcuk, Art 

R. Jerome, Reading 

P. Jonaitis, Social Studies 

Mrs. Siwinski 

.* V 



M. Kaupin, Home Economics 

A. Hoza, Math 


Mr. Cowles 

J. MacArthur, Art 


J. Meyers, Social Studies 

E. Michaels, Special Education 

P. Milam, Industrial Arts 

N. Nealon, Physical Education and Health 

T. Neville, Housemaster 

Mrs. Hargraves 


C. Ohlin, Housemaster 

B. Olender, Special Education 

Mrs. Drapeau and friends 

G. Paluch, English 


G. Reynolds, Secretary 

J. Reynolds, Science 

B. Ryan-Spanswick, English 

J. Scordato, English 

L. Shea, Reading Mr. LaBreck 

4 * 

■ -^Si 

T8 iiiiA< A i IHHl 


Siwinski, Foreign Language 

M. Soja, Reading 

B. Stevens, Reading 

J. Targonski, Secretary 

W. Teed, Physical Education and Health 

A. Tomasulo, Home Economics 

F. Wood, Science 

Mr. Makarewicz & Miss Kennedy 

Who's That Girl (Boy)? 

Anything is possible on JFK's Costume Day 
as a nun, a ghoul, and a cast of characters 
share some black and orange cake in the 
Cafeteria on Halloween. 

You never know who will show up on Cos¬ 
tume Day as evidenced by the Old Wise 
Man who left his mountain top to join in 
the festivities at JFK. 

Brackoneski, Katie Brainard, Christina 

Buffone, Melissa Burke IV, Francis 



Cascia, Michael Castellano, Kenneth Castonguay, Shawn 

Caswell, Fred 


Caye, Edward Centore, Renee 

Centore, Sarah Cestari, Jamie Chaffee, Devon Chant, Michael Churchill, Mark Clark, Thomas 

Clary, Aaron 

Cole, Lynne Coleman, David Collins, Melanie Collins, Melissa Concepcion, Veronica 

Conley, Robin Connor, Kristy Coro, Renee Craddy, Andrea Cram, Sarah Crane, Eugene 


Hustle Pays Off . . . 

Coach Emery plots halftime strategic 
changes with his players on their way to the 
Field Hockey team's best season in recent 

Showing determination and drive, Pam 
Kuhne hustles down the field on her way to 
another scoring opportunity for the Field 
Hockey team. 


Crawford, Daniel 

Crocker, Melissa 

Cyr, Jennifer D'Orazio, Dawn 

Daigneau, Paul 

Crosson, John 


Cullinan, Ryan 

Culp, Thomas Cunningham, Geoff ! 

Daly, Tara 

Davis, Brandy 

DeCosta, Nathan 


FA iu 

DeForge, Leila 

Desrosiers, Michelle 

Dimmock, Steven 

Dubey, Lawrence 

Dumond, Michael ► 

Deluca, Caren Deming, Brian Dentamaro, Michael DePratti, Michael Desjean, Lorie 

Devito, Anna Marie Dickinson, Jamie Dickson, Jeremy Diffley, Christina Dillard, Keri 

Dumoulin, Joy Dunbar, January Dysert, Lisa Ehrenzeller, Janeen Ehrgood, Donald 


Fancy Footwork . . . 

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any suc¬ 
cessful team as three members of the Boys' 
Soccer team converge on a beleaguered op¬ 

Phala Nong uses his quickness and ballhan¬ 
dling skills to move on the opposition's net 
to score another of his team leading goals. 

Elliott, Jennifer Emonds, Mark Eng, Melusia 

Esslinger, Jason 

Estvanik, Nicole 

Fairley, Trisha 

Farley, Amy Faust, Jason Ferrante, Nicole 

Ferraro, Stephanie Ferreira, Nathaniel Fisher, Dan 


Flaherty, Erin 

Folio, Karen Fontaine, Matthew Fouquette, Thomas 

Fredericks, Kristen 

• t i*. * vB 

Fredrick, Kylene 


Gelineau, Angela Genco, Christina Gilbert, Shaun Gleason, Darren Gnatek, Andrew Goekler, Margaret 

Golden, Denise Gonzalez, Lillian 

Graham, Gina Grandon, Nicholas 

Grassette, Stephanie 

Greene, Kimberly 

Griggs, Tonia 

Grabon, Victoria 

Grivois, Brian 


Fancy Footwork . . . 

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any suc¬ 
cessful team as three members of the Boys' 
Soccer team converge on a beleaguered op¬ 

Phala Nong uses his quickness and ballhan¬ 
dling skills to move on the opposition's net 
to score another of his team leading goals. 

Elliott, Jennifer Emonds, Mark 

Eng, Melusia 

\k *\ ! I - / 

\\ ta& v 1 / 

Esslinger, Jason 

Estvanik, Nicole 

Farley, Amy 

Faust, Jason 

Ferrante, Nicole 


Ferraro, Stephanie Ferreira, Nathaniel Fisher, Dan 


Flaherty, Erin Folio, Karen Fontaine, Matthew Fouquette, Thomas Fredericks, Kristen Fredrick, Kylene 

Froment, Danielle Fultz, Jr., David Furlani, Donna Galarneau, Amy Gallagher, Bryan Gazsi, Jason 

Gelineau, Angela Genco, Christina Gilbert, Shaun Gleason, Darren Gnatek, Andrew Goekler, Margaret 

Golden, Denise 

Graham, Gina 

Grandon, Nicholas Grassette, Stephanie Greene, Kimberly Griggs, Tonia Grivois, Brian 


Hail, Dr. Seuss . . . 

Andrea Craddy as the "Cat in the Hat" and 
Dan Sterling as Bartholomew Cubbins are 
all smiles as they take part in a salute to Dr. 
Seuss in their seventh grade Developmental 
Reading class. 

"Happy Birthday Person" Debbie Stroiney 
and "Cat in the Hat" Charlsie Williams 
strike a playful pose with their favorite 
books during the celebration of Dr. Seuss 

Hartley, Daniel 


Hayden, Willie 

Hellberg, Randy Henzel, Bethany 


Herman, Scott 

Hicks, Stacey Hickson, Heather Higgins, Cathleen Higgins, Timothy Hilliman, Heather Holmes, Daniel 

Hood, Jason Houde, Stephanie Howell, Sara Hurley, Karen Huss, Kevin Ingraham, Betsy 

Jenkins, William Joggerst, Dawn Johns, Danielle Jonaitis, Jeremiah Jones, Brian Jones, Christopher 

Kaplan, Chad Kazukynas, Jeffrey Keenan, Erik Kelly, Jaclyn 

Kennard, Stephanie King, James Klezos, Roxanne Kogut, Amy Kovaco, Sonia Krah, Michael 


Hard At Work . . . 

Christine Smith probes the collegiate dictio¬ 
nary in the Library as she looks for just the 
right answer to complete a lengthy English 

The Reference Book shelves containing the 
encyclopedias is a busy spot as students 
cluster around to find a needed volume to 
finish a research project. 

Krane, Ryan Krusinski, Andrew Kwiecienski, Corey Landers, Jessica LaPlante, Travis LaPointe, Becky 

LaRusso, Nicholas LaVallee, Jessica Leander, Thomas Lemieux, Michael Leonard, Meghan Lessard, Ryan 


Levesque, Christopher Libby, Joanne Lindsay, Zachary Lopez, Jose Losa, Peter Losa, Rebecca 

Lott, Justin Love, Edward Love, Michael Lynch, Lisa Lyons, Sonja Lyver, James 

Machaj, Agnes Mack, Serena Malecki, Stanley Malley, Brooke Mann, Melissa Marchand, Joshua 

Marcotte, Bryan Marmurowski, M. Maroni, William Marquez, Hope Marshall, John Marshaus, Elizabeth 


Martin, Joshua Martin, Teasha Martin, Timothy Mason, Jeremy Matthews, Ronald Matthews, Travis 


Only In 7th Grade . . . 

As Greg Morin shivers and Corey Widun 
looks on, Brett Bourbeau cleans off a brass 
shot put. The boys are participating in a 
Reading class activity in conjunction with a 
story about a Special Olympian. 

Science class takes on an ecological theme as 
Huyen Vinh constructs a bird feeder from a 
branch, aluminum foil, suet, and seeds to 
enable local birds to have a feeding spot this 

May, David 

Mayers, Robert Mayhew, Ryan Mazzone, Daniel McCorkill, Benjamin McGlynn, 


McGonagle, John McGuire, Mistie McKee, Robin McKinney, Kinita McLaughlin, Menard, Stephen 


Mennella, Maria 

Miller, Christopher 

Morgan, Brenda 

Morse, Paul 

Nadeau, Michael 

Merrill, Karen Merrill, Robert Mgrdichian, Laura Michaud, Michael Miczak, Kimberly 

Molina, Paula Monstello III, Peter Montano, Melissa Moore, Nancy Moore, Jr., Wayne 

Morgan, Mary Morin, Gregory Morin, Heather Morin, Matthew Morse, Andrea 

Moselsky, Jason Moule, Christopher Myshrall, Kristen Nadeau, Jennifer Nadeau, Justin 

Nelson, John Ngov, Christina Nickerson, Carrie Nieroda, Nicole Noto, Julie 



With Help From A Friend . . . 

At one of the school dances, Shawn Caston- 
guay tries to convince his buddy Danny 
Russell to loan him some money for an extra 
slice of pizza and a can of soda. 

Two heads are better than one in this Indus¬ 
trial Arts class as David Pease and Nicole 
Savage prepare a kitchen memo board for 
work using a vise. 

O'Brien, Sara 

O'Leary, Timothy 

O'Toole, Kevin 

Olihan, John 

Nunez, Jeanie Nyser, Heidi 


Plasse, Laura Poppel, Racheal Porcello, Julie Pozzi, Marcie Price, Gary Prior, Paul 

Racine, Shannon Rago, Michael Rancourt, Marcella Ransom, Jason Rashaw, Emily Regan, Scott 


(Almost) Dancin' . . . 

Tara Zukowski and Corrie Yetter make a 
fashion statement as they show off their 
fancy holiday treads at December's dance, 
sponsored by the Student Council. 

School dances are a great time to meet 
friends and enjoy snacks (oh yes, and 
dance!). Anna Starring and Vicki Grabon 
scan the crowd at the Halloween dance, 
looking for their high-stepping friends. 

Resnickoff, Seth Reveruzzi, Ann Reyome, Pamela 


v j 

Reilly, Christopher Rembiesa, Cheryl 

Repass, Deborah 

Rinaldi, Joseph 

h i \ 

Rivest, Jesse Robinson, Joshua 

Roche, Jason 

Rochette, Joe 

Rock, Amy 


Rogerson, Cheryl Rookey, Mary Rossi, Nicole Rossignol, Brian Rumill, John Rupright, Janelle 

I * 9 ) 


Salvas, Micheal Sanchez, Jose 

Russell, Daniel 

Russo, Jean 

Salva, Stacie 

Saucier, Kristy Savage, Nicole Scavotto, Lisa Schadlich, Jarett Scherban, Jacob Scott, Benjamin 

Segarra, Albert Semanie, Carol Sharp, Adam Shepard, Lauren Shetensky, Erika Shevock, Jason 

Shevock, Mary- Shirtcliff, Brian Shortman, Kristen Sibella, Gregory 



Sim, Robert 

Simlick, Hillary 


If Mom Could See Me . . . 

Three award winners from the Student 
Council-sponsored Costume Day Contest, 
Jannelle Rupright, Lisa Scavotto, and Erik 
Keenan, strike a casual pose in the library. 

Kristi Droney makes a slightly under¬ 
dressed bridesmaid for bride Aimee Lally as 
they head towards homeroom in Red House 
and the beginning of Costume Day. 

Simoneau, Jonahn 

Skiba, Bryan 

Sitler, Marc 

Siuda, Peter 

Smith, Christine 

Smith, Jody-Linn 

Smith, Vincent Solesky, Aaron Sorel, Elizabeth Southworth, Steven Stagon, Laura Stanley, Matthew 



Starring, Anna 

Sterling, Daniel 

Stuart, Linda 

Tallarita, Sarah 

. I 

Tetreault, Jennifer 

Starski, Meredith Stearns, Nicole Stefaniak, Jr., Wayne Stelmat, Heather Stephens, Candace 

Sterner, Sharon Steverman, Sarah Steward, Kevin Stroiney, Debra Strong, John 

Sullivan, Matthew Sydoriak, Robert 

k 1 # 

Sylvester, Matthew Szczesiul, Mark 

Szewczyk, Allison 

Tamashaitis, Tamika 

Teed, Shana Terhune, Thomas 


Hard At Work (Play?) . . . 

Steve Ruggiero and Matt Traskos enjoy a 
rare day of wearing hats in Science class on 
Hat Day, one of the Student Council-spon¬ 
sored Spirit Days this year. 

Eighth graders Liz Lucas and Meghan Quin¬ 
lan pitch in to help decorate the Library as 
they first assembly the Christmas tree and 
then trim it with ornaments made in the Art 

Valley, Ryan 

Torres, Marsha Traskos, Rebecca Trudeau, Nicole Tyskewicz, Dorinda 

Usher, Ryan 

Vang, Vue 

Vibber, Teri 

Vinh, Huyen Walsh, Michael 

Wanzer, Gray 

V , 

't \ ) 

Whitten, Leonard Widun, Corey 

Wiggins, Robin 


Wightman, Melissa 

Wilcox, Kristi 


Wilder, Christina 

Wilhelm, Stacy Williams, Charlsien 

Williams, Johnny 

Wilson, Melissa 

Wishart, James 



Winkle, Kristen 

Yarum, Amy Yetter, Corrie 

Young, John Young, Samuel Yurack, Anton Zaccaro, Nicholas 


Landry, Angela 

Landry, Jillian 

Madden, Amanc 

Chrzan, Kevin 

Dedonis, Anne 

Heacox, Lisa 


Muddy Cleats . . . 

Erica Hebert, the leading goal scorer on this 
year's Field Hockey team, demonstrates her 
stick-handling skills as she maneuvers 
around an opposing player from Timothy 

Mechilia Eng shows her determination (and 
her mouthpiece) as she zeros in on the ball 
during the Field Hockey team's final game 
of the season. 

Alaimo, Benjamin Anderson, Kathryn Arcouette, Jason 

Audet, Celine Baeder, Heather Bailey, Melissa 


Ballantine, Courtney Bayeur, Sheree Beauchemin, Daniel Beaudry, Gary Beaulieu, Seth Bechard, Breanne 

Beebe, Aimee Belanger, Chris Beloin, Christian Bergeron, Jeremy Bernache, Jessica Berry, Robert 

Berube, Peter Bishop, Andrew Blackburn, Thomas Blake, Karen Bletz, Alison Boivin, Michelle 

Boone, Maegn Booth, Kelly Braswell, Valerie Brayton, Bobbie Jo Brodeur, Christopher Buckley, Amy 

Burgess, Christopher Burk, Peter Burke, Michelle Burrington, Bob Cabral, Joseph Cacio, Richard 


Doing Our Share . . . 

Eighth grade students from White House 
show "the spirit of giving" during JFK's 
annual Thanksgiving Food Drive with a re¬ 
cord breaking day's collection of food items. 

Student Council members tally a day's totals 
on the "tote board" as they track each team's 
donations during the JFK Food Drive com¬ 
petition against Fermi High. 


Centrella, Amber Chance, Tina Chasse, Justin Childs, Jennifer Christmas, Andrew Cierpik, Thomas 

Cilley, David Clark, Andrew Cola, Nicholas Colangelo, Michael Coleman, Beth Columbus, Ronald 

Connelly, Carrie Connolly, Brian Copeland, Nina Cormier, Christopher Costello, Heather Courchaine, Richard 

Cyr, Jason D'Angelo, Jennifer Daigle, Marie Daly, Colin Daly, William Davenport, Christina 


Looks Are Deceiving 

The "beauty" of the Cafeteria is enhanced 
by the stunning presence of John Olesen as 
heads turn during the Student Council 
sponsored Costume Day. 

No one dares lay a finger on Russell Scull's 
"Butterfinger" as he parades his creative 
costuming talents in the Cafeteria on Hal¬ 
loween Day. 

V ” 

Deane, Walter 

DeGray, Jason Deni, Anthony Dentamaro, Angela Deschamps, Joanne Deschenes, Thomas 

DeSimone, Brenden DeSimone, 


Dewolfe, Bethany Dietz, Wesley Divalentin, Marian Dols, Craig 


Dunlap, Jessica Dynia, Sarah Eaton, Jennifer Egli, Michael Enderle, Dawn Eng, Mechilia 

Estep, Stacey Fairbanks, Sandra Faust, Melissa Fimka, Katherine Fitzgerald, Matthew Flaherty, Michele 

Fletcher, Jason Flynn, Michael Foley, Lisa Foley, Rosalie Fountain, Brian Francis, Kelly 

Frappier, Scott Fuller, Jennifer Gaetani, Thomas Gamble, Jennifer Garabedian. Albert Gazsi, Andrew 


Vroom, Vroom . . . 

The students in Mrs. Carney's Science class¬ 
es take part in the annual running of the 
Indy-banana 500. Student-designed carts 
carrying bananas race through the hallways. 

Ricky Stock works intently in the "pits", 
making last minute adjustments on his ba¬ 
nana entry to increase its chances of slip¬ 
ping through to Victory Lane. 

Griffee, Michael 

Griskus, Timothy 

Grondin, Caroline 



Hammon, Amy 




Hardy, Brock Harris, Alicia Hartnett, James Hebert, Erica Hebert, Matthew 

Howard, Stacy 

Howard, Tracy 

Howland, Jodie 

Hughes, Douglas 

Holway, Nathan 

Hurrle, Corey 

Higgins, Jessica 

Hilinski, Michael 

Holden, Michael 

Irish, Matthew 

r virjf-' 

James, Dana 

Jefferson, Charles 

Jenks, Brent 

Jeffery, Michelle 

Hennessey, Colleen 


' -Him? 

Hosig, Nicholas 

Improta, Joseph 

Jestings, Laury 

Joslin, Michele 


Undefeated Again . . . 

Goalie Amy Gufert shares an exuberant mo¬ 
ment with a teammate during a break in the 
action during a late season soccer match. 

It's hard to believe the unbeaten record of 
the Girls' Soccer team from the expression 
on Michelle Burke's face. Luckily, Meredith 
Phelps lightens things up a bit. 

Kenna, Paul Kennedy, Angela Kennedy, Charles Kibbe, Winnie King, Carol King, Charles 


Kokofski, Jennifer Kress, Shaun Kuhne, Pamela Kulis, Joseph Kulm, Jarett LaClaire, Jessica 

LaClare, Mark Lafromboise, Lally, Aimee Lamar, Mariellen Lapa, Arin Laraway, Jamie 


Larsen, Sherry Lathrop, Arthur LeBlanc, Christopher LeBlanc, Joshua Lemieux, Richard Lepak, Mark 


Dancing Shoes . . . 

Student Council's first dance of the year, 
“The Halloween Howl," gives everyone a 
chance to work the cobwebs off the ceiling 
and out of their brains. 

Socializing is the main activity at “The Hal¬ 
loween Howl" as friends have a chance to 
catch up on boyfriends, new clothes, and 
how much homework certain teachers as¬ 

Marshall, Brian 

Martel, Daniel Martin, Christina 

Matthews, Chad Mayette, Timothy 

Martin, James Massaro, Christopher Masters, Justin 


\ i 

Mazur, Michael 

McAlmond, Sara McCahill, Craig 

McCarthy, Bryan 



McHugh, Christine Meberg, Erik 

Mercier, Nicole 

Merrill, Kathryn 

Miller, Christopher Mills, Kristina 

Miner, Christopher Mlynick, Jocelyn Mockalis, Kenneth Moisuk, Elizabeth 

Nadeau, Lori 

Nash, Margaret 

Nelson, Timothy Neuschaefer, Kristen Neville, Sean 

Newman, Joshua 


NJHS Induction . . . 

The chorus line of Pam Kuhne, Elisha 
Schermerhorn, and Kris Neuschaefer are all 
smiles as they pose for pictures at the Na¬ 
tional Junior Honor Society Induction Cere¬ 

Priya Varadan and Sarah Dynia take a break 
with some refreshments following their in¬ 
duction into JFK's Evian Simcovitz Chapter 
of the National Junior Honor Society. 

O'Callaghan, Dan O'Connell, Timothy O'Connor, Scott O'Hara, Scott O'Konis, Catherine O'Palick, Keith 


Olesen, John 

Olson, Mark Orowson, Todd 

Orson, Jennifer Ouellet, Melissa Ouellette, Michelle 

Pahl, Jason 

Palumbo, Jessica Pappietro, Nathan Patterson, Neil Pawson, Benjamin Pelletier, Jennifer 

Peng, You Perri, Angela Perry, Bethany Perry, Ryan Peterson, Jeffrey Phelps, Meredith 

Pierce, Joseph Poe, Edward Pointek, Kara Poloski, Kailee Porcello, John Povak, Ben 

Prayzner, Gregory Przybylski, Jason Puhalski, Eva Quail, Sean Quinlan, Meghan Racette, Clint 


On The Ball . . . 

Second year players Michelle Burke and Pat¬ 
ty Smario "have a ball" as they enjoy the 
Girls' Soccer team's second consecutive un¬ 
beaten season. 

Goalie Amy Gufert steers the ball wide of 
the net as she records a save on her way to 
another shutout for the Girls' Soccer team. 

Reed, Jason 

Reinhart, Samuel Reynolds, Elizabeth Riggins, Rebecca Rinaldi, Andrew 

Roberto, Linda Robinson, Jeffrey 

Rinaldi, Gina 

Rinaldi, Renee Rinaldi, Rori Robb, Natalie 


Robitaille, Jessica Rocconella, Mandy Rondeau, Paul Rosati, Jessica Rosenberg, Arielle Rossi, Steven 

Roush, Michelle Ruggiero, Steven 

r " m 

Rushford, Todd 

Russell, Kevin 

Ryan, Shaun 

Santaniello, Anthony 

Scull, Russell 

Sampias, Melissa Sampl, Jessica 

K * 

Schipani, Sarah 

Schiralli, Charles 

Schook, Linnea 

Samson, Kelly 

Seagrave, Frederick Seelig, Jebidah 

Seybold, Jennifer Sharrow, Nicholas 

Shaw, Aaron 

Creative Projects . . . 

Aimee Beebe and Dawn Enderle show total 
concentration and an eye for detail as they 
prepare to launch their rubber-band 
powered entry for the Indy-banana 500 cart 

Suet-filled logs become bird feeders to serve 
as holiday gifts from JFK students to their 
family and friends to help supply needed 
nourishment to the town's feathered 

Simoneau, Heather Skidgel, Matthew Slack, Corey 

Sloan, Scott Slupecki, Tadeusz Smario, Patricia 


Solenski, Stacie Somogyi, Paul Soule, Darren Southworth, Marnie Sprague, Brian Stanger, Jennifer 

Sullivan, Ramona Sullivan, Sean Surdel, Chad Suttle, Crystal Swiatkiewicz, Daniel Taylor, Jaime 


Playing Santa 

National Jr. Honor Society members Valerie 
Smart, Kate Tyler, Elisha Schermerhorn, 
and Michelle Burke strike a pose at the East 
Hartford Fire Station where toys are collect¬ 
ed for a statewide toy drive. 

Elisha Schermerhorn unpacks “Santa's 
sleigh" as contributions from JFK are added 
to the donations from other Connecticut 
schools for the 96 TIC-FM Holiday Toy 

Taylor, John Tedone, Justin Teixeira, Cynthia Tenerowicz, Tenerowicz, Michael Terhune, Alanna 


Tetreault, Napoleon Tkacz, Sarah Tkacz, Sherilyn Tobey, Michael Traskos, Matthew Trotter, Bobbi-Jo 


Turrel, Kathryn Tuttle, Andrew Tyler, Kate Udas, Amy Ulrich, Benjamin Underwood, Allen 

Unsworth, Joseph Vacon, Matthew Vaghini, Amy Van Houtte, Freddy Vancott, Robert Varadan, Priya 

Vasseur, Heidi Vincenti, Stacy Vose, Garrett Waitkus, Walker, James Walpole, William 


Walsh, Sean Westall, Meghan White, Shane Williams, Joseph Wilson, Tricia Wong, Michael 

Wood, Matthew Wood, Rebecca Xiong, Dang York, Lori Young, Elizabeth Ziemba, Kevin 


Doyle, Kelli 

Alvarado, Orlando 

Anderson, Kimberly 

Bourque, Melissa Dauphinais, Shaun 



From left to right: S. Dowd, J. Stanger, A. Duclos, R. Orefice, J. Kulm, A. DeVito, N. Merrier, J. Gamble, T. Terry, A. Liquori, S. Bayeur, L. York, A. 
Madden, J. Fuller, M. Moszynski, J. Quail, A. Lally, C. Moule, R. Coro, R. Cacio, J. Faust, A. Beebe, G. Rinaldi, J. Robitaille, A. Grieco, M. Doten, K. 
Shaw, B. Perry, M. Morrow, A. Craddy, E. Quinlan, M. Douville, K. Fimka, M. Ouellet, M. Joclin, K. Courchesne. 

rom left to right: T. Tamashaitis, B. Coleman, A. Lapa, J. Blacksher, V. Paulman, J. Nunez, A. Kennedy, T. Gaetani, K. Johnson, H. Cyr, B Davis, A. 
^entamaro & K Blake, M. Rocconella, E. Puhlaski, F. Seagrave, J. Childs, L. Stuart, M. Ouellette, M. Rancourt, S. Tkacz, M. Faust, A. Reveruzzi, A. Ro¬ 
senberg, J. Rosati, S. Fairbanks, D. Tyskewicz, C. Teixeira, C. Cowles, C. Davenport, D. Sabonis, J. Bernache, R. Dodd, V. Grabon, K. Booth, R. Foley, L. 

r oley. 


With Erica Hebert's 12 goals and a stingy de¬ 
fense, the Field Hockey team charges towards a 
memorable season, including its first win 
against Timothy Edwards Middle School in 
eight years. 

Jennifer Quail is a picture of total concentration 
as she prepares to send the ball down the field. 
Efforts like this make a 5 - 1 - 2 record possible. 

Field Hockey El“l 1 



East Windsor 4 

Somers 5 

Timothy Edwards 0 

Powder Mill 2 

Powder Mill 3 

East Windsor 2 

Timothy Edwards 3 

Somers 6 











From back: Jen Seybold, Julie Noto, Kate Tyler, Heidi Vasseur, Cindy Teixeira, Julie Albano, 
Jen Quail, Laura Thompson, Coach Emery, Lisa Scavatto, Beth Perry, Melissa Faust, Kim Beach, 
Devon Chaffee, Sara Steverman, Sara McAlmond, Elisha Schermerhorn, Erica Hebert, Mechilia 
Eng, Pam Kuhne, Stephanie Goguen, Priya Varadan, Elayne Remick, Carissa Permache, Kristen 


Nick Hosig is on the lookout for his teammates 
and the ball as he moves down the field and into 
scoring position for the Boys' Soccer team. 

Phala Nong's quickness and ballhandling skills 
enable him to leave a Timothy Edwards defend¬ 
er struggling to keep up. The Boys' Soccer 
team's talents produce 66 goals while oppo¬ 
nents score only 8 all season. 

T> / Over 2 Years, 

DOVS DOCCer Unbeaten In 26 

* Games 


Us Them 
East Windsor 8 0 

Powder Mill 4 2 

Timothy Edwards 4 2 

Vernon 4 0 

East Hartford 7 1 

Powder Mill 3 1 

East Windsor 7 0 

East Hartford 8 0 

Somers 8 0 

Timothy Edwards 6 0 

Vernon 2 2 

Somers 5 0 


From back: Coach Clarkin, Abbie Bennis, Chris Miller, Chris Stoddard, Mike Luc, Nick Hosig, 
Tim O'Connell, Phala Nong, Mark Kluczwski, Scott Cowles, Steve Ruggiero, Mike Flynn, 
James Woodson, Stephanie Kennard, Jason Reed, Jeff Bailey, Chad Allegro, Jeff Kazukynas, 
Greg Bemis, Chris Jones, Garrett Vose, J.R. Young, Dan Holmes, Neil Patterson, Nick Zaccaro, 
Capt Mark Lepak, Joe Dubois, Capt Brian Connolly, Capt. Colin Daly. 


Kim Miczak hustles forward to back up the 
scoring rush of Patty Smario during a late sea¬ 
son contest against longtime rival Timothy Ed¬ 
wards Middle School. 

Amy Gufert, Patty Smario, and Kim Yanosy 
listen intently as Coach Jonaitis outlines some 
team adjustments during a strategic timeout. 
These sessions result in 23 JFK goals and in 5 
for the opponents. 

Girls' Soccer 

The Streak 
Reaches 31 Games. 



Timothy Edwards 2 

Vernon 3 

East Hartford 2 

Somers 0 

East Hartford 6 

Timothy Edwards 4 

Vernon 3 

Somers 3 











From back: Coach Jonaitis, Elizabeth Lucas, Meredith Phelps, Christine Monahan, Michelle 
Burke, Sara Wells, Renee Rinaldi, Patti Smario, Kim Miczak, Jessica Bernache, Nichole Ber¬ 
geron, Stacy Wilhelm, Michelle Joslin, Jen Pelletier, Jessica Sampl, Bethany DeWolfe, Kim 
Yanosy, Karen Kluczwski, Jessica Wells, Melissa Buffone, Teri Vibbert, Amy Gufert. 



John Crosson goes high over an opponent as he As Mike Flynn, Nick Hosig, and the entire 
lays one off the glass for a basket in the double- Timothy Edwards team look on, Mike Griffee 
header against Timothy Edwards. pulls up for a baseline jump shot. 

Boys' Basketball ? 0 ff r s 9 ! 2 T ^ e n y 




Powder Mill 



East Hartford 









Timothy Edwards 55 


East Hartford 



Timothy Edwards 



St. Timothy's 



Powder Mill 










From back: Charles Jefferson, Josh Newman, Mike Griffee, Seth Beaulieu, Matt Traskos, Brent 
Jenks, Ben McCorkill, Mike Flynn, Coach Dennis, David Pease, John Crosson, Brian Connolly, 
Nick Hosig, Ken Castellano, Chris Miller, Andy Bishop. 


Erica Hebert drives up and over an opponent 
for a basket. Erica set a school record for the 
most free throws made in a game and in a 

Erica Hebert, Kris Neuschaefer, Meredith 
Phelps, and Sarah Dynia wait to see if Chris 
Monahan will be successful with her shot. 

Girls' Basketball i£L + Hus,le 

t im 


* 1 

k * * 





St. Timothy's 



Powder Mill 



East Hartford 









Timothy Edwards 



East Hartford 



Timothy Edwards 



St. Timothy's 



Powder Mill 








29 OT 

St. Martha's 




From back: Karen Blake, Jill Wolodko, Becky Traskos, Chris Monahan, Jen Gamble, Coach 
Lauria, Corey Kwiecienski, Jen Cyr, Jessica Bernache, Sarah Dynia, Elisha Schermerhorn, 
Julie Albano, Co-Captain Kris Neuschaefer, Co-Captain Erica Hebert, Co-Captain Meredith 
Phelps. Missing from picture: Michelle Burke. 


As the advisor for the Cheerleaders, Ms. Car- 
During the basketball season, the cheerleaders roll, looks on, members of the squad recharge 
whip up support at the home games for the their batteries for another half of spirited 
boys' and girls' teams. cheers. 




Spirit In Red, 
White, And Blue 

Many Thanks 

Over the past 2 years, Ms. 
Jackie Carroll has served as 
the advisor for the Kennedy 
Cheerleading Squad. During 
that time, she has been a fine 
role model for her students 
and an enthusiastic supporter 
of the JFK sports program. 
Ms. Carroll's cooperation 
with the coaches has always 
been appreciated and she has 
instilled in the cheerleaders a 
sense of pride and sincere 
school spirit. 



m •» . * V 



From back: Lizz Young, Christy McHugh, Jessica Higgins, Gina Caserella, Kara Pointek, Dawn 
Sabonis, Amy Udas, Kristina Mills, Kristin Herzig, Valerie Smart, Brooke Malley, Amy 






Fishing, Marching, Designing, Sharing, 

NJHS member Amy Vaghini & Annex Prin- JFK Color Guard members 

cipal Mrs. Cavanaugh address a 6th grade 


NJHS officers Amy Vaghini, Pam Kuhne, & Fly-tying Club. Advisors: Mr. Demers & Mr. Reynolds 
Elisha Schermerhorn 


Chatting, Singing, Exercising, Building, Selling 

Mrs. Harnois & Mr. Ohlin talk at the NJHS 
Induction ceremony. 

<unning Club. Advisors: Mr. Garvey ii Mrs. Novak 

Drama Club Set Crew. Advisors: Mrs. Gaj &. 
Miss Gademan 

Crafting, Skiing, Constructing, Writing, 

Main Office Secretaries Mrs. Targonski & School Store Staff. Advisors: Mrs. Tomasulo & Mrs. Michaels 
Mrs. Annis 

Industrial Arts Club. Advisors: Mr. Drumm 
& Mr. Bojarski 

Cross Country Skiing Club. Advisors: Mrs. Craft Club. Advisors: Mrs. Dembek, Mrs. Olender, & Mrs. Matfess 
Cutler & Mrs. Brownell 

Schussing, Reading, Sketching, Conferring, 

venth Grade Ski Club. Advisors: Mr. Fisher, Mr. Bell, Miss Connick, & Mr. Wood 

Jaime Ouellette & Karen Folio are hard at 
work doing research in the Library. 

arbook Artists, Jen Gamble, editor. Advisors: Miss Gademan 61 Miss Lauria 

Patriot Staff Editors. Advisor: Mrs. Paluch 

Rehearsing, Acting, Cropping, Searching, 

Eighth grade Drama Club members. Advisors: Mrs. Gaj & Miss Gademan 

The Saxophone Section of the Band re¬ 
hearses for a concert. 

Seventh grade Patriot staff. Advisor: Mrs. Yearbook Student Section staff. Advisors: Miss Gademan & Miss Lauria 


Planning, Editing, Performing, Slaloming, 

V % Lj 


* r 

L A 



M | 

JT 1 


T A 

® ■ ,l 

T 1 

K Student Council. Advisors: Mrs. Michaels, Miss Connick, Ms. Koplin, Mrs. Tomasulo, 

Mr. Bell 

Mr. Bell helps his students as they complete 
a map of the Library. 

Seventh grade Drama Club members. Advi¬ 
sors: Mrs. Gaj it Miss Gademan 

Mrbook Sports Section staff. Advisors: Miss Gademan it Miss Lauria 

Yearbook Staff Section members: Advisors: 
Miss Gademan it Miss Lauria 

Vocalizing, Watching, Questioning, Posing, 

There's never a dull moment in Blue House Kennedy Singers, Semester 1. Director: Mr. Bungard 
Office with Mrs. Ivansin on the case. 

Yearbook Activities Section staff. Advisors: Eighth grade Ski Club members. Advisors: Mr. Wood & Mr. Bell 
Miss Gademan & Miss Lauria 


Composing, Speaking, Supporting, 

_ \ 



\?y * 

* «. ~i 

atriot Band. Director: Mr. Power 

Miss Gademan does her part supporting the 
schoolwide toy drive. 

Mrs. Trevena and Company 

lardi Gras comes to JFK. 

Student Council Officers 


All This And More Is JFK 

Miss Holmes, Mrs. Olender, & Mrs. Mi- JFK's Evian Simcovitz Chapter of the National Jr. Honor Society 

chaels find sales brisk at the SC Carnation 


Jason Caron uses the Hartford Courant to 
follow the UConn Huskies. 

• 1 -: i 


Try the latest game to sweep JFK: “Where's Cadet Band. Director: Mr. Power 
Mrs. Siwinski?" 


I, Michelle Joslin, leave the Four Stooges all the good laughs and the hard times. 

I, Sarah, leave Maegn, Mindy, Amy, and Chrissy our favorite song, "The Time We Had Together". 

I, Ramona, leave Stacy all the memories of new friends and teachers at JFK. 

I, Linda Stuart, leave my love and friendship to Ryan Lessard. 

1, Michelle Jeffery, leave Heidi V. a big hug and good luck next year. 

1, Tina Chance, leave Damien Kammerer my love love for him always. 

I, Lisa Dysert, leave Jackie Perry a slap in the head to let her know she's my best buddy. 

I, Angela, leave Becky Kluntz the thought that I will miss you at Fermi High School. 

1, Amelia, leave Sheree the thought that my bandages are better than yours. 

I, Amy Buckley, leave Mindy and Michelle our crazy times and our everlasting friendship. 

I, Jess B., leave Tom G. thanks for that good ice cream. 

I, Blondie, leave Rick Lemieux my shattered heart. 

I, Heather Costello, leave to Kelly Francis 1992, year of the Fungus. 

I, Heather Cyr, leave Andy Rinaldi the memory of being in too many classes together / and the phone. 

1, Kelli Doyle, leave Jen D'Angelo the thought that we will be best friends forever. 

I, Jen Fuller, leave Heather Simoneau the thought and memory of the Deli Line. 

I, Tom Gaetani, leave to Trisha F. all the rest of my junk. 

1, Marie Caron, leave Brooke Camaroc that day at your house when I hit the tree. 

I, Shelly O., leave Amy B. the fun of shopping at K Mart, Ames, and Salvation Army. 

1, Michelle O., leave Anton Y. all of my love. I'll miss you next year. 

I, Shannon McLaughlin, leave Nicole Estvanik the thought that I'll always be there if she ever needs a bank loan. 
I, Gina Rinaldi, leave Jen Gamble our many phone calls and our great year together. 

I, Jen Aldrich, leave Todd Orowson knowing that I'll always love him, forever! 

I, Missy Bailey, leave Kenny Costellano the thought that I will always love him. 

I, Chrissy Davenport, leave to all my team teachers my missing homework. Love ya! 

I, Kailee, leave to Rori all of her love notes that I lost. 

I, Jamey Klezos, leave Kelli Doyle, Jen D'Angelo, and Beth Coleman all my friendship forever. 

I, Kelly, leave Heather and Kelly F. all the candy canes in the world. 

I, Sonia Kovaco, leave Beth Henzel, Anna-Marie Devito, and Amy Galarneau the thought of always being cool. 

I, Margaret, leave Bobbi-Jo T. the knowledge of you always being shorter. 

I, Christina Martin, leave Kristin Herzig all my Champion sweatshirts. 

I, Melissa, leave Lori all my friendship. 

We, Laura S. and Eva P., leave to everyone in JFK the thought that we ll miss you! 

I, Laura Thompson, leave Todd Orowson our memories here and the thought that I'll never forget him. 

I, Heidi, leave Jeff a computer for all his English poems. 

We, Heather and Mindy, leave Tom and Andy the memories of skiing and the back of the bus. 

1, Gina Rinaldi, leave Jessie Rosati, many laughs, good times, and our special friendship. 

I, Sarah Tallarita, leave Linda Stuart my height and friendship. 

I, Lisa Dysert, leave Melanie Collins all my "New Kids on the Block stuff. 

I, Bopper, leave Mindy Mortimore the great times we've had in last 5 years. 

I, Katherine Fimka, leave John Taylor my love and luck at Enfield High. 

I, Maegn Boone, leave Chrissie Cowles all our good times and the thought that we 11 be twins forever. 

I, Jessica LaClaire, leave Amber Centrella my friendship and the everlasting memories of George . 

1, Jen Gamble, leave Courtney Ballantine, matching lessons. 

I, Nicole Estvanik, leave my lunch table a "ton" of napkins. 

I, S.E.D., leave to my friends on Ski Club the memories of Waterfall and Big Tom. 

I, Linda Stuart, leave Sarah Tallarita a pencil to poke me in the face with. 

I, Jennifer D'Angelo, leave Kelli Doyle the thought that our friendship has been the best. 

I, Brandy Davis, leave the thought to Randy Hellberg I will always love him. 


Will (Continued) 

I, Missy Wightman, leave Stacey Silva the fact that she ll always be my best friend no matter what. 

I, Jen Childs, leave Aimee Lally, Katie Sabellico, and Melissa Sapias, all the candy they can get their hands on. 

I, Angela, leave Jess a lot of good times and bunch of laughs. 

I, Jen Aldrich, leave the Four Stooges always and forever. 

I, H.B., leave Natalie Robb, "Let's talk it out!" 

I, Missy Bailey, leave my team teachers the thought that I actually learned. 

I, Aimee Beebe, leave Jen Aldrich, Little Sara, and Sam Fairbanks the thought that we 11 be friends forever. 

I, Jennie Blacksher, leave Teri Vibbert all of my hairspray. 

I, Misty Carter, leave Chrissy Davenport, all the good times and the really bad fights. 

I, Michelle Caron, leave Travis Mathews knowing that I'll always love you. 

I, Joanne Deschamps, leave Sherry Larson and Melissa M. the memories of English class. 

I, Melissa Doten, leave Arielle Rosenberg and Sheree Bayeur our friendship forever. 

I, Kristi Droney, Leave Chris with the thought I will always love him and that I 11 miss him next year. 

I, Lisa Foley, leave my love to Joe I. and Jamie Taylor and a year to remember. 

I, Amy Galarneau, leave Sonia Kovaco all my love and all my friendship forever. 

I, Jessica, leave Laura the thought I will miss her next year. 

I, Jocelyn, leave Rori all the memories we shared. 

I, Jamey Klezos, leave Kelly Courchesne with all my friendship. 

We, Jen Kokofski and Arielle Rosenberg, leave to Chad Mathews and Ben Alaimo the memory of the long bus rides to 
the Witch Museum. 

I, JK, leave HV all the blame for our Science accidents. 

I, Christine LaFromboise, leave Bobbie-Jo Brayton & Kristy Newton the fact that we will always be best friends. 

I, Lori, leave to all my friends going to EHS the thought that I will miss them but never forget them. 

I, Margaret Nash, leave Natalie Robb peace, love, and happiness. 

I, Mandy, leave Jeremy Lawson the fact that I will always be his friend. 

I, Mariellen, leave to Angela and Mechilia the fact we'll always be friends forever. 

I, Christina Martin, leave to Mindy Mortimore all the good long talks we had. 

I, Chris McGlynn, leave Matt Fontaine all of my hockey skills hoping he'll be as good as me. 

I, Melissa Moszynski, leave Greg Prayzner the thought that you'll always be in my heart. Stay sweet! 

I, Karen Merrill, leave Jaime Ouellette the saying, "Boy - yoi - yoing!". 

I, Carrie Nickerson, leave Kristy, Tonia, Liz, Jimmy, and Chad the saying, "Yup, yup!" 

I, Eva Puhalski, leave to Mr. Hoza the fact that you're a great and funny teacher. 

I, Betsy Reynolds, leave to Natalie Robb the killer awake before dawn and a big roar. 

I, Rori Rinaldi, leave to Jocelyn Mlynick all the good memories we've shared in the last 3 years. 

I, Renee Rinaldi leave Missy Reardon all our English projects and my best friendship forever. 

I, Jeff Robinson, leave Heidi Vasseur our memories and loving times. 

I, Jessica Robitaille, leave Heather Baeder my queer sayings. 

I, Rosalie, leave Laury Jestings knowing that we'll always be best friends. 

I, Stacie Salva, leave Julie Porcello my friendship for the rest of our lives. 

I, Patty Smario, leave Carol King all the great times we had and all the secrets we told. 

I, Laura S., leave to Eva P. all our blonde jokes. 

I, John Taylor, leave to Katherine Fimka the thought that I will always love you and wish you the best at Fermi. 

I, Nichole, leave Karey K., all the laughs we had in Art. 

I, Jessi, leave Linda the fact I will miss you and your weekly boyfriend. 

I, Kelly Johnson, leave Gary Beaudry the saying, "I'm not a slacker, I'm baby-stepping." 

I, Kinita McKinney, leave Meghan Leonard my beautiful wardrobe. 




.Jyi— m e -- 

> '<& <£ ^-;;Y' Y/, 

P^Un 6n%