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Full text of "1993 JFK Middle School Yearbook Enfield, CT"

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2* Proud to Be . . . 

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Physical education teachers are known to be 
"tough", but no student would be made to walk 
the plank to our pool as Miss Nealon does Mrs. 
Michaels on Costume Day at J.F.K. 

Mrs. Brassard, our new Housemaster of Red 
House, proudly participated in the National 
Junior Honor Society induction ceremony, 
and after it relaxes with Miss Lauria at the 
reception which followed. 

R. Bell 

4* Staff Members 

B. Birchall 

G. Blanchette 

J. Bojarski 

C. Brownell 

R. Bungard 

G. Cove M. Cressotti R. Cressotti C. Cutler M. D'Amario N. Desroches 

E. Drumm 

N. Dyer 

M. Dynia D. Emery 

J. Fisher M. Flynn 

B. Garvey 

B. Grinuk B. Hargraves M. Hamois E. Hayes P. Hibsher 

A. Hoza 

M. Ivanisin 

M. Kaupin 

J. Kiervs 

* J 

Staff Members*5 

P. Jonaitis 

G. Kennedy 


Doctor Kennedy, one of our guidance counse¬ 
lors, resorts to a clown face and even a bell on 
her belt to cheer up her students and get their 
attention - on Costume Day at J.F. K. Middle 

Mr. Ohlin, Housemaster of Blue House, is 
cheerfully doing just one of the jobs which 
earned him recognition as the state of 
Connecticut's Middle Level Assistant Princi¬ 
pal of the Year 

F. Krautcuk N. Larson C. Lauria J. MacArthur P. McCauley R. Madore 

D. Makarewicz S. Matfess E. Michaels P. Milam E. Nacewicz N. Nealon 

6* Staff Members 

G. Reynolds J. Reynolds B. Ryan-Spanswick J. Scordato 

M. Scully 

L. Shea 

J. Sisitsky J. Siwinski M. Soja C. Sorel N. Stoll J. Targonski 

W. Teed D. Temperelli J. Trevena T. Vezina E. Wadden B. Walsh 

S. Wasileski M. Wesloski J. Wojciehowski F. Wood M. Clarke C. Harmon 

Staff Members *7 

Giving the appropri¬ 
ate response when 
■fov are pressures to 
'rse drugs. |j| 

•— ay- 1 : 

8* Proud to Be 


Officer Labreque who is in charge of "DARE", 
and Mrs. Wesloski, a sixth grade teacher, turn 
out to be excellent soda and popcorn purvey¬ 
ors at the first dance of the year sponsored by 
the Student Council. 

At the Halloween Dance, the first of the year 
sponsored by the Student Council, students 
join ghosts and goblins as they vibrate to the 
sounds of the terrific DJ. 

Bryelle Albert Steven Albetski Brianne Allen 

Nicole Anselmi 

Desiree Ashton Joshua Asselin 

Aaron Bahre 

William Baltronis Timothy Bannock Eduardo Baskerville Katie Beauchemin Kelly Bednarski 

10•Sixth Grade 

Brandon Blais Michelle Boisseau Jen Boissonneault Michelle Boisvere Alissa Bologna Derek Boudreault 

Jennifer Brodtman Danielle Bulgier Megan Bulgier Michelle Burrows John Burwood Amie Bushway 

Adam Calcasola Sarah Cannella Aaron Carter Justin Chicano Kirk Cihkey 

Erin Clark 

Joseph Colangelo Cristine Commo Felicia Conderino Renald Courtois Chris Craaybeek Kerri Crawford 

Tom Cunningham Tiffany D'Amato Roland Daigle 

Shawna Crouse 

Cathryn Daigneau 

Abby Davis 

Sixth Grade* 11 


Doctor Richard Celio, a member of the Enfield 
High School Social Studies Department, re¬ 
lates a story to a sixth grade class during 
American Eduction Week. Dr. Celio has trav¬ 
eled in Japan and clothed himself well to 
relate his Japanese folktale. 

Mrs. Stevens, the sixth grade Reading Special¬ 
ist, invited Mrs. Wadden, chairperson of the 
Reading Department, to settle into her rock¬ 
ing chair and relate another story to Mrs. 
Cressotti's sixth grade class. 

Brian DiPippo 

Adam Dodd 

Timothy Doyle 

Donna Duffy Matthew Dufresne Rebecca Durfee 

Jeffery Ekenbarger Jessica Erickson 

12*Sixth Grade 

Shannon Esslinger Michael Falk Annette Fay Rebecca Ferrante Michael Ferreira Reina Fijalkowski 

Kevin Fisher Mary Fontana Chris Fredericks Loren Gaines Chris Gawryszczuk Michael Gokey 

Sherri Gordon Ethan Gouldbourne Andrew Grabon Megan Greenleaf David Griffin Lawrence Griggs 

Nicholas Hardv Michael Herrick Jennifer Herzig Emily Hinckley 

Timothy Hosig 

Keith Hughes 

Sixth Grade* 13 


The Hurdy-Gurdy Man enthralls all the sixth 
graders as he plays the hurdy-gurdy, a stringed 
instrument similar to a lute. Many parts of his 
costume also contributed to the festive musi¬ 
cal mood. 

Tales of knights and dragons, kings and fair 
maidens, are spun by the hurdy-gurdy man 
as he narrates legends and intertwines them 
with music of the era. 

Kenneth Kerr Sonya Kerr 

Dana Kukucka 

Julie Kilpatrick 

ntTO Arv 

James King 

Jeremy Kozaczka 

14 • Sixth Grade 

John Kupiec Sheri Lacasse Jessica Lafountain Kristin Landry David Laplante Kimberly Laquerre 

Christopher Lavalla Ryan Lawless 

James Leathern 

Amy Lindsay 

Nathan Locklear 

Ger Lor 

Amanda Macsata 

Sue Ann Mankus 

Leah Marie 

lustina Mannaccio Christopher Martin Daniel Mather Millard Matthews Janet McHale 

Ryan Meade 

Eric Mercure Jessica Meriam Melissa Michaud Stephen Mills Danielle Monsonis Angela Moore 

Sixth Grade* 15 


On Student Council sponsored Costume Day 
"Hub Time" was instituted so that both mice 
and mummies, pirates and Robin Hoods could 
parade around the school and show off their 
creations before homeroom. 

Clothed in black and white from head to toe, 
a court jester, - or is it a very pretty clown, - or 
maybe a two-legged zebra, returns an over¬ 
due book to the Library. 

Shayne Moran Ryan Moszynski Mellissa Muldoon Heather Mundle Paris Muska Daniel Newman 

Katie Newman Dominick Nieroda Stephen Nieroda 

16*Sixth Grade 

Rotha Nong Bradford Normand Derek O'Dell 

Justin Oliver Caitlyn Olko Sean Overbeeke Jennifer Pare Amy Pastormerlo Brian Peirce 

Stacy Provencher Hilary Quail Karen Raber Michael Racine Amber Rausch James Reardon 

Bianca Rehmer Michelle Remick 

Kevin Rogerson Erin Rosner 

Scott Riker Neil Roberts Tracy Robinson MatthewRodriguez 

Gregory Roush Nicole Roy 

Eman Saleh Kathlene Salus 

Sixth Grade* 17 


Books at the Great American Book Fair, held 
in the Library, were in great demand; but 
posters of "hot" cars, dancing teddy bears, and 
innocent kittens and puppies were also popu¬ 

The 1992 Great American Book Fair was held 
again this year during American Education 
Week. Students in grades six, seven, and 
eight take the time to browse among the many 

Nicholas Sancinito 

Charles Santanella Elizabeth Santanella Kelley Santanelk 

Rita Sarno 

18*Sixth Grade 

Brian Scavotto 

Rebecca Schaefer 

Erica Schermerhorn Christopher Schumann 

Shara Secondo 

Tara Simlick Aimee Smith 

Chalam Smith Kevin Soucy Daniel Steben David Stefaniak 

John Stuart 


David Taylor 


Kimberly Sullivan Thomas Szewczyk Brian Tallarita 

Renee VanHoutte 

Michael Vignone 

Angela Vincent 

Sixth Grade* 19 


Miss Nealon, gym teacher and health instruc¬ 
tor, surrounded by potential Presidential Fit¬ 
ness Award winners, encourages stretching 
to "limber-up" before rigorous physical activ¬ 
ity begins in gym class. 

The Universal Gym equipment provides op¬ 
portunities for working to develop major 
muscle groups as well as doing sit ups and 
pull ups during gym class. 

Eric Waitkus Luke Walsh Beau Warrek Michael Wetherell Aaron White Kristin White 

William Wightman Cerise Wilson Adam Wollenberg Jeremy Wood Patricia Woodson Susan Woodson 

20* Sixth Grade 

Sixth Grade *21 


The October project of the Craft Club requires 
the careful supervision of Mrs. Matfess as 
students wrap the bright orange ribbon 
around the handle of the decorative brooms 
they have created. 

Hot glue guns, scissors, expert fingers, and 
lots of patience, make each month's Craft 
Club project a winner. Here Mrs. Dembek 
adds the necessary expertise 

Richard Adams 

Robert Aldrich 

Julie Almeida Ahmed Almukhtar Tara Andersen 

Shana Anderson 

Brian Angelica 

Jennifer Ardis 

Linda Auclair Joshua Bailey Kimberly Bailey Eric Baldger 

22•Seventh Grade 

Jeremy Beaupre 

Nicole Bechard Candace Bedard Nichole Belanger 

Jason Blanchard Jennifer Blotniski Sarah Boiler Brandon Bonin Sarah Botelho Michael Boucher 

Melissa Bourque 

Sally Bozzuto 

Danielle Bramley Robert Brayall 

Eric Bristol Thomas Brown 

Seventh Grade*23 


Mr. Robinson, the White Housemaster, do¬ 
nates his truck and a strong back to deliver 
food items collected in the Student Council 
sponsored food drive to the Enfield Food 

Mr. Jonaitis organized the Thanksgiving food 
drive and helped his students to count and 
put in cartons the thousands of canned and 
packaged food items collected in the sixth, 
seventh, and eighth grade classes. 

Brielle Browne Joel Budd Jesse Bulgier Douglas Bull Brian Burgess Jacob Burgess 

Justin Calcasola 

Devin Callahan 

Stephanie Callaha 

Michael Burney Richard Burrington 

24 • Seventh Grade 

Shawn Byrnes 

Michael Castellano Stephanie Castle Lindsay Catania Michael Centore Brian Chaisson Aaron Chambers 

Rebekah Chase Lee Chenette Richard Cheshul ( hristopher Chiapponi Heather Cilley Jason Clark 

Matthew Clement Michael Coile Kevin Colgan Sean Colgan Danna Colletti John Collins 

Kara Collins Anthony Conderino Jennifer Condon Christen Conley Corinne Connelly John Conner 

Seventh Grade*25 


The first dance of the year sponsored by the 
Student Council is a time for sixth, seventh, 
and eighth graders to meet old friends from 
other houses and grades, and perhaps to 
make new acquaintances. 

Dancing and enjoying the refreshments are 
only part of what goes on at the Halloween 
Dance. Number one on the agenda is to enjoy 

Kristy Connor Eric Cormier 

Nathan Costello Melanie Cram Joseph Crawford Melinda Cross 

Kristen Csekovsky Tina Czako 

26•Seventh Grade 

Jaime D'Agostino John D'Angelo Walter Dalenta 

Thomas Daly 

hristopher Debidart Michael Debidart Robert Decarlo Michael Delaney Mark Demski Alexander Depratti 

klexandra Desrosiers Richard Desrosiers Renee Detura Katrina Devito Rachael Dewey Brandon Deyette 

Stephanie Drumm Phillip Drummond Patrick Duggan Stephanie Dunbar Matthew Dunne Meaghan Durfee 

Seventh Grade*27 


The Adaptive Learning Class is very busy at 
Thanksgiving season. Here they are working 
on building papier mache turkey heads, which 
attached to a pineapple look remarkably like 
a real turkey. 

For Thanksgiving Adaptive Learning students 
also put together special Thanksgiving bas¬ 
kets which were raffled to the staff at J.F.K. 
and raised over fifty dollars for the Enfield 
Food Shelf. 

Melissa Durfee 

Crystal Durossette 

Ryan Dusza 

Heather Dziadzio 

Sheia Edmonds 

Allen Elsayed Justin Farmer 

28•Seventh Grade 

Cynthia Febres 

Sarah Feld 

Joseph Fiasconaro 

Andrew Fimka 

Jared Fisher Bobby Fitzgerald Katherine Fitzgerald Matthew Right Jason Rint Joshua Foisey 

Andrea Fontaine Charles Fontanez Nicolette Fontes Benjamin Fournier Michael Fushey Bernadette Gagne 

Sarah Garner 

Amanda Garvey 

Scott Gelineau 

Jessie Gemme 

Joel Gemme 

Kathryn Genser 

Benjamin Gillette Heather Gionfriddo Jade Glidden 

Michael Glogowski Christopher Glover John Gokey 

Svlwia Gomolka Christie Goodbout Jason Graves 

April Griggs 

Sarah Grimshaw William Guzie 

Seventh Grade*29 


In November, as part of American Education 
Week, the Reading Department organized a 
"Readers Are Leaders" presentation. Here 
Mr. Ohlin, housemaster of Blue House, shares 
a story with Mrs. Scully's class. 

The Reading Department also Sponsored a 
poster contest connected with the books sold 
at their Great American Book Fair. Here Benji 
Scott displays his first-prize winning poster 
of The Acorn People 

.... j 



** . *y i? 

Douglas Hache Stephen Hackett Stacy Handley Stacy Hardy Graig Hargraves Barbara Harris 

Jennifer Harris Sean Hartnett 

30•Seventh Grade 

Peter Hasiuk 

Hugh Haun 

Ryan Hayward 

Peter Helhechu 

Jonathan Hill Daniel Holben Mindy Hoskins Adam Howarth Gary Howie Nicholas Hunter 

Warren Hurley 

Sherry Janarelli 

Paul Januszewski Scott Jean Ty Jenks Kristopher Johnson Patricia Johnson Robert Johnson 

Sara Johnson Christopher June Fredrick Jurgensen Alison Karcz Katelyn Kazukynas Jason Kennan 

Seventh Grade*31 


Mrs. Coombs, one of our two nurses at John F. 
Kennedy, uses thermometers and her expert 
"touch" to guage whether or not these stu¬ 
dents have a fever. 

A bloody nose is no match for the skill and 
expertise of Mrs Vezina and the facilities of 
the nurse's suite at J.F.K. 

Jacob Kennedy Jennifer Kertenis Amanda Ketchale Bouakhay Khen Jason Kilty Melanie Kiner 

Jim King Derrick Klezos Scott Klunk Nicole Kohler Bryon Kozaczka Reid Kozlak 

32* Seventh Grade 

Ryan Krane Shannon Krause Jennifer Laclare Ellen Ladd Chad Landry Robert Lash 

Jennifer LaVoie Jennifer LaVoie Jeremy Lawson 

Karen Lechowicz Jessica Lee Kimberly Lemay 

Carrie-Ann Liquore Sara Little 

Jessica Littlefield 

Jennifer Lombardo Kristina Louth Andrew Lowe 

Catherine Lupi Nathan Lyver Richard Mack Jeremy Madsen Eric Mak Timothy Malloy 

Seventh Grade*33 


In putting together the yearbook students 
must carefully match names with pictures 
and positions on the page. Here the staff 
numbers each picture after identifying it. 

Students wait for a laser print out of their page 
as they compile the "Student Section" of the 
yearbook. The printer and the computer have 
become useful tools in the creation of the 

Laura Malone 

Amanda Marple 

Katie Martin 

Ryan Mascaro 


Matthew Mangino Debra Markowski 

Leonard Mason Maya Matthews 

34* Seventh Grade 

Virabolt May Jessica McCarthy John McCarthy Megan McCorkill 

Kerry McGrath Ryan McKeen Justin Meriam Adrienne Merrick Cindy Merrill Kerri Messemer 

Jessica Mokritski April Molina Mary Morgan Sarah Muldoon Christopher Munro Matthew Murray 

Darrell Nieroda John Nolan Sophie Nuccio Shenandoah O'Connell John O'Leary Joanna Olden 

Seventh Grade*35 


The first and very successful Spirit Day of the 
year is Costume Day, sponsored by the Stu¬ 
dent Council. Here the winners in various 
categories are gathered to have their pictures 
taken and to be awarded their prizes. 

Although they don't look too menacing here, 
these two "creatures" are winners in the Scari¬ 
est category. Even the meanest person smiles 
when they win a prize. 

& f JO 

... M 

Amy Pacholski Paul Padegenis 

36* Seventh Grade 

Jaime Pajak 

Faith Paradise 

Jason Parent 

Christopher Parentea 

Daniel Perrier Josh Perrotta 

Jennifer Pheasant Kimberly Phelps 

Gregory Person Jennifer Peters Robert Petrone Jessica Phalin 

Paul Phelps Carla Piccoli Raymond Pinney Jay Pinto 

Theodore Polinski Christina Poloski Gregory Portnova Erica Poulin Meghan Powell Nicholas Prayzner 

Rvan Preble Alison Preston 

Seventh Grade*37 


The Parent Advisory Council organized a 
massive school-wide campaign to sell sports 
team towels and mugs. Sorting and packag¬ 
ing the items was the responsibility of par¬ 
ents, with a little help from students. 

The Library is much more than ankle-deep 
with bags of towels and commuter mugs 
strewn among the book shelves and maga¬ 
zine racks during the PAC fund raiser. 

Kristen Ragno Ravi Rammarain Amanda Ramsdell Erin Raymond Todd Reale 

Douglas Rider Alicia Rinaldi Anthony Rinaldi Kurt Rinaldi Thomas Ringwalt 

38•Seventh Grade 

Melissa Renna 

Robert Robinson 

Adam Rowe Steven Ruggieri Brooke Rumore Katy Russell 

Richard Sabonis Kevin Sampl 

Angela Santanella Danielle Samo Jason Scavotto 

Robert Schaefer 

Desiere Sevarino Daniel Sever Robert Shaw Patrick Siana Christopher Silva Adam Silver 

Katie Simlick Melissa Skot Valerie Sloane Peter Smario Sarah Smith Mark Smolenski 

Seventh Grade*39 


Mr. Neville, Principal of J.F.K., presents a Mr. Sisitsky speaks to the assembly about the 

"POPS" certificate to one of thirty-four stu- "Responsibility of the Month", the need to use 

dents chosen from throughout the school who appropriate language. He stresses the 

demonstrate a positive attitude toward staff thoughtful choice of words when speaking to 

and peers. or about others. 

Dorie Spitler Christina Sprague Alexander Squiers Edward Squires Eva Staszczak Jennifer Stears 

Bonnie Steele Christopher Steele Joseph Steirer Jason Stelmat Norman Stender Jamie Stocker 

40*Seventh Grade 

’hannon Swiatkiewicz Kathleen Sylvester Michelle Szydelko Christopher Tagariello Jared Talarski 

Justin Taravelia 

LoriTatro Jennifer Tavernier Michael Taylor Laura Teed Kimberly Temple Amanda Tetreault 

Man Tetro Melissa Tetro Sabrina Therian Theodore Thibeau Jeffrey Thomas Bruce Thompson 

Seventh Grade*41 


Student Council Representatives, Alternates, 
Mr. Jonaitis, and other staff members and 
students load food items into the Enfield Food 
Shelf van for distribution in Enfield. 

Not only were the hungry of Enfield helped 
by J.F.K.'s food drive but careful counting of 
the food items make Mrs. Stoll’s team the 
winners of an ice cream sundae party. 

Sean Unger Thomas Vaghini 

42* Seventh Grade 

Gregory Valley 

Jan Vamos 

Jason VanHoutte 

Amy Veilleux 

Valerie Wiers Wade Wilby Brian Williams Erika Wilson Heidi Wilson Amy Winchester 

Nicholas Withee Donald Withington Jonathan Wojcik Christina Wojnar Chassity Wood Paul Worthen 

Shanna York Richard Zajaczkowski Michael Zielinski Lisa Zytkiewicz 

Seventh Grade*43 

ag t ip . 


!•- ?> • 

} ;W 

|! f .’ 


if i I 


1 «■ S 



f i 


If: a 


44* Proud to Be . . . 


Students from throughout the state partici¬ 
pate in the Parade of Athletes at the Unified 
Sports Day sponsored by JFK. Our athletes, 
from both regular and adaptive learning 
classes, lead the procession. 

Our teams are medal winners and the form 
displayed by Robbie shows why JFK volley¬ 
ball players did so well at the Unified Sports 

William Abbe Kirsten Abell Lorrin Adams 

Peter Agey Eric Albano Chad Allegro 

Keith Almeida Paul Almeida Devon Aloisa Aaron Altenhein Jarrod Anderson Maureen Anderson 

46* Eighth Grade 

Carl Bancroft Catherine Bania Seth Barmak Jared Barry 

Kimberly Beach Benjamin Beaudry Shawn Beaudry Scott Beaulieu 

Kristie Benjamin 

Melissa Bennici Abbie Bennis Nicole Bergeron 

Michelle Bern' Jennifer Blacksher Jason Bleau 

Mark Bobley 

Robert Bartlett Erin Bates 

Ryan Belden Gregory Bemis 

Carissa Bemache Michele Bernier 

Vincent Borrello Vincent Bottone 

Eighth Grade*47 


At the reception following the National Jun¬ 
ior Honor Society induction ceremony, Mel¬ 
issa Buffone, Jim Woodson, Kim Miczak, and 
Mr. Jones enjoy the refreshments and dis¬ 
cussing the highlights of the night. 

Mrs. Siwinski, a member of the National Jun¬ 
ior Honor Society Faculty Council, acts as a 
hostess at the reception held in the Library 
following the induction ceremony. 

Brett Bourbeau Katie Brackoneski Christina Brainard Melissa Brainard Elizabeth Braun Joseph Brunelle 

Joseph Bryan Melissa Buffone David Cain Amy Camp Jason Carlander Ben Carlton 

48•Eighth Grade 

Joseph Carpenter 

Kenneth Castellano 

Devon Chaffee 

Lynne Cole 

Andrea Craddv 

Shawn Castonguay Fred Caswell Edward Caye Renee Centore Sarah Centore 

Michael Chant Justin Chasse Kevin Chrzan Mark Churchill Thomas Clark 

David Coleman Melanie Collins Veronica Concepcion Robin Conley Renee Coro 

Daniel Crawford Melissa Crocker John Crosson Ryan Cullinan Thomas Culp 

Eighth Grade # 49 


Costume Day, sponsored by the Student Coun 
cil, provides the opportunity for sixth, sev¬ 
enth, and eighth graders to parade around 
the hub of the school before homeroom 
period begins. 

The winning categories on Costume Day in¬ 
clude scariest, prettiest, and funniest. The 
jester keeps everyone laughing, although he 
looks pretty serious posing for a picture. 

Leila Deforge 

50* Eighth Grade 

Caren Deluca 

Brian Deming 

Michael Dentamaro 

Michael Depratti 

Lorie Desjean 

January Dunbar Lisa Dysert Donald Ehrgood Jennifer Elliott Mark Emonds Melusia Eng 

Timothy Fahey Trisha Fairley Amy Farley Jason Faust 

Eighth Grade*51 

Rvan Erickson 

Nicole Estvanik 


Members of the "Student" section of the Year¬ 
book carefully decide which pictures fit on 
which pages - and in what order these pic¬ 
tures should go. 

Each picture is carefully measured and re¬ 
duced in size to fit on a particular page by 
Angela Santanella, a member of the "Student" 
section of the Yearbook. 

Matthew Fontaine Thomas Fouquette Kristen Fredericks Kylene Fredrick Danielle Froment David Fultz 

52* Eighth Grade 

Donna Furlani Amy Galarneau Andrew Gallacher Jason Gazsi Todd Gebo Angela Gelineau 

Christina Genco Shaun Gilbert Darren Gleason Andrew Gnatek Margaret Goekler Denise Golden 

Lillian Gonzalez Jonathan Goodwin Kristin Goss Lynn Govoni Victoria Grabon Gina Graham 

Nicholas Grandon Stephanie Grassette Kimberly Greene Michael Gregory Brian Grivois Amy Guffert 

William Gummoe Elisa Hache Jennifer Haire Bozena Hanczaruk Brad Harrington Daniel Hartley 

Eighth Grade*53 


Mr. Ohlin, Housemaster of Blue House, 
praises students who maintained perfect at¬ 
tendance for the first quarter and awards 
them certificates. 

Because the "POPS" Assembly is a celebration 
of perfect attendance and a positive attitude 
toward staff and friends, Mr. Power leads the 
sixth grade. Cadet, and Patriot bands in a 
musical tribute. 




Jamie Hicks 

54 • Eighth Grade 

Stacey Hicks 

Heather Hickson 

Cathleen Higgins Timothy Higgins 

Heather Hilliman 

Rene Hirth Daniel Holmes Jason Hood Stephanie Houde Sara Howell Karen Hurley 

Kevin Huss Betsy Ingraham Shawna Jacobs William Jenkins Dawn Joggerst Danielle Johns 

Jeremiah Jonaitis Christopher Jones Jeffrey Jones Tracey Jones Chad Kaplan 

?ffrev Kazukynas Erik Keenan Jaclyn Kelly Stephanie Kennard Mark Kittredge Roxanne Klezos 

Jessica Landers 

Eighth Grade*55 

Amv Kogut 

Sonia Kovaco 

Michael Krah 

Andrew Krusinski Corev Kwiecienski 


Kyle Johnson and Mike Racine spend some 
time at the Great American Book Fair paging 
through some special books they may buy. 

Sam Young is one of the second prize winners 
in the poster contest sponsored by the Read¬ 
ing Department during the Great American 
Book Fair. 

Jessica Lavallee Thomas Leander Michael Lemieux Meghan Leonard 

56* Eighth Grade 

Ryan Lessard Christopher Levesqut 

Joanne Libby Zachary Lindsay Jose Lopez Peter Losa Rebecca Losa Justin Lott 

Edward Love Michael Love Lisa Lynch Sonja Lyons James Lyver Agnieszka Machaj 

Serena Mack Amanda Madden Stanley Malecki Brooke Malley Melissa Mann Joshua Marchand 

Timothy Martin Jeremv Mason Ronald Matthews 

Ryan Mayhew 

Eighth Grade*57 

Travis Matthews 

Robert Maurice 


Prize winners among Mrs. Scully's class mem¬ 
bers arrange their projects for display in the 
Library. The first step in the creative process 
is to investigate and then invent a creature 
with monstrous qualities. 

Mrs. Scully helps her students arrange on the 
card catalog in the Library the written de¬ 
scriptions of their monsters and the clay 
models they constructed. 

Shannon McLaughlin Stephen Menard 

58* Eighth Grade 

Maria Mennella 

Robert Merrill 

Laura Mgrdichian 

Michael Michaud 


ft si 



<imberly Miczak Christopher Miller Joshua Milotte 

Peter Monstello Melissa Montano 

Nancy Moore 

__ __ I 

Jennifer Nadeau John Nelson Christina Ngov Carrie Nickerson Nicole Nieroda Julie Noto 

Carl Novak 

Jeanie Nunez 

Heidi Nvser 

Sara O'Brien 

Timothy O'Leary 

John Olihan 

Eighth Grade*59 


Students in Mrs. Wesloski’s class use the 
library's computers to play the educational 
game "Oregon Trail", making their way across 
the western plains. 

Using the Library's Apples, a student can play 
"Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy” or in this case 
"Family Feud" and match wits against the 

Lawrence Pace 

60 • Eighth Grade 

Anthony Parlapiano Andrew Peacock 

David Pease 

Jason Pedemonti 

Eva Pelletier 

Laura Plasse Julie Porcello Marcelle Pozzi Gary Price Paul Prior Matthew Pych 

Jennifer Quail 

Erin Quinlan 

Shannon Racine 

Michael Ragion 

Michael Rago 

Marcella Rancourt 

Jason Ransom Emily Rashaw Scott Regan Christopher Reilly 

Ann Marie Reveruzzi Pamela Reyome 

Joseph Rinaldi 

Eighth Grade*61 

Deborah Repass 

Seth Resnickoff 

Jay Riker 


Susan Saint James gestures to all the assembled 

athletes and coaches from around the state of Mrs Michaels proudly lights the torch which 
Connecticut, congratulating them on their signals the opening of the Unified Sports 
participation in the Unified Sports Day. Games, hosted by John F. Kennedy Middle 

School under the direction of Miss Nealon. 

Mary Rookey 

62•Eighth Grade 

Nicole Rossi 

Brian Rossignol 

John Rumill 

Daniel Russell 

Jeremy Russell 

Paul Russell Jamiel Saleh Stacie Salva Michael Salvas Jose Sanchez Kristy Saucier 

I Nicole Savage LisaScavotto Jarett Schadlich Janel Schaeffer Jacob Scherban Benjamin Scott 

I Albert Segarra Carol-Ann Semanie Anthony Sevarino Adam Sharp Alicia Shelton Lauren Shepard 

Jason Shevock Mary Shevock Brian Shirtcliff Kristen Shortman Gregory Sibella Christie Silva 

Peter Siuda 

Eighth Grade *63 

Stacy Silva 

Robert Sim 

Hillary Simlick 

Jonah Simoneau 

Marc Sitler 


During the evening induction ceremony held 
in the Auditorium, twenty-nine eighth grad¬ 
ers take the membership pledge in the Na¬ 
tional Junior Honor Society. 

After the induction ceremony Kim Miczak 
and Melissa Buffone enjoy some refresh¬ 
ments and a sense of relief at the reception in 
the Library. 

Steven Southworth 

Laura Stagon Matthew Stanley Anna Starring Meredith Starski 

Nicole Stearns 

64•Eighth Grade 



Kevin Steward Ricky Stone Debra Stroiney Linda Stuart Matthew Sullivan Robert Sydoriak 

atthew Sylvester Mark Szczesiul Allison Szewczyk Jennifer Szlosek Sarah Tallarita Tamika Tamashaitis 

Daniel Thibodeau Troy Thoms Michael Tomalonis Rebecca Traskos Nicole Trudeau Brendan Twitchell 

Eighth Grade *65 


The second dance of the year, a holiday dance. Some people dance, some gobble the refresh- 
is postponed a week because of snow and ice. ments, and others enjoy getting together with 
The decorations and students' enthusiasm friends at each dance of the year sponsored by 
survived the delay. the Student Council. 

Dorinda Tyskewicz Ryan Usher 

Ryan Valley 

Vue Vang Katherine Vayda Teri Vibber 

Huyen Vinh Jennifer Wadsworth Michael Walsh Jacqueline Wanczyk- Gray Wanzer 


Beth Vignone 

66* Eighth Grade 

Robin Wiggins Melissa Wightman 

Kristi Wilcox 

Christina Wilder Stacy Wilhelm Charlsie Williams 

Robert Wood James Woodson Nou Xiong Nua Xiong Kimberlee Yanosy Amy Zarum 

Corrie Yetter 

David Ziter 

Eighth Grade # 67 

John Young 

Samuel Young 

Anton Yurack 

Nicholas Zaccaro 

Edward Zytkiewicz Tara Zukowski Jessica Zukowski Leigh Zlotkowski 

Steven Dimmock 

John Marshall 


* M 

68* Eighth Grade 


Chrissy & Mike Genco, Joanne Libby, Jeremy Madsen, Anna Marie DeVito, Rebecca Dodd, Sarah Steverman, Dori Spitler, Chassity Wood, Elizabe 
Santanella, Karen Hurley, Kylene Fredrick, Adam Dodd, Jennie Quail, Kristen Fredericks, Heather Benner, Hilary Quail, Eva Pelletier, Kimberly 
Sullivan, Leah Duggan, Merdith Starski, Shannon McLaughlin, Kinita McKinney, Christina Ngov, Melissa Bennici, Megan Duffy, Danny Mazzone, 
Linda Stuart, Katie Martin,Melusia Eng, Maya Matthews, James Lyver, Brooke Malley, Kim Beach, Renee Coro, and Sarah Tallarita 

70 • Baby Pictures 


r Sisitsky, Kim Yanosy, Ami Rock, Krissy Shortman, Danielle Samo, Devon Aloisa, Janel Shaeffer, Desiere Sevarino, Shana Teed, Cheryl 
person, Jennifer Stuart, Lisa Scavotto, Sue Ann Mankus, Jessica Landers, Pang Xiong, Heather Hickson, Robert Wood, Greg Sabella, Angela and 
k>tt Gelmeau, Gray Wanzer, Heather Morin, AnnMarie Reveruzzi, Jessica Pelligrino, Jeremy Bailey, Jennifer Wadsworth, Chris Miller, Kevin 
|mp| and Laura Teed, Jennifer Peters, Jennifer Blacksher, Emily Hinckley, Carla Piccoli, and Amanda Douville. 

Baby Pictures*71 


Tamika Tamishitia, Chad Allegro, Sara Wells, Beth Sorel, Katelyn Kazukynas, Ben McCorkill, Mike deBidart, Renee Centore, Jenny Harris, Jennifer 
Pheasant, Amanda Madden, Teri Vibber, Katrina DeVito, Shannon Krause, Kristen Winkle, Beau Warreh, Mindy Hoskins, Robin Wiggins, Eva 
Staszczak, Megan McCorkill, Laura Teed, Stphanie Houde, Ernie and Erin Quinlan, Ryan Lessard, Renee Coro, Kimberly Lemay, Paul Almeda, 
Meghan Leonard, Danielle Sarno, Lorie Desjean,Wendy Lee Smith, and Allyson Rodricks 

72* Baby Pictures 


The 1992 - 93 J. F. K. Cheerleading Squad, 
coached by Mrs. Malley 

Maria Mennella, Leah Duggan, and Kate 
Kazukynas lead the cheers during a soccer 
game in the fall. 

With a helping hand from James Lyver and 
Chris Miller of the Boys' Basketball Team, the 
cheerleaders perform one of their stunts at 
the Pep Rally. 

74 • Sports 



1992 Field Hockey Team, coached by Mr. 
Emery (8-2-1 record) 

Pang Xiong and Jen Quail wait patiently with 
two opponents from Powder Mill for the ref¬ 
eree to blow her whistle to begin play. 

Coach Emery gives an encouraging talk to 
Devon Chaffee as she heads back to the field 
after halftime while Erin Quinlan looks on. 

Carissa Bemache Lisa Scavotto E. Quinlan and S. Silva Lang Xiong 


Sports* 75 


1992 Boys' Soccer Team, coached by Mr. 
Clarkin (8-3-1 record) 

During halftime. Coach Clarkin plots a few 
adjustments to be used by the team in the 
second half. 

Justin Calcusola watches the action on the 
field intently as he waits for the word from 
Coach Clarkin to go into the game. 


76* Sports 


I jk i # i 

# T] 

The Girls' Soccer Team, coached by Mrs. 
Holmes (8 - 2 record) 

The team spirit of the Girls’ Soccer Team is 
apparent as Sara Tallarita and Jen Cyr cheer 
at a postgame celebration. 

While Andrea Fontaine looks on, Marcy Pozzi 
gets a lift from Teri Vibber as they help take 
down the nets after another team victory. 

Kim Miczak Ten Vibber 

Abbie Bennis 

Lauren Shepard 


Sports* / 7 


The 1993 Boys' Basketball Team, coached by 
Mr. Dennis 

Chris Miller prepares to drive past an oppo¬ 
nent on his way to scoring a basket. 

J. R. Crosson brings the ball up court during 
the doubleheader played against Timothy 
Edwards Middle School. 

Mike Michaud 

Greg Morin 

James Lyver 

Ben McCorkill 


78* Sports 


The 1993 J. F. K. Girls' Basketball Team, 
coached by Miss Lauria 

Katie Simlick, Desiere Sevarino, Stacey Babij, 
and Bridgid Tyler set up a formidable defense 
against one of the team's 8 opponents. 

Guard Stacy Wilhelm goes up for a fast-break 
lay-up during a late season game against 
Timothy Edwards Middle School. 

Chrissv Setaro Stacy Wilhelm Melissa Durfee Becky Traskos 


Sports • 79 


Basketball , Street Hockey & Volleyball Contested 

The championship team of theboys' 
basketball division pose with Mr. 
LaBreck, one of the faculty advi¬ 
sors for the Intramural Program at 

Sixth grade Intramural Basketball 

The action is fast and exciting during the championship game in the boys' 
division of the basketball intramural league. 

Seventh grade Intramural Basket 
ball participants 


M«* jt 


m m 

m w 

K]p 2. 

H || 



b 1 



■ w 



IW' i 




Eighth grade Intramural Basketball participants 

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Intramural Hockey participants 

80 • Sports 


Student Council & NJHS Set the Tone for the Year 

Not even a fire drill could dampen 
the fun of Costume Day, one of the 
many Student Council - sponsored 

Friends try out the new Food Area 
set up at each of the Student Coun¬ 
cil dances this year. 

The Magnificient Seven set the tone 
for what's happening at JFK. They 
organize spirit days & dances while 
planning promotions for the Food 
Shelf, Valentine’s Day, and end-of- 
the-year activities. 


to *-Tl 

[ - mi 

As veterans of life at JFK, these representatives are asked to take on a 
leadership role in setting the mood for the school. Their experience 
provides insight into what should be done next to make JFK "the place to 

From this group of representatives, a sense of purpose evolves. Throug 
their communication with their homerooms, the concerns of their clas 
mates are noted and passed along to the Student Council officers. 

82 • Activities 

The officers of the JFK's Evian 
Simcovitz chapter of the National 
Jr. Honor Society are Kim Mic/ak, 
Vice President, Nicole Estvamk, 
President, and Sarah Steverman, 

Blue House Vice President Kinita 
McKinney prepares for another 
meeting to set up a variety of ac¬ 
tivities for the students and staff at 

^presenting their classmates, this group organizes their fellow students 
> provide the manpower necessary to make the planned activities a 
jccess They represent the energy behind the scenes that keeps JFK 



Members are chosen both for their academic abilities and their service to 
school and community, their leadership qualities, their citizenship, and 
their good character traits. The chapter works in the school with Adaptive 
Learning students and those in need of tutoring, at the elementary 
schools, in local nursing homes, and to organize the ManonGavlorSenior 

Activities • 83 


Students Find Fun In and Out of School 

Christine Smith and Mrs. Cutler 
discuss plans to hit the trails as part 
of the Cross Country Ski Club. 

Students did not have to travel far 
to enjoy Mardi Gras. Two of the 
elaborate, student-made masks are 
modelled during hub time. 

Sixth graders are the newest mem¬ 
bers of the JFK Ski Club who 
"whoosh" up to Mt. Tom for les¬ 
sons and skiing fun. 


The seventh graders boast some novices and some experts as they hit the 
slopes at Mt. Tom. 


The largest group of skiers, the eighth graders enjoy lots of practice, fal 
and downhill runs during the five Friday evenings of skiing. 

84 • Activities 

Mrs. Siwinski, Mrs. Trevena, and 
Mrs. Larsen serve up the goodies 
as students sample Spanish and 
French foods during the Mardi Gras 

Garth and Wayne at JFK? NOT! A 
Mardi Gras king and queen pose 
before the festivities begin. 


Students have the opportunity to try their hands at various craft projects 
throughout the year under the watchful eye and helping hands of Mrs. 



One of the oldest and most popular clubs at J FK, the Fly-tving Club enters 
its twentv-first year of operation. Students assemble a variety of flies for 
use during fishing season. Mr. Hoza, Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Nacewicz are 
the advisers. 

Activities • 85 


Students Show Their Musical Talents 

The sixth graders add another di¬ 
mension to the vocal program at 
JFK as evidenced by their perfor¬ 
mances at assemblies and concerts. 

Members of the Chorale get into 
the holiday spirit during the Win¬ 
ter Concert held in the auditorium. 


The cast and crew put on an ambi¬ 
tious and delightful production of 
the musical, "Oliver!". Playing the 
part of Oliver were Devon Chaffee 
and Brad Normand. 


This group of Kennedy Singers display their vocal talents finely honed in 
class at school assemblies, the Carol Sing at the Town Hall, and the Winter 



This group of Kennedy Singers display the vocal talents finely honed 
class at school assemblies, the Carol Sing at the Town Hall, and the Wini 

86 • Activities 

Membersofthesixth grade Chorus 
wait to perform their part in the 
Winter Concert assemblies held in 
the auditorium. 

Performers nervously await for 
their chance to audition for a sing¬ 
ing part in the Drama Club's pro¬ 
duction of "Oliver! 


kudents in the second semester Kennedy Singers display their vocal 
epertoire at assemblies held in the late winter and spring months and at 
iie Sprmg Concert held in the auditorium. 


Those who arechosenfortheChoraleare second-year vocal students and 
represent some of the best singers in the school. Their performances at 
assemblies, the Spring Concert, and various musical festivals are always 
eagerly awaited. 

Activities • 87 


Musicians Show "Patriot Pride" through Music 

Mrs. Paluch tickles the ivories as 
the musical accompanist for the 
Drama Club's production of 

This group plays the string instru¬ 
ments of the orchestra at school 
assemblies and concerts through¬ 
out the year. 






The school's largest band, the Cadet Band performs at concerts, assem¬ 
blies, and various musical festivals throughout the year. 


The most advanced group of instrumentalists at J.F.K., the Patriot Band 
performs at parades, concerts, assemblies, and various musical festivals 
throughout the year. 

88 • Activities 

Mr. Power and the Jazz Band set 
the mood for the Mardi Gras hub 
parade held prior to homeroom. 

P, t 


, ■■ V 


H ‘ v] 

Melissa Mann trumpets her way 
through Christmas songs as part of 
the roving Holiday Band. 


Made up of seventh and eighth graders, the Jazz Band rehearses Mondays 
and Thursdays after school throughout the school year. This ensemble 
specializes in music ranging from swing, Latin, rock, blues, and popular 



One of the newest additions toj. F. K.'s musical program, the Sixth Grade 
Band provides students with an opportunity to polish their instrumental 
talents in preparation for the Cadet and Patriot Bands. 

Activities • 89 


Proud to Be ... the 1993 Yearbook Staff 

Lisa DiBattista and Patty Woodson 
crop and identify a group of pic¬ 
tures for the Student Section of the 

Staff members select the action 
shots to be used for the Field 
Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Base¬ 
ball and Softball pages as well as 
the Intramural page. 

Section Editors Michael Centore 
and Chris Schiralli lead a group of 
students who organize teacher, sec¬ 
retary, custodian, and administra¬ 
tor pictures. 


This is the largest section in the Yearbook and the design and accuracy 
of the section reflect the hard work of the staff members. 


Section Editor Jess Pellegrino sifts through the many requests for items 
and sentiments to be left for students and staff. 

90 • Activities 



I, Laura Lansbury, leave love to Mike Wetherell. 

I, Linda Stuart, leave Mandi the thought that she's a great friend and I will miss her next year. 

I, Melissa Brainard, leave all the funny times that we had in Exploring Music to Mark Churchill. 

I, Brandy Carter, leave Lindsay C. all the good times and bad fights. 

1, Megan Legere, leave all my jewelry to Michelle Burrows. 

1, Andrea Craddy, leave the fair's memories to Anna Starring. 

I, Chrissy Genco, leave the thought that we will always be best friends to Andrea Bass and Missy Collins. 

I, Sarge, leave Jason Clark fond memories (and a picture) of his five push-ups at MGM. 

I, Kim Yanosy, leave Mandy D. the thought that she will always be my best friend and the hope that she doesn't 
run into any windows next year. 

I, Amanda Madden, leave Kenny Castellano, the fact that I will always love him. 

I, Jennifer Wadsworth, leave the thought to Christina Ngov that we'll always be best friends and that I’ll always 
be there for you. 

I, Jen Letourneau, leave my seven Math tests to Donna Letourneau. 

I, Amy Lindsay, leave all my jewelry to Rita Sarno. 

1, H. M., leave Meghan all the clothes you borrowed. 

I, AAA, leave EEE and LLL all our great times (especially Mullen Road) and the fact we'll be friends forever. 

1, Joanna Libby, leave a friendship that will last forever to Julie Noto. 

We, the Earth Shuttle crew, leave Twinkie Man a full year's supply of his favorite breakfast treat. 

1, Loren Gaines, leave Mr. Walsh to unsuspecting fifth graders. 

I, Megan Duffy, leave a flexatone to Mr. Power. 

1, Jenn Blacksher, leave Heather, Anna, Joanne, Kim, Sarah, and Jenn all our memories. 

I, Betsy, leave the piano and our rubber band to Jess. 

I, Chad Allegro, leave my love forever to Renee Coro. 

I, Katie Brackoneski, leave to Kirsten Abell the thought of always being best friends. 

1, Destiny, leave the memories of the "Tunnel of Death" to Eternity. 

I, Susie, leave Zac to Lisa DiBattista. 

I, Nancy Moore, leave my good friendship to Melissa Whightman and Lisa Dysert. 

I, Renee Coro, leave all the fun nights at Pep's house to Ryan, Lenny, and Ryan. 

1, Kinita McKinney, leave all my love and friendship forever and ever to Jared Barry. 

1, Brad, leave my "Death of Superman" series to Tim Bannock. 

I, Mandy, leave the thought to Kim Yanosy that we will be friends to the end. 

I, Kim Lemay, leave all my love to Charles Fontanez. 

I, Sean, leave my Bears' jacket to Kevin Souci. 

We, M.D., L.S., And S.W., leave Lori T. the thought that she will always be our favorite little seventh grader. 

1, Robin leave Shana , Steve Pierce, and Jeremiah Bagley all the silliness in the world. 

I, Beth, leave all our stupid ideas to Melissa. 

1, Jessica LaVallee, leave the thought to Chrissy G., Sonia K., Melissa C., Andrea B., and Steve P., hoping we ll be 

friends forever. 

1, Nicole Stearns, leave all my love to Jason Tetro. 

1, Scoochie, leave Moochie with the thought that brown highwaters rule and I love her! 

I, Snickers, leave Lester all the jokes we shared. 

1, Jeannie Nunez, leave my goya beans to Tira Johnson, Paula Molina, Marsha Torres, Julie Pocello, and Eva. 

I, Jill W., leave Linda S., Sarah T., and Jen O. all the peanut toast they can handle. 

I, Taxi, leave Wanda and Leepa all of our adventures, ice cream sundaes, and the movie "Watcher in the Woods". 
I, Meghan Leonard, leave our lunch room talk to Jason Gazsi. 

1, Alexandra, leave my friendship to Jennifer Letourneau. 

I, Sarah, leave Joanne and Julie knowing that 1 will miss you a lot and have a great time at Fermi. 

I, Shannon, leave to Carrie and Elayne the thought that the Bills still rule the NFL. 

Will *91 


I, Christina Ngov, leave all the good times we had together and the thought of always being best friends to 
Jennifer Wadsworth. 

I, Vinny, leave the thought that I will always love her to Brandy Davis. 

I, Melissa Bennici, leave our movie nights to Beth, Erin, Tamika, Sarah, Kenny, and Greg. 

We, the eighth graders on the Girls' Soccer Team, leave the back seats of the bus to Lori Tetro. 

I, Jeremy Bailey, leave my Town Car and Turtle Wax to Mr. Sullivan. 

I, Bianca Rehmer, leave Victoria Yelle all my homework. 

I, Michael Jordan, leave the thought that I am the greatest to Kevin Huss. 

I, Jesse, leave Chad Allegro my Starla doll and the phrase, "I don't care!" 

I, Paris Muska, leave Dave and Adam to Michelle Burrows. 

I, AnnMarie Reveruzzi, leave Tamika Tamashaitis my eternal friendship. 

I, Rebecca Dodd, leave all the great memories at JFK to all my close friends. 

I, Jenny Elliott, leave the goofy Red House Teams to Becky Ferrante with all the laughs to go with it. 

I, Lisa, leave my soccer ball to Susie Woodson. 

I, Stacey Babij, leave all my love and friendship to Hope Marquez and Kevin Sampl. 

I, Heather, leave Kinita many long phone conversations and the times we were interrupted. 

I, Melissa Buffone, leave Leah Duggan the thought that we will always be sisters. 

I, Mike, leave my Super Nintendo/Sega TV to Jeremy Wood. 

I, Abbie "Bambi" Bennis, leave to Stephanie "Ogar" Kennard my smashing green tights. 

I, John McCarthy, leave all Rob's pencil shavings to him. 

I, Kirsten Abell, leave Katie Brackoneski the thought of Quassy, the beach, Look Park, and blowing bubbles. 

I, Paul Phelps, leave my good looks to Stephen Thibodeau. 

I, Stacy, leave Lisa and Chassity our friendship. 

I, Bo Borrello, leave all of my great checks to Seth Barmak 

I, January Dunbar, leave all my good and bad memories to Lisa Lynch. 

I, Heather Hickson, leave Jenn Blacksher and Anna DeVito the words "We will always be down wit’ da sistas." 
I, Jennie Quail, leave Dawn Joggerst my cleaning supplies so she can clean her room. 

I, Leah Duggan, leave Elizabeth Marshaus the memories of gym class, the walk down Mullen Road, and big 

We, Room 28B, leave our hard work to Mr. Walsh and a messy room to Mrs. Scully. 

I, Rita Sarno, leave my kitten. Mittens, to Jen Herzig. 

I, Angela G., leave all my friends a bottle of soda. 

I, Meghan Leonard, leave my gold bracelet to Kinita McKinney. 

I, Jill W., leave Melissa D., Bridgid T., and Desi S. with the thought that they will always "kookie" and I wish 
them good luck with basketball next year. 

I, Ronald McDonald, leave the Girls' Basketball Team my thanks for all of the Happy Meals they earned this 
season (good luck finding the Baby Dinosaur!). 

I, Nicole Stearns, leave my friendship forever to Christina Brainard. 

I, Beth, leave a pickle to all my friends. 

I, Sean, leave my little brother to Jeremy Hunt. 

I, Kim Lemay, leave my friendship forever to Missy Messenger. 

I, Brad, leave my "Frosty the Hit Man" pictures to Tom S. 

I, Nancy Moore, leave my bad memories and rude remarks to Jesse and Joel Gemme. 

I, HM, leave Ami lots of new French words. Good luck at Enfield High!! 

I, Megan Legere, leave my mood ring to Amber Rausch. 

I, Mandi, leave Lyndi the fact that she'll always be the best dance partner. 

I, Andrea Craddy, leave the skunk hat to Mr. Power. 

I, Melissa B., leave all my stickers to Chrissy Setaro. 

92* Will