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Full text of "1995 JFK Middle School Yearbook Enfield, CT"

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^ip{Sf(2. OJC\ OiUOQSGf?. -vioor Aop^ 

+eadrvs^.Ka^-t^'05.’<,ee' ^oo o«V u« 

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... ^ . J . 4 ^ A. 1^ 

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H H nt-n-t HC 

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ffcU/« CL AiJUlut ^ur)m£A CXJ^CL ! 

Vouu-e mtCLicf cMoK/n^i 

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^ kaui A. 7 ^^ in f^'5 
'fhoui'% “^o-*” /b^tncf U»^n X S#«*.>>j 

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pftlu/!>t pude 

■ ■ 1 994-95 


^ns.Dyj^^ Staff. 3 


^ ^f€a:V Vicroeggygnth Grade Students.9 

£c- -veaxijh, 0 g 
^OvO rr>^rr>on^ 

irscxj^VoEighth Grade Students.35 

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Mrs. Scully and Mrs. Griffin show their school 
spirit and their alter-ego on JFK Student Coun¬ 
cil sponsored Costume Day, a Halloween cel¬ 

Mrs. Harnois hosts the reception following 
the National Junior Honor Society induction 
ceremony, and Mrs. McCauley breathes a sigh 
of relief that her part is over and she can enjoy 
the refreshments. 



M. Clarke 

P. Clarkin J. Connick 

L. Ccxjmbs 

D. Cosma 

T. Couture 

R jerome 

P. Jonaitis M Kaupin G. Kennedy 

F. Krautcuk G. Labre«:k 




Costume Day helps to beef up the Custodial 
Staff with the addition of "Rich" Ohlin to aid 
his supervisor Mr. Fausel. Both have smiles 
on their faces as they enjoy their jobs. 

The FIFTIES are alive in the halls of JFK on 
Costume Day as Mrs Michaels wears her 
poodle skirt and Miss Nealon appears to be a 

M. LaFrancis 

N. Larson 

C. Lauria 

C. Lauria 

R. Lorenson 

J. MacArthur 

J. Peck 

M. Romano 

A. Peltier 

J. Scordato 

B. Pigeon 

M. Scully 

H. Piligian K. Poe J. Reynolds 

L. Shea 

J. Siwinski 

B. Sproha 


C. Stamm M. Tangari J. Targonski W. Teed M. Thibodeau 

J. Trevena 

B Wadden M. Wesloski J. VVojciehowski F. Wood B. Woodson 








Mrs. Newport and the Cafeteria staff cook 
up food every day that leaves their customers 
smiling and satisfied. These seventh grade 
students have just finished off delicious 
burgers and pizza. 

Beverly Dewey wears a prize-winning 
Hershey's Kiss costume on the Student Coun¬ 
cil sponsored Haloween Spirit Day. It was 
easier for her to stand than to sit, and impos¬ 
sible for her to sneak up on anyone. 

Robert Abelin 

Jennifer Abernathy 

Jacc]uelyn Agruso Christopher Aielh 

Tommy Abatayo Jessica Abbe 

Alexsander Akers-Buss 
10 / Seventh Grade 

Robert Alaimo 

Lindsey Albano 

Jessica Alberti Thomas Alimberti Marv Almeida 

Jastin Austin Aaron Bahre Benjamin Bailey Douglas Baker Marian Bania Brian Baril 

Joseph Barile Kathryn Barnes 

Bh m Bates Brian Beaudr\’ 

Kevin Barnes 

Cory Beaupre 

John Barrett Amy Bartholomew Julie Bastarache 

Norman Bechard Dominic Beloin Kimberly Bender 

Sesenth jfade 



The mysteries of the drill press, as taught by 
Mr. Boucher, can only be viewed through 
safety glasses when students participate in 
Industrial Technology classes during their 
seventh grade year. 

Peter King, Sports Illustrated football editor, 
television commentator, and former JFK stu¬ 
dent, eats lunch and signs autographs after 
addressing two assemblies during our twenty- 
fifth anniversary celebration. 

Cory Bernard 

Lacey Bibeault 

Emily Bill Candice Bilmon 

Michael Beninato 

Michael Blacksher 

Stephen Blanchette 
12 Sev'enth Grade 

Sheri Blazinski 

Gregory Blount 

Sarah Bucket 

Marci Boiler 

Rt)bert Bonavita 

Kimbt'rly BtK)th Shauna Borowski Lashauna Bourne Derek Bowen Kenneth Bowman Tammy Brayton 

Matthew- Brisard Lisa Brow-n Sammantha Bruce Jonathan Brunette Brian Burrage David Burrage 

Lesli Cannon David Caouette Timothy Caron Tina Caron Samantha Carpe Denise Carpenter 

Justin Castonguay Matthew Cekala Shawn Censki Elizabeth Cerrato 

Timothy Chace Natalia Chan 

Tnsha Chance 

Eli Charette 

Terr>- Chase Muhammad Chaudhr>- Shirley Cheng 

Jennifer Chicano 
Seventh Grade 



After nearly a year with our pool out of com¬ 
mission, seventh grade physical education 
students take advantage of swimming in¬ 
struction, exercises, and some relaxing time 
during their school day. 

So many students and staff participated in 
Costume Day it was difficult for the Student 
Council members to pick out the winners. 
Amy Bartholomew and Mary Almeida were 
judged among the best. 

Justin Chicano Katherine Christensen Brian Christoffersen James Ciastko Ashley Clark 

Melissa Clark 

Shannon Ccx)k Daniel Corbin Ernest Corbin Kristin Corso 

Nathan Cote 

Lawrence Courtois 

jereniv Da\ is 

Trevor Da\ is Brandon Delgiudice Zcx? Della Rocco 

Michael Delong 

Chns Demski 

Seventh Grade 15 


Gym three provides the opportunity for fu¬ 
ture Olympians - or possibly cheerleaders - to 
practice dismounts from the rings with sup¬ 
port from "spotters" and thick mats below 

Tara Henzel ascends to the heights of Gym 
three during her fitness testing unit in physi¬ 
cal education class with Mrs. Dembek. She 
was the quickest and surest among her class¬ 

Mark Dennis 

Jennifer Deragon Renee Desimone Michelle Desjardin Sabrina Desrosiers 

Theresa Dentamaro 

Jessica Detura 
16 Seventh Grade 

Beverly Dewey 

Amanda Dickinson Michael Disalvo 

Tara Discepolo 

John Dowden 

Katherine Dufour Joshua Edwards Travis Edwards Sara Egli Melissa Elliott Christopher Ellis 

I Andrew Embury Ian Emslie Jessica Engleman Kara English Joseph Espinosa Andrew Fairley 

Marlena Fasanelli Christopher Feld Meghan Fennessy Christina Ferguson Melissa Fiore Richelle Fiore 

—--—- ' 

_ p 

Kevin Fisher Matthew Fisher Amber Fissette Meghan Fitzgerald Meghan Right Jeffrey Rora 

Seventh Grade 17 


Four of the grand prize winners on Costume 
Day are lined up in the Library for their offi¬ 
cial photograph. Sherri Lacasse looks pretty 
among the humorous Peter Susi, Rebecca 
Fournier, and Susie Woodson. 

Our Principal, Mr. Neville, presents "POPS" 
award certificates to twenty-three seventh 
grade students chosen for their outstanding 
start to the school year at our first POPS 
Awards Assembly. 

Jeremy Friedman Justin Friedman 

18 Seventh Grade 

Jason Fritze 

Daniel Furtak 

Michael Gaboury 

David Gagnon 

Matthew Gajdowski Michael Gallo John Gamble Cord Gasque Frederick Gavey Kimberly Gelineau 

Adam Gidarakos Jonathan Gill Shannon Glynn Christopher Gonzalez Nicolas Gonzalez Laura Govoni 

Richard Green Billie Griffin Danielle Griffin Joseph Grimaldi Barbara Grimshaw Jennifer Grondahl 

Lucie Grondin Bradley Gutska Geneva Hadley Matthew Haight Melissa Halgas Jonathan Hamburg 

Grace Hanley Lindsay Hargreaves Adam Hayes David Hayford Matthew Hayward Rebecca Hayward 

SeN'enth Grade 



Each year the Reading Department spon¬ 
sors the Great American Book Fair in the JFK 
Library. Steve Blanchette and Salina Thor 
enjoy the opportunity to browse among the 
books and folders offered for sale. 

Students adopted the Loaves and Fishes at St. 
Andrew's Church as a holiday project this 
year. Bobby Lessard and Ryan Pelkey help 
Mrs. Wesloski sort through the puzzles, games 
and markers donated to brighten Christmas 
for less fortunate kids. 

-V -.r- • .. 

Tara Henzel Gerard Hilinski Sarah fiillman Michelle Hinckley Kenneth Hoke Mark Holmes 

20 Seventh Grade 

Jamie Hurley 

Jennifer Hope Devin Homer 

Jeremy Hutsell Kevin Jacobs 

Tyler Howarth Carol Hoyt 

Megan Hunter 

Angela Jambard Benjamin Janarelli 

Charles Janeczko 

Courtney Jean 

Lauren Jeffery 

Thomas Jerome 

Davina Johnson 


Patrick Kana 

Michael Kataja Christopher Katulka Thomas Kazukynas 

Amber Johnston 

Christopher Keane 

Bret Kalva 

Robert Kegler 


Bank of Boston confers five thousand Invest¬ 
ment Points on JFK for our participation in 
their banking program. The proud recipients 
are Mrs. Secondo, coordinator, Mr. Neville, 
Jen Spanillo, and Jose Rodriguez, Student 
Council President. 

Billy Cerri investigates the help that the Ver¬ 
tical File in the JFK Library offers to him for his 
Social Studies report. 

James King 

Benjamin Kinney 

Jeremy Kirchmeier Edyta Kiryluk Timothy Klapproth Amy Klement 


Tabitha Klosek 
Seventh Grade 

Amy Kolreg Alexander Korobkov Kurt Kresge 

Amy Kupec Michel LaFlamme 

Marc Ledue 

Andrea Legere 

Erica Leno 

Scott Lessard 

Donna Letourneau 

Nicholas Licitra 

Jaime Lizee Timothy Locklear Carly Longo 

Lindsay Longo Andrew Love Jennifer Lowe 

Ryan Luedtke Sondra Lund Russell Macdonald Barbara Machaj Joel Madsen Sue-Ellen Mankus 

Hector Marcano Flisa Margarita Nathan Marinone Philip Marmurowski Cecile Marquis Paul Martin 

Se^■enth Grade 



Frankie Dejesus leads the line of students 
buying Holiday Dance tickets from Mr. Ohlin. 
Each student donates a can or package of food 
for the Enfield Food Shelf as part of the price 
of the ticket. 

Patty and Susie Woodson prepare to close the 
school store after their lunch wave. The school 
store offers pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, 
clothing and novelty items for sale each day 
during lunch. 

Shaun McCormick Michael McEwen N icole McGraw 
24 Se\’enth Grade 

Emily McIntosh Marcus McKinney Melissa McPherst 

Nikki Menefee 

Kevin Merritt 

Ryan Mgrdichian 

Matthew Michaud 

Steven Mientus 

Jessica Mitchell 

Jt'ssica Monteleune Daniel Morin Daniel Morin Jacqueline Morin Adam Morse Christopher Morse 


Justin Mi>selsky Jessica Motyl Carol Mukon Matthew Munsell Matthew Myers Eric Myshrall 

Sean Nai Phillip Nathan Krystal Naudzius Kenneth Naylor Muyly Ngov Brendaliz Nieves 

M’-hae! NLziolek Lara Nyser Michael O Brien RvanODonnell Kaitlyn O la*ar\’ Matthew Oakes 

Se*. i :'-th t^ra-L 


Sarah Crawford, Ashley Clark, Megan Wil¬ 
son, and Eric Myshrall are among Mr. 
Jurkowski's science students using the elec¬ 
tronic microscopes to complete their labora¬ 
tory reports. 

Hilary Fletcher and Ryan Cunningham, Mr. 
Noyes' science students, employ techniques 
other than the simple yardstick to make mea¬ 
surements in JFK's hallway. 

Louann Olden Michelle Oliver John Olschafskie Daniel Orefice David Orton Brian Ouellette 

Bethany Petano 

Debra Peters Kasey Peters Kelly Peters Rebecca Peters 

Brian Peterson 

Tuan Pham Jammie Pheasant Grace Phelan Jacob Piazza Robert Pillion 

Angela Pinto 

Lindsav F*rovt>st 

Lisa Quint 

Seventh Grade 


knsten IVaizner 

Megan Provencher 

Michelle Provost 

Brenda Quail 


Leah Peltier and Abby Tomalonis carefully 
crop pictures, number blocks, and write cap¬ 
tions for the student pictures in this year's 
yearbook "Patriot Pride". 

Kelly Bednarski spent an entire weekend 
drawing this grand prize winning poster for 
the Reading Department's annual poster con¬ 
test. Her "Secret Garden" is pretty enough to 
frame and hang on the wall. 

I i 

Mark Rabinovitz 

Shane Rausch 
28 Seventh Grade 

Richard Regnier 

Maureen Reilly Jason Remington William Reyome Elizabeth Richard.son 

'Jaomi Rodriguez 

Yvette Sabater 

Charles Romano Anthony Rosa 

Jeffrey Roy 

Jeffrey Russell Kris Rustic 

Michelle Saddler Joel Sadosky 

Juan Saez Patrick Sagon Jason Salas 

fimothy Schix?nbom 

Jason Schools Christopher Schumann Nicole Shane 

Paul Shaughnessy Jeffrey Shaw 

Seventh Grade 



Lollipops are one of the prizes awarded for 
outstanding costumes, and Tara Simlick 
makes quick work of hers, while avoiding 
ruining her great make-up job. 

Outfits on Costume Day showed a great deal 
of family effort and talent. Courtney Jean 
appeared as the Ace of Spades, and proved to 
be a winner in all senses of the word. 

Jennifer Sheehan 

Duane Smith 

Lisa Shaw 

Deanna Smith 
30 J> Seventh Grade 

Christopher Sinsigal 

. ^ Stf , t 

Melissa Sokol 

Krista Siana Angelina Siciliano 

Justin Smith Michael Smith 

Kimberly Silva 

Michelle Smith 

Kimberly Steben 

Katie Steirer 

Daniel Stewart 

Heidi Stoddard Thomas Stone 

Ronald Strong Brandon Sufrin Brittainey Sullivan 

Erin Sullivan 

Marie Sullivan 

Melissa Stout 

Christopher Susi 

Casey Taylor 


Jasi>n Tavlor Robert Terr>' 

Salina Thor 

Aleah Thornton 

Kira Thrasher 

Christopher Timm 

SeveiUh C f Jkl* 


In addition to the pool, excellent sports fields, 
and a full size gym, students are able to take 
advantage of weight training equipment as 
part of their physical education classes at JFK. 

Fue Xiong and Danny Gaylord subscribe to 
the adage "measure twice - cut once" as they 
work on their wood project in Industrial Tech- 
nology class with Mr. Boucher. 

, T ,1 




Ryan Toner 

Erika Toris 

John Tinnirella 

Kelly Tinsley 

Melissa Tolisano Abby Tomalonis 


ndrew Urbanowicz Robert Vaghini Daniel Valente Crystal Valley Sara Valley Pa Kou Vang 

Joseph Vangilder Anthony Vasile 

Xue Vue 

Michael Warren 

Joshua Viens 

Michael Vincent! 

Ryan Viveiros 

Candy Vue 

Eric Waitkus 

Carrie Wallison 

Nicole Walters 

Lauren Walz 

Jillian Warner 

Crystal Watson 


Jason Weeks Lindy Welch 

Jessica Welenskv 

Blake Welker 

Lisa White 

William Wightman Jillian Willard 

Cerise Wilson 

Seventh Crade 

Megan Wilson Michael Winslett Jaime Withee Corey Wixsom Kate Wojcik Dallas Wood 

James Xiong 

Shannon York 

Rebecca Young 

Michael Wood 

Jessica Woodruff 

Adam Yurack Lisa Zajaczkowski 

Melanie Zaugg 

Kristen Zimmerman 

Matt Zlotkowsk 

Joanne Zannoni 

Jason Bartosiak Shawn Censki 

Vong Sayasith 

. . Seventh Grade 



Loren Gaines receives her POPS award for 
starting the first quarter of the year with posi¬ 
tive study habits, from Mr. Ohlin with the 
assistance of Mrs. Came. 

Mr .Cove encourages the eighth graders at the 
POPS Assembly to not be afraid to spread 
kindness - it's contagious - the goal for all 
students and staff during the second quarter 
of the school year. 

Steven Albetski 

Bryelle Albert 

Lauren Alaimo 


Daniel Ambron 
Eighth Grade 

Nicole Anselmi 

David Alexander 

Thomas Arcouette Nicholas Armentano Steven Arseneault 

Desiree Ashton 

Joshua Asselin Jeffrey Audet Cheryl Badura Carolyn Bailey William Baltronis Timothy Bannock 

Sara Bennett Richard Bennett Jody Benton Chris Bergenholtz Jennifer Berube Nicholas Berube 

Adam Bibeault Brandon Blais Kristin Blakeley Melissa Bleau Robert Bletz James Bliss 

Trac>' Bluteau Njchole Bi>cv\'inski Michelle Bt>isseau Jennifer Boissonneault Michelle Boisvere Alissa Bt^iogna 

Eighth Gr, dc 


Thirty-six of thirty-nine students inducted 
into the National Junior Honor Society in 
November are girls. Enjoying the reception 
after the ceremony are the only boys, Devin 
Terhune, Brad Normand, and Nick Povak. 

Miss Nealon made and served the punch at 
the reception for new inductees in the Na¬ 
tional Junior Honor Society. Mrs. Scully and 
Dr. Kennedy, who participated in the cer¬ 
emony, enjoy her recipe. 

VI m- 

Chris Brozowsky 
Eighth Grade 

Ryan Brunell Ginette Buffone Catherine Bugaj Danielle Bulgier Megan Bulgier 

Robert Burrage Michelle Burrows John Burwood Raymond Bushnell 

Gina Cafarelli Adam Calcasola Patrick Cameron Kimberly Carr 

Rachele Centore William Cerri Kristen Checkalski Leif Christensen 

Amie Bushway Danielle Cacio 

Aaron Carter 

Nathan Cartier 

Brett Churchill Michael Cianci 

Danielle Cote Sarah Cote Stephanie Coughlin RyanCoumoyer Renald Courtois Chns Craaybeek 

Eighth Grade 


Kerri Crawford, "dressed for success", works 
in the Technology Lab with our new Macintosh 
computers and the "Type to Learn" program 
which helps her to increase her keyboarding 
speed and accuracy. 

Mr. Madore explains some of the offerings on 
the altar at El Dia de los Muertos to French 
and Spanish students at the JFK version of the 
November Mexican celebration. 

Kerri Crawford Paul Croteau Shawna Crouse Ryan Cunningham Thomas Cunningham Lee Curtis 

Casey Cutkomp 
Eighth Grade 

Corey Cutkomp 

Christa Cyr 

Tiffany D'Amato Teresa D’Angelo Roland Daigle 

Kevin Deming 

Jennifer Dimmock 

Lisa Deskis Melissa Detura Lisa Dibattista Joshua Dickson 

Andrea Dimatia 

Lynneka Doyon 

Kelly Droney Michelle Dubour 

Michelle Dubuque 

Donna Duffy 

Matthew Dufresne 


Michael Dunne 

Lindsav Dumer 

Jeffrey Ekenbarger Christopher Eliason 

Richard Emmons 

Jessica Erickson Shannon Esslmger 

Eighth Grade 



Kenny Kerr, Sean Overbeeke, and Nathan 
Locklear provide the brass sounds which en¬ 
liven the POPS assembly as the Patriot and 
Cadet bands, under the direction of Mrs. 
Came, entertain the students. 

Ricky Starzyk looks as if he is enjoying draft¬ 
ing class and the line work he produces and 
displays in the halls of JFK certainly shows 
that to be true. 

Michael Ferreira 

Reina Fijalkowski 

Jacob Fisher Megan Fitzsimons Jeffrey Flenke 

Flilarv Fletcher 

42 / Eighth Grade 

Elizabeth Fruscella David Furtak MelanyGagner Loren Gaines Ryan Gallo Julie Gauvin 

hristina Gawryszczuk Daniel Gaylord 

Michael Genco Angela Gentile Michael Gionfriddo Dustin Gleason 

Michael Gokey Daniel Golden Sherri Gordon Andrew Grabon Kelly Grandon Chr istopher Gra ves 

*>shlev Greene Megan Greenleaf 

April Griggs Lawrence Griggs 

David Griffin 

Daniel Gnvois 

Eighth Grade -i ^ 


Annette Fay inscribes her name in the Na¬ 
tional Junior Honor Society register as Shelly 
Gufert receives her membership pin and cer¬ 
tificate from Miss Lauria and Mr. Neville. 

Robbie Pennell really gets into his role as a 
waiter on Costume Day, as he carries his tray, 
menu, salt & pepper, and order pad, ready to 

Shelly Gufert Brandie Guild Katie Gutska Megan Hackett Cherese Hadley Elizabeth Haglund 

Nathan Hankins 

Mark Hannah Christine Hannan Nicholas Hardy 

Daniel Hartman 

Timothy 1 lause 

44 7 E ighth Grade 

Erik Heckman Mark Hedeen Sara Henderson Michael Herrick Jennifer Herzig Amber Hickson 

Brynn Hietala Megan Higginbotham Emily Hinckley William Hlobik Adam Hollenbach Nathan Hollenbeck 

Timothy Hosig 

Willie Howard Amorette Howland Dana Huffman Keith Hughes Jeremy Hunt 

Itjuvs JamgiK'hian Kvie Johnson Jessica Jonaitis Christine Jorgensen \ia Kaplan 

Nicole Kelleher 

Eighth C irad* 


Sue Ann Mankus , with pressure from all 
sides, hits over the Agawam defender's foot 
in order to get around her and into scoring 

The goalie has to come far out to block the shot 
by Ginette Buffone. Ginette is a member of 
the undefeated Girls' Soccer team coached by 
Mr. Jonaitis. 

Jennifer Kennan 

Joseph Kinney 
Eighth Grade 

Julie Kilpatrick Katherine Kiner 

Julia Kozuch Randy Krah 

Sonya Kerr 

Kenneth Kerr 

Christopher Khan 

Ellen Kozikowski 

Kevin Kittredge 

Jeremy Kozaczka 

Alicia Krawiec Dana Kukucka Kristine Kunkel 

Jennifer Lacombe Jessica LaFountain Michelle Lamontagne Kristin Landry Matthew Langeway David Laplante 

Kimberly Laquerre Christopher Lavalla Nicole Laverde Ryan Lawless Kristin Leahy Brooke Leary 

Shawn Leary Stephanie LeBlanc Scott Lech Samantha Lee Megan Legere Torey Lehan 

Danielle Lessard Justin Lessard Robert Lessard Darcie Letendre Randy Lewin Amy Lindsay 

F.ighlh Grade 



Some people find a quiet corner of the Library 
to do their homework, while Corey Cutkomp 
and Julia Kozuch hunker down in the corner 
of the Drafting classroom. 

Both Marie Fauteux and other students look 
as if they are really enjoying working on Mr. 
Wood's Science worksheet, finding the boil¬ 
ing and freezing points of various substances. 

Karrisa Macmaster 

Amanda Macsata 

Sue Ann Mankus Viviana Marcano Justina Marinaccio Shawn Marple 

48 / Eighth Grade 

Timothy Mayo 

Janet McHale 

Tyler McGuire 

Eric Mercure 

Emily McCarran Derek McEwen Jonathan McEwen Derek McGuire 

Ryan McLeod Ryan Meade Debra Menard James Menard 

Danielle Monsonis Angelina Moore Shayne Moran Mary Morgan Stacy Morin Ryan Mowynski 

Eighth Grade 

4 ^ 


Jeremy Wood, John Dowden, and Bob Terry 
think carefully about whether to buy or build 
on their property, as they engage in a spirited 
game of Monopoly in the after-school activity 
Game Club. 

Nate Viniconis, co-president of the "Magic, 
the Gathering " club, discusses the value of 
cards and strategy to employ when playing 
the game with Craig Nickerson in the JFK 

Lindsey Neuschaefer 
Eighth Grade 

Timothy Neville 

Katie Newman 

Adam Nickerson 

Craig Nickerson 

Stephen Nieroda 

Rachael Noble Rotha Nong Bradford Normand Jonathan Nunez 

)amon O'Palick Justin Oliver 

essica Ouellette Sean Overbeeke Matthew Pahl Jennifer Pare 

Caitlyn Olko Kathryn Olson 

Derek O’Dell Tammy O’Neill 

John Orcutt Aaron Ouellette 

Kelly Parker Amy Pastormerlo 

Stacy Pennell Robert Pepek 

Gino Pellegrino 

Jimilee Pepp>er 

Eighth Grade 


Dustin Pelletier 

Yi Peng 

Robert Pennell 


Theresa Dentamaro and Abby Tomalonis dis¬ 
play their third and second place winning 
posters for the Reading Department's Great 
American Book Fair poster contest. The prize, 
of course, is a book. 

Stephanie Senior, Annette Fay, and Julia 
Kozuch enjoy the first dance of the year spon¬ 
sored by Student Council, a Flalloween dance 
with all the scary decorations and refresh¬ 
ments to go with the theme. 

Gregory Perednia 

Erroll Pitts 

Michelle Perreault Sarah Perreault Amber Peters 

Grzegorz Podbielska 
Eighth Grade 

Christopher Plante 

Gina Porcello 

Corinne Poremba 

Sharron Poulin 

Nicholas Povak 

Tammy Prajzner 

Amber Preston Tynesha Pridgen Rebecca Proto Andrew Proulx Stacy Provencher Michelle Pych 

hristy Quagliaroli Devon Quagliaroli Hilary Quail Karen Raber Michael Racine Sara Raffia 

Xeil Roberts 

Candi Rock 

Matthew Rodriguez Jose Rodriquez 

Eighth Grade 

Di>uglas Rider 

Scott Riker 


Michelle Boisseau and Kimberly Silva, along 
with other members of the Staff section of the 
Yearbook, carefully choose the most flatter¬ 
ing pictures of the teachers, and crop them to 
fit the picture blocks. 

Christopher Craaybeek spends his after school 
time prior to taking the late bus home looking 
at the current magazines in the JFK Library for 
his Social Studies report. 

N icole Roy 
Eighth G rade 

Melanie Rumill Philippe Russell Shawnna Russell 

Sean Ryan 

Eman Saleh 


lizabeth Santanella Kelley Santanella Richard Santanella 

Rita Samo Daniel Saucier Kristin Savage 

Stephanie Senior 

Tamika Shepard 

Joseph Sharrow 

Melanie Shephard 

Amibeth Sheridan Devon Sherwood David Shevock Korey Shirtchff 

Eighth Grade 



The Chorale is joined by the well-rehearsed 
Faculty Choir in singing a number of holiday 
favorites including "Winter Wonderland" and 
"Silver Bells" at the eighth grade Christmas 

Kenny Kerr stands out as he plays a solo on his 
baritone saxophone at the annual holiday con¬ 
cert starring Mr. Bungard's Chorale and the 
Patriot and Cadet Bands under the direction 
of Mrs. Came. 

Jaime Siciliano 

Christopher Silva 

Chalam Smith 
56 Eig hth Grade 

Christine Smith 

Jackie Smith 

Tara Simlick Chad Simmons Aimee Smith 

Kevin Smith Michael Solesky 1 lannah Song 

Joseph Sullivan Kimberly Sullivan 

Kristine Sullivan Theodore Sullivan 

Peter Susi 

Justin Swan 

Michael Tellier Dev'in Terhune Joseph Terzigni Steven Thibodeau Ryan Thomas Richard Thoms 

Eighth Grade 


Melissa Palumbo is among several students 
chosen to enjoy a limousine ride to 
McDonald's, and a free lunch as a reward for 
her excellent participation in John F. Kennedy's 
annual fund raising effort. 

Eighth graders Erica Schermerhorn and Mor¬ 
gan Wilby realize this will be their final Christ¬ 
mas concert at JFK as members of Mr. 
Bungard’s Chorale. 

^ Jonathan Tracey Jeremy Trosky Gina Truiolo 

58 Eighth Gr ade 

Sheila Tucker 

Steven Turcotte 

David Tuttle 

Christina Vesce Alan Vibber Michael Vignone Angela Vincent Robert Vincenti Nathan Viniconis 

Mike Voneisengrein Mee Vue Melissa Wallace 

Kathleen Wayne John Weatherwax Eric Welch 

Kari West 

Nicholas Westall Aaron White 

Knstin White Morgan Wilby Cecil Wilder James Williams 

John Wilson Adam WoUenberg 

Eighth Grade 59 

Sarah Wonneberger Irene Wood Jeremy Wood Patricia Woodson Susan Woodson Coleen Wyman 

Fue Xiong John Xiong Kou Xiong Victoria Yelle Danielle Young Sherry Young 

Rebecca Zaine 

Eighth Grade 




Samantha Carpe 
Tiffany Sharrow 
Katie Dufour 
Amy Pastormerlo 
Amber Preston 
Justina Marinaccio 

Kaitlyn O'Leary 
Amorette Howland 
Jessica Bruce 
Jennifer Lowe 
Erica Meyer 
Liz Fruscella 

Stacy Morin 
Jessica LaFountain 
Lisa Shaw 
Jennifer Owens 
Ger Lor 
Aubrey lacohno 

Marie Fauteux 
Nate Hankins 
Stephanie Senior 
Stephen Mills 
Rebecca Fournier 
Morgan Wilby 

Beth Richardson 
Liz Ulrich 
Danielle Cacio 
Alicia Krawiec 
Jen Spanillo 
Torey Lehan 

Nicole Doyon 
Katie Steirer 
Katie Gutska 
Ginette Buffone 
Michelle Desjardin 
Julie Kilpatrick 

Christy Quagliaroli 
Sara Raffia 
Eman Saleh 
Sarah Crawford 
Devon Quagliaroli 
Melissa Michaud 

B a by P i ctur es 


Megan Provencher 
Kari West 
Katie Christensen 
Jason Fonseca 
Irene Wood 
Daisy Suazo 

Danielle Cote 
Tim Mayo 
Barbara Bouffard 
Angela Gentile 
Amibeth Sheridan 
Tammy Prayzner 

Christine Hannan 
Aimee Smith 
Sonya Kerr 
Melissa Wallace 
Lindsay Durner 
Michelle Boisvere 

Jessica Alberti 
Kelley Santanella 
Kelly Bednarski 
Ellen Kozikowski 
Cay-T Wayne 
Stephanie LeBlanc 

Amanda Macsata 
Mary Allen 
Melany Gagner 
Jackie Smith 
Kim Sullivan 
Sheri Lacasse 

Sondra Lund 
Bryelle Albert 
Angela Shepard 
Liz Fruscella 
Lauren Jeffery 
Kathryn Olson 

Tammica Scaife 
Carol Hoyt 
Kelly Droney 
Michelle Burrows 
Kristin Leahy 
Kate Leahy 

Baby Picture* 





Back Row, L - R: Darcie Letendre, Shelly 
Gufert, Julie Gauvin, Heather Vasseur, Stephanie 
Senior, Erica Schermerhorn, Hilary Quail, Jessica 
Jonaitis, Morgan Wilby, Megan Provencher, Emily 
McKaren, & Coach Emery 

Second Row, L - R: Nikki Roy, Kelly Droney, 
Sue Arm Mankus, Lauren Alaimo, Rebecca Young, 
Sarah Bocket, Samantha Bruce, Kristine kunkel, 
Chalam Smith, Janine Starski, & Devon Sherwood 
Front Row, L - R: Amy Kupec, Lesli Can¬ 
non, Tara Henzel, Angela Pinto, Lisa Scavotto, 
Muyly Ngov, Lindsey Hargreaves, Rebekah 
Folgherait, & Lindsey Neuschaefer 

1994 JFK Field Hockey Team 

Stephanie Senior 
Kelly Droney 
Sue Ann Mankus 
Jessica Jonaitis 
Morgan Wilby 
Angela Pinto 

Sue Ann Mankus & 
Morgan Wilby work hard 
to take the ball away from 
an Agawam defender. 

While Hilary Quail looks 
on, Kelly Droney & Sue 
Ann Mankus react to an 
Agawam rush on goal. 

Erica Schermerhorn 
Heather Vasseur 
Christine Kunkel 
Julie Gauvin 
Samantha Bruce 
Hilary Quail 

66 / Sports 


Back Row, L - R: Alan Vibber, Steven 
Thibodeau,Eric Welch, Ricky Green, Brandon 
Delgiudice, Tom Cunningham, Adam Calcasola, 
Mike V'ignone, Bobby Lessard, & Coach Clarkin 
Second Row, L - R: Jason Fritz, Brian Pinto, 
Mark Holmes, Yi Peng, Stephen Radkovich,Tony 
Vasile, Sean Ryan, & Brian Patterson 

Front Row, L - R; Sean McCauley, Fric Perron, 
Tim Hosig, MikeCianci,Tom Reale, Mike Dunne, 
& Jacob Fisher 

Sean McCauley 
Ricky Green 
Stephen Radkovich 
Tom Cunningham & 
Jacob Fisher 
Mike Dunne 
Mark Holmes 

Brian Pinto uses a little 
"body English" to gain 
control of the ball 
against a Powder Mill 

Mark Holmes at¬ 
tacks the Powder Mill 
goal as Ricky Green of¬ 
fers offensive support. 

Sean Ryan 
Tony Vasile 
Bob Lessard 
Brian Patterson 
Brian Pinto 
Yi Peng 

Sporfc- ti7 


Every now and then, a team puts together a 
special season and the Girls’ Soccer team had such 
a season this year. Not only did the team have a 
perfect 10-0 record, it did not give up a goal, 
outscoring its opponents 71 to 0. Congratulations 
to Coach Jonaitis and this memorable team ! 

Back Row, L - R; Coach Jonaitis, Angela Shepard, 
Lara Nyser, Erin Clark, Jen Spanilo, Erica Leno, & 
Grace Phelan 

Second Row, L - R; Liz, Pecoy, Ginette Buffone, 
Chrissy Gawryszczuk, Jen Wytenus, Lisa 
DiBattista, Liz Ulrich, & Jessica Drabkin 
Third Row, L - R: Thea Andrews, Amy Motto, Jen 
Lowe, Susie Woodson, Amy Klement, & Patty 

Front Row, L - R: Megan Wilson & Liz Frusella 

1994 JFK Girls' Soccer Team 

Erin Clark 
Jen Wytenus 
Grace Phelan 
Jen Spanilo 
Patty Woodson 
Amy Motto 

Susie Woodson demon¬ 
strates precise footwork as 
she moves the ball towards 
the opposing goal. 

Two Fermi defenders do 
not intimidate Erin Clark 
as she dribbles into the of¬ 
fensive zone. 

Susie Woodson 
Erica Leno 
Lara Nyser 
Lisa DiBattista 
Ginette Buffone 
Jen Wytenus 

68 / Sports 


1994-95 JFK Boys' Basketball Team 

Back Row, L - R; Coach Trosky, Ryan Moszynski, Chris 
Fliason, Beau VVarrek, Mike Gionfriddo, and Steve 

Middle Ri>w, L - R: Chris Fredericks, Jcx* Van Gilder, 

Brian Tallarita, and Tim Caron 

Front Row, L - R; Jeremy Trosky, Tim Hosig, and Yi 


Tim Hosig 
Chris Fliason 
Jeremy Trosky 
Ryan Moszynski 
Tim Caron 
Joe Van Gilder 

Slicing through the 
defense, Tim Hosig tries 
an acrobatic lay-up 
against the Timothy 
Fd wards Cougars. 

Despite the efforts of a 
Cougar defender, Brian 
Tallarita glides to the 
htx>p for two. 

Beau Warrek 
Steve Rijdkovich 
.Mike Gionfriddo 
Yi Peng 

i. hris Fredericks 
Brian Tallarita 

Sp*>rts (»9 


1994-95 JFK Giris' Basketball Team 

Back Row, L - R; Lisa Deskis, Jessica Detura, Megan 
Greenleaf, Jen Drexler, and Coach McFarland 

Middle Row, L - R; Amy Klement, Jen Spanilo, 
Michelle Remick, and Erica Leno 
Front Row, L - R: Erin Clark, Elizabeth Pecoy, and 
Angela Pinto 

Megan Greenleaf 
Jessica Detura 
Jen Drexler 
Erin Clark 
Elizabeth Pecoy 
Lisa Deskis 


Lisa Deskis drives down 
the lane on her way to a 
successful fast break bas¬ 
ket . 

While Michelle Remick 
sets a screen, Jessica Detura 
gets ready to pop a shot 
from the wing. 

Erica Leno 
Michelle Remick 
Amy Klement 
Angela Pinto 
Thea Andrews 
Elizabeth Pecoy and 
Erin Clark 

70 Sports 


JFK’s Evian Simcovitz chapter of 
the National Junior Honor 

The National Jr. Honor 
Society officers: 
Co-Presidents Patty Woodson 
& Amy Motto 
and Vice President Susie 
Woodson. Missing from 
picture: Secretary Beth Pecoy. 

School Store Staff and Advisors 

72 Activities 



JFK’s Student Council Officers and Homeroom Representatives 

dent Council Officers: From the Top: Aimee Smith, Jennifer Spanilo, Annette Fay, 
Tecca Fournier, Jose Rodriquez, and Danielle Bulgier. Standing: Shelly Gufert. Sitting: 
>rgan Wilbv and David Alexander 

Grade 8 Student Council Homeroom Representatives 

Grade 7 Student Council Homen.K>m Representatives 

Activities 73 

The 1994-95 JFK 

Kenny Kerr gives Megan 
Hunter a lift during a 
halftime show. Kenny & 
Frankie Dejesus joined the 
Cheerleading Squad as its 
first male members. 

The Cheerleaders show their 'patriot pride" and spirit as they 
form a tunnel for Erin Clark at the Pep Rally. 

74 Activities 


Intramural Basketball Participants 

Intramural Street HtKkey Participants 


' The monthly meetings of the Prime Time Silent Reading Club allow students and staff 

a quiet time to curl up with their favorite book. 

Jennifer Milotte spends a relaxing moment 
in the Library prior to a monthly Prime 
Time Silent Reading Club gathering. 

^_ 1 

-4 J 

The Fab 7 

The 1W4 Intramural Basketball Champions 


Activities ^ 

Jazz Band 

Kristine Sullivan and Becky 
Peters practice their duet 
prior to their holiday 

String Ensemble 

Members of the String 
Ensemble prepare to take 
center stage at the Christina; 
Concert assembly. 

76 Activities 


The John F. Kennedy Cadet Band 

David Furtak gets into the holiday spirit as part 
of the Patriot Band s Traveling Christmas 



Drama Club 

The Main Cast of the Drama 
Club's production of 

Members of the Chorale take a well-deserved break between holiday performances. 

78 Activities 


The John F. Kennedy Chorale 

Kennedy Singers (Semester 1) 

With a little help from his friends, Mr. 
Bungard warms up the Chorale prior to a 

The Electronic Keyboard Club 



Star Trek Club 

The Leather Club 

80 Activities 


Grade 8 Ski Club 

Grade 7 Ski Club 

The Hiking Club 

Magic the Gathering Club 

The Games Club 

Activities *** 


Many thanks are 
extended to the 
students shown 
on this page. 

Without their 
time and effort, 
this Yearbook 
would not have 
been possible. 

Class Will Editor Scott 

Student Picture Section 

Baby Picture Section 
Lauren Jeffery 

Activities & Winter Sports Editor 
Billy Baltronis 


Class Will 

1, Heather, leave Liz a message, thanks for being my best friend for 4 years. Love ya lots. 

I, Heather Vasseur, leave Nick Hardy all my love for when he moves to Georgia. 

I, Aimee, leave all of my friends going to Enfield High the fact that 1 am going to miss you. 

I give thanks to Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Drapeau, & Mr. Duffy for everything -can't forget Mrs. Cancio. 
Sincerely Davina Johnson. 

Best wish that 1 send to.Davina Johnson, Nikki Menefee & Tabitha Klosek Keep it real this year keep in touch. Love 

Dee Marie Tracy. 

1, Dave S., leave all the St. Ides for Alonzo. 

1, Jenn Sheehan, leave all my love and friendship and fun times together for Chekea Tuttle. 

1, Jenn Sheehan, leave all the times out in the hall with my boyfriend for Mr. Pigeon. 

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1, Amy Klement, leave my friendship and good times we had to together for Muyly Ngov, Jen Lowe & Kate Leahey. 

1, Jennifer, leave Carol Hoyt my CD player. 

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Jonaitis. P.S. Yesterday 

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I, Jessica Bruce, leave Sheri Lacasse and Amanda Macsata "Blub Blub Blub." 

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I, Marie Fauteux, leave the names "Oh What a Night" Homie, Bum, Muthball, Cieling, Surprise & all the good times 
for Kristine Kunkel. 

I, Marie Fauteux, leave the 1-800 # to Alicia, Sara, Karsia, Tracy, & Racheal. They know the rest of the #. 

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1, Cohog, leave a fantastic year of all star softball (I'll miss ya catcher bud) for Sully. CIm 6 Will 

1 ,Orange, leave the thought to Red, Black, Teal, and Green that our friendship will last forever. 

Class Will 

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Casey, Corey, and Ken. 

I want to leave best wishes with D. Nice, Tyz, Bessie, Cherish, and Cherie for keeping it real this year. Love, D. key. 

I, Amibeth, leave our friendship and the promise to keep in touch for Kristine. 

I, Christy, leave my favorite teacher Mr. Pigeon & a bag of his tootsie rolls for my little brother. 

I, Jessica Bruce, leave Sammantha Bruce and Veronica Squires "Jen." 

We, the Spanish class, leave boxing lessons for John Stuart. 

I, Oscar, leave Fritz Jay, Carmen and all the jokes we played on Missy. 

I, Jessica E., leave our good times at Harley Hotel for Teresa D. 

I, Mehssa, leave Devon all the good times we had in Enghsh. 

I, Tim Mayo, leave all the fun times at football practice for Jim Jamgocian, Jeff Russell, and Jeff Mayo. 

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I Devon (purple) leave all the fun times on the science pass for John Orcutt (Red). 

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