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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 


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PETUNIA, FIRE CHIEF 1st All-America Gold Medal Winner in Eleven Years 

Price 50 cts. packet; 5 for $2 
Amateur packet 25 cts. 

\T’S Perfection SEE 

Zot 2.0 |: 

Consolidated with J. M. THORBURN and COMPANY 
Supplying Gardens for Over a Century 

115 West 45th St. NEW YORK 19, N. Y. 

Telephone: LUxemburg 2-1597 



vegetable gardens will undoubtedly be a big factor in holding the line against high food cost. 
Past experience has proved to thousands of families that it is possible to have more and fresher 
green vegetables at less cost when a home garden is planted and tended through the season. 
Those who had Victory gardens during the war and afterward have learned that even a small 
plot of ground can produce an amazing quantity. Because of the enormous amount of seed sent 
abroad by the Government, certain kinds of seed are in short supply this year. We therefore 

repeat our advice to order at once, so as not to be disappointed. - 

Our Perfection Seeds are new. tested strains from the best American and British SOUIcES. 
We pledge you our fullest codperation in filling your order promptly the same day it is received 
if cash accompanies it. ORDER EARLY to be sure of getting the varieties you prefer. 

PHONE NUMBER: LUxemburg 2-1597 


Almost invariably all Seed Orders are shipped the same day as received! 

TERMS. Prices quoted are net. For cash 
with order we prepay transportation on seeds 
to any point in the United States. 

Upon delivery of goods by us to the carrier, owner- 
ship passes to the purchaser; when the carrier issues 
a receipt, our responsibility ceases. Claims for loss 
or damage should be made to the agent at point of 

_EARLY ORDERING. Your codperation is in- 
vited by placing orders early; this will aid us in pre- 
paring for the spring trade and facilitate delivery 
at proper time. 

Ask for our special order form for large orders. 

PRICES on Bulbs, Seeds, Plants, and Supplies 

are subject to market, tariff, and currency changes. 

SUBSTITUTES. Should the stock of any variety 
ordered be exhausted, we shall, to save delay, send 
in its place the most suitable substitute, unless 
instructed to the contrary. 

RECOMMENDATIONS. We are indeed grate- 
ful to our customers who recommend us to their 
friends and we will at once forward our catalog to 
these friends whose names and addresses are given 
to us. 

NON-WARRANTY. We give no warranty, 
express or implied, as to the productiveness of 
any seeds we sell and we will not be in any way 
responsible for the crop. Our liability in all 
instances is limited to the purchase price of 
the seeds. 


January 1950 

HUNT’S Perfection 

Contains Fancy Red Top, Kentucky Blue, Colonial Bent, 
Perennial Rye Grasses 

An acre requires 200 pounds of seed, or 1 pound to each 160 square feet. 
For renovating use half this quantity 

Harrow or rake the ground lightly, and roll with a heavy roller 

An ideal selection of many kinds of grass is offered in this seed mixture. In 
fact, representative types have been selected to provide a rich green lawn of 
even texture throughout the year. The early-maturing type insures a solid mass 
of green for the spring and early summer months. As the season progresses the 
Jate kinds maintain the vigor of the turf, giving a permanent foundation to the 
Iawn. ‘To overcome the dry conditions of midsummer only varieties with deep 
moisture-holding roots have been included. They need only a minimum of water 
to maintain their even green richness throughout the growing season. 

Lb. $1.60; 2 lbs. $3; 5 Ibs. $7; 20 Ibs. $26; 100 Ibs. $120 

EROSION NETS. These Nets, 14 inch square, hold the seed and soil firmly 

in place and are almost indispensable for use on terraces. Easy to use and 

can be moved readily when grass has become established. One width only— 
45 inches. Full roll of 250 yds. $56 

pain ean a a 
WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 8 

Hunt’s Lawn Grass Mixtures 

Prospect Park Mixture 

Contains Fancy Red Top, Kentucky Blue, 
New Zealand Fescue, Domestic Rye 

This mixture is made of the finest grasses 
specially adapted for lawns. With proper care 
of the soil beforehand, it will produce a rich, 
velvety lawn in four to six weeks, which will 
remain green throughout the year. 

Lb. $1.30; 2 lbs. $2.50; 5 lbs. $5.50; 
20 lbs. $20; 100 Ibs. $95 

Hunt's Popular Mixture 

Contains Fancy Red Top, Domestic Rye, 
Kentucky Blue, New Zealand Fescue 

This mixture has been prepared to meet the 
demand for lawn seed lower in price than the 
Perfection or Prospect Park Mixtures, but 
which will produce a satisfactory lawn the first 
season after planting. Popular Lawn Grass 
Mixture is especially prepared for sunny loca- 
tions and is not recommended for shady situa- 

Lb. $1; 2 Ibs. $1.90; 5 Ibs. $4.50; 
20 Ibs. $17.50; 100 Ibs. $85 


A mixture of fine grasses high in both purity 
and germination, specially suited for renovat- 
ing old Jawns. Will produce a rich and lasting 
turf. Sow at the rate of 3 pounds per 100 
square feet. 

Lb. $1.30; 2 lbs. $2.50; 5 Ibs. $5.50; 
20 Ibs. $20; 100 Ibs. $95 


Will produce a rich and lasting turf. This 
mixture is a combination of fine stoloniferous 
grasses that will make a quick, strong growth, 
taking a firm hold of the soil and preventing 
washing away by heavy rains. 

Lb. $1.50; 2 Ibs. $2.75; 5 Ibs. $6.50; 
20 Ibs. $24; 100 lbs. $110 

Grass Seeds sent prepaid to any address 
for Cash with order 

S hady Lawn Mixture 

Contains Fancy Red Top, Rough Blue Grass, 
English Rve Grass, Chewing’s New Zealand 

This mixture is a combination of dwarf- 
growing grasses which thrive in shaded places. 
It quickly produces an abundant and even 
growth of lovely green grass where ordinary 
lawn seed mixtures are failures. Situations 
under trees are a challenge to the lawn-maker, 
and this mixture has been con pounded to meet 
that challenge. 

Lb. $1.60; 2 lbs. $3; 5 lbs. $7; 20 Ibs. $26; 
100 Ibs. $120 


Composed chiefly of the best varieties of 
Bent grasses, but contains other hardier 
grasses to produce a lawn of fine texture not 
so susceptible to disease and attack by in- 
sects as pure Bent. Sow at the rate of 1 pound 
to each 300 square feet. 

10 lbs. $16; 25 Ibs. $38.50; 100 Ibs. $150 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Kentucky Blue Grass. Especially useful forlawns, 
meadows, and rich lands. Sow 70 pounds per acre 

for lawns, 40 pounds for pasture. 
5 lbs. $7.50; 100 lbs. $120 

Red Top, Fancy or Recleaned. Splendid for lawns. 
5 lbs. $7; 100 lbs. $120 

Excellent for fairways and 

5 lbs. $5; 100 lbs. $90 

Creeping Red Fescue. Excellent for putting- 
greens, also for sowing 1n shady places and on 

sandy soil. 
Lb. $1.25; 10 lbs. $11; 100 lbs. $97.50 

Colonial Bent (Agrostis tenuis). Grown in New 
Zealand. Desirable for putting-greens. 
5 lbs. $8.50; 100 Ibs. $160 

Chewing’s Fescue. 


Seaside Bent, Coos County (Agrostis palustris). 
5 Ibs. $9; 100 Ibs. $170 

Astoria Bent (Agrostis tenuis Var.). 

5 lbs. $9.50; 100 Ibs. $180 

English Rye Grass. Very nutritious, valuable for 
meadows and pistures. Sow 60 pounds to the acre. 

5 lbs. $2.50; 100 Ibs. $40 

Domestic Rye Grass. Thrives in any soil and 
yields early and abundant crops. Valuable for 
pasture mixtures. Sow 50 pounds per acre. 

5 lbs. $2; 100 lbs. $30 

Timothy. If used alone, sow 30 pounds to the acre. 
5 lbs. $3.75; 100 lbs. $60 


Alfalfa (Lucerne). Requires a deep, rich soil. Sow 

20 to 25 pounds per acre. 
5 lbs. $6; 100 Ibs. $110 

Alfalfa, Northern. Very hardy and productive. 
5 lbs. $7; 100 lbs. $120 

Alsike Clover. Thrives well in cold, wet, and stiff 

soils. Sow 10 pounds per acre if used alone. 
5 Ibs. $5; 100 Ibs. $85 

Crimson. An annual variety for feeding green and 
for hay. Sow 15 to 20 pounds per acre. 
5 lbs. $3; 100 lbs. $50 

Large Red or Pea Vine Clover. The English Cow 
Grass for plowing under. Sow 15 pounds per acre. 

5 Ibs. $5.50; 100 Ibs. $95 

Medium Red Clover. Considered most nutritious 
of all species; best in moist locations. Sow in 

spring or fall, 20 pounds per acre. 
5 lbs. $5.50; 100 Ibs. $95 

Sweet Clover, Bokhara. Especially suitabie for 
bees; also used as a fertilizer. 

5 Ibs. $3.50; 100 Ibs. $50 

White Clover for Lawns. Specially selected seed 
of high purity, valuable for lawns. Sow in the 
spring at the rate of 4 pounds per acre when used 

with other grasses. Lb. $2; 5 lbs. $9 
Wild White Clover. Alb. $1.50; Ib. $2.25 

Ladino White Clover. 
Alb. $2; lb. $3.50; 5 lbs. $16 

Farm and Field Seeds 

All Farm Seeds subject to market changes 


Sow 1 bushel (48 lbs.) of seed to the acre 

Japanese. Early and productive. 100 Ibs. $11 

Silverhull. Light gray grain. 100 Ibs. $11 


For grain, sow 1 bushel (56 lbs.) of seed to the acre; 
for forage or soiling 11/2 bushels 

Winter. Very heavy cropper, producing 25 to 45 
bushels to the acre. Bus. $6; 5 bus. $25 
Spring. Bus. $6 

eee ee ee eee eee eee eee ener eee eer eee eee —ESEO—ESESESESE=E—E=E=—E=E=EEEEEEEEEEEEEE———_eeeee 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Hunt’s Perfection Vegetable Seeds 

All seeds sent prepaid to any address for cash with order 

In spite of the fact that the commercial gardener can usually supply most vegetables during the 
summer at less than what it costs the consumer in time and labor to raise them himself, market vege- 
tables, no matter how expeditiously and scientifically marketed, are never as good as those grown in 
the home-garden. 

Besides, there is always the added spice of triumphant achievement in producing the vegetables for 
family use from the home plot. 

If there is space, such crops as mature underground—potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and so 
on—can be grown cheaply in quantity, and may be stored in the cellar in autumn and kept until 
wanted for use. Garden space and garden enthusiasm are all that are needed to produce greate1 
quantities of those staple things of better quality. 

Please order your seeds early. The use of our special order form will assist us, and expedite delivery. 

All seed orders shipped the same day as received. 


Set out in April, in rows 2 feet apart, plant 144 
feet apart in the row, and 6 inches below surface. In 
small gardens, two and three-year plants are pre- 
ferred to seed, as they are easier to handle and bring 
quicker results. 

Washington. A practically rustproof variety that 
produces large, luscious, dark green stalks of finest 

Choice 1-year roots, $5.00 per 100 
Strong 2-year roots, $6.50 per 100 
Extra-strong 3-year roots, $9 per 100 


Chou Vert Frise Col Grun Kobl 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 
Sow seed 1% to 1 inch deep, in rows 1% to 2 feet 
apart, and thin plants to stand 2 feet apart. Bore- 
cole is always improved in quality by mild early 
autumn frosts. Sowings should therefore be made 
in May and the plants transplanted in July. 

Dwarf Green Curled Scotch. Very dwarf and 
spreading. Pkt. 15 cts.; goz. 35 cts.; oz. 60 cts. 

Tall Green Curled Scotch. Heavy cropping sort. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; Iyoz. 35 cts.; oz. 60 cts. 


Chou de Bruxelles Berza de Bruselas Rosenkobl 
One ounce of seed will produce 1500 plants 

Sow seed in April in seed-beds, transplanting 
afterward into rows 2 feet apart, and cultivate like 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
Il,oz. 50 cts.; oz. 90 cts. 

GIANT EXHIBITION. Produces an abundant 

crop of delicious solid Sprouts which mature very 
early. 120 days. 

Prolific Exhibition. Very fine, even-shaped Sprouts 
of good size and flavor. 110 days. 


This vegetable 1s similar to cauliflower but of less 
delicate flavor. Itis hardier, and of earliest culture. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
hoz. 60 cts.; oz. $1 

Green Calabrese. Delicious flavor. 85 days. 
Italian Green Sprouting Propageno. 80 days. 

6 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 



Beans, particularly the bush varieties, are one of 
the most satisfactory vegetables to grow. They 
adapt themselves to practically any condition of 
soil, succeeding particularly well in the virgin soil of 
newly made gardens. Successive sowings should be 
made throughout the season. Those not wanted for 
immediate use may be canned or allowed to ripen 
and dry for winter use. Black Valentine Stringless, 
Masterpiece, and Golden Wax carry our highest 

Sow about May 1, in drills 2 inches deep; and 114 
to 2 feet apart. Drop the Beans 3 inches apart, and 
cover not more than 2 inches. Sow every two weeks, 
up to the end of July, for a succession. 

Haricots Nains Frijoles 

Dwarf or Bush Beans 
One pound (or pint) of seed will sow 50 feet of drill 
Standard prices, all varieties, except where 

noted, Alb. 40 cts.; Ib. 65 cts.; 5 lbs. $3; 
10 Ibs. $5.50 

Black Valentine Stringless. Long, round, solid 
pods. Heavy cropper. For forcing or garden. 50 

Bountiful. Reliable and adapted to both heavy 
and light soils; good alike for market, home use, 
and for freezing. One of the best green-podded 

sorts. Early and prolific; long green, flat pods. 
48 days. 
Keystonian. Dark green pods 6 inches long. 

Round, solid, fine-grained flesh of superior quality. 
Its combined productiveness, hardiness, high 
quality, and adaptability to various locations has 
made it a general favorite. 52 days. 

Mammoth Stringless Green-Pod. Large, hand- 
some pods. One of the best early varieties. 51 

Masterpiece. Plants robust in constitution and the 
long pods are straight, handsome, and tender; 
unusually productive. 53 days. Lb. $1; 5 Ibs. $4.50. 

Plentiful. Black-seeded. All-America Winner. 
The pods are long, thick and flat, slightly curved; 
8 inches long, fairly smooth, stringless and of 
good quality. Very early. 51 days. 

Tendergreen. Plants are vigorous in habit, erect, 
and very prolific, producing Beans 6 to 7 inches 
long, round, straight, and’stringless. 54 days. 

The Prince. One of the finest Beans ever intro- 
duced. Matures very early and bears enormous 
crops. Pods are stringless, of fine flavor. 10 to 11 
inches in Iength. 56 days. Lb. $1; 5 lbs. $4.50. 

Wax-Podded Dwarf Beans 

Standard prices, all varieties, 12]b. 50 cts.; 
lb. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50 

Golden Wax, Improved. Very early. Flat pods, 
stringless and tender. 50 days. 

Surecrop Stringless Wax. Bears handsome rich 
yellow pods slightly curved; 7 inches in length; 
14 inch wide. Meaty and sweet. 53 days. 

Wardwell’s Dwarf Kidney Wax. Early and crisp. 
Produces a heavy crop. 52 days. 

Vegetable Seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 


Pole Lima Beans 
Two pounds (or quart) of seed will sow 100 hills 

Standard prices, all varieties, 14lb. 50 cts.; 
Ib. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50 

Burpee’s Giant-podded. Best for homes, market 
and freezing. The Beans are large and thick. 
Productive. 92 days. 

Dreer’s Improved (Challenger). Early and heavy 
cropper of excellent quality. 90 days. 

Sunnybrook. The Beans are thick and meaty. 
94 davs. 

Bean Poles (Cedar). 10 ft. Heavy; pointed. 

$25 per 100 

Bush Lima Beans 

Lima Beans should not be planted until all danger 
from frost is past. Sow bush varieties in drills 2 feet 
apart, the Beans about 6 inches apart, and cover 
about 2 inches. For Pole Limas, allow 5 Beans to a 
hill; plant seed eyes down, 2 inches deep. 

Two pounds (or quart) of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 
Standard prices, all varieties, 14lb. 45 cts.; 
Ib. 75 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.25 
Burpee’s Improved Bush. Pods are enormous, 

often measuring 5 to 6 inches. Very productive. 

75 days. 

Baby Fordhook. Small-seeded Lima Bean of 
splendid quality. Height 14 inches, pods 3 inches 
long. Suitable for all purposes. 70 days. 

Fordhook Bush. Immense pods and Beans of 
delicious flavor. 75 days. 

Henderson’s Bush. Early and heavy cropper. 
Small Beans of fine quality. 65 days. 

Pole Beans, Green-Podded 

Pole Beans make ideal ornamental vines on 
trellises or arches adjacent to the vegetable garden. 
Try the Scarlet Runner in this way, if opportunity 

Standard prices, all varieties, \lb. 45 cts.; 

lb. 80 cts. 
Kentucky Wonder (Old Homestead). Long, 
green, and round. Excellent flavor. 68 days. 

Scarlet Runner. Produces a heavy crop of tender, 
stringless, delicious Beans. 65 days. 

BEANS, Tendergreen 

a sense reer 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 7 


Betterave Remolacha Salatrube 
One ounce of seed will sow 50 feet of drill; 
5 to 6 pounds, an acre 

Sow as early in the spring as the ground can be 
worked, and every two weeks after, for a succession 
up to the first week of July. Soil should be light, 
sandy loam, well enriched with manure. Sow tin 
drills, 15 inches apart, and thin out to 4 inches. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 30 cts.; I4lb. 75 cts.; Ib. $2.75 

Early Dark-Leaved Globe. Has a dark leaf like 
decorative strains. It is a main-crop Beet of 
excellent keeping qualities. 58 days. 

Crimson Globe. Fine, globular shape; flesh rich, 
very tender and sweet. One of the best for an 
early crop. 58 days. 

Crosby’s Egyptian. Rapid grower; sow outside as 
late as July. Dark blood-red. 56 days. 

Egyptian. Extra early. Flat; deep red; tender and 
sweet. 60 days. 

Early Wonder. Semi-globe-shaped, about 3 inches 
in diameter. Small top and thin tapered root. 
Dark red skin and flesh. Very early. Popular 
Beet for canning or cooking whole. 55 days. 

Giant Winter Keeper. Remains solid and tender 
all summer as well as when stored. 80 days. 

Detroit Dark Red. Very early. Sweet and tender. 
60 days. 


Six to 8 pounds of seed will sow an acre 

Giant Intermediate. 

Alb. 90 cts.; lb. $1.50; 5 Ibs. $7 
Mammoth Long Red. 

Alb. 90 cts.; lb. $1.50; 5 Ibs. $7 

SWISS CHARD, Lucullus. Large, dark green 
leaves; white ribs. May be used as spinach. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14lb. 80 cts. 

RHUBARB CHARD. 60 days. A Swiss Chard that 
looks Itke Rhubarb. Bright, delicate, translucent 
crimson. Easily grown, thrives everywhere. 

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts. 


Chou Fleur Coliflor Blumenkobl 
One ounce of seed will produce 2000 plants 

For early varieties, sow seed in hotbeds during 
January or February, transplant 2 to 3 inches apart, 
to flats or coldframes and set out In open ground 
214 feet apart as soon as weather Is suitable. Thrives 
best in loamy soil. Water freely during dry spells. 
For late Cauliflower give same treatment as late 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 25 cts.; 
lZoz. $1; 140z. $1.50 
Dry Weather. Heads grow to a very large size, are 
solid, pure white, and of delicious flavor. 90 days. 

Extra-Early Snowball. The best for forcing under 
glass or for open ground. Extremely dwarf, early, 
producing wonderful white heads. 82 days. 

Improved Erfurt. One of the earliest and most 
desirable small-leaved, dwarf varieties. 85 days. 

Early Purple Head. Head same shape as ordinary 
Cauliflower, but dark purple on the top. Very 
easy of cultiv ation, plants being large and robust: 
makes a fine tight head which does not require 
any tying. Ready for use late August and Sep- 
tember. 94 days. 



Zanaboria Mobre 
One ounce 2) seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 
4 pounds, an acre 
Sow seed in light sandy soil, from April to July, in 
drills 114 feet apart, covering the seed 14 inch deep. 
Thin out to 3 to 5inches apart. Cultivate freely and 
do not allow the soil to get too dry during hot weather. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 50 cts.; 14lb. $1.75; Ib. $5 

Scarlet Intermediate. In color, quality, and shape 
cannot be excelled. Splendid cropper and good 
keeper. 70 days. 

California Bunching. A well-shaped Carrot, 1144 
inches thick by 8 inches in length. 72 days. 

Chantenay Half-Long Scarlet. Orange-red, 
stump-rooted variety, with broad shoulder. 70 



Danvers Half-Long. Handsome, large, smooth, 
rich orange-red Carrot with little core. 75 days. 

Early French Forcing. Its small, mild-flavored, 
globe-shaped roots make an elegant and delicious 
side dish. 65 days. 

Early Scarlet Horn. A round stump-rooted variety 
which produces a heavy early crop. Splendid 

flavor and very tender. 60 days. 

Guerande (Oxheart). Animmense cropper. Espe- 
cially suited to hard soils. 70 days. 

Half-Long Nantes (Coreless). A popular French 

sort adapted to shallow soils. 70 days. 
Imperator. An exceptionally heavy cropper. Rich 
orange-red, always smooth and tender. Ideal 
bunching Carrot. 74 days. 
Long Red Surrey. Heavy cropper of first-rate 
quality. 82 days. 


Chou Col repollo Kopfkobl 

One ounce of seed will produce about 1500 heads; 
8 ounces will sow an acre 

For plants of early kinds, sow seed in January 
under glass, and prick out into flats about 2 inches 
apart. Transplant to open ground as early in the 
spring as the soil can be prepared, setting 1% feet 
to 2 feet apart, in rows, which should be 3 feet apart. 
Cultivate frequently, and during dry weather water 
copiously. Late Cabbage seed should be sown in 
drills in open ground during April and May, and 
transplanted in June or July. Fertilize heavily, us- 
ing 400 pounds Nitrate of Soda per acre in three 
dressings, one-third when plants are set out, and 
two-thirds a month apart later. 

Standard prices, all varieties and Savoys, pkt. 
15 cts.; Woz. 45 cts.; oz. 75 cts.; 14lb. $2.50 

Dwarf Earliest. A conical-shaped Cabbage of very 
dwarf habit. Delicate in flavor, very tender, and 
quick to mature. 59 days. 

Autumn King. Large, ae heads with closely set 
leaves of fine quality; good keeper. 65 days. 

Copenhagen Market. The earliest round variety 
and the largest. 69 days. 

Danish Ballhead. Medium size; few outer leaves; 
good keeper. 70 days. 

Early Jersey Wakefield. Heads conical, solid, with 
few outer leaves. 62 days 

Charleston Wakefield. Head heart-shaped, 8 
inches long, 7 inches broad at base. A popular 
first-early variety. 72 days. 

Premium Flat Dutch. The heads are flat and 
grow remarkably large. 84 days. 

Men aoue Rock Red. Round, solid heads. 


SAVOY, American Drumhead. Unsurpassed for 
winter use. Large, late, and finely curled. 90 days. 

Savoy, Perfection. Largely grown for New York 
market. 90 days. 


8 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

CABBAGE, Copenhagen Market 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 45 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

BEANS, Bountiful. Yglb. 40 cts.; 
IDsOn'Cts:. = 11 DSao5 

BEET, Detroit Dark 
Red. Pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 30 cts.; I4lb. 75 

CARROT, Scarlet Intermediate. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 141b. $1.75 

BROCCOLI, Italian Green Sprouung 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 1402. 60 cts.; oz. $1 
a ce ee ee Te Rae a a a SS SSE EN SSE SE SESS TIS 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 9 

CORN, Golden Cross Bantam 
14lb. 30 cts.; Ylb. 50 cts.; lb. 85 cts. 

CELERY, Cornell No. 19 


One ounce of seed will produce 3000 plants 

For earliest crop, sow in February under glass or 
in heated frames. Prick out on bottom heat when 
ready, and transplant to trenches in May or June. 
For main crop sow in March and continue up to July. 
When plants are large enough, transplant to 
trenches, preparing same with good rich loam. Water 
freely during July and August. It is essential to 
place at least 3 to 4 inches of rotted manure in the 
bottom cf the trenches before setting out plants. 
Without it, dwarf, stunted plants invariably result. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
14,0z. 75 cts.; oz. $1.2 

Cornell 19. The best yellow Celery. Flesh is 
thick, tender, and stringless. Unequaled for main 
crop and storage. 130 days. 

Easy Blanching. Second-early Celery. Solid, pure 
white, crisp, of extra-fine flavor. 120 days. 

Giant Pascal. Solid and crisp; golden yellow heart; 
rich nutty flavor. Easily blanched. 135 days. 

Golden Self-blanching. Crisp; tender. 112 days. 

Utah (Golden Crisp). Excellent for fall or winter. 
Plants are compact, stalks broad and thick, ex- 
ceptionally solid, and when blanched are pure 
white, crisp, and delicious. 130 days. 

White Plume. A valuable early variety unsur- 
passed for fall and winter use. 110 days. 

Winter Queen. Very large and solid. Excellent for 
keeping. 120 days. 

CELERIAC, Large Erfurt (Turnip-rooted Cel- 
ery). Forsoups. 120 days. Pkt. 15cts.; oz. $1.50 


Cerfeuirl Perifello Kerbel 

Curled. For flavoring. Greenhouse saved seed. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Celerz Sellerie 



One pound of seed will sow 300 feet of drill, 
or 200 to 300 hills 

Like Peas, Sweet Corn is at its best when served 
within a few minutes after picking. Plant in rich, 
warm soil, in hills 2 to 3 feet apart, in rows 3 feet 
apart for early kinds and 4 feet apart for late sorts. 
Sow about mid-May and continue fortnightly until 
the middle of July. 

Mais Korn 

Golden Midget (Mason’s). Plants grow no 
higher than 31% feet, and produce golden yel- 
low ears 4 to 5 inches Jong. Kernels are of 
delicious flavor. Matures in 55 days. 

Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14]b. 75 cts. 

Hybrid Varieties 

Golden Cross Bantam. Outstanding sort, show- 
ing remarkable resistance to wilt. Stalks are 
sturdy, ears 7 inches long, maturing In 88 days. 

Lincoln. Large ears 9 inches long, with 16 rows of 
bright golden kernels of superb quality. 6 feet 
tall. Recommended for freezing, home and market 
use. 85 days. 

Marcross. A fine development from the Connecti- 
cut Experimental Station. Very early, producing 
pale yellow ears 7 to 8 inches long. Height 6 feet, 
resistant to wilt. 75 days. 

Stowell’s Evergreen Hybrid. Ears 8 _ inches 
long, with white tender sweet kernels. 90 days. 
Spancross. Ears are 7 inches long, well filled with 
golden yellow kernels. Earliest of all hybrids. 

71 days. 

Top Flight Bantam. Deep creamy yellow ears, 9 
inches, of finest quality. 84 days. 

Standard prices, above hybrid varieties, 
I4lb. 30 cts., I2lb. 50 cts., lb. 85 cts. 

Standard Sorts 

All varieties, 14lb. 20 cts.; I4lb. 35 cts.; 
- 50 cts. 

Country Gentleman. Best for midseason. Sweet, 
tender and milky. 94 days. 

Golden Bantam. Extra early. Very sweet and 
tender; yellow. 80 days. 

Whipple’s Early Yellow. 
matures in about 80 days. 

Corn Salad (Fetticus) 

Mache Macha o Valerianilla Ackersalat 

Large seeded; large-leaved. Thrifty large-growing 
sort with thick leaves of mild flavor. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 


One ounce of seed will sow 150 feet of drill 
Extra Curled. Splendid for salads and garnishing. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 14lb. $1.50 

Water Cress. Pkt. 20 cts.; 40z. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25 
Upland or Land Cress. Succeeds in dry soils. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. 


Chicoree Achicoria 
Witloof (French Endive). The _ stalks 

blanched are used for salad. 110 days. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Prolific and vigorous; 


Vegetable Seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order 

10 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Concombre Pepino Gurke 
One ounce of seed will sow 50 hills; 2 pounds, an acre 

Sow outdoor varieties early in spring, in hotbeds, 
and transplant to open ground when weather is 
suitable. For later crop, sow seed when weather be- 
comes settled, in hills 3 to 4 feet apart. They require 
a warm, rich soil, and should be watered liberally. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 40 cts.; 14lb. $1.25 

A & C. Very popular. 8 to 9 inches. 68 days. 

Black Diamond (Stays-green). “It Stays Green.” 
Fruits grow 714 to 81% inches long, straight, 
blunt-ended; deep green skin. The flesh is pure 
white, refreshing and tasty. Matures in 54 days. 

Boston Pickling. Suitable for pickling or slicing. 
55 days. 

Cubit. Dark green. 8 inches. 70 days. 

Davis’ Perfect. Fruits are long and slim, very 
tender, and of fine flavor. 60 days. 
Fordhook Famous. Dark green fruits. Vigorous 

and productive. 60 days. 
Long Green. Dark green; long and crisp. 60 days. 

nese raise Gherkin. Very small. Used for pickles. 

English Forcing Cucumbers 
(Greenhouse-grown Seed) 
Sutton’s Delicacy. The best Cucumber for green- 

house culture. Fruits are dark green, well shaped 
and 16 to 18 inches long. Splendid flavor. Pkt. $1. 

Telegraph. A Cucumber of fine shape. Very pro- 
Iifie. Quick in growth. Pkt. 75 cts. 
Aubergine Berengena Everpflanze 

One ounce of seed will produce atout 1000 plants 
Sow in mild heat, about mid-March, and trans- 
plant June 1, setting the plants 214 feet apart. 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
I4Zoz. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25 
Black Beauty. Large, round, deep purple fruits. 
Very early. 73 days. 

New York Spineless. Early and productive. 76 
Chicoree Escarola o Endivia Endidien 

One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 
Sow about the middle of April, in rows 114 feet 
apart, and thin out to about 9 inches apart. 

Broad-leaved (Escarolle). Leaves long, broad, 
and succulent. A fine variety for winter salads. 
70 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 141b. $1.25 

Green Curled. Standard variety for fall and winter 

crop. 65 days. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts.; 14lb. $1 

Chou- Rave Colinabo Koblrabi 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 
Drill seeds in rows about 15 inches apart in May, 
and thin out to about 9 inches apart. 

Short-leaved White Vienna. Mild and delicate. 
55 days. 
Early Purple Vienna. Good all-round sort. 52 days 

Each variety, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 55 cts.; oz. $1 


Poireau Puerr 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 

Sow in April and transplant tn July into trenches 
of well-manured soil, about 20 inches between the 
plants. In warm weather, apply liquid manure. 

Any variety, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 55 cts.; oz. $1 
LYON EXHIBITION. This is undoubtedly the 
largest of all Leeks. Flavor mild. 125 days. 
American Flag, or Broad London. Mildly 
flavored thick stems of excellent quality. The 
white portion extends well up the stalks. 125 days. 


Musselburgh (Scotch). Large and extra-ftne. 
110 days. 
Laitue Lecbhuga Lattich 

One ounce of seed will produce 2000 plants 
Sow the seed in hotbeds during February until 
the middle of March, afterward pricking off into 
fats or coldframes, leaving about 6 to 8 inches be- 
tween the plants. As soon as weather becomes suit- 
able, transfer to open ground and set out in rows 
1 foot apart, leaving 9 inches between plants. 
Standard prices, all varieties, except where 
noted, pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. 25 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 
IA4lb. $1 

The Winner of the Bronze Medal in the 1947 
All-America Selections. Tender, crisp and of 
unusually tasty, nut-like flavor. Easy and quick 

to grow; usually ready for table 40 days after 

sowing. Ruddy bronze color. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 4o0z. 50 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Big Boston. Very large heads of excellent flavor. 
Fine for forcing in coldframes or open ground. 

Black-seeded Simpson. Produces large masses of 
curly, crisp leaves. Tender; of good flavor. 

Great Lakes. Especially valuable for summer, as 
it stands heat and sun. Heads are small and some- 
what flat. The leaves fold completely over the 
heads, which are solid before they attain full size. 
90 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Grand Rapids Forcing. Large, crisp, tender, early 
bunching variety. 

Iceberg. Splendid crisp sort. 
the heat as well as Iceberg. 

Matchless. Splendid flavor. Excellent for hot 
weather. A cross between Cos and Cabbage 
Lettuce. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 

May King. Extra-large, round, solid, very tender 
heads. 75 days. 

New York Giant. Bleaches naturally. 
crisp, tender. 83 days. 

Summer Triumph (Oakleaf). Produces loose, 
crisp heads of deliciously flavored Lettuce. 

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 60 cts. 

White Big Boston. Bright green outer leaves en- 

closing solid light green head. 

Few Lettuces resist 


Romaine or Cos Lettuce 
Paris White Cos. Upright in growth; color pale 

green. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. 
Self-folding. Crisp, dwarf and compact. Very 
sweet. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1 
Moutarde Mostaza Senfkraut 

White London. Leaves used for salad. 40 days, 
Oz. 25 cts.; 14lb. 75 cts. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 



Melon Muscade Melon Muscatel 
One ounce of seed will sow 50 hills; 
2 to 3 pounds, an acre in hills 
Seed should be planted in rich, sandy soil about 
the first week in May. Place ten seeds in hills about 
5 feet apart each way; thin out to three or four. 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 40 cts. 
Emerald Gem. Dark green skin; flesh orange, very 
sweet. 90 days. 
Hale’s Best. Oval-shaped, orange-fleshed melon. 
Delicious, sweet, and firm. 
Hearts of Gold. Delicate [uscious salmon flesh. 
Medium size. 
Honeydew. White skin; flesh green, thick, sweet. 
Rocky Ford. Oval; flesh thick, green, very sweet. 


English Muskmelon 

Cotting’s Hybrid. Very large, of handsome shape, 
with deep golden flesh rich in flavor; for green- 
house. Pktis75 cts.3.0 for-oz2 


Melon d’Eau Zandia Wasser Melone 
One ounce of seed will sow 25 hills 
Treat similar to muskmelon, except that they 
should be planted out in hills 8 to 10 feet apart. 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 35 cts. 

Cole’s Early. Medium size; green skin; red flesh. 
Kleckley’s Sweet. Sweet and fine flavored. 

Mountain Sweet (Stone). A popular, round 
variety with grayish green skin. Very sweet. 
90 days. 

Tom Watson. Perhaps the best shipping Water- 
melon. Deep red, firm flesh of rich flavor. Ex- 
ceptionally large. 95 days. 

Onion Sets Lb. 10 Ibs. 
Red Onion Sets-2..4.05.45.- 2 $0 60 $4 50 
White: Onion:Sets 427-5 60 4 50 
Yellow. Onion pets. 3-2) 60 4 50 
Yellow Ebenezer. ................ 60 4 50 
Shallots: 203 eee eee 100 750 
Garlick 2 oa ee eee 1 00 

Strong clumps, $5 per doz. 

Chives (Seeds) 

Perennial. The tops are used for giving a mild 
onion-like flavor to soups, stews, etc. Grows 6 inches 
high. 80 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 60 cts. 


Combaud Quimbombo Essbarer Hibiscus 
One ounce of seed will plant 40 feet of drill 
Sow seed early in May, in rows 3 feet apart and 
2 inches deep. Thin out to about 1 foot apart. 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 25 cts.; 14lb. 60 cts. 
Dwarf Green. Early. Short, thick pods. 50 days. 
Long Green. Very productive. 52 days. 

White Velvet. Tender, long white pods. 54 days. 



Oignon Cebolla Zwiebe 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 
4 to 5 pounds, an acre 
As early as soil can be worked In spring, sow the 
seeds thinly in drills 1 foot apart, and cover lightly, 
later thinning out to about 6 Inches apart in the 
row. The soil must be well fertilized. In hot weather, 
water frequently. Plant Onion sets as early as your 
ground will permit. 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
IZoz. 60 cts.; oz. $1; Alb. $3 
Ailsa Craig. [Extra-selected strain. Flesh white. 
115 days. 
Gigantic Gilbraltar. Very large; handsome, globu- 
lar shape; light straw-color. 112 days. 
Large Red Wethersfield. A large, rather strongly 
flavored Onion; an excellent keeper. 112 days. 
Prizetaker. Immense, globular, yellow; flesh white. 
110 days. 
Southport Red Globe. Globe-shaped, medium- 
sized; keeps well. Excellent quality. 115 days. 
Southport White Globe. Globe-shaped; flesh 
firm, fine-grained, mild, pure white. 112 days. 
White Portugal or Silver Skin. Early; mild 
flavor. 105 days. 

White Sweet Spanish. Pure white; large size; mild 
flavor; solid and crisp. 100 days. 

Yellow Danvers. Early; good keeper. 110 days. 

Yellow Globe Danvers. Globular shape; keeps 
well. 102 days. 

White Bunching. Seed sown In spring will produce 
mild scallions in early fall. 120 days. 


Peril Petersilie 

One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 

Sow seed thinly in beds any time from February 
until the end of May. Soak seed thoroughly in 
water before sowing. 
Standard prices, all varieties, except where 

noted, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; \4lb. $1 

Exhibition Green Gem. Rich deep green. 72 days. 
Triple Moss-Curled. Immensely double, compact 

leaves. 70 days. 
Hamburg. Turnip-rooted. Specially for soup 

flavoring. 90 days. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 35 cts. 


Panais Chirivia Pastinake 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 
5 pounds, an acre 
Sow the seed as soon as season will permit, in drills 
about 2 feet apart, and thin plants out to 1 foot 
apart in the row. The ground should be deeply 
trenched and well manured. 
American Hollow Crown. 
milky white. 100 days. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 40 cts.; 14lb. $1.25 


Piment Pimiento Pfeffer 
One ounce of seed will produce about 2000 plants 
Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
Loz. 70 cts.; oz. $1.25 
California Wonder. Thick walls; sweet, tender 
and good flavor. Glossy green; bright crimson 
when ripe. Unsurpassed for baking. 75 days. 

Chinese Giant. Bright scarlet; mild and sweet. 
70 days. 

Large Bell (Bull-Nose). Large, early, bright red, 
mild variety. 72 days. 

Long Red Cayenne. Very hot. Easily dried for 
winter use. 72 days. 

Ruby King. Bright red; flesh thick, mild. 68 days. 

Sweet Mountain. Very large, mild and sweet. 
70 days. 

World Beater. One of the largest and best. Deep 
green, turning to scarlet-red. 75 days. 


Long, smooth, and 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address for cash with order 

Nn ee EIRENE pun UUNASUUESlsauusunmsiaissunsemsmemssccmaeneeeemianmmemenmma sea eeree ese e 
12 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

ONION, Yellow Globe Danvers 
PEL <CtS-38/4025- O00) CtS 3 0Z. 01 - 
IA4lb. $3 

LETTUCE, Big Boston 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 25 cts.; oz. 40 cts. 

TURNIP, Purple-Top White Globe 
Pkt. 15 cts:.; 0z. 30 cts.; 
14lb. 65 cts. 

RADISH, Crimson Giant 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 30 cts.; 14lb. $1 

PEA, : 
Little Marvel. '4lb. 40 cts.; 
lb. 60 cts. 
PARSLEY, Triple Moss-Curled TOMATO, Rutgers 
Pkt. [5icts:;0z. 40 cts. Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25 

emmnmnnnnnnes e  SSessesnsssnssssnssssnersssnsssenee? 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 13 


Pois Chicharos o Guisantes Erbsen 

For first crop, round-seeded Peas should be sown 
in the open ground as soon as it Is fit to be worked; 
wrinkled varieties should be planted two to three 
weeks later. Frequent planting for succession, and a 
careful selection of varieties, will give an almost 
continuous crop of Peas from June until frost. Sow 
Peas in rows 3 feet apart and 3 inches deep. Rotted 
horse-manure and wood-ashes should be freely 
used in the preparation of soil for Pea-growing. 

Three pounds of seed will sow 100 feet of drill 

Round Peas 

Standard prices, all Round varieties, lb. 
40 cts.; lb. 60 cts.; 5 Ibs. $2.75 

Alaska. 21% ft. Round Pea. An extremely early 
variety and most widely used for canning. Pods 
contain light green Peas. Fully resistant to wilt. 
60 days. 

First of All. 3 to 4 ft. Round. This splendid va- 
riety Is ready for use in a short time. Produces a 
heavy crop of well-filled pointed pods containing 
Peas of delicious flavor. 58 days. 

Mammoth Sugar (Melting Sugar). 41% ft. Seeds 
medium round, smooth, creamy white. Peas and 

pods both edible. 75 days. 

Wrinkled Peas 

Standard prices, all Wrinkled varieties, 
Vlb. 40 cts.; lb. 60 cts.; 5 Ibs. $2.75 

Alderman. 5 ft. Main crop. Wrinkled. Few va- 
rieties yield such an abundant crop. Pods are 
immense, with large Peas of rich flavor. 75 days. 

Early Bird. 3 ft. First early. Robust in habit and 
produces extra-large, round Peas in abundance. 
62 days. 

Gradus (Prosperity). 3 to 314 ft. Second early. 
A large-podded variety for home- and market- 
garden. Pods borne singly; medium green, plump, 
and well filled. 68 days. 

Laxtonian (Blue Bantam). 2 ft. Main crop. The 
dark green pods contain large, wrinkled, green and 
cream Peas. days. 

Little Marvel. 2 ft. Seeds medium size, distinctly 
wrinkled, green, unsurpassed in quality and 
productiveness. 68 days. 

Nott’s Excelsior. 15in. Very early, and also useful 
for late sowing. Matures in 62 days. 

Telephone. 5 ft. Maincrop. One of the best home- 
and market-garden sorts. Pods borne singly con- 
tain large green wrinkled Peas. 74 days. 

Thomas Laxton. 3 ft. Wrinkled second-early. 
Produces a heavy crop of large dark green Peas. 
65 days. 

World’s Record. 3 ft. Second early. Produces 
large, wrinkled, green and cream seeds. Very 
productive. 63 days. 


Potiron Tucca Grosse Kurbis 
One ounce of seed will sow 25 hills; 3 pounds, an acre 

Sow about the end of April, in hills 8 feet apart, 
using 3 or 4 seeds to a hill. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 30 cts.; Alb. $1 
Connecticut Field. Large, oval. 120 days. 
Large Cheese. Flat. One of the best for family use. 
110 days. 
Sugar. Small, yellow, and sweet. 100 days. 
Winter Luxury. Round, of medium size; yellow. 
110 days. 



Pomme de terre Patatas Kartoffel 
Ten bushels of cut tubers will plant an acre 

Chippewa. Early; heavy yielding. Matures a week 
or 10 days later than Cobbler, but yields much 
more and succeeds under almost all conditions. 
Uniform in size; flesh is white and splendid for 
boiling or steaming or for salads. 

Green Mountain. Unsurpassed for main crop. 

Irish Cobbler. One of the first to be ready for use. 
Flesh white, of fine flavor. 

Katahdin. Intermediate. White skin and white 
flesh. Handsome oval shape. 

Sebago. Extremely productive; late. Handsome 
white tubers; quality is excellent. Vines large and 
vigorous, resistant to heat and drought. One of 
the best for all purposes and excellent for winter 

All varieties, $9 per 100 lbs. 


Radis et Rave Rabanos y Rabanitos Radieschen 
One ounce of seed will sow 75 feet of drill 

For an early crop, sow in hotbed in January, 
February, and March. As soon as ground Is fit to be 
worked, sow seed in the open, In rows 1 foot apart. 

Standard prices, all Radishes, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 30 cts.; M4lb. $1 

Crimson Giant. Crisp and solid. 

Deep Scarlet Turnip Forcing. Handsome; de- 
liclous; crisp. 

French Breakfast. Very early. Succeeds in hot 
weather. Scarlet with white tip. 23 days. 

Long Icicle. Pure white, crisp, and tender. 

Long Scarlet. Very early. Long, crisp, and sweet. 

Scarlet Globe. Good for forcing or open ground. 

Scarlet Olive-shaped. Valuable and distinct sort. 

White-tipped Scarlet Turnip (Sparkler). 


Epinard Espinaca Spinach 
One ounce of seed will sow 100 feet of drill; 
12 pounds, an acre in drills 
Summer Spinach should be sown every ten days, 
from April to the middle of July, for succession; 
winter varieties during August and September. 

All varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 30 cts.; 
Vlb. $1; Ib. $2.75 

Curled-leaved Savoy. Large and tender. 
Blight-resistant Virginia Savoy. For late sowing. 
King of Denmark. Leaves large and tender. 
Long-standing (Round, Thick-leaved). 

NEW ZEALAND SUMMER. Does well in hot 
summer weather. 70 days. 

Perpetual. Maintains a supply long after other 
sorts are exhausted. 

Prickly (Winter). Recommended for fall sowing. 

Victoria. Extra dark green color. 49 days. 


Ostion Vegeta Haferwurze 
One ounce of seed will sow 75 feet of drill 
Mammoth Sandwich Island. A _ large-growing 
variety. Matures in 120 days. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; I4oz, 55 cts.; oz. $1 


Large-leaved French. Used for soups and salads. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. 55 cts.; oz. $1 


WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Courge Calabaza Speisse Kurbis 

One ounce of seed will sow 50 hills of the early sorts 
and 25 hills of the later varieties 
_ Seeds should be planted about the middle of May, 
in hills 4 feet apart for bush varieties and 10 feet 
apart for the running sorts. Put twelve to fifteen 
seeds in each hill; afterward thin out, leaving three 
or four of the best plants. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 40 cts.; 14lb. $1.25 

Acorn or Table Queen. Deeply ribbed, dark 
yellow flesh, very sweet. 85 days. 

Blue Hubbard. Bright orange flesh of choice flavor. 

Bush Summer Crookneck. Yellow fruit of de- 
lictous flavor. 

Butternut. The fruits are yellowish brown and 
bottle-shaped. The flesh is yellow, fine textured, 
dry, sweet, and of excellent flavor. 85 days. 

Cocozelle. Dark green when young, afterwards 
light yellow. 

English, Bush White. Cream-colored. 

English, Long White. Skin greenish yellow; flesh 
white, soft. 

Extra-Early Jersey White Bush. Enormously 
productive. 54 days. 

Giant Summer Crookneck. Large; rich flavor. 

Golden Hubbard. Flesh deep golden yellow. 

Improved Hubbard. Well known and liked for 
late use. 115 days. 

Summer Straightneck. Golden orange fruits. 
Finest quality salmon-yellow flesh. 55 days. 

White Bush Scallop. A good early variety of fine 

Zucchini. Tender, of delicious mild flavor. 


“ Baron Solemacher. A very productive Straw- 
berry producing berries the first year from seed. 
Delicious alpine wild flavor. 

Pkt. 40 cts.; 3 for $1 


Nabo Meisse Rube 
One ounce of seed will sow 150 feet of drill; 
2 pounds, an acre 
For main crop, sow in open ground from May to 
July; for winter use, during July and August. Set 
out in rows 1% feet apart, allowimg a space of 
6 inches between the plants. 


Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
oz. 30 cts.; 14lb. 65 cts.; lb. $2 

Early Snowball. Crisp, tender, and sweet. 
Golden Ball. One of the best table sorts. 

Milan, Early Purple-Top. Flesh pure white. 
Milan, Early White-Top. Quick grower. 
Purple-Top White Globe. 

Yellow Globe. For early or late sowing. 
GARDEN SWEDE. Specially selected for garden 


Swede Turnip or Rutabaga 
Three pounds of seed will sow an acre 
Oz. 30 cts.; 14lb. 65 cts.; lb. $2 
American Purple-Top. Long Island Improved. 
Champion. Purple-top. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 


Tomato Tomate Liebesapfel 
One ounce of seed will produce 2000 plants 

_ In February or March sow seeds lightly tn rows 
In greenhouse, hotbed, or window-box, and when 
plants have reached a height of 3 inches, transplant 
to hotbeds. About June 1, set out in open ground, 
4 feet apart, giving plenty of well-rotted manure to 
each plant. Water freely during hot weather. To 
obtain the best results, use trellises or stakes. 

Standard prices, all varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; 
Loz. 75 cts.; oz. $1.25, except as noted 

Bonny Best. Certified Seed. Very early. Medium 

Chalk’s Early Jewel. Large, bright red fruits. 

Earliana. Extra early. Bright red, smooth. 

Golden Jubilee. Orange throughout. Large, solid 
globular fruits of delicious flavor. 72 days. 

Pkt. 20 cts.; 40z. 75 cts. 

Golden Queen. Bright golden yellow fruits of 
large size and excellent flavor. 

John Baer. Certified Seed. Very early. An ex- 
ceedingly heavy cropper. 66 days. 

Marglobe (Wilt-resistant). Certified Seed. Red, 
globe-shaped fruits with few seeds. 73 days. 

Ponderosa Giant (Beefsteak). Certified Seed. 
Fruits very large, solid, bright crimson. 81 days. 

Pritchard (Scarlet Topper). Certified Seed. 
Extra-early, large, smooth Tomato of intense 
scarlet color. 

Rutgers. Certified Seed. Large globular, deep red 
fruits are borne in great quantity. 

San Marzano. An especially fine variety for can- 
ning and for making Tomato paste. Splendid 
flavor. Medium size. Ready in 70 days. 

Stone, Tall. Large, solid fruits of very fine flavor. 

Forcing Tomatoes 
Sold in pkts. only, 50 cts. each 

Victory. Produces round, medium-sized fruit of 
splendid flavor, in large trusses. 

Early Sunrise. Splendid cropper. Medium size. 

Essex Wonder. A popular English forcing variety. 

Fill-Basket. Excellent, medium-sized. 

Market King. Early. A very heavy cropper. 

Michigan State Forcing. Deep scarlet. 
flavor; prolific and strong grower. 

Stirling Castle. Small solid fruits of good shape, 
color and fine flavor. Very proliftc. 


Fancy-Shaped Tomatoes 
Red Pear Red Cherry Yellow Pear 
Red Plum Strawberry (Husk) Yellow Plum 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts. 


N. C. Exp. State No. 401. Medium size; bright 
color. Oz. $1.50 
Gold Dollar. A good sort for sandy soil, producing 
high-grade smoking leaf. OZaS1225 
Harrison Special. Vigorous, light yellow; in heavy 

demand for cigarettes. OZeSle25 
Big Oronoko. A black Tobacco which is most 
reliable. Oz. $1.50 

Improved White Burley. Rich bright leaf, easy 
to cure and grow. Oz. $1.50 


Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Sweet 

Caraway Sage, Broad-leaved 
Chives Savory, Summer 
Dill Sorrel, Narrow-leaved 

Fennel, Florence Thyme, English 
Fennel, Sweet 
Price, pkt. 25 cts. 

For Herb Plants see page 39 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 15 

Hardy Fruits for the Home-Garden 


Strong, 2-yr.-old, selected trees, 6 to 7 ft., 
34-in. and up cal., $2.50 each 

Baldwin. Large; deep red. 

McIntosh. A delicious, juicy aromatic red Apple. 
Delicious. Dark red eating Apple. 

Gravenstein. Red. 


Strong, selected trees, 6 to 7 ft., 
34in. and upcal., $2.50 each 

Belle of Georgia. Large; rich, creamy white flesh, 
bright red blush. Freestone. 

Elberta. Early September. Yellow skin, with deep 
red cheek; flesh golden yellow. 

J. H. Hale. Mid-September. Large, yellow fruit of 
excellent quality, wonderful color. 


Extra-strong, 2-year No. 1 plants 
70 cts. each; $7 per doz. 

Fredonia. An early-ripening black Grape. 

Catawba. Standard red Grape. Vigorous, hardy, 
and productive. 

Niagara. Popular white variety. Cluster large and 


Strong, rooted cuttings, 
$2.50 per doz.; $15 per 100 

Eldorado. Early to midseason. Berries are medium 
size, jet-black, and very sweet. 

Blowers. The canes are of strong growth, quite 
hardy, and yield a heavy crop. 


Extra-strong plants, $2.50 per doz.; $15 per 100 

Indian Summer. Everbearing. Big, attractive, 
delicious berries. Bears spring, summer, and fall. 

Newburgh. Midseason variety. Extra-large berries. 
Largest cropper. 

St. Regis. Well-known everbearing variety. 

Taylor. Late red sort. 


Pot-grown, delivery April 1 to May 15 
Any variety: $2.50 per doz.; $11 per 100 
prepaid for cash with order 

Field-grown plants, $4.50 per 100 

Chesapeake. Midseason to late. The berries are 
uniform in size and shape, bright crimson. Flesh 
firm and of excellent quality. 

Dorsett. Early. Largest in size, most attractive In 
appearance, heaviest in yield. Berries are bright 
red, shapely and of excellent flavor. 

Fairfax. Ripening just after Dorsett, this remark- 
able berry rules the second-early market. 

Premier. Excelled by no early variety. Produces 
vast quantities of berries of good size; attractive, 
and excellent quality. 

Redstar. Very late. The berries are large, glossy, 
bright red and do not turn dark. Considered more 
productive and of better quality than other late 


Streamliner. Firm, sweet berries, red all through. 
Very hardy and prolific. 
Field-grown, $7.50 per 100 
Mastodon. It outyields some of the finest June- 
bearing varieties during their season and continues 
to produce, throughout the summer and fall, 
berries of amazing size and _ surpassingly fine 
quality. Field-grown, $6 per 100 

Thornless Boysenberry 

Produces huge fruits, like Blackberries in general 
appearance, but frequently 2 inches in length. 
Should be trained to stakes or along wires. 

Strong plants, $2.50 per doz.; $15 per 100 

Vegetable Plants and Roots 
ASPARAGUS, Washington. 

1-year-old roots. $5 per 100 
2-year-old roots. $6 per 100 
3-year-old roots, extra-strong. $9 per 100 

HORSERADISH. Crowns. No. 1. 
- $3 per doz.; $15 per 100 

$1.25 each; $12 per doz. 

16 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


The following really first-class introductions are the result of years of painstaking 
effort on the part of some of the oldest and best-known producers of seeds, both at 

home and abroad. 

Since the end of World War II interest in gardening has been making great head- 
way, and there should be an enormous demand for the new and better kinds. We 
have priced these splendid novelties attractively so as to come into reach of all garden- 

ers, professional and amateur. 

Petunia, Fire Chief (Bodger.) 
All-America Sweepstakes Winner, 1950 
Brilliant color. The reddest Petunia 

you've ever seen. Dwarf habit; free-bloom- 
ing hybrida compacta type. Illustrated on 
front cover. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; 5 for $2; Zoz. $5 

Aster, California Giant, Santa Maria 
White (Macdonald) 

Largest and most fully double pure white Aster. 
Flowers over 6 inches across, with long lacy white 
petals placed on 214-foot stems. 

Pkt. 40 cts.; 3 for $1; Voz. $2.50 

Aster, Princess, Finest Mixed 

Plenty of 3 to 4-inch blooms make this type very 
attractive for cutting. Wilt-resistant, with strong 
stems and branching habit in wide range of colors. 
An excellent all-purpose Aster for home gardeners. 

Pkt. 40 cts.; 3 for $1; 140z. $2.50 

Antirrhinum, Tetra-Snap 

This Tetra-Snap is recommended by Bodger’s 
as unquestionably the finest outdoor Snapdragon 
on the market today. The plants are very tall, with 
finger-thick stems that keep the spikes erect and 
the tips straight. Flowers are huge, mostly ruffled, 
in colors that cover the whole range of Snaps. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; 3 pkts. $1.25; Voz. $3 

Larkspur, Regal, Finest Mixed 

With its long thick spikes and Delphinium-like 
florets, this new Regal Larkspur suits critical florist 
standards and is also a superb performer in the home 
garden. Tall and early. This mixture is perhaps 
the finest Larkspur on the market today. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; 5 for $1; oz. $1.50 

Petunia, Silver Medal 
(Silver Medal, 1949) 

The richest, purest salmon-pink Petunia of fine 
dwarf growth. Makes well-rounded plants. In full 
bloom from early summer until frost. Splendid for 
edgings and beds. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; 3 for $1.25 

ASTER, California Giant, Santa Maria 

Primula Malacoides, Tyrian Rose 

Highly commended R.H.S. 1948. This novelty 
was acclaimed one of the largest flowers of the 
numerous varieties submitted for trial. True Tyrian 
rose, strikingly relieved by a large yellow eye. 
Produces massive flowers which attain a height of 
12 inches on a plant of compact habit. 

Pkt. $1; 3 for $2.50 

Primula Malacoides, Rose Bouquet 

Highly commended R.H.S. 1948. Flowers like 
real bouquets of brilliant carmine-rose. This ts an 
ideal modern form of the ever-popular Malacoides. 
Compact, completely distinct and remarkably free- 

Pkt. $1; 3 for $2.50 

Schizanthus, Crimson Cardinal 

A remarkably fine strain of large-flowered Schi- 
zanthus. Of compact habit; producing deep self 
crimson flowers with a large red blotch. 

Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 for $2 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 17 

Alphabetical List of Flower Seeds 

Valuable Cultural Hints 

Due to continuous heavy rains at time of 
harvesting, several varieties of Flower Seeds 
are short in supply, and unless instructions to the 
contrary are given, the nearest substitute will 
be sent. 

When sowing seeds in pots, pans, or trays, use a 
compost of sweet top soil, sand, and humus, or clean 
leaf-mold. Some growers substitute peat-moss for 
the humus, but I prefer the latter. No manure of 
any kind is required, and the mechanical condition 
should be such that if a handful ts squeezed together, 
when just pleasantly moist, it falls apart readily 
upon the hand being opened. If the particles cling 
tenaciously together, it requires the addition of more 
humus and sand. The soil should be passed through 
a sieve having a half-inch mesh. Fill the pots or flats 
to within half an inch of the top with this compost 
and press it moderately and uniformly firm, making 
the surface perfectly level. For very fine "seeds, a 
surfacing layer of the same soil passed through a 
quarter-inch sieve will be required. Now water with 
a fine spray so that the whole body of soilis satu- 
rated. It will be found an excellent preventative of 
damping-off and other fungoid troubles if Semesan 
is used (normal strength) for this purpose. Allow to 
drain for an hour or so and then sow the seed. Sow 
thinly and barely cover with soil shaken through a 
piece of wire screening. Large seeds, as Lupins and 
Sweet Peas, should be covered to a depth of 1 inch, 
and minute seeds, as Lobelia, Begonias, etc., will not 
require covering. Place a piece of glass and a sheet 
of brown paper over each pot or flat and keep in a 
temperature of 60 degrees. Examine each morning, 
and as soon as germination Is evident, remove the 
coverings and gradually expose the plants to full 
light. Water with care, never allowing the plants to 
suffer either for want of water or by being water- 
logged. When water is required, stand the seed-pot 
in a pail and allow the moisture to rise from below. 

When preparing a seed-bed in a frame, the soil 
should possess the qualities already described. Sand 
and humus may be freely used. The surface must be 
raked fine and level and the seed sown either broad- 
cast or in shallow drills, 3 to 4 inches apart. Cover 

the seed to its own depth, or slightly more, for sum- 
mer sowings. Press lightly with a flat piece of board 
and water well with a very fine spray. Keep the sash 
and shading material on until the shoots can be just 
discerned breaking through the surface, then remove 
the shading and admit ventilation on all favorable 
occasions. The ground where seed is to be sown in 
the open should be brought to a state of pulveriza- 
tion and the surface raked fine. So far as possible, 
sow either immediately before or after rains, so that 
the seed is insured sufficient moisture for germina- 
tion and early growth. Annuals may be sown where 
they are to flower, the young plants afterward being 
vigorously thinned out. Perennials are best sown in 
rows and later transplanted. 

Seedlings sown in pots and frames will require 
transplanting when the second pair of leaves develop. 
For many things, flats 3 to 4 inches deep are sult- 
able, using a compost similar to that advised for 
seed-sowing but in a little coarser state, or they may 
be transplanted to beds in frames. Allow 2 inches 
each way for this first move. Perennials and bien- 
nial seedlings will be transplanted into frames or in 
rows in the open ground allowing ample space for 

Hardy annuals may be sown when the trees are 
bursting imto leaf, and in some cases in the fall. 

Half-hardy annuals may be sown so that sizable 
plants are available for planting out when danger of 
frost has passed, and later for succession. Hardy 
biennials are best sown in June or July and hardy 
perennials from June to September. Greenhouse 
plants are sown at various times according to re- 
quirements, and in this connection it may be men- 
tioned that many hardy annuals make excellent 
greenhouse plants if sown in September or in early 
spring. When seeds fail to germinate, my experience 
is that the fault is invariably with the person respon- 
sible for the sowing and after-care. No reputable 
seed-house disseminates untested seed. The most 
frequent causes of failure are too deep sowing and 
permitting the soil to become excessively dry or the 
reverse while germination Is taking place. Either of 
these conditions 1s fatal to success. 

T. H. Everett, F.R.H.S., N.D.H. 
Late of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, England 

The following abbreviations are used throughout the Flower Seed Department 

HA., Hardy Annuals 
HHA., Half-Hardy Annuals 
TA., Tender Annuals 

HP., Hardy Perennials 

HHP., Half-Hardy Perennials 
HB., Hardy Biennials 

HHB., Half-Hardy Biennials 
HC., Hardy Climbers 

GP., Greenhouse Plants 
GS., Greenhouse Shrubs 
GB., Greenhouse Bulbs 

All seeds sent prepaid to any address for cash with order 

Ageratum Ha 

A beautiful plant with tassel-like clustered flowers. 
Fine for bedding and useful for bouquets. Excellent 
for low borders and edging, and is often used for 
porch boxes. Easily raised from seed, which is 
usually started in a hotbed or window and trans- 
ferred to open ground in May. Can also be sown 
outdoors in May. 

Beautiful mauve. Miniature. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2.50 

Mexicanum, Blue Perfection. Very fine, semi- 
dwarf. Pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. $1.50 

Little Blue Star. 

Aquilegia (Columbine) up 
Aquilegias are easily grown from seed and are 
greatly admired in the spring and early summer. 

Czerulea. 3 ft. Pale blue Summer. 
Pkt. 35 cts.; oz. $3 
Chrysantha. 3 ft. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $3.50 

Canary. Summer. 
Chrysantha grandiflora alba. 3 ft. White. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $3.50 
Long-spurred Hybrids. AII the best and brightest 
shades. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $3.50 
Mrs. Scott Elliott’s Celebrated Strain. A re- 
nowned English strain. Choice flowers, in the 

greatest possible array of colors. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $5 

——— eee 
18 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Unsurpassed for edging in long borders, blooming 
continuously all summer. 

Benthami (Sweet Alyssum). HA. Fragrant, white 
flowers. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $1 

Carpet of Snow. HA. Invaluable for edges. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2.50 

Lilac Queen. HA. Unique shade. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2.50 

Little Gem. HA. Very small white flowers. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Violet Queen. HA. Especially dwarf compact 
form with honey-like odor. Very bright violet tint. 
Pkt. 25 cts:; oz. $2 
Saxatile compactum. HP. 1 ft. Yellow. June. 
Splendid for rockery. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. 75 cts. 


Effective for bedding and forcing under glass. 
Produces enormous spikes of many shades of color; 
highly decorative and lasting when cut. Easy of 
cultivation. Seed sown outdoors the first week in 

May will bloom in August and remain in flower until ! 


Varieties marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for 
greenhouse culture 

George Wood’s Pastel Pink Shades. This is a 
splendid dwarf “‘Snap”’ for the greenhouse. Height 
18 inches. Blooms continuously in many ex- 
quisite shades of pink. Some delightful beds of 
this variety were grown on various estates on 
Long Island this past summer. It produced flower 
stems uniform In size, and remained in full bloom 
from July to September. Excellent for cutting as 
well as for display. Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 for $2 


Alaska. Pure white. 

Daffodil. Deep primrose. 

Indian Summer. Coppery orange-scarlet. 
Salmon-Pink Shades. 

Finest Mixed. 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; IZoz. $1 


*Afterglow. Early-flowering bronze. Pkt. $1 
Ball’s Lavender. Pleasing orchid-lavender. 

Pkt. $1.50 

Bezdek’s White Wonder. Early-flowering giant 

white, producing long spikes throughout the 

winter months. Pkt. $1.50 

*Ceylon Court. The giant yellow eae ef 


*Cheviot Maid Supreme. Deep rose. A peste 

ably fine variety for greenhouse culture. 

Pkt. $1 
Giant Yellow. The popular yellow for outdoors. 
Pkt. $1 
Glorious. Brilliant orange-bronze. Pkt. $1.50 

Klondyke Supreme. Rich deep yellow. Pkt. $1.50 
*Lucky Strike. Produces large spikes of well- 

spaced big white flowers. Pkt. $1 
Marie Louise. Light shell-pink. Pkt. $2 
*Nicholson’s Yellow. Choice, giant, ple 

variety. t. 
Peggy Schumann. Extra fine. Creamy ose: 5 

Westover White. Orchid-flowered white. Sie $1 

Tall Mixed. All the best outdoor varieties. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

b) s . s 
Hunt's Extraordinary Antirrhinum 
Mixed. For both forcing and outdoors. A wonder- 
ful range of colors. Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 pkts. $2 


Italica, Dropmore Variety. HP. Strong, branch- 
Ing habit, producing large, brilliant blue flowers 
in abundance. aulye Pkt. 25 cts.; I4o0z. $1.25 

Asparagus HHP 

Plumosus nanus. An excellent foliage plant for 
conservatory or for cutting as it will remain 
fresh in water for three weeks. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; 1Zoz. $1.50 

A drooping variety, ideally suited for 

Pkt. 50 cts.; Voz. $1.50 


For early flowering, the seed should be started in 
the house, hotbed, or coldframe in March, trans- 
ferring the seedlings to their permanent flowering 
position as soon as all danger from frost Is past. 
Asters prefer a sunny position and thrive best in a 
heavy loamy soil enriched with bone meal. 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; loz. $1 
Giant California Sunshine, Mixed. Flowers may 
be described as varying shades of Enchantress- 

pink, apple-blossom pink, deep rose, blue and 
lavender. Pkt. 25 cts.; lyoz. $1 

Resembles the large chrysanthemum in size and 
shape. Height 2% feet. 
Lavender Pink Rose Violet White 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Yoz. $1 


Recommended for late flowering. Vigorous; pro- 
fuse bloomers. Height 2 feet. 
Carlson’s Lavender Vick’s Rose 
Semple’s Shell-Pink Vick’s White 
Vick’s Crimson Vick’s Mixed 
Vick’s Purple 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Yoz. $1 





ASTER, Giant Crego. Pkt. 25 cts. 
le a RS 5 a a Ra A te ee es 


BALSAM, Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts. 

CAMPANULA Medium, Single Blue 
Pkt. 25 cts. 

: een, 
Ae vi Ey 
oe es MO * S 

CANDYTUFT, Giant Hyacinth-flowered, White 
Pkt. 20 cts. 

ANTIRRHINUM, Wood’s Pastel Pink. Pkt. 75 cts. 

BELLIS (English Daisy), Giant White. Pkt. 50 cts. CALENDULA, Campfire (Sensation). Pkt. 20 cts. 

ASTERS, continued 

A long-stemmed early Aster. Splendid cutting 


Crimson Lavender Light Rose 

Scarlet White Mixed 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1 


melhe large, wavy flowers are produced on exceed- 
ingly long stems. Height 11% feet. 

Crimson Lavender Salmon-Rose 
Deep Blue Light Blue White 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Ygoz. $1 

Single Large-flowered Asters 

ple colors listed below are beautiful shades and 
will be found excellent for cutting and general deco- 
rative purposes. 
Carmine-Rose Mauve 
Scarlet King White 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; loz. $1 


Begonia HHP 

Specially suited for summer bedding; makes a 
brilliant display. Very easy to grow. 

Erfordi. Carmine-pink. 

Gracilis luminosa. Fiery dark scarlet flowers. 
Reddish brown foliage. 

Prima Donna. Rose and carmine. 

Vernon. A fine bedding sort with rich red flowers. 

Each: Pkt. 50 cts.; 3 pkts. $1.25 

Balsam (Lady’s Slipper) 

Suitable for borders or bedding. Excellent for 
conservatory and pot-plants. 

Mixed. HHP. Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 

Bellis (English Daisy) HP 

Very effective for bedding alone, or interspersed 
with pansies or forget-me-nots, etc. 

Pkt. 50 cts. 
Pkt. 50 cts. 
Pkt. 50 cts. 
Pkt. 50 cts. 

Perennis Mixed. 

Giant Crimson. Fine color. 

Giant Rose. Magnificent strain. 

Giant White. Perfect double blooms. 
(Very scarce) 


Elegant. About 18 inches high. 

Pkt. 25 cts. 
Speciosa major. GP. Clear blue flowers. 1% feet. 
Pkt. 75 cts. 

Calendula (English Marigold) #4 

Ball’s Orange King. Strongly recommended for 
flowering under glass. Produces enormous yellow 
flowers. Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Campfire (Sensation). The color of the petals is 
brilliant orange with a scarlet sheen and full yel- 
low center. Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $2 

Lemon Queen. Bears deep sulphur flowers. Very 
attractive. Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Elata Blue. HHA. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 

Calliopsis (Coreopsis) uP 

Grandiflora. Bright golden yellow. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 
A splendid mixture of semi- 
Tall, strong, and vigorous. 
Pkt525 cts; 

Lanceolata fl.-pl. 
double flowers. 

Hunt’s Choicest Blends. HHA. Flowers of the 

largest size, of rich and varied colors, including 
self-colors, blotched, spotted and laced. Pkt. $1 

Campanula (Bellflower) 

Graceful subjects for borders and beds, and may 
be grown with the greatest ease in all gardens. 

Medium (Canterbury Bells). HB. 114 ft. Ex- 
tremely showy in mixed borders, also used to 
advantage as pot-plants. 

Double Blue. Pkt. 25 cts.; VYeoz. $1.50 
Double Rose. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Double White. Pkt. 25 cts.; Ygoz. $1.50 
Double Mixed. Pkt. 20 cts.; IZoz. $1 

Single Blue. Pkt. 25 cts.; Zoz. 75 cts. 
Single Light Blue. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 
Single Rose. Pkt. 25 cts.; Igoz. 75 cts. 
Single White. Pkt. 25 cts.; lZoz. 75 cts. 
Single Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts.; lgoz. 75 cts. 

Medium calycanthema (Cup-and-Saucer). 2 ft. 
Blue Rose White 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Yoz. $1.50 
Persicifolia grandiflora. HP. 4 ft. Produces 

large, blue, bell-shaped flowers on Jong stems in 

June. Pkt. 35 cts. 

Persicifolia grandiflora alba. HP. 4 ft. White. 

Pkt. 35 cts. 

Pyramidalis (Chimney Bellflower). HP. 31% ft. 

Blue. Summer. Pkt. 25 cts.; Yeoz. $1.25 
Pyramidalis alba. HP. 31% ft. White. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; Izoz. $1.25 

Candytuft (Iberis) 

A very useful annual for bedding; quite hardy. 
Seed may be sown in place where it is intended to 

Empress. HA. 1 ft. Pure white. 
Pkt. 20 cts.; l4oz. $1 
Giant Hyacinth-flowered, White. HA. Large, 
pure white, spiral spikes. 
Pkt. 20 cts.; I4oz. $1.50 

Large-flowered Hybrids. HA. Dwarf. 
Pkt. 20 cts.; Ijoz. Jo°cts. 
HP. 1 ft. White flowers. 
Pkt. 25 cts. 


Carnation HHP 

Allwoodi. Extremely free flowering; varied colors, 
Can be sown at all seasons. Pkt. 30 cts. 
Choice Mixed. From the finest collections. Excel- 
lent for cutting. t. 50 cts.; j;0z. $1.50 
Marguerite Mixture. Greatly prized for border or 
table decoration. Sown early im spring, they will 

flower profusely throughout the summer. 
Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Celosia HHA 

Cristata (Cockscomb). 
Empress. Rich crimson. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Plumosa, Pride of Castle Gould. Many shades 
from yellow to Intense crimson. Pkt. 35 cts. 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 



Cyanus (Bachelor’s Button; Cornflower). HA. 
Double Blue. Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Jubilee Gem. Dwarf. Double; rich blue, very dark. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2 


Allioni (Alpine or Siberian Wallflower). HHP. 9in. 
Excellent for rockery or borders; brilliant orange. 
Very fragrant. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 

Allioni, Golden Bedder. Deep golden yellow; 
Sweet scented. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 

Kewensis (Chinese Wallflower). HA. 1 ft. Yel- 
Iowish red, sweet-scented flowers over a long 
season. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1 


HA. Large, primrose annual 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1 
HA. White with yellow center. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I4oz. $1 

Evening Star. HA. Rich bright golden yellow. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 
Lord Beaconsfield. HA. Bronze-red and brown 

zones on varying ground colors. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; joz. $1.75 
Maximum (Shasta Daisy). HP. 1% ft. Mixed. 
Summer. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Morning Star. 
Northern Star. 

Clarkia elegans HA 

Very suitable for borders, and makes wonderful 
pot-plants which attain a height of 4 to 5 feet and 
bloom in the late fall. 

Salmon Queen. Salmon; double. 
Scarlet Queen. Orange-scarlet; double. 

Each: Pkt. 50 cts.; 14oz. $1.50 


HHA. Suitable for bedding 

Rainbow Hybrids. 
Pkt. 75 cts. 

and ornamental as pot-plants. 

Cosmos HA 

Sensation. Giant flowers almost 6 inches across. 
Flowers are borne on strong stems. Plants 4 to 
6 feet high. 

RADIANCE. (Novelty.) A striking new color. 
Deep rose petals overlaid with large zone of 
rich crimson. 

Dazzler. A dazzling crimson. 

Pinkie. Good clear rose-pink. 

Purity. Pure white. 

Sensation, Finest Mixed. 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; ',0z. 75 cts. 

Extra-Early Double Crested. 

Pink Beauty White Queen 
Crimson King Finest Mixed 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1.50 
Lady Lenox, Pink. Color a delightful shell-pink. 
Lady Lenox, White. Exceedingly popular. 

Early-flowering Mixed. 
Orange Flare. Vivid orange flowers. 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Yyoz. 75 cts. 


Amabile, Blue. HHA. Flowers are a beautiful 
shade of blue. It grows on tall, graceful branches, 

from 18 to 20 inches in height. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. 50 cts. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 

Hunt's Cinerarias HHP 

Hunt’s Perfection Mixed. A strain of giant flow- 
ers of the finest form and substance; includes the 
brightest and richest colors. Pkt. $1 

Hunt’s Perfection, Dwarf Mixed. Compact 
habit, carrying large flowers in an endless variety 
of colors. Pkt. $1 

Cremer’s Prize Mixed. A dwarf-growing variety, 
producing medium-sized blooms of marvelous 
shades and markings. Pkt. $1.50 

Hybrida multiflora’ nana, Mixed. Produces 
dwarf plants with masses of small, self-colored 
flowers. "Pkt. 75 cts. 

Cactus-flowered, Mixed. Large flowers with nar- 
row, rolled petals radiating from a small center. 

Pkt. $1 

Stellata, Tall Choicest Mixed. Unexcelled for 

house and conservatory decoration during winter. 
Pkt. $1 


These beautiful winter-blooming plants may be 
flowered from seed in about a year if the seedlings 
are pricked off and grown on rapidly without in- 
Crimson King. 
Salmon King. 
Rosy Morn. 
White Giant. 

Finest Mixed Colors. 

Pkt. $1; 50 seeds, $5 
Pkt. $1; 50 seeds, $6 
Pkt. $1; 50 seeds, $6 
Pkt. $1; 50 seeds, $6.50 

Pkt. $1; 100 seeds, $8.50 


Dahlias may be had in flower the first season from 
seed 1f sown tn February or March. 

Cactus, Mixed. 
Large Double Show. Mixed. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Single Giants. Mixed. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Coltness Hybrids, Mixed, Reselected. An amaz- 
ing variety of color. Very even and dwarf habit. 
Pkt. 30 cts.; Voz. $1 
Unwin’s Dwarf Hybrids. The hybrids are early 
and embrace a wide and most charming color- 
range. Pkt. 30 cts.; Voz. $1 
Orchid-flowered, Mixed. Produces flowers with 
attractively twisted and curled petals. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; yoz. $1.50 

Pkt. 50 cts. 

COSMOS, Orange Flare. Pkt. 25 cts. 

a I ESE DE SS AE EE a i a eS a 
22 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

DELPHINIUMS, Giant Pacific Hybrids. Pkt. $1 


Czerulea (Blue Lace Flower). HHA. Very attrac- 
tive lavender flower. Blooms all summer. Splen- 
did for indoor culture. Pkt. 25 cts.; \4oz. $1 

Dianthus (Pinks) 

HA and HP 

A delightful subject for beds or borders and very 
useful for cutting. 
Chinensis, Double Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $3.50 
Chinensis, Single, Finest Mixed. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $2.50 
Sweet Wivelsfield. Contains a great variety of 

colors and flowers almost continuously throughout 
the season. Pkt. 25 cts.; Yoz. $1 

Digitalis (Foxglove) 
HP eeoatt. 

No perennial border is complete without Fox- 

The Shirley Hybrids. Very large-flowered strain 
with fine range of color. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1.50 

Finest Mixed Colors. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1.25 

Purpurea monstrosa, Mixed. Large, bell-shaped 
terminal flower. Pkt. 25 cts.; 40z. $1.25 

Hunt's Delphiniums up 

The Delphinitum or Hardy Larkspur ts probably 
the most valuable of all herbaceous plants and pro- 
vides many of the light and dark shades of blue 
colors always desirable but far too scarce in flowers. 

Belladonna, Improved. Lovely azure-blue shade. 
Pkt. 35 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Hunt’s Perfection Hybrids. Showy hybrids 
saved from the best varieties. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; “oz. $2.50 

Hand-Pollinated Seeds 

Produces under favorable conditions plants which 
grow to an enormous height with magnificent flower- 
spikes closely set in exquisite blooms. 

Black Knight. Rich impressive color with a glis- 
tening sheen. The darkest violet yet produced. 

Blue Jay. Medium to dark blue with stronger con- 
trasting dark bee. Very long spikes. 

Galahad. Clear white blooms of enormous size. 
Giant pyramidal spikes with well-spaced glisten- 
ing white blooms. 

Guinevere. Showy light pink-lavender with white 

King Arthur. Brilliant royal variety set off by a 
white bee. 

Lancelot. A lovely new color—pure lilac self with 
white bee. 

Pure White. Clear white of heavy texture. 
Summer Skies. Light blue with white bee. 
Mixed Pacific Hybrids. 

Any of the above varieties, Pkt. $1; oz. $4 
Special amateurs’ packet 50 cts. 

Dimorphotheca HA 
South African Daisy 

Flowers very early and keeps on blooming through- 
out the summer. 
Aurantiaca. Rich glossy orange-gold. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Aurantiaca hybrida. These hybrids are similar in 
habit to the above. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Eschscholtzia (California Poppy) 
HA clsft; 

For bedding they make a brilliant effect. 
California Giant. Yellow. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $1 
Golden West. Golden yellow. 

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Monarch Art Shades. Colors range through light 
rose to deep rose and carmine, and from deep 

golden yellow to orange and scarlet. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; I4oz. $1.50 

Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) 

The Perennial Gaillardias are wonderful for cut- 
flowers, blooming right through till frost, and adapt 
themselves to almost any kind of soil. 

Dazzler. HP. Rich maroon-red with outer zone 
bright golden yellow. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Annual Varieties, Choice Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Large-flowered Perennial Varieties, Mixed. 
Pkt. 30 cts. 



WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 23 

Gloxinia HHA 

Makes an elegant plant and can be had in flower 
from seed the first season. Our strain is one of the 
best obtainable. 

Perfection Mixed. Wonderful self-colored and 
spotted varieties. Pkt. $1 

Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) 

The light, graceful sprays of both annual and 
perennial varieties are most desirable for mixing in 
bouquets or vases. 

Elegans carminea. HA. Carmine-rose. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.75 
Elegans grandiflora alba. HA. White. 

Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $1 
HA. Rose. 

Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. $1 
Paniculata. HP. White flowers. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2 
Paniculata fl.-pl., Snow-White. HP. Double 

white flowers. Pkt. 35 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Elegans grandiflora rosea. 


Monstrosum, Mixed (Everlasting). HA. Double 
flowers in shades of yellow, orange, red, and white. 
Finest mixture. Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1.50 

Hollyhocks, Chater’s Double uP 

Very choice. Everybody’s favorite. Their stately 
appearance and exquisite colors make them indis- 
pensable in the hardy garden. 

Apple Blossom Rose 
Canary- Yellow Salmon 
Crimson Snow-White 

Mixed (Double) 
Single, Finest Mixed 

Exquisite. Very large flowers in Rose, Light Rose, 
Carmine, Violet, and Dark Purple. 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Ygoz. $1 

Newport Pink 

Fumarizfolia. HA. Large, yellow, poppy-like 
blossoms. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2.50 

Sunlite. Semi-double; large, canary yellow. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 


Cardinalis (Cardinal Creeper). HA. Red. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1.50 

Heavenly Blue (Clarke’s). Sky-blue, extremely 
early. Pkt. 25 cts.; Zoz. $1.50 

Mexicana grandiflora alba. 15 ft. White. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.25 

Pearly Gates. Pure white. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1.25 

Rubro-czrulea. 15 ft. Sky-blue. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; Y4o0z. 75 cts. 

Scarlett O’Hara. Large, rich dark wine-red flowers 
produced all summer. Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 

Ornamental Gourds 

Large Varieties, Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. 
Small Varieties, Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. 

Larkspur HA 

Sometimes called the Annual Delphinium. They 
are hardy, producing large spikes of bloom which are 
both graceful and attractive. 

Emperor, Azure-blue. 
Emperor, Black-blue. 
Emperor, Rose. 
Emperor, White. 
Giant Azure. Intense blue. 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; 4o0z. $1 
Giant Coral King. Blush-pink, suffused with 
coral. Pkt. 25 cts.; '40z. $1.50 
Giant Newport Pink. Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Giant White. Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1.50 
Giant Hyacinth-flowered, Mixed. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $4 
La France. The color is a pleasing salmon-pink. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1.50 
Los Angeles. Rich color—something between shell- 
pink and rosy scarlet. Pkt. 25 cts.; “oz. $1.50 
Super-Majestic White. The flowers are large, 
fully double, and closely packed on long 4 to 
5-foot spikes. Pkt. 25 cts.; Y%4oz. $2 


Stillmanni. HA. 11% ft. Golden yellow. Excellent 
for cutting Pkt. 25 cts. 

Lobelia ua 

_Excellent for bedding, window-boxes, and peren- 
nial borders. 

Erinus compacta, Crystal Palace. 9 in. Dark 

blue. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Erinus compacta, Emperor William. 6 in. 
Dwarf; light blue. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Lupinus (Lupins) #4 and HP 

Very free-flowering plants that make a fine show 
for little cost. Useful for borders and greenhouse 


Giant Pink Salmon-Pink 
Mid-Blue Scarlet and White 
Pure White Mixed 

Each: Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $2 

Blue. 3 ft. Flowers similar to the annual variety. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 14 oz. $1.50 
Harkness’ Hybrids. A mixture containing many 
beautiful art shades. Pkt. 25 cts.; I4oz. $1 
Roseus. 3 ft. Immense spikes of lovely soft pink 
flowers. Pkt. 25 cts.; Y%4oz. $1.75 
Russell Hybrids. HP. 3)4 to 4 ft. Giant spikes of 
flowers in magnificent range of color. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1.50 
Mignonette (Reseda) Ha 

Exceedingly fragrant and ornamental either as a 
growing plant or as cut-flowers. 

Goliath. Extra-heavy spikes. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 14oz. 60 cts. 
Large-flowering. Sweet-scented. ore : 
Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. $1 
Machet, Dwarf. Pyramidal growth. Long, broad 
spikes of deliciously scented red flowers. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 
New York Giant. Specially recommended for pot- 
culture. The spikes measure 15 to 20 inches long; 
very fragrant. Excellent for shipping. 
: Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $1 
Universal. Intensely fragrant flowers on spikes 
often measuring 2 feet in length. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; loz. $1 

24 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Marigolds provide a plentiful supply of bloom 
when other plants have ceased to flower. Exceed- 
ingly attractive and useful for cutting. 

Collarette, Crown of Gold 

An entirely new type of Marigold. The crown and 
collarette of big broad petals which surround it are 
of a bright, pleasing shade, a clear golden orange. 

Pkt. 15 cts.; 14,0z..75 cts. 


Limelight. (Chrysanthemum-flowered.) Soft prim- 
rose. 20 in. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 
Mammoth Mum. (Chrysanthemum-flowered.) 
Light sulphur. 30 in. Pkt. 25 cts.; l40z. $1 
Real Gold. (Carnation-flowered.) Golden orange. 
Sun, Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1 
Carnation-Flowered Mixed. 24 in. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 
Supreme Peony-flowered Mixed. 28 in. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; '40z. $1 
Sunset Giants. Deep orange to primrose. 36 In. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 
Guinea Gold. Brilliant orange. 30 In. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 4o0z. 75 cts. 
Lemon Queen. Lemon. 24 in. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; '4o0z. $1 
Orange King. Golden. 24 in. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 40z. $1 
Orange Alldouble. Dazzling orange with loosely 
arranged petals. 24 in. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4o0z. $1 


Butterball. Double. Small; canary-yellow with 
crested centers. 8 in. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 
Flash. Single. Vivid red and bronze, 18 in. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 
Harmony. Double. Golden orange with reddish 
outer petals. 12in. Pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. 50 cts. 
Little Brownie. Single. Golden yellow marked 
velvety red. Pkt. 25cts.; 4oz. $1 
Sunkist. Double. Deep orange; Jong flowering. 
Sin. Pkt. 15cts.; 140z. 75cts. 
Spry. Double. Bright yellow, outer petals ma- 
hogany-red. 9 in. Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1 
Lilliput, Double Mixed. 5 in. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 
Dwarf Double Mixed. 7 in. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; %4oz. 75 cts. 
All Double Mixed. 12 in. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 


Flowers are 3 inches in diameter, single and semi- 
double. Mahogany-brown with golden crested 
centers. The best type for forcing. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; '4oz. $1.50 

Myosotis (Forget-me-not) 

Those who make a feature of late-flowering tulips 
for an effective May garden should use Myosotis 
either as a border or carpeting for the beds. The con- 
trast of the blue Forget-me-not with lilac, violet, or 
mauve tulips is extremely handsome. Plants for this 
purpose should be wintered in a coldframe and 
planted out early. 

Alpestris. A pretty blue trailer. Pkt. 35 cts. 
Alpestris, Eliza Fonrobert. Sky-blue, with yellow 

eye. Fine for cutting. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Alpestris, Royal Blue. Deep blue. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Alpestris, Victoria. Sky-blue. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Semperflorens. Blue with yellow eye. Blooms 
from spring to autumn. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Nasturtiums a 

Very striking and brilliant flowers. Splendid for 
beds and borders. 
Empress of India. Dark crimson. 


Queen of Tom Thumbs, Mixed. Variegated- 

Any of above, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 60 cts. 

Golden Gleam 
tum). Large, 

Scarlet Gleam, Double. Large, double, scarlet 
flowers, fragrant and uniformly well formed. 

Double Glorious Gleam Hybrids. 
Any of above 3 varieties, pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

(Double Sweet-scented Nastur- 
double, sweet-scented golden 

Fine Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts. 

Nicotiana (Tobacco Plant) 

Affinis. HA. 3 ft. White. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Affinis, Crimson Bedder. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Choice Hybrids. Bright colors. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Hunt's Giant-flowered Pansies 

When the bright hues of the tulips and daffodils 
have faded, the rich, deep and varied shades of the 
Pansies provide a welcome change in the flower-beds. 
The varieties listed below comprise a selection from 
the best and most recent introductions. They pro- 
duce large blooms of good substance, regular mark- 
ings, and full rich coloring. 

New Greenhouse Giants. Produces blooms mea- 
suring 4 inches across and plants grow from 2 to 4 
feet, according to culture. This mixture contains 
beautifully marked flowers of every color in 
Pansies. Pkt. $1.50 

Hunt’s Superb Mixture. Without doubt one of 
the finest mixtures ever offered. The flowers are 
of the largest and most beautiful form. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $3; Y4oz. $5.50 

Masterpiece. Petals beautifully waved. Exquisite 
colors. Pkt. 50 cts.; Yeoz. $2.50; I40z. $4.50 

Swiss Giants. Giant flowers in splendid variety. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $4.50 

Giant Dark Blue (Lord Beaconsfield). Very large 
dark blue flowers, shading to white. 

Pkt. 50 cts.; Ygoz. $3.50 

Giant Golden Queen. Brilliant yellow with dark 
center. Pkt. 50 cts.; loz. $3 

Giant Light Blue. Delicate lilac-blue. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; IZoz. $2 

Giant Mauve Queen. Pinkish mauve. Very at- 
tractive: Pkt. 50 cts.; lgoz. $3 

Giant Purple. Rich purple. Pkt. 50 cts.; “oz. $3 

Giant White (Snowflake). Immense, pure white 
flowers with purple eyes. Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $3 
Giant Victoria. Claret-red. Pkt. 50 cts.; Zoz. $3 

Special amateur’s packet. All varieties. 
Each 25 cts. 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 25 

Petunia, Cheerful. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Papaver (Poppy) uP 

ORIENTAL POPPIES (Papaver orientale) 
Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts.; '4oz. $2 

ICELAND POPPIES (Papaver nudicaule) 

Album. White. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Coccineum. Scarlet. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Croceum. Yellow. Pkt. 25 cts. 

Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $2 


Very showy and useful for picking; seed should be 
sown where intended to flower. 

Finest Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

Double Shirley Mixed. Pkti5 cts.;'0Z..$) 


Very effective either as pot-plants or for bedding. 


Double Fringed, Mixed. Double flowers of exqui- 
site beauty and great size. One of the finest strains 
in existence. PEt. 9) 

Giant Single Fringed, Mixed. Colors vary from 
pure white, through all shades of red to dark 
purple-violet. Pkt. 75 (cts: 

Dwarf California Giants Mixed. Large, colorful 
flowers with open throats well marked and veined. 

: ; ; Pkt. 75 cts. 
Scarlet Beauty. Giant; single, fringed, scarlet-rose 
with dark throats. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Snowstorm. Pure white; single; fringed. Excep- 
tionally choice strain. Pkt. 75 cts. 

Rich tndigo-blue. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Balcony, Pink. Brilliant rose-pink. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $1.50 
Pure white. Very graceful. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; Ygoz. $1.50 
Pkt. 35 cts.; oz. $1 

Balcony, Blue. 

Balcony, White. 

Balcony, Mixed. 


Bar Harbor Beauty. Beautiful rose. Splendid for 
bedding. Pkt. 35 cts.; Ygoz. $1.50 

Cheerful. Flowers 3 inches across, clear salmon- 
pink, a brand-new color. Produces a mass of 
blooms, spreading close to the ground and con- 
tinuing to flower throughout the summer and fall. 
Splendid for cutting. Pkt. 50 cts. 

New Rosy Morn. An improvement on the old 
variety, being larger and much brighter tn color. 

Pkt. 35 cts.; oz. $2 

Purple Queen. Intense violet. Erect habit. Pretty 
and effective for bedding. Pkt. 75 cts. 
Rose of Heaven. Brilliant light pink. Erect and 
compact. Pkt. 35 cts.; Voz. $2 
Rosy Morn. Soft carmine-pink. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; Yeoz. $1.50 
Salmon Supreme. A dwarf, erect type bearing soft 
pastel salmon flowers. Pkt. 75 cts. 

Specia! Mixture. For outdoors. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 40z. $1.50 


Snow Queen. Dwarf pure white for bedding. 
Strong spreading growth. Pkt. 50 cts.; Voz. $2 

Phlox Drummondi #4 

Very desirable for bedding and cutting. Height 
2% feet. Large beds of Phlox make a wonderful 
display of brilliant colors. May be used to advantage 
as a greenhouse plant. 

Chamois-Rose Purple 
Crimson Rosea 
Isabellina. Yellow. White 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Yoz. $1 
Grandiflora Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts.; Voz. $1 
Dwarf Compact Mixed. Pkt. 35 cts.; Voz. $2 

Portulaca (Sun-Plant) 4a 
Double Mixed. Pkt. 35 cts.; I40z. $2 
Single Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; Yyoz. $1.50 

Primrose HHP 
Giant Munstead. White and yellow—very fine 

combination. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Japonica, Choice Mixed. HP. 2 ft. Bright showy 
flowers. Pkt. 50 cts. 
Yellow (Primula vulgaris). The common English 
Primrose. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Primula (Primrose) up 

Handsome and dainty, very effective for conserva- 
tory during the winter. 

Lilac. Light lilac. 
Rosea. Light rose and carmine. 
Snow Queen. The purest white. 
Each: Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 pkts. $2 


One of the most useful plants for pot-culture. 
Mixed. Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 pkts. $2 

Pyrethrum 4p 

Hybridum, Robinson’s Giant Hybrids. Very 
choice. Pkt. 75 cts.; 3 pkts. $2 

26 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

Salpiglossis (Painted Tongue) HHA 

The strains we offer are all of the large-flowering 
type and contain some wonderful colors and mark- 


Crimson and Gold Rose and Gold 
Scarlet and Gold Dark Red 
Violet and Gold Yellow 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1 

Pkt. 25 cts.; Wise 75 cts 
Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 

Emperor, Mixed. 

Salvia (Sage) HHP 

Handsome and attractive. Comes into flower in 
{ate summer and continues to bloom until cut down 
by frost. 

Ball of Fire. Dwarf and early. Dark scarlet. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $2.50 

Clara Bedman. The popular scarlet variety. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; I4oz. $2 
Farinacea. 2 ft. A perennial that should be grown 
as an annual. Long spikes of lavender-blue 
flowers. Pkt. 50 cts.; Ygoz. $2 
Farinacea, Blue Bedder. A more compact form of 

this graceful plant, with deeper blue flowers. 
Pkt. 50 cts.; “oz. $2.50 
Patens. GP. Rich deep blue. Pkt. 50 cts. 

Splendens. Bright scarlet spikes. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $2 
scarlet, very early and free 
Pkt. 25 cts.; Voz. $3 

Scabiosa, Tall Double ua 

Valuable for 

Zurich. Compact, 

One of the most beautiful annuals. 
vases and for table decoration. 

Azure Fairy Fiery Scarlet Rose 
Black-Purple Flesh Color White 
Cherry-Red Lilac 

Giant Loveliness. Delicate salmon-rose. 
Each: Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 

Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; 140z. 60 cts. 

Schizanthus (Butterfly Flower) HHP 

The Schizanthus is unrivaled for conservatory and 
table decoration and as pot-plants. 

Dawkin’s Giant Strain. The remarkable size and 
wonderful self colors make it extremely attractive. 
Pkt. 75 cts: 
Grandiflorus maximus, Mixed. Splendid _ bril- 
liantly colored flowers. Pkt: 75, cts. 
Pansy-flowered Mixture. Large blooms in great 
variety of coloring. Compact habit. Pkt. $1 
Dr. Badger’s Reselected Hybrids, Mixed. The 
size, variety, and remarkable color make it invalu- 
able for winter flowering. Pkt.75 cts. 
Wisetonensis, Mixed. Consisting of the lighter 
shades, this variety produces profusely flowers 
that are effective and lasting when cut. 

Pkt. 75 cts. 
Stocks nua 

One of the most popular of the hardy annuals, and 
suitable for bedding or pot-culture. 

Bright Rose Dark Violet-Blue 
Light Blue Snow-White 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; loz. $1 
Fine Mixed. Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 



The flowers, which are produced in four lovely 
shades as offered below, have been grown to a height 
of almost 3 feet. The length of the single column of 
flowers produced on each plant often exceeds 18 

inches. Strongly recommended for pots or benches. 
Chamois-Pink Lilac-Lavender 
Gardenia Ruby 

Pure White Supreme. Rose. 

Gold Standard 
Each: Pkt. 75 cts. 

COLLECTION: One pkt. each of above 8 colors 
for $5. 

Deep Apricot 


A very early-flowering class with the branching 
habit of the Bismarcks, but producing large flowers 
on longer stems. A definite improvement. 

Golden Gate. Yellow. Santa Maria. White. 
Mojave. Velvety purple. Sequoia. Rose-carmine. 
Monterey. Pink. Tahoe. Lavender. 
Pacific. Blue. Yosemite. Rose. 
Redwoods. Blood-red. Mixed. 

Santa Barbara. Chamois. 

Any of above, pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.25 

Sunflowers, Miniature #4 

Excelsior Hybrids. Yellow with zones of blood-red, 
purple, and brown. Pkt. 25 cts. 
Golden Fleece. Cactus-shaped, clear golden yel- 
low, with dark center. Pkt. 25 cts. 

STOCKS, Giants of California. Pkt. 25 cts. 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 27 


The Twentieth-Century Method of Growing Sweet Peas 

For Early Blooms. Place three seeds in a small 
pot of soil in the house about March 1. If all three 
seeds germinate, pull out the two weakest plants and 
retain the strongest. As soon as the second set of 
leaves has formed, plunge the young plants, with the 
pots, in a coldframe protected by sash, where they 
can be hardened off. Lift the sash during the sunny 
hours of the day and water carefully. Set the plants 
out in the open about April 15, and space them 6 
inches apart in the row. 

General Culture 
Four ounces of seed will sow a single row of 100 feet 

The ground where Sweet Peas are to be grown 
should be well prepared—if possible, the fall previ- 
ous. Deep spading or plowing is very essential, for 

the roots love to penetrate into the cooler part of the 
soil. Manure placed at a considerable depth will 
help to draw the roots downward. Sweet Peas love 
sun, therefore they should always be planted where 
they are exposed to the sun all day. 

Sow Seeds Early. Sweet Peas produce their 
strongest roots during the cool, moist months of 
spring, so planting should take place as soon as the 
land can be worked. A little frost will do no harm to 
Sweet Peas. After the soil has been carefully 
smoothed and raked, draw a line for a straight row 
and sow three seeds every 6 inches in the row. Do 
not cover the seed with more than % inch of soil, and 
if more than one plant should appear in each spot, 
carefully destroy all but one specimen so that one 
plant shows every 6 inches in the row. 

The Cream of the Spencer Varieties (For Outdoors) 

Named Spencer Sweet Peas, Each, pkt. (approx. 50 Seeds) 20 cts.; oz. $1 

Ascot. Giant bright pink. 

Bonnie Briar. Rose-pink of immense size. 
Burpee’s White. Very large white. 
Capri. Light blue. Unusual. 

Cheerio. Begonia-rose, suffused gold. 
Crony. Golden salmon. A new shade. 
Elstree. Soft pink on cream ground. 
Flamingo. Orange-scarlet-cerise. 
Flora. Clear deep lavender. 

Golden Dragon. Double; bright orange. 
Grand National. Large frilled cream. 
Grand Slam. Bright scarlet-cerise. 
Highlander. Clear lovely lavender. 

Spencer Sweet Peas 

Leader. Rich salmon-pink. 

Magnet. Cream-pink. 

Maytime. Rich golden cerise. 

Olympia. Pleasing purple. 

Pinnacle. Deep rose. 

Princess Royal. Rich salmon. 

Red Rover. Fine dark crimson. 

Royal Purple. Lovely shape. 

Salmon Gigantic. Large salmon-pink. 

Snow White. Solid paper-white, immense flowers. 

Sweet Afton. Deep silvery pink; large. 

Tangerine Improved. Fiery orange. 

Warrior. Deep maroon. 

Welcome. Dazzling scarlet. 

What Joy. Cream. 

Windsor Blue. Large-flowered and long stemmed; 
clear mid-blue. 

Youth. White, picoteed pink. 


This novelty mixture includes all the finest new 
named giant Sweet Peas. 

Pkt. 20 cts.; oz. 75 cts.; 14lb. $2 

Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 50 cts.; 4lb. $1.50 


Coline. Scarlet. Janet. White. 
Evelyn. Salmon-cream- Lois. Rose. 
pink. Tommy. Mid-blue. 

Frank G. Lavender. 
Any of the above, pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1.50 

Sweet Peas for Greenhouse 

Bacchus. Red-maroon. 

Bridesmaid. Silver-pink. 

Coquette. Deep salmon-pink; very large. 
Fiesta. Orange-cerise color; sunproof. 
Gardenia. Large ruffled paper-white. 
Hiawatha. Rose. 

Miss Liberty. White with rose-carmine. 
Princess Blue. Lovely shade. 
Rhapsody. Giant rosy lavender. 
Sequoia. Cerise. 

Tahoe. Mid-blue. 

Tops. Vigorous. Rose-pink with salmon. 
Top Sergeant. Blood-red. 

Any of above varieties, pkt. 25 cts.; oz. 75 cts. 

cS cca 

28 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

Sweet William ux 

Easy to grow, producing large, fragrant flowers of 
great lasting quality. 

Giant Double, Mixed. 

Giant Single, Mixed. 

Giant White. 

Newport Pink. Watermelon-pink or salmon-rose. 
Pink Beauty. Delicate pink. 

Scarlet Beauty. Intense scarlet. 

All above varieties, pkt. 25 cts.; I40z. $1.50 

Verbenas HHP 
Effective for bedding and as cut-flowers in vases. 

Blue Pink Scarlet 
White (candidissima) 

Any of above, pkt. 25 cts.; oz. $1 
Mammoth Hybrids, Mixed. 
Pkt. 25 cts.; loz. 75 cts. 

Vinca (Periwinkle) aap 
For bedding; seed should be sown early. 

Alba pura. White. Rosea. Rose. 
Rosea alba. Rose and white. Mixed 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; Zoz. $1 

Violas HHP 

_ Requires same treatment as pansies. Very attrac- 
tive for bedding and rockeries. 

Apricot. (Sutton’s) Rich apricot, tipped orange 
toward the center. 

Blue Butterfly. 8 in. 
white on upper petals. 

Blue Perfection. 1% ft. Blue. 
Jersey Gem. Deep violet-blue. 

Scotch Strains, Mixed. Choicest and newest 
bedding hybrids. 

Normandie. Rich burgundy-red-purple. 
White Perfection. 14 ft. White. 
Mixed. AII colors. 

All above varieties, pkt. 50 cts.; oz. $2 

Vivid mid-blue, shading 

Wallflower HA and HB 

Wallflowers are ideally suited for bedding in 
masses or as a cut-flower. 

Annual Varieties, Mixed. 
Pkt. 15 cts.; 4oz. 75 cts. 
Perennial, Double, Finest Mixed. 

Pkt. 25 cts.; “oz. $2 


Brightest, showiest, and most dependable of an- 
nuals, Zinnias are everybody’s flower. They can be 
grown with the greatest of ease in almost any soil 
and location, except dense shade. No diseases afflict 
their foliage and no bugs eat their flowers. From the 

2 to 214 ft. 

Crimson Monarch. The largest and best. 
Dream. Fine deep lavender. 
Exquisite. Light rose. 
Golden Dawn. Golden yellow flowers. 
Golden State. Rich orange-yellow. 
Luminosa. Bright pink. 
Meteor. Deep red. 
Old Rose. Adequately described by its name. 
Oriole. Immense orange and gold bicolor. 
Polar Bear. Large, pure white. 
Royal Purple. Deep rich reddish purple. 
Youth. Rose self. 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. $1 
COLLECTION: One pkt. each of above 12 varie- 
ties for $2.50. 
Gold Medal Mixture. Pkt. 25 cts.; 140z. 75 cts. 
Super Crown of Gold Pastel Tints. A vastly 

improved strain. Large flowers in rich pastel 
shades. Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. $1 


The following are truly Giant Zinnias, with beauti- 
ful, large, double flowers, 414 to 6 inches in diameter, 
of gorgeous coloring, with loosely arranged petals. 

Cream Golden Yellow Purple 
Crimson Pink Scarlet 
Flesh-Color White 

Grenadier. Scarlet. 

Peace. White. 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; l4oz. $1 
Mixed. Pkt. 25 cts.; %40z. 75 cts. 

time the seed is sown in late spring until the frost 
blasts their bloom, they grow blithely along. 

Special Giant Strains have been developed which 
rival the dahlias in their huge size and multitudinous 

ELEGANS (Dwarf) 

Double, large, well-formed flowers of superb 
colors. 2 ft. 
Bright Rose Flesh-Pink Old-Rose 
Crimson Lemon Orange- Yellow 

Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; 4oz. 75 cts. 

| Dwarf Double, Mixed. Pkt. 15 cts.; oz. 60 cts. 


Black-Ruby Flesh Scarlet Gem 
Canary-Yellow Salmon-Rose White Gem 
Golden Gem Purple Mixed 

Mixed—Pastel Shades 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; '40z. $1 


| Fantasy. Brilliant mixed colors. 
| Fantasy, Star Dust. The shaggy-petaled, graceful 

blooms are rich golden yellow. 
Melody. Orchid-lavender. 
Orange Lady. Deep orange. 
Pink Frills. Soft flesh pink. 
Rosalie. Intense rose 
Wildfire. Dazzling scarlet. 
Each: Pkt. 25 cts.; %40z. $1 

All seeds sent postpaid to any address 
for cash with order 


WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 29 


We make a specialty of securing the firmest, ripest bulbs obtainable, so that there is no surer 
way of having a conservatory full of beautiful flowers, or a garden of brilliant color, than by planting 
Hunt’s Bulbs. And remember, we pay transportation when cash accompanies order. 

grow 18 inches high. 


Tuberous-Rooted Begonias 

GIANT SINGLE. The flowers are of waxy texture, often measure 7 inches 
across, and have a glowing sheen not found in any other bloom. Plants 

Apricot Orange Salmon Yellow Mixed 
Dark Red Rose Pink White 
Any of above, 50 cts. each; $4 per doz. 
Pink White Orange Scarlet Apricot 
Rose Yellow Salmon Dark Red Mixed 
Any of above, 50 cts. each; $4 per doz. 
Apricot Scarlet Rose Orange Yellow 
Pink Dark Red White Salmon Mixed 

Any of above, 50 cts. each; $4 per doz. 
60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Giant Hippeastrum Hybrids. A magnificent 
strain of giant-flowering Amaryllis throwing 
vigorous flower-stems set with 4 to 6 gigantic 
perfect blooms of the flat, new type, in a wide 
range of beautiful colors. 

Top size, $1.50 each; $15 per doz. 
Second size, $1 each; $10 per doz. 

Caladiums, Fancy-leaved 

Mixed Varieties. $8 per doz.; $50 per 100 
6 Named Varieties, $9 per doz. 


Elliottiana. Large, deep golden yellow. 
Large bulbs. $10 per doz.; $75 per 100 

Elegant and handsome pot-plants for window or 

Red. Rich shade. Deep Blue. Purple. 
Emperor Frederick. Scarlet, white banded. 
Emperor William. Violet banded by a white margin. 
Mixed. Mixture of above sorts. 

All above varieties, 75 cts. each; $7.50 per doz. 


Candicans. Top-sized bulbs. 
$2.50 per doz.; $15 per 100 

Ismene Calathina (Peruvian Daffodils) 

Large, white, fragrant amaryllis-shaped blooms. 
Easy to grow in a sunny position. $6 per doz. 

Lily-of-the- Valley 

Extra-strong clumps. Ideal for the shady border. 
$9 per doz. 


Excelsior Pearl XXX. Large; double: white. 
Top size, $3.50 per doz.; $25 per 100 
Second size, $3 per doz.; $20 per 100 

Single Mexican. $2.50 per doz.; $16 per 100 


Etoile de Feu. 2 ft. Red flowers, with orange throat. 
Fire King. Large bright scarlet flowers. 

George Davison. Free flowering; yellow. 

King Edmund. Fine orange-yellow flowers. 

Lady Hamilton. Yellow, shading to apricot. 
Lord Nelson. Dazzling crimson with yellow. 

All above varieties, $1.75 per doz.; $12 per 100 
Mixed Standard Varieties. 
$1 per doz.; $7 per 100 

Montbretias, Newer Varieties 

Apricot Queen. One of the first to flower. 

$3 per doz.; $20 per 100. 
Fiery Cross. Intense orange. 

$4 per doz.; $25 per 100 
Mephistopheles. Vivid scarlet. 

$6 per doz.; $40 per 100 
Queen Boadicea. Golden orange. 

$6 per doz.; $40 per 100 
Earlham Hybrids Mixed. 

$1.50 per doz.; $10 per_100 

30 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

$1 per doz.; $7 per 100 

BEGONIA, Camellia-flowered. 50 cts. each; 
$4 per doz. 
TUBEROSE, Excelsior Pearl XXX 
Top size, $3.50 per doz.; $25 per 100 

POMPON DAHLIA, Yellow Gem. 75 cts. each 

MINIATURE DAHLIA, Bishop of Llandaff 
90 cts. each 

75 cts. each 

Place your DAHLIA order early. 

We will send in good time 
for planting 

Prices quoted above are for extra-strong 

DECORATIVE DAHLIA, Ogden Reid. $3 each 


we ina 

BULBS AND ROOTS, continued 

An up-to-date selection of standard varieties, including recent novelties and 

popular sorts. 


Ann Tooker. |I.D. Pure white petals, flat and 
wavy. A sensation wherever shown. Blooms 
135x101: Roots, $4 each 

Irene Rich. (Parrella.) S.C. Rose blended 
apricot with cadmium-orange. General effect 
bright rose-red. Winner of Gold Medal at 
A.D.S. Show, New York. Bush 5 ft.; blooms 
124% x7 in. Roots, $15 each 

Long Island Sun. (Tooker.) I.D. Deep prim- 
rose-yellow with long quilled petals. Free 

bloomer. 1949 Honor Roll. 
blooms 9 x 5 in. Roots, $10 each 

Mrs. Dean Acheson. (Fioretti.) I.D. Tyrian 
prints blended soft rose, with white at cen- 
ter. General effect light rose. Extra good keep- 
ing qualities. Bush 5 ft.; blooms 74% x 4% in. 

Roots, $15 each 

Bush 4% ft.; 

Alfred Lunt. F.D. Currant-red to scarlet. Blooms 
are 8 inches in diameter, borne on long, strong 
stems. Easy of culture and a prolific bearer. 

Strong roots, $2 each 

American Purity. S.C. Glistening white flowers 
borne on strong, straight stems. Height 5 ft. 
Roots, $1.25 each 

California Idol. I.D. Bright self-colored yellow. 
One of the largest. Very refined. Roots, $1 each 

Carl Dahl. I.D. Apricot-buff, reverse old-rose. 
Free bloomer on strong stems. 
Strong tubers, $1.25 each 

Cherokee Brave. [.D. Ox-blood-red; does not 
fade even in the hottest sun. Giant flowers. 
Strong roots, $1.25 each 

D. Day. F.D. Soft-toned pink. One of the most 
popular prize-winning varieties. Excellent for 
its keeping qualities. Roots, $2 each 

Delrose. I.D. White with yellow border on each 
side of petal, affording a striking contrast. Well 
recommended. Roots, $5 each 

Faithful. S.C. White. An easy-to-grow variety, 
always with full-centered blooms. 
Strong tubers, $2 each 

Five Star General. F.D. Giant introduction of 
amaranth-pink, centering to maize-yellow. Strong, 
sturdy plant bearing blooms on long, stiff stems. 

Roots, $3 each 

Glamour. [.D. True purple, edged pink. 
Strong roots, $2 each 

Great Divide. S.C. Yellow center, blending to 
shell-pink on outer petals. Flowers have ex- 
ceeded 12 inches in diameter. 

Strong roots, $3.50 each 

Greater Glory. S.C. Tall, vigorous and healthy. 
Deep rose-pink, shading to salmon at center. 
Roots, $1.75 each 

Hilda Fioretti. S.C. This most attractive Dahlia 
is well recommended. Deep rose-pink, blended 
deeper rose and tipped with apricot. Blooms 
measure 9 to 10 inches, and are carried on long, 
strong stems. Height 6 ft. Strong roots, $3 each 

Hunt’s Velvet Wonder. [.D. Deep rosy magenta, 
blending to purple. Roots, $1.25 each 

Jane Cowl. [.D Warm buff on old-gold, blending 
to apricot with rose at center. 
Roots, 75 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Jersey’s Beauty. F.D. The ideal pink for all 
purposes. Roots, 75 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

F.D. White tipped lavender. Large 
Roots, $1.50 each 

Maffie. S.C. A great prize-winner—has been grown 
to 14 inches in diameter. Intense carmine-red. 
Very long, strong stems. Roots, $2.50 each 

Marie. F.D. Large flower. One of the popular 
pinks. Roots, $1.25 each 

Michigan White. S.C. The most prolific white to 
date. Roots, $1.25 each 

I.D. Carmine-red. 

King Peter. 
flower on cane-like stems. 

Mrs. George Le Boutillier. 
Giant exhibition variety. Roots, $1 each 

Ogden Reid. I.D. An immense variety. Pink 
blended lighter rose, striped pale yellow. Vigor- 
ous grower; perfect in every way. Height 6 ft. 

Strong roots, $3 each 

Son of Satan. S.C. Intense flame-red on excellent 
stems. A sensation; blooms up to 12 inches in 
diameter. Roots, $1.50 each 

World Event. F.D. Amaranth-pink flushed with 
mallow-purple. Large flowers on long, strong 
stems. Roots, $2 each 


Marshall’s Glory. Red, white tipped. 
Newport Wonder. Soft pink. 

Tango Century. Orange and gold. 
Twinkle. Rose and white. 

Roots of any of the above varieties, 90 cts. each 


Bishop of Llandaff. Bright scarlet with deep 
garnet center. 

Miss Innocence. Attractive white. 

Nicky. A delightful pink. 

Sylvia. Scarlet-red. 

White Fawn. Pure white. 

Roots of any of the above varieties, 90 cts. each 


Amber Glow. Coral and gold. 

Betty Anne. Soft rose-pink, inclined to violet. 
Betty Malone. White and violet. 

Bronze Beauty. Bronze. 

Morning Mist. Delicate lavender. 

Yellow Gem. Yellow. 

Roots of any of the above varieties, 75 cts. each 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 33 

$1.25 per doz.; 
$9 per 100 


GLADIOLUS, Hunt’s De Luxe Mixture. $1 per doz.; 
$6 per 100. 

GLADIOLUS, Margaret Beaton $1.50 per doz.; $10 per 100. 

BULBS AND ROOTS, continued 

Culture. Gladiolus will succeed in all kinds of 
soil, provided the location is a sunny one. Before 
spading or plowing, manure the ground thoroughly, 
as Gladiolus like rich ground. 

Time of Planting. The bulbs can be planted 
just as soon as the frost is out of the ground and the 
beds are properly prepared. In the vicinity of New 
York this may be early in April. If the flowers are 
wanted in successive crops, it is best to make weekly 
plantings, and, if planted as late as June 30, the 
flowers will appear before frost-time. 

Feeding. Gladiolus are gross feeders, and we find 
pulverized sheep-manure is the most result- produc- 
ing food. Apply it between the rows after the foliage 
has made a good start, and repeat the application 

every two weeks until the buds show. From that 
time on, liquid sheep-manure, applied every other 
day, produces splendid results. 

Watering. Continued moisture Is just as essen- 
tial for the successful growing of these flowers as 
food, and we wish to impress our readers with the 
fact that drought is most detrimental to their health. 

Cultivation. It is a well-established fact that 
every plant benefits by constant cultivation, and if 
we were asked what part of the culture Is the most 
Important we should always say cultivation. The 
soil around the plants should always be open. 

Depth and Distance to Plant. Our recommen- 
dation is to plant 4 inches deep and 4 inches apart. 

Gladiolus Novelties and Outstanding Varieties for 1950 
Gladiolus Classified by Color to Help You Make Your Selections 

TOP-SIZE BULBS treated against thrips 


A beautiful va- Doz. 100 
Enormous peaneery low 
: ie .$1 50 $10 00 

Acca Laurentia. 
flowers . 

Ales VES ee ees scar- 
let. Most popules eucty In this 

color. . : . wee es hor 12500 
Ane Cc ommander. Tall 

blood-red; very handsome........ Le oes Za00 
Bagdad. Huge red florets with 

mauve lines radiating from the 
CELLET iver cia Kyi oierg ofa on ok vkeanry ale 125 9 00 

Beacon. Rose-scarlet with pro- 
nounced cream blotch. Full, long 
Spine larcenlowersc ce.) idee cis 1 25 9 00 

Black Opal. Deep maroon-red. 
ialleveryspopular..2 co ¢seee feos. 12/755) 12500 

Large, deep wine-red.... 2 00 14 00 

Commander Koehl. Deep blood- 
red with scarlet reflexes; very large. 2 00 14 00 

Dr. F. E. Bennett. Peach-red; 
throat creamy white, speckled 
je0d SRST ELs bh. ae Be ee 1 25 9 00 

(Prim.) Brilliant 


Flaming Sword. 

red with orange overtone......... 1 25 9 00 
Johann S. Bach. Orange with a 

lighter throat; white midrib on 

CEFECENS: STB Ck Ue ee 1 75. 12.00 
King’s Ransom. Early; peach-red. 

Wet VEATLTACTIVEGs. | cg chs le ae 175 £12 00 
New Europa. Giant red of unusual 

merit and splendid value at this 

icc eer ee he Le T5- 12,00 
Red Phipps. Brilliant light scarlet; 

AY TEAL So he ace ee ns 25 9 00 
Rewi Fallu. Deep blood-red; tall 

UT LT Sap: afd er ae a 150 #41000 
Vagabond Prince. Garnet-brown 

WITMnSCaArictblOtCh «ects abe feos 1975.12.00 
Valerie. Beas new red. Very 

large. . ak ca th RS GP 


Anna May. Large, early, pure white$2 00 $14 00 
Camellia. Blush-white tinted pink 

with small scarlet blotch......... ibyiss AUN 
Fair Angel. Large, ruffled, creamy 

WiLELe meen: Ac Unrest) ae tees iar) oem ae 250 16 00 
Greta Garbo. Blush-pink and apri- 

COUL ar IPs oc tiene hata tene he 200 14 00 
Leading Lady. Miulk-white sport of 

Picardy. Huge size and perfect 

placement of flowers. Outstanding. 2 50 16 00 

Maid of Orleans. Large milk-white 

flowers. Always dependable...... 150 10 00 
Margaret Beaton Large, pure white 

with scarlet blotch. Tall sauce on 

alongstem.. 150 £10 00 
Polar Ice. Dead site good size 
AIC SHADE: weak 150 £10 00 

Shirley Termiples fore a Ponire 

with darker cream throat. Opens 

well when cut tight. . 150 12 00 
Snow Princess. Clear white with 

Tit kevethroa thy nen. etre sacar eee 1e2Z5 9 00 
Star of Bethlehem. Pure white, 

faintly tinged crimson........... 150 £10 00 
Wanda. Very large; milk-white. 

Popular-cut-llower#... 4. « 1) 005) 210-00 


creamy throat. 

Coral-red blending to a 
Ses ruffled flow- 

CL Naess tee 1 50 10 00 
Burma. Deep rose, Brlmos red. 

Large and ruffled flowers. Out- 

standing noveltys........ eee (Oath 200 
Chamony. Deep Breer rose. Jee 

tra good flower...... 175 12 00 
Corona. Creamy aghites athe a rose 

picotee edge. Heavy flower....... 175 12 00 
Debonair. lLa-France-pink; throat 

shrimp-pink and cream.......... 150 £10 00 
Glamis. One of the leading pink 

novelties. Very large;longstems.. 2 75 18 00 
Margaret Fulton. Rich salmon 
with an apricot throat........... i925 

Eee ee eee reer ere reer errr errr EEE 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 35 

GLADIOLUS, continued 

Miss New Zealand. Apricot-salmon Doz. 100 
suffusedowithsrosese . $1 75 $12 00 

Picardy. Wonderful light pink, very 
popular. Still the most attractive 
Gladiolus. We have the true Pic- 
ardy youcan depend upon........ 

Spic and Span. Large, ruffled, deep 
pinkss Palle ee 75 cts. each. . 

9 00 

8 00 


Abu Hassan. Rich clear blue. 

Finest inthis color sea...) $2.50 $18.00 
Blue Beauty. Solid Ble lighter 

toward:the/edvet eee =e. 200 £14 00 
Charles Dickens. Purple-violet of 

LOO. Sizes ho 1 eae ool ak 17505210700 
Elizabeth the Queen. Beautiful 

ruffled lavender. Giant flowers on 

strongstems..... e200. 4500 
King Arthur. Dep laveddess se 

ustially-pG0d Saale t _. 150 £1000 
Marmora. Smoky gray and laven- 

der, blotched red and purple...... 200 14 00 
Minuet. Very attractive light lav- 

ender; hupersize. =) ene en 187512200 
Mothes Machree. Soft lavender, 

Withorangeand stay... oe. 200 £14 00 
Pelegrina. Deep violet-blue with a 

darker throaty eter ee 175 12 00 

LILIUM auratum S»—> 

LILIUM regale 


Barcarolle. Salmon-orange without Doz. 100 
other markings. . ..$1 50 $10 00 

Gate of Heaven. Rich yellow one 

Of the béstiese.... 65-0 e ee 150 £10 00 
Golden Dream. Clear deep golden 

yellow. . ; 125 9 00 
Gold Dust. A new v golden yellow ef 

giant size; handsome. ae 1eZ5 9 00 
Gold Eagle. Very nile: aa ee 

orative, deep yellow flowers... 125 9 00 
Maskerade. A newer and very at- 

tractive orange variety. . ; 120027514200 
October Sunshine. Scere or- 

ange, golden’ throat, .. + a9.) see OnUU 
Orange Queen. (Prim.) Yellow 

suffused with copper-orange...... 150 1000 
Souvenir. (Prim.) Pure yellow. 

Excellent:for-forcing...03..6- ee ee 13752212500 


Selected from the latest and best large- 
flowering varieties. This is a grand assort- 

ment and an attractive bargain. 
Top-size bulbs, $1 per doz.; $6 per 100; 
$50 per 1000. Mailed free for cash with 


For prices and 
see following 


LILIUM Henryi 

Speciosum rubrum 

TC rh ee 
36 WILLIAM M. HUNT & COQ., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

BULBS AND ROOTS, continued 



Since the beginning of gardens, Lilies have been 
prized among the choicest plants. The family is so 
large, so diversified in shape and color of the flowers, 
so varied in their habit of growth, that truly Lilies 
may be chosen for any situation, and to accommo- 
date any mood of the gardener. 

Auratum (The Golden-banded Lily). One of the 
stateliest of all the hardy Lilies; grows 3 to 6 feet 
high and bears twenty or more large and fragrant 
flowers 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Flowers white, 
spotted deep red, with bright yellow band running 
through the center of each petal, in August. 

Doz. 100 
Mammoth Bulbs. XXX...... $14 00 $100 00 
Extra-large Bulbs. XX...... 1100 80 00 

Henryi (Yellow Speciosum). 4 to 5 ft. In form and 
habit resembles L. speciosum. Flowers shaded yel- 
low, slightly varying im color, with a distinct and 
waxy green center. Blooms during August and 

$11 per doz.; $75 per 100 

Philippinense formosanum. A fine hardy Lily. 
A gorgeous large pure white trumpet, tinted rose 
on the outside. Of large size, splendid form and 
richly fragrant. Blooms from September to frost. 
Height 4 to 6 feet. 

$6 per doz.; $40 per 100 

REGALE (Royal Lily). Plant the bulbs 6 to 8 
inches deep in rich well-drained soil and they will 
Increase in strength and production year after 
year. The trumpets are waxy white with golden 
yellow throats and the reverse stained with dull 
purple. They are deliciously fragrant. New bulbs 
usually carry at least half a dozen flowers while an 
old established plant will bear two dozen or more. 
Heights vary from 4 to 7 feet. 

9 to 11 in., $9 per doz.; $65 per 100. 
8 to 9 in., $7.50 per doz.; $50 per 100. 

Speciosum album. 3 to 4 ft. Very dainty white 
Lily. It flowers in the border or amongst the 
shrubbery at the same time as L. auratum. 

Extra-large Bulbs, $17 per doz. 

Speciosum Melpomene. Large, dark crimson- 
spotted flower of striking appearance. 

Mammoth Bulbs, $14 per doz.; $100 per 
2d size Bulbs, $12 per doz.; $90 per 100. 

GARDEN LILIES, continued 

Speciosum rubrum. 3 to 4 ft. 
dance of spotted rose flowers. 

ee Bulbs, $14 per doz.; $100 per 

2d size Bulbs, $12 per doz.; $90 per 100. 

Tigrinum, Single (Tiger Lily). Extremely showy 
and very easily grown, producing Immense quan- 
tities of brilliant orange-red flowers, elegantly: 
spotted with brownish black. Grows to 3 to 4 feet 
or more; blooms in August. 

$4.50 per doz.; $30 per 100 
Tigrinum, Double (Tiger Lily). A double form of 

the foregoing. Very handsome. 
$4.50 per doz.; $30 per 100 

Bears an abun- 


Rooted Cuttings 

We offer the following rooted cuttings for de- 
livery January, February, and later. 

Chief Kokomo. Variegated yellow with red 

stripes. $25 per 100 

Eleanor. Light salmon-pink. $20 per 100 
Harlequin. Flesh-pink variegated wine-red. 

$40 per 100 

King Cardinal. Deep scarlet. $25 per 100 

Miller’s Yellow. Best yellow to date. $25 per 100 

Northland. Popular new giant white. $25 per 100 

Olivette. White. Very large. $20 per 100 
Pelargonium. White ground overlaid crimson. 
$30 per 100 

Symphony. Variegated reddish purple stripes, on 

mauve background. $40 per 100 
Tom Knipe. Deep scarlet. $35 per 100 
Virginia Hercules. Extra large; light pink. 

$30 per 100 
William Sim. Scarlet. $40 per 100 

rrr SL 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 37 


The material we offer is strong field-grown stock 
with the exception of some varieties which trans- 
plant and ship better by being grown in pots. Our 
perennials are carefully packed and labeled and will 
arrive at destination in first-class condition. All 

true to name. 

Italica, Dropmore. Gentian-blue flowers. 

4 feet. 

May. 60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 
Japonica, Queen Charlotte. The best semi- 

double, pink variety. 4 feet. Autumn. 
Japonica, Whirlwind. The finest white, double 
variety. 4 feet. 

Either of above, 75 cts. each; $7 per doz. 

Asters, Dwarf Hybrid 

Countess of Dudley. Charming clear pink. 9 inches. 
Lady Henry Maddocks. Light pink. 1 ft. 
Snowsprite. Semi-double; white. 10 inches. 

Any of above, 60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Mrs. Scott Elliott’s Hybrids. A choice selection 

of finest shades of pink and rose; long-spurred. 
June, July. 60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 


Medium (Canterbury Bells). Blue, White, Pink 
or Mixed, as desired. 3 feet. June, July. 

Medium calycanthema (Cup-and-Saucer). 
White, Blue or Mixed, as desired. 

Either of above, 60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Barbatus (Sweet William). 11% feet. 

Newport Pink. 
Scarlet Beauty. Rich, brilliant red. 

Any of the above, 50 cts. each; $5 per doz. 

Mixed colors. 

ASTER, Eads ete Maddeceee $6 per doz. 

DELPHINIUM, Pacific Hybrids, Mixed. $9 per doz. 

Belladonna. Pale blue. 65 cts. each; $6.50 per doz. 
Pacific Hybrids, Mixed. 90 cts. each; $9 per doz. 

Magnificent new strain. 5 to 
60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 


Large crimson flowers, edged 
60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Paniculata fl.-pl., Bristol Fairy. The flowers are 
large, pure white, double, and come in enormous 
sprays In great profusion. 2 to 3 feet. June- 
October. 70 cts. each; $7 per doz. 

Russell Hybrids. Plants are very vigorous, pro- 
ducing spikes 2 to 3 feet long of bewildering and 
beautiful shades. 3-in. pots. 
80 cts. each; $8 per doz. 

Shirley Hybrids. 
7 feet. 

Aristata, Portola. 

DIGITALIS (Foxglove). $6 per doz. 

38 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

Semperflorens. An everblooming variety with 
light blue flowers in clusters. 8 inches. 
60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Papaver orientale (Oriental Poppy) 
Beauty of Livermore. Blazing red. 
Peggy Joyce. Light salmon-pink. 3 feet. 
Perry’s White. White flower, crimson base. 
Any of above varieties, 80 cts. each; $8 per doz. 

Phlox, Hardy 

Beacon. Brilliant cherry-red. 3 feet. 

E. I. Farrington. Salmon-pink, white eye. 

Miss Lingard. Large white flowers. 

Mrs. Jenkins. Large trusses of pure white flowers. 
Any above varieties, 60 cts. each; $6 per doz. 

Ground-Cover Plants 

English Ivy. Best results are obtained by using 
small plants, and lots of them, which readily 
cover the bare soil. 314-in. pots. $8 per doz. 

Pachysandra terminalis. For bare areas in dense 
shade and for use among rhododendrons and 
azaleas it has no equal. 3-in. pot-plants. 

$6 per doz.; $40 per 100 

ENGLISH IVY. $8 per doz. 


An herb garden used to be one of the most important parts of every home garden, and once again herbs 
are taking a prominent part in cookery. They add new variety to many dishes, and in the garden they prove 
to be very interesting plants. By all means include an herb corner in your garden. 

Standard prices, all varieties, except where noted, 70 cts. each; $1.75 for 3; $6 per doz. Please 
add 10% when remitting, to cover transportation and packing. 

*Basil, Sweet. Leaves used in soup, fish sauce. 
Burnet. Leaves used for cucumber flavor in salads. 
Catnip. Leaves used in medicinal tea. 

Chives. Leaves used in salads, soups, cheese. 
Hyssop. Leaves used for soups, salads, vegetable 


Dried flowers in potpourris, sachets, 


*Marjoram, Sweet. Leaves used as a seasoning; 
oil for fragrance. 

Rosemary. Leaves used in stews. 

$1 each; $2.50 for 3; $8 per doz. 




Mints. Leaves used for jelly, sauces, drinks, mint~ 
sauce, juleps, cheese. 
Apple Pineapple 
Peppermint Spearmint 

Sage. Leaves used for stuffing, sausage, cheese, soup. 

Savory, Winter. Leaves used in stuffing. 

Southernwood. Dried leaves dispel odors and 
moths. Useful for salads. 

Sweet Woodruff. Leaves used in white wine. 

Tarragon. Leaves used in vinegar, salads, fish, 
chicken. 80 cts. each; $2 for 3; $7 per doz. 

Thyme, Common. Leaves used in soup, meat, 
fish, vegetables. 

*Annuals; not hardy. 



WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 39 


The beds ought not be more than 4 feet wide, and 
the soil should be rich. Avoid making the ground 
loose or spongy. The stiffer and harder the soil in 
the lower layers of the bed, the better Roses grow. 
Old sods, decayed cow-manure, bone meal, and 
commercial dried sheep manure are good fertilizers. 
Keep the surface of the Rose-beds well cultivated. 

Plant Hybrid Tea Roses 114 feet apart. More 
vigorous types need more space. Set the “bud” or 
‘“*sraft’’ at least 1 inch beneath the surface. Spread 

out the fine roots carefully and tamp the soil firmly 
about them. It is well to tread the soil hard about 
the roots. Loose planting is fatal. ; 

Dormant Roses should be pruned in the spring. 
Remove weak and dead wood, and shorten the good 
canes to 6inches. Ramblers of the Dorothy Perkins 
type should have the old canes cut out at the base 
as soon as they are through blooming. Other Climb- 
ers require little pruning; simply remove dead wood 
and an occasional old cane as new ones appear. 

Hybrid Tea Roses 

ROSE, Pink Princess 

DOLLY DARLING. Delightfully blended sunset 
shades of pink overlaid with the luster of deeper 

EARLY MORN. Large, double flowers of pleasing 
light pastel pink. 

KING BOREAS. Lemon-yellow, completely double. 
Free, abundant bloomer. A beauty. 

LILY PONS. Pat. 420. White with pure yellow 
center; large, graceful flowers of imdescribable 
delicacy. Vigorous, free bloomer. Often a feature 
of gardens in the cold Northwest. 

No. 112 UNNAMED. Large, double, deep red 
blooms, abundantly displayed in Hybrid Tea 
form and cluster. Sturdy bushes, one of the 
most strikingly beautiful of all red Roses. 

OLD-FASHIONED RED. Like the Roses of 
Grandmother’s garden, with that same fragrance, 
doubleness, bearing constant bloom and fond 
memories of by-gone days. 

PINK PRINCESS. Pat. 459. Bud red; flower deep 
pink. Famous as the first Hybrid Tea free from 
premature defoliation. 

Any of the above, $2 each; 3 for $5.50; $20 per 


A new race from hardier Species that bear the best 
of fragrant flowers, more freely and constantly all 
summer. Plants are of greater sturdiness and vigor 
and live many times as long even after sub-zero 

ANNE VANDERBILT. Pat. 504. Brilliant cop- 
pery orange, informal, semi-double, fragrant. 
Constantly in bloom. 

BREAK O’DAY. Orange to apricot, large, very 
double flowers. Very vigorous; free bloomer. 

CURLY PINK. Matchless in the combination of 
size and form of bloom, beauty of cluster, con- 
stancy, vigor, hardiness and performance. When 
established, many large, two-toned pink blooms, 
in several stages form a gorgeous bouquet on 
a single stem. 

DICK WILCOX. A magnificent deep red Rose that 
can grow 2 feet or more in one season. Upwards 
of a hundred of the largest very double blooms, 
year upon year, even following the coldest of 
sub-zero winters. Named for the well-known 
rosarian formerly of Minnesota University, who 
discovered Brownell Roses would winter in the 
cold Northwest. 

ROSE, Early Morn 

——— ne 
40 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


HYBRID TEA ROSES, continued 

QUEEN O’ THE LAKES. Named for the Queen 
of Minnesota’s Aquatic Sports. Graceful, and 
elegant in form; beautiful crimson. 

RED ROBIN. Red tending toward vermilion. 
Very sturdy bush that literally glitters with 

SHADES OF AUTUMN. Pat. 542. An abundant 

producer of bi-colored blooms. Beautiful red, 
yellow and blush. 

STARGOLD. Pat. 248. A perfect yellow Rose 
borne in abundance at Rose time, and with limited 

TIP TOES. Delightful mixture of red, crange and 
pink tints, with sweet, spice-like fragrance. 

TOMKINS RED. Medium, semi-double flowers 
of that deep velvety red so much admired, per- 
petually displayed. 

V FOR VICTORY. Pat. 543. Large, very double, 
yellow, fragrant Roses; constantly blooming. 

VELVETIER. Semi-double, frequently in clusters. 
Dark red with velvety luster. 

YELLOW CURLS. Pure yellow, very double 
flowers of all sizes, produced in unbelievable 
abundance on a rapidly growing bush. 

Any of the above, $2 each; 3 for $5.50; $20 per doz. 

Hardy Climbing Roses 

APRICOT GLOW. Pat. 200. 

double, in abundant clusters. 
BROWNELL RAMBLER. Large, clear yellow, 
very double flowers, singly and in clusters. 

CARPET OF GOLD. Pat. 541. One of the earliest 
to brighten the garden with waves of brilliant 
pure yellow. 

COPPER GLOW. Pat. 458. Deep coppery orange; 
delightful spicy fragrance. 

CORAL CREEPER. All the shades of ocean coral 

complementing other delightful rose tints. 

DR. BURT. Clusters of reddish orange, very 
double, fragrant bloom. 

ELEGANCE. Very large, perfect form; pure yellow 
center shading to white. 

FREDERICK S. PECK. Pat. 419. Deep grenadin- 

pink with yellow center, semi-double. 

GOLDEN CLIMBER (Mrs. A. C. James). Pat. 28. 

The supreme yellow Rose. Fragrant. 

Coppery pink, 

and orange. A unique crinkly flower for the 

GOLDEN PYRAMID. Large, cadmium-yellow 

blooms. Most vigorous of all climbers. 

HARVEST GLOW. Many gracefully formal 
petals, yellow outside and deep pink within. 


yellow and orange shades. 

ORANGE EVERGLOW. Pat. 505. Dazzling 
coppery crange. Fragrant; vigorous. The first 
of a series of Everblooming Climbers te be intro- 
duced by the Brownells. 

CL. BREAK O’ DAY. Pat. 696. Very vigorous, 
everblooming climbing sport of Break o’ Day. 
A very nice climber. 

PEARLY WHITE. Gracefully 
double, large, all-white Rose. 

double flowers in 

petaled, semi- 

Any of the above, $2 each; 3 for $5.50; $20 per doz. 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 41 



Acid Phosphate. (Superphosphate.) Unexcelled 
for all crops and as a top dressing. Use 1000 Ibs. 
per acre. 100 lbs. $3.50; ton $50. 

Adco. An artificial stable manure. 
150-lb. bag $12. 

Agrico. Complete fertilizer. 5-10-5. Specially 
prepared for flowers and vegetables. Use 40 Ibs. 
per 1000 square feet. 100 Ibs. $4.50; ton $80. 

Agrico for Evergreens. 100 lbs. $8. 

Agricultural Lime. For sour soils. 80-lb. bag $2; 
ton $40. 

Blood, Dried. 100 Ibs. $16. 

Bone Meal, Steamed. Use 40 Ibs. per 1000 square 
feet. 100 lbs. $7; ton $115. 

Cattle Manure, Shredded. 100 lbs. $5; ton $80. 

Chrysanthemum Manure. 50 lbs. $7; 100 lbs. 

Complete Fertilizer. Agrico. 5-10-5. For all 
vegetables. 100 Ibs. $4.50; ton $80. 

Imp Fertilizer. The improved domestic fertilizer. 
Ideal for Greenhouse uses. 28 lbs. $3.50; 56 Ibs. 
$6.50; 112 Ibs. $12. 

Lawn Dressing. 6-10-4. Use 50 Ibs per 1000 square 
feet. 100 Ibs. $5.50; ton $95. 

Natural Hyper Humus. 100 lbs. $5; 500 Ibs. $20; 
ton (in bags) $75. 

Potato Fertilizer. 4-12-8. Complete highest 
grade. Use 1 ton per acre. 100 lbs. $5; ton $85. 

Rhodono. The aluminum sulphate compound. 

50 Ibs. $4; 100 Ibs. $7. 

25 Ibs. $3.50; 

Hyponex. Highly concentrated, economical and 
efficient. Lb. $1; 10 Ibs. $8. 

Nitrate of Soda. 100 Ibs. $9. 

Rootone. Roots cuttings; germinates seeds. Just 
dust and plant. 2 ozs. $1.25; Ib. $8. 

Sheep Manure, Pulverized. 100 Ibs. $4.50; 

ton $80. 
Tankage, Ground. 100 Ibs. $7.50. 

Vigoro. A specially prepared plant-food for lawns, 
shrubbery, flowers, and trees. 50 Ibs. $3; 100 
Ibs. $5. 

Wilson’s Eureka Plant Food. 100 lbs. $10. 
Wood Ashes. 100 lbs. $5.50. 

Potting Materials 

Charcoal, Dust. 100 Ibs. $12. 
Lump. For orchids, etc. 100 lbs. $11. 

Leaf-Mould. 100 lbs. $4; ton in bags $35. 

Moss, Dry Sphagnum. Bale $6. 
Live Green Sphagnum. Bag $6. 
Sheet. For florists’ work. Bag $9. 

Peat, Fibrous. For ferns, begonias, etc. Bag $7.50. 
For Orchids. Bag $6.50. 

Peat Moss, Granulated. Bale $6.50; 5 bales $30. 
Salt Hay. Large bale $6; 5 bales $29. 


This renowned English Concen- 
trated Fertilizer is now available 

112 lbs. for $14; 

56 Ibs. for $8; 

28 Ibs. for $4.50 


Ant Tubes, Buckeye. For complete extermination 
of ants. $1.25 per tube; 6 for $5.50. 

Aphine. Destroys aphis, thrips, mealy bug, etc. 
Gal. $3.50; 5 gals. $15. 

Arsenate of Lead, Powder. For spraying and dust- 
ing. 4 lbs. $3; 100 Ibs. $50. 

Benzo-Fume Pressure Fumigator. For the con- 
trol of greenhouse red spider. Carton of 12—1-lb. 
cans, $6.50; carton of 12-—14-lb. cans, $3.75. 

Black-Leaf 40. Kills black aphides and sucking 
insects. Lb. $2.50; 2 lbs. $4.50; 5 Ibs. $8.50; 
10 lbs. $16.50. 

Bordeaux Mixture, Powder. 4 lbs. $2; 100 lbs. $36. 

Copper Solution. Prevents mildew. Qt. $2; 
gal. $6.50. 

Cyanogas G. (Calcium Cyanide.) For fumigat- 
ing, etc. 5 lbs. $5. 

Flowers of Sulphur. 10 Ibs. $2.40; 100 lbs. $12. 

D-X Spray. A combination of rotenone, pyrethrum, 
and DDT. An all-purpose garden spray that 
packs extra killing power. Controls both chewing 
and sucking insects. Safe on fruits, vegetables, 

flowers. Qt. $5.50; gal. $13.50. 

Grafting Wax. Lb. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50. 

Grape and Rose Dust. Prevents mildew and black- 
spot. 10 Ibs. $3.50. 

Lemon Oil. Kills green and black fly. Qt. $1.50; 
gal. $3.50. 

Nico-Fume Liquid. For spraying and fumigating. 
Lb. $3; 2 lbs. $5. : 

Nicofume Powder, Two-way Pressure-fumi- 
gator. 6 lbs., that is 12—1l-lb. cans, $63 
12 Ibs., that is 12—1-Ib. cans, $11. 

Paradichlorobenzine. Exterminates peach borers. 
Lb. $1; 10 lbs. $9. 

Para Scalecide. For the control of peach borers. 
Gal. $3.25; 5 gals. $9.50; 30 gals. $37.50. 

42 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Rat Paste. (Poison.) Zelio. 2 ozs. $1; 4 ozs. $1.75. 

Red-Arrow Insecticide. One of the most reliable 
all-round insecticides on the market today. 4 ozs. 
$1; pt. $2.25; qt. $4; gal. $12. 

SPRAGUE Dust. Lb. 30 cts.; 5 Ibs. $1.25; 50 Ibs. 

Rotecide. Effective in the control of mealy bug, red 
spider, and thrips. Qt. $3.50. 

Scalecide. Destroys San Jose scale. Gal. $2.50; 
5 gals. $9; 30 gals. $30.50; 55 gals. $47.50. 

Semesan. For the prevention of brown patch, etc. 

Lb. $3.50; 4 Ibs. $12. 

Slug Shot Dust. Effective against potato bugs. 
5 lbs. $2.50; 10 lbs. $4.50. 

Snarol. Eliminates soil pests in greenhouses. 5 lbs. 
$1.50; 10 lbs. $2.50; 100 Ibs. $16. 

Stanley’s Crow Repellent. Pt. $1; qt. $1.75. 

Tobacco Dust. For burning or dusting. 10 lbs. 
$1.50; 100 Ibs. $8. 

Tobacco Stems. 100 Ibs. $4.25. 

To-Na-Cide. An effective insecticide for the posi- 
tive control of thrips, centipedes, lice, bugs, and 
various Other pests. 25 lbs. $8. 

Tri-Tox-Cide (Wilson’s). For the specific control 
of gladiolus thrips and Japanese beetles. Lb. $1.25; 
5 Ibs. $4.50. 

Volck. (Greenhouse.) For the control of red spider, 
mite, aphis, thrips, mealy bug, scale, white and 
green fly. Gal. $3.50; 5 gals. $15. 

Weed Killer. Kills poison ivy; 1 gallon makes 35 
gallons. Gal. $2; 5 gals. $9; 30 gals. $35. 

Weed Killer, Weedone. A new idea in weed kill- 
ing. Very effective. Kills many obnoxious weeds 
such as poison ivy, plantain, dandelion, bind- 
weed, etc. Does not harm the lawn. 6 ozs. 80 cts.; 
qt. $3. 

Wikeham Weed Eradicator. (Imported.) All- 
brass tube 36 inches long that enables you to pierce 
and inject Weed Killer into the roots of dandelions 
and other weeds on lawns. $2 each. 

Wilson’s O. K. Plant Spray. Very effective 
against all plant aphis. Gal. $4; 5 gals. $14; 
25 gals. $50; 50 gals. $95. 

Wilson’s Scale-O. An improved dormant oil spray 
which emulsiffes instantly when mixed with 
water; kills larvae and over-wintering eggs, scales 

and red spider eggs. Gal. $3; 5 gals. $12.50. 

Wilson’s Super-Cide. An all-round greenhouse 
and garden spray containing D.D.T., Rotenone 
and Pyrethrum. Economical to use. Qt. $3.50 
gal. $10.50. 



Paragon No. 3 Sprayer. Capacity 12 gals.; gal- 
vanized tank. Complete with truck, $34. 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

Soil Soaker 

Soil Soaker. To use, attach to end of watering hose, 
place in position, turn on water. Very effective. 

No. 2, 30 ft., $4; No. 3, 50 ft., $5.25. 

Hose Clamps. 1-in., $2 per doz.; 34-in., $2.50 
per doz. 

Brown’s All-Purpose Sprayer No 4. D. Gal- 
vanized Open Head. Capacity 4 gals. Auto- 
pop nozzle. $12.75. 




The Boston Nozzle. Throws coarse or fine spray. 

Hose Menders, Bull-Dog. Perfect clinching. 3/,<in., $1. 
14-in., $2.50 per doz.; 34-in., $3 per doz. 3 
Hose Washers. 14-in. and 34-in. Lb. $2. 

Garden Hose, Rubber. 34-in., $35 per 100 ft.; 
Ip-in., $32 per 100 ft. 

Sprayer Hose. 1-in., $30 per 100 ft. 

Boston Rose Hose Sprayer. 

3-in. face, round. $1 each. 
4-in. face, round. $1.50 each. 

Ring Lawn Sprinkler. $1.25 each. 

° . . ’ 

Stott Nozzle. Controls red spider with water Water Fan Oscillating Irrigator, Campbell s 

pressure. Single Nozzle. $3 each. Double. $5 No. 7. Automatic; covers wide area; even 
each. distribution of fine spray. $20 each. 



Bamboo Canes, Genuine Chinese. Medium thick- 

ness. : : 100 1000 
Aritox sain cian ree eee ee $5 50 $50 00 
5 ft. x26 to% in: diam...) 44.5. 7.00. 65 00 
6 ft.x 4 to & in. diam.......... 8 00 75 00 
Bamboo Canes, Genuine Chinese. Extra heavy 
4 ft. x 54 to 3 in. diam.......... 8 00 75 00 
5 ft. x14 to 84 :inediam... ........ 9°50 ©9000 
6 ft.x % to 34in.diam..........10 00 95 00 
Bamboo Canes, Japanese Natural. Thin-pencil 
Ait eer ee. ee ee = 4.502 40 00 : 
5 ft; Ban eae ae ek ene te eee re S00 45.00 A x - NSE er BNE 
: sparagus Buncher. No. 2. Makes bunc 
Pombeg Canes — Varied prcen. 200 19 00 to 41% in. diam.; Iength adjustable 7 to 9 in. .$6 50 
4 feet. Soe ee. ee ee 100. 30-00 
5 f6eti er ee ae ee ee 400%, 34.00 
Dahlia Poles, Square. Extra heavy. 100 
GO feet GS eee he eer ae eae ees ee $25 00 
Dahlia Poles, Round. Painted green. Very 
" strong 
ee Cs ae ee Bra Tre NY ae. Pee eo Om 21 00 
O feet ies ee ena ah oes eee erent) ok 23 00 
Plant Stakes, Round. Painted green. 100 
2 NOC a renga ea tae ne Oe $6 00 
SifCOt eee eee te ee a ee eae Ween ae 8 00 
Avfee tals aah eae ce En es 12 50 
SHeet eee case tices Gethin: We oes 15 00 

Bean Poles, Cedar. 10 ft. long; strong, 

DOME A hee ee) eee 00 
Wire Stakes, Galvanized. 

3 FEO RR Te OE SO el Pa Ne eg $6{00 

ALOE ic ee oe a Lect 6375 

ie (1c) RRR ns, Op een cme Mn tag aie 8:00 

44 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y- 

Garden Requisites, continued 

Pennsylvania Hand Lawn Mowers 

a) te) et febeiiie.) 6 ele: isl leitiel .¢) 6) ue) ia) p Met is) oi» 6 0) 0) ‘: (0 10) (“0 (0) © ie 8 

Pennsylvania Jr. 10-in. wheel; 5 blades. — 
Pennsylvania Trimmer and Edger. 
Cus 17 00 | 
All models equipped with rubber tires, f.o.b. | 

See<UE sical iol Sepia’ sl olluel fess) Wis) terior sah ml ss) fe) 1s) ee is. eve, 8 (e401 © 

Rakes, Wooden. For lawns............... 
American Garden. Steel (handled). 
14 teeth 
16 teeth 

Cee Cec ae Cease eC acc Hac et he SWIC Jk eC SO Jue es Te a 

sisal @) ie! je iene: je, @ ee, © 6 \¥ © (6 6. ©. 10 ©. @ is) (67 6) © je se 6 6 6 



Cast Steel. 12 teeth 
Hay. 28 teeth 

G@eecvseeeteacnwen sce ee eee ee 

jolkey site. je! fo! ie a, ce ie) ce, eis) e. 16 1@: fe) Se 0: 18: 6) 0, 6 (0 lo 


Leaf-Rakes. Bamboo. 18-in. spread ....... $1 75 
US sie, SAVE a le he ee ee ma 2 00 
StU en. Sonate lane eye nie Ceti Oey pee 3 00 

Scy tne meng lishiys. ayes ee cree os sles 5 00 

Scythe Snath or Handle................. 5 00 

Scythe Stonesia. sous co8 oo $9 per doz... 1 00 

j' a 
| i) eae 
i) causal 

Sm ht ss 
eon MUNA 

Shears, Grass or Sheep 

Long Handle, Square Point 
| Spades, Square. D- or Long Handle 

| Asparagus Granite State 
| Handy Garden Knives. 



Per pair $3.50 

© «wile 's 

ete’ 6. 16. 60 pial \s (a! is: ve 

ose ec ee ew we eo we ew ee 

eeceec ecco ee ee 

eee ee © 



coe ee oe ee we ew ew ww ow 

2-bladed, brass 

CC i i 

Pruning Knives, Kunde Pattern. 



6) se) a) 8) u) (eh le cule 16) le), 6; (8: 0 ue;He ye We. 6X6 wile) 6 e:.e 16) @* (8) .6 


Henrys N04477/ 36 59-10 ee re ee ee ees 

ING a2 De Rien Os te ene ee 
IN'O2 21 N GaITic cece «eres mete 

Z Californias, O-Ink oe ee Bie 
Shears, Hedge. English, 9-in...........-- $9 50 | Snap-Cut. Very strong, effective and low in 
Grass Border. 9-in..........-.--++++:: 8 00 PIECE es es Wns M89 es els 6) se EGS Win)» Sle ae eyes 8 

WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

| Shovels, Ames’, D-Handle, Round Point. .$3 50 
Long Handle, Round Point 
D-Handle, Square Point 

3 50 

Garden Requisites, continued 

Binding Twine 

Raffa. Long and broad. Lb. 80 cts.; 5 Ibs. $3.50. 
Green. Lb. $1.25; 5 Ibs. $6. 

Silkaline. For stringing smilax, etc. 
BEE Coarseeeight 2-ozss poole) 4) oe 
FF°Medium, eight 2-0z) spools........-... 3 25 
Fekines eight 2-07 spools ee 

Twine, Hemp. Heavy and light parceling. Lb. 
ball, $1.50. 

Binding. In 8-lb. balls. Lb. 50 cts. 
Royal Cotton, White. 3-ply. Lb. $1.50. 

Soft Jute. For vines, 3 and 4-ply. In balls at 
80 cts. per lb. 

Sea Island Twine. Green. 12 balls in 1-Ib. box, 
$1.75; 2-lb. cones, $3.50 each. 

Parcelling Twine. Thin, Thick, Medium. 
1-lb. balls $1.50. 
Aprons; General Utility). .7-2).... 45)... $3 00 

Baskets, Vegetable. Each 
Now 2n2 bx ios O lcci eee ee ae eee $1 70 
Nog 25 Soho xy ainnae oie es ee ae 2 25 
NO24 228i) Sc Sari ea ee ee 3 00 
NOND 2 5ixel Ori) or iris te ee eo eae 3 25 

Baskets, Strawberry. 100 1000 
LeGtck Wis Paes 2 ae Oh $2 00 $19 00 

Boxes, Flower, Cardboard. 25 100 
[3°xs5'x 3 in ee eae oe Ce ee $2 50 $9 00 
VA Ro ad Re do 8 We § (Ey ete eS Ua yeh fy 3 00 10 50 
2A KS X59) GRA te Gen ae eee 450 16 00 
23.1535 TN ee eee 6 00 22 00 
28: X93 <5 11 eee a eee 6 00 22 00 
28°" (O°x Gina eee eee es 6 50 24 00 
30 x58 x 5 ns aa ee oe ee 6 50 24 00 
30 x10 xO eet en ee 8 00 29 00 
36.2178 xO Tecan ee ee ee ee 700 25 00 
BO X12 207: Fie eee eg ee ee 10 00 35 00 

Boxes, Flower, Corrugated Cardboard. Very 

strong. 20 106 
30 x12°<0 G6 Ins ee eee $9 50 $42 00 
BO. x 14 308 an ei eee 12 50 55 00 
AL 16X58 Ines. 20 2 ee 15 00 70 00 
48 18 30 OT re 17 00 80 00 

Celery Bleachers, Ball’s. 7x 14in. $5 per 100. 

No. 1. 40 in. Yd. 44 cts. 
No. 1. 48 in. Yd. 48 cts. 
No. 1. 60 in. Yd. 60 cts. 
No. 1. 72in. Yd. 72 cts. 
Cotton Wadding. Sheets 40 x 40 in. Doz. $2.50. 

Flower Pots. 
Sizes, height and width inside measurements. 

Doz. 100 
3 TEL s/irdaicesie ds 5 set Sh tens easton ee $4 00 
3% LTD ee ah te Te Rae te ge 4 50 
eee a eae RES TE iG mage 7 00 
D) Tie fe Scat gon), vas a te ee me a enetem 9 50 
5M INS Sat. die cae ek So a ee es 11 00 
OFT adn. hatin, © pice een ee ee 15 00 
LLL esteigs dia srk id eee a ee $3 25 20 00 
31) 1d Beep eee co Reh ect te A 450 29 50 

Galvanized Vases. For cut-flowers. Painted green; 
very durable. 

Depth Diam Doz. 
Nos at 9 in. BUM aot at eee $16 00 
Nose2 10 in. 6)46,ine.) ee ee 17 00 
No. 33 1215 OSG 1h ee 22 00 
No. 22 1a, TAD oe ai aes 26 00 
No. 0O 13 In. OTIS ates toe ee 29 00 
No. 11 ‘Jorn Siiniinss Pei ok eee 32 00 
No. 01 20 in. 9 inl) $9 Ae ee 34 00 
Plant Tubs, Richmond. Each 
AZT aR na el cr $2 50 
14 1th Pai Saphire hoah As Ge en anne 3 00 
LG TT is zt, psteesl sn A Se 4 00 

Other sizes, prices upon request. 



eee ain ge Aa LT a OM at Pye esa rola NPNGNMGS Ti raga racer ieee nearer nememes meee eee 
46 WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. 


Gardentiness 00 ftre es Grn a os $2- 00 (yp 
Garden Reel and Stake. Wrought iron.... 3 00 

Gloves. Ladies’ Gardening and Utility. $2 per Mats, Frost-Proof, Burlap. No. 2D. Waterproof 

pair. duck, one side. Each Doz. 
Horsehide (domestic). $4 per pair. AO ix /.O Tritege ees oo Cat reine lak $6 00 $60 00 
LORS O Ti eee ge ee od ey: 900 95 00 

=a Melon Nets. Imported. $7.50 for 25. 
eee White Tissue. 24 x 36 In. 10 lbs. (ream) 
7 Sa Manila Tissue, Brown. 24x 36in. 10 Ibs. 
(ream) $6. 
Parceling on Rolls, Kraft. 18 in. wide, weight 
25 Ibs. $7.50. 
Parceling on Rolls, Kraft. 24 in. wide, weight 
39 Ibs. $10. 
Parceling on Rolls, Kraft. 36 in. wide, weight 

60 Ibs. $15. 

Labels, Wooden, Pot and Garden. 100 ee Waxed, White. 24x 36in. 10 lbs. $6. 
ATT MTV ATT COC ee oie rion igh ae Som $3 00 Wed Greet 36 emo lber eee 
Dim DOLD COC errs) tee oe oe we 4 00 WanedsPurples24736 110 [bans4 
GrinmeDaAlnitedimee eae. sss 2 Sey fs 4 25 - 
8-in. painted. ......$3 for 250.. 9 00 

Vy [eh ine era hee eee er en cee $1 50 11 00 
D2 Si ee RITLCC ey een ar Pete vie ef oe = 2 00 17 00 
314-in. (wire tree), painted....... 4 00 

Copper Labels, complete with stylus. 3 00 

Netting mesh. Best grade. 5 to 6 ft. wide. Lb. 
(approx. 200 sq. ft.) $7. 

Nets, Erosion. Full roll, 250 yds. x 45 in. $56. 
Lever Clips. $5 per 1000. 

Simplex Weatherproof Garden Labels. 

[eich Uh. Sia GRAAF Maa is pa ee ee a eee 8 SU) 

Pe AXE (OI eee ee eosin ce a OO 

No. 3. 5x Lim.................+..+-+.+ 700 | Thermometers, Japanned. Heavy tin case; brass 

scale, white figures. 12-in., $4 each. 

Celluloid Pot Labels. General Utility. $2 each. 

at ee een eM Me toes weg we OO Hotbed. Galvanized frame. $5 each. 

el ES sg oe ae ko. wa oa vw Shen 4 50 Maximum and Minimum. $12 each. 


WILLIAM M. HUNT & CO., Inc., 115 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. Loa nee: yg 


enn NS 

Hunt's Perfection Lawn Seed 

This mixture is made up to give you a green lawn 
throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn. See page 
3° for full. description.“ Lb..$1.60%) 2 Ibs? $35 5 lbsn 7s 
20 lbs. $26; 100 lbs. $120. Prepaid to any address for 
cash with order. 

SEEDS, BULBS, and PLANTS 115 West 45th Street, New York 19,N. Y. 

Phone: LU 2-1597