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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

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Spring 1950, 

Established 1901 

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"Svasisneo 71> 





Earlier to Market with HOTKAPS 

Protect crops. Save work and worry. 

Millions of HOTKAPS are used every season. 
Inexpensive to buy. One man can set out 2000 or 
more per day. 

1,000 lots, $14.65; 250 trial package including Gar- 
den Setter with Tamper, $4.65; 100 trial package, including Gar- 
den Setter with Tamper, $2.75. HOTKAP Home Garden Package, 

Mature your crops 2 to 3 weeks earlier. Get 
premium prices and bigger yields by protecting 
your plants with HOTKAPS. HOTKAPS are pat- 
ented wax paper cones— miniature hothouses — 
that keep out frost, rain, wind, birds and insects. 
They maintain a perfect mulch around each 

plant, promoting sturdy growth. 




BUILD UP YOUR SOIL eyxisc Fone toposes 

Inoculate your Legume seeds even tho planted on 
fields that have been inoculated before. Field tests 
have shown that better crops are harvested when 
Legume seeds are inoculated even when planted on 
fields where inoculated seeds of the same Legume 
crops had grown the previous year. 






When Ordering, ALWAYS State Naine of Seed 


Sweet, Bur, Hubam Clovers 


100 Ib. 

Red, Alsike, Crimson, 
White and Ladino 

100 Ib. ea 

PEAS (All Varieties) 
VETCHES (All Varieties) 

100 Ib. size (Inoculates up 
to 100 lbs.) ea 50 

BEANS——Navy, Pinto, Wax, 
ones Kitvey: Gr. Berber 

LESPEDEZA—Hulled or 

100 Ib. size (noestates up 
to 100 Ibs. seed) ....$ .50 


SOYBEANS (All Varieties, 
Including Edible) 

25 bu. (one can) ea.. 
30 bu. (one ctn.) ea.. 
(Contains 6-5 bu. cans) 

LUPINES (All Varieties) 

100 Ib. size Unbesistes up 
to 100 Ibs. seed) ....$ .50 


Garden Peas and Beans 
Sweet Peas, Lupines and 
Edible Soybeans 

Enough for 8 Ibs. seed 
Retail Price 15c each. 

‘(NITRAGIN— Oldest and Most Widely Used Inocutator in America: 

Sec. 34-66, P. L.& R. 


Shawnee, Okla. 
Permit No. 76 

70c; Garden Setter, 20c. 
Postage extra. HOTKAP 
Steel Setter, $1.95. 

Weight: 1,000 pack- 
age HOTKAPS, 28 lbs.; 
250 package, 9 lbs.; 100 
package, 5 lbs.; Home 
Garden Package, 2 lbs. 

Forget Lady Luck . . 

and Be Sure! 

The seed you use, the time you plant, and the method of 
planting you follow are all very important in achieving the 
beautiful garden you desire. Use our high test seeds and plant 
them right . . . but don’t stop there. 

Make sure that the young plants will find ample nourishment 
when they develop feeding roots. 

Scientists have shown that all plants require 11 different food 
elements from the eoil if they 
are to have normal growth and 
development. That’s why we 

recommend VIGORO for every- 
thing you grow. Vigoro, the com- 
Nae balanced plant food made 
y Swift, contains every one of 
Complete Plant Food these 11 needed elements in 

proper proportion, 

Vigoro is clean, sanitary, and 
edorless . . . and it’s the most 
economical plant food you can 
buy! Use it at the rate of 4 
pounds per 100 square feet of 
lawn or garden area. 

100 Ib. bag $4.25, 25 Ib. 
bag $1.60, 10 Ib. pkg. 90c, 5 Ib. 
pkg. 50c, 1 Ib, pkg. 15c, F. 
O. B. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Ask for Special Prices on Farm Fertilizers and Fertilizers for All 
Potatoes and Truck Gardens. 

We Are Exclusive Agents Here for Swift & Co. Line of Red Steer 
Fertilizers for All Field and Vegetable Crops. 

a ——— 

Keller’s Seed Store 

Plant a Garden for Health and Profit 

It is now time for you to plan your Spring 
Garden. Have plenty of fresh vegetables for 
your table as well as for canning. Nothing can 
take the place of fresh vegetables from your 
own garden. 

We have many letters in our files from sat- 
isfied customers telling of their wonderful prize 
vegetable gardens grown in years past from 
garden seed purchased from our store. To 
our old customers we wish to assure you we 
have been able to assemble our usual stocks 
of high grade garden and field seed. While 
there may be shortages in some varieties of 
vegetable seed before planting season is over, 
we feel we have adequate stocks to care for 
the needs of all of our old customers and many 
new ones will also be served. 

Our seed stocks are either grown express- 
ly for us or are secured from the world’s best 
growers. It is our desire at all times to fur- 
nish our customers only the best in seed 
stocks, and especially only those varieties 
which we have found to be best adapted 
from our many years of experience and ob- 
servations in this section. With thousands 
of square feet available for storage in our 
warehouses we are able to buy our seeds in 
large quantities from the best growers. This 
enables us to keep on hand at all times for our 
customers the finest grades the market affords. 
In addition, no expense nor effort has been 
spared in the securing of seed cleaning and 
grading equipment to insure our customers 
that they will receive only seed of highest 

ECLIPSE BRAND SEEDS. Eclipse is our 
general Trade Brand for seeds. When you buy 
Eclipse seeds you buy the last word in quality. 
For purity, vitality, and germination, no better 
seeds can be produced. While soil and weather 
conditions play a very important part in crop 
production, yet the planting seed stocks are 

equally important. Only the best seed stocks 
should be considered when placing your orders. 
When you consider how few seeds are required 
to plant an acre of ground, the seed cost is 
very low. When you buy our Eclipse Brand 
Seeds you are getting only the best. All 
Eclipse seeds are thoroughly cleaned and care- 
fully graded, then packed in heavy, secure 
packages for shipment to insure safe arrival 
in good condition. 

GARDEN SEEDS. Our garden seed depart- 
ment offers exceptional inducements to those 
interested in finest grades of garden seeds for 
either commercial gardening or resale. Our 
catalog describes all the best standard vari- 
eties and all the new plants which have shown 
evidence of good adaptability to our climate. 
We give liberal premiums with all garden seed 
orders in addition to giving more seed per 
package than most seed companies. 

PREMIUM SPECIAL. With every garden 
and flower seed order of $1.00 or more we will 
send a special collection of Dahlia Flowered 
Zinnias, Giants of California and the Pom Pom 
Lilliput Zinnias all in mixed colors. 

These fine Zinnias will be an added attrac- 
tion growing in your garden. 

Special to 

We list and carry all the standard sorts 
of vegetable seeds that are planted by the most 
progressive market gardeners in this section 
of the Southwest and can at all times furnish 
you with most any varieties you may need. 
If you will submit us a list of your planting 
needs, we will be more than glad to quote you 
our very best delivered prices on the same. 

NON-WARRANTY. Although our seeds 
are bought only from the most reliable pro- 
ducers, and every precaution humanly possible 
is taken to give our customers exactly what 
they want with each order, we absolutely do 
not give any warranty—either expressed or 
implied as to description, quality, productive- 
ness, or any other characteristics of any seeds, 
bulbs, or plants sold by us, nor do we assume 
any responsibility whatsoever for the crop 
which may be produced. 

location at Shawnee, Oklahoma, with rapid rail 
and highway connections to all parts of the 
country, we can make delivery to any part of 
the Southwest within a few hours after receipt 
of your order, either by freight, express, truck 
or parcel post. 

growing season for producers of vegetable 
seed here in the United States has been reason- 
ably favorable. While help for harvesting of 
the seed crops has not been all that was 
needed, we do find that outside of a very few 
vegetable seed items, we have enough garden 
seed supplies in sight to take care of our cus- 
tomers’ needs. 

Order early. You can help out if you will 
order your garden seeds early. By so doing 
you are assured of getting what you want and 
also with experienced help being short in all? 
departments if you will order early we can be 
sure of getting your order filled in time. 

Our Terms are Cash F. O. B. Shawnee. 
We solicit your orders with our promise that 
we will give you honest goods at honest prices. 

Be sure and enclose sales tax of 2% 
of total order if you live in Oklahoma. 


All Prices in Our List Are Subject To Change Without Notice 

Bermuda Onion Plants 

Reports from the Bixby Experimental Farm 
show Yellow Sweet Spanish onion plants pro- 
duced a slightly higher yield than dry sets of 
same variety. Yields from transplanted onion 
plants were (5) five times greater than field 

Our onion plants are all open field grown 
on our own irrigated farms in the Famous 
“WINTER GARDEN BELT” of South Texas. 
These plants are grown and shipped under our 
personal supervision and are grown from the 
finest selected stocks of Bermuda Onion Seed. 
Prospects are good for a good supply of Ber- 
muda Onion Plants. 

We grow the famous Crystal White Wax 
and White or Yellow Bermuda, Sweet Spanish 
or Valencia onions by the millions and during 
the planting season receive them fresh daily. 
Also have a splendid assortment of the Georgia 
Frost-proof Cabbage Plants, embracing the 
Early Jersey Wakefield, Early Flat Dutch and 
Copenhagen Market—these being time-tested 
varieties, giving best results. 

Prices on Frost-Proof Cabbage and 
Bermuda Onion Plants, Postpaid 
j Per100 300 500 1000 

Crystal White Wax.......... $ .20 $ .60 $ .80 $1.50 
Yellow. Bermuda crccssceveee 30 .6€0 80 1.50 

White Sweet 

Spanish or Valencia .30 .60 .80 1.50 
Yellow Sweet Spanish .." .30 .60 .80 1.50 
Frost-Proof Cabbage ....... -45 1.20 1.75 3.00 

Ask us for prices on larger quantities. 
When ready for Sweet Potato slips, write us 
for prices on your requirements. 

Special prices on crate lots by express, 
F.O.B. SHAWNEE, Oklahoma. 

Crystal White Wax—6,000 in crate. Per crate, 
$5.00. Express collect. 

Yellow Bermuda—6,000 in crate. 

Per crate, 
$5.00. Express collect. 

Sweet Spanish or Valencia—6,000 in crate. Per 
crate, $5.00. Express collect. 

Cabbage Plants—5,000 lots, $2.50 per 1,000. Ex- 
press collect. 
Mary Washington Asparagus Seed 

(See Root Crops) pkt. 5c; oz. 150; 4 Ib. 40c; 
1 Ib. $1.25 

All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Beans 

Plant from first of April on through until 
fall, when moisture conditions are favorable. 
Sow in rows 2% to 3 feet apart. One quart will 
sow 200 feet of row, 

Bush Beans (Green Pod) 

Bin Measure - ooo scccvsccsocecneecerecc ees $0.10 
Red Kidney Bears. 2 eee ates ie -10 
Tendergreen gece ee ee ee ee 10 
Giant Stringless Greenpod .....................---- 10 
Refugee;- or 1000-to-l) = eee 10 
Early Red Valentine 20.2... oie. ecsceeeesnceeeeee 10 
Long Yellow Six Weeks .00....-.. eee 0 10 
Burpee’s Stringless Green Pod...................... .10 
Tennessee Green Pod eeu... eceecceeeseeeeceeeeees 10 

1 Ib. 50c; 3 Ibs. $1.35, postpaid. 

Lima Beans 

Lima Beans require a slightly longer time 
to bear than other beans. Do not plant until 
the ground is warm and dry and all danger of 
frost has passed. 


Giant Pole Speckled Lima .................-.....-.- $0.10 
Sieva ‘Pole ‘Lima = eee eee 10 
Large White Lima Poleh.... -10 
King of the Garden Lima Pole .....................- .10 
Henderson’s Bush Lima 2.0... ee eeeeceeeee .10 
Burpee’s: Bush) Limaye ee eee KY) 
Jackson Lima-Bush Beans ..............--..-..-. 10 
Speckled Lima Pole Beans ...............--..--------- 210 

1 Ib. 55c; 3 Ibs. $1.50, postpaid. 

Grow These for Dried Beans  px¢. 

Pinto Beans—Wyoming . ..........-.---.-cssecocseee--- $0.10 
NavV¥ Beane wreciesascee meena ete 

1 Ib. 35c; 2 Ibs, 65c, postpaid, 

Pole Beans 

Pole Beans enjoy a longer bearing period 
than bush beans and are therefore more pro- 
ductive. They are more sensitive to cold and 
wet as well as drought and hot winds than the 
dwarf sorts. You should by all means include 
a planting of Pole Beans in your garden. 

Whites Credseback) 222. 8b te Bee ee $0.10 
INGO AS ithe gener. se nek eames memenre. ase Lene 10 
SDPECKICU CULT SDOLE eaters es ee eG ho 
DutehnwCase eK nifemertec eer eee eee -10 
Kentucky, Wonder 2 st ee -10 
Kentucky Wonder Wax |.-...3..2—.~-..----.....--- -10 
White Seeded Ky. Wondev.....................-.----- 015 

1 Ib. 50c; 3 Ibs. $1.35, postpaid. 
Wax, or Yellow Pod 

Desired by many on account of the meaty 
pods that are always brittle. Bush Wax Beans 
are early and one of the best kinds for home 
planting as well as market. 

Improved Golden Wax. .....---2...2-----2---2222------ $0.10 
Improved Prolific Black Wax ...................... 10 
Currie’s Rust-Proof Wax. ....------..------------------ .10 

1 Ib. 50c; 3 Ibs. $1.35, postpaid. 
Garden Beets 
The best results are obtained on a deep, 
rich, sandy loam soil. Sow in rows about 18 
inches apart and, when the plants are well up, 
thin to 4 to 6 inches apart in the rows. 
Sow outdoors in March and April for early 

crops and later as desired for late maturity. 
One ounce will sow 50 feet of drill. 

Pkt. Oz. % 1b. 1Ib. 
Harly Model ....................-- $0.10 $0.15 $0.40 $1.25 
Crosby’s Egyptian ............ 10 15 .40 1.25 
Detroit Dark Red .......... -~ 10 1.15 .40 1.25 
Edmond’s Blood Turnip.. .10 .15 .40 1.25 

All postpaid. 
Swiss Chard 

Grown for its leaves and stems only. Cook 
the leaves as you do Spinach and the stems 
like Asparagus. The plant is almost perpetual 
if kept trimmed. An ounce will sow 50 feet in 

Swiss Chard. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; 14 Ib. 40c; 
Ib. $1.25 

All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Collards 

This is a variety of cabbage largely grown 
in the South. Loose-leaved and will usually live 
through mild winters. 

True Georgian, ptk. 5c; oz. 10c; 4% Ib. 25c. 
All postpaid. 


One ounce of seed will produce about 3000 

Pkt. Oz. 
Improved White Plume ...............-.--.---- $0.10 $0.45 
Golden Self-Blanching .....................---- 10 'are.7 5 
(Or E yaya) SPY fot § Piper Sl 2 2s SA e OL 10 3.45 

All postpaid. 

Parcel Post Rates _|Pestese/For Fach 

Zones from Shawnee Biles pred 
50 mi. 

First Zone within $.12 
Second “ “ 
Third £6 GSS 
Mourth aa 9) % 

Fifth Sa 

50to 150 “| .12 
150to 300 “| .13 
300to 600 “| .14 
600to1000 “| .15 

Parcel-Post packages are mailed anywhere within the 
United States or its possessions, weighing up to 70 pounds. 
Larger orders by Parcel-Post would be sent in 2 or more 

Your Postmaster or Rural Route Carrier can tell you 
your zone and rate from Shawnee. Zones are based on the 
distance you are from the shipping point, Shawnee, Okla. 
Shipments of 20 pounds or over are as cheap if sent by ex- 
press beyond the third zone. 

Eclipse Brand Cucumbers 

For very early crops, grow in small plant 
boxes in hotbeds. Plant seed outdoors early in 
April in hills 4 feet apart for later crops; one 
ounce to 50 hills. 

Pkt. Oz. “4b. 11b. 
Arlington White Spine....$0.10 $0.20 $0.50 $1.60 
Boston Pickling ................ 10 .20 #4.50 1.60 
Early Green Cluster ...... . 10 20 .50 1.60 
Long Green. a2 10 .20 60 1.90 
Straight Hight ati2-.-...5 <10 4.20), ..60. 11.90 
West India Gherkin -.. .10 20 .60 1.90 
Oriental Climbing ............ 310%)4.20'S 60.4) 1,90 
AS 8nd Coie se snes 10 .20 .60 1.90 

All postpaid. 
Cress or Pepper Grass 
Pkt. Oz. 

(Qh (Ys | see ee MO nae a he ee $0.05 $0.15 
Broad-Leawv 6d. creccsccu sess deonse-seebeceaee 05 15 

All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Cauliflower 

If your garden will produce cabbage, it 
should successfully grow cauliflower. Plant as 
you would cabbage, but the heads must be 
protected from sunlight so as to insure a white 

Henderson’s Early Snowball ...............--..-...... $0.10 
Extra Harly,.Dwarf Erfurt, A:.-..-:<-.<:.<........ 10 

All postpald. 

Kale or Broccoli 

Described as Loose Leaf Cabbage—cooked 
as greens—very hardy. 

Pkt. Oz. 
Curled Green Scotch =.....225-2.2s=-:. $0.05 $0.15 
TalmGreen Curled) esses eee 05 #£««15 

All postpaid. 

Cabbage is a gross feeder and requires 
rich, well drained soils for best returns. Plants 
should be grown and ready for transplanting 
very early in the spring. An ounce of seed will 
produce 3,000 plants. Set plants 1% by 3 feet 

apart. See prices listed in this circular on 
plants ready for transplanting. 

Pkt. Oz. % lb. 
Chas. Wakefield ........................-- $0.10 $0.20 $0.60 
Early Jersey Wakefield............ - 10 .20 «460 
Copenhagen Market .................. 10 20 = «.60 
Early Winningstadt ................... 10 .20  .60 
Early Flat Dutch 2200000000000... & 5.10°222208; 5360 
Genuine Surehead ....0........2...... 10 .20~ .60 
Selected All Seasons ................- 10 .20 «4.60 
Premium Late Flat Dutch........10 .20 .60 

Wong Bok and 
Pe-Tsai or Chinese Cabbage 

A new form of greens imported from the 
Orient. Heads up like cabbage, but resembles 
head lettuce. Hasy to grow; makes enormous 
yields. A great greeng for poultry also. Price 
per pkt. 10c; per oz. 20c; !4 Ib. 50c. 

All postpald. 


Carrots are classed as a “health vegetable” 
and are growing in favor as they can be pre- 
pared in so many different ways. They are 
excellent for salads and soups and are a won- 
derful dish when prepared alone with a rich 
cream sauce or combined with English Peas. 
Sow in rows 16 to 18 inches apart at the rate 
of one ounce to 100 feet of row or 3 pounds to 
the acre. 

Pkt. Oz. % Ib. 
Chantenay Improved ................ --$0.10 $0.15 ae 
Danver’s Half Long .................. = 10) 18 
Long vOrangey se eee 10 3.15 3H 
Oxhearty 2s es ~ 10 .15 45 
White Belgian 
Stock Carrot 2.2.0. 10 .15 # .40 

All postpaid. 

Be sure and enclose sales tax of 2% 
of total order if you live in Oklahoma. 

South American Giant Yellow Pop Corn 

This splendid new pop corn has a very 
large bright yellow grain which pops out an 
enormous Kernel. It has a rich flavor and is 
very tender. On account of extreme size of 
the popped Kernels, this popcorn will produce 
more bulk after popping than any other variety. 
Grows well over the Southwest and produces 
good yields. 

Lb. 25c; 2 Ibs. 45c, postpaid. Ask for prices on 
large amounts. 

Eclipse Brand Sweet Corn 

For early market, plant the garden vari- 
eties latter part of March. Sugar Corns should 
not be planted until April. One gallon to the 
acre usual amount required. 

Pkt. % Ib. 1 1b. 

Trucker’s Favorite $0.10 $0.25 $0.40 
Golden Bantam, early 30 =. .50 
Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid .. 15 »05 60 

Country Gentleman ...............-.--- 10 .30  # .50 

Stowell’s Evergreen .........-......-- Ogee .o05.. 60 
PAL TIN Se POAT Vin eats, ee oes occa 10.25 ~=——« 
Hybrid Stowells Evergreen ...... 31D a-0 O00 

Special! Prices on Larger Amounts. 

Eclipse Brand Eggplant 

Sow in hotbeds and transplant when 2 
inches high. Requires warm weather for best 

Pkt. Oz. % lb. 
Improved New York Purple......$0.05 $0.40 $1.40 
All postpaid. 


Endive is very rich in mineral salts. It is a 
salad plant somewhat similar to lettuce and is 
zestful and makes a beautiful garnish. 

Pkt. Oz. 

teh atin eee ee $0.10 $0.25 
All postpaid. 


This vegetable is a cross between cabbage 
and turnips and combines the delightful flavor 


of both. Plant in the same manner as you 
would turnips. 

Pkt. Oz. 
Marly, White Vienna) 22 $0.10 $0.35 

All postpaid. 

Root Crops 


old, 50c per dozen. Postpaid. 


“Grow and eat Rhubarb and be healthy 
and happy,” is a household word among the 
many thousands growing this palatable health- 
giving plant. Our Rhubarb is grown in Central 
Oklahoma and is acclimated. 

Price: Number one roots, 1” to 142”; $1.10 
per dozen. Postpaid. 
DY RATIO 1 esse Becta eae eieerre De ee eee Rs 65c Each 


60c per doz. 
All postpaid. 

Garllc Sets 35c Ib.; 3 Ibs. for $1.00, postpald 

A member of the onion family and used 
by many as a substitute for green onions in 
cooking. The lower portion of the plant can 
be boiled whole or used in soups. 

Large Flag Winter 
All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Lettuce 

Sow in open ground early in spring soon 
as ground can be worked nicely. Thin out and 
transplant heading varieties for best results. 

Pkt. Oz. % lb. 
Early Curled Simpson ....-......... $0.05 $0.20 $0.45 
Grand Rapids Forcing .............. 05 .20~ .45 
TCOD OTS ta apesececcrecesttete ac reaeecsccentemses 05 .20~ .50 

Improved Hanson. ..0.2...c22 05 .20 .45 
Bigt Boston <ee Ase eee 05 .20 .45 

Black Seeded Simpson ............ 05 .20 .45 
Denver Market 2052 ..20, 7245 
Prizeheade tcc ee ee 05 .20 .45 
New York Green 
or Wonderful 22. 05 .20  .60 
All postpaid. 

Sow from February to April or September 
and October. Broadcast or in drills. One ounce 
to 80 feet of drill. 

Pkt. Oz. “4 1b. 1)b. 

Southern Giant Curled ....$0.05 $0.10 $0.25 $0.75 

Smooth Leaf ........00.2.2.... 052-7710 #25. 275 
Tendergreen or Mustard 

SDINACh ae ee 305° 10 2b), 275 

All pate pala: 

Muskmelons, Cantaloupes 

Plant in hills 5 feet apart, thin to 4 plants; 
cultivate well. Pinch off ends of vines as they 
begin to blossom, which will increase the yield. 
One ounce to 60 hills. 

Pkt. Oz. % 1b. 1b. 
Burrell’s Gem ..............- $0.05 $0.15 $0.50 $1.75 
Hale’s Best No. 36............ 05 ..15 .50. 1.75 
Thoroughbred Rocky 
Fords 2s. 3te es 205. .15 50. 1.75 
Osage, or Miller’s Cream  .05 «15 4+) .50,..3.75 
Extra Harly Hackensack .05 .15 .50 1.75 
Late Large Hackensack. .05 .15 .50 1.75 
Emerald Gem ...........-.....--. 05 .15 50 1.75 
Honeys Dewhes.-=....2.Les 05  .15 50 1.75 
Honey Balla hawk: 05 15 50 1.75 
Pollock’s 10-25 2:4... 05 «15 50 1.75 
Battana , 2242 eeiees | Bee 05 015 50 1.75 
Hearts o’ Gold ................. 05 .15 «.50 1.75 
All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Onion Seed 

Sow onion seed during February and early 
March. Drill three pounds to acre and thin out 
to stand required. 

Pkt. Oz. % Ib. 
Sweet Spanish or Valencia......$0.10 $0.30 $1.00 
Yellow Prizetaker .....................- -10 .30 1.00 
Yellow? Bermuda, e220 eee: -10 30 1.00 
Crystal. Wax.Gn.. Sofe. 220i -10 .80 1.00 
Waite: Spattisheemt 22233 sn 10 .80 1.00 

Red Globe2 Oniony2::. 10 .30 1.00 
All postpald. 

Special Prices quoted on request for larger 


This plant is extensively cultivated for its 
green pods, which are used in soups and stews. 
Sow about the first of May in drills 3 feet apart 
and thin out plants to one foot apart. 

Pkt. Oz. % Ib. 
TOTS EGY CON gon cesenccenesse-psecseerecsersavs $0.05 $0.10 $0.30 
Warly> DWarivne eee 05 .10 .30 
White* Velvet). eee 05. .10, 30 
Clemson Spineless ...............-.--- 05 .10  .s0 

All postpald. 

The most decorative of all when used as @ 
garnish. Excellent for soups, stews and many 
other dishes. 
Moss Curled, Pkt. 5c; oz. 15¢; 4% Ib. 40c, 


The seed is slow to germinate. Should be 
planted early in rows 18 to 24 inches apart, 
covering about % inch. Have a distinctive 
flavor and are greatly desired by many. 

Hollow Crown, Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; 4 Ib. 50c. 

All postpald. 

Eclipse Brand Peas 

The English Pea is hardy and endures cold 
well, either in or above ground. It is best to 
sow the earliest varieties as soon as possible 

(February) in warm, light soil, prepared the 
previous autumn or winter. The main crop 
may be sown about two weeks later and on 
somewhat heavier soil. One aquart will sow 
100 feet of drill. Use inoculation on Peas. 

Pkt. 4% lb. 1 Ib. 
Pitta Marvels bets Se Sees $0.10 $0.25 $0.45 
Marly? Alasica ss. 28) ore Stk ae 10 .20 440 
American “Wonder ‘..22... 2235 10 8 86.25— 645 
Nott’s -lixcelsior | ...229) 0 AMO) ets) 45 
Bliss’ Everbearing .....................- 10 .25 8.45 
Little, Gem 22222... Aa es 10 .25 45 
Telephonepee sae eee ee 10 .25 ~~ 4.45 
Champion of England ................ 10 .25 #45 
White Marrowfat -0.0....00..00..... 10 40.25 40 

2-Ib. lots 75c, all postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Pepper Seed 

For early plants, sow in hotbeds and trans- 
plant to open after danger of frost is over. 

Pkt. Oz. YI). 
Chinese Giant’ 2222... 222352.2 $0.10 $0.45 $1.50 
Bell or Bull Nose ...................--- 10 8 .35 1.25 
Long Red Cayenne ..................-.-- 10 .35 1.25 
RedwGnilis a ere eee ee 10 .85 1.25 
PUM ONO vee cece cee ee eas 10 8 .35 1.25 
California Wonder ..........—--....... 10 .45 1.50 
Ruby ‘King 225 22 eee —T elOw 3000 1.20 

All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Pumpkins 

Plant in hills eight feet apart each way, 
and any time after the first of May. Four 
pounds to the acre. 

Pkt. Oz. % 1b. 11b. 
King of Mammoth............ $0.05 $0.15 $0.45 $1.50 
Kentucky Field ................ 05 .10 .30 .85 
Large Cheese ...............-... .05 10 .30 .85 
Japanese Pie ....--.-.......... wos) OD 9. 15-2 40 1.25 

Sweet Potato ....-....... 05 ...15. 40 1.25 
Gusnaw 22: eee 05 415 40 1.25 

All postpald. 


Rhubarb is also known as pie plant. As 
it requires considerable time to grow from 
seed. it is our suggestion that you plant the 
roots should you desire to cut the first season. 

Pkt. Oz. % Ib. 
Mammoth Victoria -~............2.... $0.10 $0.20 $0.60 
All postpaid. 

Salsify or Vegetable Oyster 

This plant truly has an oyster flavor and 
can be prepared in many ways. Culture is the 
same as recommended for Parsnips. 

Pkt. Oz. 
Mammoth Sandwich Island ................ $0.10 $0.25 
All postpald. 

Eclipse Brand Spinach 

This Crop requires but little culture. Should 
be sown during March; one ounce to 100 feet 

of drill. 

Pkt. Oz. Ib. i)b. 
Bloomsdale Cees cece $0.10 $0.10 $0.20 $0.65 
New Zealand ...............----.- 10 .15 .50 1.25 
Mustard Spinach .............. OS ter On aps afd 

All postpaid. 

Eclipse Brand Radishes 

Sow them as early in spring as possible. 

To be tender and crisp, radishes must be gruwn 
quickly. Light, rich, deeply worked soil gives 
best results. One ounce sows 50 feet of drill, 
Pkt Oz. %Ib. 1b. 

Long Scarlet Short Top..$0.05 $0.10 $0.25 $ .80 

Long Brightest Scarlet... .05 .10 .25 .80 
Long White Vienna or 
Lady Finger .............. 05 .10 .25 .80 

White Icicle ...................... 08 .10 25 .80 
Early Scarlet Turnip 
White Tipped ..........05 .10 .25 .80 
Crimson Giant ................ Pe) Sewers |} emmmare4< Seratir® = {0 
French Breakfast .......... De 05. 10 22D bscO 
Vick’s Scarlet Globe ........ 05 .10 .25 _ .80 
Pkt. Oz. %4 1b. 1Llb. 
White Mammoth .............. $0.05 $0.10 $0.25 $1.00 
Long Black Spanish....-..... 05. al Oin 425,..01.00 
Rosey Chinas 2 oes - #05 cee Oso. 1.00 
All postpaid. 
Plant 8 to 10 seeds to the hill; the bush 

varieties 4 to 6 feet apart, the running sorts 
8 to 10 feet. 

Pkt. Oz. %4 1b. IIb. 

Early White Scalloped 
Bus hi.cic 29. s) ees) $0.05 $0.15 $0.35 $1.25 

Early Summer Yellow Cn. .05 .15 .35 1.25 
Improved Hubbard .......... 205 15 .45 1.50 
Warty Hubbard ................ 05  .15 .45 1.50 
Table Queen or Acorn..... 05 .15 .35 1.25 

Turnips (imported) 

Spring sowing should be put in early so 
that they will attain good size before hot 
weather. For the regular crop sow from July 
to September, when soil and moisture condi- 
tions permit. Sow 1% pounds seed to the acre. 

Pkt. Oz. ilb. 
Purple Top Strap Leaf _.......... $0. pe $0.10 $0.80 
Purple Top White Globe .......... 0 10 ~=.80 
Yellow or Amber Globe ............ 38 10 ~~ ~=.80 
COWS HOTTY ft ee ee ee S00 ae 5 10 aSO 
Wihite (ie 2 oie eee oe eee 105) ol Umea .60 
Rutabaear. 2 oe ee tees oes OO TO. SO 
Seven” TOp ..... ee eee 7055501050 

All postpald. 

Eclipse Brand Delicious Tomatoes 

Tomatoes can be eaten in salad, cooked 
and now even the juice of this wonderful vege- 
table is desired by many. We know of no other 
plant that will give as much satisfaction to the 
home gardener, if properly cared for. Our seed 
is all from reliable growers and should please 

Pkt. Oz. %& lb. 

Bonny Beést#22..2227. 222. $0.05 $0.40 $1.40 
Stokesdale s2i fics. 204 PavAs 10 .80 1.00 
Chalk’s Early Jewel ................ 05 .40 1.40 
Spark’s;HarHana ¢f-.b224 mest. 10 .45 1.50 
Manelobe fissi:+4 hes sei 05 .30 1.00 
Stone, New Improved ................. .05 .30 1.00 
Acme 35 iw Shite aaa S 05 .30 1.00 
John .Baer 42..38 3 2 ae ee 05 .40 1.40 
Dwarf: Champion 2..2. 24-2822 10 .60 2.00 
Ponderosa or Beefsteak ............ 10 .60 2.00 
June: Pink =e nee 10 .45 1.60 
Goldet*#Qucén te 10 .45 1.50 
Yellow Pearijepete 42 = Se.66 (7.507 1:76 
Break’ of ; Day 2... 10) | 46 1.60 
Oxheart.j: oo ee eee -10 .90 3.00 
RRUtSOTIS cere ce eee ee 05 .80 1.00 
Pritchard Scarlet Topper ........ 05 .30 1.00 

All postpald. 

Eclipse Brand Lucious Watermelons 

Southern-Grown-Crisp and Dellclous 

Eclipse Brand Watermelon seed will satis- 

fy you. Southern-grown and saved from crops 
grown exclusively for seed. All from selected 
melons only. 
- Culture: Plant in hills eight or ten feet 
apart, dropping ten seeds to the hill; thin out 
to three plants to the hill, cultivate until the 
vines cover the ground, and pinch the ends of 
the early shoots to induce early fruiting. 

Pkt. Oz. %1b. 1)b. 
Sugar Loaf—Red Meat 
White Rind -.......0.... 310°) .20-'! 376 (92:25 
Tendersweet — Yellow. .10 .20 .75 2.25 
Black*ieo wt 02 elo WO 20% E75. /2:00 
Darling toners ee ees 31079 =.20 +75" 42.00 
Black, Diamond? 0..0) = 10 .10 35 1.35 
Alabama Sweet ................ 05 10 .35 1.35 
Georgia Rattlesnake ........ (05° Ose. oO e.oo 
FloridaxwGiant 2.20.82 310%. 9':205 41.757) 1:90 
Tomi Watson's...25 4). ees .05 10 LoD) 1.05 
Golden Honey, yellow ... .10 .15 .45 1.50 
Halbert’s Honey .............. 05 .10 .35 1.35 
Kleckley Sweet ................ 05 .10 .85 1.35 
Monte Cristo ....0.............. 05 .10 .35 1.35 
Stone Mountain ................ 05 .10 .35 1.35 
Dixie Queen ...................-. 05 .20 .75 2.00 
Certified Black Diamond 1 lb. Sealed 
Bagsis< Only sete. Riess oar ee $2.25 
All postpaid. 

We have a complete line of Poultry Equipment. 
Write for Catalog. 

Pkt. Pkt. 
Anise .........-.2-....- $0.10 Marjoram .......... $0.10 
Caraway ......... -10 Rosemary ........... .10 
Coriander .......... Ah SEV yeh 5 ae ea .10 
Fennel .......0........ 1G 72TH yYMeke.k:...--2< 10 
Lavender .......... .10 Ali postpald. 

Acme Spraying Materials for the 
Orchard and Gardens 

We carry at all times complete line of 
the Acme Arsenate of Lead, Fungi-Bordo, 
Dusting Sulphur, Lime Sulphur for all spray- 
ing combinations, Black Leaf 40, Green Tox. 
Ask for special price lists and circulars cov- 
ering these spraying materials. Spraying 
guides mailed free on request. New D.D.T. 
and other vegetable dusts. Ask for pamphlets. 
We have most complete line of all new dusting 

Hudson Line Compressed Air Sprayers 
Hudson Dust Guns In all Sizes 

We are exclusive agents for this splendid 
line of Dusters and Sprayers in all sizes and at 
lowest prices. Ask us for special price lists. 

Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed 

Brand Oklahoma U. S. Verified origin tagged 
Alfalfa seed represents the very highest purity 
and germination possible to obtain from the 
new 1949 crops produced in Oklahoma. When 
you buy Oklahoma Alfalfa you are getting al- 
falfa that is hardy and well adapted over most 
all alfalfa producing regions of the middle west, 
south and southwest. We quote you this special 
quality @ 55c per pound or $50.00 per 100 
pounds, sacked, ready for shipment, f. o. b. 
Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

falfa and clovers to insure better stands, long- 
er life and better production. 

Virginia Soy Beans 

This variety is about 20 days earlier than 
the Mammoth Yellow variety. The vines have 
an abundance of growth and it is a heavy 
yielder of beans. The vines stand about three 
feet high and are easily cut for hay. We do 
not hesitate to recommend this bean to our 
customers. Ask for prices. 

Sweet Clover 

Melllotus officinalis-Yellow Blossom 
Melilotus Alba White Blossom 

Sweet Clover is also useful for soil im- 
provement as it is very valuable to lime and 
heavy clay and black soils, not only on account 
of the heavy stems and foliage, but also because 
of the thick heavy root system which upon 
decaying will improve the soil and its drain- 
age. Lands planted in Sweet Clover will in- 
crease greatly in value with each year’s growth. 
Planting of this wonderful Clover is certainly 
a great investment for land owners. 

This can be called the upland alfalfa, as 
the pasture and hay is in every way its equal. 
Will grow on the very poorest soil. Is a super- 
ior soil builder, adapted to any soil, makes 
fine ensilage, and is one of the most popular 
plants for bees. Sweet clover honey is the best 
honey produced, and brings the highest price. 
Sow 12 to 15 pounds per acre in the fall or early 
spring. Yellow Bloom Biennial Sweet Clover 
also at same prices. 

Prices, 30c per pound; 2 pounds 50c; post- 
paid. $30.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, 

Hubam Clover 

This tall growing annual white blossom 
Sweet Clover is great for Bee pasture and soil 
building purposes and can be planted alone or 
with spring sown oats. Blooms and makes a 
seed crop the first year. Must be planted each 
year. 1 Ib. 35c; 2 Ibs. 65c, postpaid; or $26.00 
per 100 Ibs, freight collect. 

Korean Lespedeza 

Since our crop is large and our prices 
lower, you cannot afford not to seed down part 
of your pasture lands. Especially would it pay 
you to sow Korean Lespedeza in with your oat 
acreages this spring. By so doing you will have 
an excellent late summer and early fall pasture 
after the oat crop has been harvested. As usual 
there will be some very low priced seed offered 
that will be heavily infested with noxious weed 
seeds, so demand the best seed and know what 
you are getting before you buy. Our seed is 
State tagged and tested and will please the 
most critical and at lowest prices possible for 
such high grade seed. Use Nitragin to inocu- 
late Lespedeza when sowing on new lands 
where this clover has never been grown. Nitra- 
gin inoculation will produce better stands and 
luxurious growth. Ask us for firm prices when 
you are ready to buy. Special prices on large 
amounts. Lb. 30c, postpaid; 2 Ibs. 655c, post- 
paid. $8.00 ber 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, 
Oklahoma. Ask for prices on larger amounts. 

KOBE LESPEDEZA. This splendid varie 
ty is some larger than Korean and furnishes 
pasture later in the fall. It requires a longer 
growing season than Korean so is well adapted 
all over southeastern Oklahoma. It makes 
both a pasture and a hay crop. 1 Ib. 35c, post- 
paid; 2 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. $18.00 per 100 Ibs., 
f. o. b. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Lespedeza Sericea 

This wonderful new introduction from the 
Orient is a perennial, living indefinitely; more 
and more shoots coming from the original 
crown year after year. This is the greatest 
of soil-building legumes, producing both hay 
and pasture crops; very drouth-resistant and 
also will stand the most severe winter weather. 
55c Ib. postpaid. $30,090 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. 
Shawnee, Oklahoma, 

Oriental Mung Beans 

Green Mung Beans do well as a soil build- 
ing and feed crop to plant on oats, wheat, 
barley, potato ground after these early crops 
have been harvested. These beans mature 
quickly, so they are more certain to produce 
satisfactory crops when planted late than Soy 
Beans or Cowpeas. Due to their upright growth 
they are easily harvested with combine equip- 
ment. Be sure and use Nitragin Inoculant for 
best results. If wanted for hay, you should 
drill broadcast with grain drill at rate of 20 lbs. 
per acre. 

An exceptionally good hay crop and a 
wonderful soil improver and very drouth re 
sistant. About 10 pounds will plant an acre. 
Best results are obtained when planted in 2% 
to 3-foot rows, 4 to 5 inches in the drill. For 
hay purposes we advise planting in April. 

$10.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Japanese Buckwheat 

A quick growing crop that is grown mostly 
for bees. It is a splendid poultry feed and with 
a good growing season will mature a crop in 

65 days. Can be planted up to August 1st. 
Price: Lb. 30c; 2 Ibs. 55c; 5 Ibs. $1.25, 

Winter or Hairy Vetch 

In Eastern and Southeastern Oklahoma, as 
well as over the entire South, the Winter or 
Hairy Vetch is. being used more and more uni- 
versally as a winter soiling crop. Due to its 
wonderful ability to build up soils as well as 
furnish excellent pasturage, every farm should 
have some acreage every year of winter Vetch. 
We mention winter Vetch this spring so that 
you may have it in mind for your next fall 
planting program. Ask for prices. 

Mexican June Corn 

We carry in stock most of the planting 
season the Red Mexican June and the White 
Mexican June seed corn. Either of these varie- 
ties are well adapted all over the Southwest 
and the past season especially most growers 
who planted one or both of these drouth-re- 
sisting varieties came through the season with 
some corn to feed or sell for seed. The Mexican 
June varieties do especially well if planted late 
and very often there are many spots of ground 
that cannot be planted early but can be worked 
up and planted to the Mexican June corn va- 
rieties late in June if necessary. 

1 Ib. 20c; 2 Ibs. 35c postpald. 
Not prepaid, peck $1.25; one bushel $4.25. 

Ferguson’s or Southwest Yellow Dent 

This splendid type of Yellow corn was de- 
veloped in the Southwest and is generally 
known as a crib filler. It does best on the bot- 
tom lands and while it is a late type of corn, 
yet it seems to resist drouth and if any corn is 
made, the Southwest Yellow Dent will make it. 
A very large broad kernel and a good sized ear 
makes this corn popular with all feeders of 
livestock. Our seed stocks are selected from 
the best growers in this section. 1 Ib. 20c; 
2 Ibs. 35c; postpaid. Not prepaid, peck $1.15; 
bushel $4.00. 

White Surecropper 

This variety is early maturing, drouth- 
resisting and are growing in popularity every 
year. It can be planted in summer on stubble 
ground and will produce a much larger ton- 
nage than June Corn. Ears are large, corn 
white and run 14 or more rows to the ear. 
1 Ib. 20c; 2 Ibs. 35c, postpaid. Not prepald, 
$1.15 per peck; per bushel $4.25. 

Hickory King 

White corn with smallest cob. Kernel will 
cover the end of cob. Largely planted for 
roasting ears, hominy and meal use. Lb. 25c; 
2 Ibs. 40c, postpaid. Per peck $1.60, not pre- 
paid; $5.00 per bushel. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Hybrid Seed Corn 

There are a number of varieties of Hybrid 
field corns which are showing good in Okla- 
homa and fully 75% of all reports do show 
Hybrids are outyielding the open pollinated 
varieties. All of the Hybrids we are listing 
have shown great promise in Oklahoma. These 
Hybrids will do well on any corn lands whether 
upland or bottom land but of course better the 
soil, better the crop produced. These are all 
yellow corns. 

IOWEALTH 294A — Each variety priced 
25c per Ib., 2 Ibs. for 45c, postpaid. $9.50 per 
bu., freight paid. 

25c per l|b., 2 Ibs. for 45c, postpaid. $8.50 per 
bu., freight paid. 

FUNK’S “G” HYBRID — These Hybrids 
are well adapted and we are listing two Yellow 
Hybrids and one excellent White Hybrid. 

G-711 — Medium season, large yellow corn. 
$9.90 per bu., freight paid. 

G-94—-Early medium yellow corn for up- 
land. $9.90 bu., freight paid. 

An excellent White Hybrid which matures 
earlier than the old white Sure-cropper variety. 
25c per Ib., 2 Ibs. for 45c, postpaid. $10.90 per 
bu., freight paid. 

{BND ANC ELSY WANS PERS uh pare a le 25c each 
Ee (BF Ta TOTS IM OE 8 we Gia Se ol ce 80c each 
HW SiN ASS Cf2)i Cig (57 SE aR SP IRS Soe Se $5.16 each 

Treat your seed corn with Semesan Jr. or 
“ARASAN” to insure stands and freedom from 

12 ounce Can Semesan Jr. for 62c F. O. B. 
Shawnee, Okla. 

Keystone 222 
Bred for the South—Very Large Grains 

Keystone 222 has been in the official “Okla- 
homa Performance Tests” for two years. Both 
years, it has been listed in the “Official Re- 
port” as one of the very few ‘High-Performing 
Hybrids” recommended out of almost 100 hy- 
brids tested. 

Type For Bottom Land For Upland 
Warlyures----.: Keystone 38 or 39) Keystone 38 or 42 
Med. Early Keystone 40 

Med. Late |Keystone 45 

Full Season|Keystone 222 Keystone 222* 

*NOTE: In general, a full season hybrid will not perform 
on upland and medium fertility soils as well as the early and 
medium hybrids. 

Variety Price Per Bu. 
Keystone 38, 39, 40, 42, 45 and 222 -.......... $ 9.50 
Keystone -106°W) 2h2:...25529 25 Aaa. Bie... 10.50 
Keystone U. S. No, 13 Okla. 

YBaree1 C1 Sys Page oS ae ee ge a eee dee hes ye Re AMA 8.50 
Keystone U. S. No. 13 Mo. Grown ............ 8.00 
Keystone Mo. No. 8 Mo. Grown ............ 8.00 

You can treat your seed corn, so that your 
per acre cost will only run about 214¢ per acre. 

CROW-FEZ — A Crow Repellent 

The economical crow repellent for treating 
seed corn. Crow Fez protects planted corn 
from attacks of crows, blackbirds, larks and 
rodents. 1 Bu. Size 60c; 2 Bu. Slze $1.00, all 
F. O. B. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Certified Seed Corn 

REID’S YELLOW DENT — This special 
strain of Reid’s Yellow Dent is grown in Potta- 
watomie County by a member of Oklahoma 
Crop Improvement Association and we are 
proud to offer such excellent seed stocks to 
our customers. Each bag carries sealed tag 
certificate attached so you are assured of get- 
ting just what you buy. Price $4.00 per bu. 
sacked, sealed, F. 0. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

ly an Oklahoma type of Silvermine developed 
over a period of many years and produced by 
a member of Oklahoma Crop Improvement 
Association and grown in Pottawatomie Coun- 
ty. Price $5.00 per bu., f. o. b. Shawnee, Okla- 

Cow Peas 

A wonderful crop to produce and one of 
the highest protein feeds grown. They are 4 
great soil builder, being a legume, gathering 
from the air a nitrogen so essential to the 
fertility of the soil. You can get the benefit 
of fertilization without turning the vines un- 
der, thereby getting the value of the hay and 
pea crop, and also building the land. Plant 10 
to 12 pounds in rows, or % to 1 bushel broad- 
cast. We will have in stock Whippoorwills, Red 
Rippers, New Eras, Clays, Yellow Crowders, 
White Crowders, Black-Eyed Peas and Lady 
Peas. Ask for prices. 

Chinese Red Cowpeas 

A new variety for Oklahoma but it has 
proven well adapted and by many is considered 
the best all round cowpea for the southwest. 
It grows upright, matures early, produces large 
crop of matured peas and can be harvested by 
combines before any other cowpeas so far 
grown in this area. Price: Ib. 20c postpald, 
$8.00 per 100 Ibs., F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Grohoma Seed 

Our seed from selected heads, thoroughly 
matured and cleaned and tested, is the best 
seed produced. Two pounds will plant an acre 
in three-foot rows, though some claim that a 
pound is sufficient. We quote this seed at 1 
Ib. 20c; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 65c, Parcel post pre- 
paid up to 5th zone. Ask for special prices on 
large amounts. 

Sugar and Stock Beets 

High in sugar content makes Beets a fine 
winter green feed for the poultry, cows and 
hogs. They make a rich feed, relished by stock 
and poultry and easy to keep. Plant for best 
results in 18-inch rows and thin to ten inches 
in the row. Store in basement or hill out in 
the open. About one-fourth the daily ration 
can be fed. 

Prices on Sugar and Stock Beets 

Oz. % Ib. 1)b. 
Golden” Tankard” =..222 2-4 $0.10 $0.30 $0.90 
Giant Weeding @ eee PLO eesO sere 90 

Mammoth Long Red .................. 10 .80 .90 
All postpald. 

Big German Millet 

Millet will make a hay crop in 60 days 
time or less and farmers and dairymen are 
growing more Millet hay every year on account 
of its quick maturity and splendid quality as 
a milk producing hay. In some sections good 
crops of Millet seed have been produced and 
we have secured supplies that should enable 
us to take care of our trade in a satisfactory 

manner. Market prices are not as yet estab- 
lished but we are quoting prices in small lots 
only. If you want larger amounts, we will be 
very glad to quote special prices to you and 
send you sample of the quality we are offering. 
Prices: 1 Ib. 20c; 3 Ibs. 50c, postpaid. $6.50 
per 100 Ib. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 


Darso is one of the sweet grain sorghums, 
the stalks of which are rich in sugar content, 
thereby making an excellent feed. Being a 
great drouth resister and also heavy yielder of 
grain, we asSure you that it has a place on your 
farm. 1 Ib. 15c; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. 
$5.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Cane Seed for Forage 

The early freeze and also general lateness 
of the cane and other grain sorghum crops has 
developed another shortage of high grade plant- 
ing seed stocks that will be available for the 
trade this spring. Special prices will be quoted 
on request, as at the time of printing our price 
list, we do not know the possible market prices 
that prevail in the spring. We will have the 
varieties of Early Orange, Kansas Red Orange, 
Red Top Cane and Sourless or African Millet. 
Small amounts quoted as follows: 1 Ib. 15¢; 
2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. $5.50 per 100 
Ib. F. O..B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Seeded Ribbon Cane 

For a heavy syrup producer on rich soils 
this fine Ribbon Cane will produce heavy yields 
of syrup. Our stocks are pure and especially 
selected. 1 !b. 20c; 2 Ibs. 35c, postpaid. $12.00 
per 100 Ibs., F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Honey Drip Cane 

Sorghum making on the farm has been the 
most profitable money crop that we know of. 
Thousands of gallons have been sold for good 

This cane was thoroughly matured when 
headed, and the seed is the best we have ever 
handled. It is thoroughly rogued and inspected. 

Price: Lb. 20c; 2 Ibs. 35c, postpaid. $8.50 
per 100 Ibs., F. O. B. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Tennessee Red Peanuts & Spanish 

Peanuts are a good crop on the sandy soils 
of this section and we always have select seed 
stocks of the varieties that succeed best in 
the Southwest. The Tennessee Red Peanuts 
35c Ib.; 2 Ibs. 65c, postpaid. Spanish Peanuts, 
30c Ib.; 2 Ibs. 55c, postpaid. 

Kanota or Fulghum Oats 

These hardy type oats have shown their 
ability to outyield most any variety of oats 
grown in the Southwest. They will mature a 
week to ten days earlier than the Texas Red 
Oats and, on this account alone, the crop some- 
times will be made and out of the way of hot 
weather. On account of the smut damage that 
is prevalent in oats in this country we urge 
that you treat all seed stocks with “Ceresan” 
at least ten days before sowing. $1.60 bu. 
F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

New Improved Ceresan 

It is proven now that you will get better 
stands and produce more grain if you will treat 
your seed oats with the new Improved CERE- 
SAN and treat your seed corn with Semesan 
Jr. We carry the Semesan Bel for treatment 
of seed potatoes also. Special circular and 
price lists mailed on request. 

4 oz. Can, 45c. Four Pound Can New Im- 
proved Ceresan for $3.40. One Pound Can Cere- 
san for $1.00. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 1 1b. will 
treat 23 bu. 

Texas Red Rustproof Oats 

‘ This time tried variety of rustproof oats 
will always give high yields under the average 
soil and weather conditions. Our stocks are 
grown from only the best certified seed, so you 
are assured of securing good quality and pure 
seed stocks from us. Treat your seed stocks 
with “CERESAN” and increase your yields by 
paar ee smut. $1.60 bu. F. O. B. Shawnee, 


Arizona Hegari 

Registered Arizona grown Hegari ag pro- 
duced by members of Arizona Crop Improve- 
ment Association is beyond doubt the purest 
seed stocks obtainable. We offer only this 
extra fancy and well bred type of Registered 
Hegari, unless you expressly order Texas grown 
stocks, which are of course produced only in 
the regular commercial way. We have very 
fancy stocks of Texas grown Hegari for our 
trade. Registered Arizona Hegari. 

1 Ib. 15c; 2 Ibs. 25¢; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpald. 
$6.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

TEXAS HEGARI. This fine lot of Texas 
grown Hegari produced from Certified seed is 
one of the finest lots of commercial seed we 
have ever received. Color is very bright, high 
purity and germination. 1 Ib. 15¢; 2 Ibs. 25c; 
5 Ibs. 55c, postpaid. $5.00 per 100 Ibs. f. 0. b. 
Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

early combine type Hegari is gaining popular- 
ity for those wanting a quick maturing grain 
crop. 1 Ib. 15c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. $6.50 per 
100 Ibs. f. o. b. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Combine type, low growing white grain, 
which is very popular. Plant Some this spring 
for an early maturing grain crop. Our seed 
stocks are Arizona grown, 1 Ib. 15c; 5 Ibs. 60c, 
postpaid, $6.50 per 100 Ibs., F. O. B. Shawnee, 

Dwarf White Black Hull Kaffircorn 

For some years our type of Dwarf White 
Blackhull Kaffircorn has shown its superiority 
over most all other types of kaffir in uniformity 
of growth, maturity, size of heads and yields 
of grain under the most trying weather con- 
ditions. Renew your stock seed this year by 
planting an acreage of our pure bred, high 
grade Dwarf White Blackhull Kaffircorn seed. 
& Lb. 15c; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpald; 
“ $5.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Combine Kaffircorn No. 44-14 

This new improved combine type Kaffir- 
corn is showing very high yields wherever tried 
out here in Oklahoma and the Southwest. It 
is bred for Oklahoma conditions. 

15c Ib.; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. 
$5.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 


Double Dwarf Milo Maize 

This straight necked Milo maize is proving 
very popular where grain alone is wanted. The 
stalks are very low, head is erect, making it 
easy to harvest with a header outfit. Heads 

are quite large, producing heavy grain yields. 

and making good crops during years of drouth. 

Lb. 15c; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. 
$6.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Arizona Yellow Double Dwarf 

Sooner Mile Maize 

This new combine type milo maize shows 
great promise here in Oklahoma. 1 Ib. 15c; 
5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. $6.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. 
Shawnee, Okla. 

Certified Martins Combine Milo Maize 

This time proven combine type milo maize 
has made good yields under most severe con- 
ditions. 1 Ib. 15c; 5 Ibs. 60c, all postpaid, 
$6.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Plainsman Combine Milo Maize 

If you want only the grain crop, Milo 
maize produces under the most trying con- 
ditions. It is a deep rooting hardy grain and 
grown in the arid sections more than any other 
grain crop. The forage is not a good feed. 
Stock will eat the leaves but not the stalks. 
Three to four weeks earlier than kaffircorn. 

Price: Lb. 15c; 2 Ibs. 25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, post- 
paid. $5.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Atlas Sorgo 

Heads of this wonderful grain and forage 
crop have white grain like Hegari and produce 
excellent yields of threshed grain. Atlas Sorgo 
grows quite tall and on account of its extra 
heavy sugar content makes splendid silage. 
Try an acreage this year and you will agree it 
is a worthwhile crop for grain, forage or silage. 
Our seed stocks are genuine Affidavit grown 
Kansas origin seed. Price: 15c per !b.; 2 Ibs. 
25c; 5 Ibs. 60c, postpaid. $5.00 per 100 Ibs. 
F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 


In many cases where a very quick maturing 
grain crop is needed and you do not care for 
the forage or roughness as a feed, we suggest 
that you use Feterita. Feterita makes a large 
white head of splendid grain that is relished 
by all live stock and fowls. You are getting 
only the best when you order FETERITA SEED 
from us. 1 Ib. 20c; 2 Ibs. 35c; 5 Ibs. 70c, post- 
paid. Write for prices on larger amounts. 

Dwarf Essex Rape Seed 

Holland grown Rape produces fine pasture 
for hogs, sheep and poultry. It can be planted 
early and will last until late frost. One pound 
35c; 2 Ibs. for 60c, postpaid. Ask for prices in 
large quantities. 

Sunflower Seed 

MAMMOTH RUSSIAN grown for shade 
and feed. Will produce 30 to 40 bushels to 
the acre. Is an excellent feed for poultry. Can 
be planted as late as July 15th and mature a 


Pkt. 10c; Ib. 40c; 2 Ibs. 70c, post- 

Other Field Seed Items 

We sell pure strains of Wheat, Rye, Winter 
Barley, Hard and Soft smooth head Wheat, 
Spring and Winter Rye, and Winter Turf Oats. 
All carefully selected and recleaned at market 

wonderful new grass is acclaimed one of the 
wonder pasture grasses in Oklahoma. One 
pound of seed will plant 4 acres of prepared 
land when drilled in rows. 1 Ib. $1.50 postpaid. 

clover is showing good results in winter pas- 
tures all over eastern Oklahoma. 1 !b. 70c; 
2 Ibs. $1.30, postpaid. $55.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. 
B. Shawnee, Okla. 

new strain introduced from Tennessee where 
it makes doubie the growth of ordinary Hop 
Clover. Has won instant popularity in Okla- 
homa. Sow in late Feb. $1.75 Ib., postpaid. 

o ‘ 

it in Bermuda or other native pastures with ex- 
cellent results. It is a good pasture and soil 
building crop. 1 Ib. postpaid, 60c; 2 Ibs. post- 
paid, $1.10 or $35.00 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shaw- 
nee, Okla. 

known clover serves as a fine lawn clover and 
does well in all mixed pastures. 1 Ib. $1.50, 
postpaid; 2 Ibs $2.65, postpaid. Special 100 
pound prices quoted on request. 

LADINO CLOVER. This new giant grow- 
ing type of White Dutch Clover has been 
proven a good clover to use in your pasture 
mixtures. Past two seasons this clover has 
shown wonderful results in different experi- 
mental plots over southeastern Oklahoma. 
$2.50 per Ib. postpaid. 

Stoneville 2B Cotton Seed 

year due to poor growing conditions we are re- 
ceiving only a limited amount of this fine Mis- 
sissippi grown foundation seed from Stoneville, 
Mississippi. Stoneville 2B cotton has long 

been recognized as one of the most profitable 
crops you can grow in Oklahoma. Order your 
seed early. Sacked In 3 bu. sealed bags at 
$3.60 per bu., f. 0. b. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

linted, perfectly graded, treated with Ceresan, 
showing 90% or better germination. Sinkers 
costs less to plant, showing perfect stands in 
3 days. Ask for special circular. Plant with 
corn planter, saving nearly all chopping costs. 
Packed in 50 lb. bags. Following varieties are 
available—Paula; D.@&P.L. - 14; Stoneville 2B; 
Improved Rowden — All varieties are 20c per 
Ib., $19.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Sweet Sudan Grass 

This new Sudan grass has shown itself to 
be far superior to the regular Sudan grass, 
both as a hay crop or for pasture. Cattle pre- 
fer to graze on it, as it carries more sweet in 
its stalk, plants are leafier, so for hay or 
pasture it is more palatable. 20 Ibs.—enough 
for one acre, $4.50 postpaid or per 100 Ibs. 
$11.00 F. O. B. Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Sudan Grass 

There is no more dependable grass grown 
for both pasture and hay. Will grow on the 
poorest soil, and produce an abundance of 
feed under the most unfavorable climatic con- 
ditions. Its feeding value is acknowledged, and 
the tonnage secured makes it a valuable crop. 
Sow 30 to 40 pounds to the acre on heavy 
soils, and 20 to 25 pounds on light soils. Always 
glad to mail you samples of seed free from 
Johnson Grass or weed seeds of any kind. No 
grass stands like sudan. We have counted 
more than two hundred stalks from a single 
seed. It is fine and juicy when broadcast, but 
can be planted in rows and cultivated if de- 
sired, making a better yield but the hay is not 
as fine, and will not be eaten as well by stock. 
$9.50 per 100 Ibs. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Bermuda Grass 

Each year finds an increasing demand for 
Bermuda Grass Seed. Folks have found that 
good stands are possible when fields are care- 
fully prepared and sown with our new crop 
Arizona grown Eclipse Brand quality of high 
germinating Bermuda Grass seed. Price: $1.00 
Ib., Hulled Bermuda $1.25 Ib., all postpaid. 

CARPET GRASS — This grass will grow 
only in our milder climates and is an excellent 
pasture grass. 1 Ib. 75c¢ postpaid. 

RED TOP GRASS — Splendid pasture and 
hay grass in well watered areas. 1 Ib. 80c; 2 
Ibs., $1.50, postpaid. 

Lawn Grass 

We have made a study of Lawn Grasses 
and the seed adapted to the Southland. If you 
will advise us the character of the soil you 
wish to make into a lawn, whether shady or in 
the open, sandy or heavy soil, we can tell you 
what is best to plant. Our lawn mixture is 
made from the highest grade seeds, and are 
free from weed seed. Sow 1 pound on 100 
square feet of ground. 

Price: Lb. 60c; 2 Ibs. $1.10, postpald. 

seeder for sowing all farm seed. $3.75 each, 

TRAIN-ETTS. New weatherized TRELLIS 
NETTING grow finer, larger sweet peas, gar- 
den peas, pole beans, etc. Use instead of wire 
or string. Wire gets hot in sun and burns 
delicate tendrils retarding growth. Train-etts 
do not rot and last for several seasons. Two 
sizes to select. 

60”x72” size @ 65c each, postpaid. 
60”x96” size @ 85c each, postpaid. 


American Aster 
Giant Comet, Branching Type 
Queen of the Market Type 

Bachelor Buttons Marigold 
Balsam _ Mignonette 
Calliopsis Morning Glory 
Candytuft Nasturtiums 
Castor Bean Pansies 
Carnation Marguerite Phlox 
Canterbury Bells Pinks 

Poppies, New Shirley, 
Oriental Poppy 

Bachelor Buttons, 
Corn Flower 

Coreopsis Portulaca or Rose 
Cosmos Moss 

Cypress Vine Petunia 
Everlasting Salvia 

Feverfew Salpiglossis 
Forget-Me-Not Smilax 

Four o’clock Snapdragon 

Bere Stocks, Ten Weeks 
Manctete Sunflower, Double 
Hojiyfock Dwarf or Globes 

of Gold 
Sweet Williams 
Sweet Peas 

Job’s Tears 
Kochia or Summer 

All above, 10c per packet. 

Peony Bulbs 
Certified Quality Packaged Peonies 

Named Varieties strong three to five eyes 
divisions wrapped in peat and transparent 

“Cellophane.” All postpaid. 

Red sColonv@s 422 $1.00 each 
White Colont@) fet haes = seta f $1.00 each 
Pink sColor (os ee $1.00 each 

All postpald. 

Eclipse Brand Flower Seed 

What is there about the home that is more 
satisfactory than the flower garden? How easy 
it is to plant and grow them from the time we 
sow the seed to the time the plant produces 
the flower. We watch its development with 
increasing interest, and when we finally see 
the fruits of our labor we are indeed thankful 
that so little time and effort have accom- 
plished such wonderful results. Growing flowers 
from seed has grown by leaps and bounds in 
the past years, and the demand for the old- 
fashioned flower as well as the improved and 
new varieties is constantly increasing. Health 
and cheerfulness are the result of flower cul- 
ture. Our flower seed comes from the most 
reliable growers in this and foreign countries 
where developed. We know where to buy 
the best, and only the highest quality is of- 
fered to our customers. Much of your time 
is spent about the house. Why not add to 
its comfort by having a beautiful flower gar- 

Flower Seeds put up in 
Special prices in ounce lots. 

10c packets. 

Golden Gleam Nasturtium 

This is the wonderful new Bodger creation 
and is the only double or semi-double, sweet 
scented nasturtium. The beautiful golden yel- 
low blooms are on long stems and are very 
attractive as cut flowers. No flower garden is 
complete without this new creation. 10c pkt. 
or 40c per ounce, postpaid. 

ARASAN. A dust disinfectant for vege- 
table seeds and peanuts. Use from 2 to 4 
ounces for 100 lbs. of seed. 34 oz. 25c; 8 oz. 
80c; 4 Ibs. $5.16, postpaid. 

BLACK LEAF 40. A 40 per cent Nicotine 
for destroying aphids, thrip, plant lice, also 
poultry lice. 1 0z. makes 6 gallons spray. 1 oz. 
36c; 5 oz. $1.05; 1 Ib. $2.50, postpaid. 

FISH OIL SOAP. Destroys lice and other 
sucking insects on plants, trees, ferns, etc., 
excellent for mixing with Black Leaf 40. Lb. 
50c, postpaid. 

Keller’s Eclipse Brand Bulbs, Plants 
and Roots 

For the person desiring the best to be had 
in bulbs, plants and roots, we have had the 
following stocks grown especially for us. These 
listings are field-grown under expert super- 
vision and on the finest soil to be found in 
Central Oklahoma. Your money back if not 
pleased with any selection you make from this 
list. Special prices on lots of 100. 


We are pleased to announce that after 
growing and trying out many varieties of 
Dahlias, that we have selected varieties adapt- 
ed to Southwestern conditions. We sell only 
good strong bulbs. 5 to box (named varieties), 
$2.15; 3 to box (3 colors) $1.15. Postpaid. 

Famous Rainbow Mixture 

“Plant Glads to Be Glad,” is the slogan of 
thousands of admirers of this wonderfully 
beautiful flower. Our Rainbow mixture of 
plump, vigorous bulbs will produce many 
colors of fiowers in a few weeks after plant- 
ing. Price, packed 15 to box, $1.15, postpaid. 


The demand for Tuberoses, the most fra- 
grant of flowers, is ever increasing. We speci- 
alize on the genuine Mexican Tuberoses. Price, 
6 to box, Postpaid, $1.15. Smaller size per 
dozen, $1.00, postpaid. 

Giant Dahlia-Flowered Show Zinnias 

If you want the finest to be had in rare 
colors and extra large blossoms, try our Giant 
Dahlia Flowered Zinnia seed from the most 
exclusive Zinnia Seed grower in the world. 
Flowers attain diameter of 6 to 8 inches. Our 
special mixture contains most gorgeous colors. 
Special prices on large orders. One packet 
10c, postpaid; one oz. 50c. All postpaid. 

Regal Lillies 
3 to box, $1.15, postpaid. 


Bleeding Heart 
Each postpaid, 75c” - 

Special on Canna Bulbs 

In colors—Pink, Red Yellow—Abundant 
and gorgeous blooms, at $1.15 per box of 6, 

PEAT MOSS. Will absorb and retain 8 
to 10 times its dry weight in water. Finest 
mulch for flower and rose gardens. Full size 
bales @ $4.50. F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

CYANOGAS. This gas producing powder 
will kill ants, rats, moles. 4 oz. can 45c; 1 Ib. 
can $1.10, postpaid. 

Be sure and enclose sales tax of 2% 

of total order if you live in Oklahoma. 

the widest variety of sucking and chewing in- 
sects of any product in the line. Non-injurious 
to humans, pets, and animals when used as 
recommended. 1 Ib. sifter package 65c, post- 

ROOTONE — The Plant Harmone Powder 
which you should use when putting out cut- 
tings, grafts, and gives wonderful results when 
used on all seeds and bulbs. Quarter ounce 
packet, 25c each; 2 ounce jar, $1.00 each; one 
pound can, $5.00 each, all postpaid. 

FRUITONE. The Hormone spray, pre- 
vents premature drop of flowers, fruit and 
leaves. Will aid greatly in setting tomatoes 
when blooming. 2-5 oz. size, 25c; 2 oz. $1.00. 


A clean, odorless, soluble powder that 
makes complete plant food immediately avail- 
able ... Simply dissolve in water and apply. 
Produces bigger plants, larger vegetables, 
more flowers, better lawns and trees. Stimu- 
lates root growth on cuttings, reduces shock 
to transplants. For use in soil, sand or water 
(hydroponics). Economical ... 1 oz. makes 
6 gallons balanced liquid food. Non-Burning. 
j-oz. pkt. 15¢ each; 3-oz. pkt. 35c each; postpaid. 


New 3 way control by dusting. New 
product that kills chewing insects, sucking 
insects and fungus diseases. Packed in dust 
gun, ready for instant use; all for $1.00; Ap- 
plicator gun complete. 10 oz. Refill cartridge 
75e; 4 oz. sifter top 35c; 2 Ib. can, $2.10, all 

Kryocide Dust 

Non poisonous dust which can be used as 
@ spray or as a dust alone. Effective in con- 
trol of all bean beetles and many other in- 
sects. 1 Ib. can 35c F. O. B. Shawnee, Okla. 

Red Devil Sabadilla Dust 

New 20% dust that will kill off the squash 
and pumpkin bugs, harlequin bugs and many 
other hard to kill bugs. 1 Ib. 65c; 5 Ibs. $2.50, 

The New Handy Plant-Tie 

‘Twist-ems’ are dark green strong tapes 
with wire reinforcing that make perfect plant 
ties. For plants, vines and shrubs and ar- 
ranging flowers. Box of 125, 8-inch size, 35c; 
Box of 250, 4-inch size, 35c, postpaid. 

EVERGREEN SPRAY. A _ non-poisonous 
spray for sucking insects like lice, aphids and 
thrips. Needs no soap and leaves no poisonous 
residue. 1 ounce 35c; 6 oz. $1.15, postpaid. 

PRUNING PAINT. A specially prepared 
paint for treating wounds left by pruning or 
accidents on trees and shrubs. '% pt. 45c; 
pints 75c; quarts $1.35, postpaid. 

BARSPROUT. Keeps potatoes from sprout- 
ing in home or commercial storage for as long 
as a year. Good weight and flavor are main- 
tained and desprouting eliminated. The rate 
of application is one pound of the brown dust 
to eleven bushels. Barsprout is harmless. 
12 oz. Sifter top $1.10, postpaid. 

a a ee ee ee eee 

PREMIUM SPECIAL. With every garden 
and flower seed order of $1.00 or more we will 
send a special collection of Dahlia Flowered 
Zinnias, Giants of California and the Pom Pom 
Lilliput Zinnias all in mixed colors. 

These fine Zinnias will be an added attrac- 
tion growing in your garden. 
ce ee 



Established in 1901 , OKLAHOMA’S EXCLUSIVE SEED HOUSE 208 E. Main St. 

Date 19 How shall we send? By RRL Cit Tae Railroad 

Send to (Name) R. F. D. Box 

Ladies will please put the prefix Miss or Mrs. 

Post Office County-——_________._ State 
Express or Freight Station Amount Enclosed $—_____ 
Former Address——————________________ Are you a market Gardener?——____ 

_If an old customer. | (Order Frostproof Cabbage and Onion Plants from us.) 

Keller Seed Store gives no warranty, express or implied, as to description, quality, productiveness, or any other 
matter of any Seeds, Bulbs or Plants it sells, and will not be responsible for the crop. 




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JSOMYINOG 9} 0} pajdepy 
UONCUIWIAL 2 Ayling yseysip_T 



Be Sure You Have Signed Your Name on Order 
Increase Your Yields By Using 
“Nitragin” Inoculation for Alfalfa, 
Lespedeza, Clovers, Mung Beans. 

Keller Seed Store’s Eclipse 

Brand Field, Flower and Garden 
Seeds have been the standard of 
Oklahoma for years. 

Write us for Special Prices 
on large quantities of any seeds or plants 

ine) 7. 

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